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RE: Sway Problem / Need Help

Equalizer brand NOT as good. Period. And that statement is Pure BULL ... PERIOD! PERIOD! Both the Equal-i-zer and Reese Dual Cam are performance wise equal to one another when properly set up and matched to the TT loads and the choice is a matter of personal preferences. The one single adavantage of the Reese is that it can be had in a 1700lb TW version whereas the Equal-i-zer maxes out at 1400. Larry
LarryJM 05/11/20 06:06am Travel Trailers
RE: slide outs, different kinds?

I have seen 3 types of slide outs on travel trailers: 1. Cable on the side of the slide out. 2. Tracks on the side (one up & one lower)of the slide out. 3. Beams under the slide out, (nothing on the side) On whatever travel trailer you are looking at the salesman always says that is the best kind. Can anyone advise what the differences are, and which is the most preferred & trouble free. Personal opinions are welcome. Thanks. A forth kind is the one I have made by LIFTCO and is completely supported by the frame that is installed in the wall and has no physical attachment to the trailer except for the metal frame installed in the wall. It float over the floor and is operated by two "screws" run by an electric motor. It is not subject to sagging, etc.and has external supports on each corner that are anchored to the wall frame. Larry
LarryJM 04/25/20 09:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Distribution with sway control question

Well Larry, as a retired engineer I do understand how such things work and I can explain how lateral force is generated but I don't think you're open to a civil discussion about it. So, there's no reason for me to attempt to do so. We'll just have to agree to disagree. One thing is for certain, there is absolutely no friction material employed in the DC. Good luck to you. Again IMO you clearly have demonstrated a true lack of understanding of these systems since the Equal-i-zer just like the DC Cam also has no friction material either. Both using the metal to metal friction with the DC Cam only using "sliding friction" whereas the Equal-i-zer uses both "rotational" friction from the sockets along with "sliding" friction from the bars in the "L" brackets. Also anytime I see someone trying to use some vague education or experience credentials like your "retired engineer" reference often tells me one has no valid or verifiable position on a subject. While I could try and support my input on the subject being discussed here by saying I have and "actual" masters degree in engineering, but my degree is in "systems engineering" which has no real direct application to the topic of this thread so I don't go there. Thus, I quoted a real mechanical engineer that as Hunting has metioned has posted extensively on various mechanical based subject over a number of years and was a well known and I think respected source of actual factual knowledge of how things like these sway systems work in the real world. With all that I think I have given anyone reading this thread a sufficiently based and referenced good source of information to support the position I have expressed here that the DC Cam system "NEITHER FORCES OR PUSHES" anything ... just like the Equal-i-zer system, it simply "resists" by friction sway movement of a trailer when towed. Larry
LarryJM 04/10/20 11:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Distribution with sway control question

Below is a post from Ron Gratz made HERE several years ago explaining specifically how both the Equal-i-zer and DC cam systems work: The Dual Cam is a friction based anti-sway system. I discussed how it differs from the Equal-i-zer in my previous post. I do not know the magnitudes of anti-sway torques which can be generated by these two systems; but, I'm working on that. A difference between Equal-i-zer and Dual Cam which I did not address is how the sway control affects the ability of the TV and TT to realign once they have developed a relative yaw angle. The Equal-i-zer will produce the same resisting torque whether the TT is trying to move away from the "centered" position or moving away from it. The DC, by virtue of the sloping surfaces on the ends of its WD bars will provide more resistance to moving away from center than to moving toward center. Some see this as an advantage in helping to get the vehicles realigned after a lane change, rounding a curve, etc. The Equal-i-zer differs from a friction-bar anti-sway system in two important ways: 1) It can generate anti-sway torque directly via the trunnions and seats, and 2) It can generate much more torque. A friction bar simply produces a tension or compression in the bar which, in turn, pushes or pulls on the ball to which the end of the bar is attached. This generates a torque on the hitch which helps to control sway. The most commonly used friction bar has an adjustment which determines how much tension/compression it can produce. The magnitude of this is factory-set at 1100#. The center-center distance between the friction-bar ball and the main ball is 5.5". Therefore, at the factory setting, this friction bar can generate about 500 ft-lbs of torque. If you installed one of these bars on each side of the A-frame, the pair could generate about 1000 ft-lbs. One difference between the friction-bar control and the DC and Equal-i-zer is that the friction force on the friction bar can easily be "turned off". Some people believe this is an advantage when towing in reduced-traction conditions. Ron You can readily see that there is NO PUSH OR FORCE in how the DC Cam system works. The cams with their slope only change the amount of "FRICTION RESISTANCE" depending on how far off the trailer is from centerline. Larry
LarryJM 04/10/20 05:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Distribution with sway control question

The beauty of the dual cam is it actually pushes the trailer back in line with the tow vehicle. X2. The Dual Cam is superior to the 4 point system. The 4 point doesn't try and stop sway it just slows it, and then slows it from returning. The DC will resist sway and if it does move will be forced back to center. If it really worked like that with any signifignant force, it would be dangerous in slippery conditions when turning in a curve. It doesn't and it isn't. 100% correct and those thinking the dual cam "forces or pushes" anything simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND how all these friction based systems work and it's too bad this BULL is mentioned anytime any talk concerning sway control systems is brought up. Larry
LarryJM 04/10/20 04:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: SHANK question

Basic physics will demonstrate that the farther the load is from the rear axle, the less desirable it is. One reason that fifth wheel trailers tow so well is that the "tongue weight" is right over the axle. Reese says to reduce ratings by fifty percent when using a eight inch extension. I relocated the jack four inches rearward in order to open the tailgate and not affect the leverage that the tongue weight has on the tow vehicle. Six inches may not seem like much, but to understand the forces involved,imagine moving it back six feet. IMO there is a TON of BUM and/or misleading info in the above post and would strongly recommend for folks to basically ignore the entire post. That 50% reduction is for a receiver extension NOT A LONGER DRAWBAR. As Hunting mentioned having the dreawbar longer actual increasing the leverage that the WDH can exert which is just the opposite of what most are mistakenly assuming. I have been using an 16/18 in drawbar for almost 40 years w/o any issues or lack of stability/ride quality. I have the longer draw bar so I can open the rear doors on my Van while hooked up. Larry
LarryJM 03/08/20 04:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any problems with Goodyear Endurance tires?

Thanks everyone for your feedback. It looks like the Goodyear Endurance is performing well so far. So I going to put them on the my travel trailer. Be sure the tire shop balances them.If you balance them.... Be sure you have them use a lug plate. Otherwise it is a waste of time and money. Lug plate or not IMO balancing trailer tires is a waste of $$$ in general. ;) However, it's your $$$ so do with it what you want :B Unless you use shims in the wheel hub pilot to center the wheel on the axle before tightening the lug nuts, you will never center that wheel on the axle with any consistency. The first two or three lug nuts you mate to the conical wheel seats will shift that wheel off axis if you don't use shims which is a HUGH and TEDIOUS procedure and having balancing wts already on the wheel can potentially make the wheel even more UNBALANCED on the axle than if the wheel had not been balanced on a machine using a lug plate. Larry
LarryJM 03/03/20 02:53am Travel Trailers
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

I have this awesome TPMS and temperature monitoring system that I carry everywhere with me. Even to bed. Any guess who makes it? Clue, it’s a 3 letter word, regardless of your beliefs. Answer: God or mom. And what is this awesome system you ask? And what does it cost? It’s 100% absolutely money back guaranteed FREE! And I call this system my eyes and hand!! With my hand, I can feel if tires or bearings are too hot, or more specifically if one is hotter than the other. With my eyes I can see issues or at least check for them. But wait! There’s more! For the low price of FREE, my eyes and hands (and yours too, if you act now...) can accomplish many OTHER tasks too! Completely Useless when going 65mph down the interstate with 24/7 monitoring and completely subjective when already stopped and damage from a catastrophic failure is impossible. Larry
LarryJM 02/23/20 10:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any problems with Goodyear Endurance tires?

I just put a set (14") on our trailer while we were down in Fl so only have around 1200mi on them so far. Before that ran GY Marathons for the last 25 years w/o any issues and I seldom go above 60 to 63/65 mph towing anyway. They do now give me a little reserve capacity which before I basically had none with the Marathons. Larry
LarryJM 02/22/20 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

Last summer my tires were running about 110-degrees on a 90-degree day. Get a TPMS and you will know exactly. You will know exactly what the temperature of the sensor is, the tire temperature may be quite different. IMO the tire temp will be very, very close to what the TPMS measures since it uses the internal air temp and the most important thing is the TPMS will show variations between the tires which is very useful. I have noticed that tires on the sunny side typically measure approx 10deg higher than those on the opposite side. Larry
LarryJM 02/20/20 04:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: What to clean old lap sealant with besides denatured alcohol

The big box stores - Lowes/HD sells denatured alcohol which is 85% to 95% alcohol. Larry
LarryJM 02/18/20 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

The 16" GY Endurance's have been problem free on our TT and negate the need for LT's. However, I hate the co. and would pay 50% more for a similarly performing tire just to avoid them. When the time comes for new tires, I'll be checking out all the options.Agree. I owned a LOT of Marathons. They all failed in short order. At every replacement, I upgraded size and load range. That TT started out life with 205/14 LRC. the last set of Marathons were 215/15 LRE. All failed. I fell for all the propoganda which was parroted here by many about the NEED to run STs. That 2001 TT ended up with Michelin XPS Ribs in 2006. I have not had a single hint of a tire problem ever since. When GY came out with the Endurance, many of the previous ST proponents here rushed out to buy them (in spite of their professed alliegance to the previous STs) I having already found a solution that worked.... will not buy a tire from a company that repeatadly told how great their previous tires were.... IOW, they cheerfully took thousands of dollars from me selling me junk tires. They no longer deserve any more of my money. For those of you trying out these new tires.. I wish you luck. If you start having trouble, you can always go to LTs then.... And tire size upgrades are possible in many cases. That 2001 TT that started out life with 205/14s LRC had 225/16 LREs when I sold it. Yes I had to make a few changes to make the upsized tires work.... But I had so many failures that I needed to do something to stop them. I grew weary of sitting on the side of the road in 110 degrees dealing with tire problems. Well your single data point on GY Marathon failures is 100% opposite of mine for the last 20+ years of me using exclusively GY Marathon's all the time except for one set of Kumho 857's. I would also say the 100,000's of other trailers out there running on GY Marathon's w/o all of them being on the side of the road due to tire failures seem to support my experience and not yours. As already mentioned when someone has tire issues I tend to believe that something is the root cause other than the tires themselves, usually underinflation, overloading or excessive speed, non of which anyone will ever willingly admit to especially in a public forum. I never had an actual failure with a GY Marathon, but did have two of the Kumho's actually fail (tread separation at under 6K miles). It is also worthy to note that I ran the GYs within 50lbs of their max load rating for the last 10+ years. With all that being said I did just this year go with a set of GY Endurance tires, but don't have enough experience yet to judge them. Larry
LarryJM 02/13/20 04:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Windows 10 Email Program suggestions

Use Gmail like most of us do I love nonsensical posts like the above when all the subsequent replies clearly show how WRONG the post is. BTW put me down as another OUTLOOK user which seems to have the numberical lead in the most popular/used e-mail program thus far in this thread. Larry
LarryJM 01/31/20 04:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Space Heater

I see some mentioning the GFCI 20A ckt generally found on most pedestals if used in addition to the 30A ckt as being "cheating or using more than one has paid for". My take is that that ckt is included in one's electrical charge and using it in addition to say the main 30A ckt is NOT CHEATING or STEALING. The only way IMO to CHEAT OR STEAL is if one uses a 50A service when one has only paid for a 30A site when the costs are different between 30 and 50A sites and of course say running an additional power cord to another sites pedestal that you have not paid for. Personally, I always ask for a 50A site and use my dual 30A to 50A dogbone to power my two 30A shore power cords to my trailer which gives me 60A of available power. Larry
LarryJM 11/18/19 03:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Space Heater

Personally to me, folks attempting to use only electric to heat a RV at a campground are abusing the campground owners good will and there are many places that recognize that abuse and charge more or may have meters.. Don't be so blasted cheap and ruin the goodwill for others by abusing the system.' I couldn't DISAGREE MORE ... GOOD WILL ... GIVE ME A BREAK. I pay for a site with either 30 or 50A service and generally it's 50A which often costs more than 30A and for that I have every right to use what I have paid for and that is 30 or 50A. During cold days I run up to 2 1500W heaters and supplement that with the gas furnace, mainly to ensure the enclosed underbelly area is heated to prevent things from freezing up. Larry
LarryJM 11/15/19 04:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Filling Propane While Traveling

Where do you fill propane while traveling? I know a lot of campgrounds will have someone that is mobile and can come to your site, but what if you are going boodocking. The company that fills my house tank use to do but now they have a new truck and something to do with increased pressure. My tank are 30 pounds so not that easy to move around. Ed Many CGs like KOAs, Flying J's, Camping World are three that come to mind right off. Larry
LarryJM 11/10/19 04:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: New to WDH and Sway control

I have ordered a 29 foot 7400 lb gross / 600 lb hitch weight trailer. Will be towing with a 2018 F150 (9000 towing, 2000 payload). I'm looking at a Husky Husky 32217 Center Line TS WDH to use for this unit. Anyone have any experience with this hitch and similar sized unit; or advise on what might be problems with it. Regards, Doug That hitch really looks cheap and not made real well and IMO there are MUCH, MUCH better and more robust WDH/Sway systems out there like Reese and Equal-i-zer. I would pass on that system. Larry
LarryJM 09/24/19 05:26pm Towing
RE: Sealant, Weatherproof Tape, & Coating; Or Sealant & Coating?

But other people have warned me about using Weatherproof Tape like the Eternabond brand. And I read that if there's an issue with the tape, water can get inside it and cause problems, and sometimes screws can eventually poke through it, if you run the tape over screws. Whoever those "PEOPLE" you referred to IMO are giving you bum advice and I would never listen to them in the future. Also, whatever you are reading I would throw that source out too since unless you trapped moisture under the tape, if it's applied properly water WILL NOT get inside it. FInlly I would put Eternabond at the top of resisting any screw heads penetrating the tape since the microsealant will give a lot so the screw has to really back out a lot to even possibly cause an issue and other "TAPES" IMO will fail light years behind of Eternabond tape. IMO using any other "TAPE" other than Eternabond is going second rate and I would not recommend it. Larry
LarryJM 09/24/19 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Havent camped in 2 years

Don’t fret camp setup with your TT, Go slow, take breaks, devise a setup procedure. It’s mental, not physical. IMO the "GO SLOW and TAKE BREAKS" is the whole key. Now in my 70's I've learned you can do just about everything, it just takes much longer and not trying to do it all at once is a real key. It takes some retraining to get into a new rhythm of doing simple tasks in stages. For instance I used to wax my entire Van at once, then it was 1/2 one day, take a day off, 1/2 the next day, another day off and then the roof. Now it takes about 6 days, 1/4 each day and two days for the roof. I also almost always do stuff outside early in the A.M and never fight the heat if it's going to be hot that day. Larry
LarryJM 09/20/19 12:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigerator Outside Vents

Hey jkwilson, which piece, top (finished piece of dark wood exposing gap at top of refrigerator) or bottom (splintered piece exposing fins)? OP cut out two different pieces. Are you saying he should have left both pieces alone? The section closing off the dead space on top of the actual refrigerator box should have been left there. It is required so an air pocket doesn't form which will acually block off/disrupt the flow of the air thru the coils on the back of the refrigerator. This problem is much like AFAIK the tailgate up/down when towing where leaving the tailgate up creates an air pocket in the bed of the pickup where the air flow then flows smoothly over this air pocket instead of forming a turbulance in the bed of the pickup causing more drag. The air pocket that can form over this dead space on top of the refer can force the flow of air up closest to the refer out from the back of the refer and result in less actual air flow over the fins which are located near the back of the actual refer. That is to say now the actual air flow is concentrated more near the wall of the trailer and less close to the actual back of the refer. Also, removing the other section along the outer wall of the trailer just inside the access door might also make air flow worse since now you are allowing air to escape to the outside thru the access door before it has a chance to flow over those top fins. I'm sure there are some specs on the sizing and positioning of that opening to maximize the air flow thru the fins is somewhere in the installation manual. It appears this installation doesn't have a top vent, but is vented thru that top access door if I'm understanding these pics correctly. IMO the OP definitely made matters worse when he removed both those sections and is why folks need to think a little before blindly modding their trailer. Things like applicance, A/C, heating, systems installed in trailers are designed sometimes with very unique and specific requirements which if not followed results in them not functioning to their specs or even causing a hazardous condition (i.e. fire, ventillation, etc.) Larry
LarryJM 09/17/19 03:51am Tech Issues
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