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When was the last VOC Variant of Concern discovered and it's origin? Thanks in advance!
MEXICOWANDERER 05/19/22 08:10pm Around the Campfire

It seems to be taking both mRNA vaccine entities 6+ months to respond to the threat of a mutation. What I missed reading about messenger RNA development is if clinical trials can be sped up without sacrificing the hazard of premature errors? I can hope primary analysis could encompass passage through a medical based algorithm that could pre sort vaccine candidates. Lastly, thank you for some incredibly informative links. I have suffered through two diagnosed bouts of Dengue. I wouldn't wish the pain upon my worst enemy. Daytime mosquito attacks caught me off guard.
MEXICOWANDERER 05/15/22 12:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: 6 Volt RV batteries

The full spectrum of usage covers occasional weekends to hard-core boondocking with constant 50% discharges. So filling in the blanks without knowing usage is guesswork at best.
MEXICOWANDERER 05/13/22 10:33pm Tech Issues

Is there activity exploring the furthering of mRNA vaccination against lethal viral infections such as (H5N1, H3N8)? It seems like further pandemics are a when, not an if...
MEXICOWANDERER 05/13/22 10:26pm Around the Campfire

The aggregate total after full vaccination plus mild infection?
MEXICOWANDERER 05/10/22 02:44am Around the Campfire

Moderna announced that its specialized Delta-Ómicron booster vaccine is being tested and that it expects the new vaccine will be "mass distributed in the autumn 2022".
MEXICOWANDERER 05/01/22 05:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: OEM vs Aftermarket - Chinese JUNK Comparison

It was pure luck that I got what I wanted: misaligned aiming. I was looking for 9004 LED bulbs that shined much brighter than incandescent factory bulbs. I was going to re aim the lamps downward to illuminate the street close to the car. Potholes and debris. After installation they turned out perfect (laughter). High Beam really lit up the street in front of me. The hot spot was 30' ahead. And for oncoming drivers, there was less glare on high beam than the old bulbs had on low beam. All without touching the adjustment. Because I do not drive outside of city limits and never in the rain. The crappy integral fan in the heat sink has a longer chance of living.
MEXICOWANDERER 05/01/22 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Interesting EV’s versus ICE article…

Like it or not, nuclear is the cleanest NIGHT TIME energy.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/29/22 01:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Temperature sender/sensor... 7.3L

The only way to nail this to the sender is to put a jumper resistor between the disconnector sender plug and chassis ground. If the gauge needle still wanders then you definetly have a gauge, or g Harness problem. Get on a search engine to the aficionado's web page for your vehicle. Your mission will be to ask the resistance range of your sending unit. You need to go to radio shack and buy a resistor halfway in between the high andow resistance extremes.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/29/22 01:31am Tech Issues
RE: Trek Toad

My unaffordable runaround dream machine is a golf cart stuffed with lithium batteries. And a pair of 500 watt solar panels as a canopy roof. (sigh)
MEXICOWANDERER 04/27/22 04:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Uninteresting people

Hah I have no idea who "they" are and couldn't care less. México is the land of the Prime Time Soap Opera. It puzzles me why some people want to deal with even more Machiavellian intrigue than what's already on their plate. People who like soap operas must like to gossip. Nuff Said
MEXICOWANDERER 04/27/22 04:10pm Around the Campfire

The End Of Covid Regulations In Mexico Masks, Temperature Taking, Distancing, Public Charts, Graphs, have ceased... Children have returned to school and public health officials say "It's Time To Move On" Inoculations were always performed on a voluntary basis and the government will continue to offer them in specific fashion to the aged and immune compromised. Vaccines have been available in date and location specific fashion unlike in the United States. There has been no information released about future Ómicron specific vaccines.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/27/22 04:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Can someone help design a 5 volt circuit

Amazon search TYCO RELAY They last 10 times longer than cheap Chinese garbage
MEXICOWANDERER 04/27/22 01:42am Tech Issues

Moderna and it's reformulated vaccine
MEXICOWANDERER 04/26/22 12:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Four (4) Row Radiators? Gimmick or Blessing?

If "fit" is an issue, check fin count per inch. I went to a 5-row count 32 find per inch in a massive increase for a radiator that sits at a 45° angle under my bus. But I had encountered 122° outside temperature on two occasions. The NTC Cummins engine has had no problem achieving 180° coolant temperature near freezing temperatures. Some knotheads designed radiators with rows all in a line. Good radiators place added rows in a staggered fashion. Adding higher fin count and staggered tube count really oopmps the cooling capacity without the need of changing tanks.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/25/22 04:34pm Tech Issues

Allergic reaction to immunization seems to be common. With every "senior's flu shot" I get sicker than a dog for a couple of days. It's not psychosomatic: fever of 102°F proves that. But having had a butt-kicker of unvaccinated flu in 2019, I'll take the vaccine any day. When I get so sick I struggle to get out of bed, I start to worry.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/23/22 04:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lithium and México

In the last month new deposits were found after overburden is removed. They are in eastern Sonora and Western Chihuahua. Apparently there is enough economically recoverable lithium to last the United States and Canada forever. México has a long history of breaking trade agreements. E. Caveat Emptor. China is just as guilty of exploitation as everyone else. The point I'm trying to make is by having lithium available and able to be turned into batteries on site may reduce consumer prices by a significant amount. I'd love to be able to buy a top notch battery for "A couple hundred" dollars. I want to see lead disappear from public exposure.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/23/22 04:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Turbo car engine in mountains

I've created more than a hundred steep grades with an NTC 400 Cummins and never bothered with a cooldown. Most climbs had me shifting up and switching the Jake brake right away. What is important is to allow a 5 minute cooldown before shutting down. I have an oil temperature gauge to remind me. The oil I use is Delo 15W / 40. 14 gallons worth with the oil cooler.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/22/22 02:38am Around the Campfire

The link to a factual overview of the ending of the 1918 Pandemic. It seems like opinions have not changed much since my college days 55 years ago
MEXICOWANDERER 04/22/22 02:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Lithium and México

Gadfeng HAD (past tense) rights. AMLO just Nationalized the nation's lithium deposits. No one no entity can touch the deposits but a national company that is licensed by the Mexican government. The legislature and public cheered much like they did with crude oil and refining in 1938. The government at the same time excluded outside interference in electrical ge generation and distribution. When California's experiment led to wild west uncontrolled prices in 1989, Mexico was watching closely. A million dollars per megawatt hour outraged a lot of watchers. Look what happened in Texas during a snowstorm.
MEXICOWANDERER 04/21/22 07:09pm Around the Campfire
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