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RE: Another Towing Question

^^^^While LT tires are not a bad idea, they are not needed, as the current tires are more than adequate, when aired properly for towing. Jerry
MFL 02/26/21 09:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Raising our 5er

Installing the Correct Track system will raise the trailer 3". A relatively inexpensive & easy install. I think it states 2" unless they have a new version. That's what I was thinking, just 2 inches, but still a good option! Jerry
MFL 02/26/21 07:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2022 Ford Super Duty interior?

Why not buy a new 2021 Super Duty and then replace it when the 2023's come out? Because most people don’t subscribe to your “ it’s cheaper in the long run to buy a new truck every couple years” plan. I think this idea may work for the perpetual truck payment people. After making payments for a couple years, start over, new truck, same payment?? Not sure though...never had a truck payment, or full coverage insurance on any of my 10 new truck purchases. For me, money saved on interest/insurance, like getting one truck free! :) Like mentioned, many would not subscribe to my method, or thought! What would I do in an accident, my truck totaled, just liability ins? Luckily never happened, but answer "just eat it, replace". Jerry
MFL 02/26/21 07:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Rig

Hope the OP comes back, with another rig pic attempt. That FW will be a good test for the new gasser! Jerry
MFL 02/26/21 06:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

MitchF150 wrote: I too was lucky in learning how to backup stuff since I was a kid. Laugh if you want, but I started doing it at around 5 years old, on my tricycle with a hand truck strapped to the back and "going camping" in the parking lot of the apartment complex we lived in back in the late 60's.. I would load the hand truck with my 'camping' stuff. Pedal out and back it into my camping spot.. ha, ha.. Hey Mitch...if your mom took a picture of your trike & hand truck rig backing, would be nice of you to post it! Thanks for the smile! :) Jerry
MFL 02/26/21 05:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Locked Out!

Well....problem fixed! For years, on every trailer we've ever had, the entry door had the hinges on the right and the lock on the left. In this config, the handle latch was the upper keyhole and the deadbolt was the lower keyhole. On this truck camper, the door is reversed, meaning that the hinges are on the left and the lock on the right. The means that the lock is installed with a reverse orientation, and you guessed it....the keyholes are reversed. I went out there in the dark and had the key in the wrong hole. Daylight fixed the issue! Glad you got it figured out! In the future, you may try getting on roof of camper, reaching down to lock/unlock, until you get used to the new keyhole location. :B Jerry
MFL 02/26/21 05:49am Tech Issues
RE: Excellent video on brake repacking

I use that bearing packing tool that Old-Biscuit has pictured. It works really well, gets a nice even solid pack, and forces out any old grease, that may have been missed. Jerry
MFL 02/26/21 05:38am Tech Issues
RE: Another Towing Question

That info a bit more accurate. :) The 1524 cargo capacity will be reduced by anything added to the truck, and at least 1,000 lbs tongue wt, plus wt of WDH. So say 2 passengers plus dog 300 lbs and 200 lbs gear and other. You have now reached your GVWR of truck. The RAWR is important and shows 3,800 lb capacity. If your truck full of fuel, passengers, gear, etc, has a scaled rear axle wt of say (guessing) 2,600 lbs, you would only be able to add 1,200 more, before going over RAWR. So...while your truck has the power to tow much more weight, you are at the very limit of carrying/payload capacity with that trailer. That will not be the best experience for a beginner, towing to the max or maybe even a bit over your max capacity. Don't forget to check the actual sticker attached to the receiver hitch! It may read max with WDH 1,000 lbs, which you may exceed a bit. Will your truck break, wheels fall off, if a bit over?? Probably not, and there is always someone even more overloaded, and it works for them. Hope you understand, why the numbers don't always work, for all types of trailers. Lots more things to consider, than it will pull XXXXX lbs. :) You will want to air tires on truck to near max pressure on rear, when towing that heavy, and likely 40 or so lbs in front tires. Your sticker shows 35 psi. Hope you get it worked out, and can enjoy a fun camping, and towing experience.:) Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 05:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 2500 only carries 2300 lbs.

A hitch wt of 2K will not overload your rear axle or tires. A 2018 Ram 2500 can easily carry that pin wt. Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 02:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Another Towing Question

Your new numbers seem incorrect also, but best wait till you can look at your truck, rather than running a vin# Pics of actual stickers, this evening, would be great! In any case, that trailer, will be pushing truck to the limit. :) Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 11:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Another Towing Question

Welcome to the forum! Your numbers are contradicting, and the tongue wt, with WDH seems low. You need numbers for your exact truck, rather than possibly brochure numbers? It was good to upgrade the hitch to better quality and sway control. Your tire loading sticker, on the door jam will give payload not to exceed XXXX. That and your RAWR number about 4,000? Your receiver hitch, on your truck will give true weights, maybe 600/1200 without/with WDH? There will be a sticker on the receiver. Your towing wt of 13,200 is not for a high walled big front TT, but for a flatbed, loaded with sandbags or blocks. A loaded TT, weighing 9000 lbs is a huge load for any 1/2 ton truck! Most, would not want to tow more than a 7,500 lb loaded to camp TT. Your loaded TT hitch wt should be about 12% of total, so at say 8,500 lbs, loaded to camp, will be 1,020 lbs, plus the weight of the WDH, so near 1,100 lbs on your receiver. Hope this helps, but keep asking, while providing real numbers from YOUR TRUCK. Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 10:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Another Towing Question

Just looking at YOUR numbers, you have answered your own question! You will be over the max trailer wt, the max tongue wt. A 250 would be needed for that trailer, for best towing, and to stay within ratings. Will your new 150 work?? Maybe, but not safely, being that far over ratings. Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 09:44am Travel Trailers
RE: weight on slide out

I don't think anyone here can give an answer to the question. I/we don't know to what degree of overbuild, the slide mechanism of a given RV is? I have read, that you should not move slide in/out, if someone is sitting on couch/dinette. Most often, RV structure design is just adequate for intended purpose. So is an extra 50 lbs okay, a hundred lbs, maybe, but 200+, maybe not?? Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 09:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: F series recalls

Yep, my F250 falls into the proposed windshield recall but haven't seen an issue with it. Don't think I'd worry about it, unless air leak/wind noise issue, or other obvious. I'd not want the boys doing the detail jobs, at the local Ford dealer, removing/reinstalling the windshield of a new truck. A trusted actual body repair shop, being a better choice! Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: F series recalls

Sticker failure???? OMG, what will all of our sticker members do now (wringing hands)?? Maybe the same thing as pre stickers!! Just use some common sense, and axle/tire ratings. Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 08:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Landing Gear Lubrication

as MLF says. Mine are located on the back side where they are hard to see much less grease. :h Makes no sense, but typical. :) Mine are easy to see, not on back side, but a flex hose on grease gun still needed, due to other obstacles. Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 06:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Landing Gear Lubrication

My landing legs came with factory installed zerks, one on each leg, in the area of the lower one, in Old Biscuit's picture. It only takes about 2 pumps on the lever to grease. I think the grease is applied right near the large nut, so grease is spread up/down, and through the nut. It made my leg operation easier, quieter, so yes, a noticeable difference. Jerry
MFL 02/25/21 06:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand design and towing with a Ford Expidition

I don't think he means no WDH, but maybe saying that a very expensive model, like the Pro pride or Hensley may not be needed. I agree, OP may not need those expensive upper end types. Jerry
MFL 02/24/21 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Grand design and towing with a Ford Expidition

That should be a good towing experience. Most good quality WDHs will work for you, and the Hensley is on the upper end. The truck you are choosing, with the max tow, has a lot of options for this purpose. Yes, when loaded, you will have at least another 1,000, maybe 1,500 lbs added to trailer, and of course, more hitch wt. I don't see a problem, with that rig, loaded and ready to travel. You aren't talking 8 passengers, normally just the two of you. The extra wheel base length is an asset for towing a trailer. Enjoy your new experience, Jerry
MFL 02/24/21 06:35am Travel Trailers
RE: oh joy...........

Grit - The BEST I have ever found was simple green.... spray it on DRY mat... let sit, mist with water, wet scrub brush, scrub, rinse , repeat if needed.. Worked better than anything I tried. X2... I also used simple green as described, on my light gray Weather Tech mats. Looked good as new! Jerry
MFL 02/22/21 05:33pm Tow Vehicles
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