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Today Johns Hopkins posted the opinion of federal health authorities who say the pandemic is not over. I hand it to Johns Hopkins for reporting, and not manufacturing health news. Their reporting is factual data. As far as I'm concerned I make up my own mind after reviewing data. It's to keep an awareness of what the political entity is up to. But as far as the calendar is concerned, the virus is tracking very close to the 1918 influenza pandemic. PS: Australia is reporting their "winter" flu season is the severest in several years. So I believe I have been given a clear "Heads Up"
MEXICOWANDERER 09/20/22 02:35pm Around the Campfire

Johns Hopkins reported President Biden has declared the Covid Pandemic "Over"
MEXICOWANDERER 09/19/22 05:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lithium and México

It seems like lithium's cold weather and extended charging time has enough negative impact to restrict wholehearted acceptance. I surely would encourage a potential investor to keep abreast of technological findings. And research the economics of things like golf car technology. In theory lithium would eliminate many golf course cart rental problems. Big golf courses analyze battery tech and maintenance to an almost unbelievable degree. Computer aided monitoring. When lithium becomes the overwhelming choice, that would be a definite positive attribute. Same thing for Freight trucks. One thing for certain however: Lead is on it's way out.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/18/22 08:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Early Television

Degaussing? Convergence? Tube checkers at supermarkets? Channelmaster? Snow? Echoes? Late night after the squawk box was shut off the cat would jump up for a warm ace to sleep. One person on the roof, maybe a second at the door and a third looking at the picture. "Maybe a little more! Hold it! You went too far. Why aren't we getting Channel 4? A "rotator" and "amplifier". Twenty feet of extension. A twenty element antenna? Exitinct: TV Serviceman Hauling the console off for shop repairs. The after dinner anguish because watching Huntley Brinkley, or Cronkite was an addiction.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/15/22 09:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Delete a Propane Solenoid Safety Valve?

When I operated LPG vehicles to try and thwart evil Mexican gasoline in the 80's the use of a shutoff (vacuum or electric) switch valve was mandatory. I lost track 30 years ago about price and obsolescence but the electric switches would last for many years. They were 12 volt operated and required about one half amp. I used a 24 volt model in my bus with a wind up 12 hour Intermatic Timer. This was in the tropics. Cruising sailboats I worked on had similar smaller valves but the switches heated up to "Ow! ****!" hot.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/27/22 06:11pm Tech Issues

Have they released the price per immunization for these unproven serums?
MEXICOWANDERER 08/25/22 06:03pm Around the Campfire

Pfizer 30 ug Bivalent Moderna 50 ug Bivalent Results of Phase 2 and Three trials, peer reviews, distribution in 30 days? Hmmmmm.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/24/22 03:40pm Around the Campfire
MEXICOWANDERER 08/24/22 03:38pm Around the Campfire

I saw ambiguities in reports from independent medical news sources that conflict about subtypes addressed in the "updated" serums of Pfizer. None of which touches on B.A.4 or B.A.5 variants.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/23/22 10:07pm Around the Campfire

Did these Bivalent vaccines undergo Phase II or III trials or are they piggybacking on conventional mRNA datum?
MEXICOWANDERER 08/23/22 02:28pm Around the Campfire
MEXICOWANDERER 08/19/22 11:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Sticks and bricks security question

Here's a Puff from south of the border... Chihuahua On The Roof Security System Multi sensor activated Sound Olfactory Optical Alarm gets louder and more persistent as an intruder approaches Install a pair and they will self replicate Food and water is all they need. No power plug no batteries needed.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/05/22 03:43am Around the Campfire
RE: New battery cost.

One nice thing about Costco vs WalMart is the lack of an eighteen year old pimple face expert sales "associate" armed with a cheese grater 100 amp load tester who is convinced despite your battery's dead cell his fifty dollar cheese grater load tester says the battery is fine. (Same with Wal Mart tires). Even Wal Mart microwave ovens synchronize platter index return to 30 second intervals. A PITA for coffee mug handle orientation. A Walmart toaster pops toast one inch below the slot. It's really a hoot the Chinese junk they hawk. And beware newest Wal Mart car batteries. If the case looks different avoid it. They are buying from someone else than Mexico LTH battery and that vendor is so bad the Mexicans sneer at it.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/29/22 01:20pm Tech Issues

Mexican newspapers today, are reporting infection #2 of BA 4 or BA 5 are generating "significantly more intense symptoms". No argument from me. My second go-round did not disagree with the article. I also must agree with their recommendation to discuss a plan in advance with your medical professional. A "Know when to say when" and head for the doctor. Some good news from Moderna. They claim their new vaccine works well against Ómicron variants.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/09/22 08:40pm Around the Campfire

Hah! So much for deduction. The home tests arrived. Feeling poorly, I tested positive. It feels like influenza minus respiratory and head congestion. Fever, no cough, and exhaustion. Plus those danged inflamed eyes. This makes once in March, the 2nd time in late June. As a precaution an RN gave me test #2. Covid positive (sigh).
MEXICOWANDERER 07/04/22 11:20am Around the Campfire

According to WHO the BA4, and BA5, is in full bloom down here. And since I got whatever it was in March, it hasn't returned. There may be hope. I'm getting forty or so home tests delivered this weekend. I hate to admit it, but I have been feeling fatigued since what I suspect was Ómicron visited me after returning from hours long shopping in USA stores. Being old I can get away with sudden siestas. I guess since there's nothing to be done about Long Covid, I'll try and ignore it.
MEXICOWANDERER 06/30/22 12:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Gas 11 years ago from a Forum memeber

Yep. Things are getting tough even down here. Esmeralda parked her Honda and was leading her burro to the market with an X pack saddle. She hitches the contrary animal to an entrance barrier pipe. Theft proof. It'll bite anyone that tries to steal it. But humor aside, it must be rough with kids to face the cost of fuel for a vacation. One of the pressures that would temper the cost of fuel (cutting back) hasn't seemed to have happened yet.
MEXICOWANDERER 06/29/22 05:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Self adhesive shower grab bar needed

The only rational way to accomplish a safe surface would need a fascia plate of stainless steel or aluminum that would bankrupt any budget. Exlanation: An outside plate beneath the grab bar that would distribute the pull over a couple of square feet.
MEXICOWANDERER 06/09/22 12:18pm Tech Issues

If it seems to be effective for BA4 and BA5 I'll read the study. The media is now propagating an idea that the 1st standad mRNA booster leads to a higher incidence of Ómicron infection than it would be had immunization stopped at number2. I think the first issue should be the unvaccinated. California's claim that it is a leader in vaccination percentages must be tempered with the fact that ten million residents have had no vaccination at all.
MEXICOWANDERER 06/09/22 12:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: The price of fuel is not nearly high enough

Isn't it fun when I have to juggle expenses just to have enough money to travel to the cardiologist? Whenever I outlay expenses I recalculate the balance to reflect the sum available for remaining days in the month. Some months I have to make do with perhaps four dollars and eighty cents for eight days. This is reality not a complaint.
MEXICOWANDERER 06/04/22 06:43pm Around the Campfire
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