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Tire Mileage

The saying is “Fifth wheel tires don’t wear out, they age out.” With that said I have Sailuns that are only 3yrs old that I’m about to replace because of wear; they only have ~37k miles on them :( I initially noticed a wear issue at less than 10k miles on edges of some of the tires. Had my 5er aligned, service owner said that wear issue might already be “baked in” on these tires so I’ve been watching. Today noticed the outside rib only (not mid, nor inside) was worn down to start telegraphing cords. Tires are loaded to ~3200lb each, rated at 4400lb and I’ve kept them to max inflation. Four other ribs have lots of tread left, but these two tires show the outside rib is gone (2 others were replaced along the way for nails). Will put on another set of Sailuns and watch to see if I have similar wear patterns, or if the alignment resolved it and I get better mileage on the next set. Still curious, for those that travel 10k miles+ each year with heavy 5er’s - what kind of tire life do you get? Thanks
MNRon 03/01/23 05:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

Years ago I had a 9000lb TT that I pulled with an F150, then a Yukon 3/4T - You definitely will need a weight distribution hitch with an F150; F250 will handle it OK without but would recommend it anyway for sway control (many tow without). Equilizer was a great weight distribution hitch BUT you need to get the plastic pads that ride on the L-brackets and grease the pivot otherwise they are VERY NOISY. I was embarrassed every time I pulled into a campground before I added the plastic pads. Certainly you can install it yourself if you're somewhat mechanically inclined and have the tools. If you have more money than time the price doesn't seem bad.
MNRon 01/13/23 07:53am Towing
RE: Montana LLC to save on sales tax

Montana LLCs for RVs are solely to get around paying taxes that you owe. Clearly it’s not something one would proudly proclaim from a mountaintop. To that end, not sure I’d be talking about it on the web if I were doing something everyone feels is ‘shady’ at best. Not a popular sentiment, but some of us feel proud to pay our fair share to the society that we all benefit from…stepping off of my soapbox…
MNRon 11/25/22 05:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quality control?
MNRon 10/21/22 06:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lippert six point levelling jacks

I watched the KYD video and still don't understand. Obviously they believed that the rig had shifted and bent the jack (I couldn't see that). After having tech's review things everything was OK. Was there a real problem? Fundamentally, can someone explain the hydraulic leveling operation to help me understand the issue. I have autoleveled hundreds of times over the last 4yrs with our VL, probably ~20% of the time having some of the wheels off the ground. I've also lifted some, or all, of the wheels off the ground changing tires etc. I do have MORryde IS so I'm not concerned about an equilizer inverting. If I'm correct, the Lippert 6pt leveling first tries to level front-back using just the front jacks. Then it levels side-side using the rear jacks. My assumption is that the front two jacks are always hydraulically tied together such that fluid flows between them to equilize pressure; similarly the back two right jacks are tied together, and the back two left jacks are tied together. If this is true, when the right rears are lifting trying to achieve left/right leveling fluid will be flowing between the two front jacks to keep pressure on each side equal. Once sufficient weight has been loaded onto the jacks I don't understand why any wheel chocks would matter any longer. Could someone help me understand why there's a problem? FWIW - I always chock to take the lateral load off of the front jacks when hitching/unhitching, similarly prevents too much lateral load on the front jacks *before* the rear jacks take up significant loading. To repeat my question though, once the jacks have taken up the load why does it matter how level or unlevel the site is?
MNRon 09/15/22 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lippert six point levelling jacks

I've lifted tires off the ground regularly for the last few years in our 2019 320 Vilano, including to change tires etc. I'd guess that ~20% of our campsites have one side or the other lifted off of the ground. The LevelUp system is certainly capable. I have MORryde IS also though. If you have standard leaf springs and equilizer you may end up inverting the spring/equilizer connection which will result in a big *bang* when it rights itself.
MNRon 09/08/22 02:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator Fuel Question

Propane burns cleaner, but isn’t as powerful as gas. More importantly for me camping, it isn’t nearly as accessible. I purchased a dual fuel Westinghouse i4500 a little over a year ago. I’ve used it between 50-100hrs so far, at altitudes up to 9400ft. I’ve only used gas (frankly , would have bought gas only unit for $100 less if I could have found one when I needed it). I get about 1/2hr per gallon of gas running heavy loads. Finding LP and hauling tanks would be much more difficult for me than carrying a couple 2.5gal Jerry cans.
MNRon 07/28/22 08:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Easy Start By Micro Air

Our Westinghouse i4500 has a generous gas tank and ran both our 15kBTU ACs (with EasyStarts) at 9400ft a month ago (didn’t need it nearly as much as the week before at 6000ft when temps were near 100 :) It is 100lb instead of 50 though… 3Tons - not sure your 11kBTU AC experience applies very well to most that have 13.5 or 15kBTU ACs…
MNRon 07/28/22 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: 5th Wheel Hitch Buyer's Guide

B&W if you have a longbed, SuperGlide if you have a short bed. Not the detail you’re looking for, but at the end of your research I expect you’ll land there :)
MNRon 07/28/22 04:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Short bed truck missing back window

Second autoslider and second truck for me too. I’ve been very happy for my SuperGlide on several occasions, and I also haven’t kissed the truck with my 5er. Unfortunately I too have seen several others punched out rear windows or dented cabs
MNRon 07/25/22 06:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Easy startup for A.C.

I believe that the MicroAire attached to the AC also provides some timing lockouts to prevent fan and compressor coming on at the same time etc. More options available when it’s wired in directly than just at post. Thats probably why SoftStarts ads refer to AC mounted as reducing surged current by 70% while shore post mounted only reduces 50%.
MNRon 07/22/22 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter ?

As others have said, better to run heavy continuous loads like AC from a generator than from 12v through an inverter. 12v LA batteries which measure 12.7v fully charged will probably droop below 12.0v at full charge when pulling >100A, and be closer to 11.0v with that load when 50% SOC. Not to mention voltage drops and heat in the inverter. It *can* be done, but few will recommend it.
MNRon 07/21/22 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: Easy Start By Micro Air

Running AC off of 12v means LOTS of amps (100+ —>200 depending on other minimal loads). It *can* be done, but LA voltage droop will be significant, Lithiums less so. Regardless, 100s of amps isn’t great for lots of things, not the least of which is inverter circuitry. Few minutes for microwave, or hair dryer, etc isn’t a concern IMHO but I wouldn’t recommend it constantly for AC in high heat. Some do successfully; but my recommendation would be to set up a 24v system, or better yet 48v, if you want to run AC off of batteries a lot. I have 540AHr lithium and a 3kW whole-house boost inverter, not saying I’ve never run AC off of my batteries but I have a 4500 Westinghouse generator that I use if I want to run AC. Even that only put out ~20A+ when we were camping at 9300ft a few weeks ago. Back to OP original issue, I also have MicroAire’s on both 15kW ACs. Doesn’t change current draw while running, but eliminates the inrush current and loud bang when they start up, significantly reduces the voltage droop from batteries OR generator which are not as close to ideal sources as shore 120v.
MNRon 07/21/22 09:36am Tech Issues
RE: Sumo Springs on 2022 F350 SRW

* FINAL UPDATE * As mentioned, the Sumosprings customer service was fabulous! Not only did they send me new Sumosprings, but also sent landing platforms to ensure that I wouldn’t have the same issue as I initially experienced. Even more, because I’d mentioned that I noticed more ‘drift’ in the F350 steering as compared to my prior Duramax3500, they sent me some additional bump stops to engage the overload springs earlier to help with handling; FREE! After installing everything (an hour and a half because I did it in campground) everything is working great. I’ve traveled ~2K miles in the Rockies and high plains (including a couple days in strong, gusty, cross winds) and the loaded handling is wonderful. Solved the squat issue, as well as significantly reduced the steering drift I’d noticed. Additionally, I’ve put on another 2K miles unloaded and am equally happy with unloaded performance. The unloaded gap means that unloaded performance is identical to pre-Sumosprings unless I hit larger bumps which then start to engage. I do notice large bumps can cause the overload stops to make a noise once in a while. Bottom line though, I’m happy to trade that for the superior loaded performance. End result - very happy with Sumosprings, even happier with their customer service!!
MNRon 07/18/22 07:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Quad Steps

We’ve also had MORryde solid steps with Lift Assist for 4yrs and ~50k miles (travel ~1/2 time). We also have never had a problem not being able to extend them. If you have to store your camper in a tight lot they may be an issue, but our in the ‘wild’ I wouldn’t worry about it. We’re very happy with them.
MNRon 07/10/22 04:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth wheel length question

We have a 35ft and travel weeks to several months with it, averaging about halftime on the road. Camp mostly at state parks, NPS, COEs etc. I would not have a longer 5er, and we’re very comfortable in this one with storage etc (currently on a 3-4mo trip). There are a few times that I’d like smaller. As I tell everyone, the perfect size 5er would be 35ft interior with a 30ft exterior length :) Haven’t seen anything in 30-32ft size that has floor plan we like, besides at this point we’ve modded up our 35ft’er such that it would be hard for me to give up what we have. If you plan to camp similar to us I’d recommend making sure you look at tank sizes as someone else mentioned. Good luck.
MNRon 07/09/22 06:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Super Duty Backup Assist - Fifth Wheel

4x4ord - thanks, I’m plenty happy with my backing abilities
MNRon 07/07/22 05:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Super Duty Backup Assist - Fifth Wheel

I purchased a 2022 F350 earlier this year including all the bells and whistles. I installed the rear camera, and the yaw sensor etc. I’ve pulled RV trailers for 20yrs, including close to 100k miles with 5ers over the last 8yrs. I won’t say that I’m an expert backing, but am comfortable backing even if I pull forward a little often. The calibration of the Ford system is trivial. I’ve been traveling the last two months (about 5k miles) after installing it. During that time I think I’ve used the backup system 4 times: first to calibrate it; next to try it on a real camping spot; two other times partially, wanting to like it but abandoning it part way through. I’ve found it more cumbersome than just backing like I’m already familiar with. With that said, I do think there are two things that it might have to offer if I can learn to integrate them with my normal backing routine and get used to them. 1) the yaw sensor provides an indication for the angle of 5er to truck, and when this angle exceeds where you’ll be able to ‘follow’ the 5er. 2) when you get the 5er straight how you want it, the backup system will automatically ‘follow’ if you just take your hands off of everything (I think this might be useful backing into something tight at an angle, I think…) Still, over the last couple months I find I have to force myself to try and use it, and then abandon it and back in like I already know how anyway. I do like all of the cameras though and find myself pushing buttons to see what’s behind the 5er, as well as what’s all around the truck (360 view showing front wheel cut by trees and rocks) as I back it. Bottom line: love the cameras, think the backup system might have some promise in incremental ways (IF I can force myself past the learning curve to get used to it…)
MNRon 07/06/22 09:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 & 3:73

OP, you might want to add some info on what you plan to tow. I towed an 8-9000lb TT with a GM 8.1 gasser back ~15yrs ago. It pulled well (except up steep grades in Rockies) and never passed a gas station without stopping. Pulled 14-17k 5ers the last 10yrs with diesels…no comparison.
MNRon 06/20/22 08:58am Towing
RE: battery to inverter wiring

Drawing large loads like 150A will have IR drop in the cabling as you’re aware, but internal resistance in the batteries will also come in to play at high loads like that. If you switch to Li you’ll not only gain an advantage of lower internal resistance, but also higher starting voltage (at an obvious cost $$)
MNRon 06/18/22 03:25pm Tech Issues
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