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RE: New 2024 Chevy HD and Increased Dmax Power

I think ( JUST MY OPINION ) that this is a good looking upgrade for GM..... AND, I am curious how the GCW Alert will work out ?? Interesting feature. Can't help but wonder if the truck records these numbers while towing for future reference by the dealer or other motives in the event of an accident. My thought too, when I read that, just another spyware for warranty exemption, when drive line fails. Jerry
MFL 09/27/22 06:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Load Range F Tires

You don't say that your tires are ST235/80/16 E rated, but I am guessing they are STs. So at 80 psi, with the E-rated you have a 3,420 lbs of capacity. So times 4 tires makes it 13,680 lbs capacity. Then carrying 12-13 percent on hitch, means you have way more than enough tire capacity, you do not need F-rated. Even LT truck tires may have enough capacity, if you wanted to go that route. Jerry
MFL 09/27/22 06:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Two blow outs in one day

"1-I check the air before I start out and every time I stop and run 40psi of air" Not sure I understand this. Are you saying you run 40 pai tire pressure? I also noticed that 40 psi, thought maybe a typo? The 235/75 15 seems an unusual size, for triple axle trailer, but could be P rated car tire, which 40 psi may be near max? Jerry
MFL 09/26/22 10:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for a Good Men's Hair dressing

Just say greasy hair! Just wash, lightly dry, comb...done.
MFL 09/25/22 12:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

No, you don't need a heavy/expensive sliding hitch. The newer FWs are designed for the newer standard bed trucks, such as the Ford 6' 9" bed. If you can turn your TT short/ back it in tight spaces, a FW will be just as easy. If you mean a gooseneck adapter added to your pinbox, not a good choice. Jerry Jerry, I was thinking with the gooseneck I would not have to give up the truck bed. Is there another way? Many 2019 F250s will have the underbed puck system oem installed. If yours came with this system, rubber plugs in bed, the B&W 3300, is an easy in/easy out solution, allowing full use of bed, when removed. This hitch allows lots of space in front, and behind hitch while still installed. Do you have the fifth wheel prep option, factory installed on your truck?
MFL 09/25/22 09:58am Towing
RE: Possible delamination

^Agree, many front and rear sections are not laminated, and just use fiber insulation. In some cases, you may see waved areas on the rear section, when looking at the right angle. Jerry
MFL 09/25/22 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Two blow outs in one day

Hey Gary, sorry to hear of your tire trouble! As bad as that experience was, I'm hoping you did not have major damage to your FW, which can easily happen, as tires come apart. Glad you were able to find GYs, which is a great choice! In an emergency, choices can be limited, and of course more costly. Jerry
MFL 09/24/22 08:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Maxxis tires

While the Maxxis trailer tires have been better than most earlier St tires, there are more tire manufacturers that have stepped up their quality/dependability. I am curious what the speed rating is on the current version Maxxis 8008? Hope your new Maxxis serve you well! Always a good feeling to change out older tires for new! Jerry
MFL 09/24/22 10:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Why did my water pump stop pumping?

Open a faucet. If there is an air pocket, that will aid in bleeding the air out. If that doesn't work, open the kitchen sink faucet, and with the pump turned on, suck on the faucet. That will, as above, help bleed the air past the pump. I agree with the first part, but that sucking the faucet, should not be necessary, unless a roach is trapped in the line. Also don't be afraid to let the pump run dry for a bit, waiting for it to prime. It will not harm it. Jerry
MFL 09/22/22 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Power voltage to brakes??

^ eHoefler...good explanation! Some excellent points here, from a man that understands the trailer braking system! Jerry
MFL 09/22/22 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: 2004 Trail Bay 27DS Water Heater/

To narrow it down, does it have an anode rod plug, or a small plastic drain plug? Is it a pilot light model, or electronic ignition? Jerry
MFL 09/21/22 03:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: I thought the RV market might be getting soft. I was wrong.

^To your point, I’m gonna put the boat up for sale too this weekend. Wrong time of year, but been considering upgrading anyways and now have friends with a new surf boat so we can mooch back some rides from them for a year if necessary. With these stupid high prices it’s silly to not cash out unless some extenuating circumstances or extreme emotional attachment. I’ve had $20k offers for the squarebody we redid as well. How often do you get unsolicited offers for a not rare semi restored vehicle that are for more $ than you have into them? Not often. And I’m not a good enough painter to claim it’s a $10k paint job…lol OK, now you've got me thinking about selling my trailer and boat again....but the divorce lawyer would cost me much more than what I would make off of them! :B I never felt good about selling anything, unless I was replacing with something new/better. If I liked the old, sometimes kept that too, and still bought new. My partner never complained about any purchases I made, but she was more sentimental, when seeing the old go away. I often times had 4 motorcycles, 3 snowmobiles, and more guns/hunting equipment than I could ever use. I've had a lake cabin for many years, but still bought several TTs and FWs, as we both enjoy camping in other areas. I know Grit said that his wife really enjoyed the TH, and guessing she enjoys the boat! I also was thinking she may get pi$$ed and find someone else, but nah...she's had this guy a long to be something good about him! :C Jerry
MFL 09/21/22 05:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

No, you don't need a heavy/expensive sliding hitch. The newer FWs are designed for the newer standard bed trucks, such as the Ford 6' 9" bed. If you can turn your TT short/ back it in tight spaces, a FW will be just as easy. If you mean a gooseneck adapter added to your pinbox, not a good choice. Jerry
MFL 09/17/22 11:32am Towing
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

Your truck will work for that trailer. Your springs will likely be your weakest link, but still within spec. If your truck seems to squat more than you like, you can add aftermarket support, to restore to level. If your truck has the FW prep kit (puck system) a B&W 3300 is a great hitch choice for your truck. Jerry
MFL 09/17/22 09:55am Towing
RE: Best Hitch

Exactly what I said. He obviously had one of those "certain" hitches in which a visual test wasn't enough. Edit: OR he didn't even do a visual check. In the pic above, the owner did do a pull test, but not the visual check. In this case, it was a B&W hitch, but as I mentioned above, pull tests vary, and this fellow did not do a GOOD PULL TEST. A visual check may have saved him from this damage? Jerry
MFL 09/16/22 06:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

cummins2014 said: "Jerry ,not sure I want to answer that" Thanks for the honest reply, and a good description of how you hookup! I have seen the Andersens already hooked/unhooked, but never watched the actual process. I can understand now, how a newer Andersen owner could drop on his bed, but a get out and look should solve that. I know you know, that I was not baiting a trap, to cause any retaliation. We are mostly all friends, so all is good! :) Jerry
MFL 09/16/22 05:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

It is my understanding that it is NOT needed IF you have certain hitches AND if a visual check is done. When you say certain hitches, yes, some are safer than others. The operator's understanding of their hitch, and ability to operate it correctly is still a factor. It appears you have a quality hitch, but I've never used your model. I've a serious question for cummins2014, a forum friend, that I know uses an Andersen hitch. Do you need to do a pull test, with this ball type hitch, and different style coupler attached to king pin? Jerry
MFL 09/16/22 11:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

^Anyone not doing a visual check, or a proper pull test, is asking for trouble. I just do a visual check, but never tell anyone not to do a pull test. What is a proper pull test? Do all using this method do it properly? Likely not, as we found out in the thread Shadows4 started a while ago. A tug may not be enough, a yank a bit better, but a heavy throttle pull may be the best? Does everyone raise the landing legs a little, before pull, so as not to damage legs? Does everyone use quality chocks that won't slide, during a hard throttle pull? Do some just hold the manual brake lever, give a tug? I would not do a pull test and no visual, but doing a visual without pull. Works for ME. I had a hitch with a draw bar (first hitch) that was flimsy/cheap design/noisy, but safe, easy to see when hitched. It had a rotary gear, handle operated, that when rotated closed, bar behind pin, and handle pinned, was safely hooked. I hadn't even heard of a pull test, but always did a visual inspection. Oh ya, that RBW rotary hitch did SLAM shut, was loud even sitting in truck. A B&W does not slam when backed into, but the arm does close, as the jaws close. Here is a pic of the hitch (not mine).
MFL 09/16/22 07:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brakes grabbing

Yes John, if you read my post above, I did turn up the gain, due to braking being unusually poor. If you are familiar with the older Voyager, the gain had no real sequential marking. Mine was always set about 1 o'clock, worked great, but as braking diminished, probably set to 4-5 o'clock?? No real measure on this model.
MFL 09/15/22 09:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Brakes grabbing

Hi John...since this thread is now dead, I will try to explain my personal wire chafing experience. I do need to admit that, I never made a living, or made my house payments repairing trailer lights. :) Several trailers ago, on my Damon Challenger FW, my trailer brakes were intermittent, working normal, then hardly at all. IIRC, I would get improved braking by turning up the gain, on the Tekonsha Voyager I was using. Braking seemed okay, for a while, until the next time, just a light touch of the pedal, and trailer tire/tires squealing. I think the very chafed wiring in the tube, would shift at times, changing the contact to axle tube, causing too little braking at times, to severe the next. I checked the wiring going through the rubber grommet and noticed some chafing, so decided to replace. Now I noticed major chafing, when removing the brittle wiring from inside the tube, which was easily making contact at times. I replaced complete cross tube wiring, and my problem was solved. BTW John: I have always thought you to be a respectful, and very helpful member of this forum. It's the reason I took the time to explain my experience. :) If you learned anything IDK, but a smart man, like you, keeps an open mind. I could not believe another poster, claiming to be a back alley trailer repairman, thinking it's not possible to have chafing, inside the axle tube. I learned something from this thread, due to OP posting about replacing the emergency switch, solved the problem. I was not believing that his brakes were grabbing, without even a touch of the pedal. Have a great day! Jerry
MFL 09/15/22 06:12am Travel Trailers
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