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RE: Food!

I am not about to eat out during the Covid pandemic. The CDC recently released data indicating that doing so is high risk and associated with Covid infections. It is not just an issue of sitting indoors or even eating outdoors. Food prep requires a lot of handling. Kitchens are not set up for the Covid era. If you just must have food cooked by someone else, consider something like a pizza. It goes into a hot oven and then directly into a carry out box.
JimK-NY 09/17/20 08:23pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Using a c-pap in a TC Inverter numbers W/Humidifier.

The Phillips System One operates on 12 volts. That is absolutely the way to go. Never get a CPAP for RV use that requires AC power unless you never plan on camping without a hook up. As the data shows and as is also shown my the CPAP manual, 110v operation will use much more power than 12v operation. In addition an inverter would be needed to supply 110 from batteries. Inverters waste power in the form of heat. Many even waste more heat operating a fan to cool the inverter. Avoid the use of an inverter whenever possible. Humidifiers relay on a heater next to the water tank. Depending on the device and setting they can use much more power than the CPAP itself. There is another potential drain that is even bigger. Many CPAPs now have a heated tube from the unit to the mask. Those are huge, huge power hogs.
JimK-NY 09/16/20 08:08am Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Airbags were a disaster on my truck camper. Set low they did little or nothing. Anything over about 25 psi helped level the camper but the sway was awful. I tried to help the situation with Rancho shocks set on high. That was also a mistake and gave me a really poor ride. My wife complained that even small bumps or highway tar strips hurt her neck. I ditched the airbags and put on Supersprings. That gave the truck the spring capacity it needed for a 4000# plus load. I was able to soften the shocks to about 5 front and 7 rear. Both the sway and the jolting ride were fixed. On my current truck I am using Timbrens and they work quite well. I suspect I would still have even a better drive if I install Supersprings.
JimK-NY 09/16/20 07:45am Truck Campers
RE: Ford 7.3 gas burner mpg hauling TC

No one can possibly answer this. There are just too many factors: highway vs mixed or city driving speed driver technique wind hills/mountains
JimK-NY 09/16/20 07:37am Truck Campers
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

...I can and have pulled the entire piece of carpeting out of the RV for cleaning. When it gets really dirty, I hose it off and even use a broom with soapy water.And there is one of the best selling points for using a wood product or vinyl instead of carpet. Dave Not really. As I said I already have vinyl flooring. It is still in like new condition. Even so I prefer the carpeting. I like being able to get up in the middle of the night and not freeze my feet on a cold floor. I enjoy taking off the hiking shoes or boots at the end of the day and walking around in stocking feet. A thorough cleaning is really easy. I just pull out the carpeting and shake it or use the old fashioned cleaning by hanging the carpet over a line and beating it. The ultimate is soapy water and a hose but I rarely do that since it will take a sunny day and a couple of hours of drying time.
JimK-NY 09/14/20 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Atwood water heater won't stay on.

I would first check all the connectors. Atwood uses spade connectors that often do not work well. Secondly I would replace the detector assembly. They are inexpensive and often fail after a few years of use.
JimK-NY 09/13/20 10:20pm Tech Issues
RE: 15.2 v during solar equalization charge - what do you do?

I turned off automatic equalization.
JimK-NY 09/13/20 07:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Caps on personal property

I had a horrible experience as a full timer. I thought I had insurance appropriate for a full time RVer. I even went to an independent agent who specialized in setting up insurance for full time RVers. He was recommended and worked with my mail service provider in South Dakota. When we had a major theft we found out the coverage was not sufficient. In most cases, people have homeowners insurance which provides coverage so coverage for RV insurance would be a duplicate service with duplicate costs. Of course, that is not true for RV insurance. After the loss I tried to find appropriate coverage. I eventually found a policy that worked but it took a long time and was very frustrating because most agents just don't understand and most insurance companies just want you to use their services even when they are insufficient. Sure you might also need a rider for expensive items such as musical instruments or cameras. That is in addition to the issue that most RV insurance policies are very limited in theft or damage coverage for personal property aside from the RV. If you are a full timer, check the fine print. You are likely to find that your policy provides little or no coverage except for the RV itself.
JimK-NY 09/13/20 06:45am Full-time RVing
RE: Just bought Truck Camper- how do I move

Can't you wait and do it right?
JimK-NY 09/13/20 06:34am Truck Campers
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

Wooden floors are very heavy. I don't want to carry any more weight than needed. My RV floor is vinyl. After several years of use, I decided to try carpeting. Indoor/outdoor carpeting from Home Depot was very expensive and looked decent. It also helps to keep the floors warmer in the cold. I can and have pulled the entire piece of carpeting out of the RV for cleaning. When it gets really dirty, I hose it off and even use a broom with soapy water.
JimK-NY 09/12/20 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Carbon Monoxide/Propane Alarm - Propane Leak?

Mine went off due to bug spray. Put on bug spray outdoors, not while in the RV. Caulk set it off and the issue remained for weeks because I had used a lot of caulk and it cured slowly. Mine also went off several times while I was in Yellowstone relatively close to sulfur emitting thermals.
JimK-NY 09/11/20 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: Carbon Monoxide/Propane Alarm - Propane Leak?

Someone recommended doing without a propane alarm. I respectfully disagree. Yes, the alarm may occasionally malfunction. That's annoying. But propane lines can occasionally leak. That's fatal. In addition it is really not that expensive or difficult to replace a malfunctioning unit.
JimK-NY 09/10/20 02:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Utah to Idaho

You can have windy weather at any time of the year. If the winds pickup past the point of safety, pull over and wait it out. Of course, also find a good location with some shelter and do not park so you have cross winds.
JimK-NY 09/10/20 11:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Effect of weight on braking for trucks.

The Montana speed limit on open Interstates might be up to 80 mph, daylight driving only, but that is for cars, Suvs, light trucks. Heavy trucks are restricted to a max of 65 mph. No way am I going to drive my truck camper at 80 or even past 70. When I upgraded to Rickson 19.5 wheels and Firestones, the max speed rating for the Firestones was 70.
JimK-NY 09/10/20 11:49am Truck Campers
RE: Gas mileage last trip.

And where are you getting the mpg data? Not from the truck display I hope. I’m not sure who you are asking, but most trip computers on my vehicles have been pretty accurate compared to hand calculating. In any case, mpg can vary a lot by simply using different gearing, going slower, easing into brakes/gasoline, etc. I recorded every gallon of diesel I put into my 2010 Ram. Periodically I calculated mileage and also compared it with the trip data. Fully loaded I got about 12 mpg on the open road and the trip data typically gave me 13 mpg which is an overestimation by about 8%. With mountain driving the overestimation was even bigger. If you do record miles and gallons used, it can take quite a while to get accurate data. Pumps are different and it is hard to fill us exactly the same each time. I doubt you can get much accuracy trying to calculate based on 88 miles or even twice that for a round trip.
JimK-NY 09/09/20 09:39pm Truck Campers
RE: water damaged floor, Need guidance...

For many if not most RVs, the cabinets are built in to enhance the structural integrity of the RV. They are not designed to be removed. They are often screwed in from the outside of the RV.
JimK-NY 09/09/20 06:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Gas mileage last trip.

And where are you getting the mpg data? Not from the truck display I hope.
JimK-NY 09/09/20 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Avoid drive thru Salt Lake City

I have driven I15 through the SLC area numerous times. I certainly agree it is a nightmare. Regardless of the traffic the drivers seem to be demons from hell determined to drive over 70 mph at all times. Not only that but the nightmare continues for a great many miles until you have driven well south of Provo. Fortunately there are alternatives of a sort. You will need to drive south through the Odgen area, then down I215 and cut West on I80. That way you will only have 30 miles or so of insanity as you pass through Odgen. I80 West is decent and you only need to go a few miles to route 36 south to Eureka. At Eureka you can cut back to the East and rejoin I15 just south of Provo. Another option is to take Route 6 west to Delta and then take route 257 south to Minersville. You can then cut east and rejoin I15 or continue south on route 130 to Cedar City. Regardless of which of the options you take you will not lose too much time. At one time I would have highly recommended the ride to Delta and then Cedar City. Times and Utah have changed and I find the area very depressing. The beauty of the open areas has been destroyed. On weekends especially, you will see large numbers of Utahns on dune buggies and motor bikes tearing up the landscape. Further south of that you will see huge tracks of land dedicated to wind power and a solar farming.
JimK-NY 09/09/20 02:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: Effect of weight on braking for trucks.

It should not be a surprise. A heavy load will greatly extend stopping distance and will be hard on brake life. Braking is one of the reasons to consider a diesel engine. My last service visit for my 2010 Ram 2500 was at over 70K miles. Almost all of those miles were with a camper and a total weight of over 13K pounds. A lot of the driving was in the mountain States out west. The service report showed I had over 50% of the original brake life remaining.
JimK-NY 09/09/20 02:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacing ceiling lights & adding more light

When I bought my camper 10 years ago I immediately replaced all the bulbs with LED bulbs. They were expensive at the time but worth it. A few years ago I got tired of the old fixtures and poorly designed switches. The new fixtures are really inexpensive and the switches and light is much better. At this point it is hard to go wrong with LEDs. Just be sure they are rated for up to about 15 volts because absorption charging will be somewhere around 14.4 volts. You might also want to reconsider the temperature rating for your LED lights. 3000K sounds good because it matches what most of us were used to years ago with incandescent lights. They emitted very yellow light. I have switched to 5000K lighting. I like the fact that the lighting is closer to sunlight. Now 3000K lighting just seems dingy.
JimK-NY 09/09/20 10:51am Tech Issues
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