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RE: Air Conditioning how many do not use it.

If I couldn't use my AC, I would sell the motorhome. We live in Florida and use our motorhome mostly in the summer. Most of the RV sites here in Florida are booked during the cooler months due to all the snow birds. During the summer, places become available again and we use the motorhome a lot. Mid 90's and high humidity would be a killer without running both our AC units.
MetalGator 06/23/20 12:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Get well soon Richard!
MetalGator 06/10/20 05:53am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Good morning everyone/ Found a much better deal on a smaller boat. It's a Bass boat 17 feet with all the bells and whistles. Boy Richard, you are a glutton for punishment! Owning both a boat AND a RV. I did the boat thing for 10 years and one of the happiest days of my life was the day the new owner pulled the boat out of my yard. Lot's of $$$ for maintenance. I am assuming that you will be using the boat in fresh water. My boat was only used in salt water and it's like using it in acid. Took so long to clean it when we got home from a trip that I got tired of it. Sounds like a REALLY good deal though. I hope you use it a bunch a catch a lot of fish. Using a boat in fresh water requires much less maintenance. Looks like my 4th of July plans aren't going to happen. We had to make plans for Jetty Park a year in advance to be able to get reservations. I had a RV spot next to a cabin that we rented for my nephew and his young family. My nephew works hard and has a wife and two small children. They rarely get to take a vacation and we had rented them the cabin for a couple of days while we were staying at Jetty Park. My wife bought all this cute beach stuff (small beach chairs, beach toys, etc) for the kids. Jetty Park called us on Monday and said they canceled our cabin reservations. They aren't opening the cabins again until September 15th. Our RV site hasn't been canceled yet but they don't know when the campground will reopen again. I am not holding my breath. This is the 2nd trip we have had canceled due to Covid-19. We had a week vacation planned in Key West a couple of weeks ago that got canceled. I only get 3 weeks vacation so my time off is precious. I have to use a certain amount of time off before August 1st so I guess I will just take time off and get some things done around the house. I hope everyone is doing well. Burch
MetalGator 06/03/20 08:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Good Morning FOOFs Donna and I had a nice trip in the motorhome. We stayed at Hickory Point in Tarpon Springs. They have several sites right on the water and we had a water site. We got there after work on Wednesday evening and came back on Sunday morning. We were supposed to be in Key West last week for a longer vacation but had to cancel. You have to be a resident or working in the keys to be there. They have two road blocks setup on the two roads that get you into the keys. I guess they are opening back up on June 1st. We will try and go again next year. Tarpon Springs is a neat town. It's got a Greek influence there and lots of Greek food and restaurants. The sponge dock area is a neat place to walk around. Lots of stores and restaurants. We walked around for a bit and it was nice seeing businesses open again. Hopefully this virus stuff will be over soon. I hope everyone is doing well. Burch
MetalGator 05/26/20 08:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: New Heavy Chevy!

Now that's a good looking truck!
MetalGator 05/20/20 06:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Magna Shade install

I used our new Magna Shade this past weekend during a short trip. Temps were only in the mid 80s but what a difference. The front of the motorhome stayed cool and I was able to leave the front shade open so we could see the water (we were parked on a river). I usually have all the shades down to keep the heat out and it's always so dark inside the motorhome during the day. Look forward to seeing how it works on our July 4th trip when the temps will be in the 90s.
MetalGator 05/12/20 06:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Magna Shade install

Don't make the mistake and let two of them get together without the nylon spacer. It take a while to get them apart. You are not kidding! I did make that mistake with the two larger magnets that go in the corners. I didn't think I was going to be able to get them apart! We are taking a 3 day trip starting this afternoon and have a place that is on the water with no shade. In the afternoons, the sun will be shining right on the front of the motorhome so I am curios to see how well the shade knocks the temperature down. Temps will be in the lower to mid 80s outside.
MetalGator 05/07/20 07:28am General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Good Morning FOOFs Donna and I are finally going to get out of the house for a few days. We are going to "socially distance" ourselves in Tarpon Spring with a nice RV site right on the water. The next two days are supposed to be beautiful and I expect to do a lot of nothing. I have been working from home for over 6 weeks now and I am ready to be away from the house for awhile. I brought the motorhome to the house this weekend to install a Magna Shade. We purchased it at the Tampa RV show back in January. I finally got around to installing it. It was expensive, but I think we are really going to enjoy it. It was only in the low 80s this weekend but it made a huge difference in the temperature in the front of the motorhome. The motorhome was much cooler in the front and the AC units weren't working very hard. I am curious to see how it does once the summer temps hit the mid 90s. It was pretty easy to install and we plan on using it during our trip.
MetalGator 05/07/20 07:23am RV Pet Stop
Magna Shade install

I purchased a magna shade back in January at the Tampa RV show. I finally got around to installing it this past weekend. The temps here in Florida were in the low to mid 80s this past weekend. The front of our motorhome is always warm compared to the middle and back of the motorhome. With the shade on, the front of the motorhome was nice and cool like the rest of the motorhome. I am really impressed so far. I am curious to see how much difference it makes once the temps here in Florida get to the mid 90s. I think this is going to be a very good investment. Burch
MetalGator 05/06/20 07:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Settting up 2020 Wrangler for flat tow

The JL's do not need additional wiring for the electric steering since it is actually hydraulic steering but uses an electric pump instead of a belt driven pump. Some Jeeps like the Cherokee are fully electric and they have the problem. David I did not know that. Thanks for that information. I had read about Cherokee's having the issue and when I saw that the Wranglers had electric steering, I just assumed it was the same. Burch
MetalGator 05/01/20 08:48am Dinghy Towing
Settting up 2020 Wrangler for flat tow

We just purchased a 2020 Wrangler Sahara JLU. We traded in a 2014 Wrangler JKU that was setup for towing. The older Jeep had a blue ox tow bar and hitch and we also had the Mopar wiring harness installed for the tail lights. I also have a 2015 Wrangler JK that has the same towing setup as the 2014. Since I do already have the 2015 setup for towing, I'm not sure if I am going to go through the expense to setup the new 2020 Jeep, although it is sometimes nice to have the 4 door Jeep when we bring our nieces. For those who have setup a JL Wrangler for towing, what are your setups? I have heard that with the addition of the electric steering on the JLs that additional wiring is needed to make sure the power steering is active during a tow to keep the front wheels from oscillating. Burch
MetalGator 05/01/20 07:21am Dinghy Towing
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Good Morning FOOFs Our dogs have been really happy that I have mostly been working from home but I am about to go stir crazy! Donna and I took a drive out east in the country on Saturday. The local paper had an article about Manatee county's only operational dairy farm. It's a 1000 acre farm located in Myakka City. This farm sells over 80% of it's milk and other products to restaurants and the schools. Since school and restaurants are closed, they have been dumping milk in the pastures just to get rid of it (the cows still have to me milked). They have a store on the property that sells milk, cream, cheese and other dairy products to the public. We took a drive out there to support them. They had milk for $2.50 a gallon so we bought several gallons to give to our neighbors. When we left the store, there was a long line outside (they would only allow a certain amount of people in the store at one time). Hopefully they can stay afloat until things return to normal. We drove Donna's new Jeep out to the dairy and put about 80 miles on it. We are really liking the new Jeep. We made reservations at an RV park up in Tarpon Springs, FL for next weekend (8th ant 9th). This park has 7 RV spots right on the water. I figure I can continue my social distancing while outside watching the boats come by. We don't plan on leaving the RV park and will just enjoy being outside by the water. It will be good for us and the motorhome since this is the longest the motorhome has sat and not been used since we bought it almost 3 years ago. Florida will start opening restaurants starting next Monday. Seating outside is allowed and seating inside will be limited on only 25% occupancy. Hopefully things will slowly start getting back to normal. Burch
MetalGator 04/30/20 07:50am RV Pet Stop
RE: In What World Does Jeep Live?

Just bought a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4 door last weekend. Got a great deal, got a great trade in on our 2014 Jeep, and got 0% interest loan for 3 years. I guess maybe it depends on the dealership. Right now is a great time to purchase a new vehicle.
MetalGator 04/17/20 09:34am Dinghy Towing
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I really like the color. The color looks a little different if its sunny out vs overcast. Her last two vehicles were black. The black looked great when the vehicle was very clean but they were hot and showed every mark. I am really glad she got this Jeep. Her last Jeep only had 36,000 miles and never gave us a bit of trouble. This one has a small direct injected turbo 4 cylinder engine. It's only a 2.0 liter. I was hesitant when we first started looking at it but after driving it I was sold. Small engines have come a long way. When I turned 16, my dad gave me his 1981 Ford Fairmont. It had a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine with a 4 speed stick shift transmission. It had 85 horsepower. This jeep with the 2.0 has 260 horsepower and an 8 speed automatic. Engines sure have come a lot way. I have to unlearn my old way of thinking which has always been "there's no replacement for displacement" when it comes to engines. Burch
MetalGator 04/13/20 12:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Good Morning FOOFs I got out of the house for the first time in a week over the weekend. We took the motorhome on about a 50 mile drive. It has been sitting for 2 months so I wanted to give it some exercise and to run the generator for awhile. It seems like all I have been doing lately is spending money. I have been wanting to get my windows replaced in the house for several years. I finally reached out to a local window company and they came out and measured last week. I am having impact windows installed. They are supposed to be good for 150mph windows and they have a 30 year warranty on them. If any of them fog up, they will replace them for free (including labor). We also took a trip to the local Jeep dealership. Jeep has been offering 0% interest and the lot is full of Jeeps/cars/trucks that aren't moving. We ended up getting a really good deal and traded in Donna's 2014 black jeep on a 2020 Jeep Wrangler 4 Dr. It has so many bells and whistles that it will take some time to figure everything out. Adaptive cruise control, dual zone climate control, backup cameras, automatic top, etc. The dealership did a good job with social distancing. They didn't have any cars in the showroom because they had large tables that were spaced out. The only person I go close to was the sales person who sat in the back seat during the test drive. So I have done by part by helping out the local economy this week! Here are a couple of pictures of Donna's new Jeep.
MetalGator 04/13/20 06:10am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Not stir crazy yet but I have only been out of the house once since last Sunday. I have been working from home and have enough supplies for a couple of weeks if needed. I was planning on taking the motorhome for a drive in the country this weekend just to get the fluids running and to put a hour on the generator. My owners manual says to run the generator at least an hour a month with at least 50% load. I usually turn on one of the AC units when we take it some where. I haven't driven it in over two months now since my weekend camping plans at the local COE park got canceled a few weeks ago. I am really not sure if I am "allowed" to drive around with this stay at home order that went into affect yesterday. Surely me driving the motorhome by myself out in the country would not be putting myself or anyone else at risk but I don't want to get into any trouble. I'm too old to get into trouble these days! I hope everyone is safe and getting along with their significant others while being confined to quarters! Burch
MetalGator 04/03/20 07:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

For the most part, I have been working at home this week. I did work from the office on Monday and again for a few hours yesterday but will be home today. Even though they extended tax season, we are still extremely busy (I work for a CPA firm). The dogs have been happy to have me home and today my wife is working from home so they are playing and having a good time. I took some supplies and food over to my mom yesterday. It usually takes me about 30 minutes with traffic to get to her house. I made the round trip in 44 minutes. Very little traffic on the roads at around 7pm last night. It was really strange. Most restaurants are now closed in my area. A few places are still offering takeout. There is a little hole in the wall wing place down the road. I have been getting takeout there trying to give him the business. I am getting tired of wings but I plan on picking up some tomorrow to take to my father in law. I might take the motorhome out for a drive this weekend and also run the generator to keep things running. We had two trips planned in the next two months and both places have closed so it will be awhile before we get to take a trip on the motorhome. I hope everyone has a great day. Burch
MetalGator 03/27/20 08:10am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

My office is down to skeleton crew right now. I will be working from home most days (today included). We have a deep freeze and I have enough food to last a month or more if needed. We have plenty of toilet paper and if we run out, the motor home is only a few miles down the road and I have several packages of toiler paper there. I feel really bad for the local business owners. There is a small hole in the wall chicken wing place down the street. Only seats about 15-20 people or so. He has gone to take out only and I told him I would come by at least once a week and put in an order. Many of the restaurants won't recover from this. I am blessed that I have a job that is probably immune to this crisis (Public CPA firm) but many others are not. Hopefully this will pass sooner or later and things will get back to normal before people start getting cabin fever. Desperate people sometimes to desperate things when things get rough so I hope crime doesn't become a problem in the next few weeks. Everyone stay safe! Burch
MetalGator 03/24/20 06:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: F-53 V-10 Oil Capacity

The owners manual for our 2018 Miramar (2017 F53 chassis) says 7 quarts. That puts the dipstick just under the top of the full shaded area. I haven't noticed any oil consumption but only have 11,000 miles on my motorhome and have only done 3 oil changes so far.
MetalGator 03/23/20 09:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Senior Citizens Speak Up

As of yesterday the COE had not shut down campgrounds. Truth be told there is no reason to do this... Sites are generally far enough apart to be "Socially distant" you can wave but you got to get out and walk some to shake hands. COE shutdown campgrounds in Florida, at least Ortona South. Here is an email I received yesterday. We're sending you this message because of your reservation, 0225468871-1, at ORTONA SOUTH for Fri, Apr 17, 2020 - Sun, Apr 19, 2020. A location closure has been issued for ORTONA SOUTH from Wed, Mar 18, 2020 - Thu, Apr 30, 2020 due to Public Safety Concerns . Since this location closure overlaps with the dates for your trip, we wanted to provide you with options for how you can proceed: Cancel your reservation and receive a full refund. You can review and cancel your reservation under the "My Account" section on Credit/debit card payments will be refunded to the card associated with your account, or you'll receive a refund check in the mail if you paid by cash or check (please allow up to 8 weeks). Hold your reservation (no action required) and see if the location reopens prior to your visit. If the location reopens before or during your reservation and you have not cancelled, you'll be able to take your trip. You will receive an email from ORTONA SOUTH indicating the location has reopened, and all standard change and cancellation policies will apply to your reservation. If the location remains closed at the start of your reservation, we will cancel your reservation and provide a full refund. Modify your reservation to any other available days. No modification fee will be charged. You can also change your reservation to any new date/s without being charged a modification fee. This includes changing the start date, adding days or removing days. The new reservation dates must be available and not impacted by the closure. The experience and wellbeing of visitors is our top priority, and we apologize for any inconvenience with this location closure. We appreciate your understanding, and you should expect to receive additional information from ORTONA SOUTH as it become available.
MetalGator 03/20/20 08:14am General RVing Issues
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