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RE: Am I making a mistake going with a heavier, thicker bumper?

I highly recommend installing a 2" receiver such as this Curt model vs. using the bumper for, well, anything. Likely a good idea. IMHO, better would be build a bike rack that bolted or welded to frame. Save the pin on rack for TV when not pulling trailer.
JRscooby 12/02/20 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Am I making a mistake going with a heavier, thicker bumper?

Have you got the steel? From wat I read on 2 threads I would consider building a bracket for bike rack, and have tabs on it to mount PCV post for stinky slinky.
JRscooby 12/02/20 04:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Dump Station Observations

I ran into something new this Thanksgiving weekend. My gray water tank is a water jug. On a full hook-up site with water shut off. The dump station 50 yards away had the normal sloped concrete area around it. Thinking if I spill, it will be easy to wash that area, so I packed the jug that 50 yards. WHY IN SAM HILL WOULD THE COE PUT A PADLOCK ON THAT COVER? (I carried back to site, did not spill into the gravel)
JRscooby 12/01/20 08:00am General RVing Issues
RE: easy on/off truck caps?

Getting a second truck (as described by JRscooby) is my favorite plan so far! :) Hehehe As a city-dweller I don't have a barn but I can set up some sawhorses in the garage and put a couple teenagers to work if I have to. This sounds doable! Appreciate it. Thanks all! Scooby never much liked having a cap on daily driver. Was on a beater 3/4 ton I traded for. Was great to go to parts store pick up a dozen drums and a couple dozen sets of shoes, because I could leave them out of sight and weather until installed. Was nice to have when needed to put on the 150 to protect stuff for 1 trip. Instead saw horses in the garage I would hang 2X (or pipe?) from chains. No more work than setting on horses, but would not take up floor space. Could even hang so could park with bed of truck under it. Winch and pully system would be great if you did it often. We made a attachment for the engine hoist so could reach thru door and lift a pickup cab off frame. Bet could do a shell.
JRscooby 11/30/20 01:02pm Truck Campers
RE: easy on/off truck caps?

I've had aluminum and fiberglass. The fiberglass could be done with 2 large strong guys but really 3 or 4 was a lot easier. The aluminum one I could do myself in a pinch (mostly awkward to control, weight wasn't an issue). With 2 people (even not very strong), it was a breeze. If I was buying a new cap, it would be aluminum in a heartbeat. I needed to move a aluminum one from 1 truck to another for a trip. The guy that was to help didn't show up so I parked back to back so could walk from one to other. Turned around as I crossed the tailgates, a piece of chicken. Worked so well I didn't ask for help when I got back. Got lucky, did not damage the good truck. Don't take much wind to take control.
JRscooby 11/30/20 09:57am Truck Campers
RE: Eternabond around cab lights

I used it on a steel cab. Covered the lens with masking tape, eterna-bound whole light, then knifed around the lens, and peal.
JRscooby 11/30/20 04:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Broken Leaf Springs

When US started to trade with Japan, we gave them junk. That is what they made to match are goods. When The learned we wanted better they made as good or better than we did. Compare cars made in '70s US/Japan. US makes varies qualities of goods for markets. To assume China does not sell what the customer demands is racism. You started with a questionable comment only to far exceed reality with your last comment, to which I respond .....”Horse Hockey”! memtb I had a friend that lived in Japan as a child late '40/early '50s. He saved some of the toys he had when came to this country. His "Made in Japan toys where much better quality then the MIJ toys I had. OTOH My Made in USA toys where much better then his. I assume toys where not the only products that met that idea. Do you have evidence to the contrary? Now do you want to disagree that US manufactures quality levels depends on market aimed at? Are you old enough to remember the Chevette? Did it have the same level of quality of construction and materials as the same years Olds or Caddy? Now what makes you think China can not make steel or springs of both high or low quality? And that if given a choice, RV manufactures would buy the lowest price stuff?
JRscooby 11/29/20 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Strange advice

More fuel for the fire: The questioner in the article could just be that poor, unlucky fellow whose statistics ran out on him and he got 2 road hazards the same day. Been know to happen And without knowing the positions of the tires we can't even say for sure the same hazard didn't kill both tires. But as to the advice; Looking at weight rating of RVs, and the MT weights of many, somebody should stop all of use at random. If we do not have a ticket showing what are rig weighed within the last 2 years we get a ticket. Now I'm not saying we should get a ticket for over the ratings, but we should pay a fine for ignorance. IMHO, it is more dangerous for somebody to run at ratings and not understand they are close, than somebody that knows they are 20% over.
JRscooby 11/29/20 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Broken Leaf Springs

Cheap Chinese Springs........ The Chinese make very high quality steels. I think this is another of many examples where the American companies order the cheapest materials and then we think cheap materials are all the Chinese can make. It does not matter what they CAN make, it only matters when they export cheap junk. If they had a bit of pride in their goods, they would refuse orders for inferior, dangerous goods. Japan produced junk years ago and they cleaned up their act. When US started to trade with Japan, we gave them junk. That is what they made to match are goods. When The learned we wanted better they made as good or better than we did. Compare cars made in '70s US/Japan. US makes varies qualities of goods for markets. To assume China does not sell what the customer demands is racism.
JRscooby 11/28/20 07:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Broken Leaf Springs

Back in the '70s when most OTR trucks where spring ride truck owners that where leased to the company I was kept spare springs at some of the terminals where we had to lay over. (Wichita, there was a hole in parking lot, drop wheels in that hole could change without a jack) Now when we where waiting for a load, the tractors where driven all over town just like a car. Most of the springs that broke we where bobtailing. I would often run over the rating on axles. That would cause springs to loose there arch, and wear hangers and other things, but never broke the spring. Of course, when they lost their arch I would replace, because I don't want to look fat, so that might be a issue with RVs
JRscooby 11/28/20 05:01am General RVing Issues
RE: How many have had Thanksgiving in a truck camper?

Not a truck camper, we have a pop-up. We always do Thanksgiving in a campground, outside the camper. We fix the full meal in Dutch ovens with charcoal and wood fire. While the 13+ lb turkey was baking in 1 oven did a pumpkin, then Dutch apple pie in another. This time we used 8 ovens. Only cooking for 2, so the ovens where not full. This is the first year in a long time there where no strangers at the table. Most years, the day before, and while cooking I watch for people that look like they are spending the day alone, invite them to join us.
JRscooby 11/28/20 04:39am Truck Campers
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

Toilet paper and paper towels and some staples are now disappearing from Wal Mart shelves. I don't do stores Kids went yesterday and reported on the empty paper goods shelves. Then there was a mention on some news site of it yesterday evening. I have to wonder if TP shortage is to keep us from shaking hands???
JRscooby 11/22/20 03:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Leg supports for truck camper storage

Is the issue the camper moving at back, or falling off the blocks when it moves? Maybe set wooden blocks on a set the dollies used to move a car in the shop. That way movement would not let it fall.
JRscooby 11/21/20 10:43am Truck Campers
RE: Leg supports for truck camper storage

same tc made a rolling table. lowered the tc down and could store it any where . The way I read OP, he does not pass the Lincoln test; His legs are not long enough to reach the ground. To store, the rolling table is a good idea.
JRscooby 11/21/20 05:57am Truck Campers
RE: Leg supports for truck camper storage

Maybe wooden box, with a rim so the jack foot can't slip off?
JRscooby 11/21/20 04:20am Truck Campers
RE: Surge breaks on a dolly

The OP said he was going to use a two wheel dolly. Don't see why there would be any tire scrub with a two wheel dolly when turning. Moved to Dinghy Towing forum from Towing. Barney If the wheels on dolly don't turn, or some other system in place so the wheelbase dolly/back axle can not change side to side, tires on back of car, or dolly will need to slide sideways to make a turn.
JRscooby 11/20/20 07:58am Dinghy Towing
RE: Anyone ? GM 3.0 diesel

I would stay far away from any small diesel. They are problematic and not worth the aggravation. This coming from a diesel tech. Why are they? What are you seeing being the issues with them? Thanks dodge guy is biased against GM. Will be interesting if he shares "facts" that can be confirmed. I admit, I am biased toward GM. I have been pro diesel, but in heavy duty stuff I have heard from people I trust the emission systems are not as dependable as the systems for gas. And the emission systems have reduced the dependability of the engines. I can't say a little engine would have the same issues, but wouldn't gamble more than I could afford to lose.
JRscooby 11/20/20 06:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

What is the expected advantage of keeping the tank full? You don't have the hassle of dealing with stations and it's customers. I haven't been in a station since 10/17 and still have over 30 gals in the tanks So you are using the fuel in the tank, not just keeping it full.
JRscooby 11/19/20 06:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Surge breaks on a dolly

What is GVWR of MH? That is what the brake system on MH was designed to stop. Now what is the GCVW of MH+car+dolly?
JRscooby 11/19/20 01:12pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

Fill it.....treat it! The few extra pounds of fuel carried will be inconsequential to fuel mileage! If the difference is even measurable, it would be minimal..... a small headwind would affect mileage much more! memtb Headwind every trip, that changes to tailwind every time you stop. I have never liked to leave a load sit on a spring-ride truck. Then there is the issue of the fuel itself. At this time of year, depending on where he is likely to buy fuel blended for winter. Warmer weather, when using the fuel, get less mileage. What is the expected advantage of keeping the tank full?
JRscooby 11/19/20 07:38am Tow Vehicles
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