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RE: AC easy start.

I don’t have it, but believe the MicroAir Easystart kit on Amazon to be the “best” but not cheap ($300). Not sure that that will guarantee you can run your AC on a 2K genny though, especially if at any altitude.
MNRon 03/07/20 03:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric heated water hose

We don’t ever use one as we run out of our tank. Hose is only used a few minutes each week to fill the tank. :) If I had an expensive heated hose I’d only use it when necessary, and use a cheaper one most of the time.
MNRon 03/03/20 05:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

CavemanCharlie - it takes a big man to recognize when you’ve gone too far and apologize. I applaud you, and wish that we all had the humility to admit when we were wrong, our country would be a better place. Thanks for stepping up I went to far with this post and I apologize. After reading the OP's post I jumped to the conclusion that a lot of people on this site think that if you are a working class person with a older RV that you must be homeless, a drug addict, a person to be feared, a person with a mean dog, or, in some other way, a bad person in general. I should not have generalized all RV owners like that and I'm sorry.
MNRon 02/22/20 09:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

Moderators - unfortunately might be time to shut this one down. There are jerks across the spectrum in America, just like there are good, kind people across the spectrum. I would love our country to be kinder and more empathetic, but don’t think we should tolerate intolerance. People that “love to piss others off” are hurting our country regardless of where they are on the socioeconomic ladder.
MNRon 02/22/20 11:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

Sorry, not trying to turn this political with my last post...but...trying to get each of us to look at ourselves in the mirror and try to help advocate for improvement for this segment of our population instead of just trying to push them into a corner we don’t have to see...
MNRon 02/21/20 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

While I understand and ~agree with the sentiment of this string... Last week at a AZ regional park a school bus pulled in next to us. He also had an old Suburban and a trailer full of what looked like junk. My initial reaction was similar to this thread. One day I was changing a tire on my ebike which cost more than most of what my neighbor seemed to own. Out of nowhere ‘Kenny’ approached me, along with some “no flat” solution he had left over and a couple of tools to loan me along with some advice. Kenny looked “down and out” as you might expect. But he was a caring human being who made me recognize myself and turned my indignation into shame. We are all God’s children, many of us more fortunate than others (and more fortunate than we really deserve if we admit it). I do my best (imperfectly) to view others with compassion instead of thinking I’m better than they are...
MNRon 02/21/20 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Fire Places

Had one in our HH. Before getting it I thought it was crazy. After using it a fireplace was a “must have” in our current camper. They are basically a large expensive electric heater. But do add some ambiance, and we use it all the time to take the chill out in morning or evenings.
MNRon 02/08/20 02:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Morryde Step Above

Have MORRyde’s step with the lift assist. Have used it for ~1.5yrs and 15-20k miles, love them and would buy again. We keep a brush handy to clean them before putting up. Was concerned about space needed to swing out in parking lot etc but this has never been an issue.
MNRon 01/19/20 08:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: melting plug

Question for those wiser than me: If plug is melting (I assume he means one of the electrodes in the plug) that is evidence of too much heat at that point. That heat is caused by current and resistance, right? IF the electrode has a solid connection into the socket why would a loose connection downstream cause that contact point to overheat? A short downstream would trip a breaker before current got crazy. A loose connection could cause lots of current spikes, potentially too short to trip a breaker, but I would expect the arcing (and associated heating/melting) to be at the point of the loose connection. If the plug electrode were solidly connected to the receptacle I wouldn’t think it would be a point of excessive heating. With all that said, a plug connection will have some resistance but I would expect that to be much smaller than the resistance of the downstream intermittent connection. So again that is where I would expect arcing and melting. Long way to say I think that if he’s having melting of his plug electrode, I would be looking for reasons it wasn’t making a solid connection and result in arcing there, not be looking first for downstream issues. What am I missing?
MNRon 01/12/20 06:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: melting plug

Not suggesting user error, but are you hot plugging or removing a lot (put plug in or out with pedestal power switch on and heavy loads on); or is your plug shape preventing you from fully inserting it in the socket? Somehow you are getting more resistance (heat) at your contact.
MNRon 01/11/20 08:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Larger 5th wheels in/on state and federal parks

Looked up the specs on the CC38efk you’re looking at. 41ft 8in, so actually closer to 42ft...see my comments above. More importantly, it says dry pin weight of 2700lbs, dry weight of 14.4k and gross of 18klbs. Pretty much guarantee you will be over your rear axle weight if you get an SRW. My VL 320GK has a “dry pin” of 2600, dry weight of 12something, and gross of 16k. Actually loaded it weighs in around 15.5k (extra batteries, stuff, and water). Actual pin weight is 3550. I’m right on the spec’d capacity of my SRW. For any “mid-high end” 5er like a CC you really need a 1T to stay within weights; and a dually if you’re over ~35ft. Lots travel over their rear axle weights, I won’t recommend it but that’s your call. I’ve seen MANY that started out with an SRW and then weighed their rigs ready for travel and subsequently lost a bunch of money trading in their new SRW for a dually. Make sure you make an informed decision.
MNRon 01/05/20 04:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Larger 5th wheels in/on state and federal parks

Recognize your CC38efk is really 41ft long. We stay at a lot of state parks and some national ones. Our last 5er was 34’, and current one is 35ft...that was max length I wanted to go. Our length limits us somewhat, but not significantly. I do carry a pole saw because height can also be an issue. We haven’t traveled much in the NE where I suspect we’d be limited a little more but still doable. 41ft would be well beyond a lot of sites, but if you’re willing to stay at commercial parks I’m sure you can still always find something. If you wand state and national parks I’d look real hard at your need for >40ft. Regarding trucks, I assume you have a diesel dually 1T for the trailers you’re looking at.
MNRon 01/05/20 01:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hard tonneau covers and 5er hitch

Not a hard-too, but I’ve used a TonnoPro trifold for years on my 2013 Chevy SB. Works great, leave folded in front when traveling and flop it back over the hitch when 5ers disconnected.
MNRon 12/24/19 07:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just curious?

We don’t have a Beacon, but it’s less expensive brother Vilano. About $25k less MSRP which meant no full-body paint, no rear cap, no 8k LIppert suspension, and a little less bling; but same bones etc. Is it worth it? We previously had a HitchHiker which we loved and would have bought another if they were still in business. Instead chose a 2019 320GK Vilano which we love. Of course I’ve done many mods including MORryde IS suspension among other things. We’ve traveled about 9months and 15,000 miles in the 16 months we’ve owned it, no major issues. But unfortunately in the RV industry, quality isn’t as high as it should be, we’ve had several little things go wrong. VanLeigh responsiveness has been what you’d expect from a Tiffin product, and the Tishomingo service center is wonderful. You won’t find nicer woodwork in the VL price range. It’s got good bones, needs a better suspension but MORryde fixes that. Take a good look at a VL, the good stuff goes deeper than the bling. Not cheap, but the best 35ft 5er we could find.
MNRon 11/26/19 07:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any nice new 5th wheels that have cloth furniture

Take a look at VanLeigh Vilano 5ers. We purchased a 2019 320GK a little over a year ago. Love the beautiful woodwork. Also love the Franklin furniture. Microfiber and very comfortable.
MNRon 11/20/19 08:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch sliding while unloaded

Also have the same hitch. When unloaded I have a short bungee that wraps from the handle down to the hitch rail on the bed. Have been doing this happily for 5yrs. Great hitch!!
MNRon 10/01/19 06:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any of you guys winterizing with air only?

My 2cents are to blow out with air then add pink stuff. Living in MN I blew out with air only on two trailers and never had a spring I found a leak caused by a cracked plastic 90deg fitting buried behind cabinets. Apparently enough moisture was still in the system and found its way to a local low point where it froze and burst. After that I did a quick air blowout and followed by pink stuff each fall. Air only worked for ~10yrs ‘til it didn’t; then air/pink worked well for 3-4yrs; now I found a foolproof method: moved to TN and store the 5er in garage at the if good!
MNRon 09/12/19 12:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Duramax Turbo

Vanished, I just bought a cheap code reader years ago. Not sure I’d recommend the one I have. If I didn’t have one I’d just searc on Amazon, or go into a local Autozone or some such.
MNRon 08/14/19 07:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax Turbo

OP here, still traveling. We’ve added another 1k mikes towing heavy, and probably another 1k miles without the 5er since original post. Just leaving Rockies behind us but still at 7000ft and have crossed the continental divide a dozen or two times since last posting. No more problems...yet...fingers crossed. Taking it in for oil change in Cheyenne tomorrow, still have 1500-2000miles left in this trip. I have been a little gentle on it (not hammering down) but have let cruise control rev it up pretty hard on some of the pulls. Not sure what to think about exhaust brake. Last mechanic said not to use it much as it might aggravate the issue I’m having. Prior to that it was the second button I pushed (after tow/haul) every time I took off pulling. Since his advice I’ve only turned it on when needing it on a downhill. Advice here seems to be “use it” so maybe I’ll tend more back to previous practice. I’ll talk with mechanic tomorrow, but currently planning on at least finishing trip and dealing with at home. If “babying” it means the code seldom fires, and I can avoid limp mode, not sure if I won’t just continue to live with it instead of shelling out $4-6k....don’t know... we’ll see...
MNRon 08/12/19 07:55pm Tow Vehicles
Duramax Turbo

I have a 2013 Duramax with 130k miles. We’re in the middle of a 6k mile trip pulling 15.5klb 5er and I’ve started to get a turbocharger engine code (P2599). This first happened 3000 miles ago when I went to pass someone, caused the engine to go into limp mode at 30mph. After 20miles the nearest garage cleared the code and had normal operation. 50miles later GM dealer said might need a new turbo ($4k) or might be fine. After driving fine for 2500miles (traveling Rockies) it threw the same code on an uphill grade, again going into limp mode this time 20mpg. I cleared code myself and took it to Chevy dealer 100miles away. Same story, this time they said if replacing turbo they would recommend some other things as well ($6k). I drove on. Yesterday after another few hundred miles it threw the P2599 code but didn’t go into limp mode. After a couple engine starts the idiot light has turned itself off. Heading to Tetons tomorrow, still have 2k miles and a month to go on this trip. How worried should I be? Assuming it continues to behave like this do I need to invest $4-6k and a week+ in the shop? On the road? When I get home? Or do I continue to just clear code if/when happens again and keep driving? Thanks for your opinions, and better yet similar experiences. Ron
MNRon 08/04/19 05:45pm Tow Vehicles
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