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RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

Hello, I am the original poster: I have an appointment to speak with a local attorney regarding this subject, so I will try to report back. Did you go? Curious what he/she said. This keyboard lawyering is tough, need to move my keyboard expertise on to something new. Last year it was Constitutional law, then later Infectious disease expert, not sure what 2021 holds. Cheers
Mike134 02/26/21 05:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Sirius XM Radio

or get the serius xm app on your smart phone and use bluetooth or audio out jack from your phone get unlimited data on your phone and then have serius xm where ever there is cell service if you have a serius xm radio in any of your other vehicles, with the right package, the app is free I have it in two cars and now free on two phones hace a few blue tooth speakers and get xm where ever I am, boat, car, beach, camping, someone elses car, RV..... the app is a great way to go X3!! also what I'm doing, and by the way it's only $6.06 month
Mike134 02/24/21 06:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

I don't know how you hook a furnace up to an extension cord. You've never seen the magic we can do to keep our a** warm when we are building a house. Really quite simple for an electrician.
Mike134 02/24/21 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

If it's a covenant recorded with the title she can file a suit against you. Question will be who has deeper pockets to litigate it?
Mike134 02/22/21 04:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help identify leaking engine part (pic)

Not sure how small some of the orifices are on late model power steering racks. You may clog more than your leak by adding stop leak
Mike134 02/11/21 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Prostate Cancer

If 4.8 is your PSA score and your 30 there is trouble, if your 60 with that score find a urologist this year to get it looked at further and maybe he'll suggest to get biopsy. READ up more on PSA numbers you'll feel better about yours.
Mike134 01/27/21 05:41am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone closed until 2022

Very sorry to hear this news. Many RVers can't, or won't, stay anywhere without full hookups. I wish there were more folks like that. Gives the rest of us more elbow room
Mike134 01/22/21 12:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Truck Registration Weight

This forum, while providing good info alot of the time, incites more false theories and worries and just generally paranoid views on some of the strangest things. The only reason I'm interested in increasing the weight on the reg is chatter recently on this board that California and BC are requiring non commercial trucks into the weigh stations. Will probably never go to California again, but will pass through BC on the way up and back to Alaska the latter half of this year. Presuming your truck is fine as is registered in NY, you don't have to worry about other states' or countries registration laws. That would be like saying you cant drive your truck with camper with no license plate in a state that requires one. Stop over-thinking it from that respect. This forum, while providing good info alot of the time, incites more false theories and worries and just generally paranoid views on some of the strangest things. This forum, while providing good info alot of the time, incites more false theories and worries and just generally paranoid views on some of the strangest things. Heck, I drove through BC twice the same spring a few years ago, moving to AK. Once with a brand new F250, not in my name, paper tag stuck in the back window, loaded to the gills, rear suspension sagging pulling a trailer with a permanent license plate off of a different trailer I'd owned in the past in a different state. Even chatted with RCMP in the middle of nowhere. Pulled over to take a leak and he stopped to see if I was "ok." The following month, I had a 4500lb camper on the back of a 2500 with expired tags (just expired and didn't renew as I was moving to AK and not about to buy new tags just to buy new tags 2 weeks later) pulling a heavy trailer which I'd just bought and not yet registered, sporting the plate off my boat trailer that was left in the shop in WA. Neither the CDN or US border cared. Don't worry about what someone says about a place 3000miles from your home. Best answer of the entire thread
Mike134 01/21/21 08:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Registration Weight

Illinois here so take it for what it's worth. Likely gives you lower licensing costs. The dealer is the expert pay the fees based on his expert knowledge and enjoy. Unless you look like Sanford driving a pickup overloaded with junk nobody will ever stop you even though you'll have a few "keyboard warriors" tell you otherwise.
Mike134 01/21/21 08:09am Truck Campers
RE: Opinion on Resort fees

Don't stay there and support their pricing. I figure they are charging those rates because they can. They will lower them if people don't show. X3 If they can they will.
Mike134 01/13/21 02:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Travel trailer necessities

When you get it home Camp in it on your driveway for a day. You'll quickly discover what you need.
Mike134 01/12/21 09:19am Beginning RVing
RE: How difficult to install new brake drums

Thinking if you need to ask you should likely need help. Brakes are not something to mess with, everyone's life depends on you being able to stop.Everyone, even the most experienced, has a first time. And with the internet, utube, and the rest it makes easier then ever to learn how. Well **** I never done one before and should have asked. The Monday morning quarterbacks would have told you not to even attempt converting to disc brakes on 7000lb axles.
Mike134 01/11/21 06:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Batteries in parallel and series

Oh and balancing is only important when you are sucking hundreds of amps (or pushing) and even with a 2000 watt inverter at max load you won't bother the batteies the way you have 'em. So what happens if the batteries on say the left provide 34% of the power (33+33+34=100 percent) as they discharge the voltage will drop every so slightly and the other one of the other two will provide that extra percent. So all batteries will be so close to each other in State of Charge the difference will not be something you can measure. Now at around oh say 500 amps. THEN you might be able to notice differences. Sounds like you've seen a phone companies power supply room as I have. There are literally hundreds of batteries connected in series parallel to give you 48V. Doesn't seem to be any issues of the batteries being "balanced" If I'm the OP don't lose any sleep about it. Your system will work fine.
Mike134 01/04/21 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: Ford posts videos of winter testing of their Electric F150.

As an Electrician I'm looking forward to it for how much work it will generate (no pun intended). Ever notice there are at most 6-8 charging stations at a location? Partially because of demand but mainly because that building and all the other buildings do not have the electrical capacity to have more stations. It will be a huge undertaking to increase capacity. California now has rolling blackouts during the summer guess what happens when all the commuter cars plug-in at 6PM?
Mike134 01/03/21 06:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: hiding spare key IN cab of 2020 F-350 - truck gets confused?

Take the battery out of the key fob, hide both in cab. Very simple to remove and replace battery. X2 plus you don't need to put the battery in to start the truck just drop the fob into the bottom of the cup holder
Mike134 12/16/20 06:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Supporting camper with cinder blocks??

Just make sure the cells (holes) are vertical as in the Spectra pic. :Exactly! That way they could probably hold a house up. ;) Or a 3 story building including the concrete floors such as your kids school. But they are no longer called or made of "cinder blocks" They are "Concrete Masonry Units" and quite capable of holding up any camper.
Mike134 12/01/20 06:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

^^^I'm thinking the same way regarding back up assist having more appeal in the F150 market. I've noticed the odometer counter for the individual trailers on my truck's DIC and it really surprised me to see the high percentage of miles that my truck is used for towing. In fact I actually find it hard to believe the number. It has me wondering if there is a possibility that the odometer keeps counting after I've unhooked a trailer if I fail to select "no active trailer"? Yes our "smart" trucks sometimes forget the trailer is disconnected. There have been a few postings about that on the F150 forum site
Mike134 11/17/20 02:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

Why do manufacturers think we need more trinkets? One, because it is profitable for them. Two, because many people can't back up. Lots of folks out there that rarely if ever pull trailers. This is a great system for them. One of the reasons I'm asking how useful people are finding this technology is that I am looking at the differences between what Ram offers vs Ford. Because I generally don't keep my trucks that long I wondered if, 3 or 4 years down the road, selling a Ford with back up assist would be an easier sell than a truck without it. So far it seems that very few people see much value in it. In a way this thread is kind of funny ..... we are all expert backer uppers yet the campgrounds and boat launches are full of people who haven't a clue how to back up a trailer.:) It would add no value to me if I was buying your used truck, even though I've used it so don't let the resale value of any gizmos sway you.
Mike134 11/17/20 12:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

Been backing up trailers for over 40 years yet I like the feature when towing small trailers that have their axle close to your hitch. It really does a nice job keeping the trailer straight behind you on long backups. Without it the trailer starts to move left or right before you see it in your mirrors so your constantly counter steering. With longer trailers I still prefer the hand on the bottom of the wheel method.
Mike134 11/16/20 07:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle-releveling WDH

We just sold our TV and will be replacing it before next spring. But it got me to thinking-the next time we hook up our trailer and pull it out of the shed, we’ll have a different truck up front. I’ve never towed our trailer with a different truck and our wdh was set up at the dealer initially. Any tips to getting it level? I highly doubt it will sit the same out of the box. Download the WDH instructions from the manufacturer so you can check it yourself and readjust. If your not comfortable DIY you'll just need to tow it as is to your RV dealer and let him set it
Mike134 11/12/20 06:42am Travel Trailers
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