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RE: Best way to add a cable pass through/access in camper.

Thanks everyone. Can someone tell me or show me how one of these is installed?
JoshuaH 07/14/20 03:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Best way to add a cable pass through/access in camper.

I would like to add way to run cables into our camper which is a Forest River Wold Pub 16BHS. I want to be able to run wires inside to a solar charger controller the back out to the battery, and also get coax cable/s into the camper, I like to run a scanner which requires an outdoor antenna, and will probably use a cell phone booster when cell phone reception is poor which also requires an outdoor antenna (I still need access to the outside world to run my business even while camping). What would be the best way to do this so it is weather tight and looks professional? Thanks!
JoshuaH 06/28/20 01:06pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

All has been well so far, no problems. It was quite windy last night, the forecast said low of 31, but still no problems.
JoshuaH 04/13/20 07:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

30 degrees for a couple hours isn't enough to damage anything. I'd put water in the tank though, because that large mass of water will take substantially longer to freeze. I would use an electric heater rather than propane... the propane costs will quickly start to add up, but a 1500 watt heater will do fine heating that small of a camper. Heck, you could even put the heater on a timer that comes on an hour before she comes home to save from heating the camper all night. Tell her to stay safe! Actually this is exactly what I've done with a heater and timer, I just didn't want to give a bunch of extra un-needed info on the thread. I set it to come on at 5am this morning to be safe.
JoshuaH 04/10/20 07:23am Beginning RVing
RE: Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the input, I figured I would be OK, but we are on the edge of town, a bit of a rural area, sometimes the temp drops a few degrees below the forecast so I just want to be safe. I do have second propane tank to exchange when it gets low and I'm keeping a close eye on it.
JoshuaH 04/09/20 03:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input and kind words. The fresh water tank on this camper is mounted under it and is also exposed, so I'm not sure if running the water from it is going to help any or not. I think what I will do is unhook the supply hose from my house to the camper just to make sure that those fittings don't freeze, then just leave a faucet open inside the camper to bleed off the pressure, and if any freezing takes place in the low point drains, hopefully with a faucet being opened any expansion can just go up the water pipe. Then right before my wife gets home I'll hook it back up, the sun will be up by then and temps warming up. I would think the water heater should be OK to be left on in this scenario, the water in it can't go anywhere. Thoughts?
JoshuaH 04/09/20 02:24pm Beginning RVing
Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

We own a Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS, My wife is an ER nurse at a local hospital, and she is currently living in the camper to have some isolation from myself and my 4 year old son. She works the night shift so her routine is to come home about 730-8am shower then go straight to bed and sleep in the camper during the day. Tonight it is supposed to get down to 30 degrees, and a few more nights in the forecast for lows of 32 and 33. My question is, if I disconnect the water supply, and bleed off pressure, leave the heat on inside the camper, will this be safe? This camper has low point drains, these obviously will not receive any heat, so I'm worried about those freezing, however my thought was if there was no pressure on the lines and the temp only slightly below freezing maybe that would be OK? Next question, if my above plan is OK, will it be OK to leave the water heater on, it will be full of water, just no water pressure in the system. I'd like to leave it on so when my wife does get home she can take a shower right away and go to sleep as she works usually 12.5-13 hour shifts and needs to get to work as soon as possible. I know there are ways to permanently heat your water supply to prevent freezing, but I was hoping to avoid that as I doubt we will have many more nights this spring that get below freezing (Central Missouri), and I sure hope we are past this Pandemic by next winter! Any thoughts?
JoshuaH 04/09/20 11:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Camper got hailed on last night

JoshuaH 03/29/20 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Camper got hailed on last night

We had golf ball to baseball size, was quite loud in the house when it was coming down.
JoshuaH 03/28/20 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camper got hailed on last night

Well I just got off the phone with my insurance agent, he recommended that I have the dealer give me a repair estimate on the camper, but they are going to look directly at my vehicles and roof of my house.
JoshuaH 03/28/20 06:43pm General RVing Issues
Camper got hailed on last night

Had a pretty good hail storm last night, did pretty good damage to two of our vehicles. Our new camper, which is this, also got some damage, the side that was facing the south has dents, and the front area that faces up also has dents. I haven't been able to do a close inspection of the roof yet, I can see the roof form the house about 30ft. away and I don't see anything obvious, but I'm going to get the ladder out so I can make an up close inspection. My question is, what do I need to look for on the roof? Should I take it to the dealer we bought it from and have them inspect it? I'm guessing I'm probably going to have to take it there to get an estimate for my insurance company. However our county is on lockdown right now so I'm not sure when that can happen. Never been though this processes so not sure exactly what to do. Thanks!
JoshuaH 03/28/20 06:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Suggest a wind generator

Well thanks for the good input everyone, I didn't realize they would be noisy and wouldn't generate anything unless the wind was really blowing.
JoshuaH 01/02/20 06:41pm General RVing Issues
Suggest a wind generator

We like to do off grid camping, haven't done any in a while since we had our son, but he is 4 now so we want to get back into it now that he is getting older. We did have a small pop up and I have a 100 watt solar panel, with that and a group 27 deep cycle battery we never had any problems camping for a week at a time, even running the furnace at night in colder weather (30-40s at night, using the furnace sparingly). We now have a 17 Ft. travel trailer so I imagine our electrical demands will be higher. Was thinking of getting another panel, but obviously they only make electricity when the sun is up, and don't produce as much on cloudy days. Was wondering if a wind generator in combination with the 100 watt solar panel would be a good combination, and this could potentially generate some electricity at night if there is wind. Looking for some suggestions, I don't need something that generates a lot, like I said we have never ran the battery down with one 100 watt panel before, we can get by pretty sparingly, camper has all LED lights etc. Also is there a charging controller that you can hook both a solar panel and wind generator up to at the same time? Thanks!
JoshuaH 01/01/20 03:27pm General RVing Issues
So how do I use this solar charge port on my camper?

Camper we just bought has a port on the outside called "Furrion Solar Charge". I could not find anything in the manual about this. I'm assuming this is for hooking up a solar panel. Do I still need a charge controller between this port and my solar panel? Or can I hook my solar panel directly to this port? Does anyone know where I can get the other end of this plug to connect to it? I own a 100 watt solar panel and controller that we used on our last two campers. Thanks!
JoshuaH 11/28/19 11:20am Beginning RVing
RE: What is the purpose of low point drains?

If all the plumbing was sloped towards the low point with absolutely no sags, then maybe it would work. But RV's are built any which way and you can't count on draining properly. That is what I was thinking, so I was wondering what is the point of having them there in the first place.
JoshuaH 11/18/19 12:36pm Beginning RVing
What is the purpose of low point drains?

New camper we bought has low point drains under the camper for both the hot and cold lines. I assume this is for draining the water system, is this a good enough method for winterizing? Is it just for winterizing if you are caught off guard and don't have any antifreeze? Just wondering exactly what the purpose of these are. Thanks!
JoshuaH 11/18/19 12:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fresh water tank under camper-Camping in colder weather.

Thanks everyone. I'm not planning on doing anything in really cold weather. Maybe mid 20s at night, and above freezing during the day. We were planning on doing a trip this weekend into next week, but we are forcasted one of the days to have a hi for 31 and a low of 17, just a bit too cold for the whole family.
JoshuaH 11/06/19 07:53am Beginning RVing
Fresh water tank under camper-Camping in colder weather.

We just bought a, Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS The fresh water tank is under the camper. I've read the entire manual online and watched a lot of the winterizing videos, but I don't see anything mentioned about this tank, and I didn't see an obvious way to drain it either. Question, if at night the temp gets below freezing and there is water in this tank, but not full, will it damage it? Are there heater kits that can be bought to allow using this tank if electricity is available? Would it be possible to add a smaller tank somewhere inside the camper, there would be room under one of the seats or under the bed and put in a valve to use this tank instead during colder weather? I'd gladly give up a little bit of storage space for this. Thanks for any input you have.
JoshuaH 11/05/19 05:10pm Beginning RVing
Thought on the Coachman Clipper Ultra Lite 17BH?

My local dealer has a 2018 Coachman Clipper Ultra Lite 17BH, They want to move it, we took a look at it yesterday, they have it listed at 11,500, however he said make an offer, which means they would take less. We currently have a 2003 Trail Lite bantam B817, it has some problems and we would like to have full hard side camper as we like to do winter camping off grid, and don't want to deal with pop outs any more. I realize this will actually be a bit of a smaller camper, but it is only my wife and my 3 year old son. Just looking for some thoughts on this particular brand/model? Thanks!
JoshuaH 10/30/19 10:26am Travel Trailers
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