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RE: New Rig

I took delivery of a 7.3 Superduty last week and have not had the opportunity to tow with it yet but I have made a 300 mile day trip non towing in Eastern Kentucky. I was very impressed with the MPG driving at 55-60. At one point the computer said 18.4 but overall on my return home it read 17.2! Some of this trip was country roads that were hilly and some of it was in stop and go traffic but overall I would say the majority of the trip was on flat terrain. I'm very impressed with this engine. I think it will be a towing beast and should certainly cause those who pay the extra $9000 for a diesel something to consider. This new 7.3 push rod engine is going to be a game changer. My previous truck was a Ram 5.9 so I'm accustomed to the torque of a diesel. My 5th wheel weighs about 10K loaded for a trip. From what I have read towing over 14k would probably give you a reason to consider a modern DEF diesel. The diesel world changed in 2012 models and not for the better!!
Likes to tow 03/01/21 03:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric bikes.

You better secure anything and everything. With the drug culture and masses of people desperate to steal for a living there is nothing they won't take if it's not locked up. Sometimes they even break the lock!!!
Likes to tow 01/28/21 04:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch suggestion

B&W 100% US Made CURT Communist China Made You decide. Well this fact alone has changed my mind about which hitch to buy. Curt 5th wheel hitches are a China product. Some of their other products are USA but not the 5th wheel hitch!! I will purchase the B&W Companion.
Likes to tow 01/14/21 07:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch suggestion

The installation instructions for the 3300 show the hitch head supports to be installed in two positions. One is 1" in front of the axle, the other is 3" in front of the axle. I don't see any accommodation for 2" behind the axle. The hitch will only serve to reduce your cab clearance. I did not mean 2" behind the axle I was only stating there were various distances available with bolt pattern plus you can turn the upright arms around backwards and this gives additional distance (slightly) behind the cab.
Likes to tow 01/14/21 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch suggestion

1. I know this has been beat to death, but I’d suggest a F-350, since little difference in ride or cost. 2. Pullrite is still the standard of comparison. Also great customer service. I considered a 350 but this will be my last 5th wheel and it has a dry weight of 8500lbs. Pin weight is about 1600 lbs. I also ordered the Godzilla 7.3 gas instead of the diesel. My 05 Ram Cummins may have been the last of the simpler diesels.
Likes to tow 01/14/21 08:49am Fifth-Wheels
5th wheel hitch suggestion

I just ordered a new F250 with the 5th wheel hitch prep option. It will have the 6 3/4 bed and my 5th wheel has the rounded corners on the front. Not sure if I need a slider hitch because on my 05 Ram short bed truck I have not used the slider option one time in 13 years! I think the bed in the new Ford is about 4 inches longer than my Ram. My question is what hitch is considered appropriate? If I don't get a slider model I am leaning toward the B&W Companion model 3300. Without the slider this particular model gives you the ability to slightly move the center of the hitch back about 2 inches. If I go with a slider I am considering the Curt A16 with the C16020 slide. Both hitches are close in price. I really don't want a slider but if I do get one this is the time to do it. Anyone else realize a slider is a waste of money? I hate the noise and clunk of a slider. I assume both Curt and B&W are good products. My old hitch is a Draw Tite
Likes to tow 01/14/21 08:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Love my Fithwheel but looking for more...

In my opinion a 5th wheel has more room when compared to the length behind the truck. In other words, part of the trailer is up in the bed of the truck so a 32 foot 5th wheel is overall no longer than a 26' tag along trailer. So measuring from the back bumper of the truck to the back bumper of the trailer a fifth wheel is shorter. Plus you will normally see large basement storage on a 5th wheel.
Likes to tow 12/27/20 08:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Love my Fithwheel but looking for more...

What discourages me with truck campers now is the price. They have no axle, brakes, frame, etc. but yet they cost more than a tag along trailer and in some cases as much or more than a 5th wheel !! I still think at some time I will go back to one and ditch the 5th wheel idea. All those years of owning truck campers we had wonderful unplanned trips and exploring. When I traded in my last truck camper which was a Starcraft that I had purchased new 5 years earlier, the dealer gave me very little for it claiming truck campers were hard to re sell. I bet there are no truck camper dealers within 100 miles of me!!
Likes to tow 12/26/20 03:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Love my Fithwheel but looking for more...

I owned 4 truck campers and then migrated to 5th wheels. Now on my 3rd one. I would go back to a truck camper but the wife says no. Spoiled to the room and storage of a 5th wheel makes going back impossible. The utility of a truck camper is great. If you like to stay in one place very long a 5th wheel is better. I never planned much when we had truck campers. Now I find myself planning ahead for weeks so a spot is waiting. Just be sure your truck is set up for a truck camper. Nothing less than an F350 is best.
Likes to tow 12/24/20 06:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Picking a new rig

I've owned 3 fifth wheels and only this last one was bought new. Three years ago we bought a Grand Design Reflection 27RL new from a reputable dealer. We were in a hurry to take delivery and leave town on our first trip. The salesman told us to get out and enjoy the trip, shake it down and let them know of any problems. We had several issues but I believe some of that was just my fault for not checking things out good before we left. Some of the issues I corrected myself and about three others required trips back to the dealership. The most critical was the fresh water holding tank would not hold one gallon of water. The tank had to be replaced. The other critical issue was the brakes had massive amount of thin runny grease leaking out of the seals and all four brake clusters had to be replaced. You cannot remove grease from a brake shoe. Grand Design was very easy to deal with and addressed all of our issues quickly. The dealer was also very good. All RV's are manufactured very rapidly and there are no quality control processes before it leaves the factory. This is dealer responsibility and I did not allow the dealer much time. I highly urge you to be sure the tanks are filled, all plumbing checked out and all valves are working. Be sure all systems function properly!! There will be issues both large and small. Grand Design builds a good trailer and back their product !! Just check everything out real good before you pull it off the dealers lot. Right then is the best time to address issues.
Likes to tow 12/05/20 04:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Long Road trip

I've owned 4 truck campers and 3 5th wheels. By far the most pleasurable travel was with the truck campers. If you are going to stop at a specific place and set down for a while then the 5th wheel is the most comfortable plus you have the truck to run all over the area and site see. Also you don't have to repack and put away items to go somewhere. The 5th wheel can be towed to a campground if you have mechanical problems with the truck and this keeps you out of motels plus you don't have to worry about packing up all your valuables to send your motorhome off to a repair facility. Things like firearms and jewelry are targets for theives. 5th wheels are sometimes difficult to maneuver it tight fuel stops and narrow small town streets but so is a motorhome!! Truck campers are just easy. You can park or drive anywhere you normally drive a pickup. You always have a meal or a bathroom with you!! I was practically never turned away from a crowded campground because they can normally find a spot somewhere on the property if you ask nicely and are polite. Only trouble with truck campers is the storage space but with modern 4 door extended cab trucks you have a really big secure dry area to put things. I'd go back to a truck camper if the wife would give up our 5th wheel. Friends who have a motor home are very limited to certain destinations and they MUST pull a small car with them everywhere. So if you are going to pull something.......make it a 5th wheel. Old motorhomes have practically no value on resale. Many older trailers are desirable to anyone wanting to set up a permanent camp somewhere. Our neighbor has a big motorhome and has tried to sell it for the past 5 years. Nobody is interested in a 15 year old coach plus now it has set for so long I doubt it would start. Other than having that big windshield in a class A to see the road ahead of you I can think of no advantage to a motorhome!!
Likes to tow 11/26/20 05:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery Disconnect

I bought a disconnect at Wal Mart and it clamps to the positive lead of the battery. All the wires go to the end of it and there is a large knob to tighten it up on the battery. Works great, very quick, simple to install and simple to use....did I also mention cheap.
Likes to tow 10/19/20 02:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I need new Tires

Goodyear Endurance only choice. Made in USA and a top quality tire
Likes to tow 10/19/20 04:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: camping sites for a 42' fifth wheel?

Not sure if you are aware of the current state of RV travel but there have been some horror stories of people having great difficulty in finding available camping sites. With the pandemic issues, significant numbers of people have taken to the RV lifestyle and this has caused major problems with reservations and availability. In many places you have to reserve months or even a year ahead to get a spot !! You may be shooting yourself in the foot by purchasing such a large RV. It will complicate the process of finding a campground.
Likes to tow 10/18/20 06:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Near tragic event!!

Still wrestling with this event and analyzing the potential problem. All of this for the benefit of anyone who reads this post and will communicate it to others who tow trailers.....any kind of trailer including boats and utility. Many good comments have been made which have given me things to consider. About the lug nuts being over-tightened. I'm doubting this and here's why. I took my torque wrench and set it in loosen mode at 100 lbs then increased it to the point at which in the loosen mode it would click when loosening the nuts. None began to loosen at more than 120 lbs. Most between 100 AND 110. In my opinion none were overly tight to cause seperation of the stud. I would think that would be well over that amount, maybe 150+? ? Last summer when doing annual maintenance I just apparently did not tighten this particular wheel enough and through the thousands of miles in the past year it worked loose due to brake drums getting hot in the Rockies and the fact this trailer has aluminum rims. I think steel brake drums and aluminum wheels would expand and contact at different rates. Now combine that with the fact I never checked lug nuts after the initial first 50 miles nor at any time since. They worked loose and continued to work loose until just recently the wheel apparently was vibrating on the drum!! When they let go they all sheared off even with the drum. Metal fatigue right at that point. So beware of proper lug nut maintenance along with your brakes, bearing seals and grease. Tighten lug nuts good and check again after a few miles of travel when you have removed a tire. Use a torque wrench set at manufacturers recommendation. I was so fortunate to not have had a bad accident running on one tire without my being aware of it. Thankfully the tire was on the curb side and rolled away without striking a person or property.
Likes to tow 09/27/20 06:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Near tragic event!!

I don't believe I was running at speed when the wheel came off. I may have been in a tight turn in an intersection or turning onto a different road. The plastic dressing around the wheel well was totally undamaged. Had the tire came off at highway speed I think it would have damaged it in some way. Decades ago, my Dad lost a wheel going down did he went rolling by on a downhill. Luckly no one hurt. No damage to the skirting. We figure when it came off, it was rolling at the same speed as the trailer. As long as it got clear before it took a bounce, make sense that there would be no damage. If you were on an uphill, you likely would have pulled away from it. TPMS are good but I also check the tires in the mirrors every few minutes (especially after a hard bump). I will admit, I don't put a torque wrench on them every travel day but I do a walk around and check the pressure and at stops, I feel the hubs for heat. I'm with some of the others wondering how you didn't notice until you went inside? Backing into a site, I watch the tires to plot my turning line...then of course when I go to chock the wheels, I think I would notice. My 5th wheel has the auto leveling feature and the control for it is on the driver side (left) of the trailer. When backing in I was looking mostly on that side of the trailer due to the angle of the campsite plus the driver side has better visability. After exiting the truck I raised the door on the left side (driver) and plugged into AC, then pushed the up button on the control to raise the king pin just off the hitch, pulled the lever, pulled forward enough to allow the auto level feature to have clearance. When it was all finished I then walked around to the curb side (righ) of the trailer to enter. The door is just in front of the front axle. I looked down and was in total shock for a period of time! The cammpsite is totally level, did not need to chock tires.
Likes to tow 09/27/20 06:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Near tragic event!!

This is a great video showing an exact representation of what my wheel hub looked like.
Likes to tow 09/26/20 06:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Near tragic event!!

The Dexter chart I COPIED from the Internet said to torque first to 60lbs then do it all again to get them at 90 to 120lbs. That's a 30 lb variance and looks like to me this makes it not overly critical. Just get them tight. I'm doing 90 from here on. However I believe the most important part of torquing wheel lug nuts to to do it again after a few miles and then check it regularly like you would tire pressure. Like one poster mentioned, the heating and cooling of brake drums may make this more critical. When I'm doing an engine overhaul I always go exactly as the manual says and that is a specific torque setting.......not a big variation. Rod bearings and cylinder head bolts have a specific recommendation. Apparently wheels do not.
Likes to tow 09/26/20 06:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Near tragic event!!

You will get many opinions here, but I think the studs sheared from over tightening or, more probable, defective studs. You might want to replace all of the studs, and for sure, replace the other tire from that side. The remaining tire took the whole load from that side and may be compromised. I'm glad you avoided other damage. JK Now this raises a question.....defective studs?? I will check the others. Wheel studs that have been over torqued are considered compromised. They weren’t “defective” until they got stretched by over tightening. All wheel studs have a tightening sequence and pattern as well as a specified torque value. It is humanly possible to torque wheel nuts very close to the correct spec in an emergency without a pesky torque wrench if you practice a bit. A wheel off incident is super dangerous to people and property until the energy in the wheel assembly is dissipated. I don't believe I was running at speed when the wheel came off. I may have been in a tight turn in an intersection or turning onto a different road. The plastic dressing around the wheel well was totally undamaged. Had the tire came off at highway speed I think it would have damaged it in some way.
Likes to tow 09/26/20 04:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Near tragic event!!

Put a real torque wrench on the other wheels and see just how tight you made them. My guess is over tightening is the issue. When you had the new tires installed, was there another party involved? No other party involved. I took the wheels off, went to the tire shop and had them installed and balanced. Then returned home and installed them. About two months later I started my annual maintenance of pulling each wheel, doing seals, bearing lube and brake cleaning and adjustment. If a wheel was left not correctly tightened or over tightened it was totally my fault. However I have done this for decades and never over tightened one.
Likes to tow 09/26/20 04:42pm Fifth-Wheels
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