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RE: Entry Steps too high at times what do you use?

... I went to the local closest Home Depot for a couple $2 each CMU’s... Carnegie Mellon University? “Concrete Masonry Unit” aka cinder blocks.
Lumpty 03/01/20 03:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entry Steps too high at times what do you use?

I carry around one of these, a basic Rubbermaid Step Stool: IIRC, bought it at a Walmart for about $12. A year or so prior, in a pinch because it was a really big leap, where we were staying, I went to the local closest Home Depot for a couple $2 each CMU’s, that went into the dumpster at the end of that week’s stay. It was cheaper than wrecked knees.
Lumpty 02/29/20 04:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need a base camp RV park for touristing in NYC

An additional not-well-known NYC fringe area campground is at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, a Morris County park a few miles north of I-80 and the Rockaway Townsquare Mall. Commuter bus service to the Port Authority terminal at 42nd St is available at the mall or a few miles away in Dover, where there is also NJ Transit rail to NY Penn or Hoboken. The park has 18 W/E RV sites in a state park type of setting.
Lumpty 02/17/20 05:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing through New York City

Funny sidebar story about GWB tolls, back about 20 years ago when they were merely expensive and not requiring emptying your life savings in one passage, about a trip I made up to the Boston area. I was towing a street licensed car on an open trailer. Both that car, and the tow vehicle, had EZPass transponders. Went through the EZPass lanes, figuring that the system would count axles and ding me accordingly. But what it did, and this included the tolled Mass Pike portion of the trip, was read the truck as one vehicle and the trailer axles as another car following, via the transponder in the windshield of the car being towed. So I only ended up paying the two car tolls, instead of the at least 3x tow vehicle-trailer one. A bit of an oopsie that worked out to be about $20 to my advantage, discovered when I received my account statement and both transponders were showing sequential tolling all the way through that trip. I'm sure there was something about it I could have been fined for, but after 20 years the Statute of Limitations has hopefully passed.
Lumpty 02/14/20 04:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Invalid VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

On low volume production items this is not unusual to have happen. Even with cars. My '15 VW Golf Sportwagen is a very rare gas 5 speed manual, bought new shortly after they were introduced that model year. My agent said the VIN was not valid. It took an actual picture of the stamped plate on the dash and door sticker to show that was the actual ID.
Lumpty 02/14/20 03:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Any Class C *WITH* ducted heated holding tanks?

I have a 2011 Sunseeker 2300, which sounds like the same floorplan with a different model designation as an earlier poster. RR corner queen with the water tank inside below the bed, gray and black tanks enclosed under the stepped up rear floor in the bed and bath areas. There are heat ducts running through from the furnace located right in front of the bed, under the refrigerator, including a perforated "leaky" one that passes through the back of the storage compartment where the water pump is and hot and cold PEX passes back into the house. All plumbing is on the inside, with the exception of the lines to the outside shower, which are tee'd off the bathroom sink lines at about the 3/4 point left rear. Even then, they only go "outside" right at the back of the fixture enclosure. We've used the RV in low 20's weather overnight with no issues, just running the furnace. Most recently, that was just last month driving to Florida trying to get below the freeze line, having to give up at about MP140 I-95 SB when it was 11pm and still 150 to go to get above 32.
Lumpty 02/14/20 03:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing through New York City

I-95 is frequently full of traffic until east of New Haven. I have several friends that live in Fairfield County. It can take an hour to go 10 miles at anytime of day.
Lumpty 02/10/20 07:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: Towing through New York City

I'm local; I-78 west to the Garden State Parkway, to I-287 (NY Thruway) east to 684 to 84 is the most direct way other than the GW to CBX. Depending on the time of day, Hartford can be a PITA. If it's raining, or hitting Hartford during either the morning or evening rush hours, the better option believe it or not is when at the Thruway to take it (I-287 west/I-87 north) to the I-90 Mass Pike Extension. More miles but frequently shorter time wise. Yes, traffic in the Northeast can be bad enough that driving another 50 miles can save about an hour.
Lumpty 02/10/20 07:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: Need some advice

During the month May we, two couples mid-sixties from France, want to visit South-West of the United State. We start and end in Denver. We intend to travel with two RV’s with a length of around 20 feet. We have never visited this area before and we never used a RV. We would like to get some more information and the best place for that seems to me this forum of RV lovers. So our questions: 1. Renting a RV is expensive. Prices vary enormous. Can anyone help us with finding a good and reliable rental agency in the neighborhood of Denver? Or is there someone interested in renting two RV’s to us? 2. We think an RV with a length of 20 feet is sufficient for a couple. I get the impression that 25 feet is very popular. But it seems to big for just a couple. And it consumes more. Any advice in this matter? 3. Compared with a large car, SUV of something like that is a RV limited in the roads you can taken? 4. Lots of agencies talk about standard and additional assurances. What is necessary and what is advisable? 5. Is it difficult to find camping places and should they be booked in advance? Further I have seen free camping places (including Wall Mart). What are the experiences with these places? We will visit Black Canyon, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Mojave NP, Sequoia NP, San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Zion NP, Brice Canyon NP, Canyon lands, Grand junction. Total of 4000 miles in 5 weeks. My responses, which are similar to some of the others: 1. Besides the rental-only agencies, there are private owners that list RV's to rent: Still a lot of money; figure a minimum of $150/day. I went on the Cruise America website, and the small 19' RV from Denver is $154/day, however the mileage charge adds on top, as do taxes, bringing a 5 week trip to $8,000+/-. There are also RV dealers that rent units, with cheaper non-summer rates, but no matter, it still will be $6000-$8000. 2. The only rental I've seen smaller than the 23-25' range is that Cruise America 19' unit. Yes, it should work OK for 2. My own motorhome is a 24' Class C that my wife and I have spent extended time in and been very comforable. What it provides is more storage space; I've always been able to bring whatever I've wanted. Fuel mileage with a gas engine no matter what the size of the unit will be bad. It still is a big box going down the road, unless, on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. A gas Ford or Chevrolet will be in the 7-10 mpg range, but fuel here is not expensive, budget about $2.70/gallon, but more in California. For 4000 miles at that number, gas will be $1,350-$1,500. 3. Up to about that 25' length, the limitation on what roads can be driven is height. With that in mind, I've never really been restricted in where I've driven mine. It has been left in airport parking lots, and been driven on city streets, to drop off a family member at Chicago Midway Airport. I wold not recommend that though at all to someone without large vehicle driving experience. It will drive much bigger than a car. Not bad, just different. 4. Insurance adds? That is really up to your tolerance for risk and what the base liability is. I believe Cruise America's is $1,500, with the added insurance $12/day. For 35 days + tax, that is over $400. For an $1100 difference, it may not be worth it, but only you can decide that. There are also options to add kitchen and bedding kits. For what they are charging, instead head to the nearest Wal-Mart and outfit yourself for similar or less money. You'll need food as well, and shopping in a Supercenter can be a tourist experience itself! 5. If during the summer, popular National Parks should probably be booked, however with a small unit there are non-campground locations that can be found, friends with a 24' Sprinter Class C do this regularly. As said, at many Wal-Marts, Cracker Barrel restaurants, Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops encourage RV travelers to use their parking lots for the night. Highway rest areas can also be used for short stops. Phone apps are available, like this one for Wal-Marts I have on my iPhone: As for the itinerary, I've done as little as 150 miles a day, to as much as 1050 miles (again just a few weeks ago driving home from Florida to where I live outside of NYC) driving my Class C on trips. A general rule is that your average speed with reasonable length stops for fuel and food is about 50 mph. Multiply by preferred driving time and that gives your comfortable daily distance. I can usually do 60-62 mph, but that is all interstate highway driving at 70mph, eating while driving and really only stopping for fuel. Non of that really possible in the mountain west. Big cities and their sights to see like San Francisco and even Las Vegas are pretty much impossible to drive to in a RV, so plan to stay well outside and use trains or Uber/Lyft. Hope that helps. Good luck planning and keep us posted.
Lumpty 02/10/20 04:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Haunted Honda CRV

Yup, had an '05 Acura with that all windows open feature via the remote, as well as a mid-90's VW too.
Lumpty 01/09/20 07:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Black Ice Detectors

Wet pavement will be shiny, black ice more dull, and as mentioned appear to be “new” looking pavement.
Lumpty 12/31/19 06:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Fuse

Ford has upped their game with the 2020 Transit: The 11,000lb GVW and 15,000lb GCWR are real specs. Bigger news is a heavier duty cycle 3.5 EcoBoost is available with 310hp and 400ft-lbs of torque. That's just about V10 numbers, and also AWD is an available option across the line up, including the 178" WB DRW chassis. That is going to make for a nice platform to carry a small Class C.
Lumpty 12/26/19 05:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: SuperSebring at Sebring International Raceway Sebring, FL

I've had my spot along the road between 2 and 14 now since 2017, so 2020 will be year 4 there; I cheated a bit the first couple of years in 2013 and 2014 with an unreserved North Paddock RV spot and parked on the concrete at the T15-T16 infield. Missed '15 and the series my son was in during '16 wasn't part of the event. The reserved sites are tight. My 24' Class C fits fine with room to spare. Last year though, someone with a 45' triple axle pusher showed up on Friday near me. It took 3 cops, him hitting one car, 2 hours and the whole neighborhood to get him parked. Now with WEC running Friday night, this is a super popular event, even more so than what the 12-hour was. Every spot and then some sold out last year. If you do not have a reserved spot, get hooked up with a group of people, and either way, plan on being there when the gates open Wednesday. There will be a long line, that starts queuing up a week before. The party aspect of the event has quieted down in recent years. Things are noticeably tamer now than even my first time in '13, and that according to legend was nothing like the old days. Not to say fun can't be had. Compared to the Rolex 24 wine and cheese atmosphere, Sebring is definitely shots and beer. A rental golf cart is spendy but worth it, however no golf carts allowed in Green Park (they might become kindling). No personal golf carts or scooters allowed, and if you have a car it needs a parking pass to get over the bridges into the infield. It isn't terrible to leave a car in the free parking outfield and shuttle or take the golf cart out there. Have a cable bike lock to secure the golf cart when parked overnight or remotely (through the steering wheel to the roof post). Bring lots of refreshments, though greasy food is plentiful along the Midway, and a local Sebring fraternal organization (Lions Club I think) has made a killing the past few years selling cases of beer out of a trailer along the Midway.
Lumpty 11/19/19 03:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Ford 7.3 V8

Direct injection will carbon up the intake tract if idled excessively. Not an issue with port injection. One of the reasons my F150 is a 5.0 and not an EcoBoost 3.5, since it is my wife's DD and mostly does short trips under 5 miles, barely getting warmed-up. The new 7.3's basic engine architecture, right down to the coil pack locations and shorty wires to the plugs looks like a copy of GM's LS motors. Not necessarily a bad thing.
Lumpty 11/11/19 07:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: E-350 drivers seat replacement

I have the OEM power base on the stock E-Series driver’s seat, and it makes all the difference in legroom and overall comfort. Adds 1”+ in additional legroom via being able to move the bottom cushion up, adding thigh support too.
Lumpty 10/22/19 07:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Favorite places to eat in Monterey Area

Ickity ick on most of the Cannery Row places. Some places we like: Turn 12 Bar and Grill Alvarado Street Brewery Lallapalooza All those are downtown. A nice low-key place on Fremont Street is Monterey Cookhouse. In Carmel, Baja Cantina. Lastly, a nice Italian place in Pacific Grove: Alberto's. We are in Monterey at least once a year, and have the good places figured out.
Lumpty 10/03/19 10:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Getting to Liberty Harbor

Take 280 to the Turnpike South to the Newark Bay extension which is the route Liberty Park provides, or since I assume you're getting on 280 from 80 east, exit at 287 south, and about 2 or 3 miles later get on Route 24 freeway east. This connects to 78 east, and most times of the day is easier than 280. Avoid the Route 7 to 139 option. Old gnarly part of Jersey City, with major road construction occurring there too.
Lumpty 09/25/19 05:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: New York City

Any NYC hotel that you'd want to stay in will be at least $300/night. Another commuting option is Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson, NJ. There is a small campground in this Morris County Park that is nearby to bus and trains to Manhattan. Figure about 1:30 each way.
Lumpty 09/23/19 05:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Chevy 6.0

A 6.0 Chevy will have plenty of power, but will need to twist even more so than a Ford V10. I had a '04 2500HD 4x4 with a 300/360 one, 4.10's and that 2.48 first gear 4L80E. Towed many miles at rated GCWR and never ever lacked for power, but did spend lots of time above 4000rpm, right up to the 5200rpm shift point.
Lumpty 09/02/19 09:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: This chapter done, what next?

What we have, a 24' C on a heavier duty E450 is the ultimate compromise. It does nothing great but isn't really terrible at anything either. A small house on a 14,500 GVW chassis makes for more than 4,000 lbs of NCC. We have 44 gallons of water, and 30 gallons each of black and gray capacity. Makes for the ability to comfortably boondock up to a week if just the two of us. With a 158" wheelbase, we can back into a parking spot, overhang the rear and not take up any more room than a shortbed crew cab pick up. There still are 3 sleeping positions (corner and overhead bunk queens and the dinette bed. We've now had it for 8 years, and intend to replace it in 4, and keep coming up with another of the same exact unit, except maybe with a dinette slide this next time around. We have just started hauling around local transportation, and in a similar minimalist compromise, I bought a 50cc scooter that still can accommodate riding 2-up. My wife is still getting used to the idea, and riding around on the back of it, but does admit it serves the basic purpose well.
Lumpty 08/28/19 07:01pm General RVing Issues
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