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RE: Making Oil

I was taught to check oil when it was cold for an accurate reading ? Most of my Cats had 2 full and 2 add marks on the stick. One for cold, one for warm.
JRscooby 01/16/21 04:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Making Oil

If you are talking gas motors like the eco boost. They run hot and the oil can and will expand appearing over full. This is why it's best tomch ck it in the morning before you start it. This goes for any motor. Back in the day, gas motor dipstick show over full? Grab the Zippo. Don't take much gasoline mixed with oil to light.(If it don't light, remember the pump jockey gets a commission on oil sold at the fuel island.) With a diesel, look for leaks. If that place you need to wipe of once a week is showing, assume you are killing the bearings.
JRscooby 01/16/21 04:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Waste Tote Recommendations

A person I talked to on another site, that liked to have the ability to use lots of water carried a few 7 gallon water containers in the TV. Used a masarater to grind and pump the poop to the containers while in the truck. Then only had to lift down to dump. A hose could be used so no need to lift at all, just hook up and turn container over.
JRscooby 01/13/21 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer hitch pin

I check, hitch, bike rack, electrical, break away etc...AFTER the potty break! At 29 with my first TC I had the same order of importance! Well I always found a warm tire will cool pretty fast when you stop. I have decided a tire was hot, gone in to restroom, come back out and had to trust memory to know which to suspect. (never on RV) It's yours, you can do what you want.
JRscooby 01/13/21 05:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire went flat in the driveay. Damage?

And no, you cant replace the stem without breaking a bead, although only need to break 1 bead and it doesn't need to go over the rim, so pretty easy driveway fix with a jack, wood block, and your trailer hitch on your truck. I don't think anybody asking if the tire was ruined would consider breaking their own tire down. And most would not have the ability to deliver the volume of air in the short amount of time needed to seat the bead. So likely he will take wheel and tire to shop. The extra cost to inspect might be worth it for piece of mind.
JRscooby 01/12/21 11:57am Towing
RE: Tire went flat in the driveay. Damage?

I came out this morning and the left tire on my utility trailer was dead flat. Just came back from a 260 mile round trip, and it was up and fine when I went to bed last night. The valve stem failed catastrophically during the night. Glad it didn't happen on the road. Would the tire have sustained any damage from just going flat in the driveway? Tire is only 2 years old. The risk here is that there may be damage inside. The safe thing to do is replace the tire. If you reinflate the tire (do this carefully!!) and see sidewall ripples, replace the tire. If you reinflate the tire and don't see sidewall ripples, that doesn't mean the tire is good. It means you don't know! Can you replace the valve stem without breaking down the tire? While you have it open, look inside for the unlikely damage. BTW, don't put off taking care of it. At least jack the weight off it.
JRscooby 01/12/21 07:12am Towing
RE: Trailer hitch pin

I check tire/hub/rotor temps with Infrared Temp Gun when I stop....walk around and do a visual then run to the bathroom upon return I check hookup/connections and just a general look over Takes but a few minutes and is worth the 'p''p' dance :B LOL! My bladder is larger than DW's or dog's. We stop, she does the dash while dog and I walk around the vehicle, then to the closest grass. If it is a fuel stop, when spouse gets back, I pull up to pump then go inside. If not fueling wife will stay with truck and dog, maybe fix snacks on tailgate. I don't worry much about tampering, but will look at the paint dots on most of the critical nuts and bolts. As for the temp gun, might be better, but took my temp gun 1 trip. Put it down to pick up poop. Had to buy new one. I have used my hand with success on much bigger stuff for over half century. If not broke, don't fix it.
JRscooby 01/12/21 04:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Chock RV on snow/ice. NEED HELP!!!

The best chocks on snow and ice are Ski Chalets. You had me searching for Ski Chalet as a brand of chock. I get your point. But then, the place I go has no highfalutin chalet... only a parking lot. And I have a TT that offers numerous conveniences admittedly at the cost of some other inconveniences. With infinite resources, we could all be infinitely endowed so we wouldn't need the input on a forum like this. I don't live in that world. I thought that Ski Chalet was kind of funny. Of course, years back people asked me to go skiing with them. I had a van for the trip across Ks. But, 6-8 go, then for weeks 1 would wear a cast.
JRscooby 01/11/21 01:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer hitch pin

Also why everyone should check/recheck there equipment ANYtime you get ready to GO. Prior to leaving CG Before leaving Rest Area After stopping at a restaurant ANYTIME you have been away from your rig I do a walk away everytime. Habit! Yes, before you leave. But I like to check every thing just as soon as I stop. Touch each tire and hub for heat. Earlier I find the problem the better. As for the pin. When you think about the TW forcing the ball mount off-center of the hole, it would take a lot of force to pull the mount out even without the pin.
JRscooby 01/11/21 12:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chock RV on snow/ice. NEED HELP!!!

I have known for decades how to chock a vehicle under any conditions. But it is more fun to think about stuff like this than the end of the county. I personally would not want a wheel under my hitch. Manoever it into position and leave it there. Note I never suggested using the wheel to maneuver the trailer. In fact a friend that turns his little TT crosswise in garage to store, I built a dolly with 4 casters and a ball the same height as TV. He can unhook, lower the coupler on the ball, and push to where he wants it with no strain on jack. What I suggest is a roller to allow the base to move the distance necessary to eliminate the flex that will happen when you adjust the height of tongue. Now in my mind I see a triangle, where the weight meets ground at tire, (A) where the jack meets ground, (B) and where jack is attached to tongue. (C). Now the point A should be set so it can't move when you unhook, or the trailer can roll away. And the distance A-C is set when trailer built/loaded. The angle at C is set when the jack is mounted. When you crank the jack down to unhook, you set the lengths of A-B and B-C. But a RV trailer, we want the floor level, so we start changing the length of B-C. With a wheel at B, that lets the length A-B also change, no issue. But the angle at C takes more force as the length A-B resists the change in length. Let me make a couple of points. First, I understand "gee-I'm-a-tree," as a blend of math and science, is hated by most people that call themselves educated. And I was pretty much thru with school before high school. But with what I have learned in life I know that if you change the length of 1 side of a triangle, then the length of at least 1 other side or all 3 angles must change. Most times I complete the triangle to hold 1 angle in place. I'm not educated enough to tell you how much things would change, but I bet a engineer could. In my example above, if the angle at B was 90 degrees, (not likely) with a calculator and the length A-B and B-C I could tell you how long A-C is. Just trumping up some numbers; 90 at B, tire to jack base (A-B) of 15 feet, and the jack base to mount (B-C) of 2 ft. Crank the jack down to 18 inches, and the distance A to C would change over half inch, and the angles at both ends would also change. But when the trailer is built/loaded both the length A to C is set. And the angle at C is set. So if you also do not let length A-B change as B-C changes something else must change. And I'm sure the ground doesn't bend. I bet the jack, and or where it mounts is what flexes.
JRscooby 01/11/21 07:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Something I've not seen before.

If the weld breaking had caused the damage I would agree. But the result of that disconnect would be like not latching 5th wheel. Tailgate, and both sides of bed hit by bottom of trailer. But the picture where you see the broken weld clearly shows the trailer is jackknifed and on it's side. The shape of the hole shows the pin twisted out to the side, not back to front.
JRscooby 01/10/21 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chock RV on snow/ice. NEED HELP!!!

.... Something I always think of when I see/hear of a RV trailer set down with out wheel on the jack;..... Have you seen a lot of TT with jack wheels? My TT did not come with a wheel on the jack... same with everyone we know with a TT. A few people I've talked to, including RV dealers, said they don't want a jack wheel to help prevent the TT from moving. The only trailers that I always see jack wheels on are boat trailers. My camper has a wheel. I put wheel on Dad's TT, and a pair on his 5th wheel. My tool trailer has a wheel. None of the others do, because I don't level them. If I unhook the car trailer when loaded, then what to hook with another TV, need to adjust the height, I use a dolly under bottle jack. As far as the factory not installing one; How often do you see the factories spend a dime to increase the life of a trailer? As for the dealers, do they level the campers? And if they have issue, it is much cheaper and likely pass cost to factory. Back in the days before semi-trailers had spring brakes they had wheels on the landing gear. The idea was if a driver did not hook up air lines, and apply brakes, before backing under the trailer might move, but the legs would not collapse, dropping trailer on nose.
JRscooby 01/10/21 06:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Chock RV on snow/ice. NEED HELP!!!

Bob, those are good suggestions. But if you crank your jack down to serve as an anchor point without the jack wheel, and if the trailer then shifts a little after you chock the wheels and unhitch, the stem of the jack can be bent a little, making it impossible to retract the jack. Please don't ask how I know this. The good news is that replacing a bent jack is not that expensive or difficult. Something I always think of when I see/hear of a RV trailer set down with out wheel on the jack; Often when I want something rigid I make a triangle, because once set, as long as the length of a side does not change, the angles can't change. Now in my mind I see a* triangle, where the weight meets ground at tire, (A) where the jack meets ground, (B) and where jack is attached to tongue. (C). Now the point A should be set so it can't move when you unhook, or the trailer can roll away. And the distance A-C is set when trailer built/loaded. The angle at C is set when the jack is mounted. When you crank the jack down to unhook, you set the lengths of A-B and B-C. Most trailers, your done, nothing changes until ready to hook back up. But a RV trailer, we want the floor level, so we start changing the length of B-C. With a wheel at B, that lets the length A-B also change, no issue. But the angle at C takes more force as the length A-B resists the change in length. Will the jack/jack mount take that strain? Most times. But can you be sure all the jacks that get bent is because the jack was holding the trailer in place? *I said 'a triangle' but there are the same triangles on each side of the trailer. And a tandem trailer has 4 triangles. But they are all putting stress on the same point.
JRscooby 01/09/21 11:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Chock RV on snow/ice. NEED HELP!!!

Bolt a rubber mudflap to the boards so the tire is on the rubber before it pushes the board. But you might want to dig the snow/ice away from where the ramps sit. Heat from trailer might melt causing you to put extra force on stabilizers. If my plastic ramps are on asphalt I unplug the trailer so less likely to slide when I touch brakes.
JRscooby 01/09/21 04:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Wheel bearing

First, seals made for greased hubs will not always hold oil. For a vehicle that gets a lot of miles, grease will increase fuel consumption. For years I maintained a storage trailer for a builder. It would set for months between moves. I packed the bearings on it so did not need to worry about leaks/contaminated brake shoes. Can't see much advantage to oil bath bearings on RV trailer, except bragging rights.
JRscooby 01/09/21 04:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Something I've not seen before.

On end-dump trailers that often fall on side if not careful unloading, we hope the base breaks loose as it falls. Much less chance of the driver getting hurt. The 5th wheel turned over, did not take pickup and people with it.
JRscooby 01/07/21 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What is the best safe for a TC?

My idea would be a safe that would take time to open. Put something metal, that weighs about a pound in it, along with some loose nuts and bolts. When you leave, hide your valuables, but leave the safe where it can be seen as soon as somebody gets inside. Thief comes in, finds the safe. He will assume he has the best he can get, so likely will not hunt.
JRscooby 01/06/21 04:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Busted!

Come to Tennessee like the thousands of New Yorkers moving here ASAP. Not being political. It’s just a fact of life. This state is exploding with folks from California and New York/ New Jersey. Not sure why, can’t put my finger on it. Thanks! Thanks for the invitation! I'm sure I would like it in Tennessee. Governor Cuomo has actually encouraged people who disagree with him about social issues to leave the state! Be careful, however. Immigrants from California and New York may bring ideas with them that could ruin the good life y'all have cultivated down there. One of my daughters and her family have relocated to NC, so if we're going anywhere it would probably be to NC. (But back to the topic at hand: I suspect there are communities in Tennessee that would tell me the same thing about where I can and can't park my trailer.) -Speak LOL! One of my old friends moved to another county. Stated one of the major reasons for the move was "I want to do what I want on my property" Built a real nice house. 5 years later, he and many others are in the courts fighting to keep a hog factory out. But he can walk around with his gun.
JRscooby 01/05/21 06:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Van hool coach. Predecessor to first elec cls A?

Not the tour busses around here. They might run an hour or two out to a winery, unload Chinese or German or Austrian or Japanese tourists. Two hours later they load them back up and bring them to a waterfall or dome other attraction half an hour away, rinse repeat. At the end of the day I doubt they have gone 400 km. And most of the wineries around here have level 2 chargers although a 10 KW charger wouldn’t put much in a battery that size. Still. Routes like this are super common for tourist outfits around here. The bus sits all night at the hotel. We have been on tour busses all over the world. And this kind of schedule is common. How about school busses? A lot of delivery truck routes? Utility company trucks? But if instead of subsiding the coal and gas companies we helped everybody put solar panels on their roof, and storage capacity so that solar power could charge the clean cars...
JRscooby 01/02/21 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installing a safe?

Well scooby I guess I just don't look suspicious. In my 60+ years of driving the only time any vehicle of mine has been searched was not long after 911 and I was crossing into Canada. After it was over I asked the guy "why me" His answer was "The inspection bay was empty". So you feel it is fine for people that do not look like you to be searched without probable cause? Don't sound like what I was taught this country stands for. Over the years my trucks have been searched many times. Most times, I could see a reasonable expectation of a security risk. (I did get a good laugh at Joliet when I showed up with a load of meat in a truck too long to fit in salli-port) Pullin into military bases or ammo plants, you know what you can take, and adjust before you get there. But in times of "War" I'm told we must give up our freedoms. So for years I have lived with the understanding that my truck can be searched at any scale, at any time I might be required to give a sample. Maybe understanding what rights I carried a gun "to protect" but where denied to me makes me more sensitive. Scooby, my posts only pertain to the existence of a federal 'adding a compartment' law. I had nothing to say about seizing money. Can you, or anybody else, explain how taking somebodies car is different than taking cash. Not talking about convicted of a crime, give up stuff to pay fine. CAF, does not require a conviction or even charges. The Government takes the stuff. Then, if you have the means, you hire lawyers and prove you did no crimes. I first mentioned this idea as something else that owners should think about when locating a safe. A safe will work better for it's intended purpose if it is hard to find. But if hard to find, it might trigger other issues. And many will say "Laws to make it hard for smugglers are good" It is not unheard of for law to be used against other targets. I hate to scare people but there is a chance that somebody in some state to decide there are too many RVs on the roads. This law is on the books...
JRscooby 01/01/21 05:07am General RVing Issues
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