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Jumper Cables A Jumble Of Compromises

I've had an unused 30 feet of 4 AWG DLO cable sitting around for a number of years. I have decided to make jumper cables. DLO cable is the thickest and toughest insulation of them all and the conductor is double thickness tin-plated rope stranded. The cable is too heavy for me but put to commercial use, with super quality ends (clamps) they should be a forever set of commercial jumper cables. But I'm going to ask for advice from folks who have made up their own cables recently. Since the wire stranding toll is to be squashed then soldered about the only stuff that is concerning is the fastener that holds the cable wire to the jaw clip. I will use 8awg silicone wire as a jaw to jaw shunt. The pesky huge spring will have to be pried open and the cable slipped beneath by a friend younger and stronger than me. Have you encountered super clips on the market?
MEXICOWANDERER 09/11/20 10:17am Tech Issues

The Mexican Press has been reporting Mexico's AstraZenaca has reported Phase III trials have resumed full operation as of last night. No info in any other format. The company site confirms this
MEXICOWANDERER 09/10/20 11:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hooking up 30A at home

One faulty pole transformer can imply dangerous earth ground voltage potential between line to earth. Ask US Pumice, about their 278 volts line to earth ground potential. This started a war between Southern California Edison and the Mineworkers and US Government OSHA. The fault lie with the bank of ground transformers on SCE property nearby. No one took my advice and change the bank to additive rather than subtractive polarity units. They had to go to war. Court, lawyers. I do not know and I do not care about the outcome. My issue was solely with safety. It takes a moment just a moment to verify line to earth ground potential. I ran into this again with the hotel down here. The pole transformer was shorted. 163 volts line 1 or 2 to earth ground and 91 volts line to neutral line 2. CFE ignored my compaint. Then the transformer caught fire.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/10/20 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: 72 ounce steak and potato and salad

Ennis Montana perhaps 1970 Far less food than the incredible amount above The Ennis Cafe offered 1/4 of a rhubarb pie (normally a two-dollar item) a la mode if a person could finish a 32 oz steak, mash potatoes, gravy, a giant Idaho baked potato with all the trimmings. Oh yeah, and a tiny dinner salad. The cost of the steak was $7.95 which was a lot, fifty years ago. I had been wading the Madison river since dawn. Catch and release and I hadn't even had coffee. I was a starving 23-year-old. So I did it. I ordered the monster. The waitress brought two platters. The steak occupying one platter. The steak was fried not broiled but I did not care. Montanans used to demand their steaks very well done I do not know about today. For some reason, I used to eat salad last in those days. I clear-cut the steak then bulldozed through the mashed potatoes. I remember the gravy as being milk gravy the same as they used on their morning biscuits and gravy. It was excellent. I polished everything off. Including the lattice top rhubarb pie which was excellent. The ice-cream which was homemade was as good as today's Costco Vanilla. Yes, I was stuffed as I exited. And no, I didn't need anything but coffee until dinner the next night. I returned to the cafe the night before sadly returning home. A six hundred mile trip. I repeated the extravaganza. A few months later my dad told me uncle Chick told him the restaurant took the special off the menu. I couldn't even approach eating what that Texas restaurant taunts. But I do remember eating a giant southern fried chicken dinner complete with gargantuan size corn on the cob in Alice, Texas, for a dollar sixty-four cents including coffee in 1967. Fond Memories
MEXICOWANDERER 09/10/20 09:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Solar Cable Tangles

Use SOOW neoprene wire. Dual. Then interconnect with WEATHER PAK twin conductor unbreakable submersible connectors. The SOOW wire remains limp as a cooked noodle at 0F It isn't cheap. But it is fabulously easy to handle and store. I have SOOW that I purchased in the 1980s No spool needed. Everything else I tried failed due to absurdly difficult handling problems. I do not need a 2-hour fight every time I go to unpack and stow.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/09/20 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing ceiling lights & adding more light

TEST the LED lamps before installing them. Light them up. Press finger against LEDs. If you scream in pain from getting burned choose another lamp. My experience (considerable) with LED emitters is at 120F (50c) they will last a long time. If the array burns your finger buy extras, you'll need them. The most expensive LEDs are those that keep burning out. Ignore reviews from idiots who rate the lamp after 2 minutes of on-time. Choose lamps highly rated by reviewers and I mean several reviewers on this forum. Idiot reviews on Amazon are worthless. I conduct voltage and temperature Delta T experiments here. The cooler the P/N junction operates, the longer the life of the emitter. I manufactured 500 watts consumed stadium lamps in 2012 that still burn 6 hours a day. No failures. 50-watt store fixtures that operate 8 hours a day for the last 8 years, again no failures.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/09/20 02:05pm Tech Issues

The sfgate linked article did not say the patent was hospitalized, it was another researcher’s opinion that person might have been hospitalized. We should stick with what is known not what might be happening. What we know is very little which makes this situation ripe for filling the void with speculation. The Oxford vaccine has seen more test platforms and mileage than other mediums.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/08/20 09:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS Is it standard protocol to hospitalize all adverse reactions in a phase III test? The fact that the study body was changed for all vaccines in phase 3 is curious.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/08/20 07:23pm Around the Campfire

Thank you. I had a hunch that violating guidelines would come at a cost. Film showed primarily outside activities but ommited scenes indoors, bars, dining and partying. AztraZeneca just halted stage III testing for it's vaccine trials in the US. Unexpected side effects. But the cure may or may not be as simple as reducing dosage potency? Perhaps a 2nd or 3rd booster? Newspaper information is long on impact and short on facts.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/08/20 07:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Water Pump replacement for older Travel Trailer

Consider Putting a ONE MICRON filter ahead of the pump
MEXICOWANDERER 09/04/20 11:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane leakdown

RV Propane Leak Test....... High Pressure Side (before Regulator) Turn the main LP Gas Valve to the on position and listen for the initial PSST sound. After a second or two, the sound of flowing LP should stop. Next step is to notice the green band in the clear regulator cap. Now turn the main LP gas valve off at the LP tank for 3 to 4 minutes. Watch the green band in the clear regulator window, and it should stay green. If it turns red, (low gas indicator), this indicates a possible leak. Low Pressure Side (after the Regulator) Requires using a manometer connected to system.....stove top burner at manifold can be used Valve in Propane Supply....verify system is 11"WC Valve out Propane Supply...then slowly open burner knob and drop system pressure to 8"WC then close burner knob Monitor pressure for 15 change in system pressure then system is GOOD System pressure fast will indicate size of leak But only 15 minutes is required for leak down test on low pressure side And only 3-4 minutes on high pressure side Doubt you have a leak....indicator green/red is NOT a accurate means of testing This is why I have a shutoff c0ck valve behind every propane appliance. My Manchester motor fuel 83 gallon tank has a high flow block off that stops the flow 100% and stays 100% shut off.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/04/20 11:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar

“The panels are sitting in a guys garage...” Not comforting. You need a heck of a discount from him. they are new never used and he wants $180 for each which I think $150 would be fair. But I will run a volt test to make sure AMP TEST SHORTED + to -- not connected to anything. Mere volts will tell you nothing.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/04/20 07:01pm Tech Issues

Thank You I wish statistics could be released that provides percentage lethality of the 70-79.5 age group without underlying risks of morbidity.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/04/20 11:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

When I had a PROWLER 2 axle trailer I FISH PLATED all 8 spring hangers with 3/16" plate and then hot riveted (three people needed) the six-inch-long plates to the Prowler frame. I was a waste of time as welding would have done the same thing. My 100-gallon fuel tank brackets were welded to my Crown's frame as well as the 83 gallon Manchester motor fuel LPG tank. Then driven across 60,000 miles of Mexico's worst. Same for the four L-16 batteries. Only the Ride Rite air bag hangers were riveted. Flat towing the 1-ton stake bed truck GVW total was near 15-tons.
MEXICOWANDERER 09/04/20 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: Momentary switch on my Powergear Slide

This is a "me learning" question... None of these slides use limit switches?
MEXICOWANDERER 09/04/20 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: To 12v batteries or 24v batteries, this is a question.

You found 12-cell batteries?
MEXICOWANDERER 09/01/20 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

Please show images of the fix :)
MEXICOWANDERER 08/31/20 04:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter - Charger - Leave well enough alone?

My workup shows 13 8-D lithium units in congregation with saturated charging 5 hours a day. Meaning a lot of wattage. I estimated a 195 amp hotel load. And extreme cycling. Best case. Seventeen 8-D batteries and 3Kw panels would make it easier.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/30/20 07:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing two 6 volt house batteries with one 12 volt

IMHO A sane choice. Choose a battery source that would make warranty service easier
MEXICOWANDERER 08/30/20 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

I finished the frame of my bus in red Rost O Leum primer, three coats then BODY SHOOTZ, four gallons worth. Zero rust 100% adhesion after 33 years. It's been on a pad for the last 12-years.
MEXICOWANDERER 08/30/20 12:30pm Tech Issues
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