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RE: anyone seen Jim . . AKA - NC Hauler

Nice fellow....he passed several years ago. Glad he got to enjoy some travel after retirement. Jerry
MFL 03/28/20 09:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How many times can you torque bolts on a hitch?

map guy, skinnyme said his 16k has 10.8 bolts, what standard thread bolt would that compare to? google says 10.9 about equal to grade 8 Jerry
MFL 03/20/20 09:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slideout support fixes stalled slide

Since the issue has been getting worse with time, I'm thinking a wear item, that is no longer allowing the slide to glide freely up and over the hump. Using the supports likely takes some weight off, until over the hump, letting the slide move easier. I'd not wait too long to get this checked by a good/recommended mobile tech. Jerry
MFL 03/20/20 06:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What size of fifth wheel to accomidate my 3/4 truck...

Oddly enough my door sticker does not indicate my max payload for the truck. And there is conflicting numbers about the "payload capacity" online and given weights from the dealer directly. I'm guessing the newer model trucks are quite more capable but restricted as jerry mentioned. But I did read somewhere that potentially gvwr is a factor in authorities deeming being overloaded. Maybe someone can comment on that. The truck max towing trailer weight is spec'd just above 19000 lbs. Towing weight rating does NOT apply to a 5er so just forget that!!! Legally all that matters is you don't overload the tires. License the truck for the next tonn above it's actual loaded weight. This^^^^some states and maybe provinces require buying extra tonnage if loading over the class the truck is registered for. You can likely buy more rating than the truck is capable of. Lol, as to poster asking if I'd pay OPs fines. I have helped a number of extended family members, and a few close friends, with many thousands of dollars of fines, lawsuits, judgments, bad checks, etc, to help get them back on track. I do draw the line, not to post my info on the forum though, but would be interesting to read the PMs!!:B Jerry
MFL 03/19/20 11:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What size of fifth wheel to accomidate my 3/4 truck...

With a FW, staying within axle rating/tire rating is most important. Your truck will work with that FW. Worst case, you may need to add a little support to rear suspension, to level the truck. Don't use the 10K GVWR, and low payload door sticker, as the determining capability of your truck. Those numbers are just due to the truck being in the class 2 rating for registration. Jerry
MFL 03/19/20 05:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

This thread doesn’t need to go real far. OP: get a B & W turnover ball, install in bed. Ignore the holes for the old rail system. There’s no benefit in trying to reuse them, plus you’ll eventually hate the rails. Then get a B & W Companion or Andersen Ultimate. You don’t need a slider. You don’t need to use the articulating feature of the TP pin box. Lock it out, check the fasteners from time to time. And pay attention when making tight maneuvers. The TP pin box is designed for those short bed half ton trucks. There is absolutely no good reason at all to use the TP articulating aspect on 3/4 and 1 ton short beds with newer fifth wheels. Don’t be distracted otherwise. Oh!, come on , you'll eventually hate the rails, why. Had them for years ,and they were not an issue . I won't buy they get the road nonsense , sure they are there ,but pray tell what are they in the road of . What sliding in a sheet of plywood . Not hardly , you go in at an angle anyway ,and after the first sheet thats a done deal. Granted if he had the puck system great, but apparently he doesn't so now you want him to blow another large hole in the bed :h . He already has the holes use them , with bedrails ,and a good hitch he is set ,and a strong four point attachment . No fan at all of gooseneck ball attached hitches , all the torquing ,and one point of attachment . Forget the Ultimate ,and go with the steel rail mount Andersen as said . Well said 2014... and adding the turnover ball a waste, unless actually needed for a different goose neck trailer. Jerry
MFL 03/18/20 07:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

I definitely want the extra clearance all the time so that if I need to make a tight turn) I don’t forget to look if the trailer is going to hit the truck. With most newer model FWs having rounded front corners, designed for towing with 6.5' bed trucks, this is not as big an issue as it used to be. Certainly when backing short, clearance can become an issue, if not paying attention, no different than backing any bumper pull. Backing into a tight space, taking it slow, getting out to look when needed, is best option, no matter the trailer type. Your Ford axle center is about 41"s behind the cab. If hitch pin is 40"s from cab, and FW front rounded, clearance would be a non-issue, in all but severe cases, when common sense/awareness is more critical. Jerry
MFL 03/18/20 11:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

If existing holes in bed are for standard rails, I'd just install same rails, and adjustable ahead/back, but non sliding hitch. IIRC, the rotating pin boxes are not recommended for single point attaching FW hitches. Jerry
MFL 03/18/20 10:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 255rlds wilderness advantage

Have you checked the circuit breaker near the battery? It should be within a few feet of battery, and may be on inside pass through wall. Jerry
MFL 03/16/20 06:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The new ride came in

New hitch, gotta feel better than nonstop xxx!! Looks great!! Jerry
MFL 03/10/20 11:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth wheel towing question

Towing a FW puts the hitch wt over the rear axle. You need to be most concerned with RAWR/tire rating. You should not have any problem carrying the wt of any of the trailers mentioned. Just weigh the truck, get individual axle wts. If rear axle weighs 3,000 lbs., you likely have around 3,000 left, before going over RAWR of approx 6,000. Jerry
MFL 03/10/20 05:38am Towing
RE: The new ride came in

congratulations, Nice, Welcome to the world of black trucks. Not my first... it's my 4th in a row now.. ! But Thank You ! You know what they say,... " once you go Black, you never go back ! " :B Yes, black, or deep blue, are great colors, and hard to beat the looks of the new Fords! I only bought one new black truck, as mine see off road duty in the Fall. My last two new ones have been white. In my case, never go back to black, but that's just me. Congrats, and IIRC, you also have a nice new hitch to drop in and enjoy. Jerry
MFL 03/09/20 06:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Questions on battery setup for enclosed cargo trailer

That battery is not for the interior lights, only for the breakaway. It should not be/is not even wired to the interior or running lights. This^^^I used a 12v jump pack to power my interior lights, when not connected to TV, which needed to be switched to the running position to operate inside trailer lights (Ford). I added wire to the trailer junction box, with a 12v acc plug on the inside of trailer to plug into the jump pack receptacle. Jerry
MFL 02/27/20 07:33am Towing
RE: Tire flat spots

Tire date code is 2016, tires are sitting on 2X10’s. Tires are covered and are radials. I would look them over closely, especially at area sitting on. If they look good, I think they will, as you took good care of them, then I'd use them. Agree with above, the brake drums can get a little rusty, from lack of use. They will get better the more you use them. If you have the time/experience, or want to hire a mobile tech, it would be reassuring to have the hubs pulled, all inspected, brakes, bearings, suspension, and tires. Jerry
MFL 02/24/20 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire flat spots

Your not giving much info to get good advice. How old are the tires? What surface have they been sitting on for 2 yrs? Are they bias, or radial? All tires will dry rot, but radial tires are less likely to flat spot. I'd find the bottom spot, look between the tread for any cracks, or signs of rot. If they are only 2 yrs old, parked on a solid surface, no standing water, they should be okay. If more than 5 yrs old, parked on the dirt, they need to be replaced. Jerry
MFL 02/24/20 06:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Shower drain clog.

If the roof vent was plugged with debris, all would drain slow, even the grey tank outlet. My shower has a remove able goose neck, in basement right under the shower pan. Seems IIRC, someone posted a while back, that wife with long hair, best to use outside shower??? Jerry
MFL 02/16/20 05:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Load Range G Tires

I think what Chris is saying is a road hazard, but he did not have coverage for that. Nice GY paid half, when they did not need to. Paying half was just good advertising, with very little actual cost to GY. Jerry
MFL 02/16/20 12:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New truck almost ready to be born

Happy for you! My experience with ordering two new RAM's on the same night with retail value nearing 150k I never paid a cent until I took delivery. Never dealt with that Dealer before. Yup, I built/ordered mine over the phone with dealership owner. My order was not something a dealer would typically order for lot sales, so asked, if down payment needed. Dealer that I know well, said " no I know where you live". Main dealership, a Ford/Ram dealer, about 50 miles from me. He also owns another Ford dealership about 100 miles away, and a Chevy dealership, also. So I can get a good trade/buy, on most anything. The day I picked up my new truck, with B&W hitch installed :), he asked if I had a small dirt bike I'd sell. I did, my wife's bike, and told him how much. He said I'll take it! I said, you may want to see it first? He said don't need to, be there after dinner tomorrow, to pick it up. He did...brought a handful of hundreds, and his boys. Jerry
MFL 02/16/20 09:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: New truck almost ready to be born

For Ford, and likely others, it is a truck when it begins on line. Once there, no changes can be made, it is a done deal, birth of an exact truck. My dealer, who is a long time member of Ford board of directors, says selling dealer is notified, just prior to time of start on line, with last chance of any change. Jerry
MFL 02/16/20 08:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: New truck almost ready to be born

I'm just going to take a WAG, but that new truck will likely be blue??? :) Jerry
MFL 02/15/20 07:39pm Tow Vehicles
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