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Speaking of extensions, the CBSA has also (very quietly) extended the long-standing 60(ish) day window for Canadians to bring a US plated vehicle into Canada. I received a notice that didn't say when the new deadline is, just a generic "A new deadline for when these vehicles will need to be exported or permanently imported with applicable duties and tax will follow.". Film at 11.....
JaxDad 09/18/20 01:11pm Snowbirds
RE: Border closings

Are you sure there is such a deal? You can be sure that if the Pres. wants to open the US border it will open . It is part of the agreement that also includes things like free passage and not militarizing the border.
JaxDad 09/18/20 06:09am Snowbirds
RE: Border closings

If that is the case; does that mean that the snow birds from Canada won't be able to leave ? ...despite the reciprocal conditional relationship so common entre Canada and, indeed every country on Earth, the US could simply unilaterally "open" their southbound borders to Canadians .... Unless I completely misunderstood your post, no, the US cannot simply open their border. By a very old mutual agreement the US / CDN border can only be closed / opened by mutual agreement, either side has the power of veto over the other.
JaxDad 09/17/20 03:44pm Snowbirds
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

A good friend of mine, a chef by trade, has for many years now worked at a very high-end restaurant in Muskoka near my cottage during the summer, and at another high-end restaurant in Florida for the winter. He was speaking with his Florida employer and explained his concerns about staying safe, the owners position was don’t worry about it, stay up there & safe, it doesn’t look like anyone is coming down here this winter anyways. The local propane supplier was in to fill my tanks on Sunday, when I commented on working Sunday the driver stated they have been swamped with calls from people who normally lock their places down for the winter and head south but who are saying they will be here for the winter and so keeping the heat on. He also said they’ve bought two more trucks and hired two more drivers to keep up with demand, they don’t feel this winter will be the end of it either. Time will tell.
JaxDad 09/17/20 06:12am Snowbirds
RE: Border closings

With the numbers already back up in most areas of Canada they are already talking of increasing restrictions again. If that happens it will undoubtedly have a very big negative influence on the decision to reopen the border. Few in the aviation community believe the border will reopen before next spring.
JaxDad 09/17/20 05:56am Snowbirds

They should be lobbying for an open border. As an advocate group for us snowbirds I would think having our best interest in mind should be their priority. At the moment, given the vast spread in infection rates, a closed border IS in our best interest. Of course there’s always the ones that would prefer personal comfort and self interest over the greater good. Kind of like the law abiding citizens, as long as those laws are convenient..........
JaxDad 09/16/20 04:11pm Snowbirds
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

I suspect a LOT of northern folks will pass up on being a little warmer in order to be a LOT safer and healthier. I also suspect the health insurance companies that are currently offering snowbirds health coverage to those leaving for much higher risk areas will reconsider that position soon.
JaxDad 09/16/20 09:36am Snowbirds

BCSnob -- You are good (really, no kidding) at sourcing information; so (if you are not too busy) I would ask you if you didn't mind trying to source the following quoted conclusion written by an member. The inference was as a scientific conclusion. If it becomes too time consuming, don't worry about it; I'll have my physician, Dr. David Leventhal, check it out (he likes doing these things) when I go for my regular check up on Friday. Here it is as follows: "Within fractions of a percent, you are just as likely to become infected in Michigan or Vermont as you are in Florida or Arizona or California. There is scant evidence that locking yourself in your home with minimal contact with the outside world is significantly safer than engaging in activities while taking reasonable precautions. I am not aware of any studies that have shown Essential Retail employees (grocery store, hardware store, Walmart, etc.) or truckers, or delivery drivers or many other people who have daily, yet limited in duration, contact with the public suffer infection rates higher than the general population. . . . ." First, I believe that quote was someone other than BCSnob, but regardless. I can shed a little light on the Florida - Vermont statement. As of today, The infection rate in Vermont is 273 per 100,000 of population. The infection rate in Florida is 3,114 per 100,000 people. That means the infection rate in Florida is 1,153.33% higher than in Vermont. That is NOT “within fractions of a percent”. US COVID cases by State.
JaxDad 09/16/20 05:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Splash lube Onans

A friend of mine has a summer place on an island in the Great Lakes. It is powered by a combination of deep cycle batteries and an Onan 4KY salvaged from a Class C m/h. Last I spoke to him it was still going strong with MANY thousands of hours on it. It runs during peak demand hours and both powers the demands at hand and recharges the lead acid battery bank. It also runs ONLY between Easter and (Canadian) Thanksgiving (2nd Monday in October) each year with no monthly ‘exercise’ in between and has flawlessly for several decades. Several mobile mechanics and utility contractors around here have them on service trucks, they run them well over 10k hours.
JaxDad 09/15/20 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great Smoky Mountains Bear FoundScavenging On Human Remains

Many many years ago as a student pilot I took a survival course on how to survive a crash in the bush. The subject of bears came up, the instructor said something to the effect of ‘A bear can smell raw meat for 2 miles, 5 if it’s cooking or rotting.’ One of the other students asked how well can the bears differentiate between food and humans. I can still hear the instructors answer......... “To a bear there is NO difference, it’s all food.”
JaxDad 09/14/20 04:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Food for thought

It’s like the age old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg? It seems they completely left the rooster out of the equation........
JaxDad 09/11/20 06:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bathroom Dry Pipe

Seems like a really complicated version of stepping on the bed alone and pouring a bucket or two of water down the hole. Oh, wait, a couple of buckets of water gets poured straight over any possible ‘accumulation’ en masse.
JaxDad 09/09/20 05:25pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 24 ft ClassC MH downsides

Just a tid-bit about the Ford E350 and E450 standard wheel base choices. Last I recall, 3 wheel bases were offered. I don't know what is available for 2021. - 138" (most often used in the ~21 foot lengths) - 158" (most often used in the ~24 foot lengths)) - 176" (for the longer) If the motor home you are considering has a wheel base other than the 3 mentioned, then the frame was modified, either lengthened or reduced by a Ford approved outfitter. The change does not affect the Ford warranty. On a personal note, I am comforted in knowing that my chassis was not modified. The affected parts from such a modification are stocked well for my rig through the life of my motor home. Taking as an example, a 24’ M/H, what the OP was talking about, and even if it’s on a 176” (14’ 8”) wheelbase (most aren’t), if for round numbers there’s even 3’ ahead of the front axle that means there’s still 21’ behind the front axle. But 21’ minus 14’ 8” means there’s 6’ 4” behind the axle (7’ 10” if it’s on a 158” w/b). There’s definitely a stretch in the frame regardless.
JaxDad 09/02/20 05:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

Further update for those interested.. I am told 24 hours and they should be back to me... Time will tell! Cheers, Mike I’m likely only an hour or so west of you (near Lake Simcoe) feel free to reach out if you need a second opinion..
JaxDad 08/31/20 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan Micro quiet 2800 help

Check your battery voltage. These little generators work on a voltage in / voltage out basis. If you give them 12.5 V DC in but they will give you 125 V AC output. While they can clip higher voltage they cannot boost lower voltage. To prevent damage to electronics the generator just shuts down if the voltage is too low. While 9 volts will start the engine, it won’t make safe AC voltage. As long as you are holding the start button down, as mentioned above, the generators safety switches are bypassed, once you release the start button the safety switches are part of the circuit and do their job.
JaxDad 08/31/20 06:43am Tech Issues
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

Those cracks are from insufficient strength of the structure itself, welding them back up without a LOT of additional metal will result in the same cracks developing in the future, likely out of warranty. Before any changes are made I would recommend you have a licensed engineer have a look at it, if the design is inadequate you will need a lot more than just some welding.
JaxDad 08/29/20 05:53am Tech Issues
RE: Material I need to move Travel Trailer

The trailer has a tongue. What are the tools I need to hook to the truck. I have been researching online but many people are using different things and I am getting confused. I have a 2002 Trail Lite R Vision. What you have for a truck is just as important if not more so than the type of trailer you have. Does the truck even have a trailer hitch?
JaxDad 08/27/20 02:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: gas millage

The average M/H owner drives the unit probably 4 to 6 short days a year, if it got 5 mpg they likely still wouldn’t care. The driving factors, pardon the pun, is size and price and in particular, the biggest size for the smallest price. That is a squared off box on wheels. Just look at the very low mileage on most of the used units on the sales pages. Fuel consumption is is meaningless if you don’t drive very much.
JaxDad 08/20/20 05:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Border closure extended..again

I remember news stories years ago about Canadians buying places in the US SW, Las Vegas, Arizona, etc. I forget the name and cause of this opportunity. Are those folks allowed to come down to their places in the US? What's required to go back to Canada? No we cannot go to our places. We have a camp in the NY Adirondacks that I haven’t been able to go to even check it out since last December. What I wish we were able to do is simply travel directly to our place without stopping, check everything out and then come straight home. No stopping for gas or a quick trip into Walmart, just in and out, the authorities can even track me on my iPhone if they want! Our home in Canada is only 38 miles from the border; it’s extremely frustrating but I do understand the need to control movement to limit this terrible disease. ... Eric This is the silly part of it. You can’t drive a couple of hours down & back even just to check on your place, but I can fly to Florida & back no questions asked and all I need to do is agree to quarantine on my arrival back into Canada.
JaxDad 08/19/20 05:53pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fuel additive recommendations

If filling in summer or fall (before winter grade diesel is at the pumps, add an ANTI-GEL as well. PS brand is carried at most Walmarts. Absolutely no need for that, fuel gels in cold weather as paraffins and asphaltines get too cold to stay in suspension but clears up again as temps rise. Fuel that’s gelled in February will be just fine in April when the engine is restarted next time. True, but that precludes being able to drive it in the winter for an emergency. I would not want to save $10 and have it keep me from using the coach during freezing weather. Perhaps read it as insurnce. And...... the OP said. Planning to store motor home for 6 winter months in heated storage in New England BUT will NOT be able to start the ISL-9 450hp diesel engine for 6 months. Or not.......
JaxDad 08/19/20 05:39pm Class A Motorhomes
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