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RE: 5th wheel tires

Not sure of your backing situation, but I have to back into my drive, from the same direction every time, when returning home. This has caused some visible wear to passenger side outside edge of tires, due to backing at a fair angle on concrete, causing scrub on that edge. I don't think you can get D rated Endurance in your tire size, or like above poster mentioned, that would be my choice. I also agree with above mentioned wt carrying ability of D&E at the same psi. However, for scrub, and heat reasons, if changing to an E-rated tire, I still recommend adding the extra 15 psi to them. Jerry
MFL 01/22/20 08:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 4 season camping

The brands you looked at are likely best choices for her intended use, but I've no experience with them. My FW is a 4 season, but in reality, I'd not want to use it much below 20 degrees, for an extended time. Mine is well insulated, with good plumbing protection. IMO, no matter the model, keeping warm is not as big an issue, as moisture control. An experienced Winter camper, willing to go to the trouble, can likely do this. I think it may work for her along the coast, but trying to tow it to, use it at the higher elevation, colder temp ski areas may not be best choice for her. Jerry
MFL 01/22/20 05:15am Travel Trailers
RE: 5th wheel tires

You should be good to go with the E-rated, just have tire mounting shop confirm, and maybe up grade the valve stems, if going to 80 psi. Jerry
MFL 01/21/20 03:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone with the Ford 6.2 Carrying TC

Ford has been right on with their gas engines, other than a few glitches with the early Eco turbo. I don't see them screwing up a simple design, such as the 7.3, but I think the power of the 6.2/4.30 gears, with 10 speed would be a safer bet, and not far behind actual capability of the 7.3. Jerry
MFL 01/21/20 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: 5th wheel tires

My 5th is similar weight and my research came up with Carlisle or GY Endurance. Weight wise check your rims and if they are good for 80psi you should be good with E rated at about 2800# each. Mine stock came with D rated 2580 each stock which is cutting it a bit close IMO. The E rated also have a higher speed rating which was nice. Not that I really go over 65 but it's nice to know I'm not right up against the rating. How do you know how much weight your rim can carry so i know if i can upgrade my 15" rim to E load? It should be stamped on the back of rim. What size and rating are your tires you have. If your wheels are 6-bolt, with D rated tires rated at 2540, likely they can handle the E rated at 2830 lbs at 80 psi. Jerry
MFL 01/21/20 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on inner bearing grease seals

Don't use the EZ lube feature and you won't have to worry about blown seals. There is also no need for EZ lube on a trailer that is never immersed in water like a boat trailer. EZ lube seals are not like Bearing Buddies that are found on boat trailers. I have never seen EZ lube seals on a boat trailer. Barney How many times has this been pointed out Barney?? It would be nice to have a sticky, EZ-LUBE VRS BUDDIES, with picture of each. Jerry
MFL 01/21/20 09:31am Travel Trailers
RE: asking for suggestions/opinions

It may take just a short time to relearn the backing process, and maybe need to watch closer for tree limbs, as normally FWs are a little taller. You don't say what truck you have, but who doesn't want a new truck??? I'd just get what you want and enjoy it!! Jerry
MFL 01/21/20 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

Your payload on that truck, camper package, is a non issue. With the truck loaded up, towing that size camper, the only real issue, you will likely need to lock out 6th gear, most times, and maybe even 5th in hills, or against head wind. Go ahead with that trailer, it won't be much different to tow, than the one you've got! Jerry
MFL 01/21/20 07:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: lino cracked after cold spell

I have a neighbor that owns a large truck stop/convenience center, and also includes a RV dealership. I had flooring crack in previous FW, after a number of years, so mentioned it to him. He showed me 3 brand new TTs on his lot, that the flooring cracked over Winter. He said the manufacturer just sends new vinyl out, and pays about $400 for repair. The repair guy uses quarter round on the edges, and looking at one new one, you'd never know it had been redone. There is better, more expensive vinyl available, supposed to be, non cracking, in temp extremes. I have that in my current FW, time will tell, so far so good. Jerry
MFL 01/21/20 07:07am Tech Issues
RE: 20k USA made hitch for rails?

Why not install pucks and install a B&W. Eliminate the slop completely. Yup, best idea, if you really need 20K minimun rating. B&W makes an 18K rail mount, that is solid, and could be trusted to the max. Jerry
MFL 01/19/20 11:14am Towing
RE: Question about removing black tank

I have seen a few rental RVs set up this way at private CGs. Yes, they just run a sloping plastic pipe, until reaching the sewer. Jerry
MFL 01/19/20 10:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about moving fifth wheel

Thanks for letting us know that you got it moved, with no known issues! It is always nice to hear back from OP. I am a bit over cautious, concerning slides, moving RV, lifting/lowering, with them extended. Jerry
MFL 01/19/20 10:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 Chevy new bed length & auto slider

The length of bed is not as important as the distance from rear axle center to back of cab. Not sure on 2020, but earlier GMs had the longest distance of the big 3 at about 43 inches. My Ford bed at 6'9"s is about 41"s, axle ctr to cab. My pin center, is at 40.5, never an issue. Locate your axle center, then measure to back of cab. With newer FW, likely round front cap corners, any measurement 40"s or more, should be good going/turning forward. In a severe backing situation, you need to be aware, just like backing a TT or boat. Look at B&W hitches that have good adjust ability ahead/back. Jerry
MFL 01/18/20 08:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Chevy new bed length & auto slider

You don't say what year FW, but most later models have a nose designed to be towed with standard bed. I have towed with 6' 9" Ford beds for many years, not needing a slider hitch. Do you have the pucks? Many non-sliding hitches can be adjusted ahead/back. Jerry
MFL 01/17/20 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Water Pumps

Is it the WP or the plumbing whacking against each other? You can quiet down the rattle by isolating the pipes from other items they touch. ^^^^This...the pump itself is relatively quiet while pumping, if properly mounted. The lines can vibrate against each other, and anything else they touch. Jerry
MFL 01/15/20 06:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: BMW vs KTM vs Triumph vs Honda Adventure motorcycle

Just another thought on a reasonably priced option for the street/commute, are the MT models from Yamaha. A MT7 9 10, all light weight, quick handling, and powerful. This is same as former model called 09. Getting back into it, should get you looking at proper riding gear also, for your own saftey, or for son. There is so much available, some even at reasonable prices. Jerry
MFL 01/15/20 03:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: BMW vs KTM vs Triumph vs Honda Adventure motorcycle

IMO, having purchased owned 33-34 new motorcycles, having a good dealer nearby, for whatever bike you choose, is very important. For commuting at speed in traffic, a fast handling powerful bike adds some safety. While the return of the Indian scratched a lot of itches, not IMO, what you're looking for. The BMW, Honda, or Suzuki may serve your purpose. Jerry
MFL 01/15/20 02:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: BMW vs KTM vs Triumph vs Honda Adventure motorcycle

A full dress touring bike is pretty job specific. I put 35K on a full dressed wing used only for it's intended use. At the same time, I had a CBR600 canyon dancer, and a KDX200 for off road fun. I think the cruiser is a better choice, for you 4x4ord, if you intend to haul it, ride it short to medium distance. A cruiser would be my suggestion for the OP, just getting back into the sport, and like I and Howard suggested, get a second bike for the trails. Jerry
MFL 01/15/20 01:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: BMW vs KTM vs Triumph vs Honda Adventure motorcycle

Having access to a good dealer/good part supply, is the reason I am not a fan of any of these, exotic models. I have a Honda CRF 230, for my off road, lots of single track, and creek crossings, steep climbs. It's pretty weak, as delivered, but with added Honda factory power up kit, a whole different story. I am only 5'10"s so seat height works great. I did need to add bar riser, especially for standing. The suspension is not race ready, but neither am I anymore. Here is a pic of me taking a break, dang camera cut me off. :) Jerry
MFL 01/15/20 11:18am Around the Campfire
RE: BMW vs KTM vs Triumph vs Honda Adventure motorcycle

Just an example of a sweet off road model, here is a pic of the same buddies recent purchase. It is super lightweight, easy to handle, gobs of endless power. Jerry
MFL 01/15/20 11:02am Around the Campfire
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