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RE: Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

Silver Lake sand dunes! Meads MI. Right on Lake MI. Perfect for your kids! Lots to see and do. Yep, we've done Silver Lake a couple of times and enjoy it. Likely to try something else this time - but a very good recommendation.
Mickeyfan0805 10/15/19 11:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

What do you want to do? If you are state parking, reservations start 6 months from your arrival Should have mentioned - mixed tourism would be ideal. We love a blend of things from hikes to amusement parks, and everything in between. We do want things to 'do,' however. Sitting at the beach all day is not our style.
Mickeyfan0805 10/15/19 10:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

We're looking at an 8-9 day loop from SE WI to western MI for next summer. We will spend part of our time in Mackinac, but are looking for a good second destination on the west side of the state. Our kids will be 15, 14 and 11. Where would you go? Traverse City? Petoskey? Grand Haven? South Haven? Somewhere else? Both regions and specific campground recommendations (we will want full hook-ups) would be welcome. Thanks!
Mickeyfan0805 10/15/19 09:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help selecting East Coast location with lots of variables...

Cherry Hill is the one that immediately jumped to my mind as well. We camped there with non-camping freinds about 5 years ago (they rented a permanent trailer right across from us). It's easy to get in and out of DC where there is a ton to do at very low costs!
Mickeyfan0805 10/10/19 07:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Another winterize question....

you buy a hose and cut it so you a a section of hose with the correct fitting to hook up to your trailer then place the cut end into the jug of antifreeze and turn your pump on and it should suck it up as long as you have the valves in the right position And then does it pump it through your system from there? So you turn on faucets inside and let it come through? Thx! Yes - that is correct.
Mickeyfan0805 10/08/19 03:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you tow a Jeep behind your 5th wheel?

By the time you outfit everything for safe towing, you could rent a Jeep for a month probably cheaper Excellent point. If this is a one-time deal, this is likely the better way to go!
Mickeyfan0805 10/08/19 08:26am Towing
RE: Do you tow a Jeep behind your 5th wheel?

DOH check the legality of this for all states you will be going through. bumpy This!! Rules for towing apply to the state you are in - so make sure you'd be legal along your route.
Mickeyfan0805 10/07/19 03:53pm Towing
RE: Another winterize question....

So my trailer has an "inlet" on the side that says anti-freeze inlet. There are 3 (shutoff/diversion) valves. 1 to the tank (I believe) 1 on the red water heater line and one on the blue water heater line. I do not know how to use this anti-freeze inlet. Do I turn all the valves, drain water heater, put anti-freeze in the inlet and run the pump? Then also pour some down the drains as usual? Thanks!! I looked for videos but couldn't find anything using the inlet. Without looking at the valves, it's hard to know for sure. What you describe, however, sounds more like your hot water bypass than the antifreeze line. My HWH has 3 valves as you describe - 1 cuts off the inlet to the tank, the other cuts off the output. The third open the bypass line. My antifreeze valve is in a completely different area, right near the water pump. It is a simple two-way valve that selects whether the pump is drawing from the tank or the antifreeze inlet.
Mickeyfan0805 10/03/19 01:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

Agreed on the no-impact. That said, I never needed anything special. I used a basic Ryobi to raise and lower the jacks on our first rig and it was just fine. The bigger issue, really, is battery. Cheaper models will have batteries that might not cycle as well.
Mickeyfan0805 10/02/19 10:39am Beginning RVing
RE: Campground washroom needs GFCI

Was waiting for the MYOFB replies. Agree. Yep! Campground owners have enough to worry about with inspectors and compliance requirements. My guess is that this is likely a non-issue as it is probably tied to a GFCI elsewhere (we had one house where the GFCI covering the bathroom was on the back deck!). Even if not, why make such an issue of it as a camper. Enjoy your time and move on!
Mickeyfan0805 09/26/19 04:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer sway

True sway is, generally, an indication of a poor set-up. Could be a tongue that's too light, WD not set up correctly, too much weight for the tow vehicle, etc... That said, drifting and our 'wiggling' might be perfectly normal. In 7 years of our current set-up, I've never once experienced sway. I might, however, drift a bit when passed by a semi or, as TurnThePage noted, wiggle my tail a bit to get a look behind me.
Mickeyfan0805 09/24/19 09:50am Travel Trailers
RE: ? Disney Ft Wilderness (& Fishing)

This has changed since the little boy was killed... While I was there this year, I saw security ushering folks away from the canal with pole in hand several times. This was in 2 different areas... 1 was on the main road over near the pool entrance, and the other was back in loop 300.. NOW.. You used to be able to fish in the pond at the bike barn, I am NOT SURE about that, I do not remember if there were anyone doing that ????? This was my understanding as well. Looking deeper, it does look like there might still be a dockside option (I believe they have this at Port Orleans as well), but the canals at Fort Wilderness are littered with 'don't go here' signs that emerged after the tragedy at the Grand Floridian a few years back.
Mickeyfan0805 09/24/19 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: ? Disney Ft Wilderness (& Fishing)

As far as non guided fishing on Disney Property... It is strictly forbidden ! ! It has been for a long time, and after that poor little boy was eaten by a gator a few years back right on the beach in front of his parents, you can't get near the water... This is correct - you can't fish on your own on WDW property. If you want to fish on property, you'll have to book a charter. As for the campground, we absolutely love it. It is HUGE, so you need to plan for getting around the campground. Bikes work, or you can rent golf carts. There is also a bus system that gets you around just fine, it simply requires a bit of patience.
Mickeyfan0805 09/23/19 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: I-94 through Chicago

We live in SE WI and do the drive all the time. We have also towed through Atlanta a handful of times and IMHO, Atlanta doesnt hold a candle to the hassle of driving I94 through Chicago. Winding and narrow lanes, on-ramps on both sides, crazy drivers, etc... The 294 bypass really doesn't change the drive at all if you use an iPass. If you have time, I'd sign up for and iPass and have it sent as it will help you in Indiana as well.
Mickeyfan0805 09/21/19 03:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: First TT advice

Can anyone see any flaws or wrong assumptions in my approach or have any other suggestions? As others have stated, it is highly likely that payload will be your limiting factor. Some say use a trailer's GVWR, others don't (myself included). Some say 12% tongue weight, others say 15%. Only you can decide how conservative you want to be. But... -Be honest with yourself about what you will really in the car. -Get as close as possible to real numbers (if you can't scale, at lease make sure your starting payload number is the one listed on the yellow sticker on the door jamb). -Think through EVERYTHING you need to put in that car and make sure you account for it in your payload. As stated above, I think the resulting number is likely to be far less than what is allowed in your towing capacity (most likely in the 5-6k range at most).
Mickeyfan0805 09/19/19 02:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leaving the RV World for a while

IMHO, these year-round sports cycles and constant activity-driven lifestyles are a true detriment to our families. But again, MY opinion... This is precisely why we have not, yet, made any moves on selling ours. While our kids have become very active in things, our family time away from it all remains a high priority for us. Having the camper pushes us to make time that we otherwise would not. After having to cancel a trip later this month due to a conflict, we shoe-horned a trip into this last weekend. It was a lot of work for a couple of days, and our daughter still needed to be brought back into town for a practice on Saturday, but it created some dedicated family time that would have never happened if the trailer weren't sitting there begging to be used.
Mickeyfan0805 09/19/19 08:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Leaving the RV World for a while

This past weekend I made a deal to sell our 5er. A good and sad day at the same time and I know the wife will be really bummed when the new owners get it next weekend. Unfortunately we're at a stage where we are chasing our teenage and college kids to every event under the sun. Our free weekends are very few and far between and it's honestly more work and energy to prep the 5er and go somewhere than it's worth. We greatly enjoy camping, but instead of being relaxing it turns into work. We just made the decision that it's not worth having a valuable RV setting beside our house when it gets used a couple of weekends a year at the most. So, until we get our youngest graduated we are going to be out of the RV game. We definitely plan to buy another 5er in about 5 years when it's just the two of us and we'll have the freedom to come and go more often. I'll probably pop onto the forum from time to time just to keep up on trends. Adios! KJ I so understand your circumstance. Our kids aren't quite as old, but at 10, 13 and 14 we are discovering the same reality and asking the very same questions. Congratulations on making the right (albeit difficult) decision for your family. Good luck on this next chapter as it unfolds!
Mickeyfan0805 09/18/19 11:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winterize or Not

holy moley Mickey, mine takes 2 gal. :h My lines take about a gallon and a half. Another gallon+ fills the p-traps. The final gallon is dumped into the black tank so that it doesn't sit dry for the 7-8 months our rig is not in use.
Mickeyfan0805 09/18/19 07:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water Pump Issues...

Open the pump and check for debris in the valves, they make repair kits for the pumps. Buy a strainer to put on the inlet to the pump after taking the pump head off and cleaning the 3 diaphragms inside. I'm betting you've sucked in some debris which is preventing the diaphragms from working. YouTube Video showing replacing the diaphragms. The diaphragm kits is almost 1/2 the cost of a new pump but they can be cleaned of the junk that's preventing them from working and reused. This sounds like a very viable possibility regarding the problem. I'll pull it out and take a look. Thanks!
Mickeyfan0805 09/18/19 07:24am Tech Issues
RE: Winterize or Not

Thank you all. We will winterize at the end of October. Now....our storage place up in Syracuse used to do this for us. Hoping it is an easy process. Google here I come!!! :) The ease often depends on the rig, but it's not hard at all. Takes me 20 minutes and 4 gallons of antifreeze.
Mickeyfan0805 09/17/19 04:01pm Fifth-Wheels
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