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RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I know all of you that worship Elon. But advertising "autopilot" and that you will have software to make your Tesla a "autonomous taxi" to make your money back, and NOT BEING ABLE TO DISTINGUISH STOPPED EMERGENCY VEHICLES is horrific in my mind. Yes, it was driver error based on advertised "safest vehicle in the world". Unbelievable how some of you rationalize your beliefs. I have values.UMMMM... No. There are no self driving Teslas. Plain and simple driver error. Tesla clearly requires all drivers to stay in control. You must be the person that worships Elon and Tesla if you believe the vehicles have more capability than they do. killed a few quotes... The main problem as I've repeatedly stated is Elon. Tweet, tweet "autonomous taxis this year", "full self driving soon", "semi in 2018", and of course I paraphrase because I don't feel like proving to you that he could be some of the cause of the stupidity. Also because he WON against that poor cave diver. What a class act. Anyway, here's tesla's own site. If people don't read... click Here's the other half of the equation. People DON'T read their entire manual. When you buy a car, and wind up with a 350 page plus manual (yep, Jeep Cherokee) or capability to view online, a lot of people will just ignore some of the manual. So of course you'll have people ignoring things they should read. Still the manufacturer's responsibility to phrase it correctly and Elon is not much help there. I have to ask, is it just the media or do Tesla's get singled out because of their hype? I mean, there are other cars with driver assist features, surely those people must not read either. Where are all their crashes? My father has a Grand Cherokee with some type of lane follow/center feature. When it's on, and set to the highest setting, it will move the wheel to stay in the lane. It's a bit unsettling, if for example you wish to pass a State Trooper on the side of the road, the wheel will almost jerk itself out of your hands. An example of a learning curve perhaps. did you use a turn signal? lane assist generally disables if the blinker is on, since it expects to leave the lane
LittleBill 01/17/20 11:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Renogy 100ah LifePo4 Lithium - Max Surge Current

is there a reason a battle born is simply not purchased?
LittleBill 12/04/19 05:31pm Tech Issues
RE: digital photo storage

For those that need definition -- SSD is a hard drive, but Solid State Drive, nothing to fail, no internal fans or moving parts.I've had more solid state devices (SSD, USB thumb drives, SD cards) fail then mechanical hard drives. Nothing is 100%. Another note: My working SSD is 2T, but my backups are only 500gb, that way, if something fails, I only lose SOME data, not all data. Um what? if your 2tb hd fails, the size of your backups is irrelevant, unless your talking about some kind of file corruption, which still makes the storage drive size irrelevant
LittleBill 12/04/19 11:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Converter kaput need to buy better one.

you can get the pd 60 amp version as well, sometimes these fit better then the 945 since they are slimmer pd9260
LittleBill 12/02/19 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: Dash camera recommendations

I use this
LittleBill 11/30/19 06:23am Tech Issues
RE: ATT Mobley IP address and VPN ??

vpn will give you the same issue, by only suggesting locations where the vpn server is physically located
LittleBill 11/30/19 06:20am Technology Corner
RE: Battery

why not use a battery disconnect?
LittleBill 11/20/19 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Midsize car for towing

as far as i am concerned the ratings are generally ****. reason being. the chevy cavalier had 2 motors, 2 trannys and a 20 hp difference, one was rated 1k one was not rated to tow anything. do you think the lower one had any trouble towing? it didn't and the cars were known well, same EVERYTHING short of the tranny and engine, and you could get the 4 speed in the lower engine which i had.
LittleBill 11/16/19 05:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Current crop of SUV'S

Mitsu tow 2500+ subby tow 1000+ Cavy tow 1000+ you guys keep thinking you can't tow anything with these, call it what u want, i love my mini-van more than all of them combined.
LittleBill 11/15/19 10:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Current crop of SUV'S

I don't understand this hatred for unibody, i have NEVER seen one broken in half. i literally towed 1500 pounds with a unibody Chevy cavalier for years and it did fine and now i tow 2000+ plus with a mitsubishi outlander i also towed over 40,000 miles with a 93 subaru outback and that had 0 issues as well. the 98 cav destroyed the 93 subaru and the 07 outlander destroyed the 98 cav, im really not sure what you people want that makes a suv so crappy, and all my pulls were mountains, maybe not outwest mountains but a bigger tranny cooler and i would have no concerns. no one is expecting 10k towing out of a small suv, even though i thin the grand cherokee is around 9k. dully to pull a popup comes to mind.
LittleBill 11/15/19 10:25am Tow Vehicles
Who says I need to take up space for a Gooseneck Hitch!

LittleBill 11/13/19 06:14am Towing
RE: Inverter use.

Last winter boondocking and having only a 400 watt inverter that attaches to battery posts with clamps. A couple times wanting to watch tv and not run yamaha gen, I just ran an extension cord from inverter in through a window and plugged the tv in. That worked fine. Would it work to make up an extension cord with male ends at both ends and just plug the one end into an outside plug thus powering up the trailer. Would this impact the trailers converter in any way? Da wife wanting to run her sewing machine I also plugged it into this 400 watt inverter. It would work but it buzzed or whined. instead of making a cord to kill yourself with, why not just plug the trailer cord into the inverter directly and shut off loads, that would overload the inverter?
LittleBill 11/11/19 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

Would something like this work? Protected hdmi
LittleBill 11/07/19 06:37am Technology Corner
RE: Loose tow bar in receiver

I use this i use one of these only downside is you need a wrench to tighten it up
LittleBill 11/01/19 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Netflix forces newer TVs

just buy this and move on, my 3k tv back in 06 barely supported anything. i didn't buy it for the built in apps,aps,625&sr=8-3&linkCode=ll1&tag=asx45-20&linkId=f75818ce5a46b105253bb4c77a2edca9&language=en_US
LittleBill 10/29/19 07:22am Technology Corner
RE: OT- now I’ve seen it all.

this surprises you, this stuff is everywhere 1500 dollar 5 foot ethernet cable hdmi cable 1200 bucks 3 feet
LittleBill 10/25/19 08:01am Technology Corner
RE: New Meter on order

any update on this gary?
LittleBill 10/19/19 05:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Can you send visible wifi to a non wifi computer

if you mean like a phone hot spot (visible wifi is not a real term), then yes it can be done
LittleBill 10/19/19 03:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Well... I see a new trend

Half or most of them are E beggars. You can hardly get through a video without them prompting you to support them on Patrion, or buy their merchandise. Most of them have links to products they are pushing in their headliner that they get a kick back from. Seems like there are getting to be too many of them trying to get viewers to pay for them to rv. Many are young people. You got to wonder what their retirement will look like in 30 years, when they have not saved a nickel, and have never had a real job. Maybe I should have retired at 25, and went rving. Please, could everyone send me 20 bucks so I can rv at no expense to myself. Thank you in advance. have you ever made a decent video? do you know how long that takes? people that are supporting themselves through youtube are spending 50+ hours making video's if they have no other income. constantly creating content take a lot of work, if you don't want to support them then fine, but don't ***** if your watching for free. NOTHING in this world is free. and the successful ones are making decent money
LittleBill 10/05/19 09:12am Technology Corner
RE: Laptop battery difference Metal hydride vs Lith ion

i would return it, not going to be even close to the performance.
LittleBill 10/05/19 09:05am Technology Corner
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