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RE: Sumo Springs on 2022 F350 SRW

Fj12ryder - yes. Bigger and spongeeer bump stops that eliminate a couple inches of squat…unless they tear off like mine did…
MNRon 06/05/22 08:27pm Tow Vehicles
Sumo Springs on 2022 F350 SRW

I installed 2800lb Sumo Springs (yellow) on my F350 a week or so ago. Have pulled our 5er ~1k miles with them and found one of them torn nearly in two, and the other one starting to have a banana bend. I noticed that they didn’t contact the bump stop directly in the middle when installing and suspect that’s the cause. I have an emai in to sumosprings but don’t expect an answer for a couple days given it’s the weekend. Has anyone had this issue? TIA
MNRon 06/04/22 06:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Superglide Clean bed rails

1-1.5" sounds high, but a gap is normal; I think mine had about 1/2" gap between the bottom of the rails (resting on the flange in the pin) and the truck bed.
MNRon 05/27/22 06:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Not one but two blowouts

Lots of heavy 5er's come with inadequate low quality E rated tires. Many don't have problems; but some tire scrubbing, overloading, running fast, road hazards, sun, or just every day bumps can make them very dangerous. Some replace with LT's, many just replace with good G rated ST tires. They don't have to be expensive, Sailun makes a good G rated ST tire that I've run on two heavy 5ers very happily for tens of thousands of miles. If you have a heavy 5er with E rated tires I'd recommend replacing them soon with G's.
MNRon 05/25/22 01:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer Brakes Disconnected message

What agesilaus said. Plus you might try using a screwdriver and bending the prongs a little tighter.
MNRon 05/16/22 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Explain how emergency trailer brake gets power?

Pretty sure that emergency trailer brakes are direct connected to the battery through the break-away switch; no fuses, no breakers, no other switches etc. If you pull the break-away pin they should supply full battery power to the brakes.
MNRon 05/12/22 01:26pm Towing
RE: Theoretical heights.

There's usually an AC on top of that roof that you haven't accounted for
MNRon 05/12/22 06:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Removing Shower Doors

We removed the glass shower doors in our 2019 Vilano 320 and put an articulating rod and curtain in it's place; best mod (of many) we've made. More room when you're in the shower, more room in bathroom when you're not, no cleaning glass doors, and no *trying* to clean the track. Not sure how it would work with a corner shower though. Recommend you search out a manufacturer specific forum and see if others have done this.
MNRon 05/11/22 01:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Ranger for towing

Not many 5ers can realistically be pulled with an F150-class, can't imagine any that a Ranger-class TV would work with...
MNRon 04/28/22 07:03am Towing
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

willald - I have a similar set-up (or had until switching to Lithiums a month ago). 630AHr AGMs, Magnum 1k inverter on Samsung residential fridge, also a Magnum 3k inverter with 125A charger for whole-house. We found that our fridge alone would average 160AHr/24hr period. So if *nothing* else ran we could power the fridge for ~48 hours. I also am not adverse to running down to ~40% SOC once in a while. Practical experience with boondocking over a few years was that I didn't even think about battery capacity concerns if we plugged in every other night. When boondocking for a week or so I needed to average running the generator about 3hr/day, but didn't have to run it every day (but couldn't skip more than a day, and then needed to make up for the 3hr/day average).
MNRon 04/28/22 06:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

Our 2019 VanLeigh Vilano 320 has a Samsung residential fridge and Magnum 1k inverter. They draw approximately 160AHr per 24hr period. If you just have one standard lead-acid battery (85AHr) and only run it down to 50% before recharging (~12.0v, recommended if you want the battery to last very long), you will only get ~40AHr or 6hrs of running the refridgerator. Of course there are several variables, while driving your truck will supply a few AHr (mine does ~3A) which will add to your time, if you run lights, furnace, etc you will eat up some of that capacity, if your battery is not new or in good condition it won't provide the full charge, etc. Bottom line, you really should have at least 2 standard batteries just for campground to campground with a residential fridge in my opinion, the equivalent of 4 FLAs for overnighting, and at least 6 for much boondocking. I've added much larger batteries, and a whole-house inverter, to our 5er so that I can run everything and boondock for longer periods of time.
MNRon 04/21/22 06:22am General RVing Issues
LT Tires

When I started driving in the '70's flat tires and blow-outs weren't uncommon. I can't remember how many tires I changed in parking lots or by the side of the road, but it was more than a couple. In particular I recall a blow-out in some miserable weather in MN, fortunately it was a rear tire. Since radials took over in the 1990's I haven't had any blow-outs and now my tires just fail when I pick up a nail or screw it seems. This thread is NOT intended to discuss trailer tires, nor the ST vs LT debate on them, but I'm curious of forum members experience on tow vehicle LT tires. Has anyone had a blow-out on LT tires in the last 10-20yrs? Even if overloaded? Thanks
MNRon 04/09/22 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Not the cells that fail it is the battery Management System!

Gdetrailer - to TechWriter's point, I'm having a hard time following the statistics from your experience. Can you shed further light? I did read the attached link from the OP, good background info on LFPs. But I agree that the 99% claim sounds like it's not backed up by real data. Regardless, if the LFP failure rate is small (1%??) it may not matter to the real world user if the root cause of the failure was the BMS or cells. Would be nice to see some real failure rate data on LARGE sample sizes but I suspect manufacturers guard that pretty closely. It sounds like this thread has scared at least one away from a turnkey solution, that's up to every individual's personal critical thinking, but with BB 10yr warranty I think there are more concerns and potential issues going with build-your-own and wouldn't recommend that without some real understanding on the users part above and beyond forum gossip.
MNRon 04/08/22 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Walmart 27DC….80 or 109AH?

If the sticker says 80AHr, that's probably what you got. 20hr run down rate is typically how batteries are classified for capacity, things like 'cranking amps' don't apply for camping use. If you're installing two, you'll probably get more capacity (as well as battery design robustness) by installing two 6v golf cart batteries in series. Sams and Costco seem to have the best deals on these typically.
MNRon 04/08/22 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: Break-even point between cable length and voltage drop?

Gdetrailer et al - check my math here, good catch on return path: Simple answer, solar panel placement affects charging more than the difference between 40ft and 70ft of 10ga. More complex answer: Based on OP's first post the controller puts out 14v and he measured 13.8v at battery and 13.5v at battery on 40/70ft runs. This would imply with 40f he is getting 2.5A charging current (200mV drop across 80ft (round trip) at 1mOhm/ft); and at 70ft he's getting 3.6A charging (500mV across 140ft...). The reality is that his measurements etc aren't that accurate and I'm sure that he's getting roughly the same current charging with either run, the limiting factor in his charging is *not* the IR drop in the wire, but the internal IR drop inside the battery (if you will, actually more complicated). The truth is that with ~13.5v across the terminals the battery when nearly fully charged is the current limiter and isn't accepting much current. If he did the same experiment with 50% discharged batteries (12.1v) he will be putting a larger voltage differential onto the batteries and will drive more current. In this case the wire IR resistance might come in to play but I'm guessing second order compared with sun exposure on solar panels. Assuming full 7A charging from his panels he'd be putting ~13v across the battery with 70ft (including round trip) and 13.4v with 40ft; I suspect a 50% depleted battery will draw 7A regardless of 13v or 13.4v across it, and as it charges up the battery internal resistance will be a larger current limiter than the IR drop (as evidenced by his measurements in the first place). Thoughts?
MNRon 04/06/22 03:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Break-even point between cable length and voltage drop?

10ga wire is approximately 1 ohm/1000ft. So if the panels try to push 7A, that would be a ~0.5v drop from panel to battery (70ft x 0.001ohm/ft x 7A). The 40ft cable will be ~0.3v drop at 7A. As others have said, sun position will be more important than the difference between these.
MNRon 04/06/22 12:34pm Tech Issues
RE: time to get vehicle after ordering

For what it's worth (also posted under a different thread a couple weeks ago), my experience on ordering a loaded up F350 Lariat: Ordered 8Nov2021, told expect 3-6 months at the time Received 14Mar2022 Very happy with my new toy!
MNRon 04/02/22 10:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire aspect ratio

You definitely want LT's. It may be possible to change sizing slightly, google 'tire calculator' and you can understand the difference between sizes and may find a similar size that fits and doesn't change your odometer etc
MNRon 03/24/22 07:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Trailer Camera and TPMS

Ford TPMS FYI - turns out the Ford supplied TPMS sensors come with a small stem (0.453") instead of the large stem hole (0.625") the rims for my G rated tires have. My local tire shop just shrugged their shoulders. After a little digging I called Discount Tires; they were familiar with the issue and can easily swap the sensors onto new larger stems, unfortunately they are out of stock so it will be a few more days...
MNRon 03/23/22 10:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Trailer Camera and TPMS

I also just purchased a 2022 F350 and am going through the various set-ups. I spend a day last week pulling the wiring harnesses through my 35ft 5er. Most of that time was dealing with the 4ft from the pin-box to the basement (between exterior sheeting and styrofoam insulation). What a pain pulling the large connectors through! I just tie-wrapped the yaw sensor cable to the umbilical (along with the other harness also) and mounted the yaw sensor on the pin box. That's the easy one. The other harness I pulled through the front as mentioned, and then ran along the basement ceiling as far as the tpms sensor would go, wish the cable was 5ft longer. Ended up mid-basement in front of the wheels, I tie-wrapped this to the down toilet pipe. The backup camera is mounted at the top of the rear wall. It's cable comes through the basement with the tpms sensor cable and then up the vent stack onto the roof, it runs on top of the roof to the back. Tires are all off of the 5er now awaiting transmitter mounting in the next day or two. Then I'll be able to check out how well the various sensors are functioning in my implementation. I'll let you know. Good luck with yours!
MNRon 03/21/22 03:22pm Tow Vehicles
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