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RE: Newbie with a jackknife bed question

I have a 1999 E250 Jayco with jackknife couches on opposite sides that make a full width bed. Not sure what bed extensions are and what you need to know?
JimBollman 01/01/20 07:18pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: dedicated charging station for phones, wifi, tablets

I happen to have a couple of small compartments that are not useful much else over the cab area of my B camper. I installed 2 cigarette lighter outlets and an 110 volt plug in the back of one and a single cigarette outlet in the back of the other, I can mix and match either USB chargers or other charges. Have not needed the second compartment for charging so far but the main compartment works well for charging a laptop and a couple of iPads. on the wall outside the compartment I gave a small shelf with a rail around it, just big enough to put two iPhones on end leaning against the wall. Above the shelf I have a double USB outlet that has a voltmeter between the outlets just to monitor the cabin battery. I also scattered a couple of more cigarette lighter outlets in convenient places around the camper just in case, not used often but nice to have already installed to cut down on cables draped around.
JimBollman 01/01/20 07:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Coil on plug # 6 on Ford V10

Probably not related, but my 5.4L V8 1999 E250 had number 6 coil pack go at 74K miles, had the pack replaced and all the plugs and wires replace while they were in there. At 76.5K miles number 8 coil pack went out. Decided with the labor to work on an E250 I had them just replace all 7 remaining. hopefully that takes care of the problem for a long time. Not cheap having it done at Ford but that was the convenient place to do it.
JimBollman 01/01/20 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i gen. Disassembling

Good resource for Honda 2000i questions and info, including manuals in the files section.
JimBollman 12/19/19 06:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you think a front cargo rack is too dangerous?

This is an old photo but I use the same setup on my E250 B now. The front hitch is rated at 500lbs and the straps are my backup for a failure and stabilizer for wobble. They hook into the front tow hooks and the bumper. I carry about 200lbs.
JimBollman 11/13/19 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Roadside America.

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in Ishpeming, Michigan is one of my favorites. This is Big Ernie, one of many items on display, including a V8 chainsaw and other interesting items. Lots of tourist trap stuff in their gift shop but clean restrooms and free cold water and all the displays are free. There is a Offbeat Tourist Attractions point of interest file at the for your GPS with over 20,000 places listed.
JimBollman 11/13/19 08:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: A camper window with a view

Shipshewana, IN a few years ago.
JimBollman 11/09/19 05:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Ready to Live on the Road and Excited

There are many posts on this subject. Start searching including other forums and there are many options. Basically it's like moving to another state except you might have to periodically return to your state for whatever like DL, health coverage, etc. Many FTers use a mail delivery service. One popular choice is the TX Escapees. Whatever state you select involves much more than you've posted. You'll get lots of opinions and while you're awake do your online research. like others have stated 6 months or so is like a long vacation. For us we do not know exactly what month we will start this trip since we have to sell our house first so it could be the end of the summer; beginning of fall when we finally move out of our MI home. so we will just keep an address in MI and pay our taxes here. Come Jan. 1 we will get a rent contract from a relative in Tn and start the new year with residency there, this avoids multiple tax returns and so forth. WE DO NOT want the responsibility/expense of a house during this trip, we also don't want to spend time looking, finding the right home will be hard for us plus there is a chance we may want to build. I am assume you live in Franklin, that's very nice. My SIL lived there until recently when she moved to Spring Hill, we will be there for this Christmas. The area we are interested in is Lake Tellico, have you been to Tellico Village, beautiful community. Where did you move from? I felt some of your answers/questions were addressed to me instead of ghooos so here goes. Not from Franklin, if you google State of Franklin you will see it was an attempt at statehood before TN was a state for an area that is now NE TN. We moved from Western NY, close to Lake Ontario. Our criteria for the move was less snow, less taxes and less politics, TN was a good match. Since then we have added more BBQ and more Bluegrass music to our list, TN again was a good choice. I have been in the general area of Tellico Village but not in it.
JimBollman 11/05/19 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ready to Live on the Road and Excited

Back to one of your original questions, what state? If you're reasonably sure you will end up in TN why not make that your new home state. It checks most if not all the boxes for a good place as a base, no income taxes, no car inspections, reasonable RV registration, etc. Then if you do settle in TN you have that part already done. We moved to TN 4 1/2 years ago and love it down here. The Hall Tax has an exemption if your 65 or older and have a joint income of less than$68000. It will only be 1% next year anyway. The one thing you may want to consider if your pretty sure where you want to be when you come off the road you may want to buy before you go on the road, real estate is going up fast in most parts of the state.
JimBollman 11/02/19 06:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air conditioner dripping during downpour

May not apply to your system but on my Class B the AC sometimes tripped in a heavy rain even when it wasn't running (or running and water is condensing out). I discovered that the way it is mounted, if I am parked with the back high by a few inches that water collects and runs over the lip into an area of the AC that eventually runs out the vent. No problem driving or if the camper is relatively flat or nose high.
JimBollman 10/31/19 06:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Carport

One surprise on mine were some diagonal braces that I didn't notice in the pictures. These braces reduces the height by about 10" at the eaves and if you are planning on all the height available (all thee way to the wall) it could be a problem. In my case I just have to be a little careful backing in if I crowd the side, the trailer is the distance from the wall that I want I just have to be careful not to hit one of the diagonals if I don't go in straight. I have 3 sides enclosed and the front open, where I have mine installed there is heavy woods on two sides so I had steel installed on those sides, the side towards the house I put siding that matches the house.
JimBollman 10/24/19 07:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Carport

We have Carolina Carport. Pay for the heavier metal and the roof that sheds snow, extra anchors and bracing. Small amount extra for a lot more strength and weight load.
JimBollman 10/22/19 06:13pm Truck Campers
RE: "A-B" Battery Switch

I like the A or B - A and B - off switch. Batteries don't need to be matched in A or B mode and I know when I have roughly half my power left and need to find power soon. I used mine all the time. Latest camper only has one battery till I get that modification done.
JimBollman 10/19/19 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oil changes en-route with camper on truck?

Most dealers have high enough doors/ceilings to handle a truck camper and have lifts that can service trucks.
JimBollman 10/17/19 07:21pm Truck Campers
RE: MaxxFan (Smoke with Remote Control) Best For Ventilation?

Love my MaxxFan 7500. Installed one in my last two RVs, a slide in and a B, booth small RVs, but love the remote. When we are camping in warm weather I put the remote near the bed so I can adjust as needed in the middle of the night with out getting out of bed. Don't know how it could not draw some power when off, I never checked, can't be much. For those not familiar with the 7500, it does not have a rain sensor it has a rain shield built in that when shut is about the height of a standard roof vent, when up it is about the height of an open standard vent. I have been in some pretty bad windy weather and it really does work very well, it can leak a little if the rain/wind is almost horizontal coming directly at the opening. My first was white the current one smoke, not sure which I like better yet but I'm leaning towards the smoke. I did measure the current draw at different speeds on my first 7500. 10% - 200ma 20% - 300ma 30% - 450ma 40% - 650ma 50% - 900ma 60% - 1200ma 70% - 16o0ma 80% - 2000ma 90% - 2400ma 100% - 3100ma
JimBollman 10/17/19 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Best wax for lazy people?

Called a fellow that details cars, he came to the house washed, did some kind of secondary cleaning to prep the surface and applied something he called a ceramic coating. I assume it is some type of hi-tech wax. He said it would last at least a year and if it didn't still bead water in 6 months he would do it over for free. 20 Year old B van looked like new including the fiberglass hightop. Price included tires and the all outside stuff, interior was extra. $150 for 3 hours of hard work seemed like a bargain to me, he had allowed 4 hours but finished early. He had figured in the extra hour in case he needed it. Only warning was to use mild soap when washing. He said for most dirt leaving it out in a hard rain would be sufficient and so far that has what it has gotten and it looks pretty good and beads nice. I will give it a quick wash before our October trip, the lower area around the tires and the hood could use some cleaning. I will be calling him again in the Spring and let him do our car at the same time. Very easy, I just walked out every 30-40 minutes to see how the progress was going.
JimBollman 09/13/19 06:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sink covers on or off

Don't have a sink cover but we stow our range cover when traveling, I don't want it flying around in our B in an accident.
JimBollman 08/27/19 07:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interior windshield privacy curtain and door screen

When we bought our B last year it came with 3 ways of blocking the front windows Shouldn't quote myself but remembered we had a 4th way of blocking the front windows that we used a couple of times, it was a vinyl cover that had pockets that fit over the corner of the doors and across the windshield blocking the sides and front. Worked ok but was a pain to put away and transport when it was wet.
JimBollman 08/24/19 07:25pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Interior windshield privacy curtain and door screen

When we bought our B last year it came with 3 ways of blocking the front windows and we have tried all 3 and have settled on a fold up foil/foam front window block and my wife made curtains with super magnets sewn in the seams for the front sides. We also have a 3 sided curtain that goes up with velcro, this a bit of a pain to put up. Both of these do not block the front seats. The third is a curtain with rod that normally hangs in the back, pulled back, but can be move to the front and hooks into side hangers. It is nice for short stops like in rest areas and Walmart where you don't want to be obvious you are sleeping in the van. I like the fold up ones that pasusan suggested, I may replace the foil with one, takes up less space when put away.
JimBollman 08/22/19 03:29pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How High???

8' 8" and it is on a label attached to the instrument cluster in my face every time I glance down at the speedometer. It is even illuminated at night in the location I put the label.
JimBollman 08/15/19 07:19pm General RVing Issues
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