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RE: Honda eu2000i hour meter

I have 3 of these generators and they all have the same amount of blinks , all three blink 6 times , on the sixth blink the light stays on. For example Green light On off On off On off On off On off On stays on
Mobilesport 04/20/20 07:26pm Tech Issues
Honda eu2000i hour meter

Does the hour meter max out at 5 blinks ? Or will it blink 8 times if I have 800 hours on it ?
Mobilesport 04/20/20 05:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Would solar be effective in the midwest?

"I use just solar to charge my GC2's. I have never used a generator to charge my 8 year old batteries and they are still going strong. I boondock 99% of the time." I get tired of exercising my generator every other Wednesday since I too don't need it for recharging. Solar is fantastic! Solar probably is fantastic if you live in a nice climate like California, probably won't work good in the midwest.
Mobilesport 03/26/20 05:30pm Tech Issues
Would solar be effective in the midwest?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30060562
Mobilesport 03/25/20 10:32pm Technology Corner
Would solar be effective in the midwest?

Would a 200 watt solar panel keep a single 100ah lifepo4 charged during a midwest Iowa winter/December ? I use about 50 ah per day , I found a online calculator that said 50ah is about .65kwh I believe my 100ah lifepo4 is like 1kwh or 1.2 kwh .65kwh is about 20kwh per month so maybe a 300watt panel would work??
Mobilesport 03/25/20 10:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

In January of this year we went from 420 AHr of AGM to 300 AHr of LI. Changed nothing else...Same solar (1050 watts) Same solar controller (80 Amp mppt). Biggest difference are: 1. saved 170# of weight 2. voltage drop througout discaherge is much more level and higher. 3. Had to re-program the solar controller for LI 4. Now turn off the converter at home and let the solar do all the maintain. I went with BattleBorn after seeing some youtube videos of their manufacturing processes and seeing one of their batteries disassembeled. Based on my experience so far I am not sorry for the change :B Housted 5. Your bank account is $2,550 lighter
Mobilesport 03/25/20 06:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

BFL wrote "This is about building a set of factors to consider in the Li decision, rather than just going with an expensive fashion. Some good factors raised so far. Who's got some more?" The thing that got me to buy Li was when I learned how fast I could charge the lifepo4 , fast charging is a really big deal to me because since I'm able to charge the battery so fast I can get by with a single $850 100 ah battery but keep in mind I use a generator and some people don't like generators. The single 100ah Lifepo4 gives me reliable power when boondocking because even if I ever did get low on soc I fire up my genset and battery charger and in a very short time I can get the soc up no matter what the weather conditions are like and even at night time . This system allows me to have a very simple system with hardly any wires or components at all and also no solar panels Imo if your boondocking with a generator lifepo4 is definitely the way to go or you'll end up buying multiple lead acid batteries over the years and end up paying more then the li battery. If i had access to shore power I'd probably stick with lead acids for economical reasons , charging them correctly and getting there full life span. Solar panels and AGM or solar panels with li ?? I have no clue but it looks like Iternerant1 is showing us some good info. I'd be curious if there is some sort of fast charge advantage when using solar panels and li???? The other features of the Li didn't impress me much. Lighter weight ?? It's not like I'm going to carry them around , the vehicle would carry the weight, I prefer lighter weight but not if I have to pay for it. Better performance when running high amp appliances?? That didn't impress me much because I don't believe in running high amp appliances from batteries, I use the genset for that and save my battery soc. Another thing I just thought about is ,, personally I don't charge from alternator/Invertor/charger but if somebody does the fast charging from li may be a huge help on keeping fuel costs down .
Mobilesport 03/25/20 06:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

@Itenerant1 The purple covers on top of your batteries? Look like they snap on and off easily. And all of the slots? Is that so the battery can breath?
Mobilesport 03/18/20 08:16pm Tech Issues
RE: If I went to a Progressive Dynamics Converter.......

Mobilesport 03/15/20 12:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

BfLs calculations said that I put 130 ah into a 100 ah battery, I'm curious to what his calculations would be if he calculated your chart. BFL? So can you use amps tapering to figure out the soc? When I was looking at your chart I noticed that at the 98% soc point your amps had only tapered to 57 amps , I would think that they would be closer to 5 amps or something considering you were close to 100% soc , idk. One way I can tell my soc is by listening to the generator, at first when the amps are really pumpin you can tell the generator is really working and as the amps taper the generator gets quieter and quieter and when the generator gets to the lowest noise level the battery is full. I got rid of the cheap Kisae capacity monitor and replaced it with a Balmer sg200. I found the Balmer sg200 in the link that BFL posted. The Balmer is supposed to do everything automatically after I set the battery chemistry type to (Lifepo4) and then program (tell it I have a 100ah battery) It's pretty easy to set the Balmer monitor up , the cheap one I never knew if it was set up correctly I'm trying to figure out how far my amps should of tapered at the point the Balmer reads 100% soc , I'm trying to figure out if the Balmer is giving me the correct soc % reading. I was thinking when the Balmer reached 100% soc that the amps would be real low like 3 amps. When my Balmer reached 100%soc my amps were about 40 amps if I recall. This is Itinerant1 chart I was referring to that maybe BFL will calculate. It's also the one that shows the amps had tapered to 57 amps at the 98% soc point.
Mobilesport 03/13/20 08:53pm Tech Issues
RE: DIY battery cable supplier

I ended up buying my 4 guage battery cables from Napa , they have red and black and will cut to the length you need.
Mobilesport 03/12/20 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: DIY battery cable supplier

@ Gdetrailer Really good idea regarding the diy lugs
Mobilesport 03/12/20 07:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

@ Itinerant1 Isn't your battery charger around 120 amps? If so I'm surprised that your Honda 2200 is powerful enough to power your charger. I think the maximum battery charger i can use with my Honda 2000i is about a 75 amp battery charger . Anyways excellent chart.
Mobilesport 03/11/20 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

Looked like a Crystal meth tweeker wired his battery up. I really liked his Balmer monitor though.
Mobilesport 03/05/20 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

Trojan has one with the SOC indicator built in! Also note the charging rate is temp related so if it is under 73F you only use 56 amps. Also says capacity is down to 85% of rated at freezing temps, same as AGMs. (BB says it wants .5C charging rate) Looks like its BMS provides over current protection too.
Mobilesport 03/04/20 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

The Battleborn Voltage chart has 100% at 2 different places in the chart. I assume the top one 14.4 volts is full charge when charging and 13.6 volt is a full battery at rest . But it has been said that you must unhook all loads from the battery and then your supposed to be able to use this Battleborn chart. The Li chart is supposed to be harder to read then the lead acid chart because the voltage range for the Li is much wider were the lead acid chart is simply 12.7 full 12.1 empty of what you can use Easy with a lead acid chart when voltage at rest.
Mobilesport 03/03/20 08:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

Ask the mfr C E F Charge Efficency Factor I found this Charged Voltage: 14.0 9. Tail Current: 2% 10. Peukert Exponent: 1.1 11. Charge Efficiency Factor: 97% 12. Link to more info Charge efficiency factor
Mobilesport 03/03/20 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

I was told to not use a voltmeter to try and determine soc% except at the very end when I hit 14.4 volts . How/where did you see distortion ? Let me know and I'll look into It and try to find a problem. EDIT--here's another thing using your numbers. In the second hour, in the first half SOC went from 28-45% a rise of 17%. Instead of half of 53= 26.5 In the second half SOC went from 45-73% a rise of 28% (instead of 26.5) BUT amps stayed at 53 the whole time. How can that be? --------------- Most of the distortion was in the first hour when amps stayed at near 53 for 53AH, but the percentage SOC said only 28% 53-28 = 25AH, which is most of that 33AH it went over. It's like it didn't start the % SOC count until 25 amps had already been put out by the charger, but it is not quite like that because there was also 8AH missing in the second hour. Then it was on for the last 48 minutes. So it gets better with higher SOC. Your plan to operate between 30% and up will keep you mostly clear of whatever is "wrong" at the low end. I think you are good to go for operating your BB the way you intend otherwise. The wiring hot spot, converter mystery for max amps, and monitor questions are just other things of interest with your own situation AFAIK. The only thing that I can think of off the top of my mind is maybe I turned my diesal heater on , when I first start it up I think it draws high amps , not sure how many but probably at least 10 amps could be more , and then alot of times when I first start the heater I run it at full blast (4.5 amps) for about 5 thru 8 minutes to get the room up to temp then I dial it back to low 1.5 amps , but I don't remember if I did that during the test but I'll be watching the numbers in the future. There was a point that I turned eco throttle off on the genset trying to see if the amps would go higher , the amps did'nt go higher and so I shut eco throttle back off , I think I did that before that red line that's on the chart. Eco throttle was off for about 3 minutes.
Mobilesport 03/02/20 09:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

One thing I noticed when I was running my battery down trying to reach the BB low voltage disconnect,, I was paying attention to my capacity monitor the whole time and when it got down to 12% soc I was actually looking at the monitor and all the sudden it dropped like a rock from 12% soc to 0% soc instantly. At that point I started thinking that I must be close to the battery shutting down. Nope , it took another hour and a half until the battery shut down , volts were 9.3 volts when the battery shutdown. I'm not saying my monitor is correct just what I witnessed. That there is the knee. They'll give their all till....lights out. Yeah but it went lights out a hour and a half after my Soc meter read 0% soc? I was thinking that my soc % monitor should read 0% at least close to the time the lights go out. Shouldn't the battery have been at 0ah when the lights went out?
Mobilesport 03/02/20 09:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

I was told to not use a voltmeter to try and determine soc% except at the very end when I hit 14.4 volts . How/where did you see distortion ? Let me know and I'll look into It and try to find a problem.
Mobilesport 03/02/20 07:20pm Tech Issues
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