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RE: Question for ZEP (RMP) users?

I am on my 4th year with the original ZEP coating. I have had to redo the nose of the camper due to the stripping needed to remove baked on bugs. I have put a quick thin coat of ZEP on the rest of the camper a couple of times. That seemed unnecessary. With ZEP the camper washes easily and then looks like new. My camper is also parked so that one side is in shade and the other in partial sun. I can see no difference. I read that you can apply 303, let it dry and then coat with ZEP. I can see no reason to do this. UV light does not seem to cause any issues and the ZEP protects the surface from oxidation. I have heard complaints that the ZEP will peal off the surface after a few months or years. I believe insufficient surface prep is the issue. Prior to ZEP, I thoroughly washed, then used ammonia floor stripper. I then rubbed down the entire surface with a Scotch pad and Bar Keepers Friend. Bon Ami is another choice. I did a final rinse and then applied several coats of ZEP. That sounds like a lot of work but actually was easier than using applying a coat or two of paste wax. One of these years I will probably need to strip and reapply ZEP. There is a ZEP stripper, but I found a dilute ammonia solution works well. I recommend at least 4 thin coats.
JimK-NY 08/14/19 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Filter Storage

The Camco and many other filters remove chlorine!!!!! I would never ever use one of those for the supply filling a water tank. I would not even want it for supply lines to the sink or bath. I remove chlorine only from drinking water using a Brita or other similar filter. The filter is discarded within a month or two and for every trip. If you feel you must use a filter like the Camco, certainly throw it away after every trip. Without chlorine all sorts of stuff can grow in the filter.
JimK-NY 08/04/19 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: New GPS needed

Years ago I bought a Garmin. I now have a fancy Nav system in my truck. Both are garbage compared with my cellphone and Google maps. Maps gives me up to date traffic information which is often invaluable and can save long delays. With Maps, I can search for any location. Toward the end of a travel day, I can search for Walmart supercenters, rest stops, campgrounds, dump stations. and truck stops. I can search for more obscure locations. Again, all of the information is current and reliable. Someone mentioned that the cellphone screens are too small. Actually I have a fairly large cellphone and the screen is not that much smaller than my built in Nav system and it is about the same as my older Garmin. In any case you should never drive while reading the maps. That is distracted driving and way too dangerous. Unless I am stopped I follow the voice commands.
JimK-NY 08/04/19 05:54am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing all my bulbs with LEDs

Just a few points to consider: There are a lot of cheap LED bulbs available. Spend a bit more and buy bulbs that are rated for up to 15 volts or so. LED trailer lights, and Superbright are two websites that carry quality bulbs. Any LED bulb can interfere with radio reception. I have not figured out why or any pattern that explains this. I have changed bulbs of the same brand and seen the issue come and go. Buy only a few bulbs at first and decide the temperature range you like. A bulb with an output of around 3000K will duplicate old incandescent bulbs and will give a yellow tint to everything. I liked that for a while because I was used to it. Now I have changed over to bulbs that are around 5000K. That is closer to sunlight and a cleaner look. Now everything just seems to look dingy with the warm bulbs. Consider replacing the fixtures instead of just changing to LED bulbs. The fixtures are inexpensive and have easier to use switches than my old fixtures.
JimK-NY 08/04/19 05:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Considering getting a truck camper

You will be able to carry a small popup; i.e., canvas sided, truck camper. That is it.
JimK-NY 08/02/19 02:02pm Truck Campers
RE: MN new laws August 1st

Yup, just a do gooder law. Most roads are overcrowded and all lanes are full of traffic. So the law is useless. Many of us move over when merge lanes are causing issues. So the law is useless. Out on the open road with little traffic, who cares. Again the law is useless.
JimK-NY 08/01/19 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Video: Introducing Kitten To The Truck Camper

We found it really easy to travel with two cats. We did it for a couple of years. The cat pan was a bit of a nuisance. There was space in the bath so that we could use the human toilet, but the cat pan had to be moved and the floor swept before taking a shower. The cats took a few weeks to get used to traveling and then seemed to love it. The pass through allowed them to sit on the elevated platforms in the rear seat area and watch the scenery. They could use the cat pan while we traveled, stop for water and a snack and take over the bed. Our female cat just loved seeing cows or bison. I have no idea why. For a few months I traveled with just one cat while my wife was back east with the other cat helping our daughter. There were days when I only talked to the cat and fact that was true for most days. Sadly my cat was not much of a conversationalist. She only wanted to talk about the former Chinese communist leader.
JimK-NY 07/25/19 10:18pm Truck Campers
RE: insurance questions

Where did the OP or anyone else get the idea that insurance on a truck provided ANY coverage for a camper? That would not be true for most insurance policies. You need a separate, additional policy.....Period.
JimK-NY 07/25/19 04:58am Truck Campers
RE: Dogs

Biggest problem with dogs and cats is people not picking up after them. I think all pets should have to were a diaper when not on their own property. I think people who have cats that they let outside are the worst they don't even think about whose property their cat is doing their business on. Sorry but just because you have a litter box it does not mean that is the only place your cat goes. I have never seen anyone doing RV travel and letting a cat roam free. Anyway, I think poop is a very minor problem. Barking is pretty high up on my list. Even worse are unrestrained dogs. Dogs on a lease can also be an issue when trying to walk on narrow trails. Dogs can inflict a lot of damage and they even kill people now and then. Those of us who have been attacked a few times get nervous. Imagine being on the trail and seeing someone with a handgun. You might be nervous even if it was in a holster.
JimK-NY 07/24/19 05:11am General RVing Issues
RE: New-to-me truck and camper

....I believe the camper has 250 amps of AGM batteries, although I'm not sure of the condition yet. It has 150 watts of solar on top. Should I first wait and see if that meets my needs, or do you think I will definitely want to go ahead and double to 300 watts? I would recommend getting a second panel. I added a second panel but my wife uses a CPAP and we did a lot of photography and editing of pictures. Computers use quite a bit of juice. Regardless, if you camp in the shade, solar is about useless. If camp in the shade and run the furnace, you will need to run a generator regardless of the number of panels. Also take a look at the solar controller and upgrade it if is not a quality 3 stage charger.
JimK-NY 07/24/19 04:59am Truck Campers
RE: New-to-me truck and camper

My wife and I full timed for a couple of years in an Igloo. I think you will find it to be a great choice. I would get the Timbrens and then see if anything else is needed. It should be fine. For full timing, I highly recommend adding AGM batteries and at least one solar panel over 100 watts, preferably two.
JimK-NY 07/23/19 05:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Dogs

Most national parks do not allow dogs on the trails. Many do not allow dogs to be left alone in the campgrounds. I like both rules and would like to see them in use everywhere.
JimK-NY 07/20/19 10:48am General RVing Issues
RE: The big purchase

There is another choice. I bought my used RV from a dealer. The one I bought was being sold on consignment. The owner agreed to fix any issues and bring the unit to like new condition. The dealer had an incentive to find any issues, make the repairs and collect from the seller.
JimK-NY 07/20/19 08:32am Beginning RVing
RE: Annual clean/wax/seal

Hmmm Zep is meant for interior floors right? Will it yellow when exposed to harsh uv rays over time? Maybe eventually but I am on 3 years with only adding a touch up coat each year or so and there is no sign of yellowing that I can see. Stripping the old ZEP and starting over would still take less work than washing and rubbing on the usual wax coatings. ZEP does not contain any UV protectants. I am not sure if that matters or if traditional wax finishes contain any or enough to make a difference. I have heard that some owners apply Aerospace 303 protectant and then apply ZEP or other coatings. That does not seem necessary. The chalky oxidation seems to occur due to exposure to air and not due to UV rays.
JimK-NY 07/20/19 08:25am Beginning RVing
RE: CPAP machine and batteries

My wife has used a CPAP for years including all the years we travelled as part or full time RVers. If you have a CPAP that only operates on 120v, you can use an inverter. Get a small unit because inverters waste power as heat. Most get so hot they have a built in fan. All wasted energy. If you camp a lot or are getting a new unit be sure to get one that operates on 12 volts without an inverter. Most CPAPs will use about 25 AH of power so the drain is manageable. The problem occurs for the use of a humidifer or one of the new heated hoses. Those devices can use several times the amount of power. It can be a major issue in cold weather. To get by my wife sets her unit on a hot water bottle and wraps it with insulation. There was a question about the validity of CPAPs. This is not a good place for a detailed discussion but I can make a quick summary. First many people really do benefit and without a CPAP have all sorts of issues in addition to not sleeping well. Unfortunately, much of the "science" and testing is questionable. It is no accident that Respironics makes most of the CPAPs and also makes the testing equipment including the software that analyzes the results. I was among the high percentage of those tested who was told I needed a CPAP. I insisted on a retest at a different facility and got a completely negative result.
JimK-NY 07/17/19 03:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel Trailer vs. Motorhome (my situation)

I recommend you consider a TT. First the cost is much, much less so you can get something that is very nice without spending lots. Second, the tow truck will retain its value much more. There is a lot of demand for farm/ranch use, for use by tradesmen, etc. The tow truck does not have to be huge unless you are really looking for a whopping large RV. Next you only need to buy and maintain one motorized vehicle. Next I recommend you reconsider buying only a new unit. RVs depreciate rapidly. Mine was in like new condition and cost less than half the cost of a new unit. Also RV construction and parts are often way less than perfect. New RVs always seem to require a shake down period and fixing issues. Let someone else do that for you. If you decide on a TT you should have lots and lots of choices for used units. A lot of families buy TTs and sell them after a few years and relatively little use as the kids grow up and refuse to travel with the parents.
JimK-NY 07/15/19 02:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: What gauge wire do I use

This is not rocket science. Any wire gauge calculator will answer the question. For a 30 amp circuit 200 feet you will need 6 gauge to maintain 5% or less voltage drop.
JimK-NY 07/11/19 09:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Bad taste/smell to fresh water

Recently started noticing a nasty taste/smell to our fresh water system. Initially I attributed it to the DW using a 'new' garden hose....... The water *still* tastes/smells kinda funky. I have somewhat of a hard time thinking that using that one hose, one time, would have contaminated the *entire* system that badly. I don't have a hard time believing that. I recently bought a new garden hose. It has been used a dozen times or so to wash the car, water the lawn, etc. The water coming out of the hose still stinks with a chemical odor. After sitting for a while the first few gallons come out really, really stinky and actually sudsy. Even when you use a hose designed for drinking water, you should run a few gallons before filling your RV water tank. In addition it is important to sanitize your water system. That means 1/4 cup bleach for every 15 gallons of water and at least a soak of 1 hour or more. Sanitizing should be done at least at the start of every season. I also sanitize if the RV has not been used for several weeks. In some camping areas, the water is clean but not chlorinated. If you fill your tank with non-chlorinated water, consider more frequent sanitizing.
JimK-NY 07/06/19 07:15am General RVing Issues
RE: TC maintenance schedule

I did not delete the strainer. My RV came without a strainer and the space is limited so it would require some work to move the pump location for installing a filter.
JimK-NY 07/04/19 05:30am Truck Campers
RE: TC maintenance schedule

I never had a strainer or filter. The pump has been working for 8 years. That was 2 years of full time use and 6 years of use for several months each year. The tank is clean and has never been flushed or had any maintenance. The line leading to the pump is clear tubing and also clean. Without a strainer or filter any small debris is pumped through the system. A filter or strainer will eventually clog with silt. I use a Brita filter for drinking water.
JimK-NY 07/03/19 02:25pm Truck Campers
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