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RE: Storing a Trailer Aid

I've only used mine one time, for an actual flat tire. It was on side of interstate, average traffic. I wanted to change the quickest safest possible, no exits for miles. At least it was the passenger side. With emergency lights flashing, spare leaning against FW bumper, most cars moved to left lane. The big rig trucks were the bad ones, most not moving over a foot, even though most times they had plenty of room/time to do so. I would have guessed the truckers to be the most courteous It seemed the back wash was almost enough to blow the good tire off the TrailerAid. Truck jack, bottle jack, no way! Where was that LEO when you actually wanted one? I keep mine in truck bed, while towing. Jerry
MFL 09/18/20 05:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

That hurt a little! Not intended...many 50 YOs could not lift that 3600 base out! Jerry
MFL 09/17/20 10:01am Fifth-Wheels

I do not know what the difference is between Ford's standard and max tow package; but my choice would be max tow with 3:55, especially with that engine. Agree...Max tow with 3.55. Jerry
MFL 09/17/20 09:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

"As for the "hijacker" I'll bet he can't get that big heavy hitch out of his truck bed and re-installed in 15 minutes." Well let's assume I am the so called "hijacker". I don't need a torque wrench to install mine. I can have mine removed or installed in 5 minutes MAX. Could be faster but I just turned 63. Just a FYI...the physical condition of installer/remover has a lot more to do with it than AGE, but 63 is gettin up there!:E Spud, glad you got yours sold, if not needed! There may be more nice late model diesels showing up later. Seems TVs are in high demand in recent months. Jerry
MFL 09/17/20 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bed rail clearance

If after a yr and a half, no issue, I'd leave it. as towing level is a good thing. In my experience, with several FWs, and bed rail clearance varying, I've had times when 5-6 inches would not be enough. Kind of like backing short, it is just a good idea to be mindful of clearance, under more extreme conditions. Jerry
MFL 09/17/20 07:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Heat setting off smoke alarm

I've also had the smoke smell with new furnace, but never set off the alarm. I agree with others. The difference could be the higher quality/accuracy of the alarm, or the close proximity of the furnace to alarm. Jerry
MFL 09/17/20 07:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2014 Keystone - Montana 3100RL -- Chev 2500HD Diesel

TXiceman wrote: "Adding air bags is a crutch and does not increase towing or load ratings or safety." YES! Does not change stickers! Correct Read my, and Marty's posts over on tow vehicles, on page 3 of the thread New tow vehicle. Jerry Perhaps I am not understanding what you are saying but airbags do NOT increase capacity. They will help level your load and increase stability, but it will not change your vehicle GWVR but it will not change your vehicle GWVR STICKER (actually GVWR) you mixed it a little ^^^^^true a new member, please read the posts I mentioned in the TV section. In time being/reading on this forum, will give a better understanding of the stickers. :) Jerry
MFL 09/16/20 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2014 Keystone - Montana 3100RL -- Chev 2500HD Diesel

TXiceman wrote: "Adding air bags is a crutch and does not increase towing or load ratings or safety." YES! Does not change stickers! Correct Read my, and Marty's posts over on tow vehicles, on page 3 of the thread New tow vehicle. Jerry
MFL 09/16/20 09:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New tow vehicle!

Am curious and ask you all who think warranty ratings do not mean you all follow the ICE's RPM rating ? AKA....tach red line for your ICE Or Coast Gaurd max occupancy for all certified boats ? Ditto elevators, airplanes, etc They *All* can hold, carry, spin, etc more than their ratings... Ben, having had vehicles that have not performed at warranty ratings, ie stalled out, as those warranty ratings and how they get them, need to be IMHO taken with a grain of salt at times. I've had vehicles with half the eating of another, the lower one actually did better in Some instances va others. Ancjora for boats, is another one of those don't get in a argument with someone. What works for them, may not work for you due to different so conditions. In general, I keep them in mind from an axle standpoint. From a gvwr standpoint, keep it in mind, but if over, yet under axle ratings, I don't worry! Gcwr, that's a crdp shoot if you think you are safe etc under it. The new rules give the performance ratings to follow. BUT, if you want more sdpeed than soeced, steeper minimum grade to go up. Increased frontal area than speced, the manufactured don't tell you reduction or increase you need to do so effectively. So you get and see questions like the post on the F450 slowing down. Person probably thought rating allowed him to go speed limit, when in reality, his speed would or will be 45-50 per how specs manufacture must certify at. Marty When I started on this forum, just about 8 yrs ago, it was a forum of sticker readers. Only a few understood where the GVWR of a 3/4, or 1 ton truck came from. I remember reading a thread of the poor fellow that bought a late model used F350, with a GVWR of 10,000. Due to this, the sticker crowd told him he needed to trade it for one with a 11,500 GVWR sticker. While Ford would issue the sticker you wanted for registration, most looked at the sticker, not the truck! GCVWR is another example of a manufacturer trying to protect their warranty. Yes, this rating matters, as going grossly over this rating, long term, is going to strain the drive line components. Axle ratings matter, but in many cases it is not the axle itself, but springs, tires/wheels, and brakes the concern. In some cases these items can be easily improved on. Lots of folks don't understand the payload sticker, the yellow one should not exceed xxxx . Recently a thread in towing forum, about tire inflation, a member suggested to another, that he needed to follow the tire inflation sticker of his 1/2 ton truck 30 front 33 rear, when towing a TT weighing over 7K. The one giving this recommendation had NO EXPERIENCE towing a heavy trailer, but only knew how to read tire stickers/tire markings. He had no idea how unsafe it would be to tow with soft tires, that could safely be aired to 51 lbs if needed. Fortunately, the number of sticker readers has become the minority, and common sense, experience has helped many. So many more members have a better understanding of ratings, and know which are important, and others not so much. :) Jerry
MFL 09/16/20 05:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Half ton towing

Bags n ā€œEā€ tires G-G. Like :) Sarcasm, maybe, but a little truth also. Your truck has a good payload for a 1/2 ton, and likely a RAWR of 4K+ Your truck should be capable of a smaller FW, with a loaded to camp wt of say 8-9 K. I would rather tow a 8,500 lb FW with your truck, than the same wt TT Jerry
MFL 09/15/20 06:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2014 Keystone - Montana 3100RL -- Chev 2500HD Diesel

IMO the lower tow weight of 13,900 would be about max. You need to weigh the truck loaded to camp, gear, people, full fuel, anything going in the truck. Now get separate axle weights, most all pin wt goes on rear axle. If rear axle weighs 3,200 on scale, and RAWR is 6,200, you can only add 3K more to the rear axle. If you don't have a hitch installed most are about 200 lbs right over the axle. If needed suspension support can be added, such as air bags, or Timbrins. You cannot go over the max tire rating! Jerry
MFL 09/15/20 04:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TT tire pressure - sticker or tire PSI?

We don't have the trailer weight info, to determine the best choice for tires. The original spare was a C, tires now 3 D-rated, and now 1 E-rated. If it came with Ds inflate them at 65 cold, before travel. Unless you want to replace three tires, and use all E-rated, which will give you more load capacity at 80 psi. You could just buy one new D tire, and use the E as the spare. IMO, running 3 Ds and 1 E, is not the best choice, even though the E with lowerd psi to 65 is about the same as D at 65. For best towing, all tires should match, tread design, size, wt rating, and number of plys. Jerry
MFL 09/15/20 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone towing 5er with 6.7 ctd Ram 2500 short bed ???

I think a real world pin wt, starting with 2,100 dry, adding what you are thinking, would give a loaded pin of approximately 2,700 lbs. Depending what hitch and adapter, you should still be within the RAWR of 6,500. Tires likely good for 7K+ IMO, that FW will get you close to max, but will work. Jerry
MFL 09/15/20 05:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

cummins2014 should be commenting shortly... He is an advocate for the Anderson and Ram..... He will be able to answer He should be a good source of information, for what the OP is asking. I don't see a lot of options for the Ram axle center to cab, being a short distance. I don't know if this Ram has the puck system, or if rail system is being considered, but I do not think a single point attachment is the best option. IMO, Andersen with rails may work, a B&W Patriot with rails, adjusted to rear setting, may work. Using a standard hitch, with a sidewinder type pin box will work. The OP is a pretty smart guy, and is asking lots of questions before taking a leap. Once he gathers good info from others, I think he will make the best choice available. Moving to a used diesel, I think his truck choice is a wise decision. Jerry
MFL 09/14/20 11:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Water heater

Yes, those are open at least 2/3s, but I think Old-Biscuit is just using the picture to show what slots, rather than suggesting the pictured setting is 1/4. He is a good source of reliable information! Jerry
MFL 09/13/20 11:15am Travel Trailers
RE: New tow vehicle!

Great setup! The flags on roof will help locate when sliding off boat ramp. Nice boat! Jerry
MFL 09/12/20 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 v8

Hannibal...quite a step up from the 5.4 5-speed! It will be a fun tow for sure! Congrats on a great choice!! You should post a pic when you get around to it. Jerry
MFL 09/12/20 09:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: tire pressure

Just so everyone knows: The burst pressure of a tire is many times the max pressure. Unless a tire is on fire, there is no risk of the tire bursting on its own without it being damaged by some object - even in Death Valley! Interesting...I know it would vary, all ST tires not being equal, in quality and design, but what would you consider a possible psi bursting point of the OPs GY Endurance E-rated tire, if air is continuously added? I know you can not give an exact psi, but maybe a range of psi guess? Jerry
MFL 09/12/20 07:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Shopping Help

I too suspect that 1K added to dry wt of FW would be closer to what I would call lightly loaded. You should have weighed your truck fully loaded, fuel, people, and gear, add 200 lbs for hitch. That would have given a more accurate rear axle wt, which is most important, due to almost all pin wt will go to that axle. The RAWR is the number that matters MOST. In your case 6340 RAWR minus your scaled wt of empty truck (which is not going to be empty when traveling) 2,760, would indicate you could add 3,580 more to the rear axle. I tow my FW with a F250 6.2 3.73 with 6-speed. My FW GVWR is 12,110, and I do not load it that heavy. I lock out 6th, tow in 5th, works great. I would not be happy towing over 12K with my truck. Your truck will work, but near it's limit, which can sometimes be unpleasant towing against the wind, and steep uphills, that will need high RPM. Jerry
MFL 09/12/20 07:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire pressure

I agree with Old-Biscuit. Tires need to be adjusted to proper psi when cold. Yes, they will heat up rolling down the road, especially in the heat of the day. Keeping an ST tire at max pressure, as read on the sidewall will keep them cooler, get best mpg, due to less rolling resistance. For this reason, I never suggest to way over tire your trailer. An example...If you put G-rated tires on that FW, I would not suggest to air them to 110 psi, nor would I say just run them at 70 psi, per the inflation chart. That would simply not be the right tire for the weight of the trailer. If your FW weight mentioned 8,200, is dry wt it will likely weigh 10K when loaded to travel, and even though the truck will carry about 2K of the weight, I'd still use 80 psi cold pressure. Jerry
MFL 09/12/20 06:11am Fifth-Wheels
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