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RE: Back tire stuck in wet ground

Kate, I just went through a similar with a multi-ton sailboat on a trailer in my back lot. It was supposed to be gone by August. Your problem: If the ground is soft, jacking will be really tough, but with enough planks to spread the load out you can do it. We did. Our axle was also on the ground so just towing was not going to work. We ended up doing it all. When there was room, we pushed stones under the tire to support some of the weight. We jacked enough to get the axle up on planks and dug an exit ramp that we also put also put planks on. We had to rig tackle to a hard point (tree) because the truck could not get enough traction on the wet ground. Finally we got it out and now all I have to do is get in a 5yd dump of something to fill in the holes. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/19/20 01:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood Furnace - Ignition Lockout Fault

Braygor, Even if you don't want to change out the regulator, at least check that it is providing the 11"wc that it should. If it is at all old, get a 2 stage unit to replace it and many things will work better. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/18/20 06:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Old Coleman AC

Yes, it easily could be. It is not, however, a given. Capacitors do age out. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/18/20 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Swapping out the Water Pump

YB, Get to the Forest River owners group. Potable pumps are a common service item so I doubt that it is that difficult to get out and replace. I do not personally know about your unit. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/18/20 04:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New York to Florida tips

JR, You didn't include your departure point and NY is a big area. I normally would have said that Skyline and Blue Ridge are kind of a diversion. While not a bad diversion and if your starting point is well west of the Hudson, it might not be much of a diversion at all. Do be aware that some of the tunnels of the Blue Ridge are kind of low clearance. If you are leaving soon, be aware that the southern leaf peepers will be out in force. We did that run from Cherokee to Front Royal and didn't pay to camp anywhere. That was 10 years ago and we need to do it again. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/18/20 10:42am Roads and Routes
RE: 12 volt receptacles shorting 12 volt accessory charge cords

Billyray, You should be aware that there are no standards for the ubiquitous 12V mousehole. So, there are no "standard" sockets and no guaranteed to fit plugs to go in them. There is also no designed means to retain any plug. I could actually go on for a while longer about the things that are bad about them. It sounds to me like you just ran into things that are incompatible. I can't tell you what to do about it other than try other things. If the plug you are using delivers power and doesn't blow a fuse, you can sometimes get it to stay put by jamming a toothpick in there. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/17/20 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: On the road breakdown stories..

We travel in a Classic GMC motorhome that 47 years old and is over 170K. We have loved her for 16 years and put 70k of those miles on her. We have had two critical breakdowns on the road. Both were serious. Neither stayed that way. The community of owners is such that when one of us needs assistance, help is coming. The number of parts that are still available is pretty good, but if you are going to need to find a mechanic for it in the general population - Good Luck. Both events required parts. For one, we were remotely directed to a shop that actually had a parts coach on hand and a man that understood the issue. The second time, we got parts shipped in from one of the suppliers that supports our habit, but the mechanic where we were was not eager to pay any attention to the instructions and was about to do more damage. We agreed that I would take the coach elsewhere. I called the Landol back and we left there. Again, I had been connected thought the owner's network with a very competent man (a retired Nebraska farmer) that had a place to work and some tools I did not carry. Two days later, we were on the road headed home. I our case, the owner's network made the adventures much less stressful and manageable. By the by, I have been on the other end of the situation as well. We tell new owners to always carry a printed copy of the Assist list. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/16/20 02:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: AC Amp/Voltage monitor

I have been trying to figure out how to do that so it will still work when a 50 amp coach is plugged into a 30 Amp post. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/12/20 08:35am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Should I buy a Class C or not for this specific situation?

Jeff, Class C are seldom the manufactures high end and as a result are prone to water leakage. No matter what you look at, if it shows or in any way evidences water leakage, walk away. Good used coaches are out there, but they are hard to find and you must do a search campaign. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/10/20 05:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why is that ....

Guy, I can tell you exactly why in my case. I am a member of several organizations and write for more than a few of those and several unconnected forums in areas that I have experience. So, when a question is posed, I answer the question and when that is done, I may go on to explain both the short answer and the alternatives that I know about. This is a result of several experiences where I gave just the short answer and then others came back asking for more information or clarification. Other times, people have stopped me at rallies and thanked me for the complete answer because they had a similar issue, but did not yet have the vocabulary to frame a question. Is this too long of an answer? Matt
Matt_Colie 10/10/20 02:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: TOGO Power Generator 1000w

Riltri, There is a lot that a 1kw can do for you, but mostly it will have to just charge the house bank. Your grp 24 battery probably cannot run the heat all night. About all it can do is make some things more comfortable like run the TV and stereo and give you a false sense of security. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/08/20 05:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery questions

RR, Something you need to do is locate your converter/charger and the paper work (documentation) that should have come with it. Then come back and tell us about it. Yes, all of the posted numbers say you have a problem, but how much of a problem remains to be seen. I have a very old coach, and I leave it plugged into the 50 as long as it is in range. I have a good system and I have zero problems. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/08/20 05:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shurflow pump problem UPDATE

I let it run about 30 seconds and saw no water go into the strainer. Should I let it run longer? Yes It should be one of the diaphragm pumps and they are not hurt by running dry. It can take a while. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/07/20 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: 140 PSI Water Pressure

Who sets water pressure that high, never seen it. Did you gauge the pressure your self with a reliable gauge. Edd, Nobody "sets" a water pressure that high. It is a result of the local terrain as city water system. The storage tank is up a mountain somewhere because the land was cheap and it was a convenient place to locate it. The city has to pump the water up there to make it available. Nobody with any sense is going to pay money to pump the water mains to that pressure. If it does get pumped to that pressure, someone should be replaced. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/07/20 07:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 1979 Travel Queen ONAN Generator

Chris, What ever else happens, if you can't make it work, find a local small engine shop. You don't give any hint what it is, but Onan engines have been installed lots of places for a long time. Next big hint. If it is a "Power Drawer", then I have another stop for you. These were installed in about 13,000 GMC motorhomes betweem '73 and '79 model years. Both the 4kW(BF) and 6kW(NH) were used. If it is one of these, then root around at the site and you can dig up a wealth of information about these beasts. While many replace them because they are now old and were mistreated in their youth, many of us elect to just extend the effort to keep them running. It isn't very difficult to do. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/07/20 07:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shurflow pump problem UPDATE

Ron, Does your unit have a valve that allows you to fill the tank when on city water? If it does, try opening that valve as the by-pass may help the pump to prime. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/06/20 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: Natchez Trace

Can anyone tell me if a 38ft motorhome is advisable to drive on Natchez trace hwy in Mississippi ? We have run the total trace a number of times and another few partials. If you are doing it from the south, there is are several visitor centers. They should have the book that I cannot find on their site. there is an historic site about every other mile of the 444 mile length. Some are fascinating most are at least interesting. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/29/20 06:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: Wiring , converter , not sure

Roger, What you are seeing is absolutely a symptom of a bad connection at the pedestal. Do you carry a meter? If not, you should. Get a juice friendly acquaintance to walk you though what to do with it. Matt Problem not at pedistal. OP stated it happened on gen also. Problem is with shore power cord, Trasfer Switch, or Main Breaker. this would be a good time for a volt meter. Oops, I did miss that when I wrote. He does need a meter. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/29/20 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing a A-frame Jack, need to enlarge 2" hole to 2-1/4"

Use a grinder bit in your drill....just keep going round and round until the hole is the size you need. And Kiss that drill motor good-bye. Then spindle bearings will be gone. (An acquaitence - no longer a friend - did that to one of mine.) Do you have a friend that has an engine lathe? Ask him to make a 2" plug with a 1/4 hole and them put a plain 1/4 in the center drill of a hole saw. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/29/20 08:43am Tech Issues
RE: Trailer Brakes Shorting Out - Controller shows overload

Derek, Some background please: How many brakes? On how many Axles? Get a compass. Track the brake wiring and inspect it all. There are often connections near the backing plate that can be separated. If you have those, you are in luck. If the brake control is two separate wires anyplace, put the compass near each and have someone step on the brake. by comparing the result, you will know which is the shorted magnet. If it is a shorted magnet, you will probably have to pull the drum to replace it (or repair it if you can identify the issue). Matt
Matt_Colie 09/29/20 08:37am Tech Issues
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