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RE: The RV Demand Continues

Clicked on a Camping World ad that showed up in my email, since I have used them for a few on-line parts purchases where amazingly they were cheaper than PPL or Amazon. Clicked on the “motorized” RV sales link, just to get a chuckle at the advertised prices. Given the state of the market, I’m in no hurry to replace my current Class C, but at going on 11 years old and pushing 100k miles, I will want to at some point in the future. They’re clearly trying to draw in the noobs, offering a $2k discount on a $100k sticker entry-level 24’-er. Sounds great in the context of a $20k deal for an economy car. Wonder what would happen making an offer at the 30-33% off price many/most of us bought our current units for?
Lumpty 12/15/21 05:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Changing a tire yourself

Luckily never had a flat on the current Class C, but have rotated a 6 tires a few times. To do so requires jacking opposite diagonal corners up. I use my 3-ton floor jack under the axle corner, and a 6-ton bottle jack under the front Twin-I beam. Each only has to be lifted enough to daylight under the tires. The bottle jack lives in the motorhome, along with the appropriate socket, 1/2” drive extension and breaker bar. If I had to change a tire on the road I could do it easily.
Lumpty 10/26/21 05:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Handling “hard dried stuff” in the black tank ?

Buy some ice, like at least 30 lbs worth. Dump it down the toilet into the black tank. Add a little water. Also pour down the hole a lot of liquid laundry detergent. Then, go for a spirited, bumpy and curvy road drive. Afterwards. let it sit for an hour or two, then dump. That should get all the petrified poop out.
Lumpty 10/12/21 07:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mildew

I have MaxAir covers over all my roof vents which are open when the RV is not in use. Anytime expect the heat of summer, I will use multiple DampRid tubs to suck the moisture out of the inside air. During winter, I'll change them out every couple of months. I also leave cabinet doors, the fridge and microwave open. Never had any mold/mildew issues, even living in the northeast with a lot of humidity and temperature swings.
Lumpty 10/04/21 06:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Seats in a 2021 Forester Classic w/ Ford 450 chassis

If this is on a Ford, there is an OEM power base that should be available. I have one in my '11 E450 Sunseeker 2300, where my chassis was optioned that way in the Forest River fleet order. A harness jumper to the seat base may also be needed. There are some online parts diagrams available that could be a help. I agree, the power seat makes the somewhat confining Ford cab much more comfortable.
Lumpty 09/18/21 04:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: House battery recommendations.............

I have a pair of, IIRC for size, Group 31 AGM's I bought from Sam's Club 4+ years ago. Not outrageously priced, and have worked fine. No issues using all 12v stuff whenever needed for up to 48 hours. We almost exclusively dry camp at race tracks, and will only run the generator if A/C is needed or to use the microwave.
Lumpty 09/02/21 07:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV/CG site near Flowery Branch, Georgia

Any number of Corps campgrounds around Lake Lanier. There is also a Forsyth County campground in Cumming that the County took from the ACOE.
Lumpty 08/31/21 06:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: full size corner bed vs queen corner bed

We've got a corner queen, full 60x80. My wife, who can and does if given the opportunity sleeps 12 hours straight, is on the outside wall. Me, who has to get up at least once a night, takes the bathroom side of the bed. This is a Serta pillow top innerspring mattress that was an option for our year of Sunseeker, and while branded as an RV mattress is pretty much identical to an at-home bed. It's my job to put the mattress pad and fitted bottom sheet on, as that is a wrestling match done kneeling on the middle of the bed, and peeling up the RR corner to get those things started, same he-man action for the corner at the back of the bathroom and rear wall, then get off and do the other two corners at the toe-end of the mattress standing on the floor. For covers, everything is loose and thrown over. We each have different preferences for those when sleeping - she like her feet out and I don't for one, so we've taken to each having our our sheet and/or comforter. While that may be weird, it works for us and I sleep better. Our floorplan does not have a short closet overhanging the end of the bed. We don't find the bed area at all claustrophobic, and it was the only way to get the needed minimum living area in a short, no-slide, 24' length. To get out of bed, I just swing my legs up and down quickly, and that inertia scootches me down the bed so my legs can get down to the floor. It might take another move, but nothing hard for getting out the end.
Lumpty 04/22/21 05:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 5050 miles in 9 Travel Days

I don’t have quite the endurance I used to, but I routinely do Daytona home to northern NJ in a 15-16 hour trip, 1050 miles. The quicker elapsed times have been in either a Corvette or Golf Sportwagen, with the 16 hour mark driving the Class C. In that, the cruise set at an indicated 70, which is actually a true 68, and stopping just for gas, potty and eating on the road. Usually leave at 5:30am and in my driveway by 9:30pm. Another trip we do annually is to Elkhart Lake, WI. Leave there at 5am, which is a necessity to get around Chicago before the morning rush, lose an hour crossing into Eastern time, and again home in 15 hours in the motorhome for that 900 miles. My distance/time record is actually Topeka, KS back to NJ, in a GMC 2500HD crew cab towing a 20’ enclosed car trailer. 1250 miles in 18 hours. Left at 5:30am Central and home at 12:30am. That truck and trailer combo was super stable at 70-75; the glitch was the 26 gallon fuel tank and 9mpg meant stopping every 200 to 210 or so miles. That trip was 2007, and being 14 years younger made a different in how much stuffing I had. These days though, I like to be off the road by 9-10pm. Hence why I’m only good for 1000-ish miles. Also of note, these are just one-shot banzai runs to or from a destination I’m at for at least a week. I’m still working, so maximum time away for minimum vacation time.
Lumpty 04/13/21 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Foremost insurance

Always used them for insurance on the two Class C's I've had, both registered in NJ which is not a cheap insurance state. Set up directly with the company; no agents involved. The premium on the 2011 Sunseeker bought new that I've had for 10 years now is $650 a year, with up to full cost of original purchase price coverage with $1000 deductibles, and $500k CSL liability. No reason to change companies, but never have had a claim so no experience to offer that way.
Lumpty 03/30/21 05:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6 liter V8 Chevy Vortec question

I've had, in order, a '94 E350 with an EFI 460/E4OD (245hp/410 ft-lbs, with a 4.10 rear), an '04 GMC 2500HD with the LQ4 6.0/4L80E (300hp/360 ft-lbs with 4,10's) and the current '10 chassis E450 that has a SOHC V10 and 5R110 (305hp/420 ft-lbs and a 4.56 rear). Up to a certain weight, about 15,000 GCW, the 6.0 was definitely the snappiest, and felt the most responsive. One time I had about 1000 lbs more in the trailer, approaching 9,000 lbs, pretty much right on the chassis limit of 16,000lbs GCWR, and it was not happy. Night and day how that 1,000 lbs emasculated it. mileage was always in the 8's, maybe 9 tops. Going back to the 460 in the 1st Class C, it was classic big block power and torque. I didn't ever tow heavy with it, at the most 5500-6000lbs and a GCE of 18,500lbs, right on the chassis rating, but the drivetrain just shrugged, never feeling stressed. Mileage though was terrible. Solo, 7-7.5, towing, 6-6.5. So onto the current V10. Never feels as eager as the 6.0 nor as unstressed as the 460, but after 80k+ miles, I am a begrudging fan. It has pulled 9000lbs, plus the 24' Class C it's in, all-up at 20,000lbs +. Solo mileage is around 8, towing 7, and has never pulled a hill (nothing out west but has done a bunch on the Mass Pike in the Berkshires and Fancy Gap on I-77) at less than 55, with plenty of pedal left. I agree the V10 does not make V8 noises; I'd much rather listen to the 6.0 LQ4 at 4500rpm than the V10, but for hauling ability, there's no comparison. The 2V SOHC V10 has gone into thousands of Class A's, which is not something that can be said for the 6.0. As cheap as RV manufacturers are, if it was a suitable engine for heavier weights, it would have been available in the Workhorse stripped chassis when they were available, instead of the 8.1 only.
Lumpty 02/13/21 07:43am Class C Motorhomes
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