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RE: Any innovative ideas for lugging a heavy/awkward generator

Back when I hauled my Honda i3000 which weighs some #140.. I rigged a hook in my garage and could us a come-a-long hand winch to get it into the back of the truck. Then, I would just run it from the truck bed as needed plugged into the trailer. I had a 25' 30a extension as needed and worked great.. I don't do boondock camping anymore, so have not needed the gen, but it is still handy for the house backup with my gen switch... :) Anyway, good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/28/21 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Horrible RV Magazine

I cancelled mine years ago.. I cancelled all of my magazine subscriptions years ago now that I think about it and don't miss them at all.
MitchF150 02/26/21 09:37pm Good Sam Club
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

MitchF150 wrote: I too was lucky in learning how to backup stuff since I was a kid. Laugh if you want, but I started doing it at around 5 years old, on my tricycle with a hand truck strapped to the back and "going camping" in the parking lot of the apartment complex we lived in back in the late 60's.. I would load the hand truck with my 'camping' stuff. Pedal out and back it into my camping spot.. ha, ha.. Hey Mitch...if your mom took a picture of your trike & hand truck rig backing, would be nice of you to post it! Thanks for the smile! :) Jerry I wish I did.. I know of a picture of me on that trike eating an apple! But no 'trailer' attached.. Now that I think of it, I would pull that 'rig' around quite a bit.. Just peddle and peddle towing my 'trailer'.. ha, ha.. Mitch
MitchF150 02/26/21 10:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

the best training for backing a trailer is a small 8' utility trailer where you can barely see it in the mirrors! I too was lucky in learning how to backup stuff since I was a kid. Laugh if you want, but I started doing it at around 5 years old, on my tricycle with a hand truck strapped to the back and "going camping" in the parking lot of the apartment complex we lived in back in the late 60's.. I would load the hand truck with my 'camping' stuff. Pedal out and back it into my camping spot.. ha, ha.. Anyway, over the years and doing real world backing, I find it easier to do it with the mirrors and just watching the trailer tires and the hand at the bottom of the wheel. Once the trailer starts going where you want it to go, start 'following' the trailer so you don't oversteer the turn and adjust as you back up. I find that you will be spinning the wheel, following, turning again, but all the while keeping the trailer tires in the mirror. Be that the drivers side, or the pass side. Also remember to keep in mind where the front of the truck is... If it's tight, you don't want to steer the front end into something! If it oversteers, don't fret. Just pull forward to straighten out again, and start again. I like having a spotter... But ONLY to tell me if I'm going to HIT something I can't see. I don't want my spotter telling me to turn 'right' or turn 'left'... As long as you can see the trailer tires and where they are going, that's where the trailer is going.. Hand signals work too. As long as the spotter stays in your mirror view, they can use their thumb to point the way you should go, or in my case, when to stop in the site and that's just the open palm signal. Works every time. :) We do the same thing when hitching up the trailer. Even thou I have a backup camera, and I can do it by myself 9 times out of 10 the first try, the hand signals still work great for us with the second set of eyes. No yelling, no walkie talkies.. Anyway, that's what has worked for me for all these years.. Yet, the little 8' utility trailer is the one that is the hardest to backup! :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/25/21 11:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Excellent video on brake repacking

Good overall tutorial on the process. I do mine essentially the same way. I do it where I park it on gravel.. Big piece of cardboard under the axle and my foam pad squares saves the knees! I don't do any of that measuring stuff.. I don't use that packing tool.. I have one. Used it once. Just do the palm method and works great. When I adjust the brakes I use the manual adjuster from the rear and get it to a point where it has drag and then back off a tick or two so that I just hear it scraping, but can still rotate a couple of turns with a good spin. For setting the nut, I like to turn it tight while turning the drum then back off and then hand tight to where the cotter pin goes thru. As long as there is no play in the drum to the spindle, it's good.. :) Been doing that on wheel bearings since I was a kid doing them on the family car back in the 80's. My current trailer has the self adjusting brakes and the zerk on the front and I've done that last year, but I'll probably pull them before this camping season, just to look at the new setup. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/25/21 11:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Problems with 7 Pin Connector

That happened to me a long time ago.. I took a small flat blade screw diver and pulled the 'female' side prongs out in each socket and then sprayed some wd40 into the plug and that fixed it.. It was only a plug connection issue in my case, but if it's a wiring issue, then more work will need to be done to diag it.. Good luck, Mitch
MitchF150 02/20/21 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Inverter Install?

I'm just farting in the wind here... ha, ha.. I don't know much about this either, but can't you have a battery disconnect switch to the trailer's 12 v system, then wire the 2k watt invertor directly to the battery and then plug your shore power to it and then essentially be the same as hooking it up to a generator? Then get a second battery disconnect for the 2k watt invertor and switch beteen the 2 as needed? With the trailers battery essentially 'offline' in the system, everything will be running off of your battery connected 2k watt invertor, even the 12v systems.. You might lose some watts in the transfer with the 30amp shore power plug and dog bone connection, but, when I use the battery disconnect on my TT and then plug in the shore power, everything still works, 120v and 12v stuff. Just not charging the batteries. Dunno... Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/20/21 01:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Will a 100 watt solar panel be enough

Do you have room for a second 12v battery?
MitchF150 02/20/21 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Cougar 22MLS vs micro Minnie 2108DS

Umm... Those 2 trailers are miles apart in comparison if I google those models.. The Cougar is way more trailer than the Minnie.. Unless I totally missed something... Cougar is #5700 Dry.. Minnie is some #4000 dry. I'm sure I'm missing something, but the prices seem a bit high too... Heck, I got my 19 Rockwood 2511S for $26k. Here is it's floor plan.. It's GVWR is #7000 and it's dry weight was in the #5500 range if I recall.. It's 26' overall length from bumper to hitch.. 8' wide and 11' tall.. I paid $26k for it brand new back in 19.. Guess prices have gone up a bit now.. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/17/21 11:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Awful Awful Mattress

We got a tempur pedic 3" mattress topper for the queen size mattress in our '19 Rockwood. Cost a few $$, but well worth it. I replaced the whole mattress in my old trailer and should have just got the topper, because I could have just removed it and used it in the new trailer... Good luck, Mitch
MitchF150 02/17/21 11:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gray Water not empty, only 1 gate valve

I would not trust the sensor readings as gospel.. If you open the valve and nothing comes out, it's gotta be empty? Mitch
MitchF150 02/13/21 04:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

MaxTow in my era Eco is 36 gallons. My old 97 F150 with the 5.4 only had a 26 gal tank.. I have not looked at or really have any interest in the 'electric' trucks coming out... I'm old and know I will have to do something at some point, but for now... I don't even want a 15 F150 or newer... ha, ha... No disrespect for the millions of 15+ F150 owners.. I just like old school and compared to my old 97 F150, my 13 is miles above it... I know the new F150 are miles above my 13, but I'll run the 13 into the ground before I feel I need to get something else.. :) Mitch
MitchF150 02/13/21 11:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

I have a 13 Eco and it has over 97,000 miles on it now. Owned since new. I tow a #7000 TT with it and average between 9-10 mpgs towing it over the pass on I-90 East. Yes, has more power than you think a little 3.5L engine should have, but that's the "boost" part of it.. I can get 20 mpg running empty on the hwy at 65 mph all day long. I get 17-18 mpg on my daily commute to work. It's an 18 mile run from driveway to the parking lot. I have found the trick to towing with these Eco's is to let them rev and not bog them.. The more you bog them the MORE boost you are using and thus, running hotter and burning more fuel. I have the six speed and 3.73 gears and running the flats, it likes 5th gear and between 2k and 2.5k rpms. That keeps the boost low to nothing. When I try to run in 6th, the rpms are lower, but the boost is always in the 5+ psi range. I monitor my actual temps with a ODBII monitor and an app on my phone. Anyway, need more info to help you out any more. Mitch
MitchF150 02/12/21 07:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Help Deciding which feature for trailer

When I saw the first outside kitchen setups back some 10 or so years ago, I really thought that was something I would really like. I love to cook outside while camping and do so as long as I can be under the awning at least when the weather is not so kind.. Turns out, the doors usually are too low for me. I'm 6'3" tall and they usually end up at the back of the trailer behind the awning, so the only cover is the door, and on level ground, I seemed to always have to duck under the door on the ones I looked at. Anyway, I ended up with a trailer that I liked the floor plan better than the outside kitchen, but I still basically ended up with one as the new Rockwood we have came with side mount attachments that give me a place for the included BBQ grill and I also use it with my old Coleman stove on a board. Next to it has a nice side table that holds the cooking stuff. And it's all under the awning. I don't have to drag out my big stove table and I have tons on interior space where that outside kitchen would normally be.. I don't really need an 120v fridge or sink outside either... My beer fits fine inside the RV fridge. (one door rack is just for 6 beers! I just re-stock it as I consume it..) Anyway, in the end, it really depends on what you want and how you camp.. Coming from tent camping, I'd think any RV will be different, so you just gotta find your own route in the end. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/09/21 11:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fuel mileage

I'd have to say that if RV'ing is your thing, but you are concerned about MPG's on said rig... Well... RV'ing might not be for you.. I remember the $4+/gallon days back a few years ago.. Yeah, it hurt the wallet... But I still did it because I wanted to camp in my RV at the time and I was getting at best 10 mpg.. That's about the best figure you can go with on mpg's for any type of RV.. Gas, diesel, whatever you have ain't gonna get 20 mpg moving a big A RV down the road.. For those that claim over that, good for you! It just ain't what we all see, so good for you. Keep on keeping on... Oh, who is the so called "President" (past or present) does not control the world... No matter who it is.. :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/06/21 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford Factory F-150 Brake Controller - any good?

The one in my 13 F150 works great. I too had a Prodigy in my old 97 F150 and it was a good controller too, but the integrated one is much better. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/05/21 08:08pm Towing
RE: New TV

Seems to be a pretty "smart" tv then?? I think you just gotta go thru the settings and find the right setting to uncheck... Without knowing what make or model you have, that's all I got.. But, I wish I had surround sound in my RV! :) Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 02/04/21 10:19pm Technology Corner
RE: F-150 best add on mirrors for this shape of mirror

I was happy with the CIPA 'clamp' on mirrors I used on my 97 F150. They slid over the oem mirror and had a screw on the back that held it to the truck mirror pretty tight and worked very well. I do have the big tow mirrors on my 13 MaxTow optioned F150 and they are great too.. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 01/31/21 06:22pm Towing
RE: Salem campers input

Yeah, no idea how min wage plays into it?? I have a 2019 Rockwood made by Forest River and it's been great. Probably built by a lot of min wage employees before I bought it.. I had a 2003 Prowler made by Fleetwood way back then and traded that Prowler when I got the Rockwood and got 50% of what I paid for it back in 2003 when I traded it in 2019. Great trailer and I never had any roof issues with it that I didn't fix due to just having to do yearly maintenance on an RV that you still have to do even on a 6 figure RV... :) Salem model is a more 'entry level' RV, but should still be fine. Sure, some bad ones come out in every line. Just do your own due diligence before you sign the check and for me, that means looking over the rig from top to bottom and wasting about 2 hours of the sales guy time, asking questions and opening up everything and trying all the stuff.. Anyway, no brand is perfect. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 01/31/21 05:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Windows 10 - External Hard Drive Question

You should not have to rename them. Sounds like you are going to install a new external hard drive. Just unplug the old one. Plug in the new one. Create the new drive partitions on the new drive as you wish. Keep it plugged in. Now, plug in the old external drive. The computer will just assign the next available drive letters on that old drive. Copy the files from the old drive to the new drives as desired. Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 01/31/21 05:47pm Technology Corner
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