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RE: 12v to 6v review?

My company tested flooded batteries for the majors for 14 years. But if you prefer I retire from commenting then it's Hasta La Vista. I've got better things to do. :)
MEXICOWANDERER 07/27/21 07:08pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

In some cases it's easier to ring down for room service.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/27/21 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

When unshaded ground reaches 155°F your roof becomes inconsequential. On a beach in Quintana Roo, three roof airs barely kept my bus habitable. But once the local lobersterman's kids built a palmetto frond shelter 2 roof airs were more than adequate. The vehicle faced the ocean. The kids made a funnel-like entrance.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/26/21 11:04pm Tech Issues
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

I used to take my mother to fancy dinners at Harrah's Reno. First we passed **** tables where people plunked white $100 chips which were often scooped away a roll of the dice later. Climbing to the second floor we passed by long lines waiting to get into the bargain Chow Hall. Our dinners were linen, real silver and gourmet prepared. So tossing less than what some people single bet is at least to me, not foolish. It's a gamble yes, but maybe they will be enough battery to satisfy your needs. I see folks paying a hundred dollars a pound for 50% fat steaks. I'm eager to hear your analysis.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/26/21 09:37pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

There are a lot more differences than mere thicker plates. I have related the story of the ABC 6 cell battery built with .080" plates. 40 amp hours and instant acid starvation. It's cycle life was measured in days. Or a customer in a bus with one of the first Trace Engineering 2524 SB inverters purchased solely for his microwave oven. I set him up with four group 31 Delco calcium/Calcium 1100 CCA batteries. The longest cycle was 3 minutes. I lost track of the man from La Mesa 5 years later with the batteries still going strong. Beyond GC batteries the 6 cell scrubber batteries have even thicker plates the same as L16s, then 2 volt cells. My military built Rolls batteries have .300" plates but I had to parallel them for a total of 24 batteries in order to get enough CCA for a Trace 4024 inverter. It had to start a 7½ HP well pump under head pressure. Auditing and engineering is the key. Find the best fit then stick with it. But keep in mind a six hundred dollar drum of plate paste cannot equal a twenty seven hundred dollar drum of plate paste. And a .30 cent separator is not an eighty cent separator. Virgin lead is far superior to reclaimed lead but twice as expensive. So pointing toward a YUGO then a RR Phantom and stating "same" because they have 4 wheels and a motor, is foolish.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/26/21 09:25pm Tech Issues
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

Opinion: This has all the earmarks of being an off-spec UL-1 garden tractor battery that the Chinese are trying to dump. No reputable vendor wants to touch it so it is being sold as an E CAVEAT EMPTOR special with no recourse for claims or warranty. Factory manufacturers lose much face in China when they get stuck with a couple hundred pallets of unsellable merchandise. But word gets around quickly in the mass import markets. Remember the THUNDERPROOF INVERTER? The price kept dropping until it could be had for seventy dollars. Customers posted horrible revelations about smoke, flames and wild electricity. A friend bought a pallet of Chinese clothes irons that were epoxied without being soldered. He paid a dollar. But they had "burn proof" 3 meter silicone power cords. About 15 gauge. The irons went to the iron recycler in Ensenada, and we had 72 power cords for a dollar. The 620 mile journey was a negative. With regard to the latest garbage offer, someone with a 12-volt CPAP Might want to take a roll of the dice and see if they come up with 12-***** boxcars, line inn. But stake your bet this is a 20 amp hour minus 20% usable battery. 16 amp hours which would get someone through the night for a period.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/26/21 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM battery question for the experts.

The only reason I mentioned that "fix" in your particular specific diagnostic was to show a get-out-of-a-bind band-aid until a more suitable course can be arranged. Mysterious breaks deep within a battery are doomed. A high voltage screamer would help prevent high-potential disasters when aboard. And an intrinsically limited charge maintainer self protects against runaway when a rig is unattended. As far as connectors are concerned, the Concord Lifeline uses a Beryllium Copper post, which is much tougher than lead. I have no idea if other manufacturers offer the same level of protection. An L-Pad connector relies on a nut and bolt to clamp and if 316 stainless nuts and bolts are used corrosion becomes a non issue. Unnecessary post torque flex is avoided. I believe Gdetrailer is referring to a charging device with power-supply quality output. Where disconnected, the device would limit noise *ripple* to say 20 millivolts maximum. Lifeline, demands this quality level of charger device right in their specifications.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/25/21 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM battery question for the experts.

Several areas but a single diagnosis. Useless. A trade in core At one of 12 plate to intercell or post junctions conductivity has been permanently compromised. But just for fun let's do this. It's fast and cheap. Drill 1/8" and (2) 1/2" long sheet metal screws. Drill a hole straight down into the terminal the depth of the screw. This is lead so when you attempt to screw down into the terminal keep it in mind It is soft and weak. If you can run the screw down and tighten it then a bad connection may be temporarily bypassed. If your drill emerged clean then stage 2 would be to try 3/4 length screws. But this would be the last gap. I am trying to soothe an unknown style battery. If it does work, it works. Many UL style batteries use post top caps. And this will provide entertainment. I am guilty of trying to repair things.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/24/21 01:55am Tech Issues
RE: AGM battery question for the experts.

How old is the battery?Is this a 20 amp hour garden tractor size battery?It reads 12.5 volts but cannot sustain any type of load?Instant total loss of power?Then returns to 12.5 volts once the load is removed?
MEXICOWANDERER 07/23/21 05:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Report on the field: It's hot and dry out there...

The 4 corners states could withstand an insane rainfall on par with Mitch that put Texas under water. Between Lakes Powell, Mead, and Parker even five feet of rainfall would be sucked up. But the prospect is less than dim for an ultra monsoon for that area. For better or worse California decided to support native salmon in the Sacramento river. Tough choices. But to allay fear, most of the AG production of the central valley is for export so there won't be a fruit and vegetable shortage in the USA. Where I am Hass avocados are $1.50 lb. And Driscolls produces blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and mushrooms. Friends near Puget Sound had a nightmare a few weeks ago when the temperature peaked at 109°F. Let's hope for better times as after all everyone has gone through the last two years...
MEXICOWANDERER 07/19/21 12:56am Around the Campfire
RE: Chasing the green monster away

I made it a point to study the mechanics of battery post and terminal corrosion and this is what I learned (high points) Much corrosive elements issue from the cell filler ventsBut invisible to the eye corrosive gas vents at the junction between the battery case and lead terminal postsFelt disc "washers" saturated with oil effectively seal the postsBut the design of the traditional marine/deep cycle combination post is so large the felt washers cannot be usedTherefore reliance on a sealant alone must be usedThe sealant must be forced into place through tight clearancesThe entire area around the terminal must be "glopped" with sealantIt is not only liquid electrolyte that corrodesHydrogen sulfide contributes much of the corrosionOut of the vents the gas rises but little impedes its riseFrom the post case junction, the entire lug or terminal gets dosed. The underneath of the terminal, which cannot be easily seenDecades ago Petroleum Jelly was recommended as a viable sealantToday's much hotter underhood environment turns the jelly into a thin liquid, making it uselessChassis grease withstands heat well but people complain about the mess to hands and clothes when under the hoodClear silicone grease is adequate and avoids contaminating hands and washes out easierWhen applying protective sealant the underside of terminals must be attended to so as to not leave gaps. This is criticalA solution of baking soda in very hot water can work 10 times faster than it does in cool waterWear splash goggles. You have but two eyes.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/15/21 09:16pm Tech Issues

My question has to do with inactivated live virus inoculation. Has anyone done peer reviewed studies as to the potential generation of relevant T cell activity in comparison to mRNA vaccination? Or better yet, wide spectrum vaccinations?
MEXICOWANDERER 07/15/21 12:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: I am glad that I do not live in California !

I am going to avoid the politiks and stick to facts. California is expensive. Too many places have restrictions on the mere sight of an RV parked anywhere on your property. A friend, now moved to Dallas Tx. had a pusher diesel parked around the rear of a million dollar home 20 years ago. Driving past, a few feet of rear bumper was visible from 100 yards distance. It was a fleeting glance from the email images he sent. The city and HOA jumped all over him. So he sold the estate and moved to Texas. These snooty cities refer to RV resorts as Trailer Parks.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/15/21 12:12pm Around the Campfire

Cabo San Lucas Young people haunts. Cabo Wabo, Giggling Marlin, et al. Music thunders from U-Haul size speakers. Four to six people to a small table. They shout at each other at the top of their lungs to be heard above the howl and rumble of the speakers. Cabo has an infection rate 200 times higher than Cd Constitucion which has twice the population (Newspaper report La Paz BCS) Small children yell at each other for emphasis. To me, high transmission percentages are no surprise. Even my four granddaughters screech at each other over bathroom occupancy and "borrowing" issues.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/21 11:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Survey

Millions upon millions drive a brand of motor vehicle that other millions and millions despise. I am glad we have the opportunity to choose. Even dollar and fifty cents McDonald's coffee. What ever happened to the senior's discount? I tolerated USN Goat Locker urn coffee. What can I say?
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/21 11:01am Around the Campfire
RE: 12 volt AGM battery

April 2020 I disconnected the 31 Lifeline. It measured 12.66 last week. The 2-story has been recharged to 14.4 volts overnight @ 75F and disconnected. These batteries were purchased in 2012, and 2013, respectively. Yes, both capacity and load test. Capacity is 94 and 96% Yes, they are Lifelines. No, they are not regularly full cycled.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/21 10:54am Tech Issues
RE: lifepo4 and maxxfan

I run my sticknbrick FFs on a 14 volt brick in reverse for years until the brushes or bushings give out. I have four Endless Breeze waiting for affordable surplus EB Pabst fans, which are brushless and have sealed ball bearings.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/21 10:42am Tech Issues
RE: I am glad that I do not live in California !

Mexico was the first to require warnings on food packages Excess Sodium Calories Sugar When I see the black octagon, I cannot help but register the point. But this country is a center for fats, sugars and salty California thought it was smarter to ban manual battery chargers rather than demand they have non-over-ride timers. They even came up with charts showing how much sulfur would be spared from the air. Now the big question: Reinventing The Wheel to magically produce 110 gigawatts of new electrical power sans hydroelectric, nuclear, or petroleum. These are the same breed of folks who went bananas over cancer causing chemicals in broccoli in the 1960s. When and investigation revealed it would require consuming several hundreds of pounds a day for decades to meet their parts per million, the problem dissolved.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/21 02:49am Around the Campfire
RE: 12 volt AGM battery

Lithium battery popularity exploits weak areas in flooded and absorbed glass mat battery maintenance requirements. If the batteries are not maintained correctly, battery life suffers. It is only after proper maintenance has been performed over the course of the unit lifetime can an intelligent assessment be made. There can be no quibbling about this.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/21 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

A technical look at the premier CO2 / O2 biomass converter: Algae Lack of research is a fundamental limitation in today's science.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/21 11:21am Around the Campfire
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