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RE: Mystery leak.

Does the gray tank have a rinser that could be leaking? I've seen that one. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/09/20 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: New to RV'ing and need help.

Darryl, You probably are not a member yet, but if you contact FMCA, they may be able to help. The programs that I know of are to RVs home after difficulties, but that means that they have to know something. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/07/20 07:44am Beginning RVing
RE: Help! Looking for a manual 1985 Chevy G30 Rockwood

Peter, Manuals for such are rare. Your best hope is to look up and acquire a copy of the manual for the chassis, and a big ring binder. Then, go on line and search up the manuals for all the installed things and print/punch them for your own manual. Also, get a spiral bound note book for a maintenance log. Put every thing in there. Mine has sections. If you do this right, all of that stuff will be a blur. "Are the batteries in the house bank really that old? Those tires look good, are you sure that they are 10?" Regular maintenance is the only way to have a reliable coach. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/06/20 11:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1996 itasca suncruiser 32' w/ ford 460

Vincent, A very common misconception is that the chassis and engine are the big issues of any class A or C. That is just not the case. Water leakage into the house structure is a much bigger issue. If you see evidence of that, think seriously of not buying. When you have a coach to take care of, get up on the roof regularly and inspect for possible issues. What you are considering is only a senior RV, but it is still old enough to have the problems that are common to anything that old. At about 15 years, rubber parts start failing. If you have any capability (I do mean just about any), this is all something you can do and the cost of all the material required is usually less than a K$ (less than the new tires it will probably also need). All the rubber parts, just like tires that are dangerous over 8 years old, like fuel, coolant and brake lines. This is also not that tough as the coolants corrosion inhibitors are gone, and the brake fluid probably has high water content and those things should be changed our any way. The rubber fuel lines may not have been alcohol tolerant, they can get porous and that will cause unending grief. Does this guy know the situation? Our completely reliable coach is not that far from being 50. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/06/20 11:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Indiana generator stalling

Devil, I have serviced many Onans, but I do not recall an Indiana model. This means that I can't even guess what your issue is, and that is unfortunate. Better still, there is an engine designation on the tag, that will identify the unit without question. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/05/20 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: Domestic refrigerator

Kwright, With zero information on the situation, my first thought would be to manually defrost the unit. Most freezer/refrigerators only actually refrigerate the freezer section and count of a passage between the freezer and the warmer refrigerator to cool the warmer section. This passage can easily get blocked by frost. Many new residential units actively defrost this section that many have forgotten about it. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/04/20 08:43am Tech Issues
RE: Battery question

Mamaw, There is a big problem here.... Without any detail, nobody can honestly answer your question. The easy and possible wrong answer would be that most are supposed to do that. But, Are we talking about a powered or a towable? In most (note I said most) self powered RVs, this is an included feature. In many (but not all) towables, the feature is available but there is no certainly that it has been enabled. So, if you were to come back and tell us more (maybe a lot more), then there is a very good chance that you can get an accurate answer. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/04/20 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No transmission stick

Jupiter, That is it. Pull it out farther and may have either a set of beads for full and add or a short section of stick attached to end. Don't do this when wearing good cloths. There is a big reason that cable level indicators went out of fashion. I wish my engine stick was a cable. It is a flat blade about five feet long and oily all the way. I is very easy to end up with it someplace you don't want it to be and very difficult to get it to go home. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/31/20 07:57am Tech Issues
RE: Roadside Food stops?

Devil, I guess I don't understand. You have a class C correct? Doesn't have a galley with a reefer and stuff? Why are you stopping at places for crumby food. Just bring the good stuff with you. Then, all you have to find is a flat quiet place. Not only will the food be better, but way cheaper too. Did you not provision prior to departure?? Most grocery stores have BIG lots and are easy to park in. If you are traveling the blue roads outside of urban areas, you might even do the kid feed underway. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/31/20 07:26am Roads and Routes
RE: Fuel Delivery Issue 1985 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow

Valley, In our community see have seen a lot of fuel system troubles and have a pretty good set of solutions. There is a good chance that there was once an engine driven fuel pump. It was probably removed when the ethanol killed it. There was probably also a tank selector valve. The rubber in the fuel system is probably all shot, but even if the alcohol didn't get it, it still would have aged out by now. The electric pumps (one per tank is a common solution too. The pumps close to the tank are part of a vapor lock cure. New "motorfuel" now has to be in spec with a much lower Reid Vapor Pressure to allow for the included corn whiskey that has to make lower. So, add another pump and maybe a filter or two some wiring to control them and replace all the line with "Barrier Hose" that is as good as you can get with alcohol. We find this works pretty well. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/31/20 07:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Simple extension cord

As enblethen said, this is very do-able, but with a warning. Set up the 6-15 to 14-50 (wall plug to RV) adapter and then go into your AC distribution panel and open the breakers for everything you don't need to leave powered up. That will be at least: Power to all A/Cs Power to the water heater Galley power (Microwave, coffer maker and what all) If you can't separate these, PLUG THE plugs. Be sure to leave power to the reefer and the converter. It is almost a given that someone will try to use something that will pop that breaker if you leave power available. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/29/20 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fridge repair

Mama, I believe he will. I know others have received them without going there. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/29/20 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge repair

Well Mama, There are more than a few, but here is one that I know. National Refrigeration Matt
Matt_Colie 07/29/20 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: A nice change from Social Media

Radio, You bashed a nerve right there. I discovered that there were a bunch of younger local owners that were not a part of the type community. This is a real shame because out community is very supportive. So, I started to pay attention on FB. That was a mistake. FB is much more about talking than it is about listening. I still read it, but I try not to get involved past tell new owners that they have support if they are willing to go find and get it. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/29/20 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: 1998 holiday ramble endevor

Marc, I do hope you understand what a relief it is to us to see someone approach the situation: A- With eyes wide open B- A proper attitude to make it right As to diesels, they tend to be maintenance fussy, but otherwise forgiving. Keep the fuel clean and the lube oil up and they will take care of you. The big bozo nono is running it out of fuel. The injection system is very pressure dependent. Cummins engines used to be better about this than many, but they still don't like it. So, learn to change fuel filters (always carry a set) and how to re-prime the system when you do. Enjoy the journey. Matt - a lifelong waterman and big engine guy
Matt_Colie 07/29/20 08:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1998 holiday ramble endevor

From my point of view, I will say that even a coach that is this new will have a lot of catch-up maintenance to do. If you take this on, not necessarily a dumb move, start a maintenance book right away. In the Vintage RV world we have a saying,"If you can't prove it has been done, it hasn't been done." A vehicle that is that old (past about 15) will need: **All the rubber replaced or at least carefully inspected. This means all hoses, not just coolant, but brake, fuel, hydraulic and air lines too. **The cooling system flushed because the corrosion inhibitors are all gone. **The brake system flushed because the fluid has absorbed moisture. ****Note - these last two when done along with the rubber replacement are kind of "self done". **A complete lube service. This is something you should learn to do. You will have to approach this like you have a 20+yo truck carrying a 20yo house that has been in a 15 year long earthquake. Can this be done? Yes Can you do it all? Yes What will it cost? Depends - if you are a capable technician, ~1K$us If you pay someone to do it --- probably 2~3K$us Wondering if you can do it? If you are literate and can read the service books you will be ahead of the guys you would probably at World Camper. And, you will know it got done correctly. My POV?? Our coach has 70+K on it and is out for the 15th season. I do everything it needs. She is over 40yo and still going strong. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/28/20 02:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Florida

All of our progeny are local, so travel is not an issue. What we are doing is a lot of virtual visits. There are now a number of packages that do this very well. They can even be between different devices. So, this makes it very easily to work with a combination of the most convenient devices. We are often between a computer (desk or laptop) at our end and a phone at the other. Yes, this does lack the satisfaction of an afternoon or evening. But it is the best solution for the day. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/27/20 08:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Hydrogen Peroxide

I have been using the 20~25% H2O2 from the hot tub place for years. That reminds me, I'm out. It works great and we have never had a problem and I don't need to rinse the system forever so that the drinking water doesn't taste like a public swimming pool. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/26/20 01:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Permanent Parking 10 Gallon 120vac Hot Water Heater?

Mex, If scaling up is a big issue, buy a 240V ~4K heater and run it on 120. That will be about a 1kW heater and with the lower heat density, it will take a lot longer to scale up. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/16/20 09:03am Tech Issues
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

Brocneal, One would have to be really old and have a strange history to know about this, but there were (in those days of yore) some converter chargers that had a strange thing going. Because voltage regulation was real expensive and charging batteries was important some converter chargers (I do not recall brands or models) had two sections. One section charged batteries at a voltage that would blow out 12V bulbs. The other section provided just over 12V to the lighting circuits when the converter was fed AC power. It sounds like you lost that later half. This usually had a relay and a fuse and the reverse battery could have done in either or both. I do not know your coach, so I cannot tell you where to look for it. If true to form, there will be a receptacle in the power area with a single plug in it. Follow that cord. If you were in striking range, I would come and help you find it. Matt
Matt_Colie 07/16/20 08:53am Class C Motorhomes
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