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RE: Xantrez ProSine 2.0 Inverter Charger 2000W

Yes, they are repairable, however NOT easily Translate that to mean > $600 for repairs that was several years ago Many if not most of the repair parts are no longer available I trashed most of my spare parts several years back As others suggested get a new one with separate components as in Inverter, Charger and Transfer switch
KJINTF 10/12/21 04:54am Tech Issues
RE: 8 / 40 volts to 12 volts

Caution - I have a few of these devices and am NOT impressed (20amp, 6amp and a 3amp). The 20amp one has huge AC spikes on the 12.35Vdc output. Output regulation is OK at best with the boost / buck conversion. They will not operate an IP camera with their excessive AC spikes which are at 500mmsec intervals. Used a 20volt Dewalt tool battery and gave up.
KJINTF 07/25/21 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

Have to agree - no need to confuse the crowd or start an argument Yes, I believe the Li system uses GBS cells not 100% sure since they have been in there for going on 7 years now. Don't even see them (do remotely monitor the cells and pack status) for years at a time they simply work. Unfortunately I still have 200amp/hrs of the old heavy high maintenance FLA GC batteries that demand attention almost every trip.
KJINTF 07/11/21 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

full mosey You are correct - there is a difference between Cells and a "Battery" To confuse things even more my cells are LiFeMnPO4 200amp prismatic I strapped 4 of them together and bolted on connections to make my "Battery" I almost always refer to the cells as LiFe or LIFE only because most folks get confused with the Mn / Manganese (hope its spelled correctly)
KJINTF 07/11/21 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

No Fuss at all! I highly recommend the LIFE cells They just work - even in the winters/summers of Montana Had my 4 LIFE 200amp cells for going on 7 years now No BMS - just four 200amp LIFE Cells strapped together Use a simple $15 Cell Log 8 to monitor cell performance They all track <30mv difference all the time from full charge to full discharge They easily supply enough for a 2KW psw inverter which powers my 1Kw Microwave
KJINTF 07/08/21 05:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Winnebago Sunstar 27N Question

Purchased our 27' Itasca Sunstar Class A 8.1 new in 2008 One AC has severed us well never ran across a need for more AC more heat maybe We are out west and high in elevation not in the humid south or Arizona heat I remove the mirrors every October when the Rig goes into a heated barn (with 10ft doors mirrors attached the rig is 10.6) for the winter, reinstall in April. The mirrors were factory installed with simple wood screws, they were not designed to be removed and installed but a few times. My solution threaded inserts and proper stainless machine screws / bolts - this has worked great for 12 to 15 years now. Yes you can easily tow a Jeep - I tow a 2003 Rubicon up/down the Rockies most every summer.
KJINTF 04/05/21 05:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: LiFePO4 - SOK or Renogy.

"From my perspective, it became evident a long while back that much of this thread’s discourse has little to do with factual battery talk, and more to do with the malicious forum peddling of one’s own pseudoscience..." The exact reason why many of us do not bother to post much of anything anymore on this forum
KJINTF 03/10/21 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

Never saw a need for a BMS - Just another thing to go wrong Balancing of the cells has not been an issue Quality cells have been staying within 10 to 15mv from high to low with very limited intervention
KJINTF 03/03/21 05:37am Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

Itinerant1 It's a home brew hybrid Pb/Li system with several different charging parameters and charging sources. A hobby that turned into an obsession. To date have not removed the Li cells from the RV but have once or twice manually balanced the cells with external loads. We have several custom modified converters along with DC-DC chargers (just returned a Victron Orion-TR Smart 30amp IMO a POS due to it's lack of functionality, no way to adjust the output current) along with solar. Always something to keep busy never dull moment
KJINTF 03/02/21 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: For BFL13 et al... FLA vs AGM vs Li vs heated Li

3 Tons Now you know of someone that operates a home made 200amp 4 cell LiFe prismatic battery with no "installed" BMS. I built it from CALAB cells several years ago. It is my belief there are many others with similar installations most just not making comments here. Mine has been installed and fully operational for well over 5 years in the RV. I have a few Cell Log 8 battery monitors and audio visual alarms to help me keep and eye on the individual cells, nothing more. So far all has been wonderful no balance issues with charging or discharging. One of the best upgrades to date for our old RV.
KJINTF 03/02/21 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Confusion

I will probably take some heat here but I dont like victron, I think they are way over priced and you are paying for the name. years ago they were the best but with the emergance of renogy and a couple others I dont think they are nessasary anymore. at that price anyways I agree - Returned my Victron Orion-TR Smart 30amp DC-DC charger due to missing functionality. Looking at the Renogy 40amp version. Any other brands I should be looking at? My application requires the ability to reduce the load current at times while keeping the same charging voltage profile. The missing functionality is the ability to adjust / reduce the output current.
KJINTF 03/01/21 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: Renogy DC-DC Charger UPDATE 2 Test

BLF - Thanks for the response - sorry to have interrupted your thread I received my answer from Victron The Orion-TR Smart DC-DC converters - Do NOT have the ability to adjust output or input current. For my application this renders these converters useless. I have to suggest folks stay away from Victron as a supplier of DC-DC chargers
KJINTF 02/28/21 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: Renogy DC-DC Charger UPDATE 2 Test

" The Renogy one has a current-limiting feature that cuts the current to half. Don't know about other ones. How exactly is this accomplished? Thanks! for your edit I was hoping to get a fully programmable current limiting output. My Victron when "on" goes full throttle no way to limit the current, as far as I can tell without a voltage adjustment. Been emaiing the folks at Victron so far it's been a one way conversation.
KJINTF 02/28/21 07:11am Tech Issues
RE: Renogy DC-DC Charger UPDATE 2 Test

Not sure about the wiring of the Renogy but would assume it is similar to my Victron 12-12 Orion-Tr 30amp. The "-" connection to the source and load are isolated on the device, however can be connected together and do get connected together when the source and load share a common "-" ground. Question for you guys Anyone find a way to adjust the output/load current of a DC-DC converter? Temporarily lowering the charge voltage does the job but is not as "clean" as desired. The Bluetooth app does not offer any current adjustment that I can find only a custom voltage charge profile. I charge a 200amp LiFe four cell prismatic home brew battery which will easily take the full 30amp from the DC-DC charger thus consuming 40+ amps from the source. My desire is to throttle back the charge current at times when the solar is not doing enough to keep up. The solar charges a 200amp PB battery bank. Don't care if it takes longer to charge the Li. I do not want to see my Pb bank get discharged while charging the Li bank. Yes I understand I could set the source cut off voltage high enough to eliminate the possibility of too much discharge but again it is not a "clean" solution and would cause the cycling on/off issue.
KJINTF 02/28/21 06:54am Tech Issues
RE: pd4045ka converter section blown

Converters are actually very easy to repair any competent repair shop should be able to get if fixed up for less than $30. Typically the repair parts are < $5.00. Drill the rivets out and take a look inside
KJINTF 01/02/21 09:34am Tech Issues
RE: Small PSW Inverter

I have had two these exact inverters for 6 or 8 months now - they work Also have two of the Morningstar Pure sine 300watt inverters One of them let the magic smoke out after 3 months of operation Very impressed with this one - Sure there are some issues Cut the plug end off and replace it with a proper connector Unplug it when not in use and you are good to go for the price they are a very good value Low cost w/ Good quality - Not cheap but low cost The difference between Cheap and low cost - Quantity Vs Quality
KJINTF 12/15/20 12:33pm Tech Issues
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