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RE: Full time storage, but far away from home - possible?

We'd like to park in the Southwest at a secure storage lot, then go every 3 months or so. In the next 12 months we hope to see NM, NV, AZ, CA. My 2 concerns are that my generator won't get exercised, the gas will get stale. Fake news. LOL. The alleged necessity of ‘exercising’ a generator is to prevent rust on the generator portion of the genset. That’s hardly a concern in the dry southwest, if it even is anywhere else. As was stated, just add Sta-bil or equivalent before fueling up the last time before parking it (and run the genset a bit to get it up through the carb) and you’ll be fine.
JaxDad 11/09/19 04:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Transfer pump for antifreeze

Nothing wrong with your method. Lots of folks winterize their water lines using the compressed air method. The only drawback with this method is, sometimes water lines may have dips in them, or low spots and all the water may not successfully extract, subject to freezing. However, with all pressure off and space for ice to expand, nothing ever gets damaged. Any water droplets left in the system will freeze. Depending upon where those droplets remain could potentially freeze and of course, any water that freezes will expand. If those droplets are in water valves, or joints, it's possible they could expand enough to cause leaks. As stated, blowing air works, and is successful for lots of folks. And quite frankly, I've not heard of anyone having any problems after using the blow method. Two travel trailers ago, I used the blow method. To my sad disappointment though, the outside shower head on the end of the hose still split over the winter. Replacing it was easy, but after that I returned back to the Antifreeze method and been doing so ever since. I see this over & over, do it wrong and blame the method. I rarely see a big enough compressor being used and / or blowing out the system long enough. I’ve even seen people using 12 volt portable compressors to ‘blow out’ the lines. If done properly there will be no where near enough water left in the system to cause any damage whatsoever. Because of my north - south travel numerous times over every winter I winterize my units more than once per month every year and have for many years, never had a problem.
JaxDad 11/04/19 05:50am Tech Issues
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

Now I understand the theory about generators, but I don't believe it. I've had gennys sit for years and they still pumped out power when fired up. I too understand what they’re saying, but also understand that this new ‘exercise’ regime only appeared after the word “Cummins” got stuck in front of “Onan”. It’s also interesting that the below to paragraphs appear in my Owners Manual.. “ONAFRESHTM GXLP FUEL STABILIZER A premium fuel additive specially formulated for long-lasting prevention of gasoline breakdown during extended RV storage Protects gasoline against gum, varnish and sludge formation, and fuel system corrosion 16 oz bottle treats 40 gallons of gasoline #326-5365 ONAGARDTM STORAGE FOGGING SPRAY Protects small engines and other mechanical equipment during off-season storage Provides protection for up to six months 12 oz aerosol can #326-5288” Now why would they produce and promote a product designed to protect an engine during long term storage if they intend it to be ‘exercised’ every month? Oh, I know!!!! It’s because they have a bunch of product liability lawyers on staff........
JaxDad 10/29/19 06:47am Beginning RVing
RE: RV Antifreeze

Use compressed air and blow the lines out, (make sure all faucets are open, and air is regulated to 30lbs psi, no need to get crazy) have hot water heater open, via anode rod or drain plug, THEN, pump RV antifreeze in like usual. Don't forget tank flushes and outside shower too. open faucets to relieve pressure once finished. And at least a gallon down each drain, and the toilet. A gallon down each drain? Exactly how large are the P traps in your RV? A cup or so is sufficient in nearly all cases. Yes, cause there's always something left in the holding tanks too, no matter how long you drain them for. So, IF I used antifreeze in my water system, it would take 2 gallons to protect the entire system but you’re saying I need to pour in another 3 gallons anyways? Just out of curiosity though, all my sinks go into my grey water tank. How many extra gallons are you saying should be poured down the toilet to protect the black tank?
JaxDad 10/28/19 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: Night stops with RV

...not all Walmarts allow overnight parking but it's usually based on local ordinance. At our Walmart in Upland CA, you'll get a ticket from the Upland PD if you park overnight based on local ordinance. Otherwise, Walmart doesn't care. Of course the ticket is totally illegal! Unfortunately "law" enforcement is often not concerned about legality. LEOs have no right to enter private property to enforce traffic or parking restrictions. Ummmm, yeah, OK........ “Hey honey, what time does Judge Judy come on?”
JaxDad 10/27/19 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Antifreeze

I use compressed air to winterize, no alcohol, no bad taste, no flushing, and other than a bit of electricity it’s FREE. Doesn’t get much better than that.
JaxDad 10/26/19 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: RV Camping at N Las Vegas Casino where it's not allowed

She was 'trespassed' from the property.. assuming that means evicted. Not just evicted, but legally warned that a return visit is criminal trespass. There’s no guarantee she was a problem gambler or suffering from mental illness either. This is a common tactic used by less ethical employers when they sack an employee. Once they’ve been “trespassed” they can’t return to the property to complain, socialize with former fellow employees, etc. Like lots of places, conventional rentals are too much for low income seasonal employees so they live in an old RV in a parking lot.
JaxDad 10/26/19 07:14am General RVing Issues
RE: "Will my new truck tow it?"....YES, it will.

How does 300,000# sound? Like somebody slipped a decimal place, possibly two. Interesting that their transport truck would only be rated to haul about a third of what their pickup would.
JaxDad 10/22/19 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using water below freezing?

A friend found out the hard way, the first part of the grey black tanks is the very exposed pipes / dump valves. Even with an RV with heated tanks these parts are not heated. Provided it does all work, how are you going to winterize it at the end of the hunt?
JaxDad 10/22/19 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: Trouble with California

You're kidding me right? You let the government violate your rights on awhim? You seem to be missing one HUGE but subtle detail. It's NOT a violation when they ask for your permission....... Nobody put a gun to your head and forced their way in, but you'll probably never know if your tag info, and etc., just went into a database of 'uncooperative' folks. I have a LOT of LEO friends, they all say the same thing, a LOT of info comes up when they run a name, most of that and the subjects behaviour are the biggest part of deciding on how thy get treated and whether or not they get tickets. Most people forget, speaking of little details, that YOU don't own the tags on your vehicle, the State does. In this part of the world they have spot inspections on major highways, usually on holiday weekends, where they check suspected unsafe or dangerous vehicles. Lots' of mouthy folks give the folks doing the checking a hard time. They're the ones who usually get told they're free to go ....... just as soon as the tow truck gets there, but the tags are staying with us.
JaxDad 10/21/19 01:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Newfoundland Moose Trip

The beaver is a veterinarian so no wonder the meat would be tasty. How do they pay for their schooling?
JaxDad 10/18/19 04:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Modern Food?

If the food is so poor, how do we explain our fat asses? Portion control ....... or the lack thereof. I’m constantly amazed at how much food restaurants serve / people actually eat. I was a popular buffett restaurant very recently and 2 young men came in and were seated at a booth near me. These were big boys, the 2 of them filled a 4 person booth. In the time it took me to eat a side plate of salad, a modest plate of entree items and a couple of cups of coffee they each ate 3 full (I mean full to overflowing) dinner plates of food and were moving on to the sweets. Oh, but they washed it all down with diet sodas! Next time you pick up a package of prepared food look at the nutritional info panel. It’s shocking how little a “serving” ought to be. Compared to the overhead costs, the cost of the food in a restaurant is very minor, so over-sized portions is a cheap way to keep the customers coming back.
JaxDad 10/18/19 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Show type of RV on question page

“most stuff for TC's is of little or not concern to most of the rest of us.” Speak for yourself, please. Maybe we should start a new discussion titled, "Is a truck camper really an RV?" ;) Put it right next to the “If it’s not a DP it’s not a REAL motorhome.” thread. ;)
JaxDad 10/17/19 04:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Modern Food?

We know we're getting old and times are changing but we can't seem to get really quality food at restaurants. Other than my DW's severe (and many) food allergies, 'home cooking' was the main reason for us owning a MH (two of them actually) in the first place. It doesn't even have to be anything fancy either, I'm just fine with a fried ham steak, some 'taters and veggies. There was some video that wet viral recently, shot by a kitchen worker at Panera, showing how they 'made' their famous Mac 'n' Cheese. Take bagged frozen single serving from freezer and drop in pot of boiling water, remove bag from water, cut bag open, pour into bowl, serve to customer. $7.95 ....... Employee's next post was that they'd been fired for posting video .....
JaxDad 10/15/19 12:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

It's common sense that letting any engine sit for long periods is worse than not for a number of reasons. That explains why so many lawnmowers, snowblowers, snowmobiles and boats lead such a short life ...... sitting for half the year unused. Ditto all the snowbirds who leave their cars locked in a northern garage for 6 months while they enjoy the sunny south. But just out of curiosity, why would there be a section on storage in the owners manual for a generator? Everybody ‘exercises’ them monthly, right?
JaxDad 10/13/19 07:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

"The worst thing for a genset is to sit for long periods - especially gas ones." My Champion has sat for 6 months every year for the past 6 years, hasn't hurt it a bit. Maybe I'm just lucky. :) According to Onan’s website they make about 100,000 RV type generators a year. If you figure most of the last 20 years of production is still out there in customers rigs, that’s about 2 million units. I recently bought some slip rings for an Onan I was given out of a derelict RV, someone had tried to ‘clean them up’ with 80 grit emory cloth. The dealer, a big factory shop, said they had to order them, they only sell a handful of them a year. Considering how few people even know about ‘exercising’ a generator let alone actually do it, this is quite amazing. BTW, the ‘exercise once per month’ edict only appeared after Onan became Cummins Onan. Strangely enough very few other generator mfg’s recommend this ‘exercise routine either.
JaxDad 10/12/19 03:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Blizzard hits plains states and PNW

That's what barb wire was originally invented for. Traction in the winter. It was a savy cowhand that seen the possibilities of animal control during the low sales months. Traction? Seriously? Where did that come from?
JaxDad 10/12/19 06:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Blizzard hits plains states and PNW

No, not all, some of us are highly edjumikated. Someone was complaining that a bad storm hit before Al Gore invented the Internet ......... Of course if anyone read the link they’d have known the storm was actually forecast a few days before it hit. But let’s not let facts get in the way of the hysteria......... or the humour. From the Wiki story linked to; “The weather prediction for the day was issued by the Weather Bureau, which at the time was managed by Adolphus Greely; it said: "A cold wave is indicated for Dakota and Nebraska tonight and tomorrow; the snow will drift heavily today and tomorrow in Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin.”
JaxDad 10/11/19 04:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blizzard hits plains states and PNW

The storm was in 1888 and nobody was warned? What should they have done? Social media posts? Urgent messages on every TV station? News alerts on all the radio stations? Seriously? ---------------------------- Yes they did have a telegraph system to every train station in the country and could have send out a warning on that. It's been years since I read the book so my recall of the details might not be perfect. But technology existed long before the Internet tho that comes as a shock to younger folks. I believe one of Thomas Edison's (look him up on Wiki if you never heard of him) early lucrative inventions was a machine that would convert telegraph dots and dashes to words on yellow paper tape. Alexander Graham Bell incorporated AT&T in 1885 so they had telephones too. People had to talk into them and listen for verbal replies in those days. Well if you want to talk facts instead of humour, I’m game. The “Blizzard of ‘88” was NOT in the mid-west, it was in the north-east. I doubt many children were caught by surprise on their way home from school, the storm hit first in the NYC area on the evening of Sunday March 11, 1888, around midnight the temperature had dropped to freezing and the rain became sleet and then heavy snow. By morning things in New York were atrocious, and things were not much better to the south, in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Because of the high winds, ice and snow there were no telegraph lines left in service in the area.
JaxDad 10/11/19 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: How to tell if fuel pumps are running by current draw?

Mine has one...... It's called a CEL. It lights up when the engine dies after it runs out of fuel with no fuel pump running. Maybe I'm missing something? What would a light telling you the pump is on or off accomplish?
JaxDad 10/10/19 01:33pm Tech Issues
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