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RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Just about everything you use in life comes by truck. How do you propose to pay for roads once everyone is using EV's and no longer paying fuel taxes? Right now EV's owners are getting a free ride. That can't continue forever. When the price of fuel goes up, freight rates go up, but a smaller percentage of the rate goes to the truck. Higher fuel cost are a tax on everybody. Of course most of the increase in the cost of fuel has been driven by oil companies, not fuel tax. That means the "freight rate tax equivalents" have not gone to the government, to benefit the taxpayers, but to oil companies. As for "fuel" tax on EVs. Could they not use the mileage of like sized cars to set the per mile rate? Every year, when filling out taxes report how many miles you put on your EV, and pay the fuel tax on the gas for a like sized car. I know in my state the odometer reading is reported to the state every time ownership changes, and every couple of years for safety inspection. Compare to the miles reported, tax paid. Make the penalty real stiff for under reporting.
JRscooby 12/09/19 05:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

As a person who has been in the medium/heavy duty industry for over two decades, I will say that most of this is false. Over 2 decades? I don't know what positions you have been in, a lot of them have little, if anything to do with taxes. I bought, and put to work, my first truck in '71. '73 I was running 3 trucks, 2 trailers and 2 service trucks. At one time I owned and was working 7, but most stayed between 1 and 3. Sold my last truck in '11. I only speakn English. The defense dept. sees to it that I do not have to learn another language. I like our defense dept. You should too. Sometime, just for snots and grins, print out a list of conflicts the US military has been involved in since you where born. Next, print a list of countries that have invaded US. I have said for years we aught to move highway maintenance to the defense budget. That would give us unlimited money for highways.
JRscooby 12/09/19 04:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can my truck tow this?

But we are still back to...if you are within ratings, you shouldn't expect "bang! truck won't go". They already addressed durability when setting the ratings. You are right, a RVer is very unlikely to get over ratings far enough to hear the bang. But that does not change the fact that higher speed rear ends put more side force in the rear end. That friction must be overcome.
JRscooby 12/09/19 04:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

There was an article in the Semi thread a couple months back about the Hyundai future truck. The VP of Engineering made a statement regarding the Tesla Semi will be in violation of Fed bridge limits regarding weight versus wheelbase he said they forgot to allow for this. There was also a Euro reg regarding front overhang that apparently it and the Nikola are out of spec. So they can’t go into city areas. Anybody else pick up on that? Would have to check into that bridge law thing. A normal tractor/semi-trailer is only allowed 46,000 on the front 3. (34 on drives, 12 on steer) And it only takes 13 feet between the first and last axle of the tractor to bridge that 46. That 13 feet would be a real short tractor. Normally when you have problems with bridge law is short trailer or permit loads. To gross 80 on 5 axles you need 51 feet first to last. Most freight boxes are 53 overall
JRscooby 12/08/19 04:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

This is one of the challenges that the Tesla semi and other BEV semis will have to face. Since their batteries are so heavy, they will have to carry less in order to stay within legal limits which means more vehicles(and more road degradation) to carry the same load a ICE semi could. Weight is one of the main reasons why fuel cell semi's are being taken more seriously in the heavy duty truck market than BEV's. Many, if not most loads cube out before hit GVW restriction. And many of those loads move plant to plant/terminal to terminal. This is the place for E trucks. Most folks don't understand that to register a truck for weights over 27 tons IIRC, the owner must pay a extra HVUT. Also, CMVs must keep track of miles driven in each state, the gallons of fuel bought/fuel tax paid. If enough fuel not bought in a state, mail money. It will not be the semis that get away from fuel taxes
JRscooby 12/08/19 08:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

And short-sellers have been severely burned. Not so many of them left. Hold and buy some more here with recent upgrades to price target of $450 to $500 with market and car industry optimism on Cybertruck. Not looking a Tesla, would like to point out that another can make a statement, the market go up. Next day another statement, market drop. Repeat often. If people think somebody is making false statements to change the value of his company many start squealing like a pig stuck under a gate, begging he pay big fine. The other? Don't you even look to see if that fist is only to wrist or shoulder.
JRscooby 12/08/19 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

My daughter's Tesla X would even get notifications for upgrades to her unit. My Ram does the same. This is one issue that would absolutely terrify me if I had a new vehicle. Maybe if it would give me a notification, telling me what issue they wanted to fix, what the planned to pay if the fix did not work, maybe. But if it is like Microsoft, where computer working fine, I turn off, and it says "Updating" Next morning, nobody can steal the pictures I took of the timing marks when dismantling that old Spicier 10 speed. I can't get them, but nobody can steal. Because they are taxing me to fund a rebate for you to buy want to buy one, fine...if the company survives, great...but when you make me pay for it, I get say. LOL! How much of the government budget goes to military? And how much of what the military does is to protect oil? Why do the oil companies still get tax breaks? Cheap access to oil under the peoples land?
JRscooby 12/08/19 06:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

Where was the trailer parked between dealer and propane store? No more than tanks cost retail I can not imagine a dealer messing with used.
JRscooby 12/08/19 04:58am Travel Trailers
RE: DP lengths and Tag Axles

There are plenty of 41 foot motorhomes aroumd that don't have a tag, larger are generally tags. Buses don't generally have a lot of weight other than people and if they are locally used there isn't much need to have a tag so I could imagine there are some pretty long single axle buses out ther.e No weight other than people? LOL. 10 tons is a big load for a single axle truck. Most would be overloaded on the back axle with 6-8 tons. And I bet for the same length bus will be heavier than the truck. In today's America, pick 10 adults at random, you are over a ton. And I would be surprised if you sample came out of average adult bus riders 8 didn't break the ton. Then add their luggage. And unlike freight, people can't be stacked high in the nose to reduce weight on the rear.
JRscooby 12/08/19 04:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: senior pass

Typical of gov to sell you something then reneg once they have your cash. As compared to a corporation that bought you life and health for decades, them just when you think you can enjoy life, "We can't afford to pay the retirement benefits you where promised.
JRscooby 12/07/19 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: senior pass

I can not say nice things about our current government. I've not heard that purposeful but I do not doubt it. Don't restrict this to "our current government." When the previous administration had a shut-down, the President directed that all parks be closed, even those without gates or rangers. They actually roped off portions of DC on NPS land. There is video of that instruction. He said he wanted to make it hurt to make a point. Yes, but to me there is a big difference make everybody hurt/make a point not to close the ones that put money in your pocket. Or try to close the areas to people that want to assemble to address grievances with the government.
JRscooby 12/07/19 07:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

GAAP net income? Doubtful IMO. Possible to be minimal positive cashflow. Too many new projects ramping up to really tell. Sales in China from the giga3 is the big unknown. As I said before... ignore most of what Elon says and you will live better. You seem to hang your hat on every word like a real follower. Need to get over that. Elon has been accused of making statements that change the stock price of his company. There is another that can make statements, run most of the market up and down at will.
JRscooby 12/07/19 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Neighborhood bear

Or maybe do something to scare the bears, while there is food in other locations...
JRscooby 12/07/19 06:26am Around the Campfire
RE: senior pass

There are two things we can do about it. .Write/Call/Contact our legislators and explain our Pleasure over this added cost. Two VOTE. I would like to add a 3rd, and likely just as important "To do"; After you contact your rep, pay attention! Keep track of how they vote when can vote for your interest, and just as important, how often they block a vote that could be in your interest. Then armed with this info, instead of the ads, VOTE!
JRscooby 12/07/19 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Neighborhood bear

I don't understand the problem, just leave the bears alone. I see a problem, and not a small one. The bears in the picture have no fear of humans. What will protect you when bear food gets scarce? No, it is not likely the bears will eat you, but it is even more unlikely they will set down at the table and politely ask you to pass the pancakes.
JRscooby 12/07/19 04:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Goodbye DPF and soot?

Yeah, all those people who live in the city were NOx is a health issue, it is all about me because they don't want to move away from their favorite Starbucks. Learn how and where NOx forms. I maybe should learn something. OTOH, Maybe you should learn about how society forms. Maybe you could get the idea between your ears that without cities we would not need any emission controls, because we would have no trucks, or computers to talk about trucks with.
JRscooby 12/07/19 04:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can my truck tow this?

^ This is correct theory scooby. But in general, the same overall gear reduction or overdrive ratio is achieved, so the engine sees the same load for equal parameters. Generally. Now one would have to calculate "minor losses". IE greater friction from greater stress in the 3rd member due to a smaller ring gear vs less friction/stress in the transmission at the same time. Stress on the driveshaft is real. But that's easy and cheap to beef up (as a mfg). The ring and pinion in the rearend not only change the speed/power of rotation, they also change the direction. And I'm not a engineer, but I have rebuilt rearends that have different ratios moving the same loads. A higher speed ratio puts a lot more side force on the bearings. (And most of the "Bang! truck won't go" failures happen in reverse. Turning backward, the shape of teeth adds to the force" And yes, it is not hard to beef up a driveshaft, as a mfg. Larger tube or thicker walls. Beef up motor mounts? No issue. (Remember when GM had the recall to add a cable from engine to frame?) Make frame stiffer to reduce flex under power? Sure. But all that adds weight. And it takes fuel to move the weight. I'm sure they have worked out all the numbers, account for percentage of time the vehicle will be working at max, and are sure everything will last at least as long as the warranty.
JRscooby 12/06/19 05:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodbye DPF and soot?

And in Scoobys example, either this is a singular personal experience that he is assuming to be the norm, or it's made up by throwing the poor me card. A more accurate example might be the old toyota burning oil being pulled over with "probable cause" (the pollution or that conveniently busted tail light or any other host of minor infractions) and then citing the driver for expired registration (maybe because it couldn't pass emissions), no insurance and a bench warrant for the other unpaid violations. That's not a feel bad for the poor scenario, that's a lack of responsibility or give a ____ by the driver of the car. And none of this has a dang thing to do with the original discussion....big surprise. Have you met the young lady? But you feel you can pass judgement. A preacher that knows I can fix some things automotive called me to see if I could help. (Could not) Talking to her, the only life choice she made was believing if she served in the military she would have a leg up on the rest of her life. She has a job, but she needs a car to get from house to house to clean. No, I can't say anybody that owns one of the houses has a pickup blowing smoke. I don't understand how anybody can declare just because somebody is poor, they made bad choices. 44% of jobs now are classified as low wage work. If you have ever looked at living on the edge, you would see the cost in time and money of just transferring her insurance and registration to another car might lead to missed meals. And likely the time restraint imposed by her job and the ticket, and the fact she does not have cash on hand to buy another car means she will have to pay more for the car, and a higher interest rate than you would. Well it is because of those people that I have to pay more for fuel due to lower efficiency, pay more for my truck due to the emissions equipment, decreased reliability, and pay more for repairs/maintenance in the long run due to NOx emissions that only effect the health of people in highly populated areas. Why should I have to pay for their wants? Me me me it's all about me. You do not have to pay. You choose to drive a new diesel truck. If you can afford to drive the new diesel you could choose a new gas, or a old diesel. IMHO, the only choice you should have is to modify the engine to no longer meet emission standards.
JRscooby 12/06/19 05:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodbye DPF and soot?

Two wrongs do not make a right and low income does not get a pass. Yes I agree this example is unfortunate. The Toyota needs to be fixed or replaced and a 'fix-it' citation is in order. The truck with a modified and deliberate intention of smoke should be impounded on the spot, heavy fine assessed, and require OEM repair before returning to the owner. Why should the owner that has proven he thinks the law does not apply get the truck back? Sell it at auction to somebody that must fix before use, use money for public transportation, reduce the need to drive the wore out Toy. The "fleet average MPG" should help, if you want to buy a big o truck to haul your butt and groceries fine. But part of the money you pay to the manufacturer should go to subsidize the cost of a more efficient vehicle. This would push down the price of used economy cars, getting the more worn ones off the road. But the issue is, just like in the '70s people will buy a vehicle big enough to not be included in the average. 3/4 ton? Actually it is not pure ignorance when speaking in terms of PM and NOx. What I referred to as "pure ignorance" was your implication more people should move into rural area, and instead of driving 50 miles a week to get back and forth to work now drive 50 miles one way, and think that the increase in driving will not increase emissions. "Trust me, the EPA is not perfect, but some seem to take what they say as the word of God without question or even knowing what the regulation is." I wholeheartedly agree with this. In fact, they probably did more harm than good with the regulations in the 1970's that made many cars more than double their fuel requirements and thus CO2 emissions. I agree that when the emission regulations started fuel millage took a big hit. Mothers '63 Ford would go twice as far on a gallon of gas as my wife's '73 Chevy would, and could pump lead in the air while doing it. (Was happy to get away from both wife and Chevy) And because only people that needed a pickup bought trucks, half ton trucks where exempt. Which made many buy pickups, and the mess behind that. (Never learn, now regulators are moving people into even heavier pickups.) But OTOH, as long as the cost of the pollution is not on the capitalist he will never try to reduce it without government regulation. Because of regulation, first they tried to clean between combustion and tailpipe. But with regulation, and competition from cars if places where fuel is not as cheap, we have learned to burn cleaner from jump. Right now, with diesel, we are watching them try to clean between combustion and tailpipe. If you are not willing to live with the cost of being the test subject, drive your old truck. If the currant technology did not sell the OEMs would change technology. Another idea. The claim is pre-07 engines are good for at least half million trouble free miles. At 150,000 the rest of truck has enough wear it is no longer dependable? (To me the main reason not to spend the money for diesel option, especially on used market.) Buy a new truck, with all the bells and whistles you want, but the cheapest engine option. Put you old engine in the new truck. Old truck with new engine will bring something on the used market.
JRscooby 12/05/19 09:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket trailer backup assist

I can back my own trailer in, but I like the idea of mounting the wife on the back of the trailer. I don't know about mounting the mother in law though. Maybe just the horns? Like antlers in the den?
JRscooby 12/05/19 06:40am Travel Trailers
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