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Don't be concerned about "only" having 1/4" of tread. 95% of your truck tires only have that much usable tread depth. New 10/32" worn out 2/32" I've yet to find a premium 16" or 17" or 18" or 20" LT like we use on trucks/trailers with only 8/32nds of tread depth. I do see a few LT tires with 11-12/32nds and thicker tread depth but most of the premium 16" LT E tires we use on our trailers run in the 13 to 15/32nds range. ? Running tread depths like that gets 60k-70k miles a set on my equipment trailers with LT235/85-16 E. WE don't see that kind of mileage with a tire with only 1/4" of usable tread depth on service trailers. I stand corrected 10.5/32" new tread depth, worn out at 2/32" so 1/64" more than just 1/4" usable tread depth.
Mike134 06/20/21 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone using a Curt Echo brake controller?

Since having a trailer brake failure on a miles long western downgrade towing an 18,000lb 3 axle with a 2006 won ton I’ve pretty much quit towing with setups where my tow mobile cannot brake the whole rig for miles on a 6 to 8% grade. What are you using for a tow vehicle one of those Kenworth tractor conversions?
Mike134 06/20/21 04:59pm Towing

Don't be concerned about "only" having 1/4" of tread. 95% of your truck tires only have that much usable tread depth. New 10/32" worn out 2/32"
Mike134 06/20/21 11:05am General RVing Issues
RE: F250 or F350 to Haul a 5th Wheel???

Myself I'd get a gas 350 single. Don't have to fight the hips of a dually around town. Save about 750 lbs with the 7.3 motor. Diesel makes sense if you'll put 300,000 miles on the motor otherwise the upfront costs/maintence costs are just to much.
Mike134 06/20/21 08:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone using a Curt Echo brake controller?

I have trouble with my bluetooth radio staying connected on some days. that's just my 2 cents
Mike134 06/19/21 08:17am Towing
RE: Can you buy in one state and register in another

We're moving to the US in July and plan on full-time RV'ing as soon as we can get a truck and a 5th wheel. We're not US citizens but will have a long-stay work visa. Working from home, we figured we might as well make our home on the road. Flying into Florida and that's where we'd want to set our domicile. The plan is to go out to the northeast for hurricane season (and heat) and come back to Florida in November. I have a LOT of questions and would hugely appreciate some help. 1. Assuming we get our SSN and a Florida driver's license, how difficult would it be to buy and register a heavy-duty truck + 5th wheel? Dealer will file all the required paperwork for you As in, how long do you think it could take. Especially the registration part. Do we have to stick around for our license plates or can we get on the road right awayTypically dealer will issue you temporary plates so you can get right on the road.? 2. Let's say we don't find the 5th wheel of our dreams in Florida. We're thinking maybe we can buy a truck there, and drive up to New England (staying in hotels on the way). Then find a rig up in the north, later in the summer. I'm thinking maybe now that covid is almost over, and winter will be coming soon, maybe more people will be selling up in the north? If we do that, can we buy an RV in a New England state and register it in Florida? Not sure about that. Try goggling the states "Secretary of State" office of the particular state you're thinking you might buy from. Would we have to drive back to Florida to do that? Or can we somehow remotely register the RV with a Florida DL? I assume buying insurance remotely shouldn't be an issue. Any thoughts or tips on how, where and when to buy both pickup and rig would be very welcome!currently both are in limited supply so expect to pay a premium and to not have as many choices. Answers in red
Mike134 06/19/21 08:14am Full-time RVing
RE: how long to lower temps When living quarters at 100

this guy has your answer, I'd take the same measurements on your home's A/C to see if it's cooling correctly.If any of my a/c are blowing 75° air for more than a couple minutes, they're not functioning properly. You misunderstood you want a 20 degree temperature drop across the cooling coil. If your house is at 95 to start you want 75 discharge, start at 75 want a 55 degree discharge. Hopes this helps.
Mike134 06/07/21 06:36pm Tech Issues
RE: how long to lower temps When living quarters at 100

Measure the air temp at the return side of the unit versus the output side. If the return temp is say 95, and the output side is 75ish then the units are doing all they can do. X2!! this guy has your answer, I'd take the same measurements on your home's A/C to see if it's cooling correctly.
Mike134 06/06/21 02:19pm Tech Issues
RE: 3 axle break controller issues

My guess the 3rd set of brakes draws too much current for your OEM controller.,%20%20%20%203%20more%20rows%20
Mike134 06/03/21 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I-70 vs I-80 road condition, which is better.

Was just one I80 last weekend at the bottom of Lake Michigan, I'd take a different road but no choice for me. Road construction, bumps, traffic. Might be better as you get near Iowa.
Mike134 05/28/21 04:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: intermittent brakes

Mike, I appreciate your help and comments as I have waded through this. I have had the intermittant brake problem for a while. When I first dug into it I found the bare wires that were in photo in a ealier post. I cut the bare spots out and used proper connectors with heat shrink. The bare wires were and issue and I am glad I found it and fixed it. Today, I pulled wires out the axle, ran new wires and reconnected them, blue to one side of magnet and white to one side, I was told that it didn't matter which..there is not positive or negative. Correct the magnets don't care one wire to the pos. side one wire to the neg. side. My thought are that there is more bare wire inside the belly that I can see and from my tugging and moving them around they have grounded to the the frame.possible since they skinned those wires you repaired, they likely skinned others during the install I could run new wire all the way from the plug and bypass the belly to or may even apply 12 volt at the wiring going into the first axle.. I am not a automotive wiring guy, but I have completed rewired a house and a boat with a lot of electronics so I am not totally inexperienced. I am assuming that the breakway simply sends 12volts to the magnets?correctYou said the wires burnt when you pulled the breakaway where did they melt?
Mike134 05/25/21 04:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

Things are going the wrong way. After wiring the brakes I pulled the breakaway and burned the wires I'm thinking that one of those wire must be shorted to the frame in the belly... any one else feel that way? If I was called to troubleshoot: Question #1 how did it work before you "fixed" it? Question #2 show me what you did. That's typically the location it's failed. I'm thinking you need a helper with a bit more wiring knowledge.
Mike134 05/25/21 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

no chance it's in one of the wheels. Only thing that could happen inside a wheel is the magnet goes bad either open (only that wheel wouldn't have brakes), or it shorts out blowing the fuse in your truck that furnishes 12V to the brake controller. Just a tip put some Vaseline into your new crimp wirenuts to weatherproof them before inserting the wires.
Mike134 05/25/21 10:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

If this helps, when I pulled the breakaway I had zero brakes but I had power at the front axle drivers side. That is when I started searching and found the bare wires. My logic (for what it's worth) now is a bad connector or wire between left/right side. I'd cut that connector off and redo the splice. You see power there yet none of the 4 wheel's brakes work. If it was farther "downstream" in the circuit some of the brakes would work.
Mike134 05/24/21 05:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

to narrow your search all four wheels either work or don't work correct? If that is correct then make sure you have good connections on both sides of the trailer plug and truck receptacle. work back into the trailer from the breakout location where the 7 wires separate to run the lights brakes etc. to the first connection at the left side of the front axle. Eye balling the connections won't tell you a thing. When I suffered the loss of all 4 wheel brakes it was a bad crimp connection where the 7 wire cord spliced onto the trailer wiring. Good luck
Mike134 05/23/21 07:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

looks like they where dragged over a sharp edge all skinned off in about the same spot.
Mike134 05/23/21 04:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

photo Don't know if this will work...found this inside of the wiring sleeve going to drivers side rear axle. One of the wires had tape on it so I'm thinking it is from original installation at factory. I have had trailer for 13 years and none of this has been touched and we got it from original owner. Received error message trying to open your photo
Mike134 05/23/21 10:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

Don't try to feed new wire thru the axle. Just run it on the outside and use zip ties to hold it in place. Piece of cake to go thru the axle, tie the new wires to the old and use the old wires to pull it thru.
Mike134 05/23/21 07:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

Replace all the splices, wiring never fails in the middle, always at the connections. I have checked everything visible and I can't see anything that looks like it would be a problem. I have heard of insulation wearing off inside the axles over time. It might not be my problem but I think that I will pull new wires thru and then I will know. Replacing the wiring will give you peace of mind that the wires are are good and you'll need to replace all the connections for the new wires so in the end your problem will be fixed. safe travels.
Mike134 05/22/21 08:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: intermittent brakes

Replace all the splices, wiring never fails in the middle, always at the connections.
Mike134 05/22/21 06:35pm Fifth-Wheels
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