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RE: Do you think a front cargo rack is too dangerous?

People carry too much ****. :)
JTLance 11/17/19 09:35pm Tech Issues
Hulu price increases TWICE this year!

I decided that the costs outweigh the advantages. No new services, even after they just CUT SERVICES....They raise prices? Hello to alternatives! "We’re reaching out to let you know that the price of your Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plan will increase from $50.99/month to $60.99/month on Wednesday, December 18, 2019." It was $40 this year....
JTLance 11/15/19 01:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Do you think a front cargo rack is too dangerous?

I’m not running people off, I made a fair statement that illicitted a “triggered” accidental response. Its not like we’re talking politics. ??
JTLance 11/14/19 06:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you think a front cargo rack is too dangerous?

Listen, I’m not a kid. It’s just what I think while living in a VERY high traffic RV town. These goody setups are causing more issues than you think. It’s starting to look more and more like the Beverly Hillbilly’s with all the ridiculous garbage hanging around (front and back) of the pickups and 1960’s piece of crappola. I’ve seen broken metal- like carriages that had plastic gas cans and broken generators on the freeway. I’ve seen accidents with the same carnage in the front of people’s trucks from not allowing for larger stopping distances required. I’ve watched people walk into the stuff in parking lots. Guys, if the truck didn’t come with forward tow hitches, get a **** trailer! I don’t want a trailer, OK? I’m not a kid either, and the last time I checked, I get to decide what I do within the law. I don’t care what they look like to you, or what accidents you’ve seen. They weren’t caused by me, and the people on this forum aren’t causing the problems in your town. They aren’t illegal, so you and your demands can go pound sand. BTW, I hate towable RV’s. If you need to drag around that much living space, stay home! I can play that cranky, stubborn old fart game too, buddy. :):) Im not your Buddy, you are a cranky old guy and I hope they change the law so people like you have to use a trailer like normal people. Until then, happy camping. I’m sure your wife loves you.
JTLance 11/14/19 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you think a front cargo rack is too dangerous?

Listen, I’m not a kid. It’s just what I think while living in a VERY high traffic RV town. These goody setups are causing more issues than you think. It’s starting to look more and more like the Beverly Hillbilly’s with all the ridiculous garbage hanging around (front and back) of the pickups and 1960’s piece of crappola. I’ve seen broken metal- like carriages that had plastic gas cans and broken generators on the freeway. I’ve seen accidents with the same carnage in the front of people’s trucks from not allowing for larger stopping distances required. I’ve watched people walk into the stuff in parking lots. Guys, if the truck didn’t come with forward tow hitches, get a **** trailer!
JTLance 11/14/19 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you think a front cargo rack is too dangerous?

I always thought it looked silly and wasn't safe, regardless. Geeze, If you need all that garbage, buy a trailer.
JTLance 11/14/19 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Arctic Fox's change to cheaper-looking cabinetry ... Looks like they're trying to save money. The'll pass it off as a NEW Millennial version.
JTLance 11/14/19 09:18am Truck Campers
RE: Pop goes the water heater!

Tankless water heaters are an answer to a problem that doesn't exist.
JTLance 11/02/19 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: led vanity lights

3000-3200 is about perfect any higher and it gets WHITE.
JTLance 09/04/19 10:42pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: EC 1160 &1165 and Host Mam & Everest AND Lance 1172

The only things we want changed, seems like its what most people already change... 1. Micro over an installed oven 2. Micro where the oven should be (never see that) 3. Pantry on back side of tub (opposite of fridge) Color is just a color wood is whatever We are not picky, after 32 years of marriage, what works will work. I missed a 2018 for 42k, but lacked the add-on panty that is NOW standard. In hind sight, i bet Host would have just added one later for me...But we really weren't ready till we looked at everything yesterday! The Eagle Cap 1160 would only be a step down in that the couch was too small to use as a bed. Other than that, its weight was the same as the Host Everest.... I read an article about a 2013 EC 1160 that had delimitation issues due to EC using Luan in the base under the queen bed (leak was in ceiling). So, it may have saved his ceiling, but still had damage to above the cab...Azdel seemed over rated if the entire camper doesn't use it anyway....
JTLance 08/19/19 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: EC 1160 &1165 and Host Mam & Everest AND Lance 1172

FYI: Azdel is used in the Eagle Cap since 2012 Can you say if it is used in Host construction? I have yet to speak to Host about that. BUT, Eagle Cap uses the same crappy Schwintec slides and mechanisms as Lance. "TCM: Eagle Cap uses Schwintek slide mechanisms for all of its slide outs. Are Scheintek slide mechanisms continuing to perform well for Eagle Cap? Greg: Schwintek is an ongoing challenge. " I fear the slides more than the Azdel...... Just saying. ALSO, Eagle Cap won't eliminate the stupid oven and mount the Micro you loose an additional shelf for a microwave, above the stove!
JTLance 08/19/19 09:15am Truck Campers
EC 1160 &1165 and Host Mam & Everest AND Lance 1172

I waited to see the Lance 1172 last due to price. I really wanted to end at the Lance hoping I could make do. That was a real big mistake! Guys I went to two Dealers in Portland and saw everything I wanted to in ONE day. My decision has started with a battle against the "need to have" double slide units. EC1160 and the Lance 1172: OMG, there is NO COMPARISON! The EC camper is twice the camper. I don't mean to denigrate the Lance, but no ****, it isn't even in the same league. I will try and stay fair and balanced, but I need to back up my recon for saying what I did. EC1160 tanks were huge, storage was better, ergonomics were better, fit & finish were better, it felt regal, not cheap. BUT HEAVY! Lance 1172 is plain and simple, a value product that clearly goes after a lower budget. No offense to Lance, but I can see what they've done. (Having owned 3 Lance Campers) I think their plan was to use CNC for everything and cut ANY labor costs to the bone. It is obvious when you see what they put out. If you have a tight budget, you can save $15,000 over EC or Host. BUT, if you were smart, they are all over the internet for $40,000 or so used EVERYWHERE and that unit may only be 1 year old! I can honestly see why people dump them so fast..... I wanted to buy the Lance for a couple of reasons. I wanted Azdel (NO WOOD ROT if it got wet). Second, to keep the weight down. I figured I would simply move the stuff from the one Lance I have now, to the new one and get a couch in the back and be done. The problem was...a few really. There was such little space inside for stuff, I was so **** disappointed. Second, the couch was the biggest (NON 6" couch offered) one of all the three brands...albeit by 1', but it was still not a 6'. But the bummer was, it left a laughable TINY pullout 3 wire rack 5" tall box for food and one pathetic drawer! It was stupid and useless and clearly not really helpful. My wife found missing screws on a counter extension too. I lost her when she said it felt "cheap inside". Now down to the good part...Host, plain and simple, they have their **** dialed in! Mammoth was out due to the fact the dinette is on the wrong side, the couch was too short for a sleeping person above 9 years old, and it seemed like an old-folks layout. We ended up falling in love with the Everest. As soon as one that is used pops up, I'm all over it. Some major compelling reasons why we did not go with EC or Lance: 1. Both use the shitty schwintek slides...unpredictable and likely not a good long term experience. Having to open them fully every time is stupid and its obvious they break more and have a greater occurrence of catastrophic failures. Why even go down that road! 2. Host tanks were more of what we want for longer days away from an RV park and more dry camping. Lances 35,35,35 gets me and my two girls about 3-4 days MAX. Before we need more water and obviously a dump then too. We actually shower some too. Public showers are creepy and I'd rather the girls be safe and no have a comfortable eperience. I figure the weight is the evil part. I feel like my p/u can carry the camper, but my boat may be too much. Its probably 2500 lbs at 3-400 lbs of tongue weight. Truck is an 07 Duramax Classic 3500 lb dually. It comfortable carries my 4800lb Lance 1191 now. Arctic Fox 990--SOLD Palamino Bronco--SOLD Lance 825---SOLD Lance 1191 2007 Chevy Classic 3500 dually, Duramax, 4x4 Firestone air bags and Stable Loads
JTLance 08/18/19 10:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

No rear door ever again for me. LOVE the side door, have it now, and won't go back. OK, then I'll look at the Host's again. Thanks for the wake-up on the weights. It seems the wet weight on the Lance was like 5000, the Host was more like 5500+ . I REALLY didn't want to need to buy a bigger dually.....
JTLance 08/15/19 09:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

Thanks for the pics! We do 2-3 week vacations and find food as a big issue. The 8cu’ refer is a huge thing too and extra space is paramount. We currently have a Lance 09’ 1191 and it’s huge, but no extra bed is now making it a must to upgrade. I get up super early and have no where to sit and relax before the girls get up. 2-3 hours of sitting on the floor is silly. The Lance aft sofa MAY be all I need. The Host units definitely weigh more. The Host has the better slides, but Lance has the Azdel (no moisture rotting wood inside).
JTLance 08/15/19 07:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

What procedure did you use to keep the smoke and grease out?
JTLance 08/15/19 05:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

I just can’t figure out why someone cannot/won’t just make a couch that folds out to a twin style bed. All I need is a couch that turns into an bed. I toured a Host unit (2018) with the full size couch and side door. It seemed extremely inadequate for food storage. The lack of a stove vent was really really odd. I wouldn’t be afraid to get my own bed/couch if someone made one. At that rate the Mammoth would work. Is the lack of stove vent as lousy, for real cooking, as it would seem?
JTLance 08/15/19 04:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

Bedlam, What size is the rear sofa (if you have one) or at least the area it goes in. I'm getting to where I feel like the Host is the only way to get exactly what I want without the fear if the dreaded F'ing slide issues. I wasn't impressed with the Everest...NO room for food anywhere. I didn't like the lack of exhaust fan for the kitchen. Tell me the Mammoth is better setup. I'm getting concerned about the small aft sofa. I need it to either extend down and out for a descent taller person of wide enough for a person. I am not going to take my dinette down every single night.
JTLance 08/14/19 11:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

So, if I may ask, what does Host do that supposed to be better?
JTLance 08/14/19 08:13am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

AV8RDS That is exactly why I am paralyzed with fear. Your post is spot on. The only slides Ive ever had were on two other campers and both were flawless and both were NOT schwintek's. Do you think there is a production year that may have many of the issues worked out? I can see 2017-18 as a target?
JTLance 08/14/19 07:36am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

When I was shopping for ours the Host and the Eagle Cap were pretty much same cost for equal units. Of course sticker price and what you should pay are different numbers. The Schwintek slides and the issues people were having with them at that time was a big determination in our choice. I did a fair amount of my research between the 2 you are looking at. Functionally the Eagle Cap would be my choice with Host out of the picture. EC has a more wide open floor plan, bigger tanks, bigger fridge, more storage than the Lance. You pretty much nailed what I know so far... Man, there really isn't squat in the EC forums on ANYTHING newer than 2015. The Lance (I own one now...I really rather get the EC for the tanks and fridge alone! Have the slide issues been tamed? I really like the Azdel (no water issues that will rot) in the Lance. REALLY wished EC did that too. Thanks for your input. Eagle Cap 1160 Lance 1172 
JTLance 08/12/19 05:14pm Truck Campers
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