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RE: 5th Wheel Bunkhouse Under 32'

I was visiting the Grand Design forum yesterday and I noticed a 33.5' bunkhouse for sale in their classifieds section. Seemed like a decent deal. I don't know if you could find a shorter bunkhouse fifth wheel than that. He seems pretty motivated since he lowered the price a couple days after his first post. JK
JKJavelin 01/24/20 12:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

Saw this new brand at the Tampa RV Super show........Damm what an improvement over the major name brands.... Can you tell us what the prices were like? I was one of the early buyers of Open Range when they started. It seems it is better to buy from the upstarts when quality matters. Once a conglomerate buys them out you will get the same corner cutting cost saving B.S. Apparently you didn't watch the YouTube video posted on page 2 of this thread. Shows list price and dealer price on a couple of them. JK
JKJavelin 01/22/20 01:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Light Fifth Wheel Series M-297RLS

Not positive, but I think it has all cable slides. BAL made some bad gearboxes for them in 2015,so a 2013 shouldn't have issues. JK
JKJavelin 01/19/20 09:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

We also have a Lifestyle Luxury RV. Agree with all pcm said. And yes they are as good as they look. The fit and finish is excellent .. a bonus is the lack of Lippert components. 2016 was the last mfgr year. Alright, now I'm jealous.
JKJavelin 01/19/20 10:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

Luxury would include a rear cap! I would put them right there with the Solitude by GD. Close but no cigar. Owning a Grand Design Solitude I can confirm it is far from Luxury, built the same with the same cheap parts as most everything else. Although its advertised as "full time ready" or something I would not want to full time in it. I suspect the OP was looking at one off prototypes built taking more care and time than units that will be built on a line by pieceworkers. I also suspect Alliance will be more of the same old mass produced, slapped together and shoved out the door product based on the owners background, just like the folks that started Grand Design had done. Get it off the ground, build up a base using creative marketing then sell out. That is Alliance's intent IMO. Time will tell. I totally agree. Why do the creators of Alliance RV think they will earn buyers trust when they have come from companies riddled with complaints. While I have no intentions of getting rid of by 2014, I still closely follow the market. I do not see one thing done differently or special about Alliance. Pcm, not trying to deviate from the subject, but I see in your signature you have a Lifestyle. I recently watched a couple of short YouTube videos of Lifestyle fivers and they seem impressive. Are they as good as they look? JK
JKJavelin 01/19/20 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Auto slider or manual

When you have to do a sharp u-turn in traffic are you seriously gonna get out to manually slide it?? Then there's the change in the pitch of the pavement in your sharp turn that you didn't notice or think about... JK
JKJavelin 01/18/20 10:04am Towing
RE: Our annual Quartzite trip and more...

Captain.....have you seen all the sites at Quartzsite.....Camel Monument, played a round of golf, shooting range, book store with the old man and the banana hangar, fresh pie shop, half dozen flea markets, and of course, RZR trails and of course, the big tent. I believe the old man with the banana hanger died.
JKJavelin 01/18/20 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing 5th Wheel from IL to PHX in March

In 3 weeks from now we'll be heading in that direction for the 3rd year in a row from Milwaukee, but I prefer to dewinterize as soon as possible so we go south to Memphis, then head west from there. So far, that has worked well. We watch the weather and our Plan B is to keep going straight south from Memphis if we have to avoid bad weather. JK Thanks for the info. You mentioned you "prefer to de-winterize as soon as possible". Do you de-winterize on the way once you get far enough south? Thanks! Yes, we want to make full use of our rig's capabilities ASAP. That includes being warm enough to open the slides.
JKJavelin 01/12/20 08:01am Roads and Routes
RE: First trip with new baby advice

We started out with a tent, and I know for sure one daughter born in mid May 1979 went camping in July. We have 4 kids and they all camped as babies, but by the last one we graduated to a pop-up. The only thing we did different was use disposable diapers instead of the usual cloth....I'm sure unheard of these days! They will survive. JK
JKJavelin 01/12/20 06:54am Family Camping
RE: Towing 5th Wheel from IL to PHX in March

In 3 weeks from now we'll be heading in that direction for the 3rd year in a row from Milwaukee, but I prefer to dewinterize as soon as possible so we go south to Memphis, then head west from there. So far, that has worked well. We watch the weather and our Plan B is to keep going straight south from Memphis if we have to avoid bad weather. JK
JKJavelin 01/12/20 06:21am Roads and Routes
RE: 04 Cougar M301 bhs by keystone

No need to disconnect the battery. Leaving it connected while plugged in will keep it charged up. JK
JKJavelin 01/07/20 03:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best/easiest internet setup for working remote/full time

Winegard/AT&T TOGO (aka ConnecT). Easy to install and configure. Can be used either as a "hot spot" (convert cell phone signal to local WiFi) OR a WiFi extender/repeater if you camping location has adequate bandwidth to the rest of the internet (personally I would not bother especially if work is paying for the data). Connects (wirelessly) to multiple device in the coach. If your phone supports it, you can make calls through it also. EDIT : This is also supported on Verizon, but you have to change the SIM card. Not real easy if mounted on the roof. I have the Winegard Connect2 with 4G and it works well. The biggest negative for me is if buying data from them it's expensive. Since your employer provides ATT, you can simply use an ATT sim card. One big positive is, if boondocking, it runs on only 12 volts. JK
JKJavelin 01/06/20 09:31am Technology Corner
RE: RV Parks in southern Texas We've done 1 week stays the last 2 years in March. Very nice and a little pricey. And they really fill up. I tried to reserve a week in advance last year for this year and they were booked solid. JK
JKJavelin 01/03/20 11:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hard tonneau covers and 5er hitch

I have the Backflip Fibermax, 4 section. Fold it 3/4 of the way, lots of clearance with the standard pinbox. When I switched to a TrailAir pinbox I had to move the tonneau cover forward a little to clear the shock absorber. JK
JKJavelin 12/24/19 05:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design owners forum

Yes, 3 years ago we were on the verge of buying a Grand Design, joined their forum, and started drinking the koolaid. Then we spotted the rig in my signature, and comparing features, made it an easy decision. I've come to realize that they all will have problems....mine has had its share and we still think we made the right choice. I still belong to and visit their forum for entertainment. They're also RVers just like me. JK
JKJavelin 12/21/19 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heated Mattress Pad

. The only negative is it heats slower than an electric blanket. This may or may not be true. And if true, may or may not be a issue. I know that in my truck, my camper, or house, it has never been a issue for me. AFAIK, the real difference is you use one over, the other under you. Somebody told me heat goes up. I'm only speaking from my experience. The electric blanket we use in the camper has a 'preheat' button which warms it up within about 10 minutes. The mattress pad takes a lot longer. I don't know if others have a preheat. Both work very well once warmed up.
JKJavelin 12/21/19 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Heated Mattress Pad

We have a Sleep Number bed at home, which is air, and Sleep Number makes its own heated mattress pad, which we also have, so heating an air mattress is no problem. The only negative is it heats slower than an electric blanket. I use it a lot. JK
JKJavelin 12/21/19 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Campgrounds in Texas, specifically near Austin

We also have a daughter in Austin,the northwestern suburb of Leander actually, and in the spring of 2018 we stayed at La Hacienda which was ok, but the sites were tight and we barely got a site in advance. In the spring of 2019 we stayed at Inks Lake State Park, which will fill up on weekends. Nice park. For next March we got a site on the lake. Austin is crazy busy, traffic backups everywhere. JK
JKJavelin 12/20/19 04:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: ToGo a No-Go

Well, at least I don't feel quite as bad.... I bought the Winegard Connect2 last January and while it works well, the data plan from Winegard is expensive. Then the ToGo came out a few months later, which got me PO'd. They did drop the price for data in mid year and I'm hoping it drops some more. JK
JKJavelin 12/18/19 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: TrailAir Pinbox Observation

Beware that the "arrow" indicator sticker on the shock is evidently added by the installer/improperly by the mfg sometimes incorrectly. When they installed my TrailAir someone misapplied the arrow and it was to high and required to fill the bladder completely to reach the arrow tip. Consequently I marked the shock with no air.-- then half way and finally when the bladder was full ( fully extended shock). I found the trailer travels the best when between 1/2 AND 3/4 extened at the shock. At the point there is minimal chucking and better ride..... Mine rides with 70-80 PSI with a pin weight of 3100lbs. Yes, I inflate mine to the high side of mid stroke and have marked mine with colored tape. When I received my pinbox I saw right away that there was no yellow sticker on the shock absorber and looking closer I could see the arrow was stamped (engraved) into the shock and of course painted black...impossible to see. I called Lippert and asked them for a sticker with the arrow and was told that the sticker wasn't available separately and they would send me the whole shock absorber. Well, I got the new shock 2 days later and guess what? No sticker either!
JKJavelin 12/17/19 06:29am Fifth-Wheels
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