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RE: Breaker issues

OP, RU2 home? If so, first step is plug the AC N2 house. If that does not trip house breaker, look at RV. / What? I can not even follow that!As stated in his post it's a portable A/C that is OK in the house. Other loads in the RV and excessibe voltage drop due to the extension cord and possible garage circuit. Sorry, I gave up following the OP, thought maybe I would throw another code in there. If AC works when plugged into home outlet, but trips a breaker in RV, look at what else looses power at trip. Add the loads to AC, compare to size of breaker.
JRscooby 07/05/22 09:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Breaker issues

OP, RU2 home? If so, first step is plug the AC N2 house. If that does not trip house breaker, look at RV.
JRscooby 07/05/22 06:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dumb Things We Did as Kids on 4July

When does "kid" end? A group of us, late 20s/early 30s going to set off fireworks. Raining, so decide instead of riding out in country, we would stay on the pouch. Nobody had a flashlight, so we are reading labels by the light of Zippos. I found one that said "lantern". Hung it on a handy hook over our head. That thing started to spin and shoot sparks. Bikers looked like the cue ball hitting the rack. Spin stops we all start in out of rain, some of the fire that fell in the box found something exciting, and we're off again! And yes, alcohol was involved.
JRscooby 07/03/22 06:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Vintage Gas Prices

I wasn't old enough to buy gas just after WW II but I can remember the folks having to hand pump so many gallons of gas in the glass enclosed gas tower ...then flip the valve open and gravity dumped those gallons in our old '33 Ford. Gas was .08-.10 cents a gal. Before I got my DL, the family would let me fuel my pickup out of farm tank for working on the farm. If I drove it to work for others, I had to buy gas. The closest place had that system for measuring, but the pump had been upgraded to electric. Tell them how many gallons you want, he turn on pump until that much was in the jar. Shut off pump, drain into the truck.
JRscooby 07/03/22 05:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Field tricks to remove inside dually wheel?

I had some Budd inner studs rust up on my navastar. Hitting them with a hammer, anti rust loosener spray stuff over 3-4 days. A 1500 lb 3/4" impact wrench" broke some free. Me standing on a 6' bar on a 3/4" breaker bar did a few also. Along with loosening them up so impact worked. Had not had to take rims off in 10 or so years. PITA! New brakes all around....happy camper. I've not had inner run stuck on any of the three duallies I've had. Marty LOL. First time my first truck with Budd wheels needed brakes I Richarded around with 3/4 impact and long bars for couple hours. Then I loaded all the brake spring tools, parts and cooler full of beer, showed up at tire shop just before closing time. Before next time I had long anvil inch drive just like they used. Back in the early days of wheels made out of that metal I can't say or spell they called for a hard layer between them and the steel wheel to reduce corrosion. Now often the hub and wheel are not the same material. And it is not just a dual wheel issue.
JRscooby 07/03/22 05:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheel Well External Access Doors

Sleeping with Youtube surfing, I once woke up long enough to see somebody put tail light on hinge so could store stuff between inner and outer sides of bed. The space above wheelwell might work. Might want to be careful though, laws in some states could take truck from you. That statement often upsets Mods, but Civil Asset Forfeiture is a risk we all must take.
JRscooby 07/03/22 04:47am Truck Campers
RE: Vintage Gas Prices

I too recall paying about $0.25 in the mid-50's, and that would be $2.73 in today's dollars. Mid '60s, my area had most weekly gas wars. My first non-farm job, washing pans in a Mom&Pop owned corner bakery paid enough that I could normally buy about 6 gallons of gas for a hour's work. Fiends that worked fast food, pumped gas, stocked shelves and other "kid's work" made about the same. The fall before I started that job I took a old White with flatbed trailer about 300 miles to the Tulsa area to pick up some stuff the farm had bought. Saw a sign, FREE CAB WASH WITH 100 GAL FILL Had coffee and pie while they fueled and washed. Paid for coffee, pie, fuel, tipped waitress and the guy that washed cab. Spent $20.00.
JRscooby 07/02/22 03:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Field tricks to remove inside dually wheel?

Wow Bedlam, my truck has never seen winter salt and never will, but the next time I have a chance I am going to pull the duals and put never seize on the hubs. Front too
JRscooby 07/02/22 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Field tricks to remove inside dually wheel?

Glad you solved the problem. Are you open to suggestions? Pull all the wheels, and put anti-seize on all the hubs to reduce future problems.
JRscooby 07/02/22 08:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Unique situation: What tow vehicle checks all the boxes?

All perfect reasons that the "get a van because I have one and am jealous of those that drive fancy trucks and suvs" crowd couldn't wrap their heads around. Especially the last reason....I'm not skinny, because I try to stay on my wife's good side! I think I'm the one that suggested a van. When I bought my last new one, 1979, I could of speced it out with any bells and whistles available on a F 150 at the time, plus the rest of the interior finished as nice. (I didn't because I wanted things not available from factory. I built a sports car; Van with bed and bar in back) I assumed that the trim levels available have kept up with pickups. But my experience with trucks/hauling/towing says that van/PU with same drivetrain and suspension van would tow TT better. Pickup has that extra 5+ feet between cab and trailer for wind to Richard with you. The extra over hang of the pickup gives trailer more leverage to impart side to side and up/down motion into TV. BTW, I drive a pickup, not a van
JRscooby 07/01/22 10:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

@bucky, how many plugged tires you had self destruct in a short time, or ever? Put me down for a "zero", boss. My plugs have all held. I have had several I suspect, and at least 3 I am sure of. Costly enough that I told all my drivers if I saw a plug kit in their truck, they where fired on the spot. Last 1 was rated at 11,800 lbs at 130 lbs pressure. End of 3rd day, found nail hole center of tread. Told driver to call tire shop, if could not be patched safely for steer, replace it. Driver decided to plug. But what could not be seen from outside was the steel caused the nail to go in at angle. He worked to get the plug to straight in. The plug sealed the tread real good. Next morning that tire had a bulge half the size of my head. Broke it down, on the inside the plug missed the hole by half inch. If we had put a load on the truck that night the truck would of been tore all to swell. Other times blowout I suspect caused by slow leak in a day's run.
JRscooby 06/30/22 04:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tight turn across narrow culvert?

If you can extend the culvert down stream, use a larger whistle, very little digging needed. Just enough to get the larger tube around the smaller, and level the bottom of ditch for pipe. Concrete to keep fill from falling in then compact up to grade.
JRscooby 06/30/22 01:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Unique situation: What tow vehicle checks all the boxes?

That's nice. Glad you're happy with the purchase. Did you ever articulate these "nuances" and why a pickup was not suitable? I don't recall seeing it. Frankly a couple hundred pounds of "bells and whistles" will not appreciably affect towing performance. I suggest the "hitch up and pay no attention" method. Couple hundred pounds? Mid '80s, a friend bought 2 brand new LTL9000 Fords. Same engines, transmissions, all 4 axles, beds, everything. Only difference was his driver wanted a nicer truck so 1 was XLT trim level, the other basic rubber mats, hand crank windows. The first day he put the trucks to work, the XLT was over 1000 lbs heavier. Now I know many are going to say you are not talking class 8 units, oranges and grapefruit. You would be right to a point. But that scale that day was comparing grapefruit to grapefruit. And there is not much difference in the size of daycab and a regular pickup cab. But there is a lot of difference in the size of regular pickup cab, and the inside of a big SUV. Any time the ad brags about "Tow Capacity" there is always the *when properly equipped. Everybody know it must have right suspension and drive train. Not as many understand it can't have all the stuff a nice car is expected to have. I think everybody should scale their snot. I do not say "Don't run over your ratings", I have done that most of my professional life. What I say is know your ratings, and your actual weights, so you know what might go wrong.
JRscooby 06/30/22 08:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Unique situation: What tow vehicle checks all the boxes?

Are you aware that all the "bells and whistles" subtract from the advertised tow capacity?
JRscooby 06/30/22 07:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

Was that on the back tire of the trailer? I picked up a 3/8 bolt once had it repaired from the inside with no problems. Interesting it was the rear tire on the trailer that got the bolt. Yep rear tire on passenger side. I would bet most road hazard flats on TV/TT or 5th wheel units are rear passenger of trailer. Every time hit, but not picked up by a tire the crown of road will likely push it to right. Most of them just work over to shoulder, never damage a tire. Right side trailer tires are most likely to run on the shoulder. Plus, the tires on trailer tandem are running close together. In the lane or not, most time tire hits bolt or nail, it stands up. All other positions, it will fall back down. But when front trailer stands it up, it don't have much time to fall before the rear hits.
JRscooby 06/29/22 01:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

A gentleman who spent 40 years with a major tire manufacturer told me that they can be patched (not plugged) - but, for safety, it reduces the load rating by one letter; e.g., if it's a load range E tire, patched it becomes a load range D tire. Rob I think I would need to know what positions that gentleman had in the tire industry. Lifetime I have used a lot of tires though few where ST. I have never reduced the load I carried because of patch. If the tire got a hole in the first tread I would plug from inside then patch. When due for 2nd re-cap I would trade the patched carcass let somebody else take the chance.
JRscooby 06/28/22 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Tight turn across narrow culvert?

Thanks for the suggestions and even the criticism....I'm married, I can handle it!! Backing is not an option due to other obstacles. This is a private road. Not certain how the other 8 residents would feel about having their only egress blocked for half of a day eventhough the end results would be an improvement for all. It is a poor rural area, so getting help on the cost is not likely. I checked with a grading company. They said it is not a very long process to get county approval. But said $4-8K...he would need to look at it. I think that pulling partially in then backing a couple of times might cut the turn radius down enough. The steel idea is a good one!! I was a GC for many years and have seen properly supported steel used often for heavy construction equipment. It is often used in road construction with 18 wheelers running over it. Only issue is the weight and putting it in place. Thanks again! You might be surprised at how few pounds per square inch that "heavy" loader puts on the ground. When used for normal traffic normally bridge small hole, or the hole is first filled with rock that is easy to remove. I fail to understand the road blocked for more than a few minutes to redo the culvert. Cross existing with equipment and materials. Dig out remove, replace culvert from non-roadside. Backfill/compact then load spoils & equipment, haul across new culvert. You say only 1 way in/out. Can you just change the angle of the drive? Looking at from where you start your turn, move the street end toward your rear, the other side of ditch extend off at angle? This way you don't need to leave the road at a 90*
JRscooby 06/27/22 04:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Unique situation: What tow vehicle checks all the boxes?

It’s all about reading comprehension Scooby. OP originally said he needed to “tow” 9000lbs. Later post said 9klbs cargo and towing. Nicks right. OP is a little confused on ratings. Good trucking grief! Somebody is accused of ignorance after they clarified what they want to do, and I'm the 1 with reading comprehension issues? I think the OP understands he needs something with a GCVWR of at least 9000 over MT weight, and a GVWR of over 2500 lbs (15% TW) above MT weight. And best if steer axle is not expected to take much of the payload. Now he might need a higher payload, depending on the weight of wife's load, but has not mentioned that I know I understand that's what he needs, is that what stirs up the ankle biter?
JRscooby 06/27/22 09:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tight turn across narrow culvert?

Backing into the drive might be easier or might not but you don't want to find out the hard way. Backing in would be a way, but the short rig the OP is dealing with should not be necessary
JRscooby 06/27/22 07:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Severely damaged windshield … is yourMH totaled ?

^^^ More like thank God we don't have to - yet. :E Wait What? If I had a functional MH that I had cared for, but could not replace the glass I would think I had to. Of course I have put enough miles on more than a few vehicles to understand that windshields wear out.
JRscooby 06/27/22 07:19am Class A Motorhomes
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