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RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

coronavirus: 298 so far Are you freaking nuts, Northern Italy doubled that number in one day.
John&Joey 03/23/20 03:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Coronavirus practical issues

This thread started 8 days ago. This just came to my attention: THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY ONE OF THE PHYSICIANS IN THE ER AT NORTH MEMORIAL Friends: I try hard not to be an alarmist, but I’m going to join my other physician colleagues in saying it is time for everyone to listen up. I’ve been living this up close and personal as an ER physician during this very unique time. We are not joking when we say you need to stay home and cancel non essential gatherings. This is not a drill. If we don’t act now we are looking at a lot of the same problems that are facing our Italian colleagues and our colleagues in Seattle- they are running out of beds, ventilators, doctors, nurses, supplies. We need to #flattenthecurve and slow the spread of this virus. And if you really want to use argument “but flu kills so many more people than coronavirus...” great news, all of these measures will help to stop the spread of flu too-bonus! YOU can help in so many ways. How can you help? Glad you asked!!! #1 STAY HOME AND AWAY FROM OTHERS as much as possible (I feel like I need to say it again and again and again) Introverts it is your time! If you can work from home, great. If you can stagger your work day also great. If you have to go to work, keep your distance. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. Wash your hands again. Keep washing your hands. Repeat. Do not go to work sick. For sure Minnesotans need to be told this as we all try to “muscle” through. Now is not the time. #2 Support locally owned restaurants, order take out or delivery. Now is the time to use grubhub, door dash, Uber eats, etc. I’ve already decided where I’m getting my birthday takeout! (And for those of you who know me well, no, it’s not Taco Bell ??) Brasa I’m coming for you! #3 Support small businesses. Call them and ask to buy gift cards. They could use the sale right now. Buy local whenever possible. #4 Donate to food banks- my North Minneapolis crowd is going to be hit disproportionately hard by the school closures and there are a lot of really vulnerable kids out there. Make sure everyone in your community has enough to eat. PS: food banks can do astonishing things with even small amounts of money- every bit helps. #5 Call/text/FT/Skype your friends/elders. Everyone will need social support in the coming days/weeks/months. Make sure your neighbors are holding up ok. Call your loved ones who live in care facilities, many are not allowing visitors right now. #6 Get outside-keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally (it’s relatively easy to stay away from people while going for a walk, run, or bike ride and may give you a little stress relief and change of scenery). Thank goodness it’s warming up around here! #7 Offer to watch the kids of a healthcare worker. We can’t stop going to work and our younger kids can’t stay home alone. My own kids are covered but a lot of my colleagues will need help in the upcoming days, weeks, and even months. #8 Don’t stress at the schools for not being ready to go with online learning tomorrow-everyone is scrambling to do the best they can. We’ve all had to make big changes in big plans in a very short amount of time. Don’t sweat the small stuff. #9 Buy some Girl Scout cookies. Those Girl Scouts had to cancel a lot of their booths and selling events. They are all left with tons of cookies to sell. Buy a few boxes. They last forever in the freezer, and personally if you’re going to stock up on anything... #10 That brings me to #10, for the love of god, stop buying all of the toilet paper. This is a RESPIRATORY illness. Unless you plan on TPing your neighbors, or turning into mummies, or overdosing on sugar free candy, I cannot figure out what the TP obsession is all about. And I’m a doctor. Instead of going out- read a book, watch some Netflix, talk to your kids, play board games, do art projects, clean your closets, start that puzzle, write letters, learn to cook. Download the Libby app so you can download ebooks and audiobooks from the library, organize your photos, start a journal. You can stay busy without leaving your homes. I have worked in my ER the last 5 days in a row. Tensions are high. But there are SO many amazing people working around the clock trying to plan and adjust, rolling with the many punches being thrown our way, and showing up as we try to make sure we have enough health care for everyone. This has been an extremely tough week for everyone and I hope that all of these distancing measures will make the upcoming weeks and months better... please, I beg you, DO YOUR PART. Together we can do this. And if we get this right, we’ll be able to look back and say that it wasn’t as bad as we all thought it would be. If we still feel we overreacted at the end of all of this, then we did something right.
John&Joey 03/17/20 09:53pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Snowbird parks and Coronavirus

...If one watches much news on this coronavirus, you most likely notice that scientist are being push away from the cameras and mics, while national politicians down play the risk. Hopefully state level guidance will be forth coming. Guessing you just saw the classified health meeting news where those same scientists don’t have clearance, but the politicians do. Kinda like RV snowbirds who actual travel around versus those that sit in one place for decades pretending to be something they really ain’t yet making choices for all. You have a very valid concern about snowbird parks, high risk groups, and a virus with no current cure. Anybody who spent time in a snowbird parks understands the kennel cough that goes around. Especially bad are those older style winter parks. Hard not to touch cards in those activities only 55+ parks.
John&Joey 03/11/20 04:40pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Looks like we're comin back.

“Not the size of the RV that makes it small” was told to me by my Uncle Donnie when I was looking for my first class A. If you knew my aunt Alice you would understand his wisdom. Some traveling companions could make a quad slide feel small. ;)
John&Joey 03/07/20 09:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fed Cuts Rates: Will RV Rates Follow?

The Fed cut rates 1/2 percent this morning in an effort to keep the stock market bubble growing. I'm negotiating a new RV loan to close in 10 days and the dealer quoted me 5.49% last week. I haven't signed anything yet. Will they adjust my rate any or will other lenders drop their rates? (I am almost always a day late on things like this - or in the case of the senior pass, a year late) The real question will be are you secure in your income stream. If the economy has been overly stimulated where a 1/2 point out of nowhere cut was needed to stem off a crisis, then that’s only going to be a bandaid fix. It wasn’t that long ago that the RV auction sites were full of repo’s.
John&Joey 03/03/20 09:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looks like we're comin back.

Better REALLY get along with your better half if you're gonna full time in a 30'. It’s not the size of the RV that makes it small. :B
John&Joey 03/03/20 11:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looks like we're comin back.

Sounds like a plan.
John&Joey 03/02/20 02:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Strange house battery issue

Check the water level.
John&Joey 12/01/19 08:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hearing problem need wireless mic and ear piece

I'm getting a bad case of CHS (cant hear s...) and FWIW, my Dr. told me that (real) hearing aids are going to become an over the counter item in the future and that do so shold cause the prices to come down. I'm hoping I can hold out that long. That is not true for REAL hearing aids. That is just for amplifiers. My hearing cuts off at the higher end of frequency's. I can stand right in front of our microwave without my hearing aids and not here the timer beeper which is 1 foot from my face. but I can hear the pile driver 2 miles away without them. I forget the frequency level that my hearing drops off. That is what causes people to not here some words being spoken. or hear some letters pronounced. It's not about the volume it's about what frequency you are not hearing. Only a hearing test can show this and no over the counter can fix it. Real hearing aids can amplify the higher end and cut down or out the lower end. Just like an equalizer on a stero. The more tracks the higher the cost. Forget about those $800 for two you see in the newspaper. I am on my 3rd set in 20 years at $1800.00 ea.The next step in hearing aids is gonna be blue tooth/GPS. Doc says I will be able to call him in MA from FL and he will be able to adjust my hearing aides from his computer. You didn't read my post closely enough. I didn't say they are available. I said my Dr. indicated they will be available - as in they aren't yet. Also, I'm not talking about the toy things sold on TV and elsewhere. I am talking about real, programable hearing aids. There is no reason they can't be sold in stores. Qualified professionals can test people and set up the new aids. I've been dealing with hearing aids for my disabled son for the last 30 years so I'm very familiear with them. I just paid $2K for his present set. They're a rip off. There isn't $50 worth of electronics in them. New law goes into effect August 2020. Yes amplified hearing aids is what they’ll be known as. Biggest difference is not needed multiple visits and the price. This is in response to a growing rise in dementia which has a link to hearing loss.
John&Joey 11/11/19 01:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Selling my RV advice

Nice thing about selling in TX is their RV season is 11 months out of the year, plus Texans enjoy camping. Your potential market will be large given the proximity to Houston. Is it worth the effort to tow it there? Hard to say. I’ve walked PPL sale lot and saw a lot of rigs needing TLC. Thinking they are as good as any good local RV consignment shop in your neck of the woods.
John&Joey 11/08/19 04:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter Camping - Golf Cart

Yes it would!! Thank you very much!! CC are 36 or 48 volt. Make sure you buy the correct one.
John&Joey 10/17/19 07:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter Camping - Golf Cart

First question is it electric or gas. I’m assuming electric since you said batteries. Next question is the year if in the 2000’s then your charger is setup to start automatically every 15 days as long as you don’t have a power outage. If that happens then you need to unplug everything to reset it. Batteries love cold weather so that’s a good thing. Your cart more then likely has a run/tow switch. Make sure it’s in tow when not in use. Run will have a parasitic draw. If you don’t disconnect the batteries make sure you charge them after every use then after a couple of week of non use.
John&Joey 10/15/19 06:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Thanks for fixing the forum problems.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Inquiring minds want to know. What was the problem?
John&Joey 10/08/19 04:35pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: RGV ten year trend

There are several Texas Snowbirding destinations (Rockport being just one) but only one which actively attempts to lure new snowbirds to it. I would think the more people in an area, the more likely the price will go up for those that call it their winter home. Don’t see a lot of Floridians wanting more competition. Hmmm...
John&Joey 10/08/19 04:25pm Snowbirds
RE: Error Messages

Not ignoring I am just unable to duplicate the error message hence I don't have an example for them to troubleshoot. Most are just hitting the F5 key when they see it. I use and Firefox... I'm stuck and no way out at this time. Admin The first thing I would ask IT is if they applied any updates to Cold Fusion. If yes start there.
John&Joey 10/07/19 06:34am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Strange issue with this forum

Several portals. is go to though. Snowbird, full time, General, etc... don’t work. Class A does. Thanks. This is useful info as I have not experienced the issues? Were you sign-in to the forums when you got the error messages? Didn’t matter if I was signed in or not. Tried it both ways and different portals.
John&Joey 10/06/19 05:03pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Strange issue with this forum

What Open Roads Forum portal are you using when you encounter error pages on a thread? Also, what ISP are you using? (Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, etc.) Try refreshing your browser cache by pressing F5 key (PC), or CMD+R (Mac). More than once if necessary? Several portals. is go to though. Snowbird, full time, General, etc... don’t work. Class A does. Refresh don’t do it. ISP? Whatever the hotel has. Varies. Thinking your .CFM is no longer a supported technology.
John&Joey 10/06/19 05:24am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Strange issue with this forum

Yup, add another one! Got an IPad if that helps in debugging. This is the error page. ERROR
John&Joey 10/05/19 08:19pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

I’m sure he was going back when oil was well over 100 a barrel and climbing whenever there was a hint of production problems. What changed? Canada oil sands, fracking, and deep drilling technology. OPEC ain’t calling the shots anymore. Price goes up, profitability to produce local kicks into high gear.
John&Joey 10/01/19 05:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

We’re no longer dependent on eastern oil. In the oil fields by Carlsbad where a worker said to me that we were standing on the biggest reserve in the world. Some crazy depth like ?0k feet. He then said we now have the technology to reach it. i mean it does make sense. If you have a long enough drill you could get to any oil anywhere in the earth from any place on the surface. It's a sphere. :B True, true. Just have to get around that hot stuff. The other thing that amazed me was he said they can direct the drill at will. So watch out Canada :)
John&Joey 10/01/19 04:20pm Tech Issues
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