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RE: 2004 Cat C7 Charging LifePo4 battery bank

The main issue with the square wire hairpin 50 DN is the wire leads get brittle and break. I mounted an air cooled 50 DN to the Lombardini chassis frame and used belt tensioner to reduce vibration. These alternators use 125-amp 200 PIV Rectifiers. They have 1? keyed shaft. Good alts.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/04/21 06:37pm Tech Issues

Average length of maximum communicability between asymptomatic and symptomatic patients. Viral loading seems to be similar. How about span? No "typhoid Mary" syndrome?
MEXICOWANDERER 03/04/21 01:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2004 Cat C7 Charging LifePo4 battery bank

Output voltage is determined by the voltage regulator, but the stator has to be wound specifically to allow lower speed charging. I like 5/4 wye windings for 32 volts. The rotor should be full spool wound. Right to the lip. 8-10 ohms. For 24 volts and add two more ohms for 32 volt operation. 48 volts needs 14 x 4 specs. Another 2 ohms. Magnet wire is available in 1/4 AWG increments like stator wire. A spool however is 10M feet. It's getting harder and harder to source discrete voltage regulator components to build tough systems. The design of a 200 volt 200 ampere MOSFET power transistor heat sink is a nightmare. It cannot be done on substrate without great cost. I used scrap stripped 70 amp battery isolators for regulator heat sinks. I built 48 volt alternators for alternate energy systems that used the 5548 Trace Inverters. Mid-fifties working voltage was the norm. As far as I know the building of high voltage alternator art form is dead. Today if I had to start somewhere with an alternator model for 48 volt conversion it would be with a Motorola 8SC 4006 U Originally 100 amps at 37.5 volts Converted and rewound 70 amperes at 56 volts. 56 volts is enough to stop a human heart.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/04/21 11:25am Tech Issues
RE: 2004 Cat C7 Charging LifePo4 battery bank

Detroit uses the 50DN oil cooled alt.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/03/21 05:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 2004 Cat C7 Charging LifePo4 battery bank

6?" or 8?/¹?" alternators can sustain 100% load. Google DELCO, MOTOROLA, LEECE NEVILLE IMAGES and state which one you have.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/03/21 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Texas winterizing...

Texas was a multiplex cascade failure. That is what engineers are for. Direct them to design and implement a grid interconnect for a specified environment. Multiple NG plants studded throughout the system can bear quite a load if industry has a plan for load shedding. One does not run to a NG plant turn the key and start it up. It allows for boilers turbines and cooling towers to warm up. Many of these functions can be automated. Cost of this is borne as recurrent operations. I cannot see where California would not incur the same effect with similar outcome.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/02/21 06:12pm Around the Campfire

Are there any clinical studies that examine differences of Arthus reaction between the two serums? In the general population in the trials? Thank you for sharing!
MEXICOWANDERER 03/02/21 11:06am Around the Campfire

T cell reactivity? Elapsed time is crucial?
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 09:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: New type of lead acid battery: with silicone wafers

Coated silicone solar wafers? Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. Less lead means more CCA and cycles. A Jim Varney interlude
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 09:35pm Tech Issues

They sure aren't resting on their laurels. Combination vaccines, specialty vaccines for the elderly and children, head-to-head testing, and rooting out mutant variants are all advancing.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 03:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

I was hoping for a quick and dirty way to join >20 AWG conductors. I wish true bronze terminals were available. I am lining up my work bench outfitting with permanently mounted mechanical and hydraulic hexagonal die tools to 1/0 but >95% of my terminal work now is 16-22 gauge. I am going to individually hang a solder gun and heat gun on a zero tool counterweight. Let's see if anyone else can chime in regarding the chinese terminals.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 02:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

Sorta related... Has anyone tried out these types of terminals off eBay? Yes, an electric heat gun is mandatory.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 12:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Medicare coverage overseas

Cash or credit card in México. The underwriter reimburses the policyholder. Stabilize then haul bootie. Airlines will not allow a non ambulatory customer to board. Temperatures are taken.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 02:14am Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

That trait would be worth its weight in platinum. The onshore breeze dies at sundown here. I pencilled out a 930 kWh solar platform (30 days). It's depressing the cost of 12-hours of energy storage.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 02:08am Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

Where does the wind blow consistently on a hot summer's night?
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 06:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Generator breaker keeps shutting off immediately

Not definitive. Use 12 volts. A battery, a 0 ohm resistance will induce a substantial spark. No substantial spark no short. Use positive on the slip ring furthest outboard. This induces inherent magnetism. Opens are common direct shorts are rare. Check 20 M resistance slip ring to generator chassis.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: wind power

That 85 year figure reminds me of the WE ARE OUT OF CRUDE OIL NOW in the 1980's. The San Francisco Bay delta holds so much natural gas they are not drilling for fresh water anymore despite the incursion of salt water upriver. Once a high pressure well has been drilled and then capped, it becomes the responsibility of the mineral rights owner forever. If it blows, they will need to flare it unless they can cap it again. Too bad it isn't propane or butane which is a hundred times cleaner. An unvented natural gas heater (like in a giant warehouse) gags and stings the eyes. It's a challenge to get enthusiastic about green when the Chinese are building dozens and dozens of new coal generation plants while declaring they will be phased out :(
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 03:53pm Around the Campfire

Children Vaccination Phase One Pfizer announced Friday it is planning to start phase 1 trials with a vaccine on children as young as 5 years of age.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 11:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

I used to laugh at absurd Armageddon grade events in pulp ebooks. After noting the last 15-months I don't laugh any more. People really are that stupid. Full circle Dirt cheap short lived electrical tools. Improving quality, giving them brand names, now they cost almost as much as first line brand name tools except advertisements lie about performance.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: No Pain, No Gain!

May I harp? If you are 50+ and experience periods of not feeling well don't screw around. Go to the doctor. You may be having episodes of heartbeat malfunction called Atrial Fibrillation. Over a period of time unpumped blood in the heart thickens. It coagulates. When the heart resumes pumping the very thick blood can end up in a brain artery blocking it. The effects are a nightmare. A stroke. Ignoring not feeling well when you're elderly is just plain risky. With supervised Rx medications you can decrease the certainty of a stroke by perhaps 99%. End of mini rant
MEXICOWANDERER 02/27/21 07:21pm Around the Campfire
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