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RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

To simplify for the reading impaired: there are very VERY few instances that 1000+ ft-lbs are needed in a light duty truck - and NONE for hauling a TC. . Absolutely true, but than how many 4-cylinder diesel pickups can you find on American market? My 11' tall Sprinter is powered by 2.1l diesel with about 250ft of torque. Takes most of the grades on overdrive @75mph, while delivering 24 mpg highway - running 2 AC doing that. When lot of US owners would love to have such engine in pickup, such conversions in USA are not allowed. Only Jeeps come with smaller German diesels.
Kayteg1 03/04/21 10:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

It's a RARE occurrence that the starting batteries on the truck are truly flat dead. No booster pack is designed for that. No jumper cables are designed for that.. My #2 jump cables do that just fine, but did not try it on big diesel. Than as I mention- 2 of mid-size booster packs started big diesel with completely flat batteries. But you should avoid such procedure on modern vehicles as low voltage operation can not only fry some expensive modules, but flat batteries can burn alternator at the end.
Kayteg1 03/04/21 01:05pm Truck Campers
RE: How often do your remove the camper from the truck?

"Trailer mode" combines the 2 views from side mirror cameras side by side. This way you can see camper lining without the angle error mirrors are giving you. I post a picture of it in 1 of the older threads, but can't find it now. My Fleetwood has wider end and I had to put it on actually touching the truck gate opening on driver side, so lining up 6000lb camper is pretty important as you can't push it much by hand.
Kayteg1 03/04/21 12:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

About what year would you say that gas engines “caught up?” NEVER. When gasoline engines of last decade can last several hundreds thousands miles, they are still no match to modern diesel when it comes to pulling torque. But new technology comes with new emission standards and DPF, DEF, fluid intercoolers is stuff even advanced mechanics have hard time to learn about. Bottom line, if you are not familiar with diesels- getting it now is not good starting point. You will have much easier life with gasoline engine... unless you won't make it to next gas station. Than new gasoline engines have lot of new technology who breaks as well. But that's what warranties are for. Even I am die-hard DIY automotive hobbyist and have been always driving good vehicles for cheap, since I could fix them, when I retired and was planning our dream vacations - I went for new truck with warranty.
Kayteg1 03/04/21 10:49am Truck Campers
RE: How often do your remove the camper from the truck?

Since I used pickup for sightseeing, my camper was coming off quite often. Beware that campers don't like sloppy pads and even small grade makes dropping & loading camper more difficult. Been dropping camper for 3 years before I discovered that my Ford cameras have trailer option, who helps A LOT with camper loading. :S
Kayteg1 03/04/21 09:38am Truck Campers
RE: New Cooper tires behavior

Except 19.5s aren’t normal tires with normal beads. The tires will come off the bead way before you have the pressure low enough unloaded to be “correct” for a empty bed truck. So, using a chart for the minimum is fine as long as you aren’t worried about coming off the bead. You don’t have to believe us though buy a set of 19.5s, go to a beach, and air down. ;) The beach isn’t really required, but that’s when people usually find out that they can’t air their 19.5s down. :D This is what tire manufacturers website will tell you. Other tires have min inflation as well, although I watch "Matt's recovery" on youtube and he drops the pressure to 5 psi for blow sand on his Jeep. Than he pulled the tire out of the rim on couple of occasions.
Kayteg1 03/04/21 08:53am Truck Campers
RE: Tires and Dynamic vs Static Loads

The basic knowledge about tires is that they take short overloads just fine. Any tires will carry 3-5 times nominal load when rolling. It is combination of overload and heat who destroys the tires. Overload = more flex= higher temperatures.
Kayteg1 03/04/21 08:51am Truck Campers
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

I have a 7.3. My solution was not a jump box but a cheap light 1000 watt generator and small battery charger. Both come in handy at times The 1000W inverter generator was 3rd addition to my generators family. When a member posted $150 sale at HD, I simply could not refuse the buy. At 20lb weight, I take it as backup on all camping or boating trips. Used it couple of times at home when wind knocked power lines.
Kayteg1 03/04/21 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: New Cooper tires behavior

Weigh your axles loaded and unloaded then go to the tire manufacturers website checking the column for your tire width. Most of them have an inflation guide for different loads. These can vary quite a bit among different tire brands. There is no one-fits-all pressure among different 19.5's. I run my rears at 50psi empty and 110psi loaded. X2 when mechanic tells you to run specified pressure without checking the weight - it might be good time to change the mechanic. Even my camper weight over 6000lb, my rear dually pressure comes lower than front.
Kayteg1 03/03/21 10:52am Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

Lifting COG a foot definitely is not helping in hard cornering. I never felt danger in hard cornering with my setup.
Kayteg1 03/02/21 10:11am Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

I don’t know where all of the noise is coming from for the 7.3 since I haven’t had one. When I had a 6.0, I added the factory hood insulation “liner” and starting running Rotella Synthethetic. The combination got rid of a lot of noise. Btw, the Onan propane generator that many of us have also got quite a bit quieter when I changed the oil to synthetic. YMMV. I think the main noise on diesel is due to injection and spontanic combustion as the result. On newer diesel the computer makes up to 5 smaller injections per single combustion, what brings the noise level to what gasoline engines have. Also turbos get better, quieter ducting.
Kayteg1 03/01/21 01:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

Yeah, the noise is often downplayed by actual owners. When I drove my 7.3l truck to customers, they would wait for me on driveway as they could hear me 2 blocks away. With 6.7l I could listen to opera music while pulling 7500lb on 6% grade. That thing would pull heavy at 1300 rpm.
Kayteg1 02/28/21 09:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

You'd need #2 cables to jump engine from camper batteries. The batteries went very long way in last decade. I was picking up diesel truck from auction and batteries were at 0 due to somebody leaving key in on position. The yard guy brought jump box in about foot size, so I told him it is not going to work on diesel. But he had 2 of them and small lithium batteries started big diesel just fine. I have cigarette pack-sized jumper pack who delivers 300 amp. Hard to believe, but it did turn my Honda 3000 generator just fine.
Kayteg1 02/28/21 09:52am Truck Campers
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

The first year Hummers were introduced to private owners the original military diesel was replaced with powerful V8 gasser. It did not take long for some drivers taking them to Baja Rally. They did not make it between fueling stations.
Kayteg1 02/27/21 03:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

The specs tell the story. Ram 6.4 gasser puts out 429 ftlbs of torque and the 6.7 diesel puts out 850 ftlbs. Ford engines put over 1000 of torque from what I heard lately. Good for pulling 30,000 lb trailers, but I'd rather have 300 torque and 25 mpg for my useage.
Kayteg1 02/26/21 07:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

There is moderator on this forum, who show up on rally with 5er and ... minivan. That made jokes for long time. Long story short, their truck broke on the way to the rally, but fellow member went with his truck to bring them in, while they rented minivan. But that just sidetrack as OP is not intending to pull anything heavy, than I heard that at 90 men are having another "mid-age" crisis and go for strange things, so who knows?
Kayteg1 02/26/21 02:42pm Truck Campers
RE: It’s been a good run

Since it's kinda on topic, what is it that makes the 6v GC batt's better then 12v ones? and does the "better" status still apply if they are AGM? The Golf Cart 6V batteries have huge cells comparing to automotive 12V batteries. That makes it not only cheaper to manufacture, but also more bulletproof. What I think is also the factor that GC batteries have pretty big market, when only 2 or 3 manufacturers, so with volume and the same model lasting for decades, they perfected the design. Automotive batteries change the designs every couple of years, so it is hit or miss. AGM batteries are manufactured mainly for upside down applications. Using them in automotive business is good sample how marketing overwhelmed common sense.
Kayteg1 02/26/21 10:01am Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot (old vs new)

You know, with all of the knowledge from the community in these forums, if we all put our heads together we could build a really awesome fibreglass truck camper. Taking all of these issues discussed and fixing them to make the best truck camper possible without compromises. Just need a few people from the community with some deep pockets looking for the next challenge and we could storm the market! I see 2 major problem with this idea: 1 the forum is overwhelmed with trolls, where each technical discussion is flooded with personal, or smart-ass comments 2. TC are too small market for any manufacturer to spend time listening to feedback. They sell whatever they manufacture, so why waste time? Best sample how manufacturers listen to market is fact that we don't have "camper special" trucks for over 40 years. Make long WB 3/4 tons truck, who can have 4500 lb TC on it, with 200 HP, 4-cylinder engine delivering 25 mpg empty for less than $50k and I bet lot of forum members will stand in the line. Still too small market for the manufactures.
Kayteg1 02/26/21 09:50am Truck Campers
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

Considering the age, lot of TC owners sold them becouse of troubles getting to high bed. Using dinette for sleeping is not the option for everybody. For less money than TC combo -you can buy ClassC or B who will be more senior citizen-friendly.
Kayteg1 02/25/21 06:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

Alright guys let’s keep it on topic! Anyone done a TC on a 7.3 with a flat deck ? I did purchase my 12' TC with F250 flatbed. 7.3l pulled just fine, regardless the bed ;) Not only the tires were overloaded, but securing the camper from moving around on steel-plated deck was additional task. I did not have rubber mat at the time thought. So when I was ordering new truck - the bed mat was on top of the list. One of the best $120 spend.
Kayteg1 02/24/21 11:52am Truck Campers
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