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RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Don't drink bub, or use drugs. My great uncle a Montana pioneer not a transplant taught me how to think.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/02/19 12:51am Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Some of you are still being civil about this. I learned a good lesson about this in the 1970s when world coffee prices shot up. It was a pure and simple embargo initiated by Brasil. Columbia, Peru, and African plantations were in their infancy. Like the Hunt Bros in the 70s with Siver, orange juice soared to over 5 dollars a gallon, from a 40% crop freeze in Florida but then no one told the American public that 70 percent orange juice concentrate was imported. Read reality not watch The Simpsons Realize it costs a lot of money to pump crude oil ship it halfway around the world store it then refine it. Shale Oil costs are exorbitant but the product is light and sweet. On with the intrigue... I already mentioned the conspirators who want higher pump prices. but number one is a state government like California who like Scrooge McDuck bathes in an extra 36 cents per gallon tax windfall. Add it up. Numbers count hot air doesn't. And finally, we get to China with it's thieving and currency manipulation and use of the PLA in vast factories. three-card-monte cofusion cannot hide the fact that China imports 0ver 90% of its oil. From Saudi Arabia. not only does China depend on Saudi Arabia for energy but millions of tons of plastics. This is China's most vulnerable area of all. basic energy. And do you think I am the only person to have figured this out? Go fix your thinker. China's risk is so precipitous they are kissing Maduro's ass with promises if only Maduro will let china hold the "pink slip" to Venezuela reference what china has done to a couple of countries in Africa. A gasoline price gouge would only hurt the commander in chief's popularity more. but a market panic because of Iran Houthi / Saudi armed hostilities relieves him of responsibility. Utterly and relieves other issues facing him. Probabilities? Try combining Straights of Hormuz, hair-trigger revolutionary guards and the legacy of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution and especially China who just devalued the Yuan Renminbi AGAIN. And for a few, Homer and Marge await...or maybe a few gallons of condensation for your Onan carburetor.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/01/19 09:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

I won't be around when electricity costs sixty cents per kWh. A milk house heater will cost almost a dollar an hour to run. It seems like there is a vast group out there who cannot reconcile the amount of energy they use vs the number of panels needed to charge a titanic bank of lithium batteries to maintain their lifestyle. An RV is laughingly simple to calculate yet many get The Big Surprise when they trying fitting it all together. I use 80 kWh per month. How about you? Ditching petroleum is going to be the most difficult thing this country has ever attempted. Millions of times larger than the Manhattan Project. And when cars are stalled in -30 traffic it's going to be a disaster. Return to a 150,000 BTU furnace blasting, a 25,000 BTU clothes dryer, a stove cooking dinner and a roof with a foot-thick layer of ice covering the rooftop of panels and you'll have to park outside because of the garage needed space for the lithium battery bank which like the car needs to be kept warm so you're paying fifty cents per kWh because Mexico is charging a fortune for its energy made outside of emerald green EE.UU I do not know if the world of Psychiatry has a word to describe delusions like this yet. I'm thankful I am going to miss all the misguided lunacy.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 06:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 2000 watt Champion Inverter Gen worked great

Valuable info. Thanks.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 foot awning cover while stored

Black plastic has 10x the UV resistance. Leave a white plastic zip tie in the sun alongside a black plastic tie. Return a year later and see how the white tie has disintegrated. The carbon in the black-tie does not increase cost one cent.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Autumn is the traditional time for SF Bay area refineries to do yearly MAINTENANCE TURNAROUND. Secondly, may I inquire about the source of LA regional REFINERY UPSETS? Thirdly since the use of MTBE was overridden by alcohol and No2 diesel does not exist anymore since ULSD replaced all grades except marine, in California, there is no seasonal changeover. Alcohol levels remain at 10% Refinery TURNAROUNDS are scheduled STAGGERED. 1st SHELL then Tidewater, Exxon, then Chevron in the SF Bay Area. They all do not suddenly ramp down and turn off the lights. Southern Pacific operates a vast network of huge pipes alongside every major railroad route. Yes, the railroad no longer exists but the pipeline is a profitable company. They pump 24/7/365. Behind every slug of a product comes a device called a PIG which eliminates product bleeding. SP pumps for many other companies besides refineries. PIGS are push-pull stored at the location. Refineries operate at 50-60% capacity typically. So I am expected to believe that a 50 cent per gallon hike is due to refinery upsets and turnarounds? Check your facts. Autumn is the traditional time to resume non-prime-time price humps. This has been historical for 50-years. Since I spent several years at Shell with friends at Exxon and at Chevron in Richmond. Tidewater is now Valero east of the Shell Oil refinery. And yes, public panic and speculation influence retail prices more than anything else. But my suggestion to fill up now and then wait the six months until spring hurts nothing. Worst case is a full tank that stops condensation or is that an issue as well? Need condensation? Dragging the USA into war needlessly is so easy to do and so stupid. If you believe the Houthi's manufactured rockets out of sand and Camel dung that's your problem, not mine. The Saudi royalty is paranoid over the possibility of losing their country. They are as stupid as a pile of bricks but someone else you have no control over our government will respond and that is not a guess. The Houthi are puppets of IRAN and could care less if they start a war as long as it's soon. The only way to firm an opinion up is to let it play out over sufficient time. I say by spring. Some of our less cranial members say "By yesterday" And I do indeed have the scholastic credentials to be a CFO but I saved my life by eliminating daily fights with people who choose to argue rather than think. TIME WILL TELL. LET IT PLAY OUT.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 03:45pm Tech Issues
RE: New 6 volt golf cart batteries seem not to be charging

Mex, in the OP he said he has two 6s. Thanks BFL 13 And he claims the batteries are not charging? But the perverter works to maintain hotel loads? Still wired wrong. Do the basics. Verify voltage interior reading at another spot. Preferably at the load center120/12. I have my doubts because the OPs confusion with gelled electrolyte batteries. Incorrect descriptions can make a bloodhound wanna go home.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 02:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

You forgot the time element I allowed for this. Ooh ooh is it done? After 15 minutes in the oven? The USA is a large area I covered worst-case California first pop 40,000,000 Best case TEXAS would have been WRONG and dishonest. The Bigg error here would be to lose nothing. But here fifty dollars saved is fifty dollars saved Please do not apply for a CFO position.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 01:19pm Tech Issues
RE: New 6 volt golf cart batteries seem not to be charging

IT IS CONNECTED WRONG One PAIR is in series The OTHER PAIR is in series Pair ONE is connected to the gauge Pair TWO is connected to the charger Read THEY ARE NOT CONNECTED IN PARALLEL 2+2 Follow a connection diagram. I mean to say does ANYONE out there have a clear connection diagram? My internet connection is too slow. The OP made a CLASSIC MISTAKE by not by not marking each wire by where is WAS connected at the batteries. Then reading CLASSIC novice diagnostics advice and posting it for the OP. Start with the basics not with advice about dilithium crystals phase shifting.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 01:07pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I'm looking at new batteries.

No do them separately and use a hydrometer, to verify the weak sister cells. Ideally, each 2-volt cell would be available. That ended when the over-the-top tartop batteries disappeared. The equalization Must be current controlled. 5 amps per 100 amps amp hour capacity or 5%.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/30/19 12:50am Tech Issues
RE: New 6 volt golf cart batteries seem not to be charging

A good way to start is with an excellent diagram showing cable connections to 4 golf car batteries. For things like connecting the battery condition meter to one pair of batteries and connecting the charger to the other pair. Start off simple where most mistakes are made, please.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/29/19 10:28pm Tech Issues
RE: guardian 5500 rv Generac generator problems

Generac carbs have very small jets that are easily plugged by gas drying out in the float bowl. Very hard to clean them without making them larger. Why they are considered expendable items. when i cleaned the carbs, the jet on the main did not looked plugged at all, and the jet from the top also did not loook plugged, and the long jet, that has the little holes in the sides, also looked good. any thoughts on where to buy jets if they are bad? A larger propane dealer meaning for domestic or motor fuel Their mechanics have hand drills that go down to danged near human hair size. A bad jet is a jet that inside changes direction abruptly. Or has been damaged by tampering. Generac is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/29/19 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM Mystery Capacity Crash Below 75% SOC UPDATE

:) LY! Excellent find. Kudos to the vendor for accurate description and honest caveats.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/29/19 01:09pm Tech Issues
RE: 42 volt golf cart???

An electrical system should never be referred to by the battery voltage after charging. Some knothead manufacturers like Niehoff do it but it is confusing and should be avoided. "Uh, say there, where do I find your 7-volt batteries?" The charge voltage is perfect
MEXICOWANDERER 09/29/19 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: upgrading steering and suspension recommendations

If the rig's rear bumper sags more than four or five inches between loaded, not loaded add more leaves to rear springs. If the complaint is excessive leaning around curves a rear sway bar will help. a bigger front sway bar will further improve stabilityAs noted the best-rated shock absorbers are a must:I like KONI but maybe there isn't a number availableMaybe after these upgrades you won't need the steering fixes
MEXICOWANDERER 09/29/19 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

Hey B.S. It's been what? A week? Shame you cannot differentiate a week from a month. Costo Chula Vista CA. prices jumped fifty-one cents a gallon. But of course, that is beyond your vision. The issue was and is this: Saudi Arabia sooner or later is going to drag us kicking and screaming in the middle of all this. Meanwhile, the who filled his gas tank is laughing his ass off. Let's hear more comments.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/29/19 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: I think I'm looking at new batteries.

Jim now that you resolved your own issues (Involved using intelligence I may add):) This is the missing link in your diagnostics... height=500 width=500 It's fast, inexpensive and impossible to fool. It may show a bad battery and will declare it needs further investigation is needed with a hydrometer. Equalize, or end up as a bad battery depending on the hydrometer results. For those of you who deem the sixty bucks, the purchase price will screw up your weekend beer budget...keep up the poor guesswork you'll need it for gasoline or replacing good batteries with good batteries. I sneaked in an unrelated quip. I hope you focused on it. Then I posted this latest remark praying some of you can follow the dots
MEXICOWANDERER 09/28/19 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I'm looking at new batteries.

MEXICOWANDERER 09/28/19 12:57pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I'm looking at new batteries.

Maybe this sense different become clear more... Cheap price battery is harder to care for. Die soonest. Use more electricity to maintain. Problem with OP resolved. Maybe good time to change gears?
MEXICOWANDERER 09/28/19 12:37pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I'm looking at new batteries.

Wanna Shock? Connect a three-cell battery to a three-cell Rolls battery of the lightest weight. Then perform a charge efficiency factor verification test at the beginning and after 50 full 50% discharge cycling series. SURRRRR-PRIZE! The Rolls charges faster and easier. Connect parallel 3 or 4 budget 3 cells in parallel then to the single Rolls. Even more shocking. And the ROLLS is far more forgiving. Cheap batteries are unforgiving -- they will screw you into the ground. There is MORE difference between a T-105 and a Rolls battery than between a Trojan and a cheapo warehouse three cell battery. Never try it but offer tons of advice is a loser. For totally different reasons its like comparing a Lifeline to a Chinese AGM. The charge efficiency factor difference comes at a shock to most people.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/28/19 11:37am Tech Issues
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