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RE: Check your batteries

Thank you. It is good to know that you are well too. You are right. Batteries are the one disposable part of our systems. The best that you can do is know your needs and make the best choices in battery type, capacity, A charge controller that has user defined settings with TC and enough solar to replace what you use on a daily basis at the very least. Taking the time to maintain them is key.
JiminDenver 10/03/19 11:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

I take great care to boondock as isolated as I can unless it's for work. I prefer solitude and have no issues taking 4x4 trails to get it. So while I will never chose to take a spot where I can see or hear others or they me, it doesn't keep others from deciding they need to be uncomfortably close. So if you decide to park on top of someone and they made a noise from time to time I would hope that you would accept responsibility for the decision you made and not blame them. When I am around others I treat them with the same respect that I would hope that they would treat me.
JiminDenver 10/02/19 10:09pm Beginning RVing
RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

I use a impact wrench but as usual if you can hear me, you parked too close. My Royobi drill doesn't have the torque and the chuck loosens in reverse.
JiminDenver 10/02/19 10:49am Beginning RVing
RE: water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Wow! What a great idea Why hasn't someone thought of it before? Oh yeah IT'S NASTY! Don't you think if this was feasible that RV manufactures and even home builders would have done it long ago? That filter will become a petri dish after the first use. The difference between this and a bath is you do not possibly forcibly spray dirty water into your eyes, ears, nose and mouth with a bath. It might be interesting when your doctor prescribes jock itch meds for the rash on your face. I have met this person. I envy his mini split A/C.
JiminDenver 10/02/19 01:36am Tech Issues
RE: Check your batteries

The Lifelines are AGM so no water to check but I do get in there and check the connections due to the rather rough roads I traverse. Hard to believe they are still doing the job at around 9 years old. How are you and the Polish princess doing?
JiminDenver 10/01/19 05:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: AGM Mystery Capacity Crash Below 75% SOC UPDATE

Have you tried breaking up the bank to see if just one of the batteries is the problem?
JiminDenver 09/25/19 10:03am Tech Issues
RE: Quartzsite LTVA

I am hoping to make it back to La Posa south around the end of October. Our camp is just beyond the Magic circle sign. Internet is good except for Sprint which does work once you get closer to the RV dump. Verizon tends to get overloaded during the peak of the season. It was 112* before we left this spring. The solar ran the twin 5000 BTU A/C's most of the day so I only needed the generator after I lost the light in the evening. It was still miserable going out for the dog, working on things and shopping.
JiminDenver 09/12/19 11:04am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Learn about solar for rv's

You have a massive resource of info right here from people that actually use solar. Anyone can google up a storm and put it all into a book. Experience is what gives a person the understanding needed to know why to choose between the options and not just pick the best of because sometimes what something is the best of at has nothing to do with your needs.
JiminDenver 08/26/19 11:42am Tech Issues
RE: Surface and Terminal Mount Fuse Blocks

Terminal block holders also come in doubles or you can use this fuse block bus bar. Blue Sea Systems MRBF Surface and Terminal Mount Fuse Blocks
JiminDenver 08/25/19 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

Please do not take what I say as to mean that I am anti Honda. I posted in the Champion thread that if you plan on running the generator for hours day after day that you should get the Honda for the better piston sleeve. It is just sad to see the instant brand bashing and the false representation that Honda is infallible. My friend still waits to get the recall done on his 2200 because either they can not get the parts or the shops are too busy. Just to get his running again cost more than I paid for my Sportsman 800w to do a oil change and carb job. Some day I will get time to pull the 800 apart and clean its carb up OR identify it and get a new one off of Amazon for $22. So it seems parts ARE available. It's about filling your needs and it is no skin off of my nose if you need something different than what I use.
JiminDenver 08/25/19 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: I Hate the Heat

High altitude in Colorado such as Rock creek road near Jefferson, or Leadville. Flagstaff, Arizona. Mammoth Lakes, Ca. A disclaimer would be that just because these areas are at Higher altitudes, it does not mean that they do not get hot. They just do not get as hot as the lower elevations around them.
JiminDenver 08/25/19 12:06am Full-time RVing
RE: My Type Of Warning Signs

I am glad to see time has not changed you.
JiminDenver 08/24/19 02:41am Tech Issues
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

I got a little secret for y'all. Out here on the road it doesn't matter what brand, color, model, etc. If it starts consistently, runs well, meets your got a good one. It's true for generators, tools, trucks, RV's and so much more in life. The need to defend a brand simply because it is our choice is nuts. There are plenty of post about Honda's breaking down or being cold blooded to start. My buddies brand new Honda 2200 lasted just months before it needed a shop. He is kicking himself for not getting the unit this thread is about not just because of the difference in price but because he hates refilling his multiple times a day. My little Sportsman 800 was a one pull wonder for 2 1/2 years until I let someone give me bad gas. It was my fault for not going and getting fresh gas, not the generator's. It ran my 5000 BTU A/C for 5 hours on it's half a gallon gas tank. It's performance until then showed me that getting a Sportsman 2200 was not a risk. So instead of jumping to arms whenever a new product is introduced, wish it well. We need the Honda's of the world to be pushed to compete. Honda needs to step up their game with new products and better pricing because these new companies will meet peoples needs and have been for a while.
JiminDenver 08/24/19 02:35am Tech Issues
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

I do not think that I would attempt to parallel it with anything but another Sportsman 2200. i do have a Sportsman 2200 gas only version and have set up and watched used the dual fuel on propane. I also have a Sportsman 800. All three are good generators. The dual fuel version on propane ran a 5000 BTU A/C for 40 hours, stopped long enough to have a full 20 pound tank put on, the oil checked and then run until that tank was empty. I watched it run like that for a few weeks in the 112 degree heat of Quartzsite. We changed the oil every other tank and would have every tank with a 30 pounder. I picked up my 800 nearly three years ago and have no complaints with it either.
JiminDenver 08/23/19 10:32pm Tech Issues
RE: wilson electronics 4G-X RV cellular signal booster

It wasn't how far the laptop was from your internet device, it was how far the device was from the in door antenna. (unless your laptop used a sim card to be its own internet device) In any event I hope that they improved on the design.
JiminDenver 08/23/19 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: wilson electronics 4G-X RV cellular signal booster

I use a old Wilson Sleek cradle model with a directional antenna. I was asked to review the RV unit a few years back. What I found was that the further away from the indoor antenna the weaker the signal. You can get the same boost as the cradle, maybe a bit better but your device has to be right on the in door antenna. Even a 6 inch difference make a huge change. It is pretty decent for 3 to 4 feet but does not flood the RV like you think it would. I did not keep it due to the much bulkier package and double the power requirements.
JiminDenver 08/23/19 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Champion generator

Champion makes a quality product and has good customer service. That said it is my belief that if you are going to need a generator all day long every day, get the Honda for the better piston sleeve. Otherwise the Champion will serve most people well. That does not mean that Honda's are perfect. I have seen many needing repairs out here on the road including a two week old 2200. The shop charged him $185 for a tune up and told him that there was a recall on it but they did not have the parts. Poor guy is still waiting after 6 months. Luckily he now has 1079 watts of solar and doesn't care.
JiminDenver 08/23/19 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: Batteries drained to dead, what is nominal drain on truck?

Thanks! It's great to see you too. In fact I am happy to see most of the regulars are still here helping anyone and everyone that needs it. I hit the road 1/1/17 and haven't had much time to play on line since. I have to agree about the Eco-Worthy 20 amp. It's been out 7 years and it is still a easy to set up, easy to use, inexpensive solution to a small system. They are only $69 now and still hard to beat for the money. A while back I installed a Eco-Worthy 40 amp MPPT with blue tooth for a customer. It's under $100 too. The last time I used a Eco-Worthy 20 amp was for a video showing the difference in output between MPPT and PWM. It and a Solar30 each had matching 200 watt portables and the difference is over 3 amps which shows even a small system benefits from MPPT.
JiminDenver 08/23/19 03:07am Tech Issues
RE: Free Solar

Cleaning your panels is good. It also gives you a chance to check the rest of the roof.
JiminDenver 08/23/19 01:45am Tech Issues
RE: Just checking.....

I have not been home since 1/1/17. Do not miss it either
JiminDenver 08/21/19 10:24pm RV Lifestyle
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