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RE: 4' LED Shop Lights In Costco?

I first need to get my hands on electrical bulb socket adapters that change a socket into a receptacle. Keyed 2 slots. It's nuts. They just don't have them down here. Over the years I must have looked in 50 hardware stores and high-end electrical supply houses. I want a fixture across a pair of cabinets bracketing the stove and sink. Then in the to-be workshop, I am ready to actually build from my stockpile. But the big chips will take a Meanwell 36 volt power supply and another hideously expensive order of Arctic Silver. I am an OEM for the product. I'll bet two strategically placed 50-watt chips would light up that 15x15 room. I don't use a driver because they horribly underdrive the chips. I set the ma across the junction to summertime ceiling ambient heat minus .3 volt then monitor ma usage on a meter. Shooting the P/N temp directly while adjusting the voltage lets me know where the critical threshold is. 109 watts actual AC draw will be tolerable energy wise. The Pentium 5 spiral heatsinks with fan are difficult with these big chips. Their edges lay out onto the fins. Hence, the silver epoxy rather than tapped screws. The kitchen fixture may be used an hour a day total but the workshop lights may stay on for 5-6 hours a day so maybe Costco is the best choice. I can always return them and claim I don't like the way they part their hair, and get a refund when they die. My next project was inspired by gawking at the interior of a hospital surgery room at the giant screen the heart surgeon uses. I would need a 42" screen connected to an overhead focusable camera. Might even be enough to compensate for clumsy fingers. I have no idea what monitor to use. TV or computer. The camera would be mounted on gimbals, pull. Twist, shove, then focus. Do I really NEED to waste money on a contraption like this? Hell no. But being wheelchair bound, I get tired of reading. I hate television. I want to remain creative and continue to help people with remote off grid ranchos. Instant light via battery, solar panels and LED lighting is a life-changing improvement.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/09/21 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: 4' LED Shop Lights In Costco?

I have a driveway gate opener. Takes her 10 seconds to swing both sides open. Small driveway. When car is nosed to wall there is a meter clearance to the closed gate. Mexican screen door on the house. Probably weighs 100 pounds. Not screen it is perforated sheet metal. Sucker would probably stop an anaconda. It's not the lighting in the dining room as it is my weak eyesight. I can look straight into these "100 watt" eqvt bulbs from 3' away without dazzle. The kitchen has a 35 watt corn light. The walls are white and I may be the victim of Chinese BS as far as power ratings and wattage is concerned. Here in bed' away the 100 watt eqvt standard LED bulb forces me to light up the screen on my kindle.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/08/21 03:06pm Tech Issues

Thank you. The incoming administration seems very concerned how slow vaccine distribution is occurring. Have to wait and see I guess. Self-protection is so important. I cannot stress how important it is to observe air outside circulation, and very limited numbers of customers while shopping. Costco in México had a very patient "fila" or line of 50 people waiting outside yesterday. They have a disabled cart with bad batteries which I choose. 20 minutes of shopping then I report to the cashiers that the cart is ready to quit Instant checkout and then flee. Use your noodle, if you are older than 60. There are several stores here including Home Depot I will not patronize because of overcrowding. Wal-Mart México is another. Still planning my USA med visit. Taking Clorox wipes for the chairs in a ziploc. Waiting rooms have >50% of their chairs taped off. The open ones get wiped before I seat. Public restrooms I touch nothing at all. Jeezo, what a hassle.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/08/21 10:46am Around the Campfire
RE: 4' LED Shop Lights In Costco?

Harbor Freight Chula Vista had such bad people control I refuse to return. I'll check Costco. I use a disabled cart which buys me some space. Since I didn't build the critter I will accept a poor lifespan. Mine are single chip 50 watts consumed mounted on surplus computer heat sinks with fan. They do need a power supply. And overhead mounting is a hassle. They have a color index of 88. Whatever works. I am out of 36 volt power supplies.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/07/21 10:00pm Tech Issues
RE: 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS Link to CDC report on the reality versus myths circulating about allergic reactions with the COVID19 vaccines.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/07/21 01:19pm Around the Campfire
4' LED Shop Lights In Costco?

I have no way to check this from down here but it's worth a shot. Reasonable value?
MEXICOWANDERER 01/06/21 08:39pm Tech Issues
RE: More Reminiscing Part 2

I "went back" once. Forty years later. The neighborhood had "shrunk" somehow. Now it was small. The people ripped out every last walnut orchard tree. What used to be hundreds of orchard trees was decimated. The landscaping was warped to look exactly like every other neighborhood in a 100 mile radius. What was missing was a towering sculpture of Tom Wolfe.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/06/21 07:55pm Around the Campfire

México is hearing MARCH for the introduction of the Oxford AZ vaccine. Until then, it's a dribble of Pfizer and Moderna.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/06/21 12:51pm Around the Campfire

The official designation of the U.K. mutated COVID19 virus B.1.1.7
MEXICOWANDERER 01/06/21 10:27am Around the Campfire

UKIAH CALIFORNIA A small town The vaccine refrigerator was full and it broke down. Something had to be done so medical professionals called the local radio station. In 4 hours 835 people were vaccinated. According to witnesses they cherry picked seniors first. You can come to your own personal conclusion. I came to mine and it has nothing to do with politics.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/06/21 08:35am Around the Campfire

Yeah México. Where there are beds in the hallways, but no staff and no 02. Whether these geniuses know it or not COVID19 started out as a rather minor fever down here and now we're seeing really sick kids and young people If risking 104°F is worth going maskless, then a full blown no insurance hospital bill should impose negative feedback. I do not try to confront maskless people while I'm the USA. I flee. In Zihuatanejo it was 32 steep steps to board a 727. Just a little longer I hope until jabbing begins
MEXICOWANDERER 01/03/21 10:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: HAPPY NEW YEARS eBay Hoot link

The vitamin and herb knot heads are almost as ludicrous. Got tinnitus? Endure a four foot long scroll down an ad leading to TWO NOT ONE miracle supplements for $79.95. Our Federal Trade Comission used to whack these frauds hard but not these days. Buying hand tools? One way to spot junk is to write the vendor and ask if the tool alloy is chrome vanadium molybdenum. The Chinese love to add a tad of vanadium and an el snappo amount of carbon but never moly. Chinese fasteners are awful but they are learning how to manufacture good bulk premium AWG silicone wire. Silicone is horribly susceptible to cutting but great to use in protected boxes. The only gasoline additive I've tried that does anything for car engines is Techron. My road has no Zerk fittings. But the days of VX6 turn on the headlights till the battery dies then pour VX6 into the battery, climb in and step on the starter are fading. Like Wesley's diamond gloss car polish, and Billy Beer.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/03/21 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Replaced house batteries/no power

Pass through relay in inverter is throwing a hissy fit.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/03/21 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Reminiscing...harrowing Experiences in the Military

In the enlisted mess "Hey cookie" Yeah? "We're trying to decide something" Yeah? "Did you dope the coffee with gun oil or bug juice?" (expletive deleted) "And this thick white stuff slopped on the biscuits" What about it? "Can you get it off when it hardens" How about this? You'll eat it, or you'll wear it. If you don't like the chow go eat ashore. "We are ashore" Why don't you diddy mau mau into the ville and order up some doggie? But that man could bake. His muffins were a staple. And it beat heated c-rats. The slimy lima beans and greasy pork chunks were especially hated. We had chicken for Thanksgiving and a slab of pork for Christmas. I still cannot stand the sight of Fanta or Burgermeister. The ARVN camp with the LUURPS compound got sealed pouches of dehydrated food and I remember excellent corn chowder.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/02/21 05:42pm Around the Campfire

Not a single word about COVID19 inoculations in San Diego area.. I wonder what gives? No word in Mexico either. "Soon" is growing old.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/02/21 04:44am Around the Campfire
RE: Camco sewer lugs out of spec? An easy fix but very odd

I went to L.A. to the massive importer area. We scoured for bargains. Stuff that is never checked in Red China but palletized and shipped. I came across a pallet of clothes irons. Make offer. I stripped one of the irons down. Through transparent epoxy I saw 80 pins sticking through holes that were soldered. Impossible to fix. I bid $3 on the pallet and won. I stripped all 96 irons of their nice 9 foot 15 gauge gray silicone power plugs the rest went into a dumpster. The Chinese do not test or inspect anything. Eduardo scored big on ceiling fans that had untapped motor flange holes. He bid $30 for 24 wood paddle fans with remotes.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/01/21 05:52pm Tech Issues
RE: HAPPY NEW YEARS eBay Hoot link

eBay is either sloppy or stupid
MEXICOWANDERER 01/01/21 05:22pm Tech Issues
RE: HAPPY NEW YEARS eBay Hoot link

The motor fix was pulled around 1959 after being declared fraudulent. The battery replacement battery acid and Epsom salts here is just as stupid. I was in the middle of a laughing fit when I wrote the post. Like the Nigerian prince and ton of gold there will be suckers.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/01/21 03:08pm Tech Issues
HAPPY NEW YEARS eBay Hoot link After a year of mean, nasty, news and division I got up this morning, poured a cup of coffee while surfing then slopped some in my lap after a laughing coughing fit. This 8s every bit as good as... "Simply pour the liquid into your oil, and remove the spark plugs and drop 4 pellets into each cylinder. Your cylinders will be plated and your engine restored to like new performance"
MEXICOWANDERER 01/01/21 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: More Reminiscing Part 2

Tetraethyl Lead is incredibly poisonous. In the refinery entirely white hazmat suits were used with MSA airpacks to contain a leak or spill. To my knowledge the metal was never used in additives. Graphited toluene was dark and combustible. In the mid 1960's retail gasoline was available in a highly lead dosed version. Chevron Custom Supreme and Sunoco 260 were 5.0+ gram per gallon leaded gasoline. When I used Chevron Supreme gasoline dosed with 10% by volume ALKYLATE I turned faster ET ¼ mile dragstrip times as compared to Custom Supreme. A full tenth second quicker. That busted my bubble with high octane lead. 115/145 octane av gas had lots of alkylate. Remember Richfield when it first changed to Arco? They tried a heavily graphited motor oil. I tried it for fuel mileage, gained nothing but badly stained hands and clothes.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/31/20 06:01pm Around the Campfire
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