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RE: water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Why not? The hyper-wealthy in the too-far-east are still considering towing icebergs into corrals and changing the weather in the nearby port city. Death Valley into Paris? Somehow modify trillions of tons of shifting sand into crops like truffles and dates (BS maybe?). One teeny problem here with all these pie-in-the-sky daydreams. ENERGY NASA or BEZOS can afford a nuclear reactor for 100 Mw needed to do this.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/28/19 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: guardian 5500 rv Generac generator problems

Upper has different stipduck for other application. Remove 1 sparkplug Connect spark plug wire Lay spark plug on its side contacting metal You will be looking for a tiny spark jumping on the other end That will end the spark question
MEXICOWANDERER 09/28/19 12:13am Tech Issues
RE: Mintance Free Deep Cycle height=300 width=300 Be aware of who manufactured the batteries and WHEN
MEXICOWANDERER 09/27/19 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Newbie Electrical Issue - Advice Needed Please

Look at your AC panel in the rig. Does it have any additional unused punch outs?A/C breakers should have their own dedicated load. The air conditioner and nothing elseSame for the converter. The fact that you said "A bunch of other things shut off" when the breaker A/C breaker is opened proves thisWhat kind of protection does a high amp breaker offer smaller loads? NONEYou could have the A/C off and a short on the "other" circuits and it will not may, WILL cause a fireAre other rigs like this? Designed by Doctor Kevorkian?
MEXICOWANDERER 09/27/19 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: AGM Mystery Capacity Crash Below 75% SOC UPDATE

Perfectly golden toast, mango preservatives, and Finca Renaldo toasted coffee beans. Yep, a toaster is important :p Is this conversation about wet? Regular AGM Or telecom Batteries? nothing wrong with your memory BFL. Telecomm batteries charge slower than regular AGM batteries. They are at their best using the hundred hour rate.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/27/19 01:14am Tech Issues
RE: AGM Mystery Capacity Crash Below 75% SOC UPDATE

There's an alternate way. Add 300 watts of solar panels. Start gen in AM. Use for heavy loads and let panels charge from around 9:00 onward. People who insist on 100% solar remind me of cruising sailboat skippers who won't move an inch without a breeze.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/26/19 08:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 05 Cat Engine Coolant change

1995 Dodge Spirit original hoses. 1988 Cummins 855-N series filled with 100% ethylene glycol, GATES green stripe hoses, and new 5-staggered row radiator. treated every year with Nalcool 2000. Hoses are as firm inside and out as the day they were installed. I chose DOW CHEMICAl antifreeze. No, it did not get gummy. I selected 100% stainless steel CONSTANT TENSION HOSE CLAMPS. And have experienced no hot or cold leaks.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/26/19 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM Mystery Capacity Crash Below 75% SOC UPDATE

Five percent amps as calculated against tOtAl amp hours of the battery being treated 100 = 5 220 is 11 constant amperage. Higher than specified amperage royally screws up the Peukert factor. Factors change the behavior of a battery. I've had to let vigorously bubble for as long as 15 hours to maximize the specific gravity.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/26/19 06:51pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I'm looking at new batteries.

BFL x 2
MEXICOWANDERER 09/26/19 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM Maintenance Questions

For the 50th time Hear Ye! Hear Ye! IGNORE anyone who claims that AGM batteries lose water. They are opinionated with no education. PERIOD. Like listening to a taxi driver lecture about nuclear physics from the front seat. AGM batteries hav e recombinant cell caps that only open when pressure in the cell reaches a critical level. 100.00000000000% of H2O is cooled then precipitates back into solution. And the cell remains 100.0000000% sealed. I have never had an AGM battery vent Ever! unless a potential of 17 let's spell that SEVENTEEN volts is approached. Even after a full reovery (more severe than reconditioning) before and after precision weighing on my NIST certified platform scale revealed less than .25 ounce loss in the entire six cells. FOUR HOURS at 16.90 volts. At a loss for words or positive pressure in your windpipe about these numbers? Too lazy or obstinate to download and READ the Lifeline battery manual? Well then you would have made a short-lived bomb defuser. No experience with your chosen subject area? They are always looking for taxi drivers. I had to learn the facts by trial and error, before anyone printed a manual. I questioned the sanity of a spiral cell AGM battery manufacturer over the telephone from down here who said sixty amps divided by 12 group 31 batteries was "perfectly rational" for a cruising sailboat. The conversation was broadcast inside the vessel to a dozen skippers listening in. I had to fight my way up the ladder to get to a genuine engineer on that one. I am not and never have been amused by fools pretending to be experts. They prey on the innocent. My built-in BS detector overloads my control on my temper.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/26/19 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: emergency start has been hardwired?

For many years continuous duty solenoids resembling Ford starter solenoids... Did Not Exist 1.120-ohm coil solenoids are the original Autolite starter solenoids. The housing is black phenolic. And the (2) #10x32 screws are identified as follows S for start I for ignition coil resistor BYPASS the solenoid mounting bracket was STEEL and served as ground. Without being grounded the solenoid did nothing at all. The solenoids had a time limit of 30-seconds beyond which it would overheat and char the coil winding. But the amperage limit was 800 I still use this solenoid for emergency coupling of 2 banks of batteries for starting duty. For CONSTANT DUTY the tower-type Essex White Westinghouse style solenoid has proven to be more reliable. I prefer the 200-amp model. But there is no question the Ford solenoid is far stronger than even the Essex for high amperage loads. So I am forced to use both. The Ford solenoid has proven to be a winner paralleling battery banks to start 3406 Caterpillar D8R bulldozers. None of the above is derived from guesswork :)
MEXICOWANDERER 09/26/19 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Info Nuggets From East Penn

A hydrometer is irreplaceable for diagnostics and a voltmeter is indispensable for what it does best. Sorta silly to try and eat peas with a butter knife.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/26/19 12:49am Tech Issues
RE: Onan gas generator want start

There's help and then there's helpLESS. With more than a hundred posts and resultant requests for ANY info other than ONAN this does get old. I had five service manuals and seventy technical service bulletins for Onan. Two hundred fifty dollars worth. With 99 different control boards and thousands of permutations that DEMANDED to be sorted out BEFORE diagnostics even began. Or am I wasting my time even explaining this?
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 06:35pm Tech Issues
Battery Info Nuggets From East Penn
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM Mystery Capacity Crash Below 75% SOC UPDATE

Current limiting is essential and voltage control is too. I would not wander too far above 16.0 volts as heating rises exponentiallyNAPA AUTO PARTS carries 25, 50, 75. and 100 watt TWELVE VOLT SCREW IN LIGHT BULBSHere's another eBay way of doing it. height=500 width=500 I choose the 100 watt size to limit the heat expended and the resistor is physically larger and tougher. 2.0 ohms = 6.0 amps @ 12volts 0.5 ohms = 12.0 amps @ 6 volts.Why so many amps? Golf car batteries are higher capacity at half the voltage. If you have an unregulated battery charger put ANOTHER resistor in SERIES with the first one. An assortment of primary resistors noted. The formula of roughly 5% or 10% current can be daunting to newbies. Simply inquire by asking "I am equalizing a pair of (BCI group size) batteries with THIS charger, so what power resistor do I use? It's an all or nothing deal when choosing a resistor. So all of the info is needed. Be prepared. There can be no guesswork at deriving at the correct resistor for the job. These resistors used-to-be expensive. Now they are dirt cheap, small, and tough). I much recommend equalizing batteries one-at-a-time
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: emergency start has been hardwired?

Will never damage alternator voltage regulator. What screws up most regulators is a booster cable car to car jump start especially if the disabled vehicle has a weak starter motor (high amp). Charging vehicle sees a huge load then sudden stop "Load Dump" City Look it up with Google. In my battery bank I have a Belden 500 amp charger, a P&S 100 amp charger, a Trace 60 amp charger and a Ford 6-G 145 amp alternator mounted on the Kubota. When the gen is stopped and the 5-minute timer starts to cool down the turbo it drops the alternator off-line. Then the chargers drop off line one by one via the DPDT /essex relays. The NC contacts feed the Trace inverter with shore power. Restoration of shore power allows for a five minute delay then another 5 minute cool down. That's when the 3,000 CFM rotary fan over-rides the 110F autostart
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 02:08pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM Mystery Capacity Crash Below 75% SOC UPDATE

Socket-too em, BFL! Charge Steady 15 amps EACH until voltage rises to 16.2 volts then quit. Way way way (Enough 'way's'?) below venting pressure to forget about it...
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM Maintenance Questions

There is more H.S. surrounding battery types than any 20 riding stables. Use the same radial grid layoutAdd .010" thickness to the platesSlap on a different labelAnd suddenly Clark Kent is wearing blue leotards and a cape that would have done Liberace proud. If a group 24 advertises more than 450 CCA, a group 27 more than 500 CCA, a 31 600 CCA It's a fraud!!! A scale and a carbon load test do not lie. MARINE my ass. Grade E to S plates (cured paste) with standard .040" standard paste, different terminals, less warranty and higher price is a sucker deal. Period. I can spend seven hundred dollars for 4 Rolls & Surrette group 27 batteries, and they will outlast and outperform 4 mass-market so-called Deeeeeeeeeep Cycle batteries by a factor of four to one lifespan. Unless obsolescence is a factor, if you didn't come up with the right answer then join the crowd.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 01:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Any old Dodge mechanics online here

Memories. 8.00 x 19.5" tires. 440 engine A727 trans One of the most stable towing platforms on the road And best friends with a gasoline dispenser.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 04:45am Tech Issues
RE: AGM Maintenance Questions

After meeting and talking to young pencil necks at Trojan, you can bet your sweet butt they pale In comparison to Concorde's .
MEXICOWANDERER 09/25/19 03:14am Tech Issues
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