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RE: Roll up tonneau cover for GMC 2500HD Short Bed

Can’t comment on the roll-ups your interested in, but want to suggest an alternative. I’ve had a 3-fold TonnoPro on my 2013 Silverado SB for 8 years and love it. It was less expensive than most. The soft vinyl cover holds up well (3-4yrs of snow in MN winters). I flip fold it to the front when running with the 5er. It doesn’t require any additional rails or hardware that impinges on the bed opening. Give it a look.
MNRon 07/24/21 09:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Duramax Turbo adventure conclusion

Grit Dog - I’m not going to bad mouth the garage that replaced the turbo (though wish we had tried the MAP sensor first) because I got that same advice from 3 dealership garages that looked at it over the couple years I was dealing with it. Sporatic problems are tough, especially when needing significant load to elicit. The good news here is that garage saved me significant $$$ from what the dealership garages quoted. Since you’re in WA I will tell you that the guys that replaced the MAP sensor (directed solution from me after discussing it with my home garage) was H & H Diesel Repair in Fife, WA. I didn’t give them a real chance to diagnose etc because we were traveling and they were working me in to a full schedule. I can tell you they seemed to know what they were doing, worked with me to squeeze my repair in and tested it as best they could without dragging my 5er around. They concluded the new MAP sensor behaves a little different from the one they replaced. Couldn’t confirm that difference was related to my issue but made a good case it might be. Bottom line, I would go there again if in the area.
MNRon 07/23/21 04:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Itinerant1- thanks again for all of your help in understanding this (and 3 tons too). I spent more time on the phone again yesterday with another Magnum tech. He didn’t seem surprised, and pushed that the problem is I’m not using a generator that’s 2x the kW of the inverter!?! It’s clear to me that the Magnum algorithm to accept incoming power integrity is not tolerant of the momentary slump that generators have under high current impulses. It also sounds like this design flaw is not limited to just Magnum. I’m a little surprised that they don’t seem to care, and don’t expect that people buy generators snd hybrid inverters assuming they play together better and load support is as simple as addition. With your help I’ve purchased a larger genny, and turned my Magnum to optimize it’s performance in this respect. I’ll be adding soft starts and then expect I can improve the odds of running AC on the genny (through the Magnum; pass thru, or load support) to where it’s no longer an issue. This forum is great, thanks again.
MNRon 07/23/21 03:45pm Tech Issues
Duramax Turbo adventure conclusion

I posted about a Duramax Turbo problem starting around 125,000miles setting the CEL and even going into limp mode when pulling a 16,000lb 5er. Conclusion a couple years ago was it *might* need a new turbo. It was sporatic though and seemed to ‘go away.’ I created a follow up post a month ago communicating that I spent $3500 to replace the turbo at about 150,000mi last winter expecting that that would resolve this intermittent problem; and that unfortunately I was experiencing the same problem of throwing the CEL and going into limp mode pulling 16,000 through the mountains again. Got some suggestions, but this thread was eventually closed down as some took it way off topic. The purpose of this post is to communicate the *final* fix for this issue (hopefully :)). A shop in Tacoma WA replaced the MAP sensor at about 158,000 miles a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve driven 4K+ miles including pulling over several passes (this morning just came over 8600ft I80 pass by Cheyenne WY). Replacing the MAP sensor seems to have resolved this issue. Wish I had tried that a couple years and $3500 ago…
MNRon 07/22/21 12:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Interesting work around 3 tons. I wish inverter companies were more forthcoming about boost capabilities and generator interactions (actually I wish they would have just solved this problem :) ) that way I’d have known going in instead of having false expectations and dealing with it real time in >100deg weather. Frankly I’m not sure how aware of this they are after a couple hours with Magnum techs. Surprisingly the Magnum tech asked me “have you heard about the rule of sizing a generator 2x the inverter size?” He was suggesting that I should have a 6kW genny since I have a 3kW inverter! When I balked he quickly backed down and said “while we recommend…”. With that kind of margin I would expect you’d never hear of this issue, but it kind of defeats why I replaced my perfectly good Magnum2800 with the 3012 load support unit.
MNRon 07/21/21 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: 1/2 ton towing a 5th wheel

Sounds like you’re contemplating starting the leapfrog game many of us have played…but a bigger trailer, necessitating a bigger truck…which then gives you ideas for a bigger trailer…repeat :)
MNRon 07/20/21 08:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F250 Short Bed Adding Diesel Auxiliary Tank

With a F250 you might want to look at rear axle weights before adding an aux tank. Unless you have a very light 5er, the pin weight already might be getting near RAWR. A transfer tank would add a few hundred more lbs…
MNRon 07/20/21 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Thanks again Itinerant1! I think I know my answer. I’ll pass along the recommendation to Magnum that they should look at how the inverter in load support (or even pass thru) interacts with generators under heavy surge conditions; if they can make it more tolerant I believe the issues I’ve experienced would go away. Regardless, no need to swap out my 3012 as the next one would behave the same. When we get home I’ll put soft starts on before the next summer trip. Certainly don’t expect to deal with the heat we have had this summer again though (a couple weeks above 100deg traveling ~PNW, including a few days >110!). Glad to know you’re happy with your system. Other than finding this issue when coach was 100deg inside I am as well, and plan to bring the Magnum charge controller into my system next year along with some solar. Safe travels
MNRon 07/20/21 07:37am Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Itinerant1- when you say “fault” with 15A limit, do you mean the red light comes on on the arc50 indicating a Magnum fault? If so, have you ever looked at the fault info using the ‘tech’ button? That’s what mine is doing, and fault info shows AC Overload with Vdc anywhere from 10.0v to 11.0v and a current draw around 400A. I don’t understand why the Magnum can’t simply add to the genny supplied power in load support like it does when attached to shore. But am leaning more and more towards a design issue on how the Magnum handles surge response from a generator (behaves proper when plugged into even a 20A outlet, just not with genny). Good news is that today it was only low 90s outside and I was two for two in starting one AC by: input amps at 27A, LBCO at 10.0v, VAC cutoff at 60v, generator running supporting charging, Magnum in load support, switch AC fan on ~1min before compressor. Turned off load support after AC running. Both times when it started I didn’t have the guts to stop it to experiment further :) Greatly appreciate the help you’ve been giving me. If when yours faults it flips on the Arc50 red light I’m pretty sure that I just need to add soft starts :(
MNRon 07/19/21 11:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Itinerant1- do you recall prior to installing soft starts if your ‘hit and miss’ performance running your ACs ever resulted in an AC Overload on your inverter with ~400A type draws that I’m seeing?
MNRon 07/19/21 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Gdetrailer- EE, used to manage engineering in semiconductors and then medical devices. I understand the points you’re trying to make. Can’t say the generator waveform *can’t* be involved in the issue; but neither I nor Magnum tech suspect that at this point. Given this appears only surge related it’s not the chronic waveform integrity, but probably is acute waveform related (not stairstepping, but gross surge variation) in genny andhow Magnum sync/boost circuitry handles it. Magnum tech agrees this is not the expected performance of the inverter. LittleBill - Magnum performs as advertised on shore power. I can throttle incoming current down and inverter load support will add to that as expected. True of resistive load support (wife’s hairdryer) or inductive (AC with large inrush). I have another call with Magnum tomorrow. What I know right now is that the Magnum inverter performs as expected with shore power. With two different generators (including Yamaha “high end”) the Magnum inverter has a difficult time with inductive loads syncing with generator (need to reverify it works properly with hair drier boost, but pretty sure that was the case). Pretty sure my application is on the ‘hairy edge’ such that I can get AC to run on the generator with enough attempts, including under different parameteric conditions, but it’s not deterministic. Unfortunately the Magnum input checking circuitry kicks generator out and won’t pass thru power when not even using boost. When using load support feature the worst part is that not only does the inverter kick the genny power out, but somehow in doing that it sets up a current draw condition that it also overloads (~400A) and faults the Magnum. I’m starting to suspect that this might be a design issue with Magnum such that I just need to get soft starts, but didn’t want to spend $600 more. Magnum techs are puzzled, they agree this is anomalous behavior but don’t understand how it could be unit defect, or design flaw yet. If anyone has experiences with Magnum load support of ACs using a generator that could be beneficial in this troubleshooting Thanks
MNRon 07/19/21 06:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Gdetrailer- Not going to defend Westinghouse in depth, but their <3% THD is plenty good. AND I had the same behavior from a Yamaha 2000iS which I would consider a “high quality” generator (from previous thread). Additionally I know someone with same 5er and ACs (without Magnum) that can run not just one of the ACs with their Westinghouse i4500 but BOTH ACs as long as everything is off. Bottom line, at this point I’m convinced there is something in my particular Magnum 3012 that doesn’t play well with genny s. Just spent another 30min with Magnum support, and they’re going to research and call back again tomorrow. The big question in my mind at this point is this anomalous behavior from my inverter? (Tech and literature suggest probably/yes) Or is this inherent in the Magnum design; in which case I probably will just add soft starts, but should have chosen Victron, but too late now.
MNRon 07/19/21 03:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Gdetrailer - thanks for your thoughts. I may not have been clear with some of my comments. I am having a problem with the Magnum 3012 boost inverter playing well with the i4500 generator to start ONE AC (1500W) yet alone two. I can start 1 AC on just the batteries using the inverter, but not reliably with the generator with boost on or off on the inverter. If plugged in to 30A shore I can easily run both ACs and other things while having the inverter load support on. Similarly I would expect to be able to do the same off of the i4500 (3700W continuous, or ~30A). BTW, the Magnum automatically throttles the charger if current demands are too high; but I’ve turned that off and still have issues. It’s looking like there is some issue with the Magnum qualifying (or disqualifying) the incoming power and/or syncing with it from the generator. Iwith playing with various programming I’m able to get an AC started about 10% of the time, but it’s not deterministic, and playing around for 20-30min to get it going when it’s 100degrees inside isn’t fun. I just got off of my second call with Magnum tech support and they’re passing my issue up to someone more senior. Still looking for related experiences and/or advice…thanks
MNRon 07/19/21 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Itinerant1- no, I don’t have soft starts. That may be in my future, but- * I can start and run an AC fine using batteries and Magnum alone, static current draw ~180A with sundry other draws * Magnum doesn’t appear to be playing well with my generator (now 2 generators) * i4500 should have plenty of guts to start the AC but the Magnum kicks it out and doesn’t let it bring AC up on own * If I put magnum in load support, or start on Magnum and then try and bring genny in, it Overload Faults and indicates about 400A draw ******Occasionally I have started AC with inverter off and with inverter in load support by playing combinations of manually soft starting, varying VDCO, dropout voltage, etc but it’s’hit and miss’ with success ~10% at best I have a call in to Magnum tech support, I really think there’s an issue with the way it ‘qualifies’ the incoming power and/or sync’s with it.
MNRon 07/19/21 09:03am Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Itinerant1- Thanks Good news is I changed 3 things this morning (AC input from 22A to 27A, LBCo from 10 —> 11v and Search from 10W to OFF); it was mid 90s out after church and it fired up like a champ: without inverter support being on, and with charging on. Ran for 3-4hrs with one AC on, brought SOC up from 60% to 95% and kept coach in low 90s on the one AC while outside temps climbed to 103deg. Genny power was pretty consistent at ~3.24kW for most of the time, tailing down to ~2.3kW towards end as batteries mostly charged: powering charger, 1 AC, and the low fan on the other AC (no compressor)). Bad news is I decided it was time to experiment and learn a little :( * I turned off the charger, genny power to ~1.8kW; turned on the inverter support; and attempted to start the second AC. Inverter kicked out the genny and faulted. Worse, is now I couldn’t get the genny to power any AC!!! I played for 20-30min trying to start AC on just genny, with inverter support, on inverter and then trying to bring genny in, with charger on and off and anything I could think of. Once the genny over current faulted and took itself out, but all the rest of the times the inverter would kick the genny out or not let it in sometimes faulting itself. Temperature is rising and I’m kicking myself for messing with it. Finally looking under inverter tech section on faults I noticed Vdc was at 10.5 during last fault so I moved cutout down to 10.4v and next attempt the genny started and ran the AC (without going slow - fan, then compressor; and without locking the charger out. At this point I’m running an AC again and not messing with it any more today. Tomorrow AM I’ll call Magnum, it sure seems like their “qualifying” of genny before/as switching it in is somehow not playing well with the generator and AC surge. Unfortunately I didn’t put an inverter bypass in when I installed the Magnum so can’t take it completely out of the loop. Greatly appreciate your thoughts and help. If you have any other ideas I’m all ears, but doubt I’ll risk loosing AC again today :)
MNRon 07/18/21 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Itinerant1 - I noticed that too. I did that to try and allow the genny to work through the surge at the advice of the Magnum tech a few weeks ago. I’ll play with it some tomorrow. It sounds like yours behaves as I would expect, namely you can set input amps wherever you want and Magnum boost will seamlessly take over above that. For some reason my Magnum seems to be rejecting incoming power because it’s falling before it takes over.?? I’ll mess around tomorrow and hopefully comparing your setting will lead to a solution. Thanks again !
MNRon 07/17/21 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Itinerant1 - THANKS, I’ll compare with mine
MNRon 07/17/21 08:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse i4500 Generator

Bob213 - my Magnum inverter is feed from the shore umbilical and then feeds my whole RV through the panel. I tried starting with the inverter off, but no go there too. When the inverter is ‘off’ it passes through 60A per leg, but it still has the voltage integrity checks etc. I’ve mess around some more and now am starting to think that I might have been too cute trying to limit the input current and have the boost take over. I’m thinking that it may be the input current limit was kicking in and not letting the genny do it’s job. And for some reason the boost function isn’t just additive to what’s coming in but instead might somehow be kicking out the source for another integrity check and then getting in a loop. I’ve now upped the input limit to 27A (altitude based output of the genny) and it’s been running fine for quite a while. Given I’m getting cooling I’m done messing around tonight. Tomorrow I’ll try restarting with these settings, maybe even take input limit up to 33A (generator boost capability) or higher and let genny take itself out of the loop instead of Magnum dumping it out. I’m hopeful that that will resolve my issue. Still don’t understand why Magnum boost doesn’t just add to incoming without forcing integrity check if that’s what it’s doing. I’ll mess around some more tomorrow and maybe call Magnum support on Monday. Thanks for letting me think this through on-line…and for any suggestions still to come Ron
MNRon 07/17/21 07:28pm Tech Issues
Westinghouse i4500 Generator

I posted a few weeks ago about trying to run my AC with a Yamaha 2k genny and Magnum 3000W boost inverter. Sort summary - the Yamaha just wasn’t strong enough with surges to work. So now I’ve purchased a Westinghouse i4500 which we just picked up today in Salt Lake. It’s 100deg out so I expected I could run my AC, maybe both ACs with the boost inverter…no joy :( Altitude here is 4200ft so I don’t expect the full 3.7kW static performance but still it should start and run an AC!??!! By playing around with Magnum control settings I can nurse the genny (with Magnum boost support) to start one AC once in a while (Magnum VAC dropout=60v, AC input limit=20A; manually start AC fan on low early; etc). Still have to futz with it a dozen times or so to get success. When running the Westinghouse shows it’s providing 2.3k power (AC, fan, converter). But even when I nurse it up on one AC it only ran an hour then kicked out, a half hour the second time. Just spent 10min getting things going again, hopefully longer this time but we’ll see. When it kicks out the boost inverter takes over and keeps the AC and fan running by drawing about 170A from my batteries. Not sure why genny kicks out as it doesn’t show overload, just reduces to 0power and the Magnum timer to kick it in starts dancing with the genny but it doesn’t ever come back in. As I’m typing, the genny just kicked down to 1.3k power and my Magnum is supplying load support of 50A from batteries for a couple minutes; then genny went back up to 1.7k and is running the AC on it’s own again. Anyone have a clue what’s going on, and why the Westinghouse can’t start and run an AC on it’s own?
MNRon 07/17/21 05:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire engineering question.

What Old Biscuit said
MNRon 07/14/21 10:17am Tech Issues
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