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RE: Need help with route for noobs - SoCal to NorCal

95, 40, 58, 99, 46, 5, 20, 101 is one route.... This is the way we would go in our rig. I think highway 20 is one of the very few roads over the coastal range that is good for rvs use. and the others are not bad at all. The descent from Tehachapi down to Bakersfield is the only part that gets a little hairy, and the traffic on 99 is pretty heavy. If it's too much for you, you can move west to I 5, but traffic will be heavy there, too. Hwy. 20 off of I-5 is the best RV route. Hwy. 299 out of Redding usually got construction/road repair going on. It is not my choice when towing my 5th. wheel. Some hills and winding curves requiring the use of your brakes and exhaust brake if you have one. Usually has Highway Partol on this road.
MarkTwain 03/02/21 08:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Changing Tires

Was wondering if it was necessary to hitch up a fifth wheel trailer in order to change tires, or if it can be done while standing on the front landing legs. I prefer to hook up my trailer and using a Camping World "Trailer Aide Plus" ramp. You just roll forward or backward up on the ramp on the tire that is ok. This will raise the flat tire enough to change it. The Trailer Aide Plus is very stable and will not allow the trailer to move. About $50 from Camping World.
MarkTwain 03/02/21 05:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help with route for noobs - SoCal to NorCal

We are trying to go from Blythe, CA to Ukiah, CA to deliver my mother-in-laws Class C Motorhome (she just recently moved.) We are trying to avoid Pasadena as much as possible. Are there other routes that are both RV safe and fairly easy to navigate for someone with very little experience driving a 34' rig? Thank you! START BLYTHE 1. west to on 10 to North on 215 2. North on 395 3. west to 58 4. North I-5 5. west on Hwy. 20 6. North on 101 to Ukiah This the route I take every year
MarkTwain 03/02/21 04:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: Paperwork

I always have the registration and insurance card with me for the fifth wheel. What other paperwork do you carry with you, if any? I was watching you tube and a Indiana State trooper did a safety inspection and mentioned he needed a log book as well as a certificate of origin. I never heard of needing either of those. Also the wife and I are talking about heading out to Yellowstone this year. What fuel card is good along I90? I always carry the original bill of sale for my truck and 5th wheel. I was pulled over once in Ariz. by a local cop in a residential neighborhood who wanted to see Registration, insurance card and bill of sale. He said he wanted to run my registration card through their computer system to see if the truck was stolen. The paper registration was taped on the rear window as required by the state of Calif. as I had just bought the truck a week before. My caucasian wife was in the truck with me. I am an Apachie Indian. I asked him why he pulled me over since I had not violated any laws? He said it seemed strange that an "Apache Indian" would own a brand new Dodge truck and be driving in a nice residential neighborhood. I was a high school Principal for the last 20 yrs. in Calif. I left and immediatly went to the local police station and filed a complaint. I never heard back from the Police dept. about my complaint. Thank you Sheriff Arpaio in Maricopa county (:(:(:(:
MarkTwain 03/01/21 08:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Changed to Dish

Finally got fed up with Directv after about 30 years. Got set up with Dish a couple of days ago. I have two big questions. I found out that the receiver must shut down everyday for updates. After this shutdown, I must wait 5-10 minutes for things to reset. After that has been completed, to get the guide to complete loading, must wait another 5-10 minutes. This is very annoying. Does anyone know a way around this? I have a Wally receiver and a Tailgater dish. Suggest you call Dish Tech support. Your issues do not seem normal or how dish should operate. Dish can run a test on your TV to check every thing is operating normal.
MarkTwain 02/28/21 10:42am Technology Corner
RE: The Horrible RV Magazine

Don't expect a response, and don't expect anything to change. Mike An alternative solution is to offer both verisons of the RV Magazine, the old and the new. Its america, let people make their own choice of which RV magazine to read and enjoy.
MarkTwain 02/26/21 02:50pm Good Sam Club
RE: Another Towing Question

Ask yourself some questions to answer your question: 1. What parts of the country are you doing most of your Rving in i.e. mountains with steep grades or mostly flat areas. Do you have an exhaust brake system for mountain grades? 2. how often do you RV? week ends, once a month, do you stay out for weeks or months at a time?
MarkTwain 02/25/21 09:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Will it be difficult to find a reliable 5er on a 20K budget

I owned a 5er several years ago but sold it due to a move. I am interested in getting another one. I still have my tow vehicle, 2004 Silverado 3500 diesel, that I plan to use. I can afford to spend around 20K. I would like something in the 27-32 foot range. I don't need something really nice but want something as reliable as I can get. I would appreciate any advice on what brands or models have a good reputation for being reliable in my price range. I would also be like to hear from others that have searched for a purchased a used 5er, how was your experience and any advice you can offer. Thanks for any help. Which ever 5th wheel you are looking at buying take it to a Good RV shop to have it completely checked out to make sure you know all the systems are working and if any repairs are needed. $200 to $300 could be well worth it. It will also give some peace of mind.
MarkTwain 02/25/21 09:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What constitutes a "new" tire?

I would go another dealer. I buy all my tires from Les Schwab. I won't buy a tire older than 6 months.
MarkTwain 02/24/21 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lance Travel Trailer v. Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer

We're trying to decide between getting a Lance Travel Trailer and a Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer. This would be our first travel trailer. Looking for opinions, suggestions, anything at all that would help us with our decision. We're in our 60's and for the most part, it will be only the two of us and our dog camping. We plan on quite a few trips a year, each one being around one to three weeks. Like to keep things simple. Thank you in advance. I have no knowledge about the Grand Design models. I have 3 friends who have Lance Trailers who highly recommend them and the quality of the workmanship. Lance also offers a greater variety of sizes i.e. 17',20', 24', 28'. The plant that produces the Lance is located in Lancaster Calif. I would , if possible, go and tour the factory to watch them construct a trailer.
MarkTwain 02/18/21 04:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Navigation

I use the Dezi 770 mthd for Trucker. The best feature is the large display screen which is easy to ready as you are driving on highway.
MarkTwain 02/18/21 11:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Very new to living in an RV/Trailer

I am currently planning to move into an RV/Trailer and park it at a park that preferably has hookups like power and sewer, and I have some questions about the internet situation and power. I am on the internet quite a bit, and I use a TV/my Laptop/computer, I'm wondering, do parks allow me to pay for my own modem etc, and hook it to my trailer? Do not count on using internet services at RV parks. Most are not reliable and their speed is slow and they will charge you. Select another source for your internet services. and is the power enough to run say a console, or my devices? NO! TLDR - Can I do everything I'm doing now in an RV/Camper - Using my centurylink/maybe a spectrum modem I pay for and consoles, and powering devices? Ask your service provider! I was impressed with Spectrum but am not sure about where they provide services. (I dug around on the internet but this is what I'd feel to do is ask professionals or someone who knows more about it. I just wanna be prepared to stay in contact with my long distance friends and still do things with them while off of work over the net etc.)
MarkTwain 02/16/21 08:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: camping outlook 2021

how do I change my password?
MarkTwain 02/14/21 02:53pm Full-time RVing
RE: Sway Question

Hi everyone, I have another question. We are getting ready to make a trailer purchase this weekend. I have of course read about sway. The problem is I keep getting different information about sway depending where I look or who I ask. My salesman, for example, told us that the difference between a 28 ft and a 33 ft would not make any difference with sway. Can that be right? I know his goal is to make the most commission so hard to tell if he is being truthful. Also - how common is sway? We will be traveling from CA to Michigan and likely further so we will be on long stretches of open freeway for weeks. Is sway something we are going to struggle with daily or is it pretty uncommon? Just an FYI - I have an expedition with a towing package giving me up to 9,200 lbs capacity Thanks everyone! First, throw away the new tires on on your trailer or replace the old tires if trailer is used. Replace with TL 10ply tires on both the trailer and truck. Then buy a good sway control set up ie Reese dual cam. Great sway control for my 32' trailer. It is also important you watch when you load your trailer and try to keep your load evenly balanced throughout your trailer.
MarkTwain 02/11/21 09:15pm Towing
RE: Do you let you kids drive your motorhome

And its a personal thing as well... If I was driving someones vehicle, regardless of what it is. And I had an accident I'd be beside myself. I'd not have to worry what the person thought I borrowed it from. I'd feel horrible! And I have no desire to put myself in that position. Maybe that's just me? AGREE %100:)
MarkTwain 02/11/21 08:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you let you kids drive your motorhome

First, you have a pretty self-centered in-law! I would tell him that if he has to buy and give you a $10k bond to pay for any damages to your RV!!!! Personally I would never loan my RV to my own mother or the Pope :)
MarkTwain 02/09/21 06:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No brakes on trailer

When I had that "trailer not connected" error message, I was told to look inside the trailer plug and make sure those contacts were pinched together (the one for the brake wire.) Used a pair of needle nose pliers and brought them together more. I also cleaned and greased with die-electric grease before doing that. Worked after that. Might be worth a try. Agree 100%. Plug and unplug the electrical brake connector a few times. Die-electric grease is good maintenance.
MarkTwain 02/08/21 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving Illinois, going full time.

You're selling your house and going full time because of being burglarized and losing a lot of possessions? But, you want someone to buy your house? That's not a very good sales pitch. :) Have fun and enjoy your travels. Have you considered a good home security system that is connected to your local police dept. and a comprehensive home insurance policy?
MarkTwain 02/08/21 07:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: Price increase at our KOA

Everyone keeps mentioning contract there is no contract. The company that made the reservation is out of business. Kaput, gone, no longer exist. The new owner does not assume liabilities of the old company. The new owner starts with a new company and a clean slate. Maybe you could take KOA corporate to court but really would it be worth it. While 1 incident of not honoring reservation may not seem reasonable to legal fight, Future buyers of KOA parks might be more cautious and read the fine print more carefully before they buy a KOA.
MarkTwain 02/08/21 02:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
taking your RV on a boat down the Mississipi to New Orleans

Need information and names of boat companies that will take your RV on a barge/boat down the Mississipi River down to new orleans.
MarkTwain 02/08/21 12:06pm General RVing Issues
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