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RE: Problem after Problem with new RV

The fear of horrible quality was a factor in my thinking. But, the small inexpensive one I got this last spring was surprisingly well built. The dealership did redi all the seams on the wallpaper (they do all of them) but they all seemed to be puckered. The only "big" issue was the countertop. The top had an extremely small flaw that was marked at the factory but not fixed there. I honestly could just barely see the flaw. Dealership ordered new fixed. Now a couple things. One, the fact that the flaw was even seen at the factory says someone with action to detail was doing effective QA. They didn't fix, but they saw it. So, it's a mixed bag, but my excellent dealership five miles from home has been wonderful. Seams caulking on and on were all right. This is a Dutchmen Aspen Trail. I looked at these a few years ago and the quality was horrible at a glance. Windows not caulked, screws all over the place inside, doors not level etc. Lots of little issues you could see with a casual look. Not this last year though. I am pleased. The Lippert frame will need touch up, but the trailer itself nice for the low end of the spectrum.
Kavoom 11/01/18 05:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing With A Subaru 2.5l

I spent thirteen years having people tell me what I shouldn't tow with my Suby. And most of it was mountain roads. I let my load to about 80% of the rating and no problem. They used to have higher tow ratings in Australia than here. Ours were lower because of lawyers apparently. Now I did drive a manual tranny, so there is that as a disclaimer. But, Subarus were designed to tow. That was from a Suby Engineer. But that was also last gen. But my research seems to indicate that hasn't changed.
Kavoom 10/30/18 08:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upward lift doors Pain in the...

Here is a pic
Kavoom 10/27/18 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trekwood RV parts

How do you find part numbers. None of my documentation was that granular. The web sites didn't have that level either as I called and they asked for that and it did not jibe w the web order number.
Kavoom 10/26/18 02:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing With A Subaru 2.5l

I towed a 1900 lb (loaded) pop up for 13 years with a Forester (manual). It was a great set up. I have watched and no more towing with Foresters but the putbacks with the chain cvt, you can do 2K all day long. Every Suby is pre-wired. And they are built to tow. Watch your tongue weight and let that guide your decision.
Kavoom 10/26/18 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upward lift doors Pain in the...

Ok tell me how to do pictures.
Kavoom 10/26/18 02:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Montana 5th Wheel Survives Hurricaine

I'm from Montana. The east side of the state got blown on its side. They just heaved it over and we are all good.
Kavoom 10/26/18 02:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upward lift doors Pain in the...

Hmm lots of solutions. Wished I'd thought of the locking hinges. But this works nicely. I researched the pop rivets thing extensively and there are online YouTube things on it. I even tried them on an extra piece of luan so I could see front and back. I sure wouldn't put 50 lbs on them, but the speakers with stripped screws and these are just fine. The luan unsupported will warp and distort before these give.
Kavoom 10/26/18 02:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upward lift doors Pain in the...

About like a stainless steel doorknob. You hardly notice the piece on the ceiling.
Kavoom 10/26/18 07:08am Travel Trailers
Upward lift doors Pain in the...

We have the storage doors that lift up to the ceiling. The significant other hates them as she only has one hand to get stuff in and out. She wanted it fixed. So, off to Amazon I go. I found the pneumatic door struts but there isn't a good way to get them on without some work due to the thiness of the wood. Back to Amazon. So, I ran across these "Cucumis Stainless Steel Door Stopper" two for 14 bucks door stops that have a magnetic ball on one side and the fitting that the ball sits in on the other. They are about the size of a door knob. I put the ball side on the door and then the fitting side on the ceiling. It works perfect and is better than the pneumatic things. The magnets can be pretty stout but all you do is put a piece of clear tape in the receiver piece of the set up and it reduces the stoutness of the magnet. The ball end acts like a door knob. I did use rivets instead of the screws that come with them but rivets are the way to go in a travel trailer anyway. I recommend the Arrow Fastener RHT300 rivet gun and 5/32 rivets for anything in an RV on the thin luan walls. You can actually remove them easily with the right drill bit also as you just sort of punch through the rivet.
Kavoom 10/26/18 06:10am Travel Trailers
Trekwood RV parts

While storing my Aspen Trail TT, I broke an amber side light cover. Doh, it's a tight fit. Well, I decided see if I could get a replacement online. I ran across a company called Trekwood RV parts. They are out of Elkhart Indiana. So, I ordered online and as fast as Amazon, they sent it out. Now the part was $2.10 but the shipping and handling were 18 bucks BUT, it was here very fast and their customer service online was extremely good. They sent me emails from Tiara RV (The RV side of their business) letting me know it was being processed and then sent and it was there in two days. So, I'd have to give them a big thumbs up. It is an exact match and fortunately, I don't even have to take the main light out. All I have to do is pop the amber cover on with a little silicone to seal it. So, if you need something, fast, consider them. I expected high shipping and handling on a two dollar item.
Kavoom 10/26/18 05:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Can your RV handle the high winds of a hurricane?

I grew up in tornado country in Indiana and when living in Kansas, I once had to outrun an EF 4 along the turnpike just east of Lawrence. Another time, I had my Subaru moved from the driving lane to the passing lane outside Russell just like a little kid might move a toy car along with pitch blackness for a moment. Then water came out of the sky like a bucket, literally, with four inches of water on the highway for a minute. Very very scary. That one was sort of a fluke that dropped out of the sky and the weather radio did not mention until after. finally, I had one coming directly for my house in Topeka in a straight line lifting part of the roof off of a high school a half mile away then fortunately lifting up. I always think of hurricanes as tornados. Michael was a 90 mile wide tornado and within that 90 mile wide swathe, the force ranged from an EF1 to an EF 3 level tornado. No thanks, not living anywhere where this happens and not ever going to test my RV against it. I don't live in KS anymore either.
Kavoom 10/13/18 06:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Race to winterization

"Using the Camco outside to the water fitting leaves water in the water pump because of the check valve." This goes right at a question I have. Looking online, the above doesn't seem to be an issue as it is hardly mentioned. You tube examples just do it like I did. So, if the the water pump doesn't have the "stuff" go through it, how big a deal is this?
Kavoom 10/13/18 05:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Badlands National Park

I would also have you consider some other campgrounds in and out of the state park. Bluebell is much nicer than Legion in the park. Another good park outside of the park in Custer is Big Pines. If you like off beaten path, try the dirt roads on the wildlife loop. There are quite a few and the one that ends up back at Bluebell and passes the horse park is fun. We were just there staying in the Super 8 as we have property there and saw a campground called Fort Wellikit. It looked pretty nice. And kid friendly. Be sure to get one of the "Black Hills Maps." They are at every checkout in most places you might shop. You can find one here. As for a backway to the Badlands, you can do it. In fact, one of the side roads out of the Wildlife loop in the park heads toward 79 and then take 40 and then there is one road that will head over toward the entrance. Heading out early in the morning and doing the wildlife loop then is good and you could just head over for a nice adventure. You can't get too lost. IMHO Custer (the town) is the best base camp area. It will cost 20 bucks for a week pass in the park (per vehicle). The Black Hills is wonderful. Be sure and do Iron Mountain Road (pigtail turns0 and the Needles Highway. They are musts. Rushmore well you do have to check it off your list but once youve seen it you are done. Iron Mountain and Needles have these great tunnels that as yo go through them, you can see Rushmore from a distance. Neat. Places to eat. Bugling Bull Custer, The Alpine Inn (real German food for lunch) in Hill City. Sylvan Lodge for a drink by the fire...well maybe not in June.
Kavoom 10/12/18 06:42am Roads and Routes
RE: How Long Before You "Upgraded"

We went for 13 years before going to the "dark side" and buying a travel trailer. I thought it was very interesting that I could sell my pop up for 3500 bucks when I bought it for around 4600 13 years earlier. Worked for me.
Kavoom 10/10/18 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I-70 Indiana and Western Ohio

I remember driving in Wisconsin quite a long time ago and noticing that they used that steel that rusts for five years creates a coating and then never needs painting again. It is extremely expensive, but long term is self sustaining and impervious to deterioration for all intents and purposes. I noticed how smooth the roads were also and asked someone and they said that the state had put a whole lot more into the original roads including and especially the base so that the long term maintenance costs would be sharply reduced. I haven't been in Wisconsin for like 25 years, so can't attest to much more than what I noted above. I have seen some bridges made out of that steel since, but they usually are bridges where the maintenance would be difficult like way up in the air. Growing up in Indiana, the roads used to be good, but since it has grown so much, I too have noticed all the work around the edges, like what is this carve out a two foot by four foot section along the edge every 200 feet and put asphalt in it that six months later is cupped and a bear to drive over. I'm thinking its that base showing wear at the seams of the slabs.
Kavoom 10/10/18 05:59am Roads and Routes
Race to winterization

Well waited kind of long then was going to have the dealership do it. And I couldn't get in until October 18th. Looked at the forecast and the mid 20's coming up didn't look good. So, I bought the Camco hand pump winterization kit and got it done yesterday. It came in yesterday in the mail. Thank you Amazon. There were none to be found locally. But the antifreeze was cheap since it was so late in the season. Close call imho. We hit 26 the other night and there was a thin skin of ice on the bird feeder. I had already drained the water heater and lines. Now, I'm like why would I want someone else to do it. It was easy. The guy at the dealership asked me if my flowers were still alive and they are with just a few burned on the 26 degree night. We usually lose all of our flowers in one night here in Helena Montana. He said, as a rule of thumb, if your flowers are alive your lines are probably OK. But once they go, you lost your chance. He said, do the prep and hook the "hand" pump up and start pumping it in with all the faucets/toilet shut. If it pressures up and you can't pump the antifreeze in, then there are "probably" OK (small leaks/cracks notwithstanding). If you can continue to pump the stuff even though everything is shut off, you are going to want to look closer. I thought his advice was pretty good or was hoping it was since we have had three or four 30 to 32 degree nights. He noted that these were just rule of thumb observations. "Rule of thumb" is my term.
Kavoom 10/06/18 05:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Thinking of a new Ram

Dillon is very cheap.
Kavoom 10/05/18 02:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Middle of June weather in Yellowstone

Usually nice by then its the beginning of summer. I'd worry about the crowds.
Kavoom 10/05/18 02:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Going back to a Pop Up

I spent my life and the last 12 years specifically in a pup. We went to the dark side (TT) this May but minimalist with a 21.5 Aspen Trail. Having walls is a positive I'm nodding but a pop up is a wonderful experience and my memories will be there forever. Go check out the pop up Explorer forum. They will welcome you.
Kavoom 10/04/18 07:42pm Travel Trailers
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