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RE: How much weight could be eliminated?

Those things are needed or not depends how you camp. We had generator and AC on our Florida route working every day, unless we had hookup. Than on Alaskan vacations they were death weight. I think the only real weight saving you can get is by buying LifePo batteries, but that is pretty expensive option. When diesel heaters are much smaller, they will create lot of hassle to use. Bottom line, when you can save 200 lb from 14,000 lb rig, that will have some drawbacks. My alternative way to save the weight was buying Sprinter van and use my old camper interior to convert it to small RV. Now I can enjoy 24 mpg, but the comfort level suffer.
Kayteg1 01/10/21 09:57am Truck Campers
RE: Any confessions? (Stuck in the mud)

Why post this? Read the title . Adamis is seeking camper driver between forum members. With the comments the topic is getting, slim chance he will come forward even if he is here. On the video Matt used original Yankum rope, but since then Yankum makes yellow ropes with Matt's sponsoring the name. You can google it for preorder under Matt's recovery rope. Static 6,000 Ibs Max Static Weight, MBS 25,600 lbs Enough to stop Jeep in its run for sure.
Kayteg1 01/09/21 02:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper trade-in at dealer question.

Trade-in usually offers about 50% of market value. Doesn't make much sense if you can sell it yourself. Dealers have some kind of tax break on trade-ins as seldom they will inspect older item and put it back on their lots. Most of older trade-ins end at auctions. So the question you should ask, did the salesman give you good price on the trade-in, or did he "forget" to give you discount on new unit?
Kayteg1 01/09/21 10:58am Truck Campers
RE: Any confessions? (Stuck in the mud)

No wonder the driver doesn't want to confess
Kayteg1 01/09/21 10:09am Truck Campers
RE: Any confessions? (Stuck in the mud)

I know this area and when it is beautiful, the terrain can be surprising. Solid dirt road can turn into 1 foot deep dust, who will sink your rig in no time & no warning. Campers drive on dry, solid dirt roads to marked campsites, then rain comes overnight and they sit on their differentials. That mud can be more slippery than black ice. Matt is having dream business. He is off-roading in most beautiful scenery in the World and is getting paid for it.
Kayteg1 01/08/21 10:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Any confessions? (Stuck in the mud)

I just have to wonder why in the world would you take the mud bog vs the dry tracks on either side? Especially if you don't have a winch. It is clearly explained under the video. The camper was driving there at night.
Kayteg1 01/08/21 09:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Any confessions? (Stuck in the mud)

At least Matt did not take his Ford Superduty to do recovery. That might be considered an insult? I love Matt's videos. He is really cool guy, who doesn't hesitate to show video of using grinder without glasses. 70% of his recoveries are about people who drove to the places they never should driven to. Other 30% are about rental vehicles who are beaten up senseless. I did not see Good Sam sticker on the camper. Have you? Now it would be interesting to find the Chevy driver here. Matt's keeps biting his tongue about the charges, so I assume he is not cheap. The Chevy recovery took just seconds, but I recall like 5 hr round trip driving?
Kayteg1 01/08/21 09:17pm Truck Campers
RE: BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale

Looks like snake oil to me. You need to use actual scales and enter the values into app, so the plug is just giving you connection with vehicle sensors. Meaning the values on the road are going to be calculated estimates from comparing truck leveling sensors. Did not listen to the video to the end, but not too many truck will have the sensors the app need. Funny the guy make presentation for pretty advanced app, but has no skill to adjust his screen saver.
Kayteg1 01/08/21 01:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Interstate Golf Cart batteries, which line is best deal?

I had my golf cart batteries in dry storage for 10 months and they still show good charge. But I disconnect them at battery terminals as per my experience even short cable with switch on it can leak the current.
Kayteg1 01/07/21 10:21am Truck Campers
RE: What is the best safe for a TC?

I've been using file safe placed on the back floor of our SuperCab. It is light enough for me to carry it in and out. Maybe not extreme safety, but I figure out nobody is going to deal with truck alarm and walk away with it in day light. width=400
Kayteg1 01/06/21 09:50am Truck Campers
RE: Need advice on spacer between camper and truck bed?

Camper weight goes only on floor perimeter, so just a square frame 4x8' (or whatever your truck bed length is) will do. I like redwood, but it is not strong wood, when for shimming you don't have to worry about termites. Fir will be stronger and lasting for long years.
Kayteg1 01/05/21 11:51pm Truck Campers
RE: F350 tire airing down ranges w/ truck camper

you are definitely right about different tires taking flex differently. Car tires have like 1/16" of sidewall and you can see how they fold when flat. Out of curiosity I cut the semi-truck tire I had on my previous bus. It had 3/4" of rubber/fabric/steel mesh on the side. When I bought my bus, the old tires had side cracks big enough to stick my fingertip in them, yet they would hold 90psi as there was much more rubber behind the crack.
Kayteg1 01/05/21 05:47pm Truck Campers
RE: F350 tire airing down ranges w/ truck camper

Talking about Matt's towing from youtube again, he does snow rescue as well. Don't recall him saying if he adjust tire pressure on his Jeep from normal 11 psi, but all the snow rescue videos show he never bothers to put snow chains. Having low pressure in oversized tires and locking differentials - he manages to drive into deep snow on the shoulders and pull others on his way. HERE is good sample. Actual rescue starts at 2:20
Kayteg1 01/05/21 01:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for Truck + Truck Camper, Seeking Guidance

OP, stay away from "bargains" that appear to be oil patch trucks, construction company trucks and rental outfits. Generally white trucks, low optioned and might seem attractive with relatively low miles for the price. Avoid like the plague. I bought fleet trucks in the past for my business and recently drive Sprinter who come from shuttle co. If you are looking for lower price work truck- the fleet vehicles usually come with basic options and employees don't care about them like owners would, but at least they have regural oil changes and broken parts are replaced, not wired. I was happy with them. YMMV
Kayteg1 01/05/21 01:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

.... Any accident severe enough to bring up investigations of liability and coverage based on weight will have done enough damage to your vehicle(s) that replicating the weight accurately would be nearly impossible. WD hitch setup, gear location, fluid levels, seating positions... all of these impact the actual weight on the various axles. If a match is clearly overweight by hundreds of pounds, I could see this plausibly coming into play (although, again, I've never seen a reliable first-hand report). For those who are over by 50-100 pounds, or so, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to 'prove' you were overweight at the time of the accident. NEVER HAPPENED. When TC owners are worry about 1000 or so lb overweight, commercial vehicle haulers use their 3500 or F450 trucks to haul 30,000lb + gooseneck trailers (driving via scales all the time). I spoke to DOT officer about it and his answer was "we don't have any reports about the procedure creating problems"
Kayteg1 01/05/21 10:07am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

That must be Vancouver area? I drove BC across both ways, including Prince Rupert leg and have not seen single cruiser on the trip. Than BC doesn't have much heavy trucks traffic, so I guess they have to look for other sources of income.
Kayteg1 01/05/21 08:20am Truck Campers
RE: F350 tire airing down ranges w/ truck camper

So, for necessity, 15 to 20 psi is probably fine but here is the trick... Don't leave the tires deflated any longer than necessary. Certainly don't park it for four days and keep those low pressures like I did. Inflate it back up to 40 or 50 psi once in location then deflate when you are ready to move. That sure is rare experience to share. The mentioned Matt is keeping his Jeep on 11 psi all the time and with hundreds of youtube videos never posted a separation problem, even several vides show pulling the tire from rim. Than he is using different rating tires, what might be a difference. In the past I had low-boy equipment handler, who took 120 psi in tires to handle the load. When good quality tires were not available in the size, the tires I bought on ebay come folded 1 half into another. Can't find a picture of tire folded this way, but this will let you visualize how the tires were stored and shipped. I was concern about it quite a bit, but tire stretched and worked just fine. width=500
Kayteg1 01/04/21 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

There’s been “stories” like this for years, but nobody is ever able to give the details first hand. I recall 1 report given 1st hand by our BC member. But that was 1 in all those years forum exist.
Kayteg1 01/04/21 09:48am Truck Campers
RE: Removable mount for CS backup cam?

How are you attaching the camera to the back of the TC? There are pictures of the bracket I molded on following pages in the topic. So far I did not see 1 that you can just buy.
Kayteg1 01/04/21 09:45am Truck Campers
RE: It’s been a good run

It is OK to put AGM batteries inside an RV. Many people do it. There are flooded batteries, who have vent tube as well. Used by several car manufacturer when mounted under the seat. All you need is to drill 1/4" hole in the floor and push vent tubing in it.
Kayteg1 01/04/21 09:42am Truck Campers
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