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RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

Don't kid yourself. I've experienced episodes with women who become offended at odors not detectable by anyone else (males). To the point where they can correctly identify the BRAND of detergent used to wash your clothes. AROMATHERAPY? Male or female-oriented? Gimme a break. Able to detect low life husbands who cheat? This is a no-brainer. Stores down here commonly offer 8 colors of same-brand mopping soap. Each with its own aroma. O3 needs to bubble through whatever liquid medium to kill bacteria. The secret to O3 is to expose contaminated liquid to air (interface) and bacteria on the surface of the liquid get a full dose of it. O3 is my favorite drinking water sterilizer. UV purification water plants offer minimal sterilization, O3 plants offer a one year guarantee as long as the bottle's seal remains intact.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/22/19 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

Voting for leftist RV hating long-hairs will lead to that kind of mentality Don. Your section of Canada has deep bedrock does it not? Digging a containment solid waste container and a few hundred feet of leach fields would minimize the cost of construction. Afterward, take a tour and see the lifestyle and the type of private autos your elected officials drive. Leftists inevitably have a ZIL LANE mentality.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/22/19 11:13am Tech Issues
RE: shutting down generator with air conditioner running

Read up on... The effects of AC GENERATOR FIELD FORCING Then check the price of a replacement voltage regulator. It will have you practically leaping from your seat to shut off the generator AFTER all loads are disconnected.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/22/19 11:00am Tech Issues
RE: Using an automotive battery charger when onboard fails

The only mode I would utilize is the manual voltage adjustable one and for a bit less money I can get a Meanwell RSP 150 ampere unit. It loves a strong generator and there are 9 fixed chick-click-click voltage settings and a 12-hour timer... For this PORTABLE battery CHARGER. And voltage settings determined by a battery design engineer, and not a computer chip programmer in Uttar Pradesh India. For AGM one setting maintains 14.40 volts exactly. There is a 16.00-volt current-limited circuit for equalization done correctly. Every wire inside and there is a bundle of them is SILICONE tinned. And there are 9 Bournes TWENTY FIVE TURN pots in the event one of the voltage steps needs to be tweaked. This is an expensive labor-intensive effort that makes the BORG and Hyperwatt projects look like child's play. Yeah the controls are all Mil-Spec.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/21/19 11:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Using an automotive battery charger when onboard fails

Ohhhhhh Seeeeeen-yore! Aren't thoust the one that said that particular CONVERTER/charger the Power Max is no longer available? Remember the word Meanwell or Megawatt? They are cheaper than Mattel Playtoys. They are ideal for use with generators unless of course a person forgets and lets them charge for a couple of weeks (Sarcasm) Long ago on this forum, someone posted a timeline of different voltages and time at each voltage value to recharge a battery. If a camper boondocks for a few weeks then returns home and plugs in for a few thousand hours a Mattel charge will slow down the capacity loss due to chronic sulfation. The key is battery lifespan. Camping off-grid for one week a year really does not tax a battery. Boondocking 60 days a year really separates the wheat from the chaff. I went through an average of 260 hours daily with 38 cubic ft of refrigerator and freezer. This is at 24-volts. But Quicksilver has a 400 amp alternator. It charges 400 amps at a dead idle. I use a 50-amp rectifier to bias the voltage regulator sense lead when parked so voltage jumps six-tenths of a volt. But I use 2 Megawatts on the banks when I get home.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/21/19 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: inverter power cables cca or ofc

Then so be it. They are the Supreme Court. Cheap inverters have little or no reserve punch and the manufacturer knows their product. :)
MEXICOWANDERER 08/21/19 01:41pm Tech Issues
RE: inverter power cables cca or ofc

Too tight of protection may blow a fuse. How? Inverters are rated for overcurrent to start a load that draws a lot more than nameplate design. My recommendation if to check with the manufacturer or vendor. My Trace is rated to start stuff to nameplate rating times eight.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/21/19 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Using an automotive battery charger when onboard fails

You describe an old MANUAL charger without timer. They are not allowed to be sold anymore in too many states. For shorter excursions, a smart battery charger will wheeze out just enough power to limp by. For top charging or restoring a full charge, they are as useless as **** on a boar hog. Try to opt for a pay-for added guarantee on a smart charger. Then all you will be stuck for is the shipping costs when it ignites or plays dead. Chargers that do not have a built-in timer are extremely stupid. And anything that claims to be automatic or smart is NOT a battery charger -- it is a Tickle Me Elmo grade joke.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/21/19 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

The statements in your clicky may be true, but Radio Free Asia is hardly an unbiased source. The coal in china is a rather low-grade of bituminous. I sm going to end my participation in this discussion by stating the following... Recreational Vehicles are considered by many in Congress to be the mortal enemy of a green society. Their evil eye has not fully focused on this yet. When the attacks come, it will be in the form of punitive taxes. How would you like a thousand dollar energy surtax on the purchase price? Or a thirty dollar a day tax on USFS campground stays? radical congresspeople want RVs to disappear. They will legislate them out of existence. They do not RV -- all they care about is their world of wacky ideas. And it is not based on intelligence. The quote in red above is a snippet from Wikipedia. I thought it to be economically concise. It's in agreement with dozens and dozens of USA studies, world studies and Chinese admissions which china desperately wants to suppress. "Some people are more equal than others" If you disagree "Take the midnight train to Tokyo or Brussels" We done
MEXICOWANDERER 08/21/19 10:35am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

Adequate reading comprehension taught me to segregate basic cognitive like low latitude rain forests of which China is neither low latitude nor has rain forests. Meanwhile, China emits almost TEN TIMES the CO2 as the USA. Do you know why? It isn't all due to factories. An unimaginable amount of coal is used for home heating and cooking. Even when autos in China are all-electric, the lack of natural gas will maintain CO2 levels far far far above anything the USA ever emitted. The Soviet Union II has millions living in Siberia in conditions where Diesel Noc 1 would freeze harder than a brick. They use coal because the wood is awful. Another factoid is nations who dislike the US. ADDED FROM THIS MINUTE'S BBC HEADLINES Brazil's Amazon rainforest has seen a record number of fires this year, according to new data from the country's space research agency. The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) said its satellite data showed an 83% increase on the same period in 2018. It comes weeks after President Jair Bolsonaro fired the head of the agency amid rows over its deforestation data. Smoke from the fires caused a blackout in the city of Sao Paulo on Monday. Yes, Sao Paulo where I stood at a crosswalk and had tears running down my cheeks and people were wearing masks as protection from alcohol car fumes. Things aren't always like they seem.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 11:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

When I get sarcastic I exaggerate in a form that hopefully is absurdly comical. I do not BS...confidence in someone's statements is priceless and almost impossible to regain once lost. China Most of the electricity in China comes from coal, which accounted for 66% of the electricity generation mix in 2016. ... China's coal powered generating capacity is expected to increase to 1300 GW by 2020, from 960 GW in 2016, despite official plans to limit that growth to 1100 GW. Rather than insult someone's integrity in public I always try to research. It saves me embarrassment but I guess some people could care less.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 10:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

The offer of a ten billion dollar tax-free reward for CO2 reversal would stir the pot. O2 for obvious reasons, carbon fiber to replace steel. My idea was rejected by leading environmental groups because when not if, it works these people would utterly lose scare tactics. Ferrous particles spread over the far-middle south pacific ocean. The algae bloom would form on the surface and algae eats 2000% more carbon dioxide than the most prolific rainforest plant or tree. The area presently is utterly sterile of occen life. Algae would mean plankton and miniature base food compounds which would stimulate marine life. The proposed area is far distant from inhabited islands.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 04:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

Every senator and every representative has a constituent available email address. Tell them you want reforestation to be mandated on the climate issue, not merely controls on slash and burn farming. Between Belem and Manaus, the land alongside the Amazon river looks like the surface of the moon. More than a thousand miles. height=500 width=500 just before CO2 levels zoomed upward in the past there is convincing evidence there was an equatorial drought. Camel --- Straw? Get it? George Jetson or no George Jetson, the rainforest goes bye-bye crops, jobs and maybe your grandkids. This isn't a power play or politics it's reality and a 101% all electric America would do absolutely nothing to inhibit disaster.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 03:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Hydraulic jack

Harbor Fright has one version of the 3-ton that lifts 4" higher. A wheel chock is a splendid accessory.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 03:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

China is worrisome. They refuse with threats and bluster to allow any on-site verification. And like the Soviet Union II, they lie like hell. Brazil needs an economic spanking. No reforestation no-trade liberalization. No coffee, importation by the USA. Brazil pulls the alcohol fuel for cars out of its sleeve meanwhile the country produces 300% more CO2 emissions than the USA. Per person, Brazil's primary exports are land mines, military-grade arms, ammunition, grenades. littoral patrol craft. Tremendous amounts of CO2 are produced when razing sugar cane after harvesting. A person is seldom exposed to these realities because of politically correct censorship in the news media. "I almost made it across without drowning" doesn't cut it." And not joining the climate accord has not degraded the US effort one gaddamned bit. Despite the con artist trickery, the USA has fundamentally reduced carbon emissions more than any other country. The reduction must be gauged both in percentage and in gross tonnage. The four horsepeople of the apocalypse is a perfect example of flagellation and ignorance. Ban cow farts, barbecues, and other insignificant drama while ignoring while saying nothing about tropical clear-cutting. Par for the course.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: inverter power cables cca or ofc

I've successfully used 2/0 AWG on 1,500-watt inverters with a total circuit length of 30'. The 2 wire harness would connect to polarity oriented buss bars and not directly to battery posts.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 10:54am Tech Issues
RE: Water softener

FIRST AND ALWAYS FIRST! Comes a cleanable stainless wire mesh strainer element NEXT inline is a one-micron filter such as a ROTOPLAS cartridge filter. Then the R/O unit Next the UV or O3 sterilization And finally the charcoal. A charcoal filter is a harbor of bacteria And O3 sterilization is by far the preferred method of sterilization.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

And Russia and China BOTH weaseled out by setting THEIR OWN timeline for compliance. The USA refused and withdrew. Action, and not B.S. Neither country has done squat with or without joining the accord. And toss in Brazil and equatorial Africa for ignorance in defending their role in rainforest depletion. "Oh because your country is the wealthiest it has to do more. Much much more" is the height of hypocrisy. But you have to get into the minutes of the meetings to see this. Yet the US has reduced emissions than any other country. But people who ***** about the USA refusal are the first to pull out their pie charts and chortle over the gross reduction in fossil fuel reliance for the production of electricity. Take Russia and their openness with a giant catastrophe with nuclear weapons radiation leak -- a class III event. China is using m-o-r-e coal than ever before. Clearcutting has increased on the equator. And I see no meaningful effort at reforestation. One for you and two for me. Two for you and seven for me doesn't cut it.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: Battery charger recommendations

;) I hope it would have been more obvious... The wheelchair UL battery.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/20/19 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: Battery charger recommendations height=500 width=500 I have a few of these rated 7 amps at 14 volts. Cost me $5 at a surplus store. Perfect for a UL size battery. Proven by actual experience charging them. You need to snip off the connector. There will be 2 wires inside Black + White - And no, it won't overload the brick or act weird
MEXICOWANDERER 08/19/19 10:51pm Tech Issues
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