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RE: Granddesign 31MB

Thanks for the response. We just bought a small TT to get out during COVID. Since we stopped camping in 2015, I forgot how to relax. The DW suggested we get back in the fun. God bless her! Now, I’m rekindling the desire for a fifth wheel, and anticipate in the next two or three years we will make the jump when my truck has reached its time to go. It’s so discouraging to see the junk being built, even from one model to the next identical model sitting next to it. We have had great luck with K-Z in the past, so we went that route again. Although it seems to be well above most of what Others we looked at, it still is not like our last K-Z. I just realize that I can fix anything, and if it’s roofing or major structure issues, it’ll have to go in only because I don’t have the barn space snd size to open it up.
Kampfirekid 08/27/20 08:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Granddesign 31MB

So, at the end of the day, all RV manufacturers are the same. We got sucked in to the same think with Heartland about 15 years ago... just when they started to grow by leaps and bounds. Biggest piece of junk on the road we had, and they left us hanging. So, who are the premier RV manufacturers? Do they exist?
Kampfirekid 08/27/20 06:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Queen and bunk lengths

I know this is not helpful, and I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm sorry if it sounds like I am. But, if your son is 6 foot tall he will not want to go camping with you for very many more summers anyway. Purchase what you are comfortable with and tell the kid to be happy with taking him along and then tell him to go get his own TT in a year or two. I was 6' in 6th grade, lol. You really went out on a limb here. I, too, was very tall at an early age, as were both my kids. They are 17 and 19 Now, and WANT to go camping EVERY time we go. We are elated. Life is short. I’ll take them as long as they want to go, and once they go out on their own, they can follow with their own rigs, but frankly, the way this world is going, it will be a long, long time before they (and most young kids) can afford a decent tow rig and a camper to use 10-12x a year. We take friends a couple weekends a season and our kids stay home, so we NEED arrangements for another couple. Almost no trailers accommodate with two queens, so we would be forced to bunks. We tried considering recliners and tri-gold sodas, but they all were too heavy and long for us. The only trailers with long bunks we found were the K-Z Connect series, which we bought, or the Grand Design Imagine series. Other options were L-shaped bunks, but again, long and heavy.
Kampfirekid 08/26/20 06:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Queen and bunk lengths

We ran the same dilemma with me being 6’-5” and my son being 6’-4”. We purchased a K-Z Connect with their 50” x 75” bunks, giving over 90” crosswise. The queen up front for me is 75”, too, but there is a good walkway at the end, and my feet can hang over. They offer a Murphy bed model we almost bought, but opted for the front bedroom privacy with the sliding door.
Kampfirekid 08/23/20 05:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram Short Bed best slideer hitch

I do not own a fiver now, but am looking at options as we are considering upgrading in the near future. The way I look at it. The cost of the Pullrite over manual sliders is the cost substantially less than a cab and rear window repair if you forget to unlatch a manual slider, or are forced to I tighter turn than you realized. Better to be prepared for the likelihood you’ll probably forget to unlatch a manual.
Kampfirekid 08/22/20 12:45pm Towing
RE: New Heavy Chevy!

Nice truck! I thought by the title, I’d find one of those new abortions GM calls their Heavy Duty. Uuuuuugleeeee! Yours is timeless. The new one will be timeless, too, but only because they’ll need to change it in a year due to loss in sales. ??
Kampfirekid 08/21/20 06:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Deep metal "groaning sound" from hitch. Is this normal?

I’ve had many Equalizer brand hitches over the past 25 years. Never a noise issue. Picked up a new trailer two weeks ago. On the way home I crossed the scales to find they set the hitch up perfectly. However, we pulled it home about 60 miles and it was noisier than expected. I figured it was new. Bars were losing paint on wear surfaces... good. It’ll quiet up. Then went another 60 for our inaugural run the next weekend. The hitch was groaning so loud. I had to take the hitch apart. I found they never lubed the hitch at all. I had no reason to think... I thought... to lube the hitch right away. It’s new! They’ll do it! Riiiiiiiggggghhhhht. In 120 miles, the head was destroyed. Gouges of metal pulled from the wearing surfaces. Metal pulling up like “ feathers” from the friction surfaces. If I could figure out how to attach a picture, I would. It’s nasty.
Kampfirekid 08/02/20 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: I'm about to purchase '21 Heartland Mallard M26

We bought a North Trail when Heartland first started. When I tell the horror story, people cant believe we still camp. Not to scare you, because supposedly Heartland has improved, but make sure a) you have a great dealer that will support you, or b) feel comfortable performing all your own service and repairs. That goes for any brand. Also, check out the Heartland Owners Forum and review the posts on your model. Good luck!
Kampfirekid 08/02/20 07:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

After further research, the neutrals in the barn sub panel are NOT bonded to the sub panel box with the single green bonding screw. I was in error, as I saw a green screw at the top of each neutral terminal bar to the cross bar that ties them together. In the electrical world, green means “ground”. I ASSumed those screws bonded the neutral to the cabinet. So, the barn sub panel is not independently grounded to the earth with a ground rod. There is NO ground terminal strip in the barn sub panel. The ground from the house to the barn sub panel lands on a neutral bar in the sub panel, as does the ground wire from the house, as well. Do, in any event, the neutral and ground in the barn sub panel are only tied back to the house main panel. As I see it, will need to install a ground strip in the barn sub panel, a #6 ground wire to a ground rod outside the barn, and terminate the ground from the house panel to the ground strip in the sub panel. Then, all grounds in the sub panel, which there is only one for the RV plug, will terminate to the ground strip. I have no other grounds in the sub panel as I used EMT, which grounds back to the sub panel. - which is a better reason to get the sub panel independently grounded. Last plan is to install a ground stud on the metal siding of the barn and wire it to the ground strip in the barn sub panel to bond it all together..
Kampfirekid 07/22/20 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

So 3 wire 240v split phase.... not 4 wire. Dang I would be hoping the conduit is large enough to pull a ground wire. Good luck. There ARE four wires. Red (110V), Black (110V), White (neutral), and ground. My point is there is no ground wire from the barn sub panel to the earth... only the wire between the main house panel (neutral buss) and the barn sub panel neutral bus. Looks like what needs to happen is: 1) Removal of the bonding screw in the sub panel 2) Installation of a ground terminal strip In sub panel - bond to sub panel metal case 3) Installation of a ground rod at the sub panel 4) Installation of ground cable from ground strip in sub panel to ground rod 5) Reterminate any grounds (like this 30A RV outlet) on the ground terminal strip. All neutrals in sub panel then will go back to the house main panel, but barn circuit grounds will be separated and go to earth outside the barn (to earth).
Kampfirekid 07/20/20 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

I now verified the bonding screw is installed in the barns sub panel to bond the neutral to the Square D Barn service sub panel. However, the sub panel isn’t grounded, per say, as there is no wire to ground (rod). The conduit from the house to the barn sub panel is EMT, but it actually breaks before going underground and goes to PVC. That said, there actually is NO ground in the sub panel because the sub panel is NOT grounded. There is no ground strip in the sub panel with a wire heading out to the ground and a ground rod. So, the electrician used the neutral back to the house as the path to ground.
Kampfirekid 07/20/20 06:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

Eighteen years ago National Electric Code required the neutral bus and ground bus be separate, usually a single screw between the two buses would have to be installed to bond the two busses. Your barn panel should have a separate ground bus. Only the house panel should be bonded together. Talk to your electrician, ask him to correct it. You will be glad you did. Thanks for your help. I have a friend who is a retired electrician and stays up to date and certified in the most current NEC. I reached out to him. I looked at the sub panel In the barn. Clearly there are single screws at the top of each neutral buss bonding the two together with a strap across the top. One is not dedicated as a ground terminal strip. In fact, the large lug installed on the left neutral buss is the same one the ground wire from the house panel is terminated to. Everything I read says sub panels need to be grounded separately. There is no separate wire to a ground rod in the sub panel. Looks like an easy fix, but I see no provisions on the panel for grounding (I.e. a ground stud or terminal strip). I can’t figure out how this could have passed inspections Further review seems this work might have been done about 16 years ago. Regardless, it is pretty obvious, unless one of the neutral busses is grounded to the cabinet and I can’t see it.
Kampfirekid 07/20/20 05:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

To clarify, there are FOUR wires between the Main house 200A panel and the 100A barn panel. BOTH panels were installed at the same time about 18 years ago as I upgraded the house to a 200A panel. All was inspected and approved by the County Building Department. Both legs come into the barn panel to provide 220V. Then a same-size neutral comes in and is connected to the neutral buss, which has a plate connecting both neutral terminal strips on each side of the vertical runs of breakers. Then, the smaller ground wire is connected to the bottom of the left neutral terminal strip, right where other neutrals are terminated from a couple 110V receptacle circuits. The house built in 1967 was run in romex. About every run is a home run back to the house panel. I ran all 110V in the barn in EMT. I’m having a hard time believing both the electrician and the inspector were wrong, but hey, I’d rather be safe than sorry.
Kampfirekid 07/20/20 03:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

Is the barn a sub panel connected to the house main panel? Or direct feed from the utility transformer? Does the barn panel have a ground rod or does it have a ground wire feeding back to something else? Not that it matters but is the barn wired with two main breakers with split phase 240v service or is this just a single phase 120v service? The barn is a 100A sub-panel fed from the house main 200A panel, not separately fed from a transformer. The barn does NOT have separate ground rod. In the panel in the house, the ground wire leaving the house to go to the barn panel is terminated on a common ground/neutral buss. That same ground wire at the other end that reaches the barn panel is also terminated on a common ground/neutral buss. The barn has one main disconnect. It’s a standard SquareD 100A residential house panel. Thanks for your help.
Kampfirekid 07/20/20 09:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

That is correct. The neutral and ground are bonded at the main panel and kept separate in the RV. Okay, but to clarify, while the ground and neutral wires at the receptacle are separate, they both come back to the barn breaker box and terminate on a common or shared ground/neutral buss. So, in reality, they are NOT separate. Is there a danger of this? I verified at the main 200A power panel in house that feeds the 100A breaker panel in the barn, the ground wire feeding the barn panel is also terminated at the shared ground/neutral buss. There is no separate ground terminal in either panel, and I thought I read of concerns with voltage traveling from the neutral thru to the ground if shared.
Kampfirekid 07/20/20 08:12am Travel Trailers
Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

I wired up a 30amp plug in my barn this weekend to power the travel trailer when it’s in the driveway. My barn is wired with a 100amp service breaker cabinet off the house main service, which was installed 18 years ago by a certified electrician, and inspected by the County Building Department. Question I have is related to ground and the neutral for the plug. The terminations on the plug are done as required,, but at the panel, the ground and neutral bus is bonded together. Is this a no-no for RV services. I terminated the neutral wire on the neutral buss on the same side as the breaker, and then terminated the ground to the same buss where the ground wire from the house service terminates... which is on the neutral buss on the other side of the panel. Is this correct? Being a single pole 30A breaker, the 120V to the plug is a no-brainer, but is the shared ground/neutral an issue? Thanks for your help.
Kampfirekid 07/20/20 07:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone Towing With a 3.0L Powerstroke?

I have a close relative that tows a late model 26' Salem TT with an F150 4x4 Lariat crew cab 3.0 diesel. He's towed it all over the South and out thru Utah and Colorado with no issues. He really likes the truck and says it gets around 25 mpg solo and 14 mpg towing. His previous tow vehicle was same model truck with a 3.5 Eco-Boost, and he said both trucks tow his TT about the same.I did notice the diesel payload sticker was pretty low, around 1100 pounds, I think. Must be a result of all the options, including a huge sunroof and power running boards. Hope this helps. My payload exceeds your relatives by 300#, but I’ll be close to max payload anyway. Once before, I was in the same situation, but resolved it with careful loading of the trailer, and used a Sherline scale to confirm weights. I had nowhere near the pull power that my 3.0L has today, so I think I’ll be... okay. We don’t do long trips, but I can’t see getting a new Superduty for towing this trailer 10x a year. If I need to, I won’t go diesel again. My problem is I still drive 40k+ a year and 14mpg with a gas Superduty would kill me. I’m used to 25-27mpg with my 3.0L.
Kampfirekid 07/11/20 09:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford running out of diesel engines

Initial cost sounds like a big deal until you go to sell your used diesel , A five year old diesel will bring you back $4500 or 5,000 more when you go to sell . That’s great! You spent $10k on the diesel motor in the first place. Now you’re only $5,000 to $5,500 in the hole. :) I’ve only logged about 2.75 million miles, mostly in Ford Powerstrokes, and with today’s prices and poor fuel economy, there is no way a diesel will pay for itself or return money to offset the costs over any gas counterpart unless you tow heavy daily. For fun, i’m trying a 3.0L Stroke in an F150. I basically pulled a deal to get the truck where the Diesel engine was a pittance over the EcoBoost. At 25-28mpg, and diesel costing a solid 25 cents a gallon less than gas here, I’m not losing money, but I can’t say I’m laughing all the way to the bank... even at 40k+ miles a year (average, pre-Covid).
Kampfirekid 07/10/20 10:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for a smallish BHS trailer, first timer

We just bought a KZ 241BHKSE and are waiting to pick it up. We had a Coyote years ago and loved it. KZ is known for great quality and better than average customer service. They have a 231 with a Murphy bed, but our 241 is the same layout with a walk-around queen. Our selling factor after past experience was the bunks are long, and are good for average-sized adults should we take friends along. Weight and length are perfect for us too, should our college kids decide they don’t want to camp and it’s just mom and me.
Kampfirekid 07/10/20 07:27am Travel Trailers
Anyone Towing With a 3.0L Powerstroke?

Maybe I can’t get the search function to work properly, but I see no one posting experiences towing with an F-150 with the baby diesel. Curious what the experiences are. If you Have one and tow a travel trailer, please respond with your trailer weight, tongue weight, and your impressions. Thank you.
Kampfirekid 07/09/20 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
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