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RE: New license plate for my TC.

Law and its enforcement are always funny topics. CA and NV both have front license plate laws. Yet my estimate is that about 10% of cars in CA and 40 % in Las Vegas drive with no front plates. Go figure. Over the years I bought several cars more than 2000 miles from home. Lot of states require seller to hold the plates, so I drove those cars home without the plates at all. Only once in about 6 trips I got pulled over, but the patrolman let me go after I show him Bill of Sale.
Kayteg1 05/18/21 01:57pm Truck Campers
RE: External Holding Tanks for Extended Boon Docking

You will find different pricing in CA, than in other states. Not only labor and fuel cost is higher, but CA require special soil mixes and special rocks mix for leach field. I have septic tank in Las Vegas and from what I can observe, they just backfilled leach field with native desert dirt. But I don't think you need to build leach field for 8 bedrooms at start. I would get bigger tank and do smaller field, adding to it eventually down the road. What I also noticed between CA and NV is that CA is mostly having clay dirt, so they protect the tank from ground water entering. In NV desert sucks whatever you give it and nobody worries about good tank sealing. Totally different principals
Kayteg1 05/17/21 02:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Back to work part time.

I see the pictures just fine. Condolences on return to work.
Kayteg1 05/17/21 01:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

My 2017 F350 has exactly 8' between fender flares. Don't think it can be wider for legal reasons. That gives me not much than 1-2" clearance between camper jacks. I had to watch it on slopes as driving over jack foot would take the 1" clearance very fast.
Kayteg1 05/17/21 01:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery charging concerns.

The main purpose of developing AGM technology is the option of using them upside down (how often you do it with your TC ?) so they don't have so-called vents, but they do have what is considered safety valve for extreme situation. Regardless, using them without the vent is acceptable, but read the battery label as technology can have variations.
Kayteg1 05/17/21 11:35am Truck Campers
RE: Battery charging concerns.

AGM is still lead-acid battery, so when it allows slightly higher charging rates, the flooded battery principals still apply. Camper chargers went long way in last 20 years, so it depends what unit you have. I found that when you heave deeply discharged battery - it will trip charging circuit breaker on the truck as well on converter on my 20 yo TC. The automatic breaker will cool down and restore the charging, but that leads to very long hours to recharge. That is why I am also carrying automatic charger with me, who monitors the battery stage and adjust charging amps. For single battery you want 10 amp, for dual batteries 25 amp charger. But beware that some chargers can have 15v boost mode, so better disconnect sensitive electronics for the time.
Kayteg1 05/17/21 07:44am Truck Campers
RE: An easier way to fill propane tanks on Lance 1172

I believe it is the same setup I have in Lance 1161. The tank is 7.5 gallons so for summer trip it gave me about 6 weeks of use. I removed the 2nd tank, what gave me nice storage for BBQ and snorkeling gear. Just refill it every 4 weeks and be on your way.
Kayteg1 05/16/21 10:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

Again, you need to compare particular truck as generic conclusion will not get you far. I can't imagine any TC on the market can put more than 6800 lb on rear axle like my camper did (with some rocks collection and beer help). The 2017 F350 dually handles it perfectly and I had no problem to shoot 80 mph when I needed. Actually with normal, slightly lower load the rear was still higher than front and I have to put 2x planks under front wheels to level. I also tow light boat with it, so the only reason I could see for F450 would be 7000 lb trailer.
Kayteg1 05/16/21 01:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about a Ford F 350 Drw

I used 2006 C & C F350 for TC. Bought it originally with Utility bed, what with needed shimming gave me 13 -6" to top of my AC. That wasn't comfortable at all. I converted it eventually to standard bed, but the frame and wheel base was bigger than on standard truck, what cost me quite a bit of headaches. My wife refused to ride in empty truck due to constant vibrations. My F350 C&C had 10 leaves in the rear suspension what my earlier F450 did. Choosing the truck is a compromise unfortunately.
Kayteg1 05/16/21 09:38am Truck Campers
RE: External Holding Tanks for Extended Boon Docking

When labor prices in CA are not low- plumbers take advantage of such project. My friend who made similar project bought Kubota tractor w backhoe and DIY Still importing river rock made nice dent in his budget.
Kayteg1 05/16/21 08:37am Truck Campers
RE: Trying different method of fresh water tank sanitization

30+ years of RVing and I never sanitized fresh water tank. But quite often, when leaving campsite going home, I open the tank drain and driving motion leaves only some water residue for the storage. On few occasions, when in CA earthquake zone I would keep some water in the tank for emergencies. That never develop bad taste thru the winter, but we had good water supply in Bay Areas.
Kayteg1 05/15/21 11:54am Truck Campers
RE: External Holding Tanks for Extended Boon Docking

This is typical "Pay me high now, or pay me more later" situation. Unless you protect the black tank from UV, you can expect about 3 years before it will deteriorate. Ask manufacturer about warranty. I would not count on spring water. Not likely you will be able to storage it as it will grow algae, when the creek likely is protected. If barrels don't work for you for fresh water, farming industry offers lot of different water tanks. They might not be drinking water rated, but I would not drink water who sit for weeks in tank anyway. You put the tank on a hill, or elevated by construction - you'll have gravity feed, what will save you battery power for pumping. Good luck on the project.
Kayteg1 05/15/21 08:45am Truck Campers
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

...... I’ve been able to find perfectly good vehicles used. I’m not saying that I’d never buy new. My Host was 5K more than a 5 year old one. So, not a hard an fast rule, but something to consider. When I went truck-shopping back in 2016, I found lot of used trucks with 30-40,000 miles selling in $50k range. They were at the end or past the warranty and in configurations that I consider not-TC friendly. I finally decided to special order new truck for $56k who fit my needs like a glove and had options used trucks did not have, like 360 cameras and ultimate tow package. The updated GPS sold for US, found small suburban street in Prince Rupert, BC without hesitation. Live traffic come very handy The warranty cover oil pan gasket replacement, who require engine removal, so I can only guess what it would cost without warranty.
Kayteg1 05/15/21 08:37am Truck Campers
RE: External Holding Tanks for Extended Boon Docking

I think when you calculate all factors - building septic system now will save you lot of money and lot of aggravation on long run. Assuming county codes will allow it. For fresh water storage, there was a food company in San Francisco selling clean barrels for about $25
Kayteg1 05/14/21 10:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Space heater recommendations?

I have bought a number of them from Walmart and they all have had thermostats. x2 I found 2 or 3 small heaters the best for TC. They hung on the outlet, so don't take valuable floor space and putting low-wattage heater at each corner you have even temperature, without blowing circuit breakers. Obviously they come with thermostat and have build-in timer, who will shut it down after about 8 hr. I am not trilled with 2nd features, but that is how engineers design it. And yes, Amish can build electric systems.... with hand and pneumatic tools as their religion is not allowing electricity USE. width=500
Kayteg1 05/14/21 08:17am Truck Campers
RE: Very Expensive RV Parking Spot!

Security is easy when you have power and WI-FI. Power can be from solars, but can you tap to neighbors Internet? Plenty of cameras who not only will give light and vocal warnings to the intruder, but will alarm your android, so you can talk to the person. They seem to be only working prevention for mail theft we have common in Las Vegas. Now letting stranger live on your property is putting hanging rope around your neck.
Kayteg1 05/14/21 07:38am Truck Campers
RE: Looking at Lance Lite 835 to buy

Camper has easy access to front corner via electrical cable door. Not only you can put your hand there and feel how solid is the wood, but modern phone camera can take a picture inside as well. This does look like a project.
Kayteg1 05/12/21 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: Looking at Lance Lite 835 to buy

Can you post some pictures? Tilting jacks usually are indication of their mounts getting dryrot, but could also bend from wrong use. Buying used TC comes with high risk to buy big project, so don't doo it without proper inspection. Just few days ago new member posted topic, where he had his TC inspected by local dealer, while later he found damages exceeding camper value.
Kayteg1 05/12/21 08:20am Truck Campers
RE: Very Expensive RV Parking Spot!

6 hr drive time can be a bummer. Over the years we had friends who bought 2nd house in Pinecrest and the 3-4 hr drive from Bay Area prevent them from using it too often. Other Bay Area friends bought condo in Lake Tahoe, where mid week you can make it in 3 hr (car from East Bay) and still commute is biggest problem.
Kayteg1 05/09/21 01:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Very Expensive RV Parking Spot!

Check all the laws before pulling the trigger. My friends bought farmland in Yuba area, what looks very similar to what you picture. They have pretty strong creek going via center of their property, but they are not allowed to draw water from it. Than they spend what car cost for well drilling. Most of California is also chasing RV and some jurisdictions also mobile homes, so they will not allow electricity hookup, till you start construction of stick structure. On other hand, farmlands do have agriculture water supply. For $300 a year (old price I remember), they have 2" pipe with no meter and water in it for 8 months a year. They build a pond supplied by agriculture water. Also what might be good on long run is registering your vehicles in the country. Much lower registration and insurance fees and possible no smogs. I was considering same move in Las Vegas just for smog and registration issues, but finding land with water in the area proves to be impossible, when my house has lot of parking space.
Kayteg1 05/09/21 09:15am Truck Campers
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