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RE: Replacing Emergency Exit Cover

Trying to find the best way to remove/replace the old cover. Hard to see exactly how to remove the opening crank, especially how to get the end of the crank arm to slide off the crossbar in the middle. REMOVE: unscrew the handle and then remove the two screws on the lift operator gear box (the vent cover will need to be opened a little). Unscrew the crossbar screws at each end of the cross bar and slip the bar off of the lift operator. The cover should flop open. There should be a screw threaded into each side of the "C" hinge. Remove the two screws and slide the vent cover sideways off the "C" hinge. We sprayed the hinge with silicone lubricant and then used a block of wood and a hammer to get the vent cover off. If didn't come off easily because there was roof patch on the hinge. We removed a great deal of old roof patch material during the replacement. We're a little confused because the new cover comes with a crossbar and new screws, but the crossbar is not installed. There is also one strip of weather stripping that is not installed. The other three sides are. Might be shipped that way to lessen damage...don't know. To reinstall, do the same in reverse. Don't forget to replace the little screws in the hinge. It took several tries to get the hinge seated properly. Once we thought it was secure, we would open/close to make sure the hinge was seated right... and then started over because it would just slip right off. The crossbar isn't screwed in place because it has to thread back onto the lift operator. Once the bar is fitted back in place and screwed down, the piece of weather strip can be stuck on last. I do not like the foam weatherstrip. I want to replace it. Probably sometime this spring. It's not a hard job but it was a bit time consuming for us. Once the cover was reinstalled, we repaired all the roof patch that we removed. It needed it anyway. I have since added 12vDC fans to the vent. It does not function as an emergency hatch or roof access. But it does open and it doesn't leak. The vent cover doesn't quite close completely due to the fans, so I need a different STYLE of weatherstrip.
LMHS 03/24/23 07:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacing Emergency Exit Cover

This is what we bought for a 1984 Lance Squire Lite 185S. The vent lid slides on/off sideways.
LMHS 03/24/23 07:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Stable Lift on a 2006 Arctic Fox 1150

Contact the company. They were helpful for us. My daughter's Lance 815S has the 3 jack system and needed to have the saddle brackets bought and installed under her truck. It wasn't fun bringing the camper home, a 200 mile trip thru bad weather, including strong winds, hail and a tornado sighting, with just ratchets straps holding it onto the truck. Luckily, we could run back roads all the way and avoid the interstate completely. Installing the saddle brackets was pretty easy. Finding a carbide drill bit locally was the hard part. We rarely take the camper off the truck. We usually level it while it sits in the truck. We love the Stable Lift system. I have all the paperwork from the owner who installed it on the camper. Just an FIY on dates: 1994 Lance Squire Lite 185S (no slide outs) Stable Lift 3 jack version. All paperwork on the installation is dated 4/21/2013 That means as of this spring/early summer, the Stable Lift will have been on the camper for 10 years.
LMHS 03/24/23 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Harbor Freight 1720 lb trailer

BTW, you can find Eric Schmitt in Tampa FL. He has the biggest yacht in the harbor. I believe he can see his little boat from his front yard. In case you feel like visiting him and TP-ing his house.
LMHS 03/23/23 02:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Harbor Freight 1720 lb trailer

"The reason it is 'no longer in stock' is because you have to go INTO the actual store to pre-order it now. We hate selling them. They come in broken boxes. They are super duper heavy. Do yourself a favour and buy one that is already built. the smaller trailers are okay but the 1720 trailer is really heavy. Also they don't fit in a tiny car." Per a HF freight supervisor
LMHS 03/23/23 02:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Works for me. CG's are crowded enough as it is. You're very welcome. I wouldn't want to run into more people like you.
LMHS 03/23/23 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

X2. If you happen to wander off course and end up in kali, be sure to hide your bag of Skittles. I don't eat skittles.
LMHS 03/23/23 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

yes, PLEASE stay out of Oregon Washington and CA You are most welcome.
LMHS 03/23/23 01:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Seven States That Are On My Do Not Visit List: California Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York Oregon Washington After all, I'm just helping them out. Since they don't want the type of vehicles I drive, then they shouldn't mind losing any potential tourist revenue. I just wonder if they are going to stop jets from flying into their states?
LMHS 03/22/23 09:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New to truck camping ...

A few possible alternatives to the Keys although I don't consider Stuart to be a "Cute Small Town". Perhaps a case of familiarity breeds contempt? I used to live there. The Florida Trippers website leans towards staying in rental houses but they are still a good resource. There's a lot more to Florida than the Keys, beaches and the idiot Mouse. has a lot of places that you often don't see advertised.
LMHS 03/21/23 09:08am Truck Campers
RE: New to truck camping ...

To be honest, I find you can spend as much or as little as you choose. You can stay nearby or you drive for days. I prefer playing "tourist" nearby. I find it it is easier to start exploring close to home and slowly move farther out. It allows me to find neat "local" festivals and events that I otherwise may have not heard about. I also lived most of my life in three locations that many people drive hundreds of miles to visit (east coast beach in FL, Southern Appalachian Mtns of NC and Chattanooga area of TN). Most people never visit what is within a few hours of their homes, mostly because they don't know. Lubbock, TX is about 3 hours away. That is a comfortable drive for 2 to 4 nights. And uses about 2 tanks of gas (there and back). I'm currently sitting in a little private park in Lubbock. Spending two nights here on a 30amp hookup. We are here to shop a little and go to the Science Spectrum & Omni Theatre. We are paying $30 ($3 cash discount per night) and the combo tickets for both the museum and the theatre is $14.50 per adult. While it's not a "destination park", I didn't expect nor want a "destination park". It's a decent and clean little park with fairly level pads that accepts pets. It's in town. The town is the "destination". We treat the truck camper as our personal mobile motel room... with a kitchen. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel (4% off the meal by using gift cards we buy from Sam's Club) when we first got into town. Supper is a huge (12 servings) chicken pot pie ($19.24) which is pretty tasty and smells wonderful as it cooks in the oven. We will probably have leftovers for supper tomorrow night. The oven is doing double duty in keeping the camper warm (it's currently 62F and dropping to an overnight low of 33F). We do have a working furnace. We're gonna need it. We are on a full hookup site but I filled the fresh tank with water before leaving (Lubbock's water is nasty tasting and smells "off"). We also left with empty waste tanks. I may just wait until we get back to our home park to dump the tanks. It depends on how I feel the day we leave as I'm not dragging the sewer hose out to hookup overnight because we don't take the camper off the back of the truck. We leave the dog in the camper while we shop and visit places.
LMHS 03/20/23 06:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Price of camping

You've shot down every suggestion that everyone has given to you. Pay the higher prices of the places you want to stay at in Maryland or go out of state to find someplace similar that is cheaper. Either way, it will probably cost about the same (cheaper price + fuel = higher per night rate).
LMHS 03/19/23 12:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Propane Powered Engines Featuring a 7.3 Ford and 6.7 Cummins

Schwan's Food Delivery trucks had OEM propane engines. All the drivers we had (GA, NC, SC & TN) all said the same thing. The trucks had little power. I don't know if it was due to gearing or the fuel or the engines. As for refueling, all our drivers were running routes that were far from the main depot. So they had a delivery truck that would drive out from the main depot and park until they stopped by to empty the delivery truck. They refueled at propane distributors or the satellite fill stations.
LMHS 03/19/23 12:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Price of camping

Passport America Texas Campgrounds & RV Parks It costs $44 per year to join. Pay attention to the dates the discount is available as well as how many nights it can be used.
LMHS 03/16/23 04:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Price of camping

Lantley Where are those places? I have been looking for a spot up there for a month or so and none have had a price that low. Passport America Mid-Atlantic Region It costs $44 per year to join. Pay attention to the dates the discount is available as well as how many nights it can be used.
LMHS 03/16/23 04:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Parks near Charleston, SC

If you are going to be there for 6 months or longer, try a mobile home park. The downsides are no bathhouse, you may have to put utilities (electric and possibly water) and provide for your own cable TV/internet. All of this requires a refundable deposit. None of these things were ever a "problem" for us. We always used our onboard bathroom. Getting our own utilities was typically a $100 deposit for each utility. We now have our own hotspot so that one is not necessary for TV/internet.
LMHS 03/14/23 11:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Price of camping

I don't know where "River Road" is (other than TX because you posted it) but I would guess that if you object to the price, then it's time to find a different place to go. I've pretty much taken state parks out of my choice of places to stay. I think they have just gotten too high priced for what is usually a W/E site, especially once you add in all the extra fees. They are looking more like a KOA (Keep On Adding) with all the "extra" fees. You may want to look into a Passport America or Happy Camper membership. Those are both half off (from overnight to up to a week) for what is often a full hookup site.
LMHS 03/13/23 11:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tankless water heater

I replaced the old 6 gallon LP water heater in my daughter's old Lance truck camper with an old Eccotemp L5. They are made to hang on the wall, usually "outside" in an "outside" shower. I hung it on the back wall over the toilet. The camper has a wet bath (you can sit on the toilet and wash your... feet). We leave the rooftop vent in the shower open and run the water heater. Bonus is it heats up the tiny bathroom too. It provides ALL the hot water in the truck camper. Prior to sticking it in the truck camper, the heater spent 4 years on a food cart where we had to have hot water every time there was a surprise inspection. So far, the highest it has been is 6000ft. Since it's been in the truck camper, the highest it has been is just over 5000ft. When it was on the food cart, It was vented thru the wall to the outside using a 90 degree duct fitting that sat on top of the exhaust at the top of the heater. It's a bit of a "redneck" idea but it has worked well for us for a couple of years now and looks like it will go for a few more years. Although you most likely want a more expensive solution. I'm odd enough that I have secured small box fans to the ceiling to make a "ceiling" fan with protected blades.
LMHS 03/04/23 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: State Parks

#1 These are government campgrounds run by government workers or government contractors. They. Don't. Care. Reserved sites are paid for and they don't care if the site sits empty. All your whining isn't going to make much difference. #2 Increase your options. I still haven't figured out why so many of you people think private campground owners are the spawn of Satin. There are also plenty of city/county parks that are under used. Go. Someplace. Else. I have found that using a 50% off discount (Passport America or Happy Camper) often gives me a w/e/s site for the same or less than the state/federal parks w/e sites. Once all the fees are added in, I have discovered that many public parks have priced themselves out of my preferred budget. Sometimes, you just need to go camping someplace different.
LMHS 03/02/23 05:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Which BIG RIG TRUCK atlas do you use?

I use Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas Rand McNally Road Atlas Midsize (It gets torn apart and stuffed into sheet protectors so I can write my route and notes on the sheet protectors with wet erase markers) The Next Exit Interstate Highway Guide I replace every 3 years (not all at the same time). I prefer to run US Highways rather than Interstate Highways. Since US highways cross over Interstates, the Next Exit lets me know what is at those exits. The trucker's atlas let's me know what roads are not good for longish campers. Also easier to see the "truck bypass" for various small towns. I have noticed that there is a lot of truck traffic on the US highways. It seems that the truckers are going back to the old US Hwy routes. I know I can make better time bypassing Atlanta's Interstates and taking US441. Adds miles but saves me hours. Plus it's not as stressful. I use the CoPilot app on a cheapie Android tablet (it can go into my different vehicles). I plot my routes online. I use my own personalized travel maps built in Google My Maps as well as Google Maps. I double check with my trucker's atlas. I outline the route in my sheet protected map. I check the Next Exit for potential stops. I load it into my CoPilot app. #1 Get out and use a tape measure to see how tall you REALLY are. That not only means the distance from the ground to the top of the roof but also any thingy that sticks up above the roof (including antennas). If you are in a fiver, hook it up and measure the highest point. Write the highest measurement down and stick it someplace that you can easily see it without searching for it. You might want to include your loaded weight in pounds and tons as many bridges on secondary roads are rated in tons.
LMHS 03/02/23 10:38am Class A Motorhomes
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