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RE: Yamaha EF2000iS Recall

Thanks. I posted this one up over on iRV2 back on December 12, 2019. Figured there might be a few owners there, too. :)
MDKMDK 01/22/20 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: slide stuck

My lower external storage compartment doors all swing upwards, and access IS a real pita. I've thought about adding longer piston support arms, but was concerned about what you describe happening, through human error. Sorry, not much help, I know.
MDKMDK 01/21/20 12:28pm Tech Issues
RE: South of San Antonio

Looks like no one else has heard aboutn this. Yes, being from Quebec usually makes a difference in many things. They do things differently there, and get different treatment on different issues than the rest of us. Did she say what she specifically meant by "support"? Was it consular support for problems? Financial support for medical services? That's happening in Ontario soon. They're eliminating the annual $400/person out of province emerg medical insurance supplement. Maybe Quebec is doing something similar? C$400 doesn't go very far anyway in a US hospital, was the logic for Ontario, and they can save millions by getting rid of it. Private out of province emerge medical covers more and has higher overall coverage limits that would cover you in a US hospital/medical emergency.
MDKMDK 01/21/20 12:23pm Snowbirds
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

I think it's a 5 or 6 day "cruise". They requested exact weight and dimensions of both vehicles separated. I haven't got around to it yet. We're a small C, too. Alas, we don't partake. Not a judgement, just a personal preference. If we did, and admitted to use, we'd get turned back at your border, and we like traveling in the USA. Some Canadian users, that weren't particularly aware of the ramifications, or that had possibly just been consuming, have admitted to use when asked by CBP, and been turned away. Semi-permanently, no appeals, no recourse. Now, if you've got a good Irish Whiskey on offer, we can talk. :B
MDKMDK 01/16/20 02:57pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

Nothing is off the table, but.... My concern with 389 is the high cost and inconvenience of repairing stone chips, radiators, and windshields, in the middle of nowhere, if it's mostly a gravel track with speeding trucks on it. That's what got us 4 years ago on the Alaska Hwy. Less likely to happen on a boat, but there's the dilemma. I think I'd be fine, but she probably wouldn't. 6-8 hours one way, then repeat, might be too much for us. We'll see, still in mull mode. There's another smaller ferry from Natashquan, that runs (much slower, 34 hours end to end, apparently?) along the north side of the river out to Old Fort. I'm sort of looking into that one, as it makes frequent stops at the villages along the river along the stretch where 138 doesn't exist. It would provide regular breaks in the voyage.
MDKMDK 01/16/20 12:11pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

we'll have to do the NS to NL ferry. Not looking forward to it. why not looking forward to it? Not sure of MDKMDK's reason but sometimes the crossing can be rough. They also cancel crossings last minute due to weather. That happened to us last time we tried to go. Was quite a while ago though. However, the experience itself can be very pleasant. My co-pilot isn't a good floater. I think I'm OK, but you never know. My longest open water sailing adventure was many years ago on the Mariposa Belle for a corporate event. Needless to say, there was plenty of liquid courage available to make a landlubber forget we were on a boat. I don't recall needing it, but it was a long time ago. Also, we have an elderly cat.
MDKMDK 01/15/20 04:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

It's all good info for us, as well. We still plan on getting out there, too. Just no idea when. Unless Rte 389 in QC gets a major facelift/fixup, we'll have to do the NS to NL ferry. Not looking forward to it.
MDKMDK 01/14/20 03:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Two Weeks in Canada

The Soup-man knows that area like the back of his hand. :B
MDKMDK 01/14/20 03:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

Here's an interesting list.... I just searched on "fresh food restaurants Newfoundland". There's lots more, but alas, I have no first hand knowledge of any of them....
MDKMDK 01/14/20 11:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dually Valve Stems

We are Borg. Resistance is futile. These things are supposed to be the state of the art answer. I haven't tried them.
MDKMDK 01/14/20 09:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: No Reception on TV

OP appears to have either given up, or found it? Update?
MDKMDK 01/11/20 11:19am Tech Issues
RE: No Reception on TV

If this is a Heartland RV, the owner's manual says "Television Viewing Set TV to proper reception mode – go into the menu function of the TV and select either “air” or “cable”. Antenna – Make sure TV booster is turned on (in bedroom TV cabinet) for “air” reception. TV booster needs to be in the off position for the park cable signal to be passed through to the TV. Tune channel as needed. Audio can be routed through the Audio System by turning radio to “aux” input (“FNC” button)." I believe the OM on their website that I took this from is a "general" version for multiple unit types.
MDKMDK 01/11/20 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: HWH front right

Don't know if this will help. I'm guessing a "2014 PC" is a Phoenix Cruiser, and not a laptop.
MDKMDK 01/10/20 03:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Winnebago Navion Murphy Bed

I think they call the smaller bed the "RV Queen", and it is smaller than a regular queen. Different sheets required. Another issue with the LTV on the Ford Transit chassis, is towing. If you're ever planning on pulling anything, better check the towing capacity. The Ford Transit chassis has comparable engine/drive train specs to the Sprinters, but it's towing capapcity was 3500lbs versus 5,000lbs with the Sprinter cab chassis. We planned to pull our Wrangler sometimes, and needed the Sprinter's extra capacity. That may have changed with newer Transit cab chassis models, I thought I read somewhere that they were trying to beef it up, but it's worth looking into, before you buy.
MDKMDK 01/10/20 02:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Navion Murphy Bed

Just my opinion , so often I would see customers come into my friends rv repair shop with slide problems while on vacation. Not being able to use their rig I didn't want to ever be in that position after dishing $100k plus for an rv. An important option for me is to be able to use a slide floorplan 100% with the slide "IN" in case of a malfunction while on the road. RV repair appointments can be a tad hard to come by during the busy rv season. Therefore I try to make life as simple as possible nowadays, one less thing to have to deal with. I would want to be able to use the bed 100% of the time and maybe I'm wrong but it does not appear that this can be done in the Winnie MB floorplan with the additional dinette. Before you sign a contract, I would at least look at the Leisure Travel Van MB non slide floorplan which is easy to use 100% of the time while at the same time, be made while storing it up out of the way as well as having a comfy seating system for tv or reading time as well as a dinette for eating. Its a comfy full size queen with not having to upgrade its mattress. LTV's 'wonder MB' on a Ford Transit or the 'Unity MB' if you prefer the Benz chassis are avl., under 25 ft. Both have full size dry baths. Agree about having full use of the floorplan with the slide(s) in, including having a bed always made up and ready. That's why we chose the 24V over the 24G/24J/24D (in 2018) floorplans. It provided the best of both worlds layout for us, with 2 separate living spaces divided by a full dry bath. Everything can be used, slide in or out. The point about slides failing is another good one. When they do it can be difficult to do a temp fix, and then get an appointment for a proper repair. As far as LTV versus Winnebago, pretty much the same MB chassis, but I still think the Winnebago units have more standard equipment than the comparable LTV units. That's why we went with a Navion over a Unity or Serenity. To see the differences, you have to get the 2 brochures and compare what's standard equipment and included in the purchase price, to what's optional (and extra $$$).
MDKMDK 01/10/20 11:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Navion Murphy Bed

Try searching the Sprinter-Source or WinnieOwners websites. You might have better luck over there. I've seen a few threads on the subject of the 24D layout and reviews, but don't recall any mention of sheets and bedding. Here's a review. They work for/are paid by WGO, I believe. So, grain of salt?
MDKMDK 01/10/20 09:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Trailer Tire Speeding Rating??

Can't you get new rims that would match the higher rated tires? That would be worse case scenario but yes, I could always get new rims. Just don't want to spend the money if I don't have too. If the higher rated tires were to cause a catastrophic failure with the current wheels, you could be creating a dangerous combination, and your insurer may have a problem with the user mod that created it. If they notice it, of course. Just sayin'.....
MDKMDK 01/08/20 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer Tire Speeding Rating??

Can't you get new rims that would match the higher rated tires?
MDKMDK 01/08/20 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Requesting solution from knowledgeable RV.NET collective

Again, thanks for all replies. Group 29DC at Walmart for $100.00 each with 2 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT and a pair in parallel will fit. p.s. -- not too concerned about being WET since if I roll the MH pretty sure other issue will arise. I would think so. :W
MDKMDK 01/08/20 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Requesting solution from knowledgeable RV.NET collective

Yes, they are. And you can mount them upside down if you want. Try that with your "wets". :B Guess what happens if you forget to recharge them to 0.5a/100AH at 14.x volts until amps taper that low. (see that guide and the other brands' guides, same thing.) You need an ammeter and a charger that will hold 14.x volts for as long as needed to get that done, which many chargers/converters can't do. Also AGMs can be mounted sideways but not upside down. Lighten up a little. :C And please, stop micromanaging other people's batteries. It helps no one. How do you know they can't be mounted upside down? Have you ever tried it? :E
MDKMDK 01/08/20 10:31am Tech Issues
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