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RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

I have 630AHr Lifeline AGMs connected with 4/0 throughout, batteries have no problem supplying 400A. Even though it’s momentarily, I’m not happy driving those type currents in the Magnum 3012, nor the ~35+A that implies to the AC. Necessary to start, but oscillating around those numbers can do real damage. As stated, I need a bigger generator, period. My 3012 boost capability is great when plugged in to 30A as it allows me to run two ACs, misc light stuff and not pop the breaker when my wife turns on her hair dryer. I expect it will do the same when I get a beefier generator too.
MNRon 06/26/21 07:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

Itinerant1 - watching the arc50 battery current draw is how I saw those numbers. I don’t fully understand why starting the AC when the generator was on and Magnum3012 in load support showed numbers higher than when I started the AC just on the 3012 without the generator involved. I suspect some of the issue is sampling, as well as syncing behavior of the 3012 as it attempts to titration current with the generator involved…but I do know the generator was bogging down during this as was the AC. With that said, I tried it two or three times and got similar results: arc50 shows +30A or so charging batteries from generator; AC turned on and current swings momentarily to -400A 12v current or so, oscillates briefly then 3012 kicks generator out and settles down to -180A (had some lights and other things on) running AC fine; after little bit 3012 tries to bring generator back in (still running) and current jumps back up to -400A range again. After a few sequences watching this oscillatory behavior I chose to run AC off of batteries alone for an hour or so (it was HOT out) but didn’t want to subject my AC to any further experimentation. I discussed all of this with Magnum tech support and their only suggestion was to lower VAC cutout voltage allowing more time for 3012 to establish load support instead of source replacement…again, I’m not inclined to continue experimenting to the detriment of my AC. I’m convinced my Yamaha2000iS just isn’t the generator for the job
MNRon 06/25/21 09:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

I would only add that though the generator may struggle a bit while on Eco, the transition time for load switching is typically stated to be approx 16 milliseconds which equates to approx 1/2 of a single sine wave, so in the grand scheme of things the transition happens fairly fast… 3 tons Not fast enough to keep Yamaha2000iS from bogging down and sending the system into oscillation causing 400+A draw from batteries (and not doing the AC any good)…
MNRon 06/25/21 08:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

The answer to my initial post is clear, I need a more robust (and preferably larger) generator. I errantly expected that my hybrid inverter (on board, not to be confused with the inverter generator) would just make up the difference between what my AC required and what my underpowered generator would provide. The reality is that the older Yamaha 2K generator can not deal with surge currents (or in-rush, or how ever you want to define motor start up required current), it drops voltage as a response too quickly to play well with the hybrid inverter. Consequently an oscillation is set up between the sources instead of complimenting each other. I momentarily witnessed 400-500A being drawn from my battery bank! Not good for anything in that path including the AC!!! Prior to starting this thread I’d already discussed the situation with Magnum tech support who suggested (as did otrfun) lowering the VAC dropout to help eliminate the oscillations. Not a solution I’m willing to attempt because of the large current stress that would put on the AC. Bottom line, my generator is too puny. If it would act like an ideal voltage source just limited to 13A, or 10A or whatever, my hybrid inverter could make up the difference and I’d be happy. The Magnum is very capable of starting and running my AC on it’s own I just don’t want to be drawing 200A from my battery bank for hours instead of minutes. My hopes at a cheap/quick solution (softstart) we’re naive, I just need a bigger generator to run AC. I’m sure that a 2200 Honda would marginally work, but if I’m spending money anyway I’m not going to cheap out on the right solution (like my initial question was pondering…
MNRon 06/25/21 04:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

THANKS ALL!! You’ve basically reaffirmed what I guess I knew. I need a bigger generator (or another yamaha2k if I could find one used to parallel). My only hope against this realization was if someone chimed in saying they had my identical setup *with* a softstart and it worked great…odds weren’t great but it could have happened :) Wanderingaimlessly - I have run my AC off of batteries, but at ~160A when it was hot yesterday it only takes a couple hours to draw my AGMs to 50%…even with 4/0 cables, not sure I want to continually be running that kind of current. A automotive type battery charger in parallel would just be a drop in that bucket. I’ll have to start looking for gennys, I definitely want a quiet inverter type. Thanks again
MNRon 06/23/21 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

Sandia Man and Gdetrailer - thanks for your replies. I don’t have a problem using my battery bank to augment my underpowered generator, my current issue is that the Yamaha 2000iS is so weak that to can’t deal with the surge and puts the system into oscillation. IF I can know the softstart would prevent this I’m good with that solution for the amount of AC we typically require. With all of that said, I do hear the advice I’m being given and am starting to entertain more seriously. Space and weight (as well as cost) make the Onan solution overkill for our need, but maybe a 3k genny is in my future…
MNRon 06/23/21 12:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Can tires be off ground on auto leveling system?

We have a 16k lb 5er with MORryde IS, and snap pads on the levelers. When IS was installed the tech lifted the whole trailer up for two days (and we slept in it) with the hydraulics - he didn’t even use backup blocking for support. Even when wheels and previous suspension was cut off so there was nothing but 2ft of space and the levelers between the frame and ground (NOT recommended when getting under it)! After this experience I don’t worry at all if the auto level puts wheels in the air or not. Truth be told, there’s more stability if wheels are touching, but not so much I worry about it. We travel about half-time, switching campsites every couple/few days. I’d guess we have two, or all, wheels up about 25% of the time. Hasn’t been an issue in 2+yrs.
MNRon 06/23/21 11:26am Tech Issues
Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

I have a older Yamaha 2000iS (not sv2) and a Magnum 3012 hybrid inverter but can’t run an AC due to the poor surge capability of the generator (it drops voltage too fast for inverter to ‘support’ it so inverter takes over completely; then tries to go back to genny and cycle repeats). If I can add a softstart module to the AC and know it will work I’ll spend the $300 gladly. If I can’t be sure, I’m probably better to invest in a new generator. Does anyone have experience running an AC with the older Yamaha 2000iS and a softstart module (either Micro air or NetworkRV)? Thanks
MNRon 06/23/21 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: Hauling bicycles

We bought a Formosa cover for about $60 at Walmart or Amazon I think. Been very happy with it covering our ebikes for 2yrs and 20k+ miles.
MNRon 06/14/21 07:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hybrid inverter

As mentioned, I have the same Magnum hybrid inverter. To your question, yes, it is automatic. Your unit will provide additional amperage from your batteries to the load if your generator is insufficient AND you have the inverter “on.”
MNRon 06/13/21 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Hybrid inverter

I also have the Magnum 3000W Hybrid inverter. You need to limit the input current from your generator (AC Input Amps), recommend you start with 15A with your generator, if at high altitudes or if the generator still trips adjust down further. This will allow coach to draw 15A from generator, if AC needs more the inverter will provide (assuming you have switch on); if AC is not requiring that much the excess will go towards charging batteries).
MNRon 06/12/21 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Bedroom Slide Issue

Sounds like it might be a Schwintek slide. If so, ours has instructions for resetting on a control box in the basement. Hopefully it’s that simple.
MNRon 06/05/21 07:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Carefree Slide Topper Spring

OK, I’m happy but a little embarrassed for not figuring it out sooner. Turns out the front facing edge had rolled up slanted and bunched, thereby making it a foot shorter than the back end. The front was taught, but the back had an extra 8-10” and sagged and flopped. No idea why it rolled this way (maybe rolled up in heavy wind?) but once messed up it continued to roll and unroll like that. All it needed was to fully unroll the topper manually and then reroll while retraining the leading edge. Now all is good :). And I didn’t have to wait 4wks for parts from Carefree (everyone is out).
MNRon 06/03/21 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Carefree Slide Topper Spring

Back of topper (right side) hangs very loose, and there’s no tension on the roller (can turn clockwise/counterclockwise by hand -partial turn - easily). I can’t imagine what else it could be if not the spring. Any ideas?
MNRon 06/02/21 10:30pm Fifth-Wheels
Carefree Slide Topper Spring

We have a 13ft slide topper that has lost tension. The manual suggests there is a tension spring on the right hand side. Is replacing the spring difficult? We’re in the middle of a 3month trip. There appears to be a small spring on the left side which causes the topper to “follow” the slide (but doesn’t tension it) so that it rolls up when putting the slide in. Not sure if I trust this to continue keeping it from unfurling on the road somewhere during our trip. I’ve called a half dozen RV places but no one seems to stock this spring, and they say it will be a month or so to order from Carefree of Colorado. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a spring? Or have one shipped within a week or so when I know where we’ll be? Thanks
MNRon 06/02/21 08:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need Some help with my battery system

1. Disconnect switches usually leave a few parasitics connected (like LP detector and maybe some other sensors). Neither disconnect, nor physically disconnecting, will solve the self-discharge issue (5-10% per month on FLA) 2. Agree with others that with a residential fridge: 2 FLA batteries should be minimum for campground to campground camping; 4 FLA batteries, preferably GC, is minimum if you want to do an overnight without external power; equivalent of 6 FLA batteries (600AHr) is minimum if you want to dry camp much and have a larger inverter to run other things. We have a residential fridge and I’ve measured it several times: it draws ~160AHr over a 24hr period. That would suck two std Interstage 85AHr batteries dry in a day, and barely make 12hrs between external power without dropping below 50% SOC
MNRon 05/27/21 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: lippert auto level will not come on?

On VanLeigh Vilanos the typical causes of this are: low batteries, pump resettable fuse tripped, inline 10A control fuse, and loose connections. Good luck
MNRon 05/26/21 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: King pin lock

Have never had a pin lock. I did wire a hidden kill switch into my hydraulic levelers though. Agree with others that risk of someone taking 5er is very low, even lower when not in storage. With that said, if someone wanted to steal my particular 5er it would be much more difficult to deal with landing gear that couldn’t be raised than it would be to cut off a lock.
MNRon 05/26/21 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing Nose High

250miles, once in a while? Would not be concerned at all unless the nose is so high the back end is dragging :)
MNRon 05/24/21 04:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Full Body Paint Job

Beautiful!! We considered doing the same with our 2005 HH, NuWa made good 5ers. In our case we elected to buy a Vilano through the old NuWa Kansas RV center (they are wonderful) because of newer bells and whistles. I plan on going your route with our current rig 10yrs down the road…
MNRon 05/07/21 05:12pm Fifth-Wheels
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