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Hookin' the Honda,,,,

I have a Honda 3000ie genny that I use on my 50amp CC fiver' and I need some advise. The new fiver's receptacle is in the middle so I need to make a longer chord to reach from the back rack where it lives. An electrician made a 10' chord for me years ago that had the needed plug to go into the 30amp receptacle on the Honda and the other end has the 50 amp plug for the fiver, on the 50amp plug he jumped one of the four wires so the three from the genny's 30amp would work??? I guess?? I have a 30amp chord, could I not install the 30amp plug that fits the genny and plug the other end into my 30 to 50 amp dogbone?? Red Green: There's only two things that excite a man, expensive toys and real expensive toys.
MPI_Mallard 07/25/21 12:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing My Boat Behind My Fiver'

Appreciate the comments,,,,
MPI_Mallard 07/24/21 09:53am Fifth-Wheels
Towing My Boat Behind My Fiver'

Looking for some opinions from those who have done this,,, i have a Dodge 3500 diesel dually with a 36' CC fiver that I travel from Ontario to Florida and I'm considering bringing my 20' inboard boat with me. I understand that triple towing is illegal in Georgia and Florida but I've seen so many doing it and have been told by many that the police don't bother snow-birds doing it. Again I'd like to hear your opinions,, thanks in advance!
MPI_Mallard 07/15/21 01:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dometic 4 door rv fridge ice buildup

No icemaker (except for Frau Blücher) it collects about a 1/2" of snowy ice on the back wall of the freezer an the aluminum fins inside the fridge,,
MPI_Mallard 06/13/21 08:54am Tech Issues
Dometic 4 door rv fridge ice buildup

I have a 4 door dometic 2-way fridge and it ice's up regularly, I checked the seals and they are good,, any ideas?
MPI_Mallard 06/11/21 09:51am Tech Issues
House battery not charging

I have a Cedar Creek 36CKTS fiver' that I now see that the one 12V house battery seems not to be charging, as our fiver' is stationary and plugged in 24/7 while at our campsite I am at a loss as to why. If someone has any ideas also the proper way to diagnose it would be appreciated,,, Thanks in advance Red Green: Golfing is those who refuse to learn how to fish!!
MPI_Mallard 05/22/21 12:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Border Regulations

Regarding the negative comments towards snowbirds who did travel south I'd like to point out these thoughts,,,Frau Blücher and had to rent a cottage (at great expense) as we are "full-time RV'ers and our summer base closes at the end of April and "fat-man and little boy" (that's what I call trudope and ford as they are doing their level best to destroy our country from above) closed the border so we couldn't haul our fiver' down to our lot in Florida so as a result we are paying for property we own and are not allowed to use it so I suppose some would say boo-hoo to that! Had we put a second fiver to on our lot in Florida we would have done the same thing! I don't see (aside that our government supplements air Canada) how it was safer to allow 200+ people to fly down to Orlando opposed to Frau Blücher and I driving down I-75 in our truck stopping only for fuel, staying one night completely self-contained boon-docking in a Flying J! I'd also like to point out that I'm not denying that covid is a very big problem but we don't know ANYONE who has it both here or at our resort in Florida, I have spoke to several people on-line who did have it and compared it to a real bad cold but nothing like the Canadian government's portrayal of it as the new plague of our times also I can't see we snowbirds are posing that big a risk,, we are mostly older retirees who take our personal health seriously. Last spring when it appeared our resort went into full lock-down on our own and was in full compliance in Canada along with us isolating for two weeks! So with all this new "make it up as we go along" B.S the government is doing I e-mailed both "fat-man and little boy" to pay attention to the numbers of infected snowbirds returning this spring and see weather all this un-due interference into our personal lives was necessary! Red Green: We now come to the part of the show called "If it ain't broke, you're not trying!"
MPI_Mallard 02/11/21 09:04am Snowbirds
RE: New Border Regulations

I'd LOVE to see the numbers on how many snowbirds contracted covid!! I don't believe we snowbirds are the problem as every other snowbirds I know both here in Canada and the USA went on full isolation when we first heard of this. We maintained distancing, stayed in small groups, wore masks ect,,,, The problem as I see it are the morons both here and the USA that gather shoulder to shoulder to $$$$$ and moan about some common sense precautions that in reality don't hamper our daily existence one bit! I called my local garage today to get a coolant flush done and as we in Ontario are once again in full lockdown we can't wait in the shops waiting room so they are going to pick up our truck and bring it back for us,,, where's the problem?? Also the one thing I hear from EVERYONE is "I'm not gonna' take the vaccine" for fear they will grow a third limb,,, give me strength,,, with that stupid attitude we'd still have polio!! Red Green: Remember, I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this together!
MPI_Mallard 01/25/21 09:54am Snowbirds
RE: New Border Regulations

Yeah I watched "Little Boy's" latest" video and what I find odd is that according to "Fat Man's" recent rant on how weekly 62.00+ people are flying into Pearson International in Toronto that aren't REQUIRED to follow quarantine protocols ( mind you we do ask them to politely do so,,,) but we Canadian snowbirds (oh by the way Frau Blücher and I don't know any of our friends either here or in Florida that have actually contracted covid) are being stopped from going to our hard earned winter vacation spots,, did I mention we don't know anyone that has covid??? Red Green: The Red Green Show is kind of like the flu; not everybody gets it.
MPI_Mallard 01/24/21 11:08pm Snowbirds
RE: New Border Regulations

So it sounds to me that the guy flew down and tried to bring back his parents coach that they left down there last spring when "little man" {I call trudope little-boy and ford fat-man} sounded the ALL CANADIANS RETURN HOME call without thinking about how it would affect we snowbirds,,, according to the Canadian embassy I spoke to last spring while still in Florida {we stayed until the end of April with no covid infection nor to date has anyone else we know contracted this plague as of today} that as long as we have valid passports we CANNOT be denied entry! Red Green: Remember, I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this together!
MPI_Mallard 01/19/21 08:53am Snowbirds
RE: Fridge Swap-out

I wasn't clear, we bought this trailer to leave on our lot in Florida so it takes a three day trip down,,,,
MPI_Mallard 12/06/20 01:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Fridge Swap-out

I have a 2012 Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS that has dumbetic four door rv fridge that I want to replace with a residential fridge with an ice-maker like my other CC Daydreamer has. My questions are,,, -has anyone done this and how did it go, -as the fridge in this fiver is elect/propane and only has one 12V battery and my Daydreamer with the residential has four 6V batteries can I assume the existing converter and battery won't support a residential fridge? -whatever other things I might not expect, Thanks in advance! Red Green: Be generous with the duct tape, you know; spare the duct tape, spoil the job.
MPI_Mallard 12/06/20 06:56am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

It's simple,, wear a mask, keep a distance, limit large gatherings with others you don't know, sanitize ect.ect. seems to be working over here,,,,
MPI_Mallard 10/24/20 09:30am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

As much as it is killing me to stay home in the cold we will be staying put. Things are changing quickly. It is so bad in some of the hot spots that it would be next to impossible to isolate. If you did get sick the health systems would not be able to handle the volumes of sick people.Anyone thinking of going south should wait and monitor the situation. Maybe it will improve by February. Yep. I hear ya. At our place in Palm Springs California they just went back to purple rating which is not good. All pools and Gyms being closed again in our community there. We are also looking at the Feb time frame now. Our back up plans for the Costa del Sol in Spain are off as it is not going well there either. Trying to get info on how things are going in the canaries but an island is probably not a good place to be stuck if the second wave gets out of hand. Meh. The Chihuahua is curled up in front of the fireplace. He's adapting, I'm sure we can. Maybe need to pick up an extra case of Don Simone to get us through. :) Now that your powers that be in CA have announced they will independently review for safety and approve any developed vaccine which is approved by USDA, the second wave you mention may very well get out of hand. Perhaps CA should secede from the USA and spare the rest of us the drama. An island could be the best place to hunker down forever. I didn't know we were part of America,,,,,,
MPI_Mallard 10/22/20 08:33am Snowbirds
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

The reason we can fly south from Canada is that air Canada is subsidized by our government and we private snowbirds are not! I haven't seen any data showing us grown-up responsible adult retirees as a clear and present danger spreading covid and I would have no problem showing proof at the US border that Frau Blücher and I are free of that infection and plan a direct route to our property and self-isolating for two weeks upon arrival. As I see it we long-term visitors aren't the problem it's the short-term border crossers that would be along with the other morons not wearing masks or sanitizing or packing into night clubs shoulder to shoulder or gathering in large groups to protest yadda, yadda,,,,It's gonna' be a long cold winter! John Wayne: Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid.
MPI_Mallard 10/16/20 10:30am Snowbirds
RE: Border closings

A) We didn't come running back home last March ....... B) .... a very angry, sarcastic and rude border agent on our side ..... C) ..... but it looks like this will end up being the first Canadian winter we'll see in eleven years. I see a clear pattern here, A = B = C. This to me is VERY parallel to the scads of folks you regularly see on the news, officials spend a week warning about an impending hurricane / flood / fire / whatever and then there’s the ‘smart people’ being rescued because they ignored the warnings complaining to the cameras that the officials didn’t do enough to protect them. I gather your opinion is that we chose to stick our heads in the sand and you are sadly mistaken,,,, the fact was that we were perfectly safe where we were as the nearest case of covid was some 45+ miles away from us and our resort went into full lock-down even before March where as we were literally surrounded by covid back home. I'm not saying this pandemic doesn't exist but the shutting down of the US/Canadian border by land but still allowing it by air is just plain dumb! How is it safer to pack x many people in an aluminum tube sitting next to each other opposed to me and Frau Blücher in our truck??? Totally B.S but were not subsidized by the government. Red Green: Golfing is those who refuse to learn how to fish!!
MPI_Mallard 09/23/20 10:02am Snowbirds
RE: Border closings

We didn't come running back home last March when trudope suggested and we were totally prepared for our "self quarantine" having gone directly to our RV lot with all things needed, our trip back was as usual with almost zero contact with anyone aside fuel pumps and a very angry, sarcastic and rude border agent on our side (lack of attention at home I suspect) so all in all no problem and I was totally prepared to repeat this next fall in Florida as well back home here in Canada but it looks like this will end up being the first Canadian winter we'll see in eleven years.
MPI_Mallard 09/22/20 09:29pm Snowbirds
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

It's apparent to some that the polls up here are asking Canadians who never cross the border anyway about it, and they are the ones who want to keep it closed, as it doesn't affect them either way.I've been snowbirding every year (except 2017) for the last 17 years and I don't want the border to open. I was in the States when the pandemic was ramping up and obvious (to me) that a very dangerous problem was coming. My neighbors (the ones without the 'u') were engaging in what we considered to be very dangerous behavior (again without the 'u'). They still are from reports in the park. Nope nope nope. Keep the border closed both ways. I'm skipping at least this year. We were there last winter as well and the closest case of covid was almost an hour away and here in Ontario we were surrounded by cases five minutes away! As adults we simply govern ourselves responsibly here and would do the same in Florida! It's funny to me that I don't know anyone that has covid,, I'm not saying it doesn't exist but I don't live in fear of it either. Frankly I think the whole thing is being blown way out of proportion.
MPI_Mallard 09/11/20 09:45am Snowbirds
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

Good points made,, Frau Blücher and I have resolved to stay here in Ontario for this coming winter and as we are "full-timers" and sold the sticks n' bricks long ago and with the housing market here where a dump I wouldn't pay $100K for going #300K+ made it un reasonable to buy into I am forced to rent which I despise,,, oh well,,, I sent both the fat-man in Ontario and our first lady up in Ottawa e-mails suggesting they re-consider this border issue arguing the outright ridiculous fact that I'm able to fly to my owned winter property in Florida but I can't haul my fiver' across the Ambassador bridge being an un-fair burden that we and other Canadian retired tax paying snowbirds are forced to bear and that I for one will remember this come voting time as I'm sure other snow-birds will!! Red Green: If life gives you lemons, throw 'em into a quart of vodka.
MPI_Mallard 09/10/20 12:20pm Snowbirds
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