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RE: 2009 Burb

If you want a Suburban for towing I would probably try to find a 2500 Suburban. They have significantly higher towing and payload. It seems that many people don't even know they exist because GM never really advertised them. If they would have they may have sold more and thus kept them in production. I purchased a 2009 2500 Suburban to haul my family and tow my boat; it weighs about 6,500 pounds. A 2500 will have a 6.0L engine which is an extremely durable and reliable engine. The 6 speed automatic in the 2500s automatically downshifts when slowing down and also downshifts to help maintain cruise control speed when going downhill. Mine was supposedly a former Border Patrol unit. I can tell it used to have a lot of two-way radios and light bars installed. Mechanically it's been fine. It tows my boat with ease.
KD4UPL 07/19/19 06:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Help Selecting a Generator

Cummins Onan Quiet Diesel is what I would go with. They can throttle back and run at minimum RPM necessary to power the load. This is just like what the little portable gas powered inverter generators do.
KD4UPL 07/19/19 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Longest lasting batteries

I agree, if you got 7 1/2 years out of what you have that's exactly what I'd put back in there. There's really only 3 or 4 battery manufacturers in the whole country: East Penn, Excide, Johnson Controls, and maybe one other. Every battery you see at an auto parts store, walmart, etc. comes from one of the big makers.
KD4UPL 07/18/19 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Longest lasting batteries

I agree, if you got 7 1/2 years out of what you have that's exactly what I'd put back in there. There's really only 3 or 4 battery manufacturers in the whole country: East Penn, Excide, Johnson Controls, and maybe one other. Every battery you see at an auto parts store, walmart, etc. comes from one of the big makers.
KD4UPL 07/18/19 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: High mile gas engine trucks

100,000 is nothing. I bought my 2009 2500 Suburban with 99,000 on it specifically for towing. It was and still is the lowest mileage (of 4)vehicle I own. It currently has about 107,000 on it. In June we pulled the boat to Gatlinburg, TN for a week. I was curious what our overall weight was so I weighed it at a truck stop. Suburban, boat, family, and gear was 13,740 pounds.
KD4UPL 07/18/19 04:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5 liter SUVs and truck capability.

The 5.3L was never available in a GMT400. I've never towed with a 5.4 but I've never heard anyone claim they made much power. Any owner I've ever talked to claims it can't get out of it's own way.
KD4UPL 07/18/19 04:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dmax Suburban for sale - $60k

Before I bought my '09 2500 Suburban I looked at a few Duramax swapped vehicles that were in the upper $20,000 to $30,000 range. It was tempting but I just couldn't justify the extra cost. My stock 6.0 '09 pulls my 6,500 pound boat over the mountains just fine. I can't imagine spending $60,000 on any vehicle, certainly not a used one.
KD4UPL 07/17/19 06:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicle Tire Pressure

If your tires say max 35 they are likely P passenger car tires. I would recommend upgrading to LT Light Truck tires. They will have a stiffer side wall and perform better towing. Don't ever inflate over the MAX cold tire pressure listed on the side wall. If you got the 35 psi from the door sticker and the tires say 40 or 45 psi or something like that then I would absolutely go to the tire limit if you don't know your axle weights. However: Tire manufacturer's have load inflation tables. You just use the table to see what inflation pressure you need in the tires to support the weight they are carrying. Most vehicles do NOT need maximum tire pressure to support the actual weight on the tires. Going to MAX pressure "just because" is a great way to make the ride rougher. It could possibly also wear out the center of the tires faster if they are severely over inflated.
KD4UPL 07/14/19 06:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery box size

Some battery cases do swell and contract slightly due to changes in temperature and state of charge. It's very slight but if you had the box too tight it may be a problem. Insulation isn't a bad idea. Heat mats? I don't know about that. I presume they would need to powered by the batteries to provide heat? That negatives probably outweigh the positives on that one. Pardon the battery pun.
KD4UPL 07/14/19 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Campground Breakers - EDITED

He actually said breakers never wear out with a straight face? They do. Just like everything else in this world. I've been a master electrician for almost 20 years. I've replaces many a breaker that was over heating and tripping with a load under it's rating. The contacts contacts get pitted, the springs get weak, the internal conductors corrode, etc.
KD4UPL 07/13/19 07:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why does my Truck Camper list toward the driver side

My TC made my 3500 sit lower on the passenger side. That side of the camper had the awning, refrigerator, battery, and generator. Also the waste tanks were offset to that side. I ran about 20 psi more air pressure in the passenger side air bag and that leveled it right up. If you keep putting the same amount of pressure in your bags your just raising the unlevel camper higher in the air. Take some air out of the high side until it's level.
KD4UPL 07/10/19 07:36pm Truck Campers
RE: What gauge wire do I use

To meet code for 30 amps #10. Nobody really calculates voltage drop on interior residential circuits because they aren't long enough for it to matter. The NEC RECOMMENDS that you don't exceed 5% total voltage drop from the service to the end device. They also RECOMMEND no more than 3% drop in a circuit or feeder. I have a Southwire voltage drop app on my phone, I use it just about every day. For your application: 200', 30 amps, 120v you would need #4 copper to be under 3% and #6 copper to be under 5%.
KD4UPL 07/10/19 07:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Should I get a 2020 GM 3500 DRW or a 4500?

The big question you didn't answer is: What are you going to use the truck for? I have pushed my '05 Chevy dually well past it's GVWR numerous times with both my TC and my work. I often have the truck's axles supporting over 12,000 pounds while pulling another 14,000 or so pounds. It's done well but I always figured the next truck would be a 4500 and I was excited to see Chevy make them again. But, a new 3500 is so much more capable than my '05 that with my same weights I would be within it's ratings. I've sat in a 5500 and while really nice it is also really tall. I wish they had kept them low like RAM and Ford did, basically still pick-up height. The big problem with the tall cab is that it would be nearly impossible to use it for a truck camper. You would have to raise the camper up to clear the tall cab. That's not something I really want to do. As for the bed, I run a flatbed with boxes above and below. Previously I had a utility body with storage. Both of these are for my business use but they worked out great with TCs too. I had plenty of storage for tools, fluids, cord, hoses, camp chairs, etc. even with the TC in the bed. If you want to pull a FW a nice hauler bed would give you lots of storage and make hitching and unhitching the FW real easy. The real kicker is they lowered the HP and torque on the 4500 and larger trucks. They are still incredible powerful but not absurdly powerful like the 3500. I've decided my next truck will be a 3500 ordered with no bed so I can have a new utility bed put on it.
KD4UPL 07/10/19 07:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electrical help!!

He “accidentally” did it because the previous wiring to his barn was not using the correct color coded wires. Everything to the breaker boxes was colored wrong so he ran an outlet off it to a 30a outlet that was 240 not 120 Well that makes it his fault. Why is he not responsible for the damage? I'd get a professional to repair everything and take him to court if he won't pay the damage.
KD4UPL 07/08/19 04:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Xantrex vs Magnum

Magnum is a solid unit but probably on the lower end as far as features. Outback is nearly indestructible and has some fancier programming options. I have no experience with Victron. Hybird mode: If you're running a small generator and it won't power your load the inverter will "help" the generator by providing additional power to the load. It pulls this power from the batteries which are not being recharged while doing this. So, it only works for so long. Eventually, theoretically, your load drops to where the generator can handle it alone and the inverter recharges the batteries.
KD4UPL 07/08/19 04:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Jake vs Exhaust Brake

I would get the Banks Speed Brake. You just plug it in and it uses your turbo vanes as an exhaust brake. True Jake brakes are not available for pick-up trucks.
KD4UPL 07/08/19 04:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electrical help!!

The fridge is basically just a heating element; it's probably burned out. That should be an easy repair. I would absolutely make the renter pay for all the damage. You can't "accidentally" plug it into 240v. The 30A RV plug is a 120v design. The only way you can get 240v on it is to mangle the blades and jam it into the wrong rec or build your own crazy adapter. What I'm saying is it was intentionally plugged into 240v. Not that he was trying to fry it but you have to really try to do what he did. I'm assuming, of course, that this is a 30A RV. If you have a 50 amp service that changes everything. Those are 240/120v.
KD4UPL 07/08/19 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Reliability of new 2015 6.7 powerstroke or Cummins Diesel

There have been no significant failures noted on the forums of 2015 and newer Fords or Rams. Or GM for that matter. If you find one of any well maintained, low mileage, and in good condition that fits your butt and pleases your eyes, then I think you could rest easy about buying it. Best not to buy it unless it has new injectors. At 3-5 thousand bucks for a set they only good for 100 k miles because on a newer common rail fuel system your 10 times more likely to ruin an engine if one goes out and they aren't reliable past about 100k miles. Are you serious? You must be thinking about the old 2001 - 2004.5 Duramax LB7. The factory original injectors in my '05 Chevy Duramax have 248,000 miles and no hint of a problem. I've never heard anyone say modern fuel injectors are only good for 100,000 miles.
KD4UPL 07/06/19 05:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper with trailer length

I wouldn't worry about the length. I used to pull a 20' boat behind my truck camper; actual length on the trailer was probably closer to 23'. I used a 48" hitch extension to get the ball back past my 11' TC. It handled really well but boats don't have that much hitch weight. If there was any advantage to you going with a smaller trailer it would probably be for less overall weight and less tongue weight.
KD4UPL 07/06/19 11:56am Truck Campers
RE: Vehicle shopping: Large SUV with removable rear seats?

Suburban and Tahoe 3rd row sears remove with no tools and have handles and little roller wheels to help move them.
KD4UPL 07/05/19 06:41pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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