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Water hose threads...

Objective here is humor. I’ve read a lot of threads here- lots of blow-hards...You MUST use white RV hose- green ones are ‘poisonous’. But as a kid, I drank from them. Anyway- camping right now, with fancy new white hoses, and the water is ‘big time hose flavored” (eye roll). Maybe we should use the right ones, but then again, maybe it’s mostly bologna. Anyway, we’re filling a water jug for drinking directly from the faucet, just because it tastes better. LOL
K3WE 07/20/20 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: replacement hand held shower

We dry camp sometimes, so not only are we concerned with the higher water flow, most RV type shower heads have a quick shut off for "military style" showering.
K3WE 03/03/20 11:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: Would You Camp at a Place Like This??

Not reading the whole thread. Solitude is really nice. Throwing the kiddies into a swimming pool and having fun with neighbors is nice too. The best part is that the camper works fine at both.
K3WE 03/03/20 11:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: which size drinking water hose?

***I use 1/2" hose instead of 5/8" so that there is less warm water between the hydrant and the RV. A hose can get very warm if direct sun can hit it.*** I have used both sizes and given the small size of RV plumbing haven't found the 1/2" hose limiting in volume. Agree with your comment + others that say 1/2 is easier to handle. I lean towards 1/2".
K3WE 03/03/20 10:41pm Beginning RVing
Loud Water Pump

We have a new camper and the water pump really resonates on the floor. I think the pump is fine, but it's bolted to the floor under the kitchen sink- and vibrates just right for the floor to really amplify it. I've got an idea or two to put some padding between it and the floor, but would also like to see if other folks here have come up with some brilliant solutions. Thanks.
K3WE 11/16/19 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: "A-B" Battery Switch

I do have switches that allow either/or/both. Mostly I use both. That's the deal- but the question is if you really ever NEEDED to use single batteries.
K3WE 10/20/19 04:47am General RVing Issues
RE: "A-B" Battery Switch

I'm thinking it might be worth it to simply hook them both up "full time". Any other thoughts or great stories from folks on this subject? Since there are parasitic loads on the batteries, how do you intend to disconnect? Using the nifty isolate/off switch on the new camper or the nifty wing nuts on a terminal. Please note the quote marks on "full time"
K3WE 10/20/19 04:40am General RVing Issues
"A-B" Battery Switch

A very specific objective here: A little discussion from folks who have asked themselves the same question. First, the context, we have had two batteries for ~20 years and dry camp from time to time. I wired in an marine battery selector switch. The bottom line is that we almost never used it, and I'm trying to decide if it's really worthwhile to replace it on our new camper. I know someone will suggest we forget about switching and get two 6V batteries. We may do that someday- but given that- through a turn of events, wound up with two new 12V batteries. I'm thinking it might be worth it to simply hook them both up "full time". Any other thoughts or great stories from folks on this subject?
K3WE 10/19/19 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas water heater not turning on

Late to the party here, but you are giving it a minute to heat up the thermocouple? If you "let go" of the light setting two quick, the gas shuts down.
K3WE 10/16/19 03:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Slides- Important stuff AND what they don't tell you.

Good, informative replies. Thanks!
K3WE 10/16/19 02:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

"Aliens teleport all the world's porcelain toilets to their deathstar, leaving nothing but exposed sewer pipes in the stalls." Oh Great! Now I have something else to worry about. Thanks for ruining my day. :SBoycott the Aliens!!! They are taking away our rights to poop in porcelain toilets! I'm going to find as many toilet forums as I can and spread the word! Join me!!Sounds like a lot of paper work. I guess if I ever go to a campground where I THOUGHT I could have a fire and told I can't, I will be bummed. In the meantime, I can think of all sorts of reasons to ban this or that in the way of fires THAT DEPEND ON THE SITUATION IN THE CAMPGROUND. Are we really out in a good moist woods, with plenty of space, or is the place tight, or dry, or any other number of things. If it's a concern, I guess the OP should call ahead. As far as an organized thanks, too many variables for knee-jerk-public-opinion-flame wars. But, perhaps we do need to boycott those porcelain stealing aliens, in the meantime, I am relaxed knowing that my RV has the basic plastic special.
K3WE 10/11/19 03:08pm General RVing Issues
Slides- Important stuff AND what they don't tell you.

After 20+ years of RVing and the DW NOT appreciating me passing her in the narrow "hallway", we will soon own a camper with a slide out. So a question that goes in the NEWBIE forum :-) First war stories- We just almost struck out on finding one that was "fully usable" with the slide in...Just in the past year, OK floor plans were changed to things were the slideout really blocks tings! Second- what happens when the slide is only out a little bit- It appears we might want to bump it out just a foot or so for the lunch break? Third- what else are the watchouts? I'll have to learn a new way to "watch for" the power pedestal to know that I will miss it when the slide goes out. Are there ramifications for water proofing, or gaps underneath with it partially out. I think I know that you need to be sure you don't trap a bunch of leaves & other stuff in when you close it up. Thanks.
K3WE 10/11/19 02:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: General thoughts on Hybrids

SLIGHTLY off topic as I'm asking more about T(oad)Vs rather than T(ow)Vs.Most important is how you going to pull the toad and that it is rated four-down if that is what you expect. I think you will get more from a plug-in hybrid and my perception is Toyota has a superior system right now. To be honest, we are TT folks and NOT looking for a true TOAD as much as our "normal car"...but knew the motorheads here would provide a few bits of insight. I actually UNDERSTAND things just fine- but was after what I like to call "the intangibles"... I learned that battery life (as in YEARS of life) is not much of an issue. Aside from that- they are still more expensive (how much will vary), still provide markedly improved MPG in "city driving", and may have improved mechanical life due to the electrical stuff TENDING to be simpler than traditional transmissions and drive trains. (Not that the car, as a whole, is may be more complicated). Thanks all, good discussion.
K3WE 10/02/19 10:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: General thoughts on Hybrids

The reason I ask is the DW was car shopping and was told that "hybrids only cost $800 more than equivalents with engines". And hinted that this was the future for smaller cars and that this would have service and resale benefits. Who gave your DW this information, the sales people? Did they tell her that hybrids have gas engines? Bad writing-I meant "equivalents with ONLY a combustion engine."
K3WE 10/02/19 12:04am Tow Vehicles
General thoughts on Hybrids

SLIGHTLY off topic as I'm asking more about T(oad)Vs rather than T(ow)Vs. BUT, this is the motorhead sub-forum - engines and drive trains and MPGs and all that fun stuff. What do "we" think about hybrids these days? The reason I ask is the DW was car shopping and was told that "hybrids only cost $800 more than equivalents with engines". And hinted that this was the future for smaller cars and that this would have service and resale benefits. The gas mileage is certainly tempting- and MAYBE electric motors and generators can be more reliable that gears and drive trains. But, I was thinking after 4 years, you better be ready for a SERIOUS battery replacement bill? Always look forward to discussions. (that's the objective)
K3WE 10/01/19 04:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV toilet paper

We used some ‘premium’ stuff one trip and had TP clumps that didn’t flush out well. No clog, but there might be something to going with lighter TP, and or the jar test. On the other hand, after reading tons of these threads, I don’t know if anyone ever reported genuine problems.
K3WE 08/17/19 08:08am Beginning RVing
Upgrading to 35 lb tanks- super quick.

For most new trailers equipped with 25 lb LP tanks on the toungue, can you basically swap them out for 35 lb tanks, or do you need to lengthen the hose and/or lengthen the threaded rod that holds them? Doesn't seem like rocket surgery to adapt, but curious if you need to adapt anything at all. Thanks. (Note: I am sure there are exeptions)
K3WE 08/11/19 09:50am General RVing Issues
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