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RE: Portland Oregon Parks question

We stayed here a couple of times years ago. It definitely had long-term residents. Well kept, and a nice place. Fairview
Mike E. 01/20/20 09:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Chevy 8.1 truck with low miles?

I had an '01 Suburban 2500 8.1L with 4.10 gearing pulling my 7000lb loaded TT. It was amazing. Got right around 8MPG towing. Recently had to give up a '14 Ram 3500 CTD and GD Reflection 5th wheel. It also towed amazingly well. LOVED the exhaust brake. Around 10.5MPG towing 10,000lbs. When towing out West there are mountains everywhere. The Ram devoured climbs. The 'Burb was no slouch....found it's sweet spot at 3100RPM and cruised to the top. On the flats, which let's face it is probably between 90-95% of travelling, both combo's chugged along effortlessly. Those are my experiences, yours may vary. :) Now, once we make it through to the other side of our 'life detour' I will be hoping to get back into towing. Because funds are an issue I would have NO qualms about grabbing another 8.1L if it presented itself. A 2500HD would be awesome, and there's even a Yukon XL in my area in the low $5KCAN range which keeps bouncing into my Now, a 'modern' F150 3.5EB (which has been mentioned in this thread) seems to fall in the $20-30KCAN range here depending on year. For me, it'd be a no-brainer. Grab an 8.1L, run it on synthetic oil (which seemed to illeviate the oil consumption on my 'Burb) and cruise on. :) If money wasn't an issue, then my plan might be different, but it is, so that's that. My thoughts, to search CL for 8.1's......dang-it :D
Mike E. 01/12/20 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: rolled MH onto the side - and the towed

So it has damage that can be repaired. Get it repaired then. Why worry about diminished value when in fact it probably does have a diminished value? Why wouldn't it? I had my practically new truck hit while it was parked. Insurance paid for the complete repair and they would have nothing to do with my concerns about 'diminished value' as they said it would be repaired to an "as new" state. When I went to sell it I disclosed to buyers that there had been a repair done to it. The guy that bought said, "Doesn't bother me. I know it was fixed properly." I guess you could pay out of pocket to get it repaired "under the radar", but if it ever came to it would you be comfortable selling it to someone without disclosing the damage? Your call I suppose. I'm sure when you get a chance to reflect on everything, the fact that you and yours are all OK after an accident will diminish the concern over the value of a used car.
Mike E. 10/10/19 10:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Plan on going to Pioneer Trail RV Park @ Anacortes WA

Stayed there a few times with our new 5th and truck. Was a great spot to explore the area from. There are some fulltimers there but everything is well kept. On-site propane fillup was nice as our new trailer didn't come with two full tanks like the salesman said it would ;) The Wifi was we've ever encountered at a private park. Would recommend without hesitation.
Mike E. 10/03/19 03:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Low height trailer

Thanks for all the replies. I've seen some Hi Lo's locally and they look pretty cool. I know the parameters I was looking for were pretty much impossible to achieve but thought there might be some old-timey unit out there that would fit the bill. That 'garage model' is something I've never seen before. Oooohh....just had a crazy thought: air-ride suspension. Low-rider for the garage and pump 'er up for the road :)
Mike E. 06/26/19 07:56am Travel Trailers
Low height trailer

OK, this might sound crazy, but here goes..... Is there a trailer that's overall height is less than 7 feet while still having at least 6'3" interior height? As I type this it seems ridiculous, but maybe it exists :) Looking to find a small runabout for DW and I when we want to venture out instead of going to the RV lot we have. Kicker is that it has to fit into my townhouse's garage. Anyway,......discuss :
Mike E. 06/25/19 07:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Well this doesn't look good for FCA/RAM

When I was looking for a truck in early 2015 the salesman pointed to a "used" 2014 Ram 3500......he even used the 'air rabbit ears' quotations when he said "used." I asked him to elaborate. The truck had 110Kms on it and Ram had instructed the dealer to register it as Sold on Dec. 23, 2014. "That way Ram can show it's sales numbers for the year and we 'technically' have a used truck on the lot," said the salesman non-challantly. "Happens all the time," he said. With the carefree way he was talking about it I just thought it was standard practice. Guess it was/is :)
Mike E. 06/06/19 09:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: TT Bike rack for truck with topper

You will have to shop very carefully for a 4 bike rack that is "RV approved" by the manufacturer. There are a lot of "bouncing forces" back there, which is why most rack companies won't warranty a rack used in such a manner. I would also make sure your 2" reciever is attached to the frame of the trailer and not just the bumper. All the best, and happy camping :)
Mike E. 04/16/19 12:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jeep GC and TT Towing Assistance

Not really sure how anyone can "plan" for a worst case scenario??? In my experience, it's HOW you drive that is the bigger determinator on how an emergency stop plays out than WHAT you are driving. Just using that example as it seems to be the most common cautionary scenario used here. I've had two different 'encounters' with yahoos merging onto Interstates in front of me and then slamming on brakes. I always leave a huge gap between me and traffic ahead of me for such occurrences. The first time I was in a 1/2 ton that was pretty much loaded to Max. Was I able to avoid the accident? Yes. Second time I was in my Ram 3500 loaded WELL below every rating. Was I able to avoid the accident? Yes. Was one of these occurernces 'easier' than the other to handle? NO. They both scared the **** out of me. It was a good thing on both occurrences that I had left my travelling gap as big as it was...which, as we all know, is almost impossible for yahoos to resist inserting themselves into :) Now, if one of the yahoos had clipped the front of one of my trucks and sent me into a jack-knife or the like at highway speeds??? I would have been in trouble, regardless of how well I had planned. Not trying to be inflammatory at all, just trying to add a bit of perspective. To the OP. Drive safely and enjoy your camping :)
Mike E. 03/29/19 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Downsizing, sort of?

Just went through a similar "life throws a curveball at you" situation. Wasn't my job, but my wife's. She had to go on disability and with it, an income that rivalled mine. Had an '18 5th wheel that we owed money on. Had a '14 Ram 3500 with only 42000Km's on it that was paid for. Managed to sell the 5th for what we still owed on it. Thankful for that. Had just purchased an RV lot that has proven to be very therapeutic for DW's condition, so we wanted to hang on to it if at all possible. Problem: no trailer. Sold the Ram and used its funds to buy a destination trailer. Problem solved, but now I don't have a truck. After making some other adjustments to our finances/lifestyle it looks like things should work out OK. In retrospect though, if I had waited a bit to see what some of the uncertainties would actually have looked like I most likely would have been able to keep the truck. Like yours, it wasn't being utilized to it's potential at the time, but who knows what the future may have held for it? Maybe if you get a job buyout then you could pay off your truck? Guess what I'm saying is that maybe a "step back and breathe" moment might be worth the time. I went through my situation with a "OK, let's get this plan in motion and not waiver". Yes, it did work out, but it may have worked out a bit differently/better perhaps if I'd taken a moment to pause. As for the last Mega you mentioned. It may be OK, but buying a deleted truck that someone else has had the controls of the tuner over would worry ME a bit. Not sure if this rambling is helpful, but thought I'd just relay my recent experience. All the best, Mike
Mike E. 03/12/19 12:08pm Tow Vehicles
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