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RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. Does anyone have a good campground suggestions for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon? North Rim area. Bauer's Canyon Ranch. 1-888-648-2564 Reservations. Great family owned RV park and very friendly.
MarkTwain 05/18/20 11:03am Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Great trip! It is not realistic just based on the miles alone that you would have to drive each day! there is not enough hours in a day for you visit all the parks based on the total days you have available to make the trip, even if you just wanted to just drive through each park and then on to the next one. Your family could not physically tolerate that much traveling especially with small children. It would be a marthron not a pleasurable RV adventure. You need to take in account the weather you will experience each leg of your trip. 115 degree heat in Death Valley alone would make a miserable trip for your kids with few areas to walk, ride bikes etc. All the national parks you have listed are wonderful RV adventures to make if your plans include sufficient time to visit and enjoy. Given the limited number of days you have, I would suggest you would head over to 101 and start traveling north along the whole Oregon coast to Astoria and then turn around and travel south along 101 all the way down the Oregon coast then head home to northern Calif. Strongly recommend you make reservations for your whole trip on the Oregon coast. You can always cancel or change your reservations any time, just make sure you check the cancellation policies for each park. I have made this same trip at least a dozen times and enjoy it every time. RV reservations along the Oregon coast especially the State parks during the summer months are diffcult to get, even prior to the Pandemic virus outbreak. Or, to put it bluntly, trying to visit all the National Parks in one RV trip is unrealistic and would be a nightmare. IMHO.
MarkTwain 05/16/20 04:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Water Damage Repair Info Needed - Please Help!

Suggest you take the trailer into a RV shop and let them inspect the damage and then give you an estimate of the cost to make all the repairs. Based on that estimate, let that help you decide if it is worth it to try and fix it. Do you have the expertise to do a full inspection of all the water damage?
MarkTwain 04/27/20 12:57am Tech Issues
RE: Under cabinet coffee maker?

So our MH came with a Balck Decker under cabinet coffee maker. My wife likes it off the counter and not having to put away every time we travel. She's the only one that drinks coffee, I don't. Well she can't get it to brew good coffee. We tried cleaning it, running vinegar through it. Ran CLR through it and then vinegar and then flushed it many times with water. The coffee just doesn't tune out right she says. Sometimes it's too strong, sometimes it's too weak. She just never knows how it's gong to turn out. What does everyone one use as far as under cabinet mount goes? So far it looks like B&D is the only one. If it's just ours and it's old we will buy a replacement, but if this is how they all are we don't want to waste any money on another! Thanks! Keurig coffee makers are my first choice. They make one individual cup of FRESH coffee every time. I use K-pods. You can use ground coffee to a one cup coffe. The size of the Keurig is perfect for RV's.
MarkTwain 04/23/20 07:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Purchased my first RV

2 yes Just keep your batteries charged or just leave your tow vehicle hooked up and run your engine while using slides.
MarkTwain 04/23/20 08:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

My 30# tanks have aged out and my dealer won't refill them. Should I just have them re-certified or replaced? Any estimates on the cost of having them up graded (12 years old). If I elect to buy new ones, will I have trouble recycling the old tanks? Thanks Recertification of old tanks is costly$$. I just go to Lowes, Home Depot or Wall mart and trade my tank in for one of theirs. Be sure and check the tanks certifection date. I try to get the newest tank available. With a fairly new tank, I just refill the tanks after that.
MarkTwain 04/11/20 10:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just curious......

For those of you pulling a 30' or bigger TT with a 3/4 ton or 1 ton diesel truck.....what kind of fuel mileage are you getting? Towing a 34' 5th wheel with a Dodge 1 ton diesel, I get 11 to 13 mpg .
MarkTwain 04/11/20 10:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Problems with past RV Parks you've stayed at?

RV parks advertise they have WIFi service but what they don't tell you is that their WIFI service is the cheapest and slowest service they can buy! The service is so slow that it is useless and you rarely get connected and frequently your web site is dropped. :(:(:(:(
MarkTwain 04/10/20 05:06pm Family Camping
RE: Which Roadside Assistance to select this year

It has come time to renew my Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan. However, you now have to pay $149.95 for their Platinum Plan to get coverage for a 5th wheel trailer. I noticed that our Texas AAA has a Premier Plan for $116.00 that seems to cover your vehicles and your RV. Who do you use for a roadside assistance plan? Anyone tried the AAA plan? How easy is it to get AAA out if needed, as opposed to Good Sam? Thanks, Jeff There are a number of Road Side Assistance plans BUT not all are equal. You need to do a side by side comparison of the plans you are considering. What are the limitations, exceptions and conditions? i.e. the AAA plan is not available in every city or areas or states. Check carefully before not after you buy the plan. AAA services are NOT primarly for RV services or needs UNLIKE Good Sam plans. No RSA plan is %100 perfect, you will always have a few issues once in a while. In one case I had to call Good Sam customer service to resolve the $850 tow cost. The original agent was at fault because she was not trained sufficently. The customer service administrator apologized and sent me a $850 check for my tow in 2 days.
MarkTwain 04/09/20 03:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hot Spot

This happen often with my iphone. If I turn the hotspot off for 10 seconds and then turn it back on, my laptop will usually connect. You might have to get the laptop to refresh the wifi search. You might want to do a "hard shut down" on the computer.
MarkTwain 04/06/20 05:55pm Technology Corner
RE: leveling jacks

Which is better, electric or hydraulic leveling jacks? Heartland Big Horn 5th wheel hydraulic jacks for 5 years , no problems. Had to change the hydraulic fluid to resolve popping noise but problem was solved with no further issues.
MarkTwain 04/05/20 07:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot Spot

You might try calling your cellular carrier. It could be the plan you are on has a restriction of some kind. Or maybe Apple has made a change on the phone that is causing a problem. Either way your cell providers tech support line should be able to figure it out. My cell provider (AT&T) informed me that the data base plan I had would have down load restrictions after I reached my current data plan limits. I would have to upgrade my plan to get faster speed and avoid problems with using hot spot connections.
MarkTwain 04/05/20 05:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Hot Spot

I’ve often had to play games to get some devices connected. Like going into settings and turning wifi off then back on. Rebooting the laptop, etc. Esp. after it’s been sitting idle. Ditto! Ditto! I also called my service carrier and up graded my data plan. Part of issue can be related to with your location from the nearest signal tower.
MarkTwain 04/05/20 10:41am Technology Corner
RE: Want to drive through Mexico, looking for truck advice

It will be VERY hard to find a diesel truck with under 150,000 miles for less than $10,000. You can find plenty of gassers for that, with under 100,000 miles. Campers on mini-trucks do not preform well. Too top heavy and not enough power. What do you mean "mini-trucks" I am looking for a 3/4 to 1 ton truck. Why are the diesels so expensive? I imagine they have just as many issues as the gassers and are more expensive to fix, no? The diesel engine is about $6K more than a gas engine but the diesel engine will give you 300K miles with no major issues. I'm guessing cause I don't own one that the gas engine might give you 160K.
MarkTwain 04/03/20 03:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Want to drive through Mexico, looking for truck advice

Go with a Dodge diesel!!!
MarkTwain 04/03/20 01:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Emergency Travel - Texas to South Georgia?

1. Book your campgrounds in advance by calling each of them. That way you will know for certain but understand it may change. 2. Check with each individual state you will be crossing through to see if they have checkpoints when you go in. Some states are requiring you "check in" and give them personal info as to your plans. If you aren't staying in that state you should have no issue. GA, however, now has a shelter-in-place order as of 4/1. 3. If you think you may have to boondock or be there for a while it might not be a bad idea to get a generator. If you can stay at established campgrounds you shouldn't need one. 4. Snafus? Yes-check with the hospice center to ensure they are allowing visitors. You are adding additional risks to yourself if you stop to get gas, groceries, etc. You can mitigate that risk by following CDC protocols and wearing gloves when you get gas. Good luck! Good advice! Has your family member been tested for the virus? what were the results? If they positive , they may have to be quarantined.
MarkTwain 04/02/20 05:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

How many of you have/use a GPS for RVs? We currently have a Garmin Drive Smart 61, which is a basic auto GPS, but we're thinking of upgrading to one designed for RVs to add such features like tunnel/bridge height, various length issues, etc. Particularly the height issue. What's available that won't cost and arm & leg? Garmin Delz 770 made for RV. 5 inch screen and can be operated with voice command. Well worth the $$$$.
MarkTwain 03/30/20 02:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is MISSING from your RV Park?

Don't use the "SARDINE " MODEL when designing the location of RV sites. Many RV parks are physically designed based on economic profits V.S. designing the RV parks to maximize the pleasure and enjoyment of RVers.
MarkTwain 03/29/20 11:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV living and registering child for 1st grade.

I am wondering if this is possible and if so, how people do this? I am pretty sure I saw kids getting picked up and dropped off by the school bus at our last campground.. If you have a house with no wheels, you’re good. If you’re deemed homeless, you’re good. In between those two, you’re a non-resident and must be rejected! Lol When you take your daughter to enroll in school, just give them the address of your RV Park. It is not the schools business that you live in an RV. 2nd. choice just ask school to enroll your child in "Independent Study" where you can home school or just enroll your child in the "Home School Program".
MarkTwain 03/25/20 12:16am General RVing Issues
RE: New DISH equipment to sell, husband died

Last fall my husband and I switched from DirecTv to DISH because DirecTv was making changes to their RV programming. We also use satellite in our home in FL so we have been using that since October. When we signed up with DISH, we were talked into buying the equipment for the RV because it was on sale. We could turn it on when we traveled in the summer. It was a great plan except that he died suddenly in February. I was the driver but I cannot go RVing by myself. He was my navigator. I would appreciate suggestions of how to sell this new equipment, boxes never opened. It is a Wally and an HDTV Indoor Over the Air Antenna with Dual USB adapter. DISH will not take them back because it has been so many months since we purchased them. They said the warranty would not be activated until the equipment was installed in the RV. Check around with some of your local RV shops. Call Dish customer service and ask to speak a manager/supervisor.
MarkTwain 03/24/20 03:54pm Technology Corner
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