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RE: Warranty work on TT v 5r v MH

I agree with others that a MH, due to complexity and the simple number of components, is more likely to have issues. SOME may have a better build grade due to cost, but the cost is more about the powetrain than it is the coach (at least on the more cost-effective units). The other factor I would think at play, however, would be the ability for the DIY repair. MH's have many more components that the average DIY'er can't repair. Most of the work needed on a TT or a FW I can do myself, meaning it spends minimal time in the shop. Put me in a MH and you've added a host of things I wouldn't be able to touch!
Mickeyfan0805 12/05/19 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Tailgate Step Suggestions?

I carry a folding bench like work platform. I use it for a step beside the bed, a step behind the tailgate, placed in front to reach into the engine bay, and as a bench while camping. I like multi-use stuff. Hmm... I hadn't even considered engine access! I'm only 5'6", so I'm going to need to pop the hood and make sure I can get to the things I need to get to while on the road!
Mickeyfan0805 12/04/19 02:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gas station guide

The book "Next Exit" is pretty good about listing gas stations that are RV friendly (listed in Red ). I have a 35 ft MH and tow, this past summer I pulled into 4 stations in a row that I couldn't get into the pumps . Most new stations are being built with the pump lanes heading into the stores, makes it very tight to impossible to get in/out of the pumps. This is the issue I watch out for. I also find this with many Pilot stations - as they are often built this way. For us, I plan our gas stops before I ever leave for any trip that will require a fill-up on the way. We have a 35' travel trailer and are over 55' end to end. I can make a bathroom or food stop most anywhere, but I know the gas stations I'm going to hit before I ever leave. I plot my route, determine the general area I'd need to refuel, and then use Google to find gas stations where I know I'd be able to get easily in and out. If possible, I choose spots that have more than one workable station just in case. For our first couple of years, I'd just pull off when gas was needed and search to find a station I could use. Sometimes I'd find one...sometimes I would have to get back on the highway and try again down the road. The 20 minutes it takes to do this before a long trip is well worth avoiding that hassle on the road!
Mickeyfan0805 12/04/19 08:09am General RVing Issues
RE: The buy local fallacy

We've honestly been pretty lucky with repairs on our rig, but I have found that most repairs fit into one of four categories for our travel trailer (I admit it would look very different for MH owners!): 1) The vast majority of repairs are things a reasonably adept person can replace/repair on their own. 2) Some repairs require techs, but can be done on-site by mobile techs who can address things much more readily than a shop. 3) A few repairs actually require a true RV center, but can wait until the off-season (for those of us who have an off-season). 4) A small number of issues need to be done in a shop and NOW (this would mostly center on the chassis and/or other major failures). In 7+ years with our current rig, we've only run into a #4 once, and we hustled around to get that addressed. Everything else has been workable in other ways, and the vast majority I was able to do myself. Never had a warranty claim, as it was easier to just fix it. If I weren't ready and able to do such things, I wouldn't want to own an RV!
Mickeyfan0805 12/04/19 07:38am General RVing Issues
Tailgate Step Suggestions?

We just bought an F150, and I really like the look and function of the Amp Research Bed Step, but I'm not in love with the price tag! So, I'm curious, what do you all do to make bed access a bit easier?
Mickeyfan0805 12/03/19 08:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you have a bed liner?

Back to the OPs question following a good but typical sidetrack discussion. He said he will be using the truck bed very little/lightly. Not worth spending the $500+ to get it lined for that type of use. Certainly not right away. Nice shiny truck bed will likely still be a nice shiny truck bed years from now based on how he is going to use the truck. Now many new tucks come sprayed from the factory or at the dealer level or its thrown in for "free". If that's the case, great, if not I'd save my money and decide if it's needed next year or 5 years from now. Plus being in WI, the inside of the truck bed will be way done on the list of areas and parts that will rust out eventually. Having read through all of the thoughts and input, this is where I am leaning. A spray-in seems like overkill. Once I learned that they have to scuff up the paint to apply it, why would I pay for them to ruin my bed just to add protection to the bed? If I used it more often for heavier use, it would be different, but I just don't see it doing much more than hauling branches to the compost site, wood from Home Depot, etc... DW wants a bed cover as well so, at the moment, I'm leaning toward a mat to cover the floor. If/when the sides get scuffed up to a point I'd be concerned, I could always have a spray-in added then.
Mickeyfan0805 12/01/19 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
Do you have a bed liner?

We are in the process of considering a new truck and reviewing options. I asked one question on another matter earlier, but I'm also wondering about bed liners. Are they needed? Our bed will be empty 98% of the time. With the exception of a load from Home Depot now and then, it will see very little use. I'm just not sure how delicate the finish is. Do you have a liner? Do you think it's essential? This is our first pick-up, so these are new questions to us. Thanks!
Mickeyfan0805 11/26/19 03:15pm Tow Vehicles
Built in vs. Stand-alone GPS?

We are currently shopping for a new tow vehicle. Trying to decide whether or not we want to shell out $750 for a built in GPS. As much as I like having the built-in system and not having another screen on the dash, I'm thinking I could likely get something much more suitable for towing if I spent less money on a stand-alone unit. Anyone have any thoughts on using built-in GPS units while towing?
Mickeyfan0805 11/26/19 12:31pm Tech Issues
RE: F150 HD Payload and Max Trailer - How to spot them?

The HD payload F150 is a rare thing unless you order one new. Good luck on your quest, but you might need to shift gears to an F2/350 instead if you need more truck than a regular F150. Thanks. The HD payload is not a huge issue, as our current rig has 2,000 and we do just fine. I’d be more concerned with the max tow, and it seems hard to figure out which trucks have that in online listings.
Mickeyfan0805 11/13/19 04:37pm Tow Vehicles
F150 HD Payload and Max Trailer - How to spot them?

We MIGHT end up looking for a 4-5 year old F150 EB next spring. Not sure yet, but it's a possibility. If so, I'd want to have the HD Payload and the Max Trailer packages. It looks like the integrated brake controller is a giveaway that a vehicle likely has the Max Tow. Is that true? What other ways are there to make sure it has it? For the HD payload, it looks like a stickered GVWR in the 7k range is the indicator on that one, am I correct? Thanks all!
Mickeyfan0805 11/13/19 03:20pm Tow Vehicles
St. Louis Recommendations?

We are looking at spending 3 days/4 nights visiting St. Louis next summer. We'd want full hook-ups and will be getting into the arch, maybe Six Flags, and other touring options in the area. Any recommendations for a campground?
Mickeyfan0805 11/13/19 02:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I could live with an Atlis type truck

Intriguing, but it is still coming with a hefty price tag. The 'starting' number of $45k, I would assume, would roughly equate to the entry level 1/2 ton at $30k. That's a 50% variance in cost. When you start talking about a $50k truck, you could easily be looking at $75k+ for an electric truck with similar capacities. If you figure a 10 year lifespan (don't know how realistic that is), you'd have to save $2,500+ per year just to at least one study suggests, costs some 40-50% of what you would have spend on gas). All in all, conceptually interesting, but I don't think they present a viable cost savings to the average buyer in the near term. Those driven by environmental concerns, and those who want the cool new thing, will grab them in the next 3-5 years. For the rest of us, it still has a way to go before it's a practical purchase!
Mickeyfan0805 11/06/19 12:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

Not sure of the nature of what you are trying to hook up, but they do make converter boxes for Component to Coax (they exist for HDMI also, but I think it's pricier). You could plug your RCA output into a converter box and then plug that into the coax line that runs to your outside ports. The resulting signal wouldn't be as good as running HDMI the whole way, but it would save a fair amount of wiring and rigging.
Mickeyfan0805 11/06/19 12:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Netflix forces newer TVs

ps: Oh, the "other gadget" is an Insignia HDMI to RCA Converter. If this is the issue, it is not at all a surprise. HDMI has been standard in most televisions for well over a decade at this point. Even the public airwaves have been digital for a good 10 years (I want to say 2009?). RCA cables are analog transmitters, I'm actually surprised you could use them with current streaming services at all.
Mickeyfan0805 10/29/19 12:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Looking to make the plunge

We have found resources that will tell you everything from "you can pull anything with a half-ton gas v6" to "you need a full ton diesel or your an idiot!" and we are looking for what the truth really is and what real people have experienced. You'll find some of that here too, but most will tell you to know your numbers. Don't research, 'How much can a half-ton tow?' Research and understand weight ratings in trucks. What are payload numbers and what weights count against that limit? What is a GCVWR and how is that computed? Etc... How comfortable a combination will be is an extremely subjective question. Some are perfectly comfortable with rigs that are maxed out on limits and regular spin at 4-5k RPM's, others are not. Larger trucks will tow steadier and more easily, but they come at various pragmatic costs (parking, cost, daily driving, etc...). The balance of these factors is subjective and everyone sees it differently. The only OBJECTIVE analysis is based on the numbers. Know the realistic weights involved, see how close you would be to maxing out a vehicle's capacities, and then make a judgment call on how you feel about your cushion (or lack thereof).
Mickeyfan0805 10/22/19 09:21am Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 GM/Chevy gas 6.6L max towing test

I can't believe people stressing over 3 and a half minutes. I towed all over with an 89 1 ton Big Block Chevy TBI for years and at times was down to 12mph. We are talking the IKE. For someone like me who tows 7500 to 8000 lbs 15 to 20 times year and won't daily drive a truck this thing would work just fine. 10,000 to 15,000 dollars is not worth 3 and a half minutes to me. Lets be realistic, anyone who tows 16,000 lbs up and down the IKE on the regular is not buying a gasser anyway. Usage is always the unspoken differentiator in these conversations. The 'weekend warrior' is very different than the full-timer who cross-crosses the mountain west or the contractor who hauls a front-loader to and from work-sites every day. Like you, we are in the first of these, and even if we upgraded from our current trailer to a FW, it would be hard to justify a diesel unless it was so big that a gasser simply couldn't handle it.
Mickeyfan0805 10/17/19 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

Stay at Holiday Park Campground South of Traverse City in July, a Top 100 National Campground. Get reservations by phone asap in January. An excellent jumping off point to numerous places within an hour or so. Grab some Moomer’s Ice Cream at the real deal location, and eat... Our own personal tour guide! Lol. Seriously - thanks. Good info to consider.
Mickeyfan0805 10/16/19 10:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

Silver Lake sand dunes! Meads MI. Right on Lake MI. Perfect for your kids! Lots to see and do. Yep, we've done Silver Lake a couple of times and enjoy it. Likely to try something else this time - but a very good recommendation.
Mickeyfan0805 10/15/19 11:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

What do you want to do? If you are state parking, reservations start 6 months from your arrival Should have mentioned - mixed tourism would be ideal. We love a blend of things from hikes to amusement parks, and everything in between. We do want things to 'do,' however. Sitting at the beach all day is not our style.
Mickeyfan0805 10/15/19 10:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

We're looking at an 8-9 day loop from SE WI to western MI for next summer. We will spend part of our time in Mackinac, but are looking for a good second destination on the west side of the state. Our kids will be 15, 14 and 11. Where would you go? Traverse City? Petoskey? Grand Haven? South Haven? Somewhere else? Both regions and specific campground recommendations (we will want full hook-ups) would be welcome. Thanks!
Mickeyfan0805 10/15/19 09:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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