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RE: Seen a Good Movie Lately?

I STAND CORRECTED SIR Thank you. Switching between English and Spanish. :)
MEXICOWANDERER 09/17/20 03:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

LOVE IT Made a lot of money off that philosophy
MEXICOWANDERER 09/17/20 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

Jeezo Try constant voltage after max specific gravity that has been reached of about 600ma per 100 amp hours at 20c
MEXICOWANDERER 09/16/20 07:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Seen a Good Movie Lately?

I'm a reader. A junior grade US Naval historian of the war in the Pacific. Blood and guts John Wayne reads are not for me. Culture, strategy, tactics, leaders, are facinating. Favorites are Guadalcanal. The real turning point in the Pacific. The Machiavellian manifestations by FDR with regards to Leahy, King, Nimitz, and MacArthur are near mesmerizing. Movies? Love Bogie and also Sean Connery in Medicine Man. The Gods Must Be Angry. My personal favorite comedy of all time? Mexican. Herod's Law. La Ley de Herodes Unless you are fluent get it subtitled. You have to keep your eyes open to catch the double entedres. But, the movie is easily understandable. I consider it to be the funniest movie ever made.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/16/20 12:20pm Around the Campfire

Think of contagion like it's Alfa radiation. Intensity and duration. Only the virus is highly influenced good or bad by air movement. And virus dies, while irradiation sources have a half-life. If twenty individuals occupy one acre of area out of doors there is little "danger" of contamination if a person keeps their distance from a contaminated person. A breeze is your best friend. Obviously this has limits like a concert or a stadium event. Either far exceeds twenty individuals per acre of area. But indoors especially in the winter, recirculated heated air is hazardous. Just as, cooled summer air. The evil word is "recirculated" Down here, large stores construct "One departs allowing another to enter" rules. Some like Costco are strict. I was horrified when I entered Home Depot. I exited post haste. Final visit. I have a one-person iron rule about people in my car. A known person means all windows down, an "unknown" does not enter the car. Housekeeper days means she is alone in a room while I occupy another. Windows and doors open, fans blasting. Strict rules. Headache. fever or cough means PAID LEAVE, eliminates coming because they need the money. Enter the house and wash with Hexacloridene Gluconate. Surgeons scrub. Mask on both myself and the housekeeper. Use bathroom, Clorox in toilet, spray disinfectant on fixture and re-wash hands. I never occupy the same room. Everything from the store undergoes an iodine laced 15 minute soak in the sink. Paper gets wiped. No tomfoolery about masks down here. The maskless cannot enter a store. Then the police are called. I hope the new vaccine arrives soon and proves to be effective. Living with all of these do's and don'ts is getting tiresome.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/16/20 11:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Jumper Cables A Jumble Of Compromises

I gave 1/2 of a set of jumpers to Celsi. From a jumper connected to a group 4 3-cell truck battery to a six inch wilton vise. It's for soldering starter motor leads with 100% lead which must be used in starters. I have the other ten feet which also have cheap copper coated steel parrot jaw clips. He has a pair of carbon 1/4" rods. The soldering is direct to the huge field coil steel starter case. This is how I soldered the 350MCM lugs so many years ago in the gen shed. 350 MCM is a bit less than twice the size of 4/0 cable. The wire in the small cable is authentic pure copper high strand count 8AWG. It was not easy nor cheap to find on eBay. After modifications it will be connected to the Gigawatt 55 amp charger. The steel parrot jaw clamp teeth will be lead coated just like the DLO 4AWG cables. And 12 AWG shunt wires within the jaws. Also to be multi coated with Bed Liner inside and out. Aluminum conductor cannot be heat treated to eliminate brittleness. Aluminum's fatal flaw. Bend fine strand copper bundle back and forth until your finger's ache. Bend aluminum back and forth a few dozen times unil it fatigues and breaks. Vibration will also embrittle aluminum. lightly used wire need not be concerned. Wire used for commercial jumping needs to be concerned, especially if coiled. High voltage power transmission cable is aluminum. BUT It has rope stranded STEEL CABLE as a core. Building any electrical assembly to tough grade specs is time consuming and a labor of love. Building to endure decades is an art form. This is Mexico. A place where garbage aluminum cables cost fifty dollars not $25 like in the states. I would be pleased if my cables last until the turn of 2100. My COVID delayed super charger for use in Alaska, has 2 chargers inside. The main charger is a 170 amp unit, the secondary is a 36 amp Megawatt for use with a tiny generator. It uses, owner supplied 2 AWG arctic grade charge lead cables. High speed blowers (brushless, German double ball bearing) can carry away an enormous amount of heat. This multi-charger project is missing mil-spec switches. Except for the 12 AWG SOOW power cable and battery leads color-coded 100% silicone wire is used throughout.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/16/20 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: Wolves as Pets

50 years ago Walt Disney's choice for a source of movie wolves rolled into the parking area of a repair garage towing a trailer with a number of wolves inside. Starting around 4' in height there was perforated metal. High enough to keep children from sticking fingers through the holes. And signs warning Wolves Will Bite Fingers Off. Inside the wolves were pacing. Bright yellow eyes and four feet high at the shoulder. They paced past me, looking right through me. I didn't exist. That was enough for me.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/14/20 08:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Jumper Cables A Jumble Of Compromises

MEXICOWANDERER 09/14/20 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Jumper Cables A Jumble Of Compromises

12 feet 24 feet total
MEXICOWANDERER 09/14/20 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Jumper Cables A Jumble Of Compromises

I decided on parrot jaw solid copper clamps. The manufacturer put a 900-amp rating on them which in fact is useless. The 4-gauge cable will be soldered directly through a clip and an 8-gauge shunt wire will be used. After assembly, I will apply multiple coats of Rust-o-leum to the clamp. Inside and out. Thick bed liner, hopefully getting 5 mil thickness. The grips will be pushed on. The jaw grip teeth will have been coated with 100% lead, so no acid deterioration hopefully for many years. Unless they are lost or stolen these cables will be jump-starting, long after I am feeding a tree. :) Thanks for your help everyone. Yes, I did research every single suggestion in this thread. BTW the clips cost $17.95 each. 100% copper except the spring
MEXICOWANDERER 09/14/20 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: 15.2 v during solar equalization charge - what do you do?

I used to twist a six-hour timer and shut sensitive loads off. Normally closed relay. Then I spent a fortune and purchased a pair of 24 volt refrigerator freezers. They handled 30.2 volts just fine.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/14/20 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

What that website is emphasizing is to not overly discharge their batteries80% of capacity means use 20 amp hours of a 100 amp hour battery Without an amp-hour meter installed in your system it's all guessworkFew chargers will not end up undercharging your batteriesThis is why solar panels are so popularTheir charge regulation is much more realistic
MEXICOWANDERER 09/14/20 10:11am Tech Issues

Russia wants me to believe only one inoculation is needed with their untried SPUTNIK vaccine when everyone else is demanding multiple staged injections. They are shipping millions of doses to Mexico as a "gesture of goodwill" Do I look stupid? If I have to pay for the Oxford vaccine, I will do so. When public comments start rolling in I will keep in mind the lady in Tennessee whom after power was switched to nuclear... called and complained that her light bulbs had changed color to green, and pink, and.........
MEXICOWANDERER 09/13/20 07:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Battery observations

Good luck in Californiastan. All chargers must be automatic and shippers are forbidden to ship manual chargers. When a simple TIMER would have satisfied their complaints. Pretty fartsmellers, Sacramento.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/13/20 12:49pm Tech Issues
RE: I've Rediscovered Butter

I was put on cholesterol medicine 30 years ago. It was a Statin like most. After two months and more blood work, the doctor stopped the Rx. I finally got an answer from him. Mu LDL never was too high, he was tinkering because the latest medical fad was to achieve the greatest numbers spread between LDL and HDL. Instead, the statin dumped both HDL and LDL The doctor died in his mid-sixties. My cholesterol hasn't changed two points from normal. Same with a blood thinner "Just like that, you decide that my blood is in danger of coagulation?" I have taken natural blood thinners for many years. Ginkgo Biloba and Ibuprofen. Doctors snort at this but I've noticed both are strictly forbidden before surgery. An old-line school buddy who started his day by mixing various powders and potions in a blender suffered a serious stroke two years ago and still cannot talk or drive a car. He has an explosive temper. My lesson? No temper tantrums driving in Mexican traffic. I avoid confrontations. It isn't worth having a stroke. I used to carry milk from the milk house to the separator and after going through the machine feed the calves skim milk. That's where I learned at age 10, a calf yanking at the nipple could yank my skinny butt off my feet. Here in Mexico, butter simply does not exist except for some cheesey tasting yellow bulk called Chipilo from the town of the same name, in Michoacan. Mexicans consume chassis grease, err I mean Table Maid, Now, Sams and Walmart sell Great Buy butter. I tried churning butter, once. It was similar to trying to make whipping cream or thick mayonnaise. Frustrating.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/12/20 07:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Battery observations

Interest in flooded batteries has waned to the vanishing point. Years ago I furnished a lot of information to this site which was then proprietary. Included was a rather concise interpretation of using an adjustable voltage but constant potential charger called a Megawatt. They are 29 or 36 amp dependent on model. Times change. And now there is little interest in flooded batteries, minimum charge time, and maintaining batteries for the most longevity. I then opened up the Megawatt and upgraded the weakest links inside, added an external voltage control and finished up by redesigning the unit into a 56 amp unit.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/12/20 04:45pm Tech Issues
RE: group 65 vs group 31 battery for mtr hm maxx brand

Group 65 is automatically an engine starting battery. First consideration: Engine type Diesel need glow plug then engine cranking ability. 2nd Life in Minneaota is polar opposite to say sothern Texas. The 65 is a low profile battery like a group 78. Low and wide. I would recommend time with a tape measure and then make sure the battery post polarity and location agrees with the length and orientation of your battery cables.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/12/20 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Your Fuel/Oil comments - please post here

Much of the difference is state tax. Gasoline is less expensive in Alaska and Hawaii. The Mexican national oil company PEMEX operates gas stations in Houston Texas under the PEMEX brand that sells fuel for a dollar fifty cents less than anywhere else in Mexico. The Pemex Shell Oil joint venture refinery in Deer Park, is adjacent to Houston.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/11/20 08:35pm Around the Campfire

CORRECTION or UPDATE Now AstraZeneca has disappeared the trials re-start notification on its official website. They jumped the gun it can only be surmised...
MEXICOWANDERER 09/11/20 08:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Jumper Cables A Jumble Of Compromises

Being in Mexico, jumper cables are assembled Chinese copper plated toy steel clamps and 8 gauge copper-plated aluminum super thick vinyl insulation. There is an ad on Amazon for a seventy+ dollar PAIR (I need four) of Associated clamps that look good. $150.00 for four clamps seemed sorta pricey. DLO insulation itself is great but specs call for it to be thick. Which shrugs off cuts, and nicks. And makes it a lot heavier. This is going to be a gift for a beefy 38-year-old mechanic and his tow truck. Connections will be mechanically crimped. Then the entire wire tip and the serrated copper pad are going to be dipped into molten lead. This stops battery acid corrosion and salt air corrosion forever. After that, the cable and the coated tip is slid up the handle under the wire spring and screwed into place. I have the 316 stainless 10/28 screws. Like the Borg and the Gigawatt when I build something it is likely to endure many decades of commercial use and laugh it off. But since 1980 many companies have gone under. If I wanted to buy "The Best" commercially made battery charger I would choose the Associated Twelve hundred dollar unit. But I build chargers that run circles around the Associated and will outlast them. But no 150 dollar clamps, please. :D being
MEXICOWANDERER 09/11/20 04:35pm Tech Issues
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