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RE: 5th Wheel entry steps

Deleted. I thought I was posting a picture of my Tork Lift Uprising steps in our Pinnacle but it didn't work. This forum does it differently from some other which make it easy to just choose the image and upload it. This one asks for the URL which I thought I did but no go.
JTrac 04/25/21 11:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel entry steps

Our Pinnacle came with the MorRyde steps that fold up in to the door, pretty much standard issue any more. We have an rv garage that is only 18 feet wide with an off centered door. I have to park it within 3 1/2 feet or so of the wall on the door side. There was not enough room to lower the MorRyde steps so after researching the issue I ordered the Tork Lift Revolution Uprising steps which scissor but also fold up inside the door. I got the 5 step type which is makes it easier on my worn out knees. They don't require much room to deploy and can be set pretty tight to the fifth wheel if needed. Very stable also. A little pricey but I got about half my money back by selling the MorRyde steps.
JTrac 04/22/21 08:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitches

Crowe, not sure what you mean that a goose neck type hitch is less stable. We have a Goose Box on our Pinnacle and have towed in all kinds of conditions, including some pretty stiff cross winds. I've never thought the towing experience is any different from any other hitch I have used and that includes a B&W Companion and a Trailer Saver BD3 air ride. If anything, the ride is even better with the Goose Box. What I really like is removing a 5 pound ball and I've got my bed back. It's just from what I've read, not based on any experience. If we buy the unit was just fell in love with we would use the "puck" type system to save the bed. We've had the puck system in our last 2 trucks. Rails were a pain if you use the bed much. We use a Pull Rite ball in the center hole and 2 clips we got with a previous Ford in the rear holes for the safety chains for the Goose Box. Quick and easy.
JTrac 04/04/21 07:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitches

Crowe, not sure what you mean that a goose neck type hitch is less stable. We have a Goose Box on our Pinnacle and have towed in all kinds of conditions, including some pretty stiff cross winds. I've never thought the towing experience is any different from any other hitch I have used and that includes a B&W Companion and a Trailer Saver BD3 air ride. If anything, the ride is even better with the Goose Box. What I really like is removing a 5 pound ball and I've got my bed back.
JTrac 04/03/21 08:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2021 Super Duty Camera system

:^^^^Now that you mention that the 2020 only allows the selection of the front camera while going forward I remember the first night I got my truck I used Forscan to make various changes to the computer .... one of those changes was to be able to turn on the cameras. Because I can select the bed camera while travelling forward at highway speeds, I’m betting if I plugged in an Aux camera it would be selectable as well. If you try it, let me know if it works.
JTrac 03/01/21 09:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2021 Super Duty Camera system

On my previous truck if I wanted a rear view display while traveling down the highway I had to move the gear shift lever into reverse while I selected the camera that I wanted. The 2021 will allow me to select the bed camera while moving forward. I am considering purchasing the AUX camera to mount on the back of my trailer. Will the new Ford camera system allow me to select AUX and continuously display this camera view on the sync screen? Unless something is different with the 21 models my 20 will not allow any camera selection other than in reverse. That includes the auxiliary camera for the rv, which I have. The only camera I can select going forward is the front mounted camera and it only works at below 10 mph I think. The only option I have seen is a work around that some company markets that requires removal and rewiring of the dash monitor. Not anything I would do. I have a Furrion camera that came with our Pinnacle and I use it for going down the road. Since I already had the Ford camera I installed it also and use it for backing.
JTrac 03/01/21 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco?

We have a Pinnacle with single pane windows. Our previous fifth wheel had dual pane. After 4 or 5 seasons they started to fog. They are not comparable to a sealed window you have in your home and as stated are just 2 panes of glass. I think they do help some which is common sense but we didn't want them again. We've had our Pinnacle out on some really hot days and I did have to close the shades where the sun hit the windows. We didn't have any problems keeping it cool. Look up the Josh the RV Nerd at Haylett RV in Michigan. He has some really interesting videos, including one on the dual pane windows. He is also a Jayco dealer.
JTrac 02/21/21 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why is 5th wheel standard vs Gooseneck?

I researched the Goose Box for several months before I bought one. I only found one issue and that was in 2015 when a fellow hit a road hazard of some sort and had frame damage. It was so bad that even his truck shut down so not sure if there would have been damage not matter what hitch. I never found any complaints of frame damage related to the Goose Box other than this one incident. I would stand to be corrected if someone knows of more. Reese introduced the Box in 2012 so plenty of time for complaints. We changed from a 2107 F350 dually and an Excel fifth wheel last year. We towed the Excel with a Trailer Saver BD3 air ride hitch. We downsized somewhat to the Pinnacle, a single rear wheel F350 and the Goose Box. The ride is a lot better than what we had with the previous rig. It is smoother with very little rebound after hitting a bump but it may be an apples to oranges comparison as so many dynamics contribute to the type of ride you will have. Of the several truck/fifth wheel combo's we have had in past 30 years, this is the best riding. All that is good but the best part is I remove a 5 pound ball and my truck bed is ready for use. I do use safety chains but it only takes a few seconds to hook them up to the clips on my puck system. Hookup is a breeze with the cab mounted camera on our truck. I can see where it might be a little more difficult without it.
JTrac 02/19/21 09:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for New Fifth Wheel with Bigger Windows

Look at the Alliance Paradigm 310RL. Lots of big windows and 34" 11".
JTrac 02/15/21 05:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford super duty 3.31 rear end. Will it be a big mistake. ?

I've had mine with the 3.31 for a year now. I have not regretted it for one single minute. We have towed the new Pinnacle, which weighs 14,700 loaded for a trip, for about 5K miles, to include a trip to the Colorado Rockies last fall. It tows as well or better than any combo we have ever had and that goes back for 40 years for us. The 10 speed is amazing in my books. It is so smooth and when I do get a downshift while towing I rarely even notice it. Usually it just drops to 8th gear. It can hold 10th gear surprisingly well most of the time. I wanted the 3.31 because we use our truck for road trips as much as we do towing. Here is a picture of my trip meter on a recent trip to the sil's house north of Chicago. Either rear end will work and work well but I've certainly had no issues with the 3.31. Couldn't get the picture to work but the mileage was 21.8 for 733 miles.
JTrac 01/21/21 06:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gen Y vs. Reese Goose Box

We have a Goose Box on our new Pinnacle. I already knew it was approved by Lippert when we bought it last spring but the dealer insisted on calling Jayco before he would install it. No problem. The Goose Box has been available since 2012 if I remember right and you will find very few complaints. I've had all kinds of hitches thru our rv career and the Goose Box is by far the easiest to hook up and leaves my bed clear when I remove the 5 pound ball. Our last hitch was a Hensley Trailer Saver BD3, an absolutely great hitch, but I could no longer remove it without help. The ride we get with the Pinnacle, our truck and the Goose Box is the best we have had and this is fifth wheel number 6 for us. I think you will find the Gen-Y is not approved and Lippert/GD will tell you it will void your warranty. I'm betting this is because Lippert has a financial stake in the Goose Box. We do use safety chains with ours but no big deal with the puck system in our truck.
JTrac 01/02/21 07:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dualie vs SRW benefits?

My 2020 Ford F350 long bed has the 12,400 GVWR. The yellow sticker payload is 4562. Our Pinnacle has a 15,500 GVWR and total weight is 14,700 fully loaded for a month long trip to the Rockies. Pin weight is 3120 and total weight on the truck is 3700. Best towing combination I have ever owned and that includes a couple of duallies in my past, the last being a 17 Ford F350 pulling a heavier Excel fifth wheel. Driving it is a little easier than the dually because of not having to account for the wide hips but it still won't fit length wise in most parking spots.
JTrac 10/19/20 07:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Built 5er?

We shopped them when we searching for a new fifth wheel earlier this year. I wouldn't call them totally new as I think they have been in business for at least a year and maybe two. The have a pretty complete line up of fifth wheels, not just one. We now have a dealer within an hour of us who carries them but when we were shopping there were not any models that interested us close enough to make it worth the effort. Just based on my research I did not find them to be that much different than other manufacturers. Most use aluminum framing and have basically the same components. Instead of ducted air they use 3 non ducted a/c's on all their models. I'm not sure if that is good or bad but the ducted ac/heat pumps on my Pinnacle are really quiet. They did have some nifty ideas like putting shut off valves at all the faucets and toilet. Time will tell how it works out for them. Competition is good and I hope they are successful.
JTrac 10/15/20 05:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel adapter for goose neck

I bought a Reese Goose Box in February to use with our previous fifth wheel. When we bought the Pinnacle a few months ago I asked the dealer to transfer it over. He was reluctant and said he would check with his Jayco rep to make sure it was okay. Of course, the rep said get after it. Best thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned. Great riding and easy hook up with my camera system. I bought a Pullrite ball and use the chain hook ups that came with a previous Ford for the puck system. The positive hook up is probably the best feature. I don't have that nagging doubt about did I do everything correctly like I did with my previous conventional hitches. Reese and Lippert may have a combined financial interest but I doubt Lippert would approve it if it was causing them to lose money.
JTrac 10/07/20 08:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Heartland Big Horn Fifth Wheel Trailers

We full timed in our 2017 Bighorn 3575el(bought in May of 2016) for almost 2 years and now it is our summer home. Wow. That is a unique set up and looks great. Keeping it under cover will add years to its longevity. Just curious, how is the roof supported? I can't see any side supports and it appears it is resting on the Big Horn's roof.
JTrac 09/28/20 08:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Heartland Big Horn Fifth Wheel Trailers

I am not a my brand is best type guy as it depends on what works for you plus how you spend your money is none of my business. All I can do is relate what we found. We looked at Big Horns, GD Solitudes, Redwoods, Villanos, and Jayco Pinnacle's for over 6 months earlier this year, off and on, before deciding on the Pinnacle. I would have looked an Alliance Paradigm if I could have found one within a reasonable distance. We were able to compare several models at an rv/boat show in January and actually liked the Redwood best but we were never able to find the model we wanted as none were available, anywhere. We finally boiled it down to the Solitude and the Pinnacle. We liked both but the Pinnacle had a few more features and most of all had a 2 year full warranty plus a 3 year structural. All the others were one year. We've got about 40 nights in it and so far the only issue was a locked compressor on the bedroom ac from day 1, which was immediately replaced. It was easy to cool on a 97 degree day and heated nicely on a 20 degree night just a couple of weeks ago. The wife really likes the Insignia residential style range/oven. I really haven't found anything I would consider shoddy workmanship but I also understand that it is not a high end fifth wheel so my expectations are made accordingly. There was a model of the Big Horn we particularly liked but I can't remember which one it was.
JTrac 09/27/20 03:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on Jayco cargo carrying capacity

My Pinnacle model has a brochure listed unloaded vehicle weight of 12,725. Loaded for a month long trip with a full fridge and freezer, full pantry, 1/3 full fresh water tank, a closet full of clothes, etc. it weighs 14,740, which breaks down to 11,620 on the axles and 3120 on the pin. The GVWR for my Pinnacle is 15,500 and it has the Dexter 7K axles. We don't have a generator but did have a Splendide washer/dryer installed on the nose which I think adds about 165 pounds. In addition, we have a 220 pound Reese Goose Box which replaced the MORryde pin. That added some weight as I'm sure the Box weighs more than the MORryde. The point I'm trying to make is without taking it to a scales it's hard to say where it would light weight wise. Since you evidently don't own it yet weighing it loaded for a trip might not be possible. After accounting for the washer and the Goose Box I'm figuring we added about 1600 pounds, part of which is stuff I always carry like tools, sewer and water hoses, a couple of Dish portable satellites, extension cords, etc. It adds up quick and you would have to be judicious with what you add to stay within the CCC of 1492 pounds.
JTrac 09/22/20 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

We are supposed to be in Estes Park, Co next Tuesday. The Weather Channel says a high of 31 and a low of 23 with 70% chance of snow. I may push it back a day.
JTrac 09/03/20 10:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 Ford F-250 Question

I posted this on another forum but will recap in case you missed it. A good compromise is a 2020 F350, 4X4, long bed, crew cab, diesel with 18 or 20 inch wheels and all terrain tires. That combination will get you a 12,400 GVWR. My payload capacity is 4562 pounds, plenty for many medium to lighter weight fifth wheels. It's a perfect match for our new Pinnacle, which after loaded for a trip still gives us around 1K pounds capacity to spare. The long bed gives a better ride, empty and towing, in my opinion plus you get a 48 gallon fuel tank vs 34 in the short bed. A biggie in my books. I'm really pleased with how it tows the Pinnacle and it drives smaller than the dually I had before this truck. May be all in my head but I think it is because I'm not having to account for the extra 2 wheels in the back.
JTrac 08/28/20 09:18pm Fifth-Wheels
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