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RE: Big Tires pulling Small tires.

So the tire spins 1.3 times faster but we really don't know the speed of those small tires? Can we say 1.3 times faster than the truck, or 78 mph? No, you can’t. That would be nothing more than a variation of the trick question: “Which weighs more, a pound of feathers, or a pound of lead?” The tires spin at a higher RPM, but the MPH is the exact same as the truck pulling it. :S :):) A track loader is moving 8 MPH. How fast is the pad on the ground moving? The bottom of the track isn’t moving at all relative to the ground, same with the tire on a truck, the bottom of the tire on a truck isn’t moving for the moment in time it is touching the ground. If a truck is moving 70mph, the bottom of the tire is moving 0mph, and the top of the tire is moving 140mph.
LanceRKeys 09/11/21 04:52am Towing
RE: McAllen, TX diesel shops & aux fuel tanks

I have an RDS gravity feed 45 gallon auxiliary tank in the bed of my truck and love it!
LanceRKeys 09/08/21 03:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Long Tow Experience

I’d brag about 10.2mpg pulling a RV with a gas motor. That’s a good number.
LanceRKeys 09/05/21 07:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: tuner chip

So according to that article, if you change your gears, you can’t change your computer to compensate. I’d check with someone there about changing gears and reprogramming your computer to make sure those modifications are ok. I looked at the website for the chip you mentioned, it doesn’t give me a good feeling and I wouldn’t trust it. Going from 3.73 to 4.30 will gain you about 15% torque, I think that is by far your best bet.
LanceRKeys 09/05/21 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: tuner chip

If I was going that route, I would seriously consider re-gearing your truck to lower gears. Do you already have the 4.30 gears? How much gains is that tuner claiming? If they are meeting California smog requirements, I doubt it’s much.
LanceRKeys 09/04/21 10:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

So can these tanks be plumbed directly to the vehicle’s main tank? I have a gravity flow on my diesel, but I will be going to a gas truck next and fear that ford’s 48 gallon tank won’t be quite enough.
LanceRKeys 08/19/21 07:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Oops

I wish my trailer brakes worked that well!
LanceRKeys 08/19/21 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxiliary driving lights

I would run spot and flood. I have my passenger side bulbs point slightly more to the shoulder to light up the ditch better and the driver’s side aiming straight ahead. When I installed mine I took my tools to a long flat stretch of two lane that is rarely used and set them that way. Mine are wired so that they only come on when I have the dash switch on and when I have my high beams on, that way when someone comes over a hill or around a corner, I just turn my brights off, and my auxiliary lights turn off as well.
LanceRKeys 08/19/21 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing help

What are your weights? You say 25%, but you also say -300 ( negative 300??) The real question is how does it tow? I think too many people get bogged down with weights and don’t look at the big picture.
LanceRKeys 06/06/21 10:44pm Towing
RE: Tuner like “5 Star Tune “

Maybe you could manually downshift and just run one gear lower all the time to avoid downshifting? Sometimes running at a slightly higher or lower speed may help as well.
LanceRKeys 06/01/21 02:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 7.3 twin turbo Godzilla

I bet it could burn through some fuel!
LanceRKeys 06/01/21 12:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lubricant for stabilizers

I use RV slide lube, I’m already under the trailer and have it with me, so might as well use it. I’ve also used grease while I was greasing my wheel bearings.
LanceRKeys 05/25/21 08:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford 2021 exhaust brake.

The exhaust brake and the options for larger fuel tanks are the only two things that make me consider a diesel over a gas engine for my next truck.
LanceRKeys 05/25/21 01:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 7.3 Ford

I have a 7.3 Ford, tows great, transmission just had to be rebuilt at 310,000 miles. I tow 11,000 and get 9-11 depending on wind and terrain. 2001 F-250, 6 speed standard, 3.73 rear end. Oh, you were talking about the new gas 7.3? That’ll probably be my next truck. SRW F-350 with a 4.30 rear end.
LanceRKeys 05/23/21 11:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: First Long Road Trip

I’d just bring the tools to adjust your WDH with you and adjust on the side of the road. You can have your weights “perfect” and the trailer is all over the place, you can also have your weights way off and it pull just fine. If your driving and it doesn’t feel right, put an extra link on, or tighten your sway control a bit.
LanceRKeys 05/21/21 02:09pm Towing

2nd gear is hardly a road block, I say drop that 5.9 into second and let er eat. Buy a new truck after prices go down. When you do just get a SRW.
LanceRKeys 05/13/21 04:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: bad starter......

Call a mobile mechanic. They can knock this job out in no time. Like others said, if you turn your key on, you can steer the truck, just takes more effort. This would be a good thing to know in case your truck dies while moving and you have to steer your truck to the side of the road while still rolling.
LanceRKeys 05/11/21 10:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

@Devo, no skin off my back, and you’re correct, no one with any sort of knowledge about thermodynamics or just good horse sense would disagree that heat rises, aerodynamics are more than partly attributable to frontal area and that the smaller, lighter of a trailer you’re pulling, generally the more economical it is on the fuel bill. But instead you basically pee’d on every RV owner with a big camper as if your (big 40’ long double and triple axle trailers, which are both sweet btw) choices are somehow morally or physically superior to everyone else’s. I find it mildly entertaining. Others probably only consider it poor behavior. The spiteful part is your weird incessant jabbing at anything Ram related because you got either a lemon of a truck or a lemon of a dealer, or both. Anyone with half a brain would have understood that from your initial postings on the issue. But somehow, you got the notion to put down anyone who owns the same brand of truck that YOU bought as well, but are now having a bad experience with it. A little nit picky but heat doesn’t rise heated air does, heat is omnidirectional and moves from a higher intensity to lower. That is what I think every time someone says “heat rises” . I normally don’t say anything because it’s usually not worth explaining.
LanceRKeys 05/07/21 03:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

For me it’s not about the money, it’s just about having one less thing to worry about while traveling. I start to get real nervous when I get down to 1/4 tank, if I can avoid that feeling I’m a much happier traveler.
LanceRKeys 05/04/21 07:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

I think that in my lifetime (40 years or so) that EVs will be able to do what gas or diesel does today. I also think that many of the environmental challenges of EVs will be addressed in my lifetime as well.
LanceRKeys 04/26/21 05:49am Tow Vehicles
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