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RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

One thing none of you have mentioned; Many people have discovered what jobs need to be done for society to function. And because all wealth is based on work, these workers might demand their share of the economy. We may see a surge in unions, and a big rise in the pay of the lowest paid workers. Customers with money in their pocket is any businesses most valuable asset.
JRscooby 04/05/20 06:25am Around the Campfire
RE: this 20 ton bottle jack? this air compressor?

Floor jack? Most places I have had to change a tire, did not have a floor. If the jack can't roll, won't always lift. Bottle jack is always limited for stroke. Often if jack will go under lift point with flat tire, will not lift high enough to get inflated tire on. Pull flat up on block, loosen nuts. Jack up enough to move block. Get out, spin off nuts, remove block, R&R wheel, spin nuts on, lower and retrieve jack, torque nuts. Note, I said nothing about a jack stand. You have to be under the vehicle supported by jack to get the stand in place. Changing a tire, this just increases your risk. If only under while the wheel will hold it up, that's best. OP, what makes you think you need 20 ton? A 6 will lift a way overloaded pickup.
JRscooby 04/04/20 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Accuride coated wheels

Normally by the time I got a truck the wheels where old enough to just strip and polish. A friend used clear nail polish to touch up marks in his.
JRscooby 04/04/20 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is this called?

Our older trucks didn't have the front under the bumper air dam. Engineers found air flow under the engine bay wouldn't let hot air escape fast enough and was creating hot running engines when pulling a heavy trailer (example). The air dam helps create low pressures under the engine bay which allows more air flow through the radiator ...over the engine and on out the bottom. This was happening when I was towing for a living. Sooo... we made air dams for our older trucks or bought them from a dealer if our trucks had the same bumpers. Worked great on my 454 GM trucks. No more fried spark plug wires and no more hot starter motor/no crank issues. Never noticed any mpg changes in that type of work. Just a steady 4-6 mpg on those old carbureted BB engines. Newer trucks ?? Truck MFG engineers can give us the skinny on their use today. Back in the day, we would put spacers between hinge and hood, to get a gap about half inch. That let a lot of heat get away from that 427, drop the temp much quicker after top the hill. Going up hill, grossing 110,000 was hard to hold enough speed for airflow.
JRscooby 03/30/20 05:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Sorry to those who can't take some humor. This virus has scared far too many people (snowflakes?). Were you all this scared in 2009 when the H1N1 killed 12,468 people in the US and there were 60 million reported cases? As I recall nothing much happened during that pandemic, no panic, no empty store shelves, no stay at home orders, no closed businesses, no nothing. Yet this new virus comes along, which isn't a fraction as deadly as the H1N1 and everyone is losing their minds. Maybe we've gotten too soft. Even the percentage of people that do not believe in science, can be shaken by a message that changes hour by hour.
JRscooby 03/25/20 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Insanity in the grocery stores...

Why even consider TP returns? Over time any household will use it up. Or share it with children, grandchildren, relatives, or anyone in need that doesn't have enough. I started as a joke. But with many people pay checks coming as normal, will discover the cost of all the horded supplies will not be affordable Of course if your check don't come that extra food might help Some of what is going out of stores will be used to replace what many would eat out.
JRscooby 03/20/20 04:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Diesel Brothers

Ahhh just like the late '70s and '80s with gasoline engines. Emissions robbed all the power, cut fuel economy and the engines ran terrible with high maintenance cost. Many just ripped the emission equipment off. Diesel has been exempt for far too long and is just going through the same growing pains the gassers did 40 years ago. Lots of gassers were sent to the junk pile when actual emissions testing was implemented and modified vehicles had no cost limit to bring them back to OEM condition or registration was denied. And yes I was a licensed inspection and repair technician back in the '80s. People were angry when their Corvette was suddenly worthless. Thank you. Early on they tried to clean the exhaust in exhaust system. As soon as they started cleaning combustion power and economy was better than the same sized pre-emission engines. Now diesels are cleaning in the exhaust system. If you feel you got to have a diesel now, then you should be willing to pay all the cost. Bet if all the people that will never drive enough miles to save the price difference in fuel would buy gas engines instead, the clean combustion would come quicker.
JRscooby 03/20/20 04:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hand Sanitizer

I see Walmart is selling 750 ml bottles of Everclear alcohol. I don't know how pysically big that is, but I think I'd prefer a smaller container of regular sanitizer to carry round all day, if one can be found. IIRC, 750 ml bottle is what is commonly known as a "fifth", or one fifth of a gallon. Most "hard liquor" is available in pints or fifths. Ah, according to a quick search, a 750 ml bottle is a "metric fifth". A "real" fifth is 757 ml, or exactly 1/5 of a gallon. I neglected to check to see when the change took place. Back when I was drinking the store-bought bottle I carried in pocket embossed in the glass was 3/4 pt. If bought one to share 3/4 Qt. Now 'shine you could buy full quarts or gallons. Think the size was a function of the tax system.
JRscooby 03/19/20 04:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Insanity in the grocery stores...

First of April the TP shortage will be over. People will be lined up at return counter trading TP for rent money. The ones that have lost jobs will be worse.
JRscooby 03/19/20 04:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

Decades of pumping fuel. I always keep gloves near just so I do not spread fuel to inside of truck. Never even thought of getting sick from them. Wonder how many viruses have died on the gloves? BTW, in the diesels I keep a small bottle of baby powder with the gloves. Fuel on my clothes? Sprinkle on some powder, brush off.
JRscooby 03/17/20 04:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

How you plan to camp with no toilet paper and no soap? So far fuel prices hold, but I am not holding my breath. New kind of dealing video The TP problem will be over April 1st. When the rent is due people will be lined up return what they don't need.
JRscooby 03/16/20 04:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

Should be around the campfire, I think. Any way, if the video is in person, did she not tell him to stay away from Western WA? Must not like her brother. ;) No offense intended, but Western WA is ground zero for the US. Yes, Western Wa is the area with the most confirmed cases. But, and this is a big "but" no part of the country has had enough testing done to have any idea how widespread it is
JRscooby 03/16/20 03:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hand Sanitizer

I see Walmart is selling 750 ml bottles of Everclear alcohol. I don't know how pysically big that is, but I think I'd prefer a smaller container of regular sanitizer to carry round all day, if one can be found. Most people can understand pouring into smaller bottle...
JRscooby 03/15/20 03:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Diesel Brothers

My 12 ram is deleted because I got tired of going to the shop every 2 months to get the egr cleaned. It’s chipped just enough to keep the computer from throwing a code. I’ve never seen black smoke from my tailpipe. I know some gets out but I’m sure it’s nominal. For those proclaiming my vehicle should be stolen by the government and I should also fined, I think you should do your part and quit towing trailers or using truck campers or driving motor homes because even you are contributing to the very thing you’re complaining about. Sorry to wizz on your oatmeal. If you need to take the truck in that often there is something wrong with the truck, or more likely because the shop didn't fix, you are not using it like it was designed. You think you need this big engine to do what you do, fine. But if you do, you should be the one to pay the cost, not the rest of the world. As to the thought I should stop towing; I tow, but I bought what I need to tow, and do it with a box stock vehicle. Somebody driving a 30 YO Toyota back and forth to their job. If LEO thinks to much smoke, that poor mother has to fix or replace.
JRscooby 03/15/20 03:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Mexico State Parks Suspend Overnight Camping

Some individuals check their lugnuts, and if find a loose one tighten it. But as a society, we may see the nuts are loose, but take no action, then witch because our ride is rough when the wheel falls off. Of course, we can't say anything about not allowing anybody to look at the lugnuts, so they knew the rough ride was coming... Or in this case, you can ONLY look at the lug nuts at night because some government official says the nuts can only get lose at night and NEVER get loose in the daytime. Ya, that makes sense! :R :R :R You seem to want to limit what I said. Because a disease can spread around the world in a very short time I call a new disease anywhere in the world the loose lugnut. Now the wheel has fell off, the closing and canceling around the country is part of the rough ride.
JRscooby 03/14/20 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Brothers

I have been wondering how long it would be before the EPA started enforcing the law on diesel trucks. I have long felt that at the very least any vehicle that causes a view obstruction (rolling coal) should be impounded and the tag confiscated until it is put back to the way it left the factory. A truck rolling coal should be stopped and impounded. Check it, if something went wrong to cause the problem, a reasonable amount of time for repair/re-inspection. But if has been modified, truck goes up for auction to high bidder who is willing to return it to stock. Owner gets nothing, and still owes big fine.
JRscooby 03/14/20 10:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: People suck

I think the main issue is there is no trusted place to get information to the general population. One network was established on the theory "profit is more important than truth" and all others wanted part of the profit. Then nobody understands when we warn children "If you do not tell truth all the time, people will not believe you when it is important" this applies to grownups too. When somebody constantly makes false statements things must be worse than he says.
JRscooby 03/14/20 05:54am Around the Campfire
RE: New Mexico State Parks Suspend Overnight Camping

Some individuals check their lugnuts, and if find a loose one tighten it. But as a society, we may see the nuts are loose, but take no action, then witch because our ride is rough when the wheel falls off. Of course, we can't say anything about not allowing anybody to look at the lugnuts, so they knew the rough ride was coming...
JRscooby 03/14/20 05:30am General RVing Issues
RE: LOUD Transmission drone at 58-62MPH

Any good parts store can get you a ring and pinion set. Getting the gears is not a issue. But very few shops are trained or equipped to set the clearance.
JRscooby 03/13/20 04:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Psssst...wanna see a Wall?

If Feds want to stop illegal immigration and remove the ones from the country just enforce the laws we have. Wed morning target a large plant where they have many low wage workers with a raid. If find somebody without papers needed to work legally, arrest them. But most important, grab all employment records. Wed to Friday, go thru books. Learn about all illegals working. Also who are major owners, and what else they own. Friday night SWAT hits their homes, waving automatic weapons and setting off flashbangs around the families. Plenty of practice on the thug part of town. Family in street all houses, cars, businesses and accounts seized. Civil asset forfeiture, make them prove not profit of illegal activity. Set bail at 10 times what they can pay so hold for trial. Monday the story is in WSJ. Wed hit another business. By the 2nd Friday the jobs for undocumented would be disappearing and self deportation would start.
JRscooby 03/06/20 09:38am General RVing Issues
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