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Modern Food?

We know we're getting old and times are changing but we can't seem to get really quality food at restaurants. Time after time we leave a restaurant with no good reason to return. Usually the food is "just OK" or worse. We usually like our own home cooked food just fine so it's not that we are losing our taste. Some of my theories are: Many of the young have not grown up with quality food so they set the bar low. Local small town cafes are disappearing. The young seem to want to cover everything with sauces, strong spices, multiple items, etc. so it covers poor meat. They are avoiding traditionals like roast beef, baked ham, etc. They don't cook their own quality food at home.Example: yesterday a "family restaurant". Catfish-bland no flavor, baked potato not thouroghly done and tasteless non-butter spread, funny tasting rolls. The cost is high but hasn't it always been. We do enjoy Steak n Shake, Texas Roadhouse, and the Iowa Machine Shed. Expensive places are sometimes better but some of the best past ones were reasonable.
Jayco-noslide 10/15/19 09:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Repair costs and frequency frustration

Looked at some older Roadtreks yesterday. Bumped my head 3 times just looking. What can I say. Not only SMALL but limited storage, wet bath, etc. We won't say never but for now its fix the 30 footer and keep on.
Jayco-noslide 10/15/19 09:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Repair costs and frequency frustration

Appreciate all comments. Forgot to mention; there is a bearing noise so I don't doubt the need. I actually don't have a cost estimate yet but will get one at an alignment shop in a day or so which works on a lot of motor homes. We've decided to proceed with the repair, use it for our snowbird trip, meanwhile looking at downsize alternatives, then decide. Additional factor is that I'm 76 and sometimes would like to simplify, downsize and eliminate a TOAD.
Jayco-noslide 10/12/19 10:44am Class C Motorhomes
Repair costs and frequency frustration

We like our 15 year old 30 ft. Class C we've had for 7 years. Reliability has always been up and down. We had a pretty good couple of years of repair costs we could live with but now we're discouraged and don't know what to do. Many costs this past year; some routine and expected, some not. Must have totaled 7 to $8000 and today, after $300 dollars of work, I'm told that I need a differential bearing which this shop can't do which will cost thousands; not hundreds. Only has 67000 miles. We're reluctantly considering downsizing to an older used Class B, like a Roadtrek but seems like we would have to repair our present one to sell it. I'm not asking for an answer; just venting. Oh, spending over $30000 for a replacement is out of the question. Thanks for "listening"
Jayco-noslide 10/10/19 06:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tow vehicle service insurance????

No need to wonder; can I flat tow it or not, the owner's manual I think is the authority. The 2 cars (Chevy sonic and Ford Focus, both auto trans) I have towed had a "towing behind a motor home" section right after the part about towing it in for a repair. There were specific instructions about it, such as running the Sonic motor every few hours, etc. Don't listen to salesman or other RVers. Just because someone is towing a vehicle and it seems OK, they still may be damaging the trans. Don't assume all sticks are towable. Specifically a Focus ST is not.
Jayco-noslide 10/10/19 06:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Tow vehicle service insurance????

I wouldn't think towing would void the warranty if the manual has a "towing behind a motor home" section which allows towing such as my Ford Focus with auto trans. If the manual does not specifically mention towing, then I wouldn't. I won't buy any seperate warranty or contract on any product. Cost more in the long run.
Jayco-noslide 10/08/19 09:19am Dinghy Towing
RE: Help Switching to 40' Pusher

I won't try to talk you out of such a huge MH but I think you'll find a lot of disadvantages unless you only go to campgrounds that you know or research to see if there's even a spot for 1 that big. 10 ft. can make a lot of difference in parking and navigating gas station, parking lots, campground roads, trees, etc. Of course, when you're parked you'll have all that house like room. Not for me. We're thinking of downsizing from a 30 ft. C to a Class B and not towing.
Jayco-noslide 10/08/19 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is this?

Sounds like delamination; big red flag. Unless you get a VERY good deal and think you can eventually tackle delam yourself. There is an on-line repair kit.
Jayco-noslide 10/05/19 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aquariums

Bye bye Mr. Turtle.
Jayco-noslide 10/05/19 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: How to add bleach to fresh water tank

You don't want to put it in the city connection. You want to put it into the water tank fill inlet so it will sterilize the onboard tank, then run through the system. I add around 1/4 cup with a funnel. I would drain the tank 1st, add bleach. the book says to drain again and add fresh water but I just leave the bleach because we don't drink out of the tank. But follow your owner's manual.
Jayco-noslide 10/05/19 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about winterizing

I wouldn't trust that it's OK. Can't even be sure what was meant by "winterizing". At least with my Class C all it takes is checking the manual to see which valves need to be turned and where they are located. Mine only has 2, a water heater bypass and 1 to allow antifreeze to be pumped out of the container and through the system until it runs out of all faucets, toilet, etc. Takes about $10 worth of RV anti-freeze. I would drain the system first. Only 1 spring have I had a ruined faucet and that's when a professional winterized it.
Jayco-noslide 10/05/19 09:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Suspension upgrade disappointment.

I appreciate all of the attempts to help but that seems to be part of the problem. There are so many things that could be done beyond the 5k+ already spent that I could spend another 5 basically at "trial and error".I think I'll put up with it or consider downsizing to an affordable used Class B. And really test drive it to make sure I can live with the drive.
Jayco-noslide 10/05/19 09:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What do you want in a campground?

One good thing about snowbirding is that most of us are too old to want a loud, alcoholic party; except for spring break. Actually, mostly being in state and federal campgrounds we rarely encounter excessive noise. When it does happen shouldn't be tolerated.
Jayco-noslide 10/05/19 09:38am Travel Trailers
Suspension upgrade disappointment.

Our 15 year old Itasca 30 footer gradually became a real chore and dangerous to drive down the road straight. First tried alignment, balance, new tires and change in tire pressure. No improvement. Finally a front end/alignment shop replaced the obviously worn bushings and recommended a "suspension upgrade" and we did replacement all sway bars and added a rear track bar. I'm not sure if this was regarded as a total or just a partial upgrade but the claims were pretty lofty. Now, after 1000 miles I'm somewhat disappointed and still find it hard on my old shoulders to steer all of the time. I think it is better and probably needed done but I don't think it can be even better until the play is taken out of the wheel and no one has addressed that. Have already spent around 5K and really don't want to spend another $1000 or more. Comments?
Jayco-noslide 10/04/19 09:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What do you want in a campground?

Some of your responses where you state all the things we all dislike really aren't all that cute.
Jayco-noslide 10/04/19 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: What do you want in a campground?

Appreciate the variety. Ironically, we've found that at some of the more natural campgrounds(which we prefer) where you can't see a neighbor we are less likely to meet people and make friends(which we don't prefer) whereas the opposite at a more open campground.
Jayco-noslide 10/04/19 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: To Buy or build

I don't have the skills to build so that wouldn't be a choice for me. I think the country is full of nice used motor homes of all years, sizes and conditions so I would do that but if building could be mainly for the fun and sense of accomplishment I get that.
Jayco-noslide 10/02/19 09:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: General thoughts on Hybrids

I don't think a hybrid is for me. Higher cost at purchase which would take years to pay off with the better MPG compared to a nice used compact car which also gets excellent MPG. Also, I'm an old "car guy" that wants a little more zip and a motor I can hear. However, a hybrid makes way more sense than any current all electric vehicle. They are not yet ready for prime time but are basically a rich persons toy. I want a car I can hope into and drive 2000 miles without worrying if I will run out of charge and where to get charged on the great plaines. I can't afford a $30000 car just to drive around town.
Jayco-noslide 10/02/19 09:23am Tow Vehicles
What do you want in a campground?

Main reason I got into camping over 40 years ago was to live in nature for awhile. No manicured campgrounds with a mowed lawn or pool. Wanted to camp in woods, desert or mountains. I've changed a bit over the years and can appreciate various settings hopefully with a level site, electric and water. Just spent a few days at Brown Co. SP in Indiana.Nice. I'd give the campground a B (no water hook-up). Then on to Shelbyville Lake in Illinois, USAC campground. Good. A mixture of woods and mowed grass. But no view of the water and still no water at the site. B-. Then to Meramec SP in MO. Big, wild park but the huge campground was featureless. Within 50 yards of the beautiful Meramec River but not even a glimpse because of the brushy shoreline. Real shame. C-. Honestly might have been effected by the heavy rain resulting in a humid mess because of the low position of the campground. What do you look for?
Jayco-noslide 10/02/19 09:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Officially a veteran RV-er..

We can top your veteran status by 17 years. Been dead on the roadside only a very few times thankfully. For most of that time had no road service or cell phone; scarey. Now we've had GS and now AAA. I won't get in to evaluating but I do wonder if I need it with a smartphone and my insurance could cover most needs. I have made several calls for service and it's been really helpful some but not all of the time. One has to realize they will only help with specific kinds of issues not everything that can go wrong.
Jayco-noslide 09/30/19 09:04am Travel Trailers
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