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RE: Tie Downs

My camper reaches 6000 lb with all the souvenirs and even with TL tie-downs I observe the 1.25" tubings pretty carefully. Seems that with rubber mat camper weight holds it by friction as there is no way the ties could carry that much. My front tie-downs were shaped into quite jigsaw puzzle as the frame is bend and twist at the mounting point. Would take me weeks to fabricate something to fit on try-by-error mode. If you have C&C frame, those might be straight frames and easier to fit. But once again -rear tie-downs are easy to make, but I did not see any better way than send TL $350 for front set.
Kayteg1 08/18/19 12:52pm Truck Campers
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

For those who really plan to keep the 6.7 Powerstroke up and past 200k miles mark, here is the contamination preventing kit.
Kayteg1 08/18/19 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: Do you think I can use 2 of 6V LED in the row with 12V.

I gave up on the idea of making the panel a permanent fixture in my RV and converted the light to 12V, with cord in on it. This way I can use it for camp set-up, or in emergencies. Also converted only 4 out of 5 panels, to avoid higher heat.
Kayteg1 08/17/19 01:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Is the 2001 Lance 1161 ok if there is no water damage?

Don't think so. Not only Lance changed ownership lately, but when I was calling them 2 + years ago for parts support - they no longer offer anything for that MY. I needed skylight cover and was forced to pay premium at local RV dealer, only to find the covers are sold cheap at Walmart. Still worth making a call and see if new owners have different politics.
Kayteg1 08/17/19 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Tie Downs

For front - frame mounted Torklift are hard to beat and I do not see any competition here. For rear however -it is easy to manufacture tie-downs, or plain drill hole in metal bumper.
Kayteg1 08/17/19 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: Do you think I can use 2 of 6V LED in the row with 12V.

Back from my long vacations, although driving 8000 miles is not giving that much rest. So now I am working on 2nd panel after 1st burned some LEDs when I rewire it to have rows of 4 LED. It did work for some time (and still does) but looks like 14.5V the converter gives me and lack of heat exchange at converted fixture made the whole thing too hot. So I am trying to connect 6 LEDs in the row (multiplying them on the panel) and the thing will not light up. I rechecked it several times both ways and when I connect row of 4 to 12.5V battery, they will work, but row of 6 will not. The DC/DV converter wa8yxnm mention not only cost money, but they would not fit in the fixture. So any other suggestions?
Kayteg1 08/16/19 06:29pm Technology Corner
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Camper - Owner's Manual?

For the record, the little Harbor Freight trailer rating is 1090 lbs. By the time you add sides of almost any type and a spare and trailer jack, you are way below 1000. You can bet it has at most 1500 lb axles. Plus it has tiny wheels which will be spinning really fast at any reasonable interstate speed. That’s a recipe for bearing destruction especially in hot weather. That is, if you are lucky enough for the trailer to stay bolted together. You like to make statements on subject you have no idea about. So FYI, I used the 1000 lb trailer in my construction jobs. Even I had duallies most of the years, for smaller loads I prefer to drive Mercedes with trailer behind it. Not only more comfortable ride, but loading, unloading on trailer is much easier and I liked the option of leaving the trailer with load on it at jobsite. So even on original wheels the trailer has seen 1500lb of lumber on it. Something you fail to to understand is that it is trailer axle rated for 1000 lb, when you can put additional 300 lb on tongue and still not overload the axle. Than with upgraded tires the trailer has seen it all. All the way to the point when axle slightly bend, but that did not bother me at all for next 20 years. I used is mostly as frame trailer, so when I had to turn around in tight spot, I just put the car to P, went outside, lifted the end of the trailer and moved it on the other side. Those are the things you can never do with a pickup. Still the trailer situation has no bearing on TC on F150, where overloaded tire blow can have tragic consequences.
Kayteg1 08/16/19 01:10pm Truck Campers
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Camper - Owner's Manual?

As far as the trailer is concerned. The little Harbor Freight trailers aren’t really designed to go cross country although I suppose someone has done it. Not really the weight police, but sounds like you are taking a lot of chances and need to buy a truck or change plans. I had 1 of those trailers for 26 years and sold it to a friend this year. Mine was routinely overloaded and at the end I carried 3000lb garden sculpture on 1000lb trailer via my backyard. Originally those trailers come with cheap tires, but Less Schwab carries the size with much higher rating. I used the trailer few times on 600 miles trips just fine.
Kayteg1 08/16/19 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: DC operation of fridge

The charge wire, even it usually is #10 size goes several loops before reaching camper battery, so the wire resistance plays the role. We do have tens of topics how members who want better charging - run heavier wires either using Lance plug, or HD designated plugs. Also beware that 12V fridge elements usually have much lower output, than 120V or propane outputs, so even when you solve the charging issue, the fridge will not perform the best with this option.
Kayteg1 08/16/19 10:17am Truck Campers
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Camper - Owner's Manual?

Driving on the scales is always strongly advised. When I was in East Bay - Martinez gravel yard would allow driving on their scales for free in the afternoon (they would charge for certificate). How touchy is the weight is my last experience driving back from Alaska. Even I knew my camper is heavy, with my dually I had lot of capacity, so it wasn't my big worry. So carrying some rocks and stones, some souvenirs I used Oregon weight station, that leaves the scales on when they close. To my surprize wet & loaded camper turn out way over 6000lb. I still was save, but the margin become pretty thin.
Kayteg1 08/15/19 06:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Rebuilding "Ms. Merry" The Amerigo - Updated 8/15/2019

Good you still remember flares :) They do require some skills and I think that is why they've got replaced by flexible hoses. Now talking about those stainless steel braided - typical one is just plastic, unreinforced hose with SS braided sheeting. Plastic ages and fails with time. For household use typical maintenance is replacing them every 10 years.
Kayteg1 08/15/19 06:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Rebuilding "Ms. Merry" The Amerigo - Updated 8/15/2019

I never had a problem to use compression fittings on copper even I am good in soldering. Compression can be done in hard to reach places, can be disconnected and reconnected in short time and is life-lasting fitting. But they seem to be pushed out from market by shark-bites fittings. Shark bites are easy to install, but reinstallation is going to be tricky and since they have rubber orings- this will not last forever. width=500
Kayteg1 08/15/19 01:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Rebuilding "Ms. Merry" The Amerigo - Updated 8/15/2019

Steel and copper makes electro-corrosion, who might not act very fast, but it will be time bomb. Brass has copper in it, so on smaller scale will do the same. I am big fan of copper plumbing. With copper tubings you can go smaller size than plastic, while still having the same flow. I was restoring 1964 Airstream TT with copper, few years ago and just for the test, hook it up directly to 150 psi city water. The plumbing hold it just fine. But the aluminium toilet pedestal turned into dust.
Kayteg1 08/15/19 11:43am Truck Campers
RE: "Porpoising" - How to Tame the Rocking Camper

Porpoising is common problem on ClassA motorhomes as well and they do have lower COG and are not commonly overloaded like trucks under TC. The phenomena is a resonance between the vehicle inertia and its suspension, that shock absorbers can't stop. Here is interesting video of the porpoising during airplane landing. airplane porpoising
Kayteg1 08/15/19 09:30am Truck Campers
RE: Downloading at Campground

Almost all newer vehicles have manual mode on automatic. But the computer still has program that will protect vehicle from idiot driver. My dually will start on 3rd gear from what I tried, but not higher. It will hold the low gear down to 1000 rpm, but then it will downshift. Best of all Worlds.
Kayteg1 08/14/19 10:18pm Truck Campers
RE: "Porpoising" - How to Tame the Rocking Camper

I have my camper on dually, but even with the big capacity, I had some porpoising while having about 300 lb of waste water in my rear tanks. Meaning COG plays big role here as well, so did you weight your truck empty and with camper to estimate COG?
Kayteg1 08/14/19 06:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Is the 2001 Lance 1161 ok if there is no water damage?

I do have the same MY Lance and if you read Lance forum, the design has one of the best floor plans on the market, but engineering left weak point, what is the front corner under the slide. Where you have metal channel under the slide and metal chanel in vertical corner, where the jacks bolt, those channels are not connected and all what holds that critical corner is some staples over the wood. Once that has been repair, you will enjoy the camper. On Lance forum you will find several member who loved the design so much, that after the original frame rotted, they spend (probably more than original price) on full rebuild. Any dually will be fine for it. This is one of the lightest 12-footers with slide on the market. Also check the wood above the slide as on mine - the awning had screws applied with no sealer and the holes allow for water penetration.
Kayteg1 08/14/19 05:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance 1010 cabover strut

You don't need them, unless your camper has major structural issues. I just took my Fleetwood, who is basement/attic camper and scaled 6000 lb loaded -on Alaska highway. I have seen the "nose" of cabover moving 8" up and down on some road bumps and hundreds of times I wonder when the nose will drop on the hood. I am back home now and the nose is still on the camper.
Kayteg1 08/13/19 07:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Want an electric truck?

Bollinger 5000lb Payload offroad pickup. Range is not great, but time will tell. TC Electric? When it is almost as ugly as Jeep, the 600+ HP, 20' clearance, low COG, 2 separate drivetrains, that can be dropped in just minutes sure might appeal to lot of people. I like front tailgate- you can carry 20' pipes inside the vehicle. working link
Kayteg1 08/13/19 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: Quick Connect for Extra Batteries in truck bed?

Anderson plugs are used commercially in electric forklifts and they pass the field tests all the time, so hard to beat the design. Few tips how to deal with cables as the big crimping tool is not easy to get. I did solder some heavy cable using propane torch from plumbing jobs. Remove the metal prong from the plastic, put it in the vise, or vise grip with hole facing the sky, put some cut solder inside with flux and then warm up with the torch, while sticking cable in it. You will feel when the solder melts and the cable goes down. Make couple of turns for the solder to melt around. Another way I used them - having cables with done ends with ring connector, I removed the prong from the plastic housing, hammer the sleeve end flat, drill a hole in it and used very short bolt to bolt cable to the prong. With some grinding the bolted connector will fit back into plastic housing.
Kayteg1 08/12/19 11:12pm Truck Campers
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