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RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

Obviously, it would need to be a couple generations into adoption, so human driven cars are essentially eliminated from the roadways.It takes that long for doubting Thomases to die off. So you anticipate nearly 300 million vehicles to just disappear? And that is assuming fully autonomous vehicles will be the norm not the exception in the next couple decades. Not to mention it would take 16 years at current annual sales to replace all vehicles and that is if 100% of all vehicle sales were fully autonomous every year. It's only been 112 years since the Model T, and far fewer than that since the car became a general household item - and car tech and expectation has changed dramatically in that time. A 'couple generations' could mean 50-75 years. I don't think it's unrealistic to think that human-operated cars could be a collector's item by the end of this century.
Mickeyfan0805 01/23/20 11:17am Tow Vehicles
Beach Stop When Travelling from WI to Orlando

Thinking of the possibility of a trip from SE WI to Orlando this summer, and considering a stop for 3-4 nights for a few days at the beach on the way. We could stop somewhere in Alabama or the panhandle, go further down the gulf coast, or even swing over to the Atlantic side. Our kids will be 15, 14 and 11. Any suggestions?
Mickeyfan0805 01/22/20 08:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

Give adaptive cruise and the other poopage a try on something like the DC or Baltimore beltway lol. Put blind faith in it. Just find a good collision guy beforehand and maybe carry some TP and wet wipes. Those systems making corrections 10 times a second can not anticipate the typical moron. This is, and will continue to be, a huge part of the problem. In addition to the many other hurdles involved (both 'real' and 'perceived'), incrementally introducing automated driving is extremely difficult when the other cars aren't operating under the norms. We had a rental van in Los Angeles, in 2018, with adaptive cruise control. The car was so intent on keeping proper spacing between us and the car in front of us that people kept pulling into the large gap that was being maintained. Every time someone pulled in, the car would immediately slow to the point of having the desired spacing again. Another car would pull in, causing it again, and over, and over... Each slow down was jerky and uncomfortable, and we could never keep speed because the system created too much space for the norms under which the others were driving. We could not find the off switch fast enough!! If every car were operating with the same expectations regarding speed, spacing, etc... it could likely work more fluidly. I don't doubt that tech can and will, eventually, overcome these challenges. But, the need to have both automated and human-operated vehicles on the road simultaneously creates additional issues that will be difficult to overcome in a manner that is comfortable for the average passenger.
Mickeyfan0805 01/22/20 09:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for RV parks near Boston MA

I understand there is some kind of walking trail that takes in the major historic sites. I can't remember the name of the trail though. We will want to take that. edit*** Never mind, it's the Freedom Trail, I remember now. Yep - a good walk that includes many sites, but also puts you in the vicinity of some of the other destinations around the harbor, Quincy Market, etc.
Mickeyfan0805 01/22/20 09:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for RV parks near Boston MA

Used to live in that area. The Cape Cord KOA is decent, but we always preferred Normandy Farms. Probably the biggest thing we miss, since moving away, is Normandy. It was our go to weekend campground for local stays. It was a bit pricier than others, but you get what you pay for. We've spent the last 4.5 years trying to find a comparative - all to no avail. Either way, both of these are south of the city, so you will have a few choices for transit. I agree with others who would suggest NOT driving into the city. The Lakeville station mentioned above is a commuter rail stop that would take you into the city. It's a bit pricier than just getting onto the T, but it's convenient. If you want to drive north up to Braintree or Mattapan, that would allow you to park and board the T directly. If you look up the MBTA, it can give you a good overview of the system and options.
Mickeyfan0805 01/21/20 08:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Low clearance - cut this off?

If you're dragging that low, you may have too much tongue weight on the rear end. Your truck should sit pretty close to level when hooked up. I agree. If this were particular to a certain location, I could see it being an issue of the angles involved at that location. For a normal set-up, however, you shouldn't be having issues at 'most driveways' unless it is hanging unusually low. I'd make sure the setup is accurate before cutting things off and realizing it was never set up correctly in the first place.
Mickeyfan0805 01/21/20 08:24am Towing
RE: Can we pull a TT with our ‘20 Suburban

It's great that you have come to get advice BEFORE making a decision. Please allow the advice here to sink in and don't let the allure of a new trailer put you in an unsafe situation. We are a family of 5 that used to travel with our 100 pound dog. Here's how it worked for us... Family weight - 700 pounds Dog - 100 pounds Extra 'stuff' (tools, snacks and drinks, kids' backpacks) - 50 pounds WD Hitch - 75 pounds Hitch weight - 1,000 pounds (8k loaded trailer) Total weight on truck: 1,925 pounds This is why we drove a 2006 HD Suburban with 2,040 pounds of payload for the last 8 years. Now that the kids are a bit older, we've just now switched to a crew-cab F150 and will just stay under our 1,880 pounds of payload because the dog will only travel with us on local trips where we have 2 cars. People can argue over whether or not you need to be entirely under your payload, or whether or not there is a bit of leniency there. That said, it is highly possible that your Suburban's payload may be at or under 1,500 pounds. If your numbers are anything like ours, you could have less than 600 pounds left for tongue weight once you are loaded up to camp. If true, you would be looking at a loaded trailer weight of 5,000 to 5,500 to even stay close to your ratings. Really understand these numbers before you jump in too deep. Depending on what you are looking for, a hybrid trailer might provide you some solid options to gain a bit more space while staying at a more reasonable weight.
Mickeyfan0805 01/21/20 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

I think your good to go! Yep - seems fine. Some people want a truck that drives like the trailer isn't there. Others are fine with a set-up that can safely handle the trailer that they know is there. You'll likely be in the latter category, but the truck should be able to easily handle it.
Mickeyfan0805 01/21/20 08:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

What's your load in the truck? Weight of occupants? Cargo? Is that 2,350 from the specs or the load sticker on the door jam? My guess is that you will be well within any ratings, but we can't tell for sure without more info on your overall load.
Mickeyfan0805 01/20/20 07:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

For us it's pretty simple. DW won't use campground provided showers, and will only use their toilets if it's because we are away from the camper - and that reality means the kids never go acclimated to such things either. So, hookups quickly become a necessity for us. We will frequently do an overnight on the road using nothing but electric, and we will sometimes do a couple of weekend nights at a site with only water and electric (dumping as we leave). More than 2 nights, however, and we absolutely need sewer for our style of camping. As others said before, that's the blessing of it each his/her own! Just wondering. Do you use the CG pools? Because if the bathhouse is too dirty. the pool is as well. same people take care of both. Note that cleanliness was never named. DW simply doesn’t like using public showers.
Mickeyfan0805 01/14/20 08:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

For us it's pretty simple. DW won't use campground provided showers, and will only use their toilets if it's because we are away from the camper - and that reality means the kids never go acclimated to such things either. So, hookups quickly become a necessity for us. We will frequently do an overnight on the road using nothing but electric, and we will sometimes do a couple of weekend nights at a site with only water and electric (dumping as we leave). More than 2 nights, however, and we absolutely need sewer for our style of camping. As others said before, that's the blessing of it each his/her own!
Mickeyfan0805 01/14/20 02:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Substancial deposit required

I personally thing that weekend reservations should be non-refundable, threedays or more, and pay up front. I have no problem with the non-refundable part, but the three days might be a stretch. Many a family comes out for the weekend on Friday and returns Sunday in order to be at work Monday. A three day minimum would be a significant hit to a large group of people. Around here, many private locations have three day minimums for holiday weekends (when people stay until Monday anyway), but allow for the regular two-night stay over the weekend. That policy makes sense to me. For travelers, several days including a weekend is almost impossible. Have had to Walmart because of that many times, while CGs sit unused during the rest of the week. This is precisely why I book our entire season by January of each year. I simply don't want to worry about whether or not a site will be reserved for me. In most cases, all I've risked is a $10-$15 cancellation fee if my plans change, which they rarely do. DW and I plan out our season in the fall and winter, then by January I've got everything lined up - including overnight stays on the road. Would be a bit harder for someone full-timing, but it's an increasing need in the growing demand that's out there right now.
Mickeyfan0805 01/14/20 02:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Substancial deposit required

Yep - I run into it all the time. Around here, the higher demand/holiday weekends often require full payment at the time of reservation. I can still cancel and get a refund if need be (usually for a $10 fee or so), but about 1/2 of my 2020 camping costs are already paid.
Mickeyfan0805 01/14/20 08:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fort Wilderness Trip Planned

There's also a really good FW group on the Disboards that I'm a part of. Delwhjr offers good advice on reserving a cart, but depending on your time and vehicles, you can also look at offsite cart rentals (TeeTime is one that is consistently recommended). You need to pick them up, but they are about half the cost. If you are there for a full week, the savings are likely worth the hassle of going offsite to get it. For us, anything more than about 5 days and the savings are worth going offsite.
Mickeyfan0805 01/07/20 03:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Imagine tt by Grand Design

Can't speak to that make or model, but our trailer is 5' longer, with more windows and a bunk room in the back. We have a single 15k that has easily done the trick for 2 summer trips to central FL. It runs most of the time, but in the heavy humidity and 95 degree heat, it held at 72 in the rig with no problems. If you are going to be in the AZ desert at 110+, that's a different issue. Some partial shade and humid 90's, however, has been no issue for us.
Mickeyfan0805 12/23/19 02:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Make An Offer

I dont discuss all the nonsense add ons. I ask for the bottom line price not including tax. Exactly - the bottom line is what matters. I generally don't care how they get there. If they want to add $2,800 in fees, fine...just drop the price equally to compensate.
Mickeyfan0805 12/22/19 11:03am Camping World RV Sales
RE: F150 vs. stupidity

Wow. Just. Wow!!
Mickeyfan0805 12/18/19 11:52am Truck Campers
RE: Wi-Fi extenders

Another option may be to move your cable modem and router to a more central area of the house. This was one of my thoughts. Depending on the internet source, you might be able to relocate more centrally and then simply connect everything via wifi without needing and extender.
Mickeyfan0805 12/18/19 11:46am Technology Corner
RE: Wi-Fi extenders

Wildtoad, sounds interesting. What does it mean?? How do I change the setup or even see what I have?? Many current broadband services actually broadcast on both. In many cases, there is a 2gz and a 5gz option on the wireless signal. Your first option would be to use your device to scan for wireless signals and see if two are there (they are often identified with the gz numbers in some way). The 2gz has lower data speeds but higher range. The 5 is the opposite - higher data but lower speeds. In our house, the main TV (which is only feet from the router) is hooked into the 5, as is our bedroom tv (which is directly above the router). All laptops and mobile devices connect to the 2, as you never know where they will be. May or may not be a solution to your issue, but it's a place to start!
Mickeyfan0805 12/15/19 07:44am Technology Corner
RE: Ram 1500 towing...

As mentioned - a lot of opinions will come flooding along on both sides. Since you don't own the trailer, the best thing you can do is calculate with as true a sense of numbers as you can. As others have said, your major limitation is payload. In addition to considering the question of who/what else will be in the truck, the nature of the TH is key. The dry hitch weight is at about 14%. Where is the cargo area? If it's in front of the axles, your proportional TW will spike when loaded. If it's behind the axles, the TW ratio will actually drop (note that I said TW ratio, not the actual TW!). All in all, without a lot more info, it's hard to judge. At first glance, my sense would be that, if the cargo is behind the axles, you MIGHT be able to swing it if you are generally driving with a pretty empty truck and what you put in cargo is pretty light. If the cargo is over or in front of the axles, it is likely a non-starter!
Mickeyfan0805 12/13/19 03:16pm Tow Vehicles
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