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RE: How dependable are newer trucks with higher mileage?

Vahalla360 Wrote: Glad we are from the midwest then. It's our only vehicle. Currently about 4000 miles into a cross country 6-8 month trip. No real worries about reliability. I agree the east coast is certainly not the cheapest place to buy a Truck. Especially in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast areas of the east coast
Lantley 02/02/21 05:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

All you naysayers just open your minds a wee bit. Imagine if someone developed an electric engine that could replace the ICE. Would you say this is a horrible idea let's scrap it! Imagine if when the model T was developed someone said lets scrap this thing these horses are just fine. Or maybe they could have said, "Where are we going to get all the gas from for these horseless carriages"... However if you really want to know if EV's are feasible and that GM will stop building ICE cars.......Drive a Tesla! Then you will understand what the energy/transportation revolution is all about.
Lantley 02/02/21 05:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Roadside Breakdown

I think your time would be better spent preparing for the truck to NOT break down. Proper maintenance will go a long way to not needing to be towed. The towing companies are professionals. They do this for a living. When they see your rig they will either know how to tow it, or send you someone who can. I think you are giving ALL tow truck drivers too much credit. I imagine most are familiar with passenger cars but a TC presents a different challenge that many will not be familiar with. I think it a good idea to know what to expect if you need a tow with the TC attached
Lantley 02/02/21 07:16am Truck Campers
RE: Recommendation for Folding Hard Tonneau Cover

I had a Roll n Lock years ago on a long bed truck. It was a pain in the winter time as it would ice up after washing it. I think the new Rill N Lock can be purchased with a vinyl cover that prevents freeze up or dirt and dust from getting between the aluminum slats. I’m considering installing one on my new truck. Good point I forgot to mention the rolling covers are not good in freezing weather. Imagine the angst when you discover your necessary item is inaccessible because the retractable cover is frozen shut!
Lantley 02/02/21 07:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Price increase at our KOA

In the end the new owner is entitled to run his new place however he wants including raising rates. I agree it would be a preferred to accommodate existing reservations at there original price. However if the new owners has found the original rates to be too low he does not have to lose money by honoring the rates. The new owner certainly understands raising the rates is controversial, however they may see it as a necessary evil to be profitable
Lantley 02/02/21 05:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Price increase at our KOA

I think there are so many negative KOA threads because there is an expectation that KOA's be totally the same like McDonald's or other franchises we know. We think they should be all priced the same like a Big Mac as well. The truth is KOA's are all different with different price structures. Yes there are franchise fee's and a network affiliation that sets a minimum franchise standard. However the properties are all different. Like all other CG's rates are based on location. A KOA in a rural area will be more expensive than a KOA in a resort area. In general KOA's maybe more expensive as a result of the franchise fee but there is uniformity, familiarity and minimum standards associated with the fee. When deciding on a CG KOA is in the mix with all the others. If they meet my needs and are in my prime location I have no issues staying there. If I'm in an unfamiliar area that KOA branding becomes important/meaningful if I'm comparing KOA to an unknown competitor. Very seldom to I make a CG decision on price alone. Price is often very low on my list of criteria. Convenience and location are at the top of my list.
Lantley 02/01/21 06:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Recommendation for Folding Hard Tonneau Cover

The 4 section covers like the Bak Flip will fold and lay flat. They do not block the window or the camera. I also had a Retrax retractable cover. It was decent but the tube seemed to get in the way. the entire cover rolled up into a tube that was located in the bed below the cab window. For me the tube was always in the way and eventually was damaged. I don't necessarily fault the product, but retractable units did not work out for me. However I had the 4 panel Bak Flip a few years now on 2 different trucks.
Lantley 02/01/21 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Price increase at our KOA

KOA's are no worse than any other CG. THere rates are generally a bit more but you pay for the advertising and familiarity. In general you know what your getting with a KOA in terms of cleanliness and overall operation vs. mom and dads RV park. Generally KOA will be fine for an overnight. You won't find a lot of permanents, the bathrooms will be decent, the sites will be accessible. There will be a stocked camp store. You can count on KOA providing your basic camping needs vs. Bill's roadside camp resort. Yes KOA is more expensive by comparison, but KOA will be at the top of the heap in terms of necessities. You can pay a little more for a known quantity or you can take the savings and roll the dice on an unknown RV park. There was a time when I avoided the KOA but experience and a few run down parks have taught me to go with an established known quantity vs. looking for a bargain. I frequent a few bargain CG's that I enjoy. However in the mid Atlantic the bargain CG's are in remote areas vs. being prime time and close to the interstate. When traveling through if you find a bargain CG close to the interstate, beware it maybe more than you bargained for. When comes to rates and price increases KOA is not the leader. A few very popular resort area CG's that know have raised their rates $50-$60 per night. It used to be rare to find a $100+ cg in my area. Now there are a few. I have opted to do a little more state park and COE camping vs. paying the higher rates. Although I still prefer the prime CG located close to the attraction vs. the bargain CG a few miles away. I seldom stay at KOA's however I would not avoid them solely on price. If they are the best and most convenient CG to meet my needs I have no problem staying there vs. traveling farther to save a buck at a questionable CG.
Lantley 02/01/21 04:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How dependable are newer trucks with higher mileage?

FWIW....2009 Chevy Silverado diesel currently 130 k At about 90k, lots of electronic gizmos failed: mass air sensor, throttle position sensor, etc. Usually $500 a pop between parts someone elses labor. Probably $7-$8000 all told. Had to spend about $1,000 on brakes, but that was in the 2-year period I was gone and #1 son used the vehicle...can't help but think there was user issues involved. Other than that, the iron has been fine. No internal tranny issues, no engine failures, etc. Of course, at 110k, I bought another pickup and relegated the chevy to "backup status"... that could be why I've never had a problem since. In general the 2008 or so emissions equipped truck had lots of emissions related issues. Once DEF was introduced the problems subsided. Trucks of that era tend to have worse MPG numbers than other diesels. My rule of thumb is to avoid diesels of that era. My trouble free first 100K mantra does not apply to those early emissions pre DEF trucks.
Lantley 02/01/21 01:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How dependable are newer trucks with higher mileage?

I am also near the DC area. You can find a 10K truck in these parts. However finding a 10K truck that is camping worthy is a challenge. I define camping worthy as a truck that is reliable enough to go to a remote area and not have to worry about a breakdown. Breaking down in the big city is much easier to deal with than breaking down in a remote area that is 20 miles from a small town. Add in a towable RV and you have a big fat expensive headache. When I traded my O7 Duramax in for my current truck I had began to worry it was not camping worthy. The truck was very reliable and never let me down. (well once when the water pump failed, even then I was not stranded but had to cancel a camping trip.) The 07 was just getting worn to the point I was questioning when it would let me down. That truck was worth about $10K with 300K miles on it.. It needed glow plugs, I was questioning brake lines, the truck had obvious wear and tear. But it was still worth $10K, but not camping worthy in my book. Camping worthy around here starts in the 15K-20K range for a 3/4 or heavier pick up. I have also purchased a few 75K-100K late model trucks. I've concluded that as long as you plan to keep the truck for forever buying new is you best bet. You get the full life of the truck especially the 1st 100K that are generally problem free with modern trucks. I've also gravitated to the last year of a engine run vs. buying the first year of an engine run. By buying the last year you get proven reliability vs. a new model where you get all the new features and gadgets that are not yet proven. I understand the 10 speed trannies are great however I did not want to be the guinea pig to test them. The verdict still is not out on how well they do when the miles pile up. Will 10 speeds be reliable up to 300K? No reason to believe they won't but I don't want to be the tester...LOL
Lantley 02/01/21 07:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: How dependable are newer trucks with higher mileage?

I'm not afraid of buying a 100K mile heavy duty pick up. A 100K mile truck can be very reliable. However at 100K the truck will require more maintenance than it did in its first 100K More things will be worn out and require replacement. I've sort of come to the conclusion what you save by not buying new you end up spending in additional repairs. If you buy a truck brand new there are basically no repairs for 5 years. I don't mean no maintenance. Sure you will need to change fluids as required. Tires brakes and wear parts will still need attention, but for the most part nothing will break for 5 years. When you buy a truck with 100K on it. You are out of that nothings gonna break period from day one. A truck with a 100K may require an alternator in 6 months, not a deal breaker but the savings on a 100K truck vs. a new truck comes with a higher repair budget!
Lantley 01/31/21 11:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Recommendation for Folding Hard Tonneau Cover

I also have a Bakflip G2 cover. It's on a longbed Chevy. It's pretty water tight. It has held up to a lot of abuse. I had it on my last truck for 6 years or so . The same cover has been on my new truck for 2 years now. My cover divides into 4 sections which allows for great access. I strongly recommend the Bak Flip
Lantley 01/31/21 10:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

Unfortunately here in Michigan, my EV is only a local commuter. I would not even take it for a 200 drive yesterday. Not sure that I would be able to plug in when convenient, and when I needed to be back home. There are not fast chargers everywhere. This is one charger near the outlet mall which was one of the destinations. Additionally, they are not as efficient at 75 mph in 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, I now that my electricity is not clean. I see the freighters unloading coal. I see the generator from my house. So there is much that needs to change between now and 2035. I can see where the mindset in Michigan would be slow to embrace EV's. Trying to tell Detroit the the ICE is dead is an obvious tough sell. However the big three or is there now just 2.:@ are aware change is coming even if selling the idea locally is tough. GM has announced there commitment to EV's in an effort to begim changing the mindset of its customers. GM is aware the mindset will not change overnight. What is also confounding to me is that Tesla is a USA company but we don't seem to embrace or take pride in the fact that Tesla is American Engineering at its finest. Tesla technology rivals the achievements of NASA yet we are slow to embrace it as a country. I guess most of the country is content and not looking to replace the ICE. The country as a whole is certainly not fully behind the climate change initiatives. I can say my entire perspective on climate change and renewable energy changed after driving a Tesla. I'm not in the "New Green Deal Camp" but I can clearly see the ICE is going away in a hurry and that an energy revolution is already underway.
Lantley 01/31/21 10:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

As far as I”m concerned, most of this thread is pure garbage. Claims of all types are backed up by nothing. My dad told me “if it seems to good to be true, it probably isn’t. When I read posts like this thread where people are boasting about all the supposed Benefits, I keep tripping over the fact that all these claims and boasts are accompanied by links to reliable sources. And so when I discard everything the has no backup, I’m left with 12 pages of an entertaining science fiction novel. I suspect the truth is a wildly different story then the one predicted here, with a hell of a lot more zeroes behind the ultimate price tag. It's all about mindset. You don't have to believe, but the energy revolution is still going on without you. Look around you will see charging stations at Walmart, hotels and other places. Most that I see (now that I have become aware to look for them) are not being used. However I can see a day that we will charge our cars while out shopping. Those who do not own EV's are less aware of the changes/infrastructure that is taking place. However those that own EV are very aware of the locations of charging stations and the changes going on. If you don't have an EV mindset the changes are all nonsense. But if you have a interest in EV the changes that are underway can't come fast enough. GM announcing they are terminating the ICE in 15 years should be a wake up call
Lantley 01/31/21 08:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford super duty 3.31 rear end. Will it be a big mistake. ?

Nobody is speaking about tow haul & heavy loads. My 2020 GM 10 speed has almost identical gear ratios in every gear to Ford . Although I have no Ford manual to read ,my GM manual claims that it will not go beyond 7th gear in tow haul. I would expect Ford the same. One thing I know for sure they all blow the doors off semis in the mountains pulling 20,000 lb. load. That's interesting the 10 speeds become 7 speeds when towing:@ I'm liking my 6 speed even more now.
Lantley 01/30/21 04:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford super duty 3.31 rear end. Will it be a big mistake. ?

I 'll take slightly better over slightly worse every time. I'm not sure why some feel the need to go through a lot of mumbo jumbo and tech speak to reach the slightly better conclusion. The higher ratio will always tow better. 3.31 and 3.55 are pretty close to start with but the higher ratio still performs better when towing. Calculating a performance standard that uses 30" tires is misguided and misleading. Very few are towing RV's with 30+" tires Consider this: To get your trailer moving your current truck starts out in 1st gear and with 3.73 rear gears the 910 lbft of engine torque is multiplied: 3.73 x 3.094 = 11.54 times giving you potentially 910 x 11.54 = 10,500 lbft to the rear wheels. The torque to the rear wheels of the new Ford with its ten speed transmission and a 3.31 rear end looks something like this 3.31 x 4.615 = 15.28 which could potentially put 15.28 x 1050 = 16,044 lbft of torque to the rear axle. To get 16,044 lbft of torque to the rear axle of your 2019 GM you would need a 5.70:1 rear end. My point is that 3.31 gears with a ten speed is far more than slightly better than what you are used to. When we are only pulling 16,000 to 18,000 lb rvs 16,000 lbft of torque is tremendous. Having 10 gears to choose from is really kind of over kill while pulling loads that the SRW trucks are capable of. Realize that 9th with 3.31 final drive is near identical to 10th with 3.55 gears. So the 3.31 equipped truck has tremendous capability to get our relatively light trailers moving in 1st gear, has more than enough gears to keep the engine at it's peak operating range while towing heavy or in the hills and has a 10th gear that can be utilized for optimum fuel economy when towing on flat ground or not towing. People are free to choose a 3.55 gear ratio for their SRW diesel and they will be happy but they are giving up a little economy to gain nothing. You may have a point in terms of getting things rolling. There were a few Dodge guys complaining their Cummins were a bit lacking when it came to getting started a few few years ago. Maybe 2014 model years, I not that familiar with Ram trucks. But overall I'm less concerned about getting things rolling vs. climbing the grade. I never wished I had pulled away from that light faster, But I will always want more power climbing the grade.
Lantley 01/30/21 02:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford super duty 3.31 rear end. Will it be a big mistake. ?

I 'll take slightly better over slightly worse every time. I'm not sure why some feel the need to go through a lot of mumbo jumbo and tech speak to reach the slightly better conclusion. The higher ratio will always tow better. 3.31 and 3.55 are pretty close to start with but the higher ratio still performs better when towing. Calculating a performance standard that uses 30" tires is misguided and misleading. Very few are towing RV's with 30+" tires
Lantley 01/30/21 08:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric bikes.

I have motion detectors and noise makers on my E bike ,but I'm really not looking to confront someone or jump up in the middle of the night so I just bring them inside the fiver. The bikes are too expensive for me to take a chance with. I don't believe there is any foolproof way to secure them that doesn't involve me confronting the thief!
Lantley 01/30/21 08:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

EV's will dominate simply because they are way more efficient with very few moving parts vs. the ICE. Sure they will break down, and have issues but they are nothing like the ICE. Drive a Tesla you will be amazingly awaken. This whole EV thing is not something futuristic its happening now. My Wal Mart now has charging stations. My library has charging stations. Getting recharged will be something you do while shopping. If your taking a longer trip you will stop at a coffee shop he offers recharging. While there is certainly infrastructure to be sorted out it's a mindset change at this point vs. a technology challenge
Lantley 01/29/21 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch Systems - Thoughts?

Spare no expense on safety get the best. HENSLEY hitch I agree. The expense is significant. I suggest you get over the sticker shock and take them up on their 60 day guarantee. Once you experience the towing performance of a Hensley no other hitch compares. NO sway is for real. You will not feel, anticipate, move over or grab the wheel wheelers 18 wheelers go by. no regrets buying a Hensley. In hindsight, the money I regret spending was on the other hitches that did not tow as well as the Hensley...LOL
Lantley 01/29/21 06:02am Travel Trailers
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