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RE: Lithium Batteries

Winnebago has had them as an optional upgrade on their Views/Navions for a couple of years. Standard batteries are AGMs, or upgrade to lithium, for a few dollars more (~ $5000?). It became an option when the new flat top cab over was added. Same year. Winnebago used the Zamp Solar Charge Controllers ZS-30A in my 2018 Navion. It came with a pair of cheap FLA batteries, but the solar CC has an LiFePO4 charging algorithm, which is almost the same as the AGM charging algorithm. I use it now, after swapping in a couple of Relion 100Ah RB100-LT lithium batteries back in 2019. Works just fine. I also have a Progressive Dynamics PD9245 converter/charger, to which I added a Charge Wizard remote control pendant. With it, I can manually boost the charging current to the lithiums when I'm plugged in, if they need it.
MDKMDK 09/21/21 05:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Koni or Bilstein?

Should I add Sumo springs? I plan to, at some point, add Sumo Springs for curb roll.
MDKMDK 09/13/21 02:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Koni or Bilstein?

They're both good. Go with whatever you can get.
MDKMDK 09/13/21 01:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leave propane on while driving?

Not a good idea, particularly when refueling. I wouldn't do it, but many do, and that's why I try to avoid refueling when there's another RV/motorhome at a nearby pump island. I'm never in that much of a hurry. HMMMM building codes allow gas hot water heaters in garages provided they are at least 18" above the garage floor. I'm guessing they think there might be gas fumes or gasoline stored in the garage. Just an FYI before all the internet horror stories start. HMMMM, what do building codes about water heaters in garages (btw, they're water heaters, not "hot water heaters". If the water is already hot, it doesn't need to be heated) have to do with refueling at a gas/fuel stop, with active ignition sources in your vehicle(s)? Take your time, I'll wait. :C
MDKMDK 08/18/21 10:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leave propane on while driving?

Not a good idea, particularly when refueling. I wouldn't do it, but many do, and that's why I try to avoid refueling when there's another RV/motorhome at a nearby pump island. I'm never in that much of a hurry.
MDKMDK 08/18/21 04:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago outlook

Just a suggestion . . . drive one for a bit, and be sure you find the noise and heat from the front engine tolerable. I thought about downsizing from a DP, but once I drove a front engine gasser I immediately changed my mind. Your opinion might vary, however! :C Good points. In 2017 we downsized from a Roadtrek to a new Sunstar 26HE, and after one trip, traded it in partly because of those two issues. The fuel economy was in there too, because there isn't any. We did like the extra interior room, and larger storage, but not that much. We re-downsized to a Navion, and haven't looked back. Great compromise between the prior units, with none of the baggage.
MDKMDK 08/15/21 08:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Front privacy curtains needed

Google is your friend......
MDKMDK 08/14/21 12:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2019 Winnebago View 24G Towing Capacity

I used to tow a 2003 Wrangler with my 2019 Winnnebago View no problem. I just bought a Wrangler 4xe. The added weight of the batteries, etc. in the new unlimited pushes the curb weight to about 5,200 lbs. I can shave weight by taking the back seats out, switching to a soft top, and removing skid plates. If I tow empty, it will put me just under the 5,000 towing capacity of the View . . . barely. But from at least an insurance and liability issue I'm ok. Question - has anyone else pushed the limit of the towing capacity of the View and what has been your experience? Good question. The answer is, it's simple math. The hitch can handle 5000lbs, so that's one limit that can't be exceeded safely. If you can "trim the fat" off the Wrangler, and get her down under 5000lbs loaded (and weighed at a real world scale) for travel, and can also shed some weight in your View (also weighed to be sure) to compensate for the heaveier towed, you'll be OK. Robbing Peter to pay Paul? ;) As an example, my 2016 JKU Wrangler weighs 4500lbs loaded for travel, verified at the local government highway inspection station scales. The Navion (same scales) weighs around 10,600 lbs, also loaded for travel, including both of us, the cat, all travel stuff, 1/3 fresh water, empty blck/gray, full propane, and full fuel/DEF/oil/coolant. The Jeep doesn't exceed the 5000lb hitch weight, and the Navion is under the GVWR. Add them together = 4500 + 10,600 = 15100lbs which is under the GCWR of 15250lbs, by 150lbs. So, I'm good to go, but just. I can pick up an average weight hitchhiker, and be right at the mathematical limit, but we rarely pick up hitchhikers.:C The 4220lbs limit that some people toss around, is an over simplified, "subtract the GVWR of 11030lbs from the GCWR of 15250lbs and 4220lbs is your limit" is wrong/false/other. Sorry, but it is.:R
MDKMDK 08/14/21 10:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: TV Antenna, 2020 Jayco GrayHawk Prestige MVP29 problem

Are you still under warranty? Pay a visit to your dealer, and get it fixed (or replaced, if it's defective) for free.
MDKMDK 08/12/21 07:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: TV Antenna, 2020 Jayco GrayHawk Prestige MVP29 problem

Do you have to pinch the button on the side of the dial, to free it up, to rotate? Mine has never "locked up", but if I turn it too fast, I suppose it might get stuck at the stop. Does yours only rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to the stop position? Are you turning it too fast and hitting that limit too hard, maybe? Sorry, my experience has been go slow, and don't let it get away from you, but it's never gotten stuck.
MDKMDK 08/12/21 06:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thinking of Winnebago Via purchase..advice?

I had a Via 25T for 5 years and loved it because it suited our lifestyle at the time. We downsized from a 40' diesel pusher because it was becoming too much work, towing a car was also too much work & worry, and we wanted to get off the highways and see small town America. This led to a different type of camping experience and most of the time we spent 2 or 3 days at a campground before moving on to the next one. The travel days were used for sightseeing and shopping. The Via was great for pulling into any layby or viewing area as quick as we saw one. Did not have to worry about 40' of rv plus a car. On the few occasions when we spent a week or two in one location, we arranged to rent a car before we arrived at the campground. For 5 years we saw a lot of western states from off the highway and loved the many small towns and small rv parks. Over that time frame, and numerous trips, we travelled highway 1 or 101 from Neah Bay in Washington down to Chula Vista in CA. After 5 years, our grandkids were at the age where they wanted to camp with us, and we were delighted to take them with us. My wife and 2 grandkids made the twin beds in the rear into a king and slept there, and I slept on an air mattress on the floor in the front. That was our last trip in the Via, and we switched to a Jayco Precept 31ul which sleeps 7 comfortably! I loved the Via, and although it was a bit cramped at times, particularly on a rainy day, it was the perfect rv for us at that time. Some likes and dislikes. Likes: huge outdoor storage in the 25T, so easy to park and set up, front seats turned to provide more seating space, loved to drive it with that huge class A windshield and roomy front cab, and 15+ mpg. Dislikes: not many, MB service was a pain at times trying to find a Sprinter service location at MB dealers, service also costly, dumping the tanks was awkward, but I am short so I could sit under the slide and also sit to run the macerator for the gray tank. From what I understand, they became so costly, $160,000+, that people stopped buying them and moved to the class C MB. If it suits your lifestyle then go for it. If you are looking at any model other than the 25T, be careful on outside storage. When we first looked at our 25T, I had my wife stand by the sink and tell me where she was going to put everything. It means shopping every few days, but that is the trade off for being able to go anywhere. Sorry for the long reply, but hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions. Great synopsis and evaluation. I enjoyed it. :)
MDKMDK 08/11/21 11:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thinking of Winnebago Via purchase..advice?

Suggest you try your question on or I think there are more Via owners over there. FWIW, it's a small class A on a Sprinter 3500 chassis, so it's a diesel, which might matter? Other than that, I guess they weren't that popular, because they don't make them any more. I liked them when they were in production, and would have considered one, but they stopped making them, so we went with a Navion 24V, which has the same floorplan layout as a Via 25T, in a slightly smaller class C package. We really like our N24V.
MDKMDK 08/11/21 07:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Opinions on diesel vs. gasoline

Had 2 gas motorhomes prior to our MB Sprinter based Navion. The Roadtrek was a 2002 Chev 3500 Express van with a 5.7L V8, and it wasn't too bad except the engine was in the "doghouse" position between the front seats and dash, so noisy in the power band RPM range on uphills, and it threw some extra heat inside the cab in warmer weather. Fuel economy wasn't too bad, overall. Our Sunstar 26HE was on the F53 with the V10 3V 6SPD transmission. Same as the Roadtrek, only louder and hotter and harder to get to the seats around the doghouse. Fuel economy doesn't apply to the V10, because it's probably around 6-8 mpg average. That V10 screamed uphills when towing our Wrangler, again because the power band RPMs were at or above 4,000. Our Navion on the Sprinter 3500 cab chassis with the 3.0L turbocharged V6 diesel is better than both the gassers, in our opinion, and we get 15 mpg average, and 13 mpg towing. It's power band is typical diesel, 1400 rpms for peak torque, and around 3800 rpms for peak HP. It's a nice handling motorhome for it's size and weight, and it pulls our 4500lb Wrangler effortlessly. So, I'd stick with diesel, given the choice.
MDKMDK 08/10/21 02:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Chalet

Yes, same for the Thor Four Winds, seemingly the backbone of the rental market, and built with that purpose in mind.
MDKMDK 08/04/21 11:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: When to buy?

If Covid and its variants stay around, it may be a long time before you see them on the market. Agreed. There seems to be a large segment of society that wants or expects this thing to go on forever. I hope it doesn't, I'm tired of being trapped up here in Canuckistan.
MDKMDK 08/04/21 11:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dingy towing

I have a 2018 Minnie Winnie 33 foot with a V10 I want to tow my jeep wangler 5000LBs from NC to Kentucky the mountain in Ashville is steep will my rig towed this ok or you think over heating will be a problem. Should make it. Don't expect to fly over the uphill grades, and make sure your service brakes in both vehicles are in good shape, or the downhill grades will not be enjoyable, either. Also, forget fuel economy, your RPMs to create the power for the uphill stretches, will eat it up pretty quickly. A healthy engine and cooling system should warm up, but not overheat. Good luck.
MDKMDK 07/27/21 11:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Another GS roadside FAILURE

I have only had one incident where I called GSRA. They could not find anyone to assist us, so I found someone and got the work done...wheel replacement. I then contacted GS and explained the situation to the rep. To make a long story short, GS reimbursed me for 100% of the bill (excluding cost of the wheel) which is far more than I expected. She stated that since I had to handle myself, she would approve the entire labor cost. Another Good Sam Success? There have to be more of them, than failures, or GSRA would close down. As the saying goes, there are always two sides to every story. I don't think we always get the full extent of both sides on here, or on any other forum. It's understandable.
MDKMDK 07/23/21 11:51am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Storage

You can't. No matter what you do, some will find their way in. Some people build moats around them, filled with hungry alligators, but the smart critters use the gators backs as stepping stones to get across.
MDKMDK 07/23/21 10:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Another GS roadside FAILURE

I guess that's a "don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way elsewhere" answer. Good luck with wherever you wind up. Some people say they're all about the same, although I've never had problems with GSRA. For the price, they're probably the best deal out there.
MDKMDK 07/23/21 10:08am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: levelers

I guess there are always going to be perils in attempting any DIY installtions. I had considered ordering a system and trying the DIY route, but thought about it a bit more and decided I'd rather spend a few extra dollars on fuel to get to their shop, and let them install it, than be relegated to your situation where you play phone tag with their supprot people, and then have to wait for parts to be sent out, and so on. Most of the reviews I've read are more about the systems being good, rather than about DIY installation problems. Your story is worthy of note.
MDKMDK 07/20/21 01:18pm Class C Motorhomes
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