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RE: Firestone Ride-Rite Airspring Defective Design Bent Brackets

I found out immediately that the brackets were incorrect with my truck. It was obvious, immediately changes would have to be made. I get it installed after major changes and have the mechanical skills to make it right..but not everyone can do that. Airbags are not just a bolt on a go...not when I did mine. Maybe your lucky today, but this is a big prepared. There is a lot to it in the older 2nd Gen but it is well worth it in my situation. lots of pics just ask. I also have the onboard controller and compressor...this changes everything.
KKELLER14K 01/17/21 04:28am Truck Campers
RE: Putting camper on gravel

OMG!! just was going to throw out the critter warning..ants are hard to get rid of if you park it on gravel. Spray all around your tires and jacks with ant killer... they will invade your RV within a day. It is a fact that if they get inside they will build nests and you got a huge problem. I let mine sit with a series of bait traps..It was hard to see them work but I knew the poison was going back to the farm Sure enough...within 3 days...nothing. every critter is going to find a way....even us. So if your parking or storing for prepared. Nature will find you and will take full advantage of you not knowing what to do me.
KKELLER14K 01/10/21 01:10am Truck Campers
RE: New Truck or New Engine

Breakdowns and fails can happen at anytime regardless if a truck is brand new or of older age. It seems to be the luck of the draw. I have had many issues with my second gen Dodge, but the money it costs for a new truck way outweighs the cost of replacing parts that go bad. Luckily I have a manual transmission, which in my opinion is way more reliable than an auto in a dually truck. I bought this truck with 5k miles on it...long story will always have repairs, it is a machine and how it gets used depends on how much your maintenance will be. If it is paid for...well that is your choice if you want to sell it and go back into debt....unless you got loads of money to invest and you can take the depreciation....go for it.
KKELLER14K 12/30/20 04:39pm Truck Campers
RE: What the ??

I have had 3 trucks and 4 campers..I finally made it to a dually(horse before the carriage) another subject but I can haul or pull anything now(I have every option). A TC is so awesome for it allows you to go anywhere...but the cost is pricey for how small they are. I know, sticker shock. It really boils down to how you want to Glamp. A truck first is utility versatility and I would personally not have any use for an RV that sits as a one piece (A,B or C) TT maybe, but overall, it is the demand for the convenience..again you can go anywhere and are not limited to campgrounds or RV parks. It is the demand for a product that governs the price...obviously truck campers are just that, in demand...That is why we have one, everyone wants one that has a truck and boondocks. That is why we are here to talk about it. It also depends on how much you use it...break down the cost of a trip with airfare, motel stays, car rentals, food etc. and now with covid...who wants to do that? Not me.
KKELLER14K 12/18/20 07:18am Truck Campers
RE: New Truck or New Engine

I will chime in and make this quick. My 2nd Gen Dodge Dually diesel melted down #6 piston at 53k miles because of using after market oil filters.(clogged the oil nozzle at the end of the oil galley) If you ever rebuild...never use anything but the Fleetguard filters. I got lucky. I was able to do a full on rebuild top to bottom for under 4000, I do all my work. Depending on your situation, look at the price of new trucks. A rebuild is way more an option these days as long as you want to go through the process. Doing an engine is a major project but so is a clutch If you have a manual. Don't chump out. If you have it change it out...regardless. Breaking it apart again is not what you want to do a year later.
KKELLER14K 12/07/20 06:54pm Truck Campers
Does anyone use an aftermarket Tire pressure system?

I am in the market for this insurance..and since my last trip to Texas had me with not one, but two tire failures, I figure for safety concerns, it's time to bite the bullet. I'm really not wanting a brand war as to keep it a clean post but as to... do you have one, do you like what you have, does it do the job and is it worth it??
KKELLER14K 12/02/20 04:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

OMG NO!..urcrazy!
KKELLER14K 11/28/20 12:37am Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

OH no the mirror option is horrible...power heated trailer mirrors are a must in my book....and it is not 4x4?...MM, it's your call but I would not even consider owning this rig...just my opinion.
KKELLER14K 11/26/20 06:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually!! You want a Dually? GO DIESEL! Don't do gas! NOOoo! Click on my profile. Sorry for being a pill but gasser in a dually is a big mistake IMHO.
KKELLER14K 11/25/20 12:51am Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

The truck bed is not on my hot list as to what you have found and what has been done to the truck bed.. that comes later. OK this is a 2000?... Laramie Dually? In Canada?...Right? With 120K on the truck? A leather package? This is worth explaining.. the truck you found has to be explained. Is this a 5.9 Cummins diesel? "AUTO" or 6 speed? Way to many questions..this could be a troll post. It does not make sense. I have a 2002 with 106k on sits for hauling RV...with a Cummins diesel jacked up for this year pulling with add on's....just does not sound right...but please correct me why this sounds odd..just scratching my head...MMM>?
KKELLER14K 11/25/20 12:47am Truck Campers
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

I am of the school of what works for you personally has to be carefully looked at but it all boils down to what do you do, what are your needs and how you use it. Having a TC offers so much versatility...we could go on and on....We all know it is compact, has maneuverability..especially with us 4x4 crowd. The use of our tow-ability is huge..trailers, name it is the TC truck combo that really knocks it out of the park...if versatility is what you want...this is your combo. Period.
KKELLER14K 11/08/20 07:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Any experience with a gas fire pit?

Adamis ...this is exactly the outcome I was looking for. The screened enclosure is a super plus. My wife hates the bugs, well me too.. let alone the smoke...we are both terribly allergic to fire smoke but enjoy having the sit around.. I have plenty of LPG, 4 large tanks and wood is not worth the hassle in my opinion. I don't discount those who go for the real thing ...but also given fire bans and just the thought of being a responsible custodian of the forest ..we believe this is a way better way to go.
KKELLER14K 10/30/20 01:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Firestone Ride-Rite Airspring Defective Design Bent Brackets

KKELLER14K 10/26/20 10:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Any experience with a gas fire pit?

Ok not the outcome I was looking for..Exploding logs was not expected...I know there is better than has already been shown that it is a better alternative... it is not horrible!!...without smoke or having to bring wood..keep it safe... ....tell us why wood fire is so great.. It is not a good thing with fire danger and embers in the air.....I like it but now we need to think another way...we can't keep setting the forests on fire..
KKELLER14K 10/22/20 02:19am Truck Campers
RE: What mistakes have you made that might help others...?

Outdoor speakers "WILL" eventually leak..guarantee it hands down. It then will cause delam...ditch this very damning option and find a way to seal it up...It was a really dumb idea. You want sound outside?? Buy a Bluetooth Bose.
KKELLER14K 10/20/20 01:10am Truck Campers
RE: Considering building camper from scratch...

Regardless of your choice on build material...wall structure is something to take a quick look at. Thermal break is what I have been looking at with a T stud design. take a quick look. It kind of looks like a truss..A lot of work to do..wood or metal but I am leaning toward making wood studs with a jig and dowels..seems a lot easier...but there is the skin, moisture control, insulation and interior walls that have to be considered...either way..Buy a plastic Tuff shed and go to town...throw it in the bed...LOL!!...or what about LINEX? Just build the box and have it coated...thought about that since I have a Linex in the bed of my truck...just throwing it out therejust for fun.
KKELLER14K 10/18/20 10:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Considering building camper from scratch...

Working on a tiny house 5th wheel....I'm in your corner. Jobless to consider such a build? You got to be kidding! I can't believe the statement..shocked. I built the entire house I live in, everything from the ground up. Golden mortgage, not enslaved to the bank. You think I or someone couldn't build something if we had a job? That statement is way in left field...I'm even guessing it is a troll statement..there are many many of us who have the knowledge and capability...especially that the OP has a greater experience with campers to begin go and do it...don't let anything stop you. When the time comes, chime in and give us an update..don't stop believing.
KKELLER14K 10/18/20 05:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Any experience with a gas fire pit?

MMM...ok so what is the rate of consumption?..but really is it that much? Regardless, bringing tanks of LPG is way better than wood... don't you think? just my opinion but it seems a better way.
KKELLER14K 10/17/20 11:25pm Truck Campers
Any experience with a gas fire pit?

Well..The wood campfire is getting outdated...smoke and fire danger is not a good idea anymore. So..the new way and clean way is to hook up a LPG camp fire...been looking at the options. Most of us already have an LPG outlet on the why not go this route? Just hook up the hose and turn it on ...instant campfire clean no smoke or chance to start a forest fire. Your thoughts?
KKELLER14K 10/17/20 09:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Finaly got my new ARB locker!

Check the profile but I have an 02 Dodge dually. With the floating front end on the Dodge there is no locking hubs. So the quick story is I'm on a snow covered road that pitches to one side....the front starts to slide down hill and as I try to turn back up hill, the front will spin only one tire. My mistake not having chains, which of course I carry always now was a learning curve. I had to use tree limbs to get the front to pull me back straight. I don't have a winch setup "yet" that is on the list but I will have the full pull If it was to happen again. I'm learning as I go but to me I think it will be a fun thing to install and it is an insurance that both tires are pulling when I need it... it will be there.
KKELLER14K 09/23/20 04:14pm Truck Campers
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