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RE: My last Home Depot purchase...

Even Amazon prime has gone haywire with some of its delivery promises. Now I need to go over a listing inch by inch to detect caveats. Like third party sellers. The prime guarantee of delivery date does not apply to third party sellers even though on the listing it shows it as Prime. Barnes & Nobel, Kindle, and other digital services are impossible to deal with. Its "How's The Weather In Calcutta? Time" Hope your camping trip turns out to be wonderful.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/20 03:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

When people step in to help me down here the first thing I say is No tengo simtomas. I do not have symtoms. Lift by the arm pit not the cough suppressing elbows Tell them to hold their breath. You do the same Lift from the rear if possible Disinfect with Gel Alcohol ASAP. Clothes go into laundry when you get home. Anyone who goes around in public without a mask is a fool. Outside with few people around aerosols will be highly diluted. Droplets would be the main hazard. If the victim is coughing they have to tough it out until the pros arrive. :( What a sad situation we must endure
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/20 01:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Unknow Electrical connection type.

Compared to anything else I have found Weather Pak connectors to be far and away better than anthing else. They have a range of pins to 12 AWG wire. 20 amperes will make the pin connects warm. They are weather-proof but not submersible. 3 sizes of conductors. Nylon body "RC" power connectors are also good. Gold plated terminals. But soldering knowledge is a must and heat shrink tubing is required. COIL CORD would be my choice for extendable action but by design the coils require 10x the room as the outside diameter of the jacket. I have twin shielded wire in Quicksilver. Soldered. 18-AWG. Over 30 years old never an issue. Molex is fine for electronics where there is a fear of damaging the component itself. I consider these connectors as well as Hirose connectors to be inferior in fragility and corrosion vulnerability except for pricey gold pins.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/20 11:40am Tech Issues
RE: Unknow Electrical connection type.

Why oh why does it need a disconnect?
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/20 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: Powermax 75 amp converter/charger

A hydrometer dip would quickly end ouija board seance and crystal ball guesswork. Unless you delight in "the Butler Did it" drama..
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/20 03:27am Tech Issues
RE: Unknow Electrical connection type.

Make it simple Use butt connectors. I've seen molex type connectors used. Minimum purchase. Weeks and weeks lead time and parts and shipping costs that would drop a person to their knees.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/20 03:18am Tech Issues

I was Rx'd Plaquenil, by a USA rheumatologist for R/A. His first statement was "Do not expect any relief for several weeks to months" it is a complex disease. I was perpetually tired had stomach and bowel problems as well as typical redness and swelling in fingers and toes. The pain was crippling. When I departed the states I had to switch to chloroquine. Aralen. Aralen versus my symptoms was significantly more potent. But with me, it came at a price. Increased photosensitivity and a drastically suppressed blood platelet count. So chloroquine was stopped and hydroxycloroquine resumed. I had full panels done in major cities every few months. Plaquenil was next to impossible to find. Now it is common. I am wondering how these antimalarials were determined to be a treatment against a virus. The latency of efficacy should signal this drug family should not be considered fast acting except perhaps as its primary function as an antimalarial. Experimentation in my view should continue for several months. Then a rational conclusion can be made about it's efficacy. I am more interested in its immune suppression than as an antiviral.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/11/20 02:12am Around the Campfire
RE: 12-volt power for macerator pump

Expensive? Check out a MEGAWATT power supply. Couple a 10,000 uf cap to it if you're worried about inrush.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/09/20 03:19pm Tech Issues

The Oxford AztraZeneca studies in Africa look promising. In agreement. A drug cocktail like for HIV looks more feasible.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/08/20 06:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Do any of the new TTs come with Surge Protectors?

So shutting off power is not management (in case of an errors) isn't management? I'm a documented engineer not an RV appliance salesman. When electricity is incorrect and managed by shutoff this correction? No it would be management. Corrective measues like voltage, transient removal, and waveform distortion reform are all active actions. Load shedding is another management action. Auto paralleling another... Referring to a camping equipment sales site legitimizes an opinion? Active protection is continuous. do you prefer transformer multi tap or frequency regulated. MOS or TRansient Avalanche Diode spike filtration. Fully shielded transformer isolation? Each has its positive and negative attributes. But shutting power off in case of error detection is management not surge protection as used as a a marketing term.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/07/20 06:08pm Tech Issues

Does your engine have a throttle or fuel position sensor. If yes measure resista.ce at the terminals. Diesel engines with spurious check engine warnings should have fuel rail pressure, tested after which test for poor conductivity at harness junctions
MEXICOWANDERER 07/07/20 01:33pm Tech Issues
RE: 30amp Y Splitter for 2 RV's

I SOLDER all my screw connections in cords. I use quality spec grade receptacles with FORKED 12 gauge x number 6 screw terminals soldered to my conductors. My oh my it's a miracle that troubles have decreased 99 percent :)
MEXICOWANDERER 07/07/20 11:50am Tech Issues
RE: Do any of the new TTs come with Surge Protectors?

EMS ELECTRICAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Would be a better term for these gizmos. An isolation transformer coupled after a ferroresonant voltage correction device is a true surge protection unit. From high frequency transients to continuous out of spec line voltage such a product protects against "surges" by any definition. An LO to earth ground audio screamer would announce L1 Lo reversal. And anyone connecting to a STANDARD generator without Hertz and Voltage monitoring before throwing the switch, is foolish.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/07/20 11:42am Tech Issues
RE: harbor F replacement jack also recalled

I would ask Eric Smidt to slide under every product they sell. I'm getting to the point where unless a product has an ISO 9000 compliance issued by the final vendor in the USA I skip it. The final vendor is 100% responsible for authenticity of ISO 9001 accrediting. To date the Chinese have not built a single jet engine. Not even a copy of a private passenger jet engine never mind military, that has survived 60 seconds on a test fixture. Their military jet engines are 100% made in Russia. PLA container ships are built in special PLA shipyards that use dedicated PLA steel mill output. Every single welder is hand picked. Too many times steel that was supposed to be 1010 ANSI did not meet specs for this most common and cheap grade of steel. I was first alerted to Chinese sloppiness when ball bearings would not fit dimensionally in precision bores nor precision shafts.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/07/20 10:22am Tech Issues
RE: Charge across 2 6V batteries is 11.78. Is that right?

Rely on that for off grid camping. With a generator for a month. Then test its intelligence with a hydrometer. Power Princess camping is as inauthentic as chocolate flavored puffs cereal. A month's undercharging is enough to permanently encapsulate too many plates with hardened sulfates. I used to camp months at a time fully cycling the batteries and get 8 years service out of a car jar RV battery. Boondock and count cycles rendered. How many RV batteries get cycled 12 times in 3 years and then float belly up? With a smart charger. My 9 year old Concorde battery last tested at 91% capacity. Time to do a reconditioning charge. My 2 volt cells are going on 23 years. Think I may saved ten or 20 grand? If smart chargers now have AI to know the state of charge please clue me in :)
MEXICOWANDERER 07/06/20 08:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Tapping off of the 3/8 Propane Line

First things first... Immediately after a "T" tap comes an LPG rated shut off **** valve. Then fittings for an LPG rated hose. There are quick connect low pressure disconnect fittings So you van swivel the valve shut the quick disconnect and roll up the hose.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/06/20 07:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge across 2 6V batteries is 11.78. Is that right?

I'm sure glad I retired before the advent of fraudulent smart battery chargers.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/06/20 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge across 2 6V batteries is 11.78. Is that right?

Absolute agreement.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/06/20 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge across 2 6V batteries is 11.78. Is that right?

A heavily sulfated battery can show 12.8 volts. The problem? It may have 10% of it's original amp hour capacity. Voltage is only useful when battery is not sulfated. It's a **** poor way to determine battery condition.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/06/20 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge across 2 6V batteries is 11.78. Is that right?

Correlate weak sister cell gravity with state of charge voltage. It may be significantly different than above chart. The battery must must must be fully charged before doing that. Charge on shore power until ALL CELLS are gently bubbling. Charge correctly and get 300% added life span. Depending how much you abuse by undercharging.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/06/20 12:17pm Tech Issues
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