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RE: What is the best safe for a TC?

As an alternative consider a “console vault” for your truck. These provide pretty good security and the one we installed was very easy to put in. Just google “console vault” for options If you have a vehicle with a built in console this is a good idea. I had one in my previous truck and it was great. It made the whole console into a safe with just enough room between the top of the safe and the lid to keep a few small things handy. It would be possible to break in through the side but the seats are in the way and would take awhile for someone to get in. If they stole the whole truck so they had lots of time they could break in. Wish I had that option in my current truck.
JimBollman 01/06/21 05:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Fluorescent to LED conversion

I decided not to spend the time creating a FrankinFixture and bought these replacement LED bulbs, just rewire to remove ballast. Much brighter than the old bulbs.
JimBollman 12/16/20 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Flag Pole

Mine uses a hitch mount for the flagpole. My pole is just a twist lock and if it is too windy it drops down a section or more. I have thought of drilling it for pins but thought maybe it was better to let it drop down if the wind was that high. even all the way down the flags are still off the ground. No climbing, just drop the pole in the mount, pull up the top section and put the mounts on then top ball and the flags and start sliding it up as high as you want.
JimBollman 11/16/20 05:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Temporary "driveway" over grass?

I agree with jrobert, I use to drive across the grass at my old place all the time, no problem unless there is a lot of rain. Another idea there is a grid you can lay do and fill with dirt and plant grass and mow as part of your yard. The grid supports the weight of the vehicle even when it is wet. Here is an Amazon link with several designs to pick from.
JimBollman 11/02/20 04:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Any experience with a gas fire pit?

I went with a Solo smokeless stove with the top off for a small portable campfire. They come in a couple of sizes, one or more smaller and a couple of bigger. It doesn't solve all the problems the original poster was trying to solve but it solved some. I started carrying mine in an 8' slide in camper and now carry it in a 19' B. My needs: had to be small because of limited space, low smoke easy on fuel. I cut up scrap lumber into small chunks roughly 1X1X4" but end up with assorted sizes. I can carry the stove and enough fuel for a couple of fires in one of those square white pails they sell kitty litter in. Because mine is small you get a small fire that is still nice for 1-4 people and it burns down below the edges fairly quick when you are done. You can supplement your fuel supply with twigs around the campsite. By morning there is about a 1/2 cup of ash to dump out and wipe it out with a paper towel. After the first few minutes it is near smokeless. I have small fire starters that I use that I light then dump in some of my scrap wood. I carry an extra pail of wood if I I'm planning more fires. A friend has more storage in his RV and has the largest model and can burn small logs up to 12-18" long and is fine for a larger group.
JimBollman 10/18/20 05:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Jump starters

So... which is the best bang for the buck? Hoping that you won't use it. The lithium packs are my choice for a jumper battery. Small to tuck in your vehicle and hold most of their charge for a year or more. I keep my old wet cell jumper battery around with a fresh battery for a 12 volt source in the shop. When I bought it lithiums didn't exist. I carried it on camping trips, but didn't carry it daily in my truck, too big and it needed to be topped off every couple of months. If you want to use it on a diesel most people use two (may not need two for a small diesel). There are impressive YouTube videos starting over the road tractor diesels with two little lithium packs.
JimBollman 10/16/20 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Jump starters

Not sure why you wouldn't recharge at the first opportunity after using your jumper battery. I have both a wet cell older unit that I have replaced the battery a few times over the years and a new style lithium. I have started many cars with the old one over the years and a few with the new one. The new one has started everything from our Honda CRV to a small block Chevy with no problem. I recharge after use and usually top it off once a year. There was still charge left after starting the small block and would have probably started another one. I carry the lithium in my truck, the other one stays in my shop for when I needed it.
JimBollman 10/14/20 06:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

I drove into town and topped off my tank with alcohol free gas just in case it was the last tank full till next year. Second time since March. I have been driving it at least once a week to town and back just to give it some exercise and keep the batteries charged. When weather starts getting bad I probably will not make it every week.
JimBollman 09/25/20 06:22pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Velcro uses

I keep a roll of the velcro that sticks to itself, loops on one side hooks on the other around for projects. I made two straps that I put around the awning on our B just as extra insurance that it doesn't open going down the road. We have two jackknife couches that makes a full width bed. The crack between the back and cushen when folded down was uncomfortable to sleep around so we bought two self inflating air mattresses, one for each couch and they pretty much fill the width. Problem is where to store them in a 19' B. I put a single loop tie down on each wall at the end of the couches and used a strap of the velcro to strap them vertically to the wall out of the way. Another piece of the velcro material secures the power cord in storage. Used stick on velcro to secure the remote for the refrigerator thermometer so it and be by the frig when camping and on the dash when going down the road. Probably more velcro in the camper but those are the ones that come to mind.
JimBollman 09/07/20 05:54pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Filled up with alcohol free gas so it wouldn't go bad before I could use it up. First fill up since March. Probably will dump some stabilizer in too. We use it as a second vehicle so it does get a few miles put on most weeks.
JimBollman 08/14/20 05:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Portable Jump Starter

I have an old school sealed lead acid that I have used for years replaced the battery in it twice over the years and still use it around the shop. Just have to remember to plug it in every few months to top it off. About 6 or 7 years ago I bought one of small Lithium units after a friend swore by his and have carried it in my truck or B camper ever since. I top of the charge once a year or after I use it and it works great I have started large V8s and our Honda CRV when the OEM battery died unexpected and left my wife stranded. I showed up with the B expecting to get the jumpers out but remembered the little lithium in the back. I hooked it up and got her started in nothing flat. Followed her to AutoZone and had a new battery installed. I also use it as a backup USB charger when camping.
JimBollman 07/11/20 05:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: I want a pair of magic shoes!

the magic shoes you are looking are made by merrell under the name jungle mocks. leather gortex lined, easy step in step out good tread, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, great shoe I have always liked Merrell's so I had to look up Jungle Mocks, turns out I have had a pair of them or the earlier version for years. I tend to only wear them in the Winter but they are very comfortable. I may have to use them year around so I have a chance at wear them out.
JimBollman 07/03/20 06:45pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Flashlights

I recently bought this pair of COB flashlights. They are stupid bright on full, have both a magnet and a hook, and are USB rechargeable. $20 for the pair. They're so bright that one of them is now permanently attached to the hutch on my toolbox in the garage and plugged into the USB socket in the power strip. It allows a great view into the drawers including the cavernous bottom drawer. I have 2 big LED tube lights, 200W of led bulbs in the garage door opener, and this little $10 flashlight easily outshines them all. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the pointer. I bought a pair and they arrived today, great task lights and very versatile in positioning the light. Rechargeable lithium battery is great. My wife is already trying to claim one for her sewing room.
JimBollman 07/03/20 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Culling the herd....

Some folks know how to do it right. Some years back my wife showed a fellow camper an "up close and personal" photo of a bear and cub she took at Cade's Cove in the Great Smokey's. She then was treated to a 5-minute tirade about how stupid she was to put her life at risk just get a picture along with a list of all dreadful things that could have happened to her. My wife waited patiently until he finally ran out of stream and then said just two words: "Zoom lens"... :) Had a similar experience in Alaska and grizzlies, everyone thought my shots were great but stupid. Then I would say long zoom from the window of the Denali bus.
JimBollman 06/30/20 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: The newest and shortest Interstate...

Try I390 in IL. It may not be he shortest, but it's the most with tolls! About every 2 miles!!! There is a I390 in Western NY also, do they reuse these spur numbers? I'm also close to I-26, very strange Interstate, but one of the best views from an interstate in the East.
JimBollman 06/22/20 07:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: First Aid Kit Contents

My Wife is a retired RN so we carry more than most. If you go beyond the basics consider breaking up your supplies into multiple kits. I think we have 4 in our B camper. We keep a small basic kit in the front of the van within reach quickly. There are two in the bathroom that have other items and a 4th we hope we will never need in an under bed storage area. Other that the basic one up front there is a list of what they contain so you only need to open the one that has what you need. So far as what is in each, my wife knows and I can read.
JimBollman 06/14/20 06:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

Another thing we do to save water is to use baby wipes for washing up - can even take a sponge bath with a couple of those. You really can learn to live with less water and not feel like you are suffering. An even better option is the adult bath wipes like they use in nursing homes. Like these: Bath Wipes We discover "Dude Wipes" last Summer, I assume they are similar to adult wipes, they were great. Much better than the baby wipes, more expensive but you use fewer.
JimBollman 06/10/20 05:51pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

We are like most B owners, we are travelers and usually have plenty of nights that we can refill our water supply which is good since I don't think fresh water tanks come much smaller, ours is 3.5 gallons. We don't have a shower and use a porta potty that has it's own water tank. Most trips we use Arizona Tea jugs for extra water. They are very heavy plastic and narrow so they fit in spaces in the camper that don't get used for much else. You would pay as much or more for an equivalent jug at a camp store and it comes with tea to drink first. After you drink the tea fill with water and a cap of bleach and sit it in the sun for a day to get the tea taste out or you first 4 or 5 fillings will have a slight tea taste. The one yearly place we go for an event without water available that we stay for most of a week we have two blue 5 gallon jugs we take for extra water and they are just in the way till we get there, then they sit outside.
JimBollman 06/09/20 05:52pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Rear View Camera

On my B, I have a Garmin wireless backup camera connected to my backup lights. I have it aimed fairly low so I can back close to things and for hooking up my trailer, I can see my hitch. I have been thinking of adding a second power feed so I can turn it on anytime, it would be handy for checking on the trailer when towing.
JimBollman 06/07/20 06:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Rear Differential Locker

I had a Eaton Truetrac put in my 2000 F250 and it made a world of difference. Highly recommended. Wish I had done it years earlier.
JimBollman 04/29/20 06:53pm Tech Issues
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