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RE: Morryde Step Above

I don't have them but I will likely end up with them. Only because the manufacturers are forcing them on us. With this style of step they have more options for door location since they do not have to build a box below floor level to store the steps. They can now put the steps above the axles. Which makes it impossible to replace them with the Torklift steps because there is now no box to stow the Torklift steps in. My concern was the situation where you can not get the steps down level due to terrain. If you can not fully deploy the steps, you can not close the door. I never considered the MorRyde steps can have a significant impact on door location. Just when I thought the upgraded steps were designed with the RV'er in mind. I find out these new steps can benefit the manufacturer's as well
Lantley 01/21/20 04:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

^But then there's the folks who claim the aluminum beds on the new F150s make them too "light" and that's apparently a cause for making them tow really squirrely. Bottom line, for the OP, based on the word "happy", tells me all I need to know about the OPs approach. He is not technically adept, nor has he towed a lot, and while his current truck will do the job safely ( provided its in good shape, being 9 years old, we don't know what condition the truck is in), the feeling of "happy" can only be achieved once a person "thinks" they've solved their dilemma. So in this case, has nothing to do with brand of vehicle, or how it's equipped, but rather the stigma that this model is inadequate in some way. Have to remember, the OP originally compared 2 of the same exact chassis trucks (08 and 11 GM) one with a presumably 5.3 4 speed and the other with the 6.2? 6speed. Same truck, same chassis, one with more power than the other. Now thinking similar chassis (new F150). Don't think it'll be his cup of tea either. I take happy to mean satisfied and content vs.solving some dilemma. Once upon a time when I had a bumper pull RV I was not happy until I towed with a Hensley Arrow. I did lots of adjustments and used a few other brands before spending the $$$ on the HA. However I was satisfied and content with the performance of the HA. Prior to the HA I was not happy with my towing experiences.
Lantley 01/19/20 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

You can tow 8500# with a properly equipped 1/2 ton not just any old 1/2 ton will due. With that said for the most part any old 3/4 ton truck will do. You can select the right 1/2 ton or you can get a 3/4 ton. The cost of the 3/4 ton will likely be cheaper than the properly equipped 1/2 ton.
Lantley 01/19/20 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

At the end of the day. I have major stuff insured. I don't have the time or desire to worry about dents,scratches and other small stuff. I don't care to perform a who dunnit or who's out there? Or who's been out there. I don't have time to review footage or any of that nonsense while camping. All of those activities would interfere with my relaxing and beer drinking time.
Lantley 01/15/20 06:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

I don't see the need for cameras when the unit is occupied. Especially if it's in a typical RV park vs. a boondocking scenario. Well I think that a "RV Park" would be the place I would use them. People about at all hours. If anything were to happen at least there would be a record, and I would know who talk to about it. Not sure where your camping that people are about at all hours?! I haven't seen that all hours issue.
Lantley 01/15/20 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

On longer trips tHe CG itself is seldom my destination. Generally there is something else in the area that attracts me. With that in mind I will take best CG available. Best maybe a nice state park with electric only connection. Best maybe a full blown resort CG with manicured sites and full hook ups. Close to the attractions will factor into best. I will not stay on the outskirts and commute to attractions. For example if I'm going to Disney I will budget for Fort Wilderness. Cedar point Park I will stay at their lighthouse point CG. Myrtle Beach I prefer Myrtle Beach State Park vs. one of the big 3. Because I don't want to be hot and I don't want to hear my genset the entire trip I require at least 30 amp electric. Sewer connection is optional I try to roll with the punches and make the most of what's available in the area. Crowds, distance, site size are bigger factors for me than FHU vs. non FHU. FHU and packed in like sardines is not desirable vs. a decent size 30 amp no sewer site.
Lantley 01/14/20 04:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Substancial deposit required

If you plan to stay there pay the deposit no harm no foul. If you don't plan to stay there don't pay. Once you understand the problems no shows create. You'll understand the need for full deposits. Small $$$$ deposits lead to abuse. If you only make a small deposits there is a higher likelihood that you will encounter a last minute death in the family. If you pay a full deposit you will be there as planned and the deceased will be put on
Lantley 01/14/20 08:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Chevy 8.1 truck with low miles?

Not apples to apples There is a current reason why there are no tiny displacement ICE'S forced fed big block volumes of air in higher class trucks It is not just HP for TV'S...especially towing heavy. There is a thing called duty cycle... If you want the 8.1 to be a heavy duty cycle regular hauler it can be but in 2020 there are a lot of better options than a 8.1 if you are towing heavy everyday. If you are an occasional user and don't tow heavy regularly than the Ecoboost models do come into play. The 8.1 was a niche vehicle in its heyday that eventually got squeezed out by diesel power and gas prices. While the 8.1 is still a beast of a motor, 15 years later these vehicles lack the payload and common features of modern vehicles to be a serious contender for most. Yes there are a few seldom heavy tow'ers that can use a bargain priced 8.1. For most the 8.1 is no longer a serious contender, it has simply aged out. Many have fond memories of the 8.1 that reflect what a great motor it was once upon a time. However that time has passed. This thread points out that finding a cherry 8.1 simply does not generate the excitement it once did. Once you drop the fond memories the 8.1 just doesn't stand up to other options. Yes it may be the best bargain option, but when buying a truck for towing heavy there are lots of criteria to consider. Bargain price is not at the top of the list. Furthermore it is a bargain for a one else wants it
Lantley 01/12/20 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy 8.1 truck with low miles?

I agree, there is more to towing than the engine. I have an LBZ 3500 DRW. Has just over 100K. Love the motor and the truck, but I will likely sell it this year and get a new 3500 HD DRW. The new trucks just handle weight better, better brakes, better exhaust brake (my LBZ is tuned for an exhaust brake but it isnt as good as the L5P brake). That's my story as well. My LBZ had 300K on it when I traded it in last year. I have no real complaints about the LBZ it was a great truck that served me well. However my current truck just does a much better job for the reasons mentioned above. I also know the value of a dollar, yes I have a new very expensive truck that I plan to drive until it reaches 300K or more. MY LBZ was an expensive truck when I bought it. The 8.1 was an expensive truck in its day as well. My point is the 8.1's , 7.3's and 4 speed transmissions were great in there day but there day has passed in terms of performance. I'm not saying they aren't a good value or that you shouldn't own one if it meets your needs. But I am saying compared to the modern trucks those old trucks are ... just not in the same league. Sure 13 years later the LBZ maybe considered affordable and some 20 years later the 8.1 can be a bargain. But in there day these were not budget trucks.. We all have fond memories when those truck were king, however 20 years later those trucks are far from king. Somehow we want to turn my comments into wallets and budgets which is another conversation. I'm speaking strictly in terms of towing performance. What I remember as great performance at the time is really not as great, when compared to current trucks. I can agree I do wish my L5P had the same price tag as my LBZ or a 8.1. But I do not wish it performed like either of those trucks. Yes those older trucks were icons that have paved the way and been part of the learning curve that have allowed us to reach the current level of performance that the modern trucks deliver. My old Sony Trinitron was a great TV in its day but boy is it outdated compared to today's flat screens. That's my point!
Lantley 01/09/20 05:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy 8.1 truck with low miles?

You guys are filled with nostalgia. The 8.1 was a great engine, so was the 7.3 PSD and the LBZ Duramax. THey were very reliable platforms. Nevertheless I don't think they compare to the current motors in terms of performance and towing experience. It's nice to reminisce, but when it comes time to buy give me a modern engine with all the power and the multi gear trannies. OEM exhaust brakes make a difference as well. Those old engines you guys are remembering were mere stepping stone to today's monsters. ...and just when we want to complain about all the emissions stuff remember the air is a lot cleaner and we are RV'ing well into our 80's as a result of the cleaner air and the emissions standards and equipment. For you football fans: John Unitas was an immortal QB for the Baltimore Colts however he didn't possess the athleticism of Lamar Jackson. (GO Ravens) I don't want John Unitas era players to face the Titans this weekend and I don't want to tow with a 4 speed drivetrain or use a truck without an exhaust brake either!
Lantley 01/09/20 05:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Washer/Dryer worth it?

I'm not a fulltimer but I have a Splendid combo. The combo is not ideal but I prefer it to laundromats. For me doing laundry on my time in the confines of my RV vs. doing it in a public place is a no brainer. The public bathrooms maybe larger and more efficient than my RV however I'm not using those either.
Lantley 01/06/20 06:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Illinois state park alcohol rules

THere are plenty of states including my home state of MD that do not allow any alcohol, however these rules are not strictly enforced. If you are discreet and orderly alcohol is not an issue. If you are a loud,rowdy party guy you will be shut down and removed. No alcohol rules are there to make it easy for the rangers to maintain order. Ever try Deep Creek Lake SP? I watched at least a dozen people get cited in the summer of 2017 for alcohol. None were loud. Rangers went campsite to campsite in the evening specifically looking for it. Even if you had beer in a cup they would ask what was in the cup. A couple who were having a glass of wine with dinner got one. Later that year when we went back they wanted to search your rig or coolers upon arrival. Never been back and have never seen that happen in any other state or park in MD, and have been to many. Beer Nazis at Deep Creek. Not disputing your account of what happened. However I won't change my approach until I experience the beer Nazis first hand.
Lantley 01/05/20 12:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV wholesalers?

OP, I used one of the wholesalers to get a price quote, then I reached out to local dealers (via email) and got a very close quote from a local dealer. I ended up paying about $300 more, but saved myself a 6 hour drive up and additional 6 hours back. I'd suggest you give your local guys a chance to meet the price. If RV Wholesalers can get that price, then a larger dealer near you can get that price too. FYI, I special ordered mine with specific interior colors and options too. THis^^^ is good advice. I took the same approach. See if your local guy will at least come close. Buying local has it advantages. Why I would not overpay to buy local. I would pay a higher competitive price to buy/remain local.
Lantley 01/05/20 08:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Front Kitchen Full-time?

This^^^^. Front kitchens and Front living rooms both have reduced storage capacity. That additional height results in less storage. For a fulltimer storage is critical.
Lantley 01/05/20 08:05am Full-time RVing
RE: Illinois state park alcohol rules

THere are plenty of states including my home state of MD that do not allow any alcohol, however these rules are not strictly enforced. If you are discreet and orderly alcohol is not an issue. If you are a loud,rowdy party guy you will be shut down and removed. No alcohol rules are there to make it easy for the rangers to maintain order.
Lantley 01/05/20 08:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Larger 5th wheels in/on state and federal parks

As you get longer in length there will be more limitations. However I have always found sites to accomodate my rig. I have always had 40' trailers and have always found places to camp. Sure there were sites I could not fit into but there were always others available that I could fit into.
Lantley 01/05/20 07:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dark interiors

The reason I factory ordered my RV was to get the exact features and colors I wanted. I did not want the colors or options selected by a previous owner or dealer. I wanted to choose my exact colors and options, otherwise I would be stuck with the wrong colors and features selected by someone else.. If you truly want your RV, selected by you factory order it. Otherwise you will have to learn to live with someone else's selections including interior colors.
Lantley 01/05/20 07:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Jayco 50 years

NOw that Jayco has been Acquired by Thor I don't see it as the original family owned operation.
Lantley 01/04/20 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Surveillance Camera Setups on your RV

I'm just not that concerned about my stuff while camping. I'm there to relax and leave the rat race behind. Camera,surveillance, who's lurking is just not the mindset I have while camping. If someone wants a lp tank that bad so be it. I'm not going to go into "lookout mode" or stop relaxing just t to protect some stuff. I can't go camping to get away from it all if I bring it all with me.
Lantley 01/02/20 06:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Imagine tt by Grand Design

In high humidity areas,like the south east. You will want 2 A/C units.
Lantley 12/31/19 11:04pm Travel Trailers
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