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RE: Do you unhook for the night?

MFL 06/18/22 08:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

Marty said: "Actually I like the "what if it were a front tire?" Was a good question...Grit will be along to apologize pretty soon, nothing wrong with that! I would, if I ever offended someone unnecessarily. :) Jerry
MFL 06/17/22 03:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

^ Yup, Chris should know Ford has the higher than 7K rating, since he has left the Mafia brand, and joined the blue oval club! Even in 2013, you could get a F350 SRW with RAWR 7,280! Jerry
MFL 06/17/22 03:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you unhook for the night?

Cummins12V98 wrote: MC trailer is still hooked up. Hey, you did a great job backing in too, both trailers, nice and straight! :) Jerry
MFL 06/17/22 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

What they said was partially correct, my SRW has a PAYLOAD of 4562#.. What the newer Generation SRW owners have to watch is the axle and tire ratings more so than any other numbers… The sticker readers gots to love that payload! ;) Newer Fords, like yours, have big axle ratings for SRW. After reading bucky's earlier posts on this thread, A new or late model Ford would be a good choice for him, and the 7.3 gas a possibility. Jerry
MFL 06/17/22 07:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Unhooked for the night.

I don't think it is any different with a 5th wheel? For just an overnight, and if the TT is level, I'll leave it hooked up. After having several TTs, and a couple FWs, it is much easier to unhook/hookup a FW. Normally a TT is level to slightly low in front, so easier to keep level while hooked, than a FW, which is often a bit nose high. Jerry
MFL 06/17/22 06:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

12 pages and not one comment on "you'll lose your a$$ if you get in a wreck" comment. Unless I missed it, that has to be some sort of a record. Oh where or where have the internet lawyers gone? Oh where or where can they be? Mike OMG, you’re right! Maybe we are making a little progress here! Lol Yes, that is some progress for sure! I am still surprised at how many still firmly believe in stickers, that are there for Govt regs, in many cases. Maybe more do understand, but just for sake of discussion keep the ball rolling?? Jerry
MFL 06/15/22 11:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Don't let your guard down, Covid is still out there...

“Science has Proven” - only problem with that statement is that first you have to start with reliable data. One of the first casualties of COVID was public faith in medical science - and in the officials who espoused it. We are now living in an era with more mistrust of medicine than any time since the Cutter Incident. I agree, even if science discovered actual facts, would the truth be made public? Our medical officials knew/know very little, except for record keeping of reported infections/deaths. From the beginning, much information given was just speculation. What happened to the herd immunity? It was said after 70% were infected/recovered, this would end. Next was after 70% were vaccinated, this would die out. As it turns out, both above were false, and many were getting infected more than once, vaccinated or not. This has been a learning experience for all, including medical science. I agree with OP, best not let your guard down. Most in my area have, and just carry on as usual. Time will decide what best option was for this disease, and long term health issues caused. Jerry
MFL 06/15/22 04:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet door latch

Welcome to the forum! While I can't help, as to a quiet door latch, I do agree with maybe trying to train the kids not to slam. I will be kids, and everyone is in a hurry! I put a little teflon lubricant on the strike plate, and sloped bolt surface. It makes my door push or pull shut, much easier. Just don't use wheel bearing grease, as the kids will remove that with their clothes! :) RV doors are not house door quality, and will not stand up to continuing abuse. Jerry
MFL 06/14/22 05:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: AC on or off?

If just parked, not going to use for a while, I set the stat to auto 88 degrees during extreme heat. Jerry
MFL 06/14/22 10:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: E vs. D rated trailer tires

In many cases the OEM supplied tires are just barely sufficient, for the trailer at full GVWR. They even take into consideration, that some of the wt will be carried by the hitch. If D-rated tires are adequate for your trailer wt on the axles, then no need to go to E-rated. If your current tires are at the edge of needed rating, then moving up may be a good idea. Jerry
MFL 06/14/22 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

What’s really funny and to share, while protecting the identity of the guilty, is one person, who fits the bill in the above category apparently, got so wound up over their position, or maybe my position which was contrary (and correct btw ;)) they cussed me out privately! To that person and those like you, you should take a step back and if something like this thread causes you enough anger or frustration to lash out like you have turrets, then maybe find something else to do, as it’s not healthy for you to participate in this game! Btw sorry _______. I only try to provide the best info for folks who are asking a question and admittedly aren’t well read. The collateral damage comes with choosing to dis spell the uninformed wrong answers, objectively and with fact, in an effort to steer the person with the honest question in the right direction. WOW! I don't think I have ever been that into an online convo to cuss someone out in a PM. Don't get me wrong, I will post massive posts to prove my point(if I have nothing better to do at work) or if I feel I am right about something, but to spend the time to cuss someone out in a PM is on another level. In regards to the previous comment about tires. I had a family member who bought a 3500 specially for the added payload rating and a week later put larger 20" rims and tires that had a load rating about a thousand pounds less than the factory rims and tires which essentially made his truck a 2500 since the tires were the limiting factor. I believe the person Grit is referring to, did take his advice, and move on. Too bad, but I think he has deeper issues than this forum! I hope he takes care of himself, and becomes a happier/healthier person. I agree downgrading the tires, makes little sense, when wanting a higher payload. Hope you gave him some helpful advice. Jerry
MFL 06/13/22 07:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

^^Made a great start to my day Grit! That is hilarious! Nice of you to share! I have to say, while you may have been unjustly cussed out in this instance, it only makes up for when you should have been cussed out, and were not! :) Jerry
MFL 06/12/22 05:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

There is one OEM rating that all of the anti-ratings advisors do believe in and that is the ICE "red line" Haven't read anyone here recommend going over it...nor "I've been doing it for years with no problems"...or..."go for it"... Unless you have a non computer controlled motor, redline pretty much does not mean a thing in today's motors. The computer shut fuel down if you reach too high of revs, so you can't over rev a motor generally speaking today. Some like the Dmax I had would only let me get to around 3500 accelerating, but engine braking was 5000 or so. My idi 7.3, and 6.5td diesel shut off fuel at 3000 and 3500 mechanically. Not sure one could over rev a motor made in the last 20-25 years, be it has or diesel. Marty Right on Marty...Ben's thinking is a bit dated at times! Even my FZ1 Yamaha has a limiter. The fun is 12,200 rpm, so right around 90 mph in 1st. Won't hit the limiter in 6th though, using the stock gearing. Jerry
MFL 06/09/22 08:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

Jerry Said....."Yes, it is obvious Grit knows more about trucks than you, as do many other members!" That kinda hurt me a little. ;) So "knowing" about trucks means "knowing" that the manufacturers' ratings are BS? Well, I guess I'm an idiot. burb...You will be alright...don't beat yourself up! Lol For Ron....something for a little hurt.:C
MFL 06/09/22 05:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

Yes, it is obvious Grit knows more about trucks than you, as do many other members! The amount of years as a member, has little to do with anything, other than by now, YOU should have learned about class-2, class-3 difference, and what the actual difference is. Class ratings are for a reason, such as registration, insurance, or for neighborhood restrictions. Jerry
MFL 06/09/22 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Baggage Door Catch

Not sure what brand baggage door latches you have, but if you google Challenger baggage door locks, you may find a match to yours. I ordered a couple of these, due to one of mine not wanting to release easily. They were an exact match, so I only replaced the one, which has worked great. Jerry
MFL 06/09/22 07:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

If you already had the late model 2500, Id say it will work. Since you are going to purchase a new truck, it just makes more sense to go with a 35 series truck. Jerry
MFL 06/07/22 07:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A Little Help With Weights

^^Agree with above. It seems most, that post about wt concerns, on the TC forum, have a better understanding of what is important! Jerry
MFL 06/07/22 07:46am Truck Campers
RE: Do I need to condition my slide seals against drying out?

Any UV protectant, such as above, will help protect the seals. I use Thetford premium RV slide seal conditioner on my seals/wipers, and baggage door seals. It has UV protectant and conditioner, to keep the seals soft and pliable. It is a spray on foam, that doesn't run, or make a mess. I use a small soft cloth to finish rubbing it in. Jerry
MFL 06/07/22 07:37am General RVing Issues
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