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RE: No answer

MDKMDK I guess my question was a little off. I was more asking why they were not mentioned in the offers I received. They basically mention everything but truck campers making me wonder if they are excluded. One word or lack of one word in a offer is all it takes to be denied coverage when needed. I have learned that over and over with health insurance In the other thread, and in my response to you in this thread, I tried to explain that Good Sam refers to "truck campers" as "Pick-up Campers" in their brochures. If you had downloaded one or any of them, you would have seen that they are covered in some/most of their plans. Again, I will suggest that whatever they say in their offer is sales talk and pricing, granted, while what is stated in the brochures are the contractual definitions for service, and state specifically what they will, and will not, cover. Sometimes you have to dig a little bit deeper, to get the answers you desire. Even then, they aren't necessarily crystal clear. You might have to call and ask, and get clarification. Or, if GSRA is monitoring this thread, perhaps they can add "Pick-up Campers/Truck Campers" to the offers they send out, to reduce the confusion over terminology and coverage. Either way, their coverage is pretty good for the price, and peace of mind.
MDKMDK 04/08/22 08:38am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: No answer

Your question was whether truck campers were covered? Truck campers are also know as "Pick-up Campers" to GSERS, and the website has downloadable brochures that define the coverages for each plan. Perhaps someone from GSERS can confirm?
MDKMDK 04/06/22 08:04pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: mb diesel oil mistake

No problema. I was talking with a Sprinter van owner recently in a campground with his hood up. He had the Mercedes diesel. I asked him where the DEF fill was. He said "what is DEF?" Time to head for town and buy some DEF. He was thankful. If DEF goes low does the vehicle go into "limp" mode? Yes. Eventually. There are warnings, and then when the DEF supply is gone, limp mode isn't far behind, after the "# of starts remaining" is 0.
MDKMDK 04/05/22 11:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Catelitic Convertor protect?

Scatter chicken and other left over bones around the vehicle, and post signs on it reading "Please Don't Feed the Gators or Pythons".
MDKMDK 04/03/22 06:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: mb diesel oil mistake

Yes, agree, it should be OK as long as it's specced for the MB engine. Any full synthetic diesel oil will work in a pinch. The 5W means it will be a little more viscous when cold started, but the difference isn't that much. Let it warm up a bit longer before driving.
MDKMDK 04/01/22 08:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Coverage with truck camper

You have to find the brochures pages (search their FAQs) on their website, download or open them, and then search for "pick-up camper". I believe that's what they call "truck campers". Their brochures define their coverage contracts, I believe.
MDKMDK 03/19/22 10:50pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Lost Cruise Control Not really that hard.Use a 7/8 box wrench. "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."
MDKMDK 03/15/22 06:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: brake controller install.

On the 2009 F-150, it was a dummy punch out on the dash to the right of the steering column. The wiring harness was factory installed, front to back, but it required some relay up front, the actual Ford control panel, and a connector at the rea. I had a dealer finish the hookups and install the Ford brake controller. Oddly enough, for a trailer we never towed. Too much hassle. Sold it. Then gave the truck to a family member, who needed a tow vehicle.
MDKMDK 03/05/22 04:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lost Cruise Control

The cruise control on my four-wheeler stopped working and I did not know why. Some time later, one of the anti-skid sensors failed. Mechanic said that the weakening anti-skid sensor generated an error message, causing the computer to disable the cruise control. So there are all kinds of ways that something can go wrong on a modern automobile. That was the problem 2 years ago, when my Jeep's CC cut out intermittently, until I got an ABS error message that hard disabled it. Turned out to be one of the wheel speed sensors failure. Replaced at FCA, and has been OK ever since.
MDKMDK 03/03/22 07:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lost Cruise Control

Try pressing all the cruise control buttons at the same time. When my Jeep sometimes loses the cc start function, it seems to engage it, if I press the CC on, Set, Resume, and Cancel buttons at the same time.
MDKMDK 03/01/22 05:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Soncio CO Ridiculous Good Sam Tire coverage decision.

Improper inflation, possibly by a loose valve/slow leak, could cause a flat eventually. That would be more of a routine maintenance issue, as you suggest. Was there a nail in the tire? Machine screw? Sharp stick? Cracked or bent rim? There are lots of things that can make a tire go flat. It's still your word against theirs, without some sort of proof. Did you take pictures of the bad tire? The onus is clearly on the owner to get the required proof for GS Tires. These tire warranties (and those fabulous 3rd party after market warranty ones) are probably best avoided, as they don't make any money if they paid out more on every claim, than the premiums bring in. Some claims will just be refused based on the fine print you mentioned. I like Good Sam Roadside, they've done pretty good for me, but wouldn't consider the tire policy for many reasons. Case in point? Buy your tires from America's Tire/Discount Tire and they'll take care of you. If there isn't a manufacturer's road hazard coverage sold with the tire, they'll offer you one, and prorate the cost of the replacement tire based on tread depth and wear. I think Michelins sold by them automatically get road hazard prorata coverage. Just get Good Sam to tow you to them, they're everywhere.
MDKMDK 02/28/22 02:57pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Sewer connector for Sprinter

Wish I could help more, but I use a much narrower/simpler hose setup. I don't do the 3" slinky, and related parts and addons. Too many parts and points of failure.
MDKMDK 02/28/22 02:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sewer connector for Sprinter

Would any of these do the trick? It occurs to me that if e-Trailer has them, Camping World probably does, too.
MDKMDK 02/28/22 11:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to sign on to existing account at GS

Mine seemed a little screwed up, too. Looks like it's trying to sign me in to Good Sam Club, instead of Good Same ERS. I am not a member of the Good Sam Club. It eventually redirected me to what I think is GSERS, and that looks OK, however I also see that "Auto Renew" is set to "On" in my Membership Details", and I never selected that or authorized it. Ever/never would authorize "auto renew". When I click on "Cancel Auto Renew" it redirects to a webpage that says " Request to Cancel Automatic Renewal Cancel Auto-Renew by Phone 800-987-9229 " which is also an inconvenience I didn't ask for. I don't usually have problems with my GS ERS, so this is a bit disappointing to have to deal with now.
MDKMDK 02/07/22 07:53am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Hardware costs for flat-towing (brackets/wiring/tow bar)....

I paid C$4500 for everything Blue Ox (base plate, tow bar, included parts, lighting/wiring, safety cables, umbilical, battery charge circuit, breakaway cable, Patriot II Braking System) profesionally installed by a Winnebago dealer in 2017. I live in a country where everything is highly taxable, added to the usually higher retail prices. Your prices will be a lot less, I'm sure. (Towed vehicle not included ;) )
MDKMDK 02/05/22 03:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it normal for an Alternator to generate 15 V+ output?

fwiw, I had a 2002 Roadtrek upfitted into a 3500 Chevy Express Van. I got around 180,000 miles out of the original alternator before it finally gave up, and one of the symptoms was a battery indicator light on the dash. I spent about 1/2 hour in a rest area on I-90 in Montana checking the chassis battery connections and everything else I could test, until I finally decided it wasn't the battery, and took it to a GMC shop in Billings where they replaced the alternator. No problems after that, batteries and alternator lasted another 30,000 miles until I sold the van. Good luck with it.
MDKMDK 02/04/22 06:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it normal for an Alternator to generate 15 V+ output?

Just a guess, but have the coach battery tested. It may have a problem, and the alternator is trying to compensate with outputting at a higher rate of charge.
MDKMDK 02/03/22 08:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lithium Iron Batteries and Charging Systems

Depends on who you ask. I have a fairly new PD9245 model converter charger in my 2018 Navion that was designed to support the 2 cheap FLA dual purpose batteries that came with the motorhome. It has no LiFePO4 specific charge profile. I replaced the OEM batteries after a year with 2 X 100Ah Relion LT Series lithium iron phosphate batteries, and added a PD Charge Wizard Pendant to the PD9245, so I could boost the charging rate above 14V when plugged in to shore power. Otherwise they're charged by the 220A Bosch alternator, or the 300W of Zamp solar up top, using a LiFePO4 charge profile in the ZS-30A charge controller. So far, no ill effects from this set up, that I have noticed over the last 2 years. I also don't micro-manage my batteries, I pretty much trust them to do the job when needed, and so far they have done that. They may charge more slowly, or not to 100% every time, but I (and they) can live with that. They will also charge down to 4F/-20C by using some of the charging amperage to self heat, which is one of the reasons I chose them over the other options. I live in the GWN. Don't know if this answers your question?
MDKMDK 01/27/22 09:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Road to travel

I've only ever crossed at Blaine once and the traffic south through SeaTac was horrendous. 101 to Olympia Mon-Fri looks like it would be a great option, seeing as your starting point is PA.
MDKMDK 01/09/22 07:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Exhaust rattle

Harmonic rattle. Probably due to missing catconv.
MDKMDK 01/02/22 04:26pm Class C Motorhomes
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