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RE: RV Places In Monterrey Bay California

What places would be the best to stay for RV parking from june 8th through the 13th? Down load the "Good Sam RV Parks" application or buy the Book at Camping world or any good store. :S That was beyond desultory,I think the OP was asking for some personal recommendations not a flip useless answer. No wonder new members are turned off and never come back.And from a senior member no less. I didn't notice any personal recommendations from your post! Different RVers have their own definition of what would be the best RV park. Your comments are what normal people call "SNIPER SHOTS" Criticize but offer no constructive comments.
MarkTwain 01/18/20 09:05am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: RV Places In Monterrey Bay California

What places would be the best to stay for RV parking from june 8th through the 13th? Down load the "Good Sam RV Parks" application or buy the Book at Camping world or any good store.
MarkTwain 01/18/20 06:45am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 1st trailer... septic hookup questions

Keep black and gray valves closed all the time until your black tank is 3/4 full. Empty your black tank 1st. then lack your gray tank. Close your black tank and fill it with the back tank from the shore line but use a seperate hose and use this hose only for the black flush. Add 15 gallons and then open the black tank again to flush out the black tank again. then close both the black and gray tank valves again. There is some black tank cleaning materials that help.
MarkTwain 01/15/20 11:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trip West

Sorry. We plan to leave va last week of August and are planning on 3-4 weeks out. Thanks Planning suggestions: 1. figure the total round trip distance of your total round trip. 2. Approximate the hours and miles you are comfortable driving each day. 3. Now divide that number by the total number of days you have available for your total trip. This should give you a more realistic idea of your total trip. How many days will it take to drive to the farthest point west and then back home.
MarkTwain 01/15/20 12:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tips for California early April RV trip

Another good stop on the way down is Pismo Beach. Pismo Coast Village RV Resort is nice. Weather is great in that area. Reservations mandatory at Pismo Coast RV Resort and it is most expensive park and sites are packed like sardines. There are 2 state parks within 1/4 miles. electricity/water in the park. The other has elec./ water but not at every site. Both have park dumps.
MarkTwain 01/13/20 07:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need advice

I just set up my camper and the toilet black water is over flowing. What's the issue?? You hooked up your city water to the black flush connection and you filled up your black tank which then over filled:(
MarkTwain 01/12/20 04:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: First trip with new baby advice

Hey everyone, my wife and I can't wait to introduce our little girl to camping and are looking for any advice anyone might have on what to bring/do and want not to do. She will be 1 in July but was born 3 months premature so will be closer to a 9 month old when we head out. We've got a few weekend trips in May/June planned to test things out but then in July we are heading out for a 3 week trip to Idaho, Oregon and Montana...which might be a little ambitious but go big or go home right?! Thanks in advance for your tips! Be prepared in advance for emergencies for your daughter's needs: 1. GPS the nearest hospital/Emergency care center before you arrive at your RV site. 2. Have Medical Emergency Kit in your rig. 3. Bring extra medications your daughter might need. 4. Always start each trip with full propane tanks for heating in the event you loose electricity. 5. Bring extra food supplies. 6. Make sure trailer batteries are good and fully charged.
MarkTwain 01/12/20 11:58am Family Camping
RE: Planning a cross country trip - questions

I am planning to retire in the very near future. My wife already is retired. We are discussing taking a cross country trip in the next year or so but are somewhat wondering if it is a good idea. We currently have a 35' Flagstaff 831FLSS that we tow with a 2500HD GMC. That is not a problem. While we realize that there are much larger rigs out there, ae there any issues with finding suitable campgrounds along the way that we can fit it in? We would be starting from our home in Central Virginia. Thanks in advance. 1. download an Application like "Good Sam RV Park" or something similar to help you search for RV Parks. 2. Make reservations well in advance for RV Parks all along your planned cross country trip. This is especially true in popular areas/parks. "Reservations" do not restrict your freedom to make changes in your plans, just call and cancel. Make sure you know the cancel policy when you make your reservations. 3. Make sure you have the Good Sam Road Side Assistance plan in case you break down. I also have the GS Sam Travel Assist plan. There are other RS plans from different companies. Do your research. 4. Do a complete mechanical up and if your trailer tires are 6 years old, replace them with new ones.
MarkTwain 01/10/20 11:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tips for California early April RV trip

Hello all, My family (2 adults, 2 kids) is planning our first RV vacation. We will go from San Jose area to Carmel, then to Morro Bay. We have a few days then want to spend time in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, then have one night to spend to get back to the Bay Area. Any tips on the best spot to stop along I-5 that might have some fun stuff to do that is midway? Any tips on best places around LA - we don't need to get in and see the city and in fact are prioritizing safe roads for RV-ing since it's our first time. Any advice on routes and even specific campgrounds would be welcome. We have reserved one night in Morro Bay and two nights at a campground in Joshua Tree (this one with no hookups). Thanks so much and happy to review old posts but I didn't see anything specifically related. ~ABP615 I don't have a clear picture of your schedule. How many miles are you willing to drive in a day. Personally I drive a max of 4hrs. or 400 mile per day, whichever comes first. It shoulds like you are trying to really cram in a lot of activities/miles into short period of time based on the number of days your vacation allows for. I would stay totally out of the L.A. area especially the coast. Too much traffic and too many crazy people, not a real RV friendly place to visit! I will drive 200 miles extra to avoid going any where near L.A.. I would go from Morrow Bay to Bakersfield on Hwy.58 or for a long day all the way to Joshua Tree and come home the same way. I-5 is not a real sight seeing route but just going from point A to Point B.
MarkTwain 01/06/20 01:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Larger 5th wheels in/on state and federal parks

Yes, anything above 25 ft will be an issue in finding camping spots in state and national parks. We had a 21 ft before and we have to plan out to get into a campsite that will fit our TT. And even if it says it can fit 25 ft, maneuvering between trees, rocks and very tight park roads is an obstacle. Commercial RV parks almost always can accommodate you. But you have to compromise as it will be just a tad better than a parking lot. Very accurate observations and comments. In Calif. state parks have a max of 30'. Whenever possible do a walk through BEFORE pulling your RV into the park and check out the sites they want to put you into. Really check overhead branches that could damage your roof. I carry a small branch clipper just in case I need to cut any branches. In some fancy RV resorts, there is a minimum length of trailer they will accept:(. Arizona El Mirage Resort min. length is 28'.
MarkTwain 01/05/20 06:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tornado Season

Put it in perspective. There are around 70 tornado deaths in the US per year. There are in excess of 35,000 vehicle deaths in the US per year. You are in far more danger in driving thru the area than by tornadoes while in the area. And the months of April, May, and June are the prime months for tornadoes primarily beginning in the southern states early and moving northward as the weather warms. So April will be sort of a "shoulder" month in the great plains. Tornadoes are very destructive and life threatening, IF you happen to be in the path of one. But they are not something that happen daily, or even weekly. They are typically very scattered, short lived, and cover a short distance before they dissipate. I have lived in the southern end of tornado (north TX) all my 74 years. The last time a tornado hit our house I was 3 years old. And none particularly close since then. . In Texas near Elpaso, I ran into a tornado and in 15 min. the damage to my truck and trailer was $15,000.00:(
MarkTwain 01/04/20 07:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rt 99 Thru Bakersfield

That can’t be true as California has the highest taxes and fuel pricing just to keep the roads in perfect condition.... You have a perverted or distorted sense of humor:)
MarkTwain 01/04/20 07:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon or what to do after Glacier

We're Floridians and try to head west every summer. We are teachers so we have the luxury of time. We've fallen in love with Colorado (RMNP, Ouray, Durango, Ridgway),Utah (Zion, Bryce, DHP and Moab) and we've played long and hard in Yellowstone and the Tetons. We always try to add something new and Glacier is our paradise. Question is, what can we do from there west? I think we've decided against our first impulse, which was to cross the border into Waterton just to avoid customs with our dog and all. We've never made it to the Pacific. Any input would be much appreciated. Oregon? Pacific Coast Highway? We're one year from retirement, so Alaska will have to wait for that. llI'm guessing that any Southern California State Beach campgrounds are already booked up. Plan the Oregon coast. Start around Astoria and go south down to Brookings. The south trip will put you on the ocean side of the road. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS TODAY!!!!!! IMHO, I would continue the Calif. coast as far as Santa Barbara. SKIP all of southern Calif. coast! It is a cluster %$#@* of terrible traffic 24 hrs. a day and a sardine can full of people who are rude and obnixious!!!! Yes, I lived there for 12 yrs. and went to college there:(
MarkTwain 01/04/20 06:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Break away cable

The left rear puck lever/handle was what I did. You just have to be careful that it does not get tangled in something and pulled out. Chris Too avoid tangles, cut a 5" piece of clear plastic tube, slit the tube, insert the wire in the tube. This will keep the wire from tangling up on the hitch.
MarkTwain 01/01/20 10:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Motorhome, 5th Wheel or Pull Trailer

My 5th wheel is very stable compared to my old tow trailer. Strong winds and 18 wheel trucks are hardly felt with my 5th. wheel. I have no experience with Class A's. I will tow in wind conditions up to about 25 miles, then I look for a safe place to pull over and wait out the high wind conditions.
MarkTwain 12/18/19 07:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

Don't rule out operator error yet. I would go to a commercial propane dealer and see if the fill works. Great advice! Don't rely on your local service station clerk to fill your tank and assume they have been trained!!
MarkTwain 12/05/19 01:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

Personally, I would not turn in a tank that I knew was defective. You might take your old tank to a propane dealer and see if they could repair the old tank. To me, turning in a defective tank is the same as lying and cheating. Suggest you check the cost of repairing the old tank and buying a new one$$$$ Repairing is costly in my area. Always check the mfg. date imprinted on the top of the tank especially if you decide to do the exchange from i.e. WallMart.
MarkTwain 12/05/19 12:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Who has sold everything and started rving for life

Basically you want to become a "snow Birder" i.e. 3 months in Ariz., or Flordia for the winter months which is what I do. Work camping jobs would defeat the purpose of Snow Birding for me. When I retired I made a decision not to work any more or have some one control my life, but rather I choose to live my life with out limitations or constraints. I want the freedom to make or not make any decisions or committments when and where ever I want. If finances are the issue to support your RV style by Work camping, then you have your answer!
MarkTwain 12/04/19 03:20pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Ram box on short bed - ill-advised for towing a 5th wheel?

I think what OP is wondering about is opening up the RAM boxes on top of pick up box itself and not so much hitting back of cab. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance. Thanks for the clarification. What are RAM boxes?
MarkTwain 12/01/19 07:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ram box on short bed - ill-advised for towing a 5th wheel?

Just curious, what is the advantage of a 6' bed VS an 8' bed. The 8' bed eliminates all the issues of the trailer hitting the cab of the truck.
MarkTwain 12/01/19 12:58am Fifth-Wheels
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