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Reminds me of snubbing one brand of extinguisher for another during a fire. The difference as I see it though is the fire extinguisher is the first of several layers of assault on the fire, culminating with the strong young men in the shiny red truck. When it comes to vaccines the one you get will likely be the ONLY one you get. It’s one of those things in life where you really want to get it right the first time.
JaxDad 02/24/21 01:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: New Border Regulations

All of the do called rules that Trudeau is forcing on us are ridiculous. If one is flying then a proper test at both ends and quarantine at home are as good as anything Trudeau is implementing. Same for those at land borders. The problem is that honest people don't think the same as crooks and generally dishonest people. AS someone in the aviation field I can tell you the problem of fraudulent / forged test certificates is rampant, even here within Canada. The concept is sound, but how do you prove the negative test result is a genuine article? How? Reproduce the test after the person arrives back in Canada and hold them in quarantine until the results come back in. Oh wait, that IS what they are doing....... LOL
JaxDad 02/23/21 08:11am Snowbirds
RE: Navigation

I’ve been very pleased with several apps, usually Co-Pilot on an iPad Mini. It’s got a beautiful big screen that’s easy to see at a very fast glance and sends verbal instructions through Bluetooth on my cab stereo. It makes laying a route in advance super easy!,
JaxDad 02/19/21 05:58am Beginning RVing
RE: FOB keys and theft

There was an artical out on this recently, and it can happen but it is costly and mostly will happen with high end stuff. It takes the fobs signal and transmits it to a secondary device thats used to unlock and start the car. It dosen't use the autostart. Then they drive off. Some cars apparently can be driven untill they are shut off. I also ran this by some experts who said it happens but not much, if ever in the US. I think you need to find new ‘experts’ to consult. In the US I doubt it’s much different than up here in Canada, the insurance bureau recently reported that they figure about 1/3 of all cars stolen today are taken using the ‘relay attack’ method. They say that in the past 10 years the numbers of new vehicles equipped with keyless technology has risen from 11% to 62%. That’s a pretty significant increase. If you look at the overall vehicle theft numbers as posted by the FBI the numbers had declined for many years, until recently. The numbers increased by nearly 100,000 vehicles per year. I doubt that the 2 facts are unrelated. BTW, the ‘relay boxes’ need to steal a car this way are about $20 / each on Amazon.
JaxDad 02/16/21 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: FOB keys and theft

Even if you use remote start to start the car, every one I've had requires you to get in the car, foot on the brake and either put the key in the ignition and turn it to run position or have the fob close enough and hit the start button again. Car may be running, seats and steering wheel may be warm, windows defrosted, but virtually NOTHING else will function, roll down windows? NOPE, drive the car NOPE. NADA till you use the key or have the fob close enough and hit the start button. IMHO cars are so much harder to steal today than decades ago this whole "intercept the RF signal" is a moot point for the added security and theft mitigation it provides. I think you’re a little behind on the newer technology, it is commonly referred to as ‘keyless go’. It is not like the old remote start at all. With the new RF system you don’t have to do anything with the key but have it on you. In most vehicles so equipped there isn’t even a place to insert a key. There is just a “start / stop” button on the dashboard. Once the thieves have duplicated the correct digital code the laptop on the passenger seat fools the vehicle into thinking the original key is in the vehicle. I was shocked to discover this when I dropped my vehicle off for service work at the dealership, I forgot to put the key through the little depository slot. I stopped in the next morning to bring them the key it was rather surprised that my vehicle was already in the shop and on the hoist being worked on. The service advisor said it merely took them an extra 30 seconds to use their computer to bypass the key system entirely. As the old saying goes, locks only stop on his people, they barely slow down a thief.
JaxDad 02/16/21 06:25am Tech Issues
RE: New Border Regulations

I think if you are 1500 or like u?s over 2000 it would require you to have the test when you are say half way home. An extra night in a motel or your RV just before the border might be needed. Would be so much easier if Canada would allow one of the quick tests Two problems there. First, in most cases a PCR test has a 3 business day turnaround time. Second, most ‘quick’ (antigen) tests are barely 50% accurate.
JaxDad 02/10/21 05:54pm Snowbirds
RE: No brakes on trailer

One of the best electric trailer brake tester I've ever used is ....... a selaed beam headlight bulb. Put two short wires on the bulbs spade lugs and first put it between the TV's brake lead and the ground pin. When first connected you should get a flicker then it goes out. Next have a helper manually apply brakes from inside the TV, it should fade to full brightness. If it does the TV & its wiring are fine. Next put the bulb between the trailers brake connection and the TV's brake line with a jumper between ground pins. Repeat the above test. If the bulb fails to light, or lights but differently than the first test you can start digging further into it.
JaxDad 02/10/21 08:41am General RVing Issues
RE: CDL Required to Drive Class A?

Agree that every driver of an RV should have the proper driver's license and all endorsements required by the state/province where they legally reside. With that being said, I'd have to agree with Horsedoc, the odds of a "guy and his wife in a DP class A" driving without an air brake endorsement getting cited by an LEO while driving out-of-state in the US are virtually zero. On the flipside, got to wonder what the odds are a Canadian LEO would cite an RV driver from the US (specifically Nevada) towing a 15k TT without a "J" endorsement? Maybe my point is still unclear. An air “endorsement” is NOT a “license” and so it’s NOT covered by reciprocity. It is a form of “equipment regulation” which authorizes the holder to operate an air brake system. It is no different than axle weights or length. Being legal for 70’ in your home State does not mean 65’ States cannot stop you. In this case, it’s not a citation issue. It’s a prohibition. If a LEO stopped you and you had no insurance the officer couldn’t just say “here’s your citation, be sure to drive carefully now.” They simply can’t turn a blind eye to it, especially these days.
JaxDad 02/10/21 06:03am General RVing Issues
RE: New Border Regulations

That thud we heard yesterday was not a frost quake, it was the other shoe dropping. Entering Canada by land will soon have all the same restrictions as arriving by air. I suspect the less than 72 hour old PCR test requirement will be particularly problematic for those driving 1,500 plus miles home. Clicky, clicky.
JaxDad 02/10/21 05:46am Snowbirds
RE: CDL Required to Drive Class A?

How many people do you know or have heard of that were cited for wrong class of license (who were operating an RV for leisure) ?? What states don't have reciprocity with other states in licensing (non-commercial vehicles?? I don't think you will find Joe from any state getting shut down in any other state because he has a MH with air brakes and that state requires a special license to drive with air. Doc, I think you missed my point. Air brakes are NOT a “license” issue and so not covered by reciprocity either. An air brake “endorsement” is a sort of qualification to operate air brake systems. In fact I watched exactly that happen. Spot checks are very common in Canada on holiday weekends, aimed at getting unsafe **** off the road. A guy & his wife in a DP class A found out 1,000+ miles from home that he didn’t have the required air brake endorsement. Unfortunately LEO’s can’t just look the other way anymore when they discover a problem.
JaxDad 02/09/21 04:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: CDL Required to Drive Class A?

I'm sure this has been covered; however, I searched the forums and came up with nothing. I drive a 39' Class A pusher with air brakes. Some sources say I am good to go with my Oklahoma Class A license. Clarification and informed comments welcome. GM One thing that I have not seen mentioned so far is in regards to the airbrakes itself. Some states do not require an endorsement to operate an air brake equipped vehicle. The problem is that this is an equipment regulation not a drivers license requirement and so it is not covered by reciprocity between states or provinces. I’m not going to say it’s aggressively enforced, but, it would certainly ruin a trip to be told you can’t drive any further when you’re thousands of miles from home. I watched exactly that happen in a random spot check, the driver was not a happy camper.
JaxDad 02/09/21 06:58am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Ski Trips

Since “earth” is a less than informative location and you don’t say where you are or where you think you might want to go it’s tough to give you a good answer, but, I’ll try. First off, do NOT use water from the RV’s plumbing system. It will not end well. Flush and cook with jugs of water, the black & grey tank dump valves are big enough to be the last things to freeze. Secondly, do not forget that RV furnaces are HUNGRY. Both in terms of propane AND electricity. A single day with heat on will kill your battery, I said “day” not “night”. A weekend parked with heat on and plugged in will put a serious dent in a tank of propane.
JaxDad 02/08/21 04:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Wiring a charge line to battery on utility trailer

There’s no need to change the trailer wiring, just make up a new pigtail using a 7 way plug, a 4 way vehicle end plug and a 2 way polarized plug set. The 2 way will be heavier gauge wire and give you a dedicated charge and ground wires. Be sure to connect the 2 way such that the positive side of the trailer end is the shielded one. If you only ever want a trickle charge and take longer drives you can always just run a jumper wire from the marker light circuit to the battery and drive with your lights on.
JaxDad 02/08/21 06:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Review on the new 7.3 Ford V*

I agree Jax, Gjac, Bruce, Ron.. I would buy the floorplan that works for you , its about comfort bc this is our fun time hobby. I would miss the overhead bed in case we need it as well as the addition storage. Look at the way we spend out time each day. 1/3 is sleeping, so a comfy place to sleep is important. 10 mins each day in a shower is a little less important. I can get by with a little smaller shower to have a full 60x80 QB. You bring up a good point I’d forgotten about earlier. I use my C very differently than most, I express to my destination (year round) where I stay in it for business. Typically I boondock enroute and find that sleeping over the cab is the warmest (over the engine and with interior space below me) and definitely quieter than sleeping on top of the genset.
JaxDad 02/08/21 05:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Review on the new 7.3 Ford V*

I think you’ll find the issue of fuel mileage is tied far more to the drivers right foot than it is the aerodynamics. The ‘sweet spot’ of the drivetrain is also important. For a few years my father & I both had exactly the same make / model / drivetrain Class A’s. He swore up & down that driving slower, 60 mph gave him the best mileage. I disagreed. Then we went to the same place at the same time. He held 60, I drove 65 - 70. Low & behold my rig used less gas to do the trip.
JaxDad 02/07/21 06:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

“Exxon lost $20.1Billion” They didn’t “lose” anything, they moved it from that money from the black column to the red column. The red column is the one where they get the money back in the form of tax breaks.
JaxDad 02/06/21 09:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Drained fuel tank, now fuel sender is inop?

There’s a couple of common potential issues that will cause this, the gauge works on resistance to ground, so any bad connection, corrosion, pinched wires, etc, will do that. So will a bad float that disintegrated or fell off the arm when you drained the tank. A bad resistor will do it too. How corroded is the underside? Dropping the tank and pulling out the pump & sender is the direct approach.
JaxDad 01/31/21 04:11pm Tech Issues
RE: New Border Regulations

And your observations are why anecdotal evidence is not really evidence at all. The fact is the average life expectancy in Mexico is 3.7 years less than the average life expectancy in the US. (Mexico 75.41 years, US 79.11 years). And you’re reply is equally flawed my friend. The per capita murder rate in the US is 5 / 100,000, in Mexico it is 29 / 100,000, nearly 6 times that of the US. That would skew average lifespans considerably, especially if it was primarily young people being murdered. .
JaxDad 01/31/21 11:20am Snowbirds
RE: New Border Regulations

“.... 'll answer that question, there are six: Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Tanzania and Burundi....” The fact that those countries aren’t exactly a Mecca for tourism, even before a pandemic, has nothing to do with it of course. Very few people drown in the Sahara Desert either, do you think that’s because they’re better swimmers than we are?
JaxDad 01/30/21 07:20pm Snowbirds
RE: New Border Regulations

Monoramblee: How true. Just leaving the house to buy groceries can be stressful We mostly just stay home. As an essential worker it’s doubly stressful. Just imagine what goes through your head flying to a foreign place meeting God knows who then loading a patient in the back and flying back home to the family. Every tickle in your throat brings on the worst possible thoughts.
JaxDad 01/30/21 03:07pm Snowbirds
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