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RE: 3.31 gears at 40,000 lbs gross.

^^^ Yes it is a fact that taller gears means higher torque .... shorter gears means higher rpm... I'm not sure what your point is? For those that like higher rpm there is a gasoline option. The point is that there various gear ratios for a reason. The 3.55 gears will be a bit easier on the drivetrain than the 3.31 if the tire size is the same.
Lynnmor 05/18/21 03:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery Indicator Lights

It just a simple connection to an available 12 volt line. If you are getting 12 volts to the panel, then it is likely the panel is bad. Google "KIP Micro Monitor" for more information.
Lynnmor 05/17/21 05:56am Tech Issues
RE: Annuity Maturing...

Your "trusty" financial will gladly sell you another annuity so he can make the profit once again.
Lynnmor 05/15/21 05:56am Around the Campfire
RE: First Time

The SNP has numerous scenic turnouts that will be more of an issue with a large RV. Plan on early or less congested times to stop at those. Try to keep your RV out of the way as best you can, unlike “that guy” that hogs the limited space. As mentioned earlier, don’t walk thru the campsites of others without permission. The SNP is one place where I was hiking (bushwhacking) thru thick brush and broke out at an occupied campsite, the “lady” had a fit.
Lynnmor 05/14/21 01:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Rv Park with Pine trees

I stayed in an all pine tree campground in northwest PA, never again, it took all summer till I got all the sap off the trailer and truck.
Lynnmor 05/14/21 07:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 50th Anniversary

I was at Lowe's today for a pair of gold-plated 2 x 10's, there was a long line of people flaunting their wealth by pushing carts with way more than me. :(
Lynnmor 05/11/21 03:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Is this hitch wrong?

Should be fine.
Lynnmor 05/04/21 03:42pm Towing
RE: Battery & cut off switch

Why do people make this so difficult? I had this issue when we got our 2005 Copper Canyon, I simply installed a nice (about $30) disconnect switch in the positive cable. I would turn off once parked, and battery was good for months. Thar will work, too, but it also shuts off the propane detector, (in some cases) smoke and CO detectors. Good, that is what you want!
Lynnmor 05/04/21 03:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Balance Question

I've been balancing trailer tires this way for forty years, the worst case was a tire that was 5 oz. out and a drum that was 5.5 oz. out. I used my method and only needed a tiny weight to bring it into balance. Had I not known the heavy spots, it would have taken a considerable amount of weights or balance beads to make it work. Using my example, even 10.5 oz. would not be enough as the beads will spread out over a large area. The thing about using the beads is that there is no way of knowing the correct amount. I prefer to physically balance the assemblies and not depend on beads re-balancing after every stop. One thing I am sure of is that nearly all trailer wheel assemblies are out of balance despite so called balancing done at tire shops. I pulled snowmobile trailers for many years that had the small 10" diameter wheels, for those I made an arbor to fit that had low friction bearings. This way I was able to balance without all the de-greasing. Good tires in this small size are impossible to find, so I did a lot of replacements. My single axle utility trailer has no brakes, but the hubs still were considerably out of balance so I removed material where I could but had to quit before compromising the strength. The quality of the axle assemblies in nearly all trailers is extremely poor, so we must recognize the problems and do what we can to live with them. I also have an on the vehicle electronic balancer but of course it can't tell where the heavy spots of each component is located, so I only use it to verify balance.
Lynnmor 05/04/21 03:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: What's under the coroplast?

I doubt there are any blueprints, these things are thrown together by the fine craftsmen using the vast knowledge in their heads and no two trailers are exactly alike. In the RV world, water does not flow downhill, it flows in the cheapest direction possible. The drain valve cables are probably routed wrong and not adjusted properly. Download the installation manual for your valves. The water spilling out is a common occurrence because vent hoses are simply run straight down, see the above posts. The time that water still flowed when stopped might have been from the trailer not being perfectly level, it only takes a few inches. The vent hoses need to rise well above water level and ideally should exit the coach at that level. Don't be afraid to pull down the Coroplast, it should be done on every trailer so the assembly process can be completed by the purchaser. You will find unbelievable workmanship and many things that need to be corrected. Wiring, plumbing, insulation and mechanical can be improved.
Lynnmor 05/01/21 12:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer Tongue Coupler Wear?

A coupler can be purchased for about $60 and welded on in about an hour, not a big deal.
Lynnmor 04/29/21 12:43am Travel Trailers
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

If its profitable why is it bad? Because using tax money to compel the citizens to purchase a product that is unnecessary, harmful and wasteful only for the purpose of buying votes, is a bad thing. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. It is clear that by year 5 a Bev is better for the world than an ice. I guess some cannot see the woods for the trees. Ethanol has been pushed on us and taxes to fund the EV debacle have been pushed on us. I think people should pay their own way and get out of the pockets of others.
Lynnmor 04/28/21 12:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

If its profitable why is it bad? Because using tax money to compel the citizens to purchase a product that is unnecessary, harmful and wasteful only for the purpose of buying votes, is a bad thing.
Lynnmor 04/28/21 09:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Outside Kitchen Travel Trailers

We just bought an RV for our latest camping tur during pandemic. Thinking of buying charcoal smoker grill for camping through this review Any recommendation?? Where and how are you going to haul those greasy things?
Lynnmor 04/28/21 05:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer Tongue Coupler Wear?

Since there is wear in the top of the coupler and the ball has a large flat on it, there is no way that ball was the only one used. My thought is that someone towed using a 2" ball. Replace the coupler and the ball and do it right the next time using grease.
Lynnmor 04/28/21 05:52am Travel Trailers
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

Yep, yep. I'm sure that's right. After all, the last 4 years with a administration trying to stop any chance of slowing climate destruction, there was no development in EVs I thought that your political views weren't welcome here.
Lynnmor 04/27/21 06:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

Uh no. Per capita Canada and the US are still some of the worst pigs on the planet. Funny how "pigs" are the ones producing most of the goods and wealth on the planet, while the clean sit back and enjoy. Yes, manufacturing will disrupt your clean planet, just visit one of your lithium mines.
Lynnmor 04/26/21 05:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I use this bearing?

There is some space between inner and outer bearings. Was I supposed to fill this space with the grease? No, just pack some reserve just inside and outside each bearing. Don't forget to add some grease between the two lips of the seal to reduce wear on it.
Lynnmor 04/26/21 05:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Balance Question

I wanted to demonstrate that balancing tires on a machine is of little value. You did some measuring and verified the inaccuracies of trailer parts and why there is a need to find an alternative method to bring things into balance. While some suggest using a lug plate on a balancing machine, that doesn't take into account the run out of the lug pattern on the trailer drums. I had one brake drum that needed 5.5 ounces of weight at the usual wheel location to counter the inaccuracies. Had I paid for a fancy high tech spin balancing, it would have still been 5.5 ounces out of balance, possibly more. While few will go to the trouble of doing it, I'll explain what I do. I have an on-the-vehicle spin balancer, but even that is best only after the following process. I have a spare axle to use for the process, but an axle already on a trailer can be used if the brakes are backed off, or removed, till there is absolutely no drag. This is best done when replacing tires or doing a complete wheel bearing service so that not too much unnecessary work is done. 1. Remove the grease seals and completely clean the bearings, then put a few drops of very thin oil on them. Gun oil or sewing machine oil is fine. Any trace of grease or debris will be a problem. Keep all bearings in their original positions. 2. Mount a brake drum on the axle used for this work and adjust the spindle nut loosely so that the drum rotates freely. The heavy spot on the drum will rotate to the bottom, so there mark the heavy spot, I use a paint marker and use the letter H. You will do this with each drum as its turn comes up. 3. Balance the first drum using small c-clamps or whatever you have. Now you can mount a tire/wheel and find its heavy spot. Again mark the spot with an H, I use chalk. Do this with each tire on the balanced drum. 4. Remove the added weights on the drum. 5. Mount the tire with the H markings opposite each other as best you can, but first mark an S on the drum where the valve stem will be. This will minimize the required amount of weights. Also, it would be a good idea to mark on the drum and wheel where the wheel will be mounted. 6. Add wheel weights to bring the whole assembly into balance, most of the weight should be on the inside of the wheel to better counter the unbalanced drum. If you have the assembly turning freely, you can balance to within 1/2 ounce. 7. Repeat for each assembly. The spare tire can be balanced after step 3 but of course there is no way of knowing where it will be needed, so it will only help a bit. 8. Clean the light oil from the bearings, grease and assemble as usual. 9. Always mount the wheel on the matched drum with the valve stem in the S position. 10. Each person doing all this should add their name to a list below, I expect a very long list. :)
Lynnmor 04/26/21 05:16am Travel Trailers
RE: TPMS suggestions

I mounted my repeater in a storage compartment and wired it to the lamp. The lamp switch was replaced with a center off switch that turns on the repeater one way and the lamp the other way.
Lynnmor 04/26/21 03:55am Travel Trailers
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