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RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

As stated above - practice and attitude. Take the time to do it under no pressure in an open setting to build up your comfort a bit. Then, as Sjm suggested, own it when you get to the campground. Allow yourself to be inexperienced. If others are looking on, laugh a bit and joke with them that you are just learning, and take your time. Every driver towing a trailer has been a beginner at some point - don't let it become a barrier, just give yourself the time to work through it.
Mickeyfan0805 02/25/21 06:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

Are you using the recommenced higher octane fuel? What percentage of ethanol is in your fuel? This is what I have found. Ours is the ECO, but I find that my mpg is a solid 20% higher when I use premium. The higher mpg pretty much balances out the higher cost of the gas, and my range is significantly better. We have a 36 gallon tank and I plan for gas stops every 200-225 miles.
Mickeyfan0805 02/12/21 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch Systems - Thoughts?

We've been using our Equal-i-zer hitch for the past 11 years with great success. Two trailers and three tow vehicles, and it has worked well with each. It is a similar design to the TruTrack - not sure what technical differences might exist. Someone more in the know would need to give those details, but we've been happy with ours.
Mickeyfan0805 01/28/21 10:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing Advice

As mentioned - many possible things to look at. Some can be addressed easily, others can't. One other to look at is the rating of the hitch. EQ hitches are based on tongue weight. Your tongue weight likely increased by a good 150lbs. EQ hitch bars shift every 200 pounds. Thus, if you have 1k bars on your hitch, but are now hauling around a 1,200 pound tongue, your WD will not perform as well as it could.
Mickeyfan0805 01/15/21 07:37am Towing
RE: Extended warranty

I agree with others, but I do think the one caveat might be the relative handiness of the purchaser. Some of us will go to great lengths to self-diagnose and fix. For those in that camp, warranties are especially unnecessary. In 8.5 years with our current trailer it has been to the shop 2x - once to replace the tires and the other time to replace an axle. All other issues I have dealt with myself. If, on the other hand, you are one that will blush at the notion of replacing a toilet seal or repairing a door slide, you either want a warranty (with a bunch of patience) or a financial plan to pay for the issues along the way.
Mickeyfan0805 01/12/21 02:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Trailer hitch pin

May not just be an "Operator error" if the clip "disappears" via a third party "prankster" that happens along when you are away from your vehicle.. Have heard of that happening, fortunately have never had that happen to me.. But I do typically do a quick walk around and check to make sure everything is in it's proper place as it should be when taking rest stops and such before I get back on the road.. Happened to me about 5.5 years ago. Had everything set the night before an early departure. Truck was attached to the trailer with the tongue jack down just enough to release the weight from the hitch. In the morning I simply raised the hitch and left. Little did I know that someone decided that pulling my pin would be a funny 'joke.' As I crested a small hill on the way out of the campground early the next morning, the stinger slid right out of the hitch and the tongue came crashing to the ground. NOT a funny joke, but it was my bad for not checking things in the morning. Luckily the sound and the scare were much worse than the real damage. Chocked the tires, jacked up the tongue, reconnected, and moved on. Never happened in 5 years of towing before that, and would likely never happen again. Still, I now double-check ever point of the connection after every stop!
Mickeyfan0805 01/11/21 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Avoiding Low clearance routes

My biggest problem is with the GPS or my own brain fart, turning onto a residential street with trees. I once went into a gas station with a close overhead canopy. My truck reached the first pump without the trailer getting under it. While filling, I was eyeballing the clearance. This other guy goes "Awe, you'll clear it." No, I backed out. JK Both true. I actually won't use GPS while towing. I don't have the more expensive units that can take clearances into account, and I don't trust the in-vehicle system in my truck not to take some weird turn along the route. I write out directions before I hit the road. On the gas station front, I will also say that I pre-determine those as well. We are 55' bumper to bumper, so not every gas station is a good option for us. When travelling longer distances, I have no interest in pulling on and off highways in hopes of finding one. So, I use Google satellite images to pre-determine my gas stops. I will often do the same for meal stops as well. It's a bit over the top for some, but I don't mind doing it, and it makes for a much smoother trip, for me, when I know exactly where I'm going.
Mickeyfan0805 01/06/21 10:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Avoiding Low clearance routes

Like others - I rarely worry about it as it is not an issue on major roads, and the only time I get on smaller roads is heading into a campground, which you can typically trust can handle campers. That said, if you are in the northeast, be aware of parkways. They seem like 'highways' but many (if not most) are restricted to passenger cars only due to very low overpasses.
Mickeyfan0805 01/05/21 10:16am Beginning RVing
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

Historically these arguments follow four general themes: First one is that the numbers on the door sticker are legally binding. Sub arguments on this theme follow ether the payload or GVWR and delve into DOT, State or local level rules (laws?) that have law enforcement writing tickets for non-compliance. Some go so far as ether having roadblocks with portable weigh stations or LEO's carrying scales with them. Since just about every car+truck has to have the sticker, there has to be some reason for it right? Second one is in the case of a accident anyone that is over ether GVWR or payload numbers is more at fault or instantly at fault making the person with the 'over weight' rig liable for everything. Added bonus is that the LEO's carry scales with them (or simply haul them) to accident scenes (or repair shops) and anyone "over weight" is at fault. Third is that you better check the fine print of your insurance documentation as your insurance company is going to deny coverage if you are "over weight". Again here if the first two don't get you, your insurance company (or the OTHER company(s) will) have someone weigh your rig and if your "over weight" your screwed. Last but not least forth theme is that you will get sued and loose everything because you are "over weight" of the values on the door sticker. (and were involved in a accident) I've seen and heard of all of the above arguments over the years and recently in other forums. Over the years I've seen many in this forum. At last I checked, nobody has ever passed on first hand knowledge and experience with any of them actually happening to them. - Mark0. Well summarized - and I would concur that this has been the general outline of these conversations. Interestingly, while the LEO weighing issue is a plausible possibility (although one I've not encountered), the liability/insurance issues honestly seem as though they'd be harder to enforce. Any accident severe enough to bring up investigations of liability and coverage based on weight will have done enough damage to your vehicle(s) that replicating the weight accurately would be nearly impossible. WD hitch setup, gear location, fluid levels, seating positions... all of these impact the actual weight on the various axles. If a match is clearly overweight by hundreds of pounds, I could see this plausibly coming into play (although, again, I've never seen a reliable first-hand report). For those who are over by 50-100 pounds, or so, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to 'prove' you were overweight at the time of the accident.
Mickeyfan0805 01/05/21 09:44am Truck Campers
RE: Wisconsin recommendation?

Yep - Plymouth is basically across the street. It's a highly seasonal park, and most of the daily sites are towards the back end. If you don't mind being surrounded by a seasonal setting, however, it's a nice park.
Mickeyfan0805 12/07/20 10:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Who uses a pop-up canopy?

We went with a Clam Escape screen room: easy to set up, and a strong wind just flattens it. Interesting - hadn't really looked at these and like the idea.
Mickeyfan0805 12/02/20 10:07am General RVing Issues
Who uses a pop-up canopy?

I'm considering picking up a 10x10 canopy to use as an additional shelter on some camping trips. Something to cover the picnic table and/or seating area depending on the site configuration. I'm curious how many others actually do this. Do you find that it's worth the effort to put one up, or is it really a waste to have this in addition to the RV awnings?
Mickeyfan0805 12/01/20 04:08pm General RVing Issues

Usage and preference are the keys here - and that is different from one to another. We started in a hybrid for 2 seasons and then moved on to our TT that we've had for 8 years now. For us, we couldn't go back. We weren't personally looking for the 'camping' experience, DW hated having to climb off the edge of the bed, dealing with wet canvas was an annoyance, and we wanted the easier set-up and breakdown of a box trailer. Having a sufficient tow vehicle is more complicated, but it was a trade-off we were willing to make. For those who want the closer experience with nature, the priorities would be entirely different.
Mickeyfan0805 11/23/20 03:17pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

I set it up when I got our new F150. Used it once to try it out - haven't touched it since. Simply don't see it as advantageous in any way.
Mickeyfan0805 11/16/20 09:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Must-haves for Van or SUV as tow vehicle?

"And perhaps tend toward a van for the greater payload capacity..." Vans don't necessary have more payload capacity than a pick up. Depends on the van. They have more space. Yep - understand the numbers and consider them carefully. I would suggest that you will be in full-size SUV or van territory. As a single traveler, you might be able to get by with a properly equipped full-size SUV depending on the weight of the animals and gear. You may find that it needs a van. The former will be much more accessible on the used market, and would likely work better as a daily driver when you arrive.
Mickeyfan0805 11/13/20 03:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Motorhome vs travel trailer for cross country with pets??

That’s true that it would be better to still have a place to be with the pets in the event of a break down... but If my towing vehicle did break down, say on the side of the road, do tow trucks tow both the vehicle and the trailer? RV Specific roadside service account for this. Your tow vehicle can be towed for service and your trailer can be taken to a local campground. It's not as simple as all that, but it's better then standing outside an RV dealership with a bunch of animals and nowhere to spend the night.
Mickeyfan0805 11/11/20 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Streaming Amazon videos?

All of the options above are possibilities. We use a Roku (similar to Fire Stick) for the same purpose. Essentially, our camper TV is no different than our home TV. We use Rokus at home as well, and do all our watching through streaming services, so there is no difference except for the wifi source. Since we are periodic trip/weekenders, we can manage wifi through a cell-phone hotspot, but we do usually have some stuff downloaded from Amazon, Netflix, etc. in case the signal is bad and we have crummy weather that traps us inside. We download this stuff onto a laptop that we can connect via HDMI if needed.
Mickeyfan0805 11/11/20 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: Motorhome vs travel trailer for cross country with pets??

The pet thing is hard. I would take some time to consider some examples of campgrounds in which you'd be interested and then explore their pet policies. Make sure you'd actually be able to do what you want to do. As for an older RV - that's a tough one. Reliability is about far more than just the chassis. A 25 year old class C could be great, or not - and the mileage is only part of the story. Water damage...appliance issues...water system... all of these things can be problematic. Some would actually need to be addressed right away, others you could limp along with. Frankly, it can often be easier and faster to get the chassis issued addressed on the road than the house issues. You may find a great unit. You may not - and breakdowns for any class C, much less one of that age, are a risk. One related concern that has not been addressed in this is the question of what you will do if you do break down and need extensive repair. No hotel is going to take in all of those animals. If your house needs to go into the shop for a few days, where do you plan to stay? From this angle, a towable could be beneficial as you'd have the option of staying in the RV while the truck was repaired, leaving you less likely to be caught without a back-up plan.
Mickeyfan0805 11/11/20 07:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Motorhome vs travel trailer for cross country with pets??

Rent a MH for the summer. Probably a class C. I may be mistaken, but it's hard for me to imagine that a rental contract would allow for all of those animals. If this is truly something you want to do, I tend to think that those suggesting a van are likely most on point. Trailers bounce, a lot - I can't imagine most of those animals would do very well back there. If you can't fit them all in a crew cab, a van is your next best choice.
Mickeyfan0805 11/10/20 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Roadside Assistance Plans Specific Coverage

One would think that the majority of the time you would need that reimbursement for lodging and food while your RV is in a shop far from home. Thanks Much Dave This would seem to be the answer to your question. Coverage for lodging and meals while a rig is in the shop would lead to such widespread claims that the cost of the plan would skyrocket.
Mickeyfan0805 11/04/20 02:56pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
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