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RE: 30A adapter

Yes, you can use an adapter. That generator will be really loud and suck down fuel like crazy.
KD4UPL 05/07/21 06:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Which of these 3 battery brands would you choose?

I would put Trojan at the top of the quality list and they are likely at the top of the price list as well. For a good quality vs. price I typically use Deka batteries. Interstate doesn't make batteries. I don't know who is currently making theirs, it changes every couple of years. Not long ago it was Johnson Controls. They may be a fine battery but I have no experience with them.
KD4UPL 05/04/21 07:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Built-in generator oil change

I would probably just suck it out the fill port. There are vacuum pumps made for this. They are most often used to change the oil on inboard boat engines. A look thru a marine website for oil change pump should get you there.
KD4UPL 05/02/21 07:58am Truck Campers
RE: Surge protectors and Joules

Other than lightening I would think that large inductive loads starting and stopping would be most likely to produce a surge. If you're in a small rural campground it's probably less of an issue then if you're in a campground closer to large industry that may have large motors. Campgrounds near amusement parks and water parks would likely be more susceptible to spikes form all the ride and pump motors. However, some campgrounds may have some rather large motors on pool pumps, well pump, sewer treatment pumps, etc.
KD4UPL 05/02/21 07:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Breakdown with Truck Camper?

BFL13, How close was your rear axle weight with the TC in "normal" configuration? I'm curious if lifting the front of the truck up and tilting everything else backward would put additional weight on the rear axle. Since TC owners are often close on axle and tire weights this may put it over. For a short emergency tow I guess it's no problem but running an hour it might? It's not something I ever thought about with my TC and thankfully never needed a tow.
KD4UPL 04/28/21 07:48pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Ford as a tow vehicle

Your truck has a 5.3L engine, not a 5.7L engine. I mention that so you will have better luck searching for the aftermarket modification to defeat the AFM feature. It can be done and it should solve your problem without trading trucks. Chevy ONLY put this system on the 5.3L engine. None of the other truck engines have it so you don't need to necessarily avoid a Chevy truck if you choose to trade away from this engine instead of modifying it. No "1/2 ton" truck can tow a 13,000 pound RV because you won't have enough payload to support the likely 2,000 pounds of tongue weight plus the WDH, passengers, and stuff. If you were towing a 13,000 pound boat or a flatbed load of bricks with a lower percentage of tongue weight than an RV then I see no trouble using a truck at it's rated tow capacity.
KD4UPL 04/27/21 07:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax batteries drained by camper while plugged in.

GM trucks have nothing to disconnect the camper batteries from the truck batteries. They are constantly hooked together as long as the 7 pin plug from the camper is plugged into the trailer. The solution is to unplug the cord from the truck when dry camping. Or, you can install a switch in the charge line and turn that off. If you want to automate the process I would install an automatic charge relay from Blue Sea systems or another reputable brand.
KD4UPL 04/26/21 06:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

I have 2 Honda EU2200 generators. They have performed flawlessly. I don't buy anything at HF except storage totes, bungee cords, etc. I don't trust their power tools and I certainly wouldn't buy one of their generators. I have no experience with either of the models you listed. I borrowed a champion 3100 open frame generator once; it had rather poor voltage regulation.
KD4UPL 04/26/21 06:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Problem with AGM Batteries

Have you cleaned and tightened the connections? I agree, if you have a factory converter it's probably not taking very good care of your batteries. I would separate them and test individually. One may be bad and the other okay. The problem with that is you don't want a new battery mixed with a 4 year old battery so you still would want to replace them both.
KD4UPL 04/25/21 06:24am Tech Issues
RE: Generator stalls

Likely fuel related. How full is the tank? The generator will only draw the tank down to about 1/4 so make sure it's above that. The engine doesn't draw much fuel at idle and lightly loaded; a clogged filter would only show itself when a load is put on the generator. Or, you could have an air leak somewhere in the fuel system including a loose filter. Have you tried tightening it? The flashing light is giving you a fault code. Have you looked it up in the manual?
KD4UPL 04/10/21 01:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Best shock for a light weight pop up truck camper

I always put the jacks down when I was camped in the TC so it was nice and solid. The best shocks for a heavy load hauling pick-up are probably Bilstein or KYB Monomax. I've had both and I liked the KYB a little better. But, neither is really going to stop the slight movement when you're parked.
KD4UPL 04/08/21 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: GM announces their Electric Silverado half ton.

I wish they would give a realistic range when being used as a truck. I'm guessing 400 miles is empty, no trailer, no tool boxes or ladder racks to mess up the aerodynamics, not in four wheel drive off road, and no heat, AC, lights, wipers, defroster, etc. being used. What's the range when loaded with 1,500 pounds of tools and supplies while towing a skid loader on a trailer at night in a snow storm. That's how I seem to end up using my trucks. Do they do that with gas half tons? Look, I wasn't insulting the truck or the technology. All I'm saying is since this is something new that people aren't nearly as familiar with a much better metric of describing range would be VERY useful. I think most people have been around gas powered vehicle long enough they know what to expect. Not so with electric. For instance, today I drove 100 miles to a rural construction site, worked all day, hooked up to a 6,500 pound trailer, and drove 100 miles back home. I have absolutely no idea if an electric truck could have done this or not because they don't publish any kind of data like that.
KD4UPL 04/07/21 07:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM announces their Electric Silverado half ton.

I wish they would give a realistic range when being used as a truck. I'm guessing 400 miles is empty, no trailer, no tool boxes or ladder racks to mess up the aerodynamics, not in four wheel drive off road, and no heat, AC, lights, wipers, defroster, etc. being used. What's the range when loaded with 1,500 pounds of tools and supplies while towing a skid loader on a trailer at night in a snow storm. That's how I seem to end up using my trucks.
KD4UPL 04/06/21 08:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6v Battery replacement

Batteries are like everything else right now; it's ridiculously hard to find anything to buy. I buy hundreds of Deka batteries for off grid solar system. My local Deak dealers has been having great difficulty sourcing batteries for me including 6v GC. If he happens to call the warehouse right when they get a pallet in it's fine. If it's just after the pallet sells out there's quite a wait. I've had to take some "other" brand batteries just to finish some jobs. It's the same with trucks, bicycles, circuit breakers, PVC conduit, etc. Factories just can't keep up with the demand, particularly given all fires, freezes, tornadoes, covid, etc. I'd absolutely go back with Deka if you can find them. Concord and Trojan would also be excellent choices.
KD4UPL 04/04/21 08:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: satellite radio and gps antenna

I had my sat antenna mounted on the front corner of the hood. Even then it would still loose signal sometimes when driving north.
KD4UPL 03/31/21 05:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for SUV recommendation

There are a lot of small SUVs rated for about 5,000 pounds towing. I would stay away from most of them. They are unibody which means no actual frame. Some may not allow the use of a weight distributing hitch which you will need. They are not really meant for regular towing, their rating is largely just a marketing tool. I would look at a Tahoe or Suburban from GM or an Expedition from Ford. A Durango might be good too but I've never like Chrysler automatic transmissions.
KD4UPL 03/31/21 05:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone making a reliable new truck now?

Not all Chevy engines "drop cylinders". The 6.0 never did in any form that I'm aware of; neither did the 8.1. big block. The new 6.6L gas doesn't have that "feature" either. I'm not sure about the 6.2L in the 1500's. Mainly, it's just the 5.3L in the 1500 trucks. If you're looking for a truck to carry a camper you don't want a 1500 anyway so a Chevy should be just fine for you.
KD4UPL 03/23/21 07:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Considering 2012-2015 Suburban, have a few questions

I have a 2009 2500 Suburban. It gets around 14 mpg running "empty" which is just a driver and some tools in the back. When I pull my boat I have my family of 5 in side and the boat and trailer weigh about 6,500 pounds total. I get about 10 MPG with the boat. This is generally all highway and interstate driving. I use cruise control the vast majority of the time and set it to the speed limit when not towing. When I am towing I set it to 65 even though the speed limit is 70. My Suburban has 3.73 gears in it. I really wish it had 4:10. Not that it tows bad now but in rolling terrain like we have in VA and WV it seems like I'm always either downshifting to go up a hill or downshifting going down a hill to keep it at the cruise control speed. I've found that if i lock out 6th gear it maintains speed both up and down hills a lot better.
KD4UPL 03/22/21 06:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Value of used RV

Start with NADA and then jack it up a lot. Prices are crazy right now.
KD4UPL 03/21/21 07:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Old Vs New Rig

How many quads? What's the weight of the trailer fully loaded? It's just a guess but I wouldn't think that MH is rated to tow much more than 5,000 pounds.
KD4UPL 03/20/21 02:13pm Class A Motorhomes
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