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RE: smell from hot water

If the water heater has an anode rod, it may contribute to the problem. ^^^ this and your water has hydrogen sulfide in it. Need to flush with some city water.
Mike134 08/11/20 06:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: TT Insurance

Stay away from the Good Sam TT insurance. It's 20-25% higher than what I got through my auto insurance company.
Mike134 08/09/20 05:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can a brake controller get weaker over time?

X3. Almost certainly a trailer brake problem, not a controller problem. I think the suggestion for corrosion at connections is on the right track. Or even at your 7-way connection. But also make sure you don't have grease contamination. Did you recently service the bearings or pump grease in the zerks? X4
Mike134 08/06/20 12:56pm Towing
RE: Understanding GVWR

Gosh you folks bring a lot of **** in your campers. Wife and I can camp for a week and starting out loaded with clothing, groceries and "usual" camp stuff the camper weights 700lbs more than when it left the factory. What are you bringing to add 1500-2000 lbs?
Mike134 08/02/20 09:25am Towing
RE: Trailer length - does that influence spot availability?

Some places yes
Mike134 07/31/20 04:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: truck/trailer sway

I hate to say it, hes pretty good on weight. And i still say lt tires will help some. But in the end its a bigger TT and there will be some assosiations that come with that. You could get lt tires, bigger suspention in the back but it will still be work. Just the way it is. ( i still think the tires will help a lot). The guys that say they have a half ton pick up and tow 6000lbs TT and dont feel it are not atually telling the whole story. Sounds like my trailer with my 1/2 ton. Do I feel it? yes the truck accelerates and slows longer than no trailer. Can I drive with one hand ? yes! Does it sway? NO! Does it suck push with semis passing? depends on their passing speed. Do I need a bigger truck? Nope!! It's a pleasure to tow. Could be because my 1/2 ton runs about 7000lbs (it's gross is 7050) and the camper is only 6500.
Mike134 07/31/20 05:26am Towing
RE: truck/trailer sway

No, you don’t need to re-weigh anything. You have about 1000lb tongue weight and a 5700lb trailer. Just do the math. It’s only addition and subtraction Looks like about perfect loading for a half ton. Carry on and don’t make it a rvnet science project.....the geezers here will be having you add the weight of every half rack of beer you pack and deduct if you’ve had a bowel movement since weighing the last time! This X2!! I run my 1/2ton which has a GVWR of 7050 at 7000 give or take 100lbs or so. Weighted it twice once for weekend and for a week trip always hovers around 7000. Same with the trailer have a sure line tongue weight scale always 15-17% tongue weight. Love how rock steady it tows. Don't need to measure down to the ounce.
Mike134 07/30/20 02:26pm Towing
RE: Checking on Wheel Bearing Heat

Just keep in mind that a temperature gun is not a good tool to diagnose bearing condition. The bearing can be in the beginning stages of failure and the temperature may not be elevated much. Ask me how I know. This grease was new and red at the beginning of a long trip, temperatures of both the TPMS and heat gun showed normal. Diagnosis; cheap Chinese bearing was manufactured poorly. I don't see anything wrong in this view. Color change to the grease is normal
Mike134 07/29/20 03:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Checking on Wheel Bearing Heat

I use my hand, below 125 degrees you can hold them comfortably. Using the brakes hard before checking will raise the bearing temps.
Mike134 07/29/20 07:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: truck/trailer sway

I found a truck stop about 45 minutes away that has CAT scales available to use. I highly recommend using the CAT app. You can pay and get your weights without leaving the truck. It knows if your doing a reweigh and charges you accordingly. You can watch several you-tube videos to help you through the process.
Mike134 07/26/20 06:14pm Towing
RE: Camping with my dog

You make it sound like I'm poking around your crappy camper. Nothing could be farther from the truth. But I will not listen to your unattended dog bark from my campsite all day. Get over your high and mighty you can do as you please.
Mike134 07/26/20 03:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camping with my dog

As a dog owner I always report campers that leave their dog behind in the camper for the day.Hmmm... maybe a little MYOB is in order here. As a multi pet traveler, two labs and a Maine Coon, we have no issues leaving them alone in the coach. We know they don’t bark, well not sure about the cat, and they are safe. Having a mosey-body snooping around them would certainly make them, and me, uncomfortable. Dave Dear Dave, If they don't bark I'll never know you left them behind. If your informed by the campground not to leave the dogs behind a smart dog owner would know they must be barking. Mike
Mike134 07/26/20 02:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camping with my dog

We have someone watch our dogs at home, if we know a camping trip will have times the dogs cannot be with us. As a dog owner I always report campers that leave their dog behind in the camper for the day.
Mike134 07/26/20 01:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: Blue Tooth Electric Brake controller

Until my other devices work 100% of the time with bluetooth and never ever pause/skip I'll use a wired brake connection my $.02
Mike134 07/23/20 06:15am Towing
RE: Enclosed underbelly

I like to see everything under the trailer so no enclosed underbelly for me
Mike134 07/22/20 07:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

It's OK. RVs don't bond utility power ground and neutral. That's done at the main panel and in your case the barn. The ground is a safety wire and bonding at the barn is consider safe. WAS considered safe ! This was common practice until about 10 years ago (?) when the National Electric Code (NEC) changed and there can only be on bond in a system and it must be at the first disconnect. After that, 4 wires must be run to each distribution/breaker panel. You bring up a good point, for the longest time the neutral was used to ground the metal frame of an electric dryer/electric stoves so you only needed 3 wires, now both devices need 4 wires.
Mike134 07/20/20 03:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring A 30amp RV Outlet - Ground & Neutral

Is the barn a sub panel connected to the house main panel? Or direct feed from the utility transformer? Does the barn panel have a ground rod or does it have a ground wire feeding back to something else? Not that it matters but is the barn wired with two main breakers with split phase 240v service or is this just a single phase 120v service? The barn is a 100A sub-panel fed from the house main 200A panel, not separately fed from a transformer. The barn does NOT have separate ground rod. In the panel in the house, the ground wire leaving the house to go to the barn panel is terminated on a common ground/neutral buss. That same ground wire at the other end that reaches the barn panel is also terminated on a common ground/neutral buss. The barn has one main disconnect. It’s a standard SquareD 100A residential house panel. Thanks for your help. Since the barn panel is a sub panel to the house main panel it should not be bonded. Bonding both panels creates a ground loop that could cause continuous current flow thru that portion of the ground wire system. X2 Guess that Electrician that did the subpanel wasn't as knowledgeable as you thought.
Mike134 07/20/20 01:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Calculating true payload capacity

In the case of Ford there are published spec sheets listing the weight of every option, I suspect the others have it also
Mike134 07/13/20 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Weight Distribution Hitch

I think you answered your question. I don’t believe there is a better hitch available for sway control than the Equalizer 4 point. X2 been very pleased with mine
Mike134 07/10/20 07:05am Towing
RE: RV Restrictions in Colorado

I've rented a class C in Denver Yes you can park, problem is can you fit? I always had to get there early or be prepared to walk quite a distance. BTW took it up to the top of Pike's peak, switchbacks can be done just have to wait for oncoming traffic to clear the other lane
Mike134 07/09/20 02:36pm Beginning RVing
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